why is this so pretty to watch omg

Watched episode 9 of Yuri!!! on Ice.


Rewatched it.


Realized there are only 3 episodes left.

Crying forever.

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I am fucking screaming I love Richard Dreyfuss so much omg why didn't I know this earlier? I thought I am the only one :')

hhhhchggfdh actually this uh.. interest is pretty new! i watched one of his movies the other day and was like.. nice…… so yeah…. im glad im not the only one either ghfjhgj

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One song I absolutely love to listen to when I'm sad (or just down in general) is "Tears and Rainbows" by Olivia Lufkin (I found it though the "Nana" anime) I wish I knew more songs like this.

im laying in bed in the dark right now and idk why but this song just made me paranoid that something was gonna climb up from under my bed and snatch my feet haha omg. it’s really pretty tho! lol thank you for the rec :’)

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Hi! I noticed you recommended Natsume Yuujinchou in your rec list. Have you heard of the series Mushishi or Kino's journey? I've heard they are similar in style.

Hi! omg I’m sorry, I didn’t see this earlier! If you messaged this a while ago I apologize :(

I LOVE Natsume Yuujinchou, yeah! <3 And I’ve read/watched Mushishi too! I haven’t seen/read Kino’s Journey, though, so I’ll def have to check that you, thank you! :) Good series to mention!

Mushishi does have some aspects of similarity so I can see why people would connect them–I did too, when I first started watching/reading both. In both cases, the anime is very pretty, also both of them deal with the ayakashi-type realm of… what would that be? Not really supernatural, but a layering of a spiritual/mythical/mystical… like a combination of gods and legends and more. Also similarly, both stories are a bit episodic, with a main character lead who can see into this other world. They also both end up occupying a lot of the grey space between that world and the human world, because of their ability to interact with (and, to an extent, empathize with) both.

I feel like that’s where the similarities between Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou end, though, for what it’s worth in case you (or anyone else) ever decide to check it out. For me, at least, Natsume is very beautiful; it’s bittersweet, heartbreaking, heartwarming– I can relax or be very deeply touched by the individual stories in it, and what’s interesting especially for Natsume is the manga vs anime have a bit of a different feel, in a way. Or rather, I forget how standoffish Natsume was in the beginning of the manga until I go back and reread it, because he builds into such a gentle and sort of sad but also beautiful story. In my mind, Natsume Yuujinchou feels like a story about stories; a story about human emotions, about empathy, about the ability to bridge gaps and the way feelings can transcend boundaries. 

In Natsume, I feel like that other realm represents a reflection of humanity. Whereas Mushishi feels, to me, more like a story about nature. 

Mushishi feels more focused on the Otherness of the other realm. When Ginko interacts with the Mushi, it’s oftentimes in a function like a traveling medicine man or detective. It’s less modern of a story than Natsume (which makes sense since Mushishi is set between the Edo and Meiji periods) so it has a bit of a wilder feel about it. While a lot of Natsume’s story is set in cities and the surrounding woods, almost the entirety of Mushishi is in the mountains and forests from what I recall. The Mushi have an almost uncanny feel to them–sometimes almost creepy, sometimes sweet and endearing; like a force of nature, the way snow can be soft and gentle or a terrifying blizzard. There is very little “human” in the Mushi in general, and the stories feel much more episodic in Mushishi than Natsume Yuujinchou because there’s a bit less of an overall character arc in the MC itself. Ginko kind of just remains Ginko the whole time iirc, whereas Natsume is growing as a person over the story – but that makes a lot of sense based on the way the stories are told, and their different ages, and their different time periods.

Overall, I really like both series. For me, I like Natsume more than Mushishi but that’s because I really like the humanity of it, the human stories. BUT I love Mushishi too – it has a very interesting atmosphere that hovers very well in the range between sweet and creepy in a lot of its stories.

Mind you, it’s been years since I read/watched Mushishi so maybe I’m remembering incorrectly. But yeah I like Ginko a lot, as well as Natsume. Both series are really good–I think everyone should read/watch both! I hope Kino’s Journey is as interesting as both of those–I’ll definitely love it if so :D I think for all of these it just comes down to preference of the type of story a person gravitates toward the most.

Thank you again! <3 Sorry for the rambles.

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Hi love 💕BTS/Big Bang/MX ship, please? Let's see: I'm 5'5", pretty curvy, and hella pale. I have a big heart (super empathetic), a good sense of humor, and I'm always looking to learn about anything and everything that piques my interest. I can take things a bit too personally, but I'm trying to be more easy going. I'm working on getting a degree and I want to teach one day! I love to travel, read, do yoga, binge watch X-Files/It's Always Sunny, drink way too much tea and coffee. Thank you!

[rapmon voice] hi baby~ omg why are you all so cute, and taller than me? c,: you’re all so cute and perfect

hope you like this!! :D


For BTS, I ship you with Hoseok!

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i can see you two going everywhere with each other, tugging the other along by the hand! you’d both exchange smiles and make each other laugh. you’d go on late night coffee and snack runs together and spend the morning watching tv shows together.


It felt like those textbooks were getting more attention than he was, and that was true. You gave small nods, and soft ‘mhm’s to what he says but they’re not as good as your undivided attention. Your eyes focus on the words before you, until Hoseok manages to slide into your view. He lays over the book in your lap and smiles cheekily up at you.

“Mm, Hoseok, I really need to study.” You warn, setting your notes aside briefly. He only pouts, and he really wears the crown of Aegyo King with pride. Because he knows that he gets whatever he wants once he whips aegyo out on you.

“Yah, jagiya!~” He whines, and puffs out his lower lip to soften your heart. “You’re studying too hard. Take a break and focus on me!” He beams, the smile growing when you chuckle and lean down to peck his lips.

For Bigbang, I ship you with Seungri!

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i can see you both being very adorable together! you’d both tease each other for various things! he’d tease you by using your head as an arm rest and you’d tease him by pinning his arm behind his back. he’d be proud to show you off to his hyungs, bragging and boasting about you whenever he got the chance to.


“Yah!” He whines at his group chat just as Seunghyun posted another picture of him sleeping in it, followed by the laughing responses of his members. “Jagi! Look at them! They’re bullying me, again!” He groans, rolling over onto his stomach to show you the texts. 

You tried to hold it in, you really did. But giggles began to slip through your lips until a full fit of laughter escaped from you. His eyes grow wide and he pouts before his lips pull to smile brightly as you hold your sides from the painful laughter. 

“I-I can’t-! Seunghyun-I’m so-haha!” You could feel tears pricking at the corners of your eyes and your fingers come up to wipe them away. Fingers find your wrists and their pinned above you with Seunghyun grinning down at you.

“I’ll teach you to laugh at my pretty, sleeping face.”

For Monsta X, I ship you with Kihyun!

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i can see him being a perfect match for you. he’s got such a motherly side that he’d constantly look after you to make sure you’re happy and healthy. he’d find you absolutely adorable and would constantly want to be by your side, even if he knows that he’s getting annoying.


“(Y/N)-ah, how long have you been watching that?” He crosses his arms and stares down at your curled up form on the couch, your favorite blanket tucked up to your chin.

“I don’t know, a couple hours?” You try, glancing up from the television screen only to be met with a glare only a true mother could have.

“A couple hours? No, no! That’s not good for your eyes!” He whines, taking a stance in front of your view of the show you had been watching and you open your mouth to protest, only to be interrupted. “I don’t want to hear it, that’s enough television.” He turns the television off with the swift command of the remote and slides under the blanket to wrap his arms around you. “Less television, more cuddling.”

vixx kept distracting me lmao, ANYWAYS I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!


jokes and puns that only some hangrid shippers will understand.
  • Person: I wonder whats keeping that building up
  • me: Probably caterPILLARS
  • Person: I got asked to homecoming today!
  • Me: OMG! Norway?!
  • Person: awwh look at those robots kissing
  • Me: I guess you could say their love is pretty electric
  • Person: I haven't bathed my cat
  • Me: Your kitten kneads a bath
  • Person: You got mud on your face, a big disgrace
  • Me: Kickin your cannes all over the place

What went through my mind while watching the 1989 tour live video

Woah her eyes are so blue
I was probably crying when that happened
Her face is perfect
Vocals vocals vocals
These front row seats in my bed are pretty nice
Am I still alive?
Omg Taylor is so cute
How is she walking in those heels?
Her nails are so shiny
Woah that was cool
I wish I could strut like that
Taylor stop killing me

Bellamy is gonna get hurt

Okay so i’ve been watching the promo for 3x13 alot (as i’m sure a lot of us Bellarkers have omg) and I’m pretty sure that Bellamy is gonna get hurt. I mean a lot of people have thought about it as well that he’s gonna sacrifie himself or something and after this promo i’m pretty sure.

First of all we have the hug!!!! It’s so desperate and they really need each other. 

Second of all Clarke says: “We need each other Bellamy!” Why would she say that for any other reason than she wants him to forgive himself and stay with them?

And lastly Octavias scream in the trailer for 3x13. It’s a devestating scream, and unless she’s not done mourning Lincoln (and no I dont think she is, but she’s a warrioir. A warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over)

She has nothing else that REALLY matters to her other than Bellamy. She loves the other delinqiuents but lbr Bellamy is her number one even though they’ve had a falling out.

So yes, i think something big is gonna happen to Bellamy, and i’m not prepared..

tfw you’ve been excitedly waiting since January for the scene where Izaya punches a pole after realizing he will lose Shinra (his only friend) if he continues with his plans, only to watch as it gets completely skipped over. The fact that they cut out the part that reveals Izaya was envious of Shinra in Middle school was pretty bad too. 

Just…. excuse me as I rage in a corner. These scenes were huge and important and the animation team literally just screwed with Izaya’s character development. I’m really hoping they will include them in the next episode, but I doubt it.