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Ryoutarou had a fun and successful 21st birthday event!  Among his special guests was Sakamoto Kouta (Kindaichi) ~

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To Love the Enemy {Draco Malfoy x Muggleborn! Reader}

Ok, so I’ve been gone for a long time. I’m so so sorry. I can’t express how sorry I am. But I was very low the last couple weeks and I just couldn’t bring myself to write. I have a ton of requests so requests are closed until I get them filled out. For those who have been waiting for their requests again, I am so so so so so sorry.

Prompt: @thefielderatsquareleg  H! Could you write a draco malfoy imagine in which he likes the reader and the reader likes him too but they are both enemies of each other :-)

Warnings: ANGST! but it’s cute at the end

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You were supposed to hate him, just as he was supposed to hate you. You were a muggleborn wizard in love with blood-purist extraordinaire Draco Malfoy. You wanted to hate him but he was deep in your subconscious. You had no defense when he invaded your mind with his icy blues and white blond hair. 

Though he occupied your thoughts, he could never know. You sneered when he walked by. rolled your eyes when he spoke, and insulted everything about him until there was nothing left to point out, all to make sure he was never made aware of the feelings you held. 

The two of you would remain enemies until the end of time.


Draco Malfoy knew what who he was supposed to associate with, who he had to be friends with, and who he was supposed to fall in love with. You did not fall anywhere on that list but here he was stealing glances at your perfect (H/C) hair and careless laugh.

He still wasn’t sure why he was so mesmerized by you. Maybe it was because you were the complete opposite, maybe it was because he knew you didn’t like him so he wouldn’t get hurt, maybe he was just selfish and wanted something he couldn’t have.


“He’s staring at you again,” your friend said, annoyed. Your cheeks began to burn. You took a deep breath, knowing not to get your hopes up.

“You mean glaring,” you responded not looking up from your empty plate.

“No, definitely not glaring,” they said matter-of-factly. You sat up stick straight as heat crept up your neck. “Clearly he doesn’t hate you. I don’t know why you pretend to hate him.” You quickly glanced over your shoulder, you saw him avert his gaze as you turned. All you could do was smile.

Three days ago you stopped pretending to hate Draco Malfoy. You just kept to yourself and let your presence go unnoticed. There was a bubble of hope in your chest you were terrified to pop. So for three days, you left him alone because you never hated him you were just doing what you were supposed to do.

Draco took notice of your absence. Honestly, he was insulted that you wouldn’t take the time out of your day to come and say how much you hated his hair and mocked his intelligence. How could someone be so selfish? He decided it would be best to confront you about it, that way he could marvel at the way lips moved and the way your hair bounced when you walked. 


You were in between classes walking away from your small group of friends when Draco marched straight up to you without any warning. You took a step back in surprise before putting on your usual sarcastic grin.

“You look absolutely terrible,” he said as if it were a compliment.

You replied in the same tone as if this were normal, “You look horrific as usual.” You were smiling at each other as if it were some kind of inside joke. Draco quickly shook the grin from his face and returned to his usual demeanor.

“Why have you been ignoring me?” he asked almost sarcastically.

“Haven’t you heard the news? I still hate you,” you snapped. You tried to push it back down but he was standing dangerously close and your cheeks burned.

“Your face says otherwise.” Your brain told you to stop, to turn away, to hate him. But everything else screamed kiss him. You stared at his lips for a moment before gently placing your lips on his. Draco almost stumbled from your sudden gesture. But before you could pull away with regret, he returned your kiss. You pulled away out of breath and in shock. You smiled but still shoved him away. 

“I hate you,” you told him with a smile and a laugh. 

“I know,” he replied before walking away with a smirk plastered on his face.

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - Nah??
Word count - guys, I can’t count.
Type - cute fluffy :)


“Babbeee, you whined, "I don’t wanna play thissss.” You muttered as you clicked on a different camera, only to find Freddy was missing.
Ethan chuckled, “Babe, it’s ok, it’s not like he’ll scare you.”
“Oh yeah, because it’s called five nights at Freddy’s for nothing.” You scoffed, closing the right door, and turning on the light to find chica there.
“HAHH YOU BITCH.” You cheered, and then started checking the cameras.
You began to zone yourself to the game only, not paying attention to the outside world.
“Holy shit holy shit.” You whispered, face close to the computer screen as you once again closed the door in order to block out foxy. “Haha! Blocked you like I blocked my haters!” You snickered, continuing to play the game.
But, oh no. You thought you were a-okay. Nothing was gonna happen. That was until Ethan grabbed your shoulders, shaking you slightly yelling 'Boo!’.
You ended up shrieking, your hands and legs tucked into your body. To put it more clearly; you shit yourself and immediately went into ball mode on Ethan’s chair.
“haHAHA!” Ethan laughed, almost falling on the floor. “OH MY GOD!” He yelled, treats pricking at his eyes as he laughed. “That was great– too good– Almost too good.” He snickered, then looked down at you, seeing your form, he suddenly filled with concern. Did he hurt you? Or did he scare you too bad?
“Y/N? Are you ok?” He asked, softly poking your shoulder.
You merely whined, shifting away from his finger.
“Y/NNNN.” He whines, “I’m sorrryyyy.”
You shook your head, still in ball mode.
“That was mean.” You mumbled, now tucking your head in between your knees.
“I know, I’m sorry.”
You didn’t answer, note move. Ethan sighed heavily, he done fucked up. Maybe he shouldn’t have scared you.


Two hours have passed and you still haven’t talked to Ethan. What he did to you was mean, and plus, you almost peed yourself.
You were sitting on the couch, scrolling through Twitter, looking at some Fanart here and there, liking some tweets, replying to some people. You know, normal stuff.
Although you didn’t notice when Ethan came out with his Ukulele and sat on the small chair next to the couch. Ethan stroked the strings, that erupting sound into the silent room. It was then, when you looked over at him with a confused look on your face.
Ethan slightly smiled, he looked down at the ukulele to see if his fingers were in the right place, then started strumming. The music was nice, soft, it was comforting to listen to. Was this his apology to you?

„Everything you do it sends me
Higher than the moon with every-“ Ethan looked up at you and smiled, making eye to eye contact, „Twinkle in your eye
You strike a match that lights my heart on fire.“

Shit. Why was his voice so mesmerizing? He’s cute. Too cute and adorable, and he was singing to you. /you/. No one else, because he /loves you/.

„When you’re near, I hide my blushing face
And trip on my shoelaces
Grace just isn’t my forté
But it brings me to my knees when you say,“ Ethan softly laughs and smiles big as he sings the next verse.

„Hello, how are you, my darling today?
I fall into a pile on the floor
Puppy love is hard to ignore
When every little thing you do, I do adore,“
By this point, your phone was off, you were smiling like an idiot, a pink color tinted your cheeks, you wanted to tackle hug him so badly.

So you did. The ukulele was smushed in between you two as you wrapped your arms around his neck, and nuzzled your cheek next to his.
"God! You’re so cute!” You said, then kissed his cheek.
“You ignored me.” He mumbled back, pulling the ukulele out from between you and him, placing it to the side, “Because I scared you, so I uh..” he wrapped his arms around your waist, “I decided to sing you a song.” He smiled, “To cheer you up, did it work?”
“Yes!” You happily said, hugging him tighter, “I love you.” You whispered.
“I love you too, Y/N.”

Also I’m sorry for not updating a lot, I have finals :’)

[BTS x Forest Fairy!AU] Taehyung

Keeper of Birds and Raptors Kim Taehyung 

Find Keeper of Streams & Waterfalls Min Yoongi (here)
Find Keeper of Rabbits & Deer Jeon Jungkook (here)
Find Keeper of Trees and Roots Park Jimin (here)

  • has the mindset that he too can fly,,,,well glide,,,,,well he’s just really good at jumping from tree to tree so he’s like ‘this is my inner bird power’
  • his pet black vulture that always accompanies him is basically his best friend and he tells it just about everything
  • and although the vulture can’t talk back, taehyung, as the protector of birds, can understand through sounds what the birds are communicating 
  • that or maybe it’s the fact that his vulture will peck at him annoyingly to tell him it wants him to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing
  • and it is hilarious, he’ll literally get into arguments with the vulture like if he’s running around chasing deer or something and falls face forward 
  • the vulture will fly off his shoulder and perch itself on a branch and taehyung will be like ‘thANKS for abandoning me buddy’ and then he’ll be like ‘don’t give me that look - don’t you dare laugh at me’
  • like he treats the vulture like a human it’s really endearing
  • the other birds all like to flock around taehyung when he’s sitting up high in the branches and eating and he’s like ‘guys go get your own food!!!!!’ but he’ll share if he has bread or something 
  • will 100% recklessly hurt himself to save an egg from falling out of a nest or fighting off a hungry fox that might pick on a wounded bird 
  • he doesn’t wear any heavy clothing, his clothes are worn out and loose so it is easier for him to move around and climb trees. he wears a single feather earring from his right ear that came from the tail of his pet before the vulture that died when it was shot down by a hunter
  • usually taehyung wouldn’t wear feathers but this one is meaningful to him
  • his feet and arms are all scratched up from climbing up bark and his hair is always a mess because his vulture will land on top of his head just to be a little teasing
  • but he really cares about all the animals and even makes friends with Keepers jungkook and jin who both protect different species and you know he, like all keepers, wishes there would be less hunters but unlike the others taehyung sets up traps sometimes to catch hunters off guard and scare them from the forest
  • the other keepers are always like ‘taehyung you can’t keep risking our exposure like that’ and he’s just like im not,,,,,,,,the birds set up those traps and it’s like ,,,,please but taehyung is just like pointing to his vulture like ‘he did it! i swear!’
  • and you know you’re not a hunter, you’re actually an avid bird watcher who comes by the forest to see if you take photos of any new birds you haven’t seen before
  • and a lot of the time you just wander around with your camera, taking photos and making notes
  • taehyung doesn’t really know of you until one day he hears a lot of birds are flocking to one area and he’s like ,,,,,did one of the hunters leave feed out as bait again 
  • and he climbs one of the trees to try and get a better lookout when all of a sudden the vulture leaves his shoulders and swoops down to where you’re sitting
  • and just as you turn to get water from your backpack, the vulture grabs your camera with its talons and flies back over to taehyung
  • and taehyung catches it and examines it and he’s like ??? is this a new hunting device??? what is it 
  • and he’s turning it this way and that way and dangling it by the strap and you’re looking up at him like mY BABY THE CAMERA NOOO i spent thrEE MONTHS of my money on that
  • and you’re like jumping up and down, shouting and waving your arms for taehyung to notice you
  • and when he finally does he jumps down from branch to branch, your camera swinging around his neck as you bite your lip in terror, and when he lands in front of you
  • he gets right up and close - almost to the point that your noses are touching and he’s like 
  • “explain this to me. what does it do?”
  • he holds up the camera and you’re like ?!?!?!?!? what is this boy 
  • and you’re like “i-i-it’s a camera ,,,,,it takes pictures?!?” and taehyung furrows his eyebrows like “pictures? what is that?”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,how does he not know what pictures are ? 
  • but nonetheless you turn to pull out your album from your bag to show him, but all of a sudden he wraps his arm around your wrist and jerks it back and he’s like “hunters like you shouldn’t be here, don’t bring these things into the forest - stop hurting the birds!”
  • and your eyes widen and you’re like “hur-hurting? but im not a hunter-”
  • and taehyung narrows his eyes like “don’t try to trick me, ive been the keeper of birds in this forest for a longtime - i know a weapon when i see one!”
  • and for a second you process what this random, wild boy is saying to you and you search his face - the scratches on his cheeks, the feather earring, the vulture pearched on his shoulder and you’re like,,,,keeper,,,,,keeper of the birds,,,,,,,,,,, “yo-you’re a forest fairy?!?!”
  • and taehyung steps back a bit and he’s like “i am, now tell me - what is this, why are you here, which birds are you hunting?”
  • and you’re so mesmerized because WOW you’ve only heard of the forest fairies from books when you were a kid and rumors around the villages near the woods,,,,,,you never thought they were real
  • and if he was a fairy - where were his wings?? or did he not have any??? and before you know it you’re looking at taehyung from every angle in wonder
  • until he finally puts the camera back in your face and he’s like “explain.”
  • and you’re like “ok, but let me take something out of my bag - um - um whats your name?”
  • “taehyung. it better not be a weapon, my vulture can attack on comma-”
  • and you’re like waving your hand like “no no no, see im not a hunter - im a bird watcher!!!”
  • taehyung once again gives you a quizzical expression
  • “bird,,,,,,,,watcher?”
  • and you pull the album with all your photos out and open it up, showing it to taehyung and you’re like “look!! this is my sparrows page, and this one is my eagle one, and here we have blurry photos of mockingbirds -”
  • and takes the album from you and he’s like “what are these?”
  • and you’re like “pictures!!! i take them with that ‘thing’ called a camera!! it’s not a weapon, it doesn’t hurt the birds!!”
  • and you smile at taehyung and he kind of looks over you again and he’s like thinking to himself that,,,,,you know you don’t LOOK like a hunter - you’re not wearing that weird printed clothing and you’re obviously not holding a gun,,,,,and all the ‘pictures’ of these birds ,,,the birds are alive
  • and he also notices that,,,,,you’re much cuter than the average hunter LOL with smiling eyes and pretty looking hair tucked behind your ear
  • his vulture pecks at his cheek and taehyung side eyes the bird as to scold it because no shuttup i wasn’t staring!
  • and you’re like hmm?? and taehyung scatters for an excuse and goes “s-show me how the camera works?” and you’re like “ok!!! here let me take a photo of your pet ^^”
  • and taehyung hesitantly hands you the camera, which you thank god didn’t break while he was swinging it around, and you bring it up to focus the lens on the bird
  • and with a click that makes taehyung twitch you take a photo and then excitedly turn the camera around to show taehyung
  • and he leans in, squinting and then his eyes go wide and he’s like “it’s!!! him, it’s him on my shoulder!!” and you’re like “YES!!! isn’t he handsome?”
  • and you look at the photo which clearly shows the vulture, perched on taehyungs shoulder and you are talking about the bird but then you look at the photo and then back to taehyung who is leaning on your shoulder a bit to see the photo
  • and you hadn’t noticed in the flurry of the moment, but his slightly tanned skin and high bridged nose,,,,,an accentuated jawline,,,,,,and long eyelashes all make him,,,,,,quite handsome too 
  • and before you know it you become conscious of how close you two are standing but when you scoot away, taehyung pulls you into his side again so he can be closer to the camera and you’re like hdlglgd,,,he really is a fairy he has no sense of personal space like normal humans,,,
  • and taehyung finally pulls back and he points to the photo and turns to the vulture like ‘you’re not so bad looking after all, look -’
  • and you’re like “does the vulture understand you? can you speak to birds???”
  • and taehyung looks at you with a half smile and shakes his head like “i can’t speak to them, but after living among them it’s really easy to understand what they’re feeling without words”
  • and you look at how obvious the close relationship between him and the bird is and you just smile to yourself because it’s,,,,,one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen,,,,,,,
  • until taehyung breaks your concentration because he picks up your bag and is like “is there anything else thats cool in here??” and you’re like hEY don’t go through my stuff without asking and you pull it back and taehyung gives you a shy grin and you’re like
  • frick he isn’t just handsome he’s also adorable what the he c K
  • but you sit down and taehyung sits beside you and you’re like “this is my notepad, i write things about birds here, this is some water, this is a pair of binoculars -”
  • as soon as you take them out, taehyung asks if he can see them and you pass them to him and immediately he looks through the wrong lens and is like “everything is so small??” and you’re like “the other way around!!” and when he turns them around it’s like,,,,,,taehyung has seen a  whole new world
  • and he’s up, looking left and right and spinning around and the vulture flies off his shoulder to instead take a seat beside you and you’re like FREAKING out because this is the closest you’ve been to a vulture and you’re like omgomgogmogmmog i need to take photos
  • and for the next hour you and taehyung sit there in the meadow and you tell him about how you look for birds and how you take photos
  • and taehyung is like “the next time you come, find me and i can call over some of my friends so you can take photos ^^”
  • and you’re like friends? and he’s like the birds!! and you’re like omg i would love that
  • but as it is getting dark you have to go, but you feel bad just leaving so you  dig out your binoculars and hand them to taehyung and you’re like
  • “it’s a gift - since you promised to help me the next time i come and let me take photos of the vulture, take care of them ok?”
  • and taehyung lights up like a child and jumps up and down and then suddenly
  • he leans in, pressing his lips to your cheek and pulling away like “that’s how humans express happiness to one and other - right??” 
  • and you’re touching the skin where his lips met and you’re blushing like omg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and the vulture pecks taehyungs head, again like he’s scolding him and taehyung is like wHAT i was saying thank you
  • and you’re like “!!!! ill be um back soon i have to run now BYE”
  • and taehyung spends the rest of the week sitting up in the branches, looking through the binoculars that you gave him and thinking about you
  • and it’s weird usually he doesn’t like the humans he meets - mostly because they’re hunters or backpackers who leave garbage all around 
  • but you’re,,,,,,,,,you’re different
  • you like birds for one,,,,but also you seem so,,,,,,so warm to taehyung 
  • “my first human friend, what do you think?” he asks the vulture as he’s hanging off a branch and the vulture just flaps its wings and taehyungs nodding like “i agree, i like them too.”
  • and you do come back, about two weeks later and you don’t even have to search for taehyung he comes jumping down from between the leaves like some flying squirrel and lands on his feet right before you
  • and he’s like “you took too long!!! c’mon let me show you some of the other birds we have here-”
  • and he takes your hand without hesitation and you’re like kdfgsahf once again he’s got no idea of personal space but you don’t mind you like,,,,it
  • and he pulls you through some bushes off the hiking track and you don’t notice because you’re lost in taehyungs babbling about birds
  • and he’s like “here’s the nest of a sparrowhawk - look at how small the babies are!!”
  • and he shows you all the spots where birds live and unlike before where they’d just fly away if they heard your footsteps, with taehyung they just safely land on his hand or on his shoulder
  • and sometimes their talons leave scrapes and you’re like !!!!! band aids- but taehyung just licks the wound and keeps going and you’re like ???
  • but he really amazes you it’s like he /is/ a bird the way he hops from branch to branch as you stand bellow in wonder, the way he seemingly understands what the birds are saying, and the way he brushes off any kind of pain from his climbing or from thorns and has no fear of going up to the top of the tallest trees
  • and you get tired way before he does, but taehyung is like “one thing before you go!!” and he takes your hand and he’s like “here, hold this”
  • and in your palm there’s a baby sparrow and you’re like omgom g o H Y g od,,,,,,,,and taehyung is like “aren’t they soft?? they’re so tiny!!”
  • and you’re in a state of shock because you. are. holding. a. baby. bird.
  • but also you can’t stop smiling and taehyung all of a sudden, takes your camera and is like “let me take a photo!!”
  • and he’s clumsy with the lens, but you don’t care, you hold the bird in your hands up and taehyung mimics what he remembers you did and you hear the snap
  • and it’s,,,,,it’s a moment that you can never forget
  • and when taehyung successfully leads you back to the hiking track he leans down again, brushing his lips against your cheek because he tells you, you made him so happy today again!!
  • and you’re like sdhsd but you lean in to and kiss his cheek, taehyung jumping a bit and making the feather earring he wears brush your own cheek
  • and you’re both turning a lil pink but say goodbye
  • and this happens pretty often, even in winter, when you lug a blanket with you because you have the suspicion taehyung doesn’t own one
  • you come and watch the birds with him and taehyung is never short of being entertaining and fun
  • and he gets into the habit of holding your hand from the minute he meets up with you to the minute you have to leave
  • and the vulture becomes comfortable with you too, even shifting over to sit on your shoulder and you’re always like ,,he’s a bit,,,,,heavy
  • and taehyung is like i knOW imagine having to deal with him all the time
  • and for the hundredth time you see taehyung and his bird get into an argument of words and squawking that always leaves you laughing 
  • and when you ask taehyung about the feather earring you see him get serious and emotional
  • and he tells you the story of his old pet bird, an eagle 
  • and how it was shot down for its feathers but taehyung had set up a trap that had caught the hunter off guard before he could get to the body of the bird
  • and taehyung had recovered it, burying the bird beside the tree where taehyung had found him as a baby
  • and taking only one feather of his to remember him by
  • and taehyung mumbles that he never cries - really, only this memory makes him tear up
  • but in a matter of seconds he’s back to his happy self jumping around and climbing up the nearest tree
  • and he gets ,,,,,,,sweeter tbh
  • like he picks berries for you before you come and collects things you might like like flowers
  • and you always thank him and taehyung gets shy but touches his cheek and you lean in to kiss it
  • but the vulture sometimes beats you to it and pecks taehyung and taehyung is like nOT YOU !!!! 
  • but you just laugh and one day taehyung has to drop you off again but you dig around in your bag and pull out a flute
  • and you’re like “i tried to get good at it, but i can’t - i think you might like it?? and the birds will to??”
  • and you hand it to him and taehyung brings it up to his mouth and almost like he’s magically always known how to play, a soft melody comes out that gets followed by chirps from the birds in the trees
  • and you smile and look at taehyung like “se-”
  • but then you feel something press to your lips and your eyes are wide when you notice that taehyung is ,,,,,,,,,kissing ,,,,,,,,,you
  • and when he pulls back he bites his bottom lip and is like “humans,,,,,when someone makes them happy,,,,but,,,,,more than happy they do that,,,,,right?”
  • and you’re like shocked 
  • but you nod and taehyung grins wide and takes something from his pocket and it’s a feather - not like his a bit smaller
  • and he’s like “here, i don’t like when people wear feathers - but ,,,,,you,,,can,,,,,,,if you want,,,,,”
  • and you take it, thanking him and taehyung says he’ll see you soon
  • and when you get home you string the feather onto a thin piece of leather and make a necklace 
  • that when you wear when you see taehyung makes him smile so bright it looks like it hurts and he tries to lean in to kiss you again
  • but the vulture sticks out his wing to slap taehyung against the face and then flies off when taehyung starts to nag at it
  • and you can only laugh,,,,,,,
How They Would Ask You Out (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter: Harry would be shy so he would need lots of encouragement from Hermione and Ron. He would go the traditional route and give you flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates. Harry would wait for you in the common room, nervous but excited at the same time. Upon seeing the gifts, you would know exactly what he wanted.


“Yes, Harry. I will go out with you.”A shocked expression would cross his face. “Yes? You will?”

“Of course, silly.”

Ron Weasley: Ron couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to you directly so he would write out a letter. He would ramble about how beautiful you were and why he was so mesmerized by you. Ron would be slightly embarrassed by his letter, but he sent it anyway. He would show you his heart, hoping you would show him yours.You would show up at his the common room, tears in your eyes at how beautiful his letter was.

“Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?” Ron would be surprised and afraid you would reject him.

“No, no. Your letter was so beautiful. I like you too.”

Fred Weasley: Fred would be spontaneous and he wouldn’t even think of what he was going to say.  He would deliberately not think about it, preferring to live in the moment. You would be going on a walk with him and he would slowly hold your hand, looking for any sign that you were uncomfortable. 

Be smooth, he would think.

You would give his hand a light squeeze and smile at him.

“Let’s sit down here.”

You would sit down on a bench and lean your head on his shoulder. He would inhale, loving the smell of your perfume. 

“Fred, look at that cute couple.” You would point out two females, that were staring into each other’s eyes, obviously enamored with each other.

“I want us to be like that,” Fred would blurt out. “Go out with me, Y/N?”

“Of course!”

Draco Malfoy: Draco would show up at your common room, a suit and tie on, and a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He would give you a confident smile and hold out the flowers. Draco would ask you, well, tell, you that you were going to dinner with him. He would have reservations already ordered at a fancy restaurant.  All you had to do was say yes. 

“We’re going to dinner. Together. Now.”

You blinked. "Um-”


Cedric Diggory: Cedric would try to be as romantic as possible. He would get some roses, chocolate, and a necklace for you. He would leave the gifts in your bag. You would smile once you saw them. You picked up a note that read:

Y/N, please go to the lake outside-Cedric

You walked into your living room, confused. Cedric would be waiting for you, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Cedric … what is this all about?”

He cleared his throat.

“I’ve liked you for a long time, Y/N. Would you like to go to dinner with me?”

“Really? I would love to!”

Hermione Granger: Hermione would be serious yet indirect about it. She would do it her own way. When you were relaxing, she would ask you, “Y/N, listen. How would I ask someone out?”

You would stare at her, disappointed, assuming she liked someone else. “You could,” you cleared your throat, “just ask them. I’m sure the lucky woman would be ecstatic.”

“Alright; Y/N, please go out with me.”

“Me? What about the lady you were talking about earlier?”

“That was about you. So, please go out with me.”

“Of course!”

Severus Snape: Severus would be walking you back to your quarters after a day of teaching. Once you were in front of your door, you turned and thanked him. He would grasp your wrist, tugging you gently back. 

“Y/N … I have something to ask you,” he said.


“Would you like to go to dinner with me?” On the outside, Severus would be calm and collected, but inside, he was nervous.

You smiled. “Like a date?”


“I would love to.” You would give him a quick kiss on the cheek before walking away.

Foolish Song

Black Hat sat grumpily at the table he was assigned to sit at. He didn’t understand why Dementia had dragged him and Flug to this silly kareoke thing. The most obvious reason being she wanted them to watch her perform. He looked over to Flug who seemed a bit bored himself, but at the same time slightly nervous. Then again he was always at least a bit nervous. Black Hat turned his attention to the stage. Dementia stood with a big grin on her face as she heard her song come on. She had apperantly chosen Welcome to the Jungle. It got the kind of reaction you would expect a place to give when a lizard girl is screaming into a microphone. The applause at the end was more out of relief than appreciation. Black Hat sighs, glad that they could at least leave now. Before he could stand though, he was surprised to find Flug up on the stage.

Now this was going to be interesting.

Black Hat sat back in his chair with a grin waiting to see what song the nervous man would attempt to choke out. To his surprise it was a soft jazz song, apperantly called These Foolish Things. Flug took a deep breath and sighed, relaxing himself before he began singing.

A cigarette that bears a lipstick’s traces. An airline ticket to romantic places…And still my heart has wings. These foolish things remind me of you…”

Black Hat’s eye widened a bit. He was actually singing…good. He didn’t stutter or seem restrained, but sung the song confidently, as softly as the piano was being played.

“You came, you saw, you conquered me… When you did that to me. I knew somehow this had to be…”

Black Hat felt his heart beat faster, his face warming ever so slightly. He didn’t understand why watching him sing was so… mesmerizing… He looked around the room, and everyone seemed to be enjoying his music. However no one appeared to have the same feeling he had. Was he actually being… serenaded?!“

The smile of turner and the scent of roses. The waiters whistling as the last bar closes. The song that crosby sings. These foolish things remind me of you…“

Flug was awarded with a big applause at the end of his song. Black Hat clapped along, trying to keep his face hidden in case the heat was too obvious. He’d never hear the end of it if Flug found out he was so mesmerized by his singing. Flug returned to the table to an excited Dementia and awkward Black Hat.

"H-heh…I felt like I was gonna die…B-but I guess I did okay…” He giggles a bit nervously, the obvious panic of having done that finally hitting him. Black Hat puts a hand on his shoulder, still attempting to hide his face.

“…Good job…let’s get the hell out of here now.” He quickly leaves ahead of them before Flug could question any further. As fast as Black Hat was walking out back to their car, he couldn’t help but feel like he might come back sometime in the future. Of course it would be Dementia’s idea, he just wouldn’t object. Only if Flug came with them.

MALEC (and some other Shadowhunters pairings/friendship) headcanon

- Alec almost always wakes up earlier than Magnus. He’ll go for his run/exercise, came back with breakfast, shower, turn on the coffee machine before finally go and wake Magnus up. 

Magnus? at this time is still happily snuggling underneath his super comfy blanket and cuddling Alec’s pillow.

- One of Alec’s fav way to wake Magnus up is by lightly raking his stubble across Magnus’s bare shoulders and nuzzling/nibbling his neck.

- It’s not often that Magnus gets sick but on the rare occasion that he caught a cold/flu, he’ll be very dramatic about it.. absolutely believed that this must be it, the end is near.. Alec, I can see the light..~! 

He’ll demand to be spoiled rotten 

(which Alec, who really needs to learn to be more strict to his boyfriend, gladly do so)

- It’s also not often that Alec would get sick with normal flu/cold. 

As he’s so used to take care of himself, he will push himself harder and getting more and more grumpier as he tries to ignore that his head is killing him and his stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe. 

He will just keep on going if not for the fact that Magnus simply portal directly into the Shadowhunters meeting, casually grab and drag Alec back through the portal and back to the loft - totally ignoring any protest from the younger man (and other Clave members), magicked Alec into his comfiest boxer and threadbare t-shirt, ‘bullies’ Alec to get onto the bed and tuck him in. 

Magnus is a natural nurturer, okay~.. You can’t tell me he won’t enjoy spoiling and fussing over Alec especially when the latter is sick 

(Alec might complaint a lot but he loves it when Magnus fussing over him as he never had anyone that focused on taking care of him before)

- Soon, all Shadowhunters at the Institute know that whenever they have to report something unpleasant to Alec that would probably have them getting one or two arrows sticking from their backsides by the end of it; it is better for their health to make sure the High Warlock of Brooklyn is somewhere around

(preferably right next to their esteemed but also extremely scary future leader).

For only Magnus Bane could soothes down Alec Lightwood’s temper quickly (often with nothing more than just a soft sweet call of the other’s full name ‘Alexander~’ and a gentle brush of his hand against Alec’s)

- Same goes: Soon all Downworlders realize that sometimes the only way to get Magnus Bane’s help is if they could get Alec Lightwood to appeal on their behalf

(”Magnus? Why is there a neon pink werewolf crying outside the Institute, begging for me to talk to you to help him?” 

“Oh, that must be Ennis. I heard he was cursed by a witch for two-timing her. Just ignore him, darling~ Smacked his nose with a newspaper or something if he comes near you.”)

- Alec never mentioned anything because he doesn’t want Magnus to worry, but (especially when he was exhausted or not feeling well) he still has nightmares of that night when Valentine activated the Soul Sword. 

Sometimes it was of him running down endless hallway inside the Institute - desperately calling and searching for Magnus, occasionally catching a glimpse of his lover disappearing around darkened corners but somehow could never quite catch up to him. 

Sometimes though, the dream starts with the time when they were arguing about Izzy and Raphael and Alec could only watched helplessly as his dream self keeps on shouting at Magnus and didn’t seems to noticed that Valentine suddenly appearing behind his lover with a wicked grin on his face and the sword raised high above his head, ready to swing down. 

Alec usually jerks awake at this point.

- Magnus never mentioned anything but he always know whenever Alec is having a nightmare about that night - mainly because Alec will start mumbling Magnus’s name again and again while tossing and turning restlessly.. and also because Alec will be super touchy and super protective 

(he wouldn’t let Magnus out of his sight and insists on following him everywhere. Oh~ the look on Meliorn’s face when Alec puts on his ‘bitch face’ and refused to leave during the Downworlder’s meeting) for couple of days after.

- Jace never gives much thought about other men’s looks. Well, obviously he notes some guys are good looking and others not so much.. but it was more of a~ passing observation, nothing like how he would take notice of girls. 

Saying that however, there were times when he was still living with Magnus, he looked up and was taken aback by.. just how stunningly beautiful the warlock really is. 

He looked at the way Magnus bites his lips when concentrating on making some potion or the gleeful smug looks on the warlock’s face when he so effortlessly provides solution to whatever problems Shadowhunters is having that day or the graceful way his fingers dancing as he was doing magic or how he unconsciously pouts when they have to interrupt his date with Alec for some sudden Shadowhunting matters or how his eyes went soft and wide and his voice gets all gentle and sweet whenever Alec is around..

Jace looked at all that (and more) and thought to himself: It really is no wonder why Alec was so mesmerized by Magnus from the start.

- While Izzy is Alec’s go-to when he wants to do something’s nice/sexy for Magnus, believe it or not when they are arguing and Alec wants to make up with his boyfriend back; Clary is the one he trusted (read: bullies) to spy on Magnus’s mood/finds out how he could make things better.

- Izzy is Magnus’s shopping and gossip best friend. Clary is Magnus’s baking/cooking buddy. Simon is Magnus’s minion. Catarina is Magnus’s ‘big sister’. Raphael is Magnus’s go-to when he’s sulking about Alec and wants to hide from his boyfriend 

(Raphael may be the grumpiest vampire ever but Magnus knows Raphael adores him and could be count on to be on his side when Alec is being a dick)

- Alec loves peppering little kisses from the back of Magnus’s neck down the small of his back.

-It breaks Alec’s heart whenever Magnus looks so surprised each time Alec gives him a gift (it makes him more determined to show Magnus how precious and loved he truly is)

- Magnus made a rule that no matter how busy they are, they will have Date Night once every two weeks. 

Once, a horde of demons and the group of Shadowhunters hunting them, crashed into the expensive restaurant where Alec and Magnus was enjoying their romantic dinner and before anyone knows how it happened, leaders to both groups found themselves facing a fire ball and deadly sharp seraph blade mere inches from their faces. 

(“My boyfriend went through a lot of trouble planning our night out tonight. Are you sure you want to fight in here? Think very carefully before you answer.” 

The Shadowhunter and the demon gulped down nervously at the absolute livid look on the High Warlock’s face and his partner’s blank one (which somehow makes it more terrifying) and managed to squeaked “We’re sorry..” before hightailed it out of there). 

Everyone in Shadow World knows not to disturb the couple during the Power Couple’s Date Night after the incident.

- Alec really loves laying his head down on Magnus’s lap and falling asleep while Magnus playing with his hair.

- Sometimes Magnus will follow the Shadowhunters on their demon hunting and he and Alec will make it like a date (complete with hands holding and play-whispers and cheeks kisses and cutesy giggles - by this point, Jace is about to wonder how is this his life while Clary, Simon and Izzy tries to sneak a photo or two of the cute couple.). 

Magnus would happily cheers Alec on when he’s fighting and yes, Alec will show off in front of his boyfriend.

- Often Alec will walk up behind Magnus and wrap his arms around him to nuzzle the side of his neck and just breathes in deeply, taking in the other’s scent.

- Only Magnus could make Alec laughs.. like really one of those hearty deep belly laughter.

- Magnus does yoga.

- Jace makes fun of it coz it’s not a ‘real’ exercise/training and everyone can do it. Magnus challenged him to do just one full session with him. Result: Jace pulled several muscles and has to stay in bed for three days. 

- Alec likes helping Magnus paints his nails.. it’s strangely therapeutic.

- Most would be surprised to know this but  Alec actually enjoys being romantic and gentlemanly: surprising Magnus with candlelit dinner, bringing him random flowers bouquet for no special occasion, slow dancing on the rooftop with just the stars and moon as their witness, kissing the back of Magnus’s hand and every one of his fingertips (he loves the little hitched to Magnus’s breath when he does this).

- Magnus knows that Alec is subconsciously scared that their relationship will fail like his parents’s. Magnus is determined to show Alec that he has nothing to be scared of and that Magnus would never leave Alec nor will he hurts him like Maryse and Roberts did with each other.

- They have Madzie over at the loft sometimes and the sight of Magnus being so sweet and patient when teaching the little girl makes something inside Alec’s chest ache something good.

- And the sight of Alec - all tall and strong, being so gentle and soft with Madzie makes Magnus choked with some unexplained intense feelings that sometimes he has to excused himself lest he stars tearing up in front of them.

- Sometimes when both are overly tired from the pressure of outside responsibilities and the tension is running high, they have the biggest argument about the stupidest thing. 

the kind of argument that you don’t even know who was at fault, can’t even remember what started it in the first place.. all they care is to hurt the other party as only the most poisoned words could do. 

Alec will storm off. Magnus will drinks until he can’t see straight anymore.

- Both sides will stay stubborn, refusing to be the first to back down (and actually thinks that the other hates him now).

- It’s weird but it’ll end up with Jace went to talk to Magnus 

(“Magnus, listen. I love Alec, I’ll die for him you know that. But I’ll also be the first to admit that my boy is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to… heart related matters. You can’t expect him to get it instantly why you are angry with him. When he’s being a jerk, tell him. Just.. tell him what you need or want..“) 

and Raphael to Alec 

(”Lightwood, you know what you’re getting into when you decided to be with Magnus. He might be 400 years old warlock but that doesn’t mean he’s a matured adult in any way. His instinct when he feels hurt is to lash out first.. to draw that first blood. You want him, Lightwood? The more he pushes you away, the tighter you should hold on to him..”); 

with Simon as their errant boy to spy on both sides.

- Alec doesn’t like it when Magnus calls him ‘Alec’. He wants to always be Magnus’s ‘Alexander’.

- Alec found it’s easier to open up and confide in Magnus about anything that worrying him when they are in the big jacuzzi bathtub with hot bath running - Magnus holding him from behind, quiet and unassuming.

- Magnus found himself sharing about his insecurities and telling Alec of his painful past when they’re relaxing on the balcony couch at the end of the day with a glass of wine each and Alec just holding him close and safe.

- This may sounds weird but~ Alec thinks sulking!Magnus has the cutest pout on earth 

(Simon called him whipped. Jace could only just shake his head sadly. Alec thinks they’re just jealous coz his lover is prettier (and more badass) than theirs)

- Alec secretly writes letters for Magnus to read after he’s gone. Hundreds… thousands of them. 

The length ranges from multiple pages (of him pouring his heart out of how he never thought he would find this kind of happiness in his life, how he thought he would either die young and  alone killed in a fight somewhere or he will end up living dull, straight-laced life dictated by his parents.. he writes about how Magnus doesn’t realizes that he saved Alec.. he writes about how much hopelessly in love he is with Magnus. He writes about he wished he could give Magnus the world because Magnus deserves at least that much..) 

to simple silly notes (’Magnus~ I love you but baby, you just simply can’t carry a tune to save your life.’).  

He writes not just on sweet happy moments between them, 

but also of the sad (‘Baby, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry we didn’t get to you fast enough. I’m sorry you have to went through this alone. Catarina told us of your injuries and… how they hurt you. I.. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.. If you could hear me at all, it’s okay now.. Don’t be scared and open your eyes, baby.. I swear I won’t let anyone get to you again, okay? Please wake up, Magnus.. I don’t know how to go on without you.. I don’t even want to.. Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouilovey…’

and bitter ( ‘I’m not trying to control you or being petty and jealous. I just don’t trust him. I lack experience, yes. But I’m not stupid.. Can’t you trust me a little?’)

and frustrations (‘…sometimes.. I don’t know why..how there is even an ‘us’.. are you better off without me? Will I hurt this much if I never met you?..’).

- Unknown to him, Magnus has his own set of ‘letters for my Alexander’ too.. Coz afterall, he is immortal but not invincible.

- Jace is actually the best cook out of all of them. His secret dream is to open an eatery where his family and friends could just hang out and everyone is just happy and safe and away from all these wars and demons and evil masterminds.

- Jace and Izzy gave the shovel talk to Magnus on ‘Don’t hurt Alec or else..

- While Raphael and surprisingly, Clary (with Simon hovering nervously in the background) were the ones that cornered Alec and gave him ‘you better treat Magnus right..’ talk.

- Alec tried to bake a cake for Magnus for their anniversary and Clary (and by proxy, Simon) offered to help him (well, Izzy offered first but since Alec loves his boyfriend and doesn’t want to poisoned him, he refuses her - much to her indignation). 

The result? Well~.. lets just say when Magnus came home that evening and saw the condition of his former kitchen, he only have this to say:

“Alexander, I have never been more thankful for my magic than i am at this moment.. You know~ people been strangled for much less, sweetheart~”

- When Alec is in his clingy mode, Magnus can expect his boyfriend to randomly plastering himself to Magnus at any time of the day and refused to let go - making Magnus having to drag him everywhere like a limpet at his side/behind

(”Ok. So Mr Hunt.. you want me to summon a demon.. is there any particular one? Or are you just being curious here?” 

“Uh.. Mr Bane? Um.. There’s.. I mean, are you aware there’s a really tall guy clinging to your back?” 

“Hmm? Oh. Don’t worry bout him. This is my boyfriend. Isn’t he just gorgeous~?”

“Uh.. yeah.. But..um.. I’m kinda uncomfortable to have other people here?” 

“Ah~.. Alexander darling.. do you mind waiting in another room? Mr Hunt here probably want me to summon a sex demoness and is feeling em-” 

“Tha..That’s actually not..”  

“-barrassed. So~” 

“No. Miiinneeee~~~” *snuggles closer

“Aww~ you’re so cute! gimme a kiss! I love you~” 

“I love you more~” 

“No~ I love you mos-” 

“Uh.. Mr Bane? Hello? I’m still her-” 

*kissing noise continues*)

- When Magnus in clingy mode, he refused to let Alec going out the door without giving him all the kisses they will miss when they are apart 

(”-and one kiss for when you miss me.” *kiss on Magnus’s nose* “And another coz you’re just so cute.” *kiss on Magnus’s cheek, causing him to giggle* “And here’s one when your lips feel lonely.” *a quick peck on Magnus’s lips* “And another coz your lips are so lovely” *a longer slower kiss on Magnus’s lips* “Here’s a kiss when you miss my voice” *kiss on Magnus’s earlobe* “And one for you to know you’ll be on my mind every single minute” *an affectionate wet kiss on Magnus’s forehead* “Here’s one to remind you that you belong to me” *a sharp short bite on the neck just below the Magnus’s ear causing him to gasp* “And here’s one because I belong to you too..” *soothes the bite with a little lick and a open-mouthed kiss on the reddened spot* “Here’s one for…” 

*door slammed opened and Jace stormed in* 

“For God’s sake Alec! We’re just gonna go meet your parents for dinner for like three hours TOP! That’s it! Seriously, guys~!”)

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