why is this so horrible

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What in the hell is going on? 😂 why is that person so against you giving advice to students? If a teacher said the same things you do but instead they did so in a classroom, I think that person would have a different opinion. Now what's the the difference? advice is advice...

Not sure, guess no one has ever helped him (or his friend). I would feel bad but it seems they would not accept help even if it was offered. I honestly don’t know what offends him so much or why does he follow if it is so horrible!

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ntamw will use your emotional labour against you. Like I don't want to see X person anymore bc it takes too much energy and he's the only one forcing me to right now. "But you looked happy! I don't understand why you're SUDDENLY pretending it was all horrible when you made ME so happy by looking happy!" yeah /looking/ being key word there jackass I worked VERY hard for that dynamic and I actually rather use that energy for myself from now on.



bring it, bitch.




He trusted you. He was your friend. And you killed him.
You didn’t just betray my trust. You have planned to betray it all that time.
I had to stop it. You had to stop it?


listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme

if i’m so lazy then why can’t i sleep
if i’m so selfish then why did i let you take everything
if i’m so shallow why did i hold onto you, after everyone told me to let go
if i’m so immature why do i feel so old
if i’m so irritating why did you stay so long
if i’m so talentless why am i here
if i’m so loud why did i let you steal my voice
if i’m so horrible why did i do everything for you all at once
if i’m as bad as you say i am, why did you ever stay with me?

Junkrat with glasses and roadhog

Mood: wants to support the groups but doesn’t want to support companies that take advantage of young children and teenagers who would do anything to achieve their dreams and who get overworked, underpaid and abused 24/7

“You’re a horrible person”

That’s not true! Why are you so mean ?: Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Leo

Hahah lol I know: Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius

I don’t caaaaaaare: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius