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31. Stop biting that fucking lip.

Despite spending the last four years of his life studying Russia, Yuuri was still greatly underprepared for how cold it was when he arrived. The palace consort had offered his sister, Mari, Minako-sensei and himself a fine fur pelt each to wear; something Yuuri gratefully accepted as the chill had gone through the wool of his mon-tsuki like needles, hakama soaked nearly up to his knees from the snow.

‘Stop biting that fucking lip,’ Mari snapped, Japanese vulgar in her impatience to get into the warmth of the drawing room they had been brought to. Yuuri squeaked, glancing quickly to where Minako-sensei was walking ahead of them. But thankfully, their tutor seemed not to hear them.

‘I c-can’t help it,’ Yuuri replied, barely containing his shiver. ‘My teeth won’t stop shaking.’

Mari rolled her eyes as they entered the drawing room, bowing her head to the servant who held the door for them. Yuuri followed after her, still dwarfed by his older sibling’s height and attempted to do the same, bending his body. Unfortunately, this just had Yuuri stepping onto the front his hakama and stumbling.

At 14, Yuuri was still adjusting to the formal wear, not used to having fabric bundle after him so much. It had taken great practice not to trip entirely over the hakama’s length, the weight of his mon-tsuki making it incredibly awkward to gather any semblance of lift over the whole ensemble. While the pelt didn’t help in that regard, it at least had the benefit of keeping Yuuri warm.

‘I’m sorry,’ Yuuri said in English to the servant, whose white skin and fine hair looked as striking as everyone else Yuuri had met in Saint-Petersburg so far. The servant said nothing, light eyes darting between Yuuri and the tall figure of their consort.

Lilia Baranovskaya was as imposing as she was alien to Yuuri, long nose constantly titled up in a position of great displeasure. Yuuri had only met her once before, four years prior when she had travelled to Japan first with the Tsar and his advisors. She seemed just as terrifying now as she did then, green eyes fixed on Yuuri like he were something she were about to dissect. She straightened the skirt of her Western gown, vivid purple silk which fitted her frame in direct contrast to Minako-sensei’s demure kimono.

‘She won’t understand you,’ Lilia said, her English sounding almost completely foreign in accent. ‘None of the servants speak English.’

‘Why not?’ Yuuri asked, curiosity ahead of his manners. Minako-sensei sighed, Mari rolling her eyes again.

‘It wouldn’t be proper. Now sit by the fire, before you catch cold,’ Lilia replied like it were obvious, before dispatching the servant in rapid Russian.

Yuuri was quiet then, knowing a dismissal when he heard one. Yuuri tightened his grip of the pelt around himself, walking closer to the chairs that were laid out before the fire.The sketches of the Winter Palace did not the do the reality of the building any justice, as far as Yuuri was concerned. It’s grandness gave Yuuri a hollow feeling in his stomach, nervous of the opulence that was gilded to the walls like it were worth the same as wood. Even the fireplace looked to be carved from riches, small gems of greens and reds encrusted along the spiralling gold carvings.

Mari sat across from Yuuri, her posture less proper than Yuuri expected. Yuuri didn’t imitate, keeping his back straight and hands folded neatly as Minako-sensei and Lilia began to speak in hushed tones at the chaise in the furtherest corner of the room. Discussing Yuuri, he was in no doubt. Yuuri watched the flames for a long while, talking with Mari about the journey, trying to ignore the mutterings behind him. When Yuuri heard the word marriage, the nervousness eating him from within won out.

‘Excuse me,’ Yuuri said politely, standing up from his chair. Lilia and Minako-sensei both looked from their discussion, eyes considering. Yuuri did his best not to blush. ‘But I’m feeling quite heavy-headed from all the travel. Could I be excused to take a turn around the gardens for some fresh air?’

Minako-sensei opened her mouth first, no doubt to tell Yuuri no. But then Lilia was standing, sharp chin pointed down in consideration.

‘Of course. I’ll fetch you a chaperone.’

Which was how Yuuri now found himself back out in the snow he had been so resentful of at first, an armed escort walking five steps behind him. But anything was better than sitting in that small, glittering room like it were anything but the cage it would inevitably be. Yuuri looked around himself, at the towering stone walls of the palace and how they seemed to dwarf out even the white blanket of the sky. The snow falling in the small, snow thick space of the garden courtyard that sat in the centre of the palace reminded Yuuri of the snowglobes the Tsar would send his family at the winter seasons.

Someday, Yuuri would be one of those small glass figures. Trapped behind a wall he could not see and drowning beneath Russian snow.

Yuuri’s turn of the square came to a halt once he crossed the far corner, the central trees passing to reveal a small arena of some kind that didn’t appear to be part of the original garden. It was like the pavement had been dug up to form a small, square pond of sorts. And on the pond’s frozen surface was a boy, a teenager perhaps, gliding across the ice like a dancer.

Yuuri stopped where he was, uncaring of the snow that was eating through his boots. He watched, transfixed as the other boy bent low, his body the delicate contortion of strength, before leaping into the air. Spinning, like string unwoven, and landing back on the ice with a clap like thunder. Yuuri’s heart swelled in his chest, entranced.

The boy was dressed well, or at least he was from Yuuri’s understanding of Russian fashion. He was wearing a coat of leather, fur-lined and thick so some of the movements of the boy’s arms looked unseamly with its bulk. On his head was one of those round, fur hats Yuuri had seen from his carriage to the palace, hands covered in rounded gloves. Yuuri found himself walking, interest and hope coming together like the stitching of his mon-tsuki, approaching the makeshift ice with speed.

Yuuri stopped when he reached the edge, which was lined with a straight wooden fence. The skater turned on his steel, speed ruddering him across the uneven surface of the ice. He looked over to Yuuri, reaching up with a gloved hand to pull the front of his coat down.

He was… beautiful. With a narrow face and straight nose, eyes vivid in their blueness and Yuuri’s breath caught in his throat. Yuuri flushed, whole body quaking as his embarrassment suddenly thawed the chill that had set in his bones. The skater approached as Yuuri tried to hide his quivering under the thick pelt.

The Tsarevich, Yuuri guessed. The boy who would become the man that would inherit this large, strange country. The man Yuuri would marry, as arranged by their respective courts.

The Tsarevich skated up to the fence, his pale skin burnished pink from the cold in a manner Yuuri couldn’t help but stare at. It was so strange, to see skin so stark like it were burnt. The boy was tall, even if he hadn’t been wearing his steel and easily the three or so years older Yuuri knew the Tsarevich to be. Yuuri’s breath was a cloud in front of him, the Tsarevich’s eyes glacial as they regarded Yuuri from beneath his cap.

When the Tsarevich spoke, it was in Russian and Yuuri was struck dumb with the speed of it, the harsh sound of it in his ears. Yuuri stared, unsure how to even respond. Yuuri hadn’t been taught Russian, on the request of the Russian court.

‘So they can hide their secrets,’ Minako-sensei had said with disdain, all that time ago. Yuuri realised too late that he still hadn’t said anything and he panicked, voice squeaking in his throat like a girls. Yuuri winced, embarrassed but the Tsarevich was suddenly cooing soothingly.

‘Prosti, prosti,’ the Tsarevich said, reaching out with a gloved hand to touch Yuuri’s shoulder. Yuuri flinched from the touch, unsure and the Tsarevich retreated. ‘I am sorry. English?’

Yuuri blinked, caught off guard. Then, his manners returned to him.

‘Yes,’ he replied, word a cloud in the cold. ‘I speak English.’

‘Wonderful,’ the Tsarevich replied, tugging a glove off with his teeth. Yuuri stared, amazed by the lack of propriety and strangely, relieved by it also. The Tsarevich held his hand out, fingers white like the snow. ‘I’m Victor.’

‘Katsuki Yuuri,’ Yuuri said, untangling a hand from where he had it bundled beneath the felt. Victor smiled, a slanted thing that made Yuuri’s stomach squeeze. Yuuri’s fingers were red now, too. Hand shaking. Victor took it, before looking down with wide eyes.

‘Your hand is freezing!’ he exclaimed and Yuuri snatched it back, afraid he’d overstepped. Then, much to his surprise, Victor tugged his other glove off and offered both out to Yuuri from over the top of the fence. When Yuuri didn’t move to take them, Victor took Yuuri’s hand into his own. ‘Please, I insist you take these. That fur won’t be enough, especially once the sun goes down.’

‘T-thank you,’ Yuuri replied, nerves catching on the words like hooks. He took the gloves, slipping them on when Victor waved a hand at him to do so. They were lined in fur as well and Yuuri couldn’t stop the sigh of relief he felt at having them. They were still warm from Victor’s skin.

Victor smiled again, his teeth sharp and eyes bright. Yuuri smiled back, happy to have pleased him.

‘Do you know how to skate?’ Victor asked, gesturing to the ice behind him. Yuuri shook his head, replacing his now gloved-hands beneath the pelt again.

‘No, we don’t really have the sport where I’m from,’ Yuuri said, not hiding the disappointment he felt. ‘But I know all about it. I’ve admired it for a long time.’

‘Perhaps I’ll teach you!’ Victor said boldly and it had Yuuri blushing. So forward, though perhaps Yuuri should’ve expected it. ‘Would you like me to skate for you?’

‘Please!’ Yuuri said, not bothering to contain the excitement he felt. Victor grinned, bright like the moon.

Yuuri wasn’t sure how much time passed between them. Enough for the snow to crawl up past the knees of his hakama, for certain and enough for even the escort assigned to him to cough. But Yuuri found that he didn’t care. He was totally caught by the movement of Victor’s body, the tumbling sound of his laugh. They shouted conversation across the ice to each other, Victor waving when he would skate close to where Yuuri was standing.

Then, Victor’s steel caught the edge of uneven ice, sending his body down. Yuuri cried out as Victor hit the ice, his cap flying off him in the impact. From beneath it, a curtain of long, fine hair spilled out. Silver as the ice it was laying against, Yuuri lost his words and even his panic for a moment at the beauty of it. Victor gathered himself up, brushing the ice dust from his jacket and looking around for his cap.

‘Ah, that was embarrassing,’ Victor said as he approached the fence again, shaking his retrieved cap. Yuuri said nothing, watching the sway of Victor’s long hair like it were a clock’s pendulum. ‘Though, I never have such a charming distraction.’

The compliment brought Yuuri tumbling right back down to earth.

‘I’m so sorry!’ he said, reaching out to touch Victor. He held Victor’s arm, barely feeling him under the layers of fabric between them. ‘You are not hurt, are you?’

‘I have survived far worse, I promise you,’ Victor said, winking and Yuuri was struck again by his brashness. Victor reached up, turning his hair around like rope.

Yuuri remembered when he had had his own hair cut before the journey, Minako-sensei pulling the strands back before taking a blade to it. Cutting it all the way up, to Yuuri’s ears. It was the fashion in the West, Minako-sensei had said. They had wanted to make a good first impression.

‘What do the people think, to have the Tsarevich grow his hair so long?’ Yuuri asked, admiring the way Victor’s hair shone like starlight from his dislodged cap. 

Victor froze, abandoning the replacement of his cap and staring at Yuuri in a manner most uncomely with his mouth slightly open and Yuuri panicked, worried he had offended. 

‘My- my apologies!’ Yuuri stammered, bowing as low as he could. ‘That was uncouth. Please forgive me.’

‘No, no!’ Victor said, seemingly finding his voice. Yuuri titled his head up, not entirely comfortable to straighten up fully yet. Victor pushed his fine hair from his face, looking quite sheepish. ‘You did nothing of the sort. I’m afraid it’s me who has been foolish and should be apologising. I swear, I never meant to mislead you.’

Yuuri did straighten up at that, suddenly wary. He stepped back, watching Victor carefully. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I’m not the Tsarevich,’ Victor said, eyes downcast with a look of shame. Yuuri’s heart stopped in his chest, stomach dropping like a stone. ‘I’m his skating coach.’

MOSQUITO: Everybody has had a change of heart, apparently, and now thinks your outfit is cool Human Kite.

MOSQUITO: I bet you’re loving this anonymous validation, huh?

HUMAN KITE: I don’t know. I think they’re just trying to fuck with me now.

HUMAN KITE: Why would they suddenly change their opinion like that?

TOOLSHED: Maybe they were just jealous of your fashion sense, dude.

HUMAN KITE: Mmh, I don’t know. I feel like there’s something more to this.

MOSQUITO: (bitch it not that deep)

MOSQUITO: They want you guys to pose now, though.



TOOLSHED: Dude we don’t have a decent picture of just us posing all cool and stuff.


TOOLSHED: The Coon always butts his way into our pictures.

TOOLSHED: We totally gotta take like, the most awesome pic of us we can so we can rub it in fatass’ face.

HUMAN KITE: Okay yeah totally.

MOSQUITO: I am ready for this Coon Erasure I’ll take the picture.

HUMAN KITE: Okay just make sure you take the picture while I’m jumping?

HUMAN KITE: So I’m flying, you know?

TOOLSHED: Yeah it’s gotta be super badass.


MOSQUITO: I’ll be sure to add cool lighting effects and junk.

TOOLSHED: Awesome.

MOSQUITO: 3, 2, 1, bzzt!

HUMAN KITE: Okay yeah this is pretty badass.

TOOLSHED: Yeah The Coon is gonna be so jealous.

HUMAN KITE: You’re pretty good at taking pictures, Mosquito.

MOSQUITO: Haha I’ve learned from the best.

TOOLSHED: The best?

MOSQUITO: Yeah Super Craig takes pictures sometimes but mostly of like dogs and stuff and they’re okay.

MOSQUITO: He didn’t teach me anything I just wanted to act like he did.


MOSQUITO: Anyways good job on suddenly being the coolest super heroes according to all of the asks your getting now, zzzt.

MOSQUITO: Clap clap clap clap.

what’s up

(that’s his original title). Someone asked for a translation of Ishida’s Tumblr post, so here you go:

“Recently I’ve been genuinely enjoying creating stuff on my days off. It made me think that manga is very profound.

Which may or may not be why I’ve stopped posting on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll start using it again when I have something to say, but… Well, anyway, I don’t even talk to anyone other than the Haveaniceday guy* on there. 

I have other creator friends, and I’d like to create a space where they can evaluate my work fair and square. Yep, I’d like to try my best…

I’ve always thought it’s incredibly unattractive to go on and on about yourself, but it’s not like I was ever cool to begin with, and if there’s a chance me talking about it might alleviate someone’s worry… well. I think it’s worth it. That’d make me happy too.

Well then, have a nice day.

(*’Ishida Sui have a nice day’. That account. The handle is @SuiHaveANiceDay  I have no idea why they’re doing it. It’s cute).”

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I think it's really funny if Yuri's parents are kinda accepting and being super nice but like Viktor doesn't realize they're trying to cook and eat him and Yuuri is just like "okay mom, I got the- WHAT THE!!! WHY IS VIKTOR IN A POT? VIKTOR GET OUT THE POT, YOU GUYS PROMISED NOT TO DO THIS!"


Snip. Snip.

Title: Snip. Snip.

Summary: A fresh cut and a fresh perspective.

Friendship, humor, light angst with a very hopeful byeler ending, coming out, Steve being such a dad, schmoopy feels, and appearances by the whole group, a tiny bit of period typical internal homophobia.

This was probably the fastest I’ve ever written anything and I had such a blast writing it. It’s light and fun and I think probably will need a sequel or two because, while I meant it as a one off, I just think I may need to write more. I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it. I was supposed to tag someone in this but I forgot I am so sorry /0 I hope you find it regardless.

Will looked out from behind the frill of the curtain that lined the front window, observing the way Jonathan and Nancy and Steve danced around each other; it was an awakard display of body language and just seeing the pantomime play out in front of him was enough to make Will feel a pang of sympathy. Jonathan and Nancy were driving an hour away to a concert–some little known band that Jonathan adored and Nancy only tolerated because she loved him–and Steve had stopped by to drop off something or another that Nancy had apparently needed desperately. Will wasn’t exactly sure what the deal was with the three of them anymore. They weren’t exactly friends, but they weren’t enemies either. They had been through too much together for that. It was just weird. He’d wanted to ask his brother about all of it but had feared what other kinds of discussions it could bring up. They’d never discussed relationships and dating and such before and Will just….wanted to avoid that. At all cost.

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Summary: Reader confesses her love, only to be shot down.      

Author’s Note: Oh, Billy… You always seem to get your ass kicked out at some point.    


Feedback always appreciated! Positive or negative! I always want my work to improve!

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Glad you were not caught up in the hysterics of that fashion show, Soka. I knew you were the most level headed person here.

I didn’t see “hysterics.” All I saw were people having fun, doing good analysis, and speculating. You are familiar with all that right? It’s called “having fun in fandom.” 

The video circulating to disseminate “truth” about the guy at the fashion show not being Sam was also dropped into my inbox. Why? For what purpose? To make certain we don’t’ ship? There is something off about that video; it looks like two different people but what do I know. 

What I came away with (yet again) from this particular fashiongate is that there are so many people who can’t even deal with the fact that Cait and Sam enjoy each other’s company. It is so threatening that Cait and Sam might be in public together to support each other. It is unthinkable that Cait and Sam might actually care about each other. 

It might seem that this is about Cait and Sam but really it is just about Sam. 

It’s about making sure that Cait is not with Sam because it is a crime for an accomplished, hard working, compassionate and intelligent woman to be anyone’s partner. Let’s instead support those who are devoid of these qualities because Sam deserves everything that Cait is not. That’s how much these people adore and respect Sam. 

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Message from @vardasvapors/Andie:

Hey guys! My blog was abruptly terminated without warning sometime this evening, I have no idea why but I contacted tumblr staff and hopefully maybe it will be resolved. somehow. Nothing unusual happened so if anyone has any ideas about what might have happened or knows anything about whether the content of terminated blogs can be restored, it would be hugely appreciated! and like, just want to let everyone know i would NEVER delete my blog or leave you guys without saying anything unless i was in fear of my safety or something like that. FINGER CROSSED <3

(If you have suggestions, drop ‘em off in the replies to this post—or send me an ask and I’ll pass it on to Andie, either way.)

thefairfleming  i’m writing something on daenerys and viserys and…

I still can’t believe some of the current discourse includes, “What if VISERYS was the greatness to Dany’s madness?” Like. You guys.

oh god. the one that’s been killing me lately is “dany DIDN’T CARE ABOUT VISERYS!” even tho she was nicer to him than he deserved, obeyed him without question, reached out to him to build a better relationship, and tried to save him from himself before he died. and like even if she really didn’t gaf about him… WHY SHOULD SHE? he abused her physically, sexually, and emotionally, he threatened her all the time, he sold her into marriage so he can get an army like homeboy doesn’t deserve her kindness! but he got it anyways!

Negan dream

Apparently this is what going to a Brazilian steak buffet gets you.

So, I don’t remember everything, but Negan was using me to motivate another guy to do something faster. This other guy liked me and wanted me. But I had no loyalty or feelings for this other guy. Poor other guy.

Negan grabs me and starts kissing me right in front of other guy and everyone. So I take the opportunity and deepen the kiss. Like I was sucking on Negan’s tongue. I vividly remember sucking on his tongue. He growled in my mouth then pushed me away and gave me a smoldering “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk” look that gave me butterflies. I was so fixing to get it in the best possible ways.

Then I woke up. What kind of shit is that? I was this close to sex with Negan.

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Levy: Sup scrub

Rudy: Hey, I had to get away from mom, she was going to make me a human mannequin

Levy: That’s mom for ya

Rudy: Hey, I only saw you once at the gallery. Did you leave early or something?

Levy: I went home with a guy and stayed over there, he was pretty interesting so I was like why not

Rudy: I’d say that’s not like you but it completely is 

Levy: Trouble in paradise?

Rudy: You can say that

Levy: Fix it, you’re a good match. Wouldn’t want to see you die alone because you didn’t fix something simple.

Rudy: What makes you say I’d die alone? 

“shut the hell up. literally. LITERALLY you understand nothing. voltron is the peak of representation, along with philosophy as well. the only people who dare think voltron is terrible are people who don’t. see, voltron is a fine wine. it gets better with age. that is why younglings like yourself could never understand it. think to how keith hides his insecurities. its all part of something greater, something we adults understand much more than your silly little liberal minds could ever hope to understand.”

Guys new copypasta y/n


Over at Vivienne and Luca’s house, the two of them were in the middle of having a heated discussion. When Vivienne had gotten home that afternoon Luca had told her he needed to talk to her about something serious. And once he had told her what it entailed, she was immediately shocked and afraid.

“What are you going to do, Luca?”

“I don’t know, to be honest with you,” Luca replied, frowning at his current predicament. “But I know I won’t go back to jail. Not again.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do? Talk to the guy or something?”

“He’s working with the cops, Viv. He clearly wants to take me down.”

“Why would he all of the sudden turn against you?”

“Because he got pinched and they offered him a deal. And he’s a coward.”

“You must be able to do something.”

“Like what?”

“……get rid of him,” Vivienne whispered. “Can’t you do that?”

“If I could get close enough to him, I could. But he’s being protected by police officers. I would never get near him without being made.”

“What does Ethan think? Can’t he do something? Find something on him or get someone past the cops?”

“Ethan wouldn’t help me in this, sweetheart. I didn’t even bother telling him.”

“Of course, he would. You’re his Father. He doesn’t want you to go to jail for the rest of your life.”

“He hates me, Vivienne. He absolutely wants me to go away.”

“Luca!” Vivienne cried, shaking her head. “That’s not true.”

“It is true. Besides, even if he agreed to help there is no guarantee he could do anything.”

“I understand that. But I really think you should at least talk to Ethan. He might have an idea. Please, Luca.”

“Okay, I’ll ask him,” Luca replied, placing his hand on hers and squeezing it tight. “But if he can’t or won’t do anything, then we’ll have to run. I can’t go back to jail. I won’t.”

“I know. And we’ll do whatever it takes no matter what happens. I won’t lose you again.”

“You won’t have to. I promise.”

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No offense but I love how nice you are. It’s actually refreshing to see your replies to anons. Cy was I don’t know, pretty rude? She had a blog for Bella but it seemed like she despises her lol. So yeah. Keep it up girlie

The thing with Cy is that she followed Bella for so long and knows way more about her than I do. When you spend so much of your personal time on someone else who keeps doing something you don’t agree with it’s kind of hearbreaking because you want them to be successful and improve. I’m not trying to be like ‘I know everything about Bella and I can answer every question about her’ because I can’t, I’m just a regular person who likes her and I love posting updates and being on this blog, that’s the main reason why I’m here.
Thanks for lovely messages, it’s really nice to see that you guys like what I do❤️

Lol so um apparently there’s this guy who thinks he’s relevant enough to leech ‘fame’ off of kpop by trying to insult other cultures. since kpop has gotten larger in America now, ppl all of the sudden just decide to be racist and homophobic bc their brains are too small to process there’s other cultures out there than just western. Oh btw hun, there are such things as Asian Americans, and oh yeah, there are Korean Americans too just to let you know.

i literally do not understand why capcom felt the need to release AA4 in hd two consecutive years bc i just played it in hd on mobile, why the fuck do i wanna play it again on my DS????

like dont get me wrong i wanna support it bc like….helping sales to show interest or whatever + i wanna be able to play the japanese verison but i really think that if they wanted to sell it in the west they should have done….something. more.

in japan you got a whole new physical release + tons of bonus stuff which, like, i know that wouldnt fly in the us because it just wouldnt recoup financially but i feel like capcom coulda done SOMETHING viable besides just “heres the same thing as the app only now you can play it in japanese”

idk i would have been happy with literally even just one new case a la rfta

like you guys know i love aa4 (too much) but bro why am i gonna pay 20 something dollars for a game i already invested 15 dollars in and can just re-download onto my phone whenever i wanna play it again in HD…..

i feel like even adding in the other translations (spanish italian german french) along with japanese woulda been more incentive 

RM is sooooo done with Jhope & Jimin coming to his V LIVE to promote their upcoming Individual V LIVES. 

  • JM: Were you talking about something serious?
  • RM: No, it wasn’t serious stuff.
  • JM: Hoseok is here as well.
  • RM: Ah~ why?
  • JH: He’s on VLive. Leave him alone.
  • RM: You said you guys are going to do it in the States.
  • JM: In the States?
  • RM: Yes.
  • JM: everyone, I will be on VLive soon. Bye~
  • RM: You were planning something.
  • JH: Everyone. I’ll see you all in the States. it has really been a long time.
  • RM: You should do it more often!
  • JH: I will
  • JM: Not like “Hope On The Street”. You should talk about something more personal.
  • RM: yeah! Talk about that stuff.
  • JM: You have never done that.
  • JH: You know what? I have never done that before.
  • JM: I know!
  • RM: That is unacceptable!
  • JH: I will be on VLive I the States, so please tune in, everyone. *blows kiss*
  • JM: *blows kiss* Hyung have fun with ARMY
  • RM: … *laughs*

171115 Bang PD’s Tweet

さすが~ flinch w @BTS_twt @JKCorden #LateLateShow

As expected~ flinch w @BTS_twt @JKCorden #LateLateShow

[1st Picture]
Chat Room Title: Bangtan + Pdogg
Bang PD: How was the game?
Bang PD: Was it fun? Did the audience and fans like it?
J-Hope: Wah wah~
J-Hope: Keke wow kekekekekekekekeke I was really surprised when the fruits exploded kekeke the noise was really loud kekekekekekekekeke.
Bang PD: Ke I bet the fans will really like your surprised reaction.
Jimin: Kekekekeke it was really surprising kekeke.
J-Hope: Oh yeah~ 
J-Hope: The audience reactions were the best, too.

[2nd Picture]
Pdogg: You guys are killing it.
Min Yoongi: It’s fascinating keke seeing something that I used to only see on YouTube in real life keke.
V: I think the filming went smoothly thanks to James hyungnim.
Jin: This is the first time I realized that fruit could surprise me.
V: Why?
V: Ah, keke.
. (apparently this is Jungkook LOL): I’m sad because I can’t understand English.

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
© Please take credit when taking out


A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.