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thoughts on the lenny and larry's complete cookies? will they cause weight gain if eaten on an occasion? ive wanted to try for a while but i guess my fear of weight gain scares me. its the same for clif bars - i only have one maybe every 2-3 weeks since im scared of gaining weight.

No particular food will supposedly cause drastic weight gain if you eat it every now and then. It depends on how your eating habits are collectively on a day to day basis + exercise is also a big aspect that you need to keep in mind. 

I’ve never tried them before but have seen my friends rave on about them tasting good, keen to give them a go if I can get my hands on some! If they taste great and are vegan then go for it, I don’t see any reason why you should restrict yourself. 

Honestly it’s so horrible being in the mindset where you have this constant fear of gaining weight/the numbers on a scale, that seriously does not define who you are and should not be something you should obsess over or feel insecure about. I remember years ago I used to be really hard on myself about not being able to eat certain foods for the same reasons and I was seriously feeling so horrible mentally and physically (calorie restriction sucks). Love yourself and enjoy all the food you want! If my body craves something/if I feel like trying something vegan that’s more unhealthy/processed I just eat it because really that doesn’t make up 99% of my diet and food makes me happy :)) Balance is key, enjoy what you’re eating, exercise and enjoy life! 

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Hey guys so I thought I should be honest on why I haven’t been posting any art, I have been feeling very discouraged and feel that my art is horrible so that’s why haven’t posted anything for a long time and I am for one feel very depressed at times but try not to show because I want everyone to happy and not sad so I hid it as best I can, anyway that all I have to say thank you for reading this hope you have a wonderful day/night!

i was so tired last night i actually thought these were good


Diego Luna + Jabba the Hutt


Because when was the last time nobody knew where Jemma was?

actually bothers me how hateful some girls can be with girl groups, like, yes you dont like them is ok, you dont have to stan them but why you have to say they are “too cute, too sexy, too slut, they are not talented,they dont write their own music, etc” man…this girls also work as hard as boy groups no matter if they are part of the big 3 or not.

their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)

actually, though, now that I’m thinking about him: the fact that they dressed Tom Riddle in a suit in that scene is so important

because he’s not just a halfblood, he grew up in an impoverished London orphanage: he’s low status according to everyone’s class prejudice. He’s not a Malfoy, he’s not a product of British aristocratic privilege. He probably even changed his accent over the course of Hogwarts

and here he is, seventeen with his slick backed hair and nice suit, hobnobbing with Horace Slughorn. The fact that Tom chooses for his Horcruxes objects that don’t just represent magical power but also aristocratic lineage is so fucking central to his character. Voldemort is vicious, defensive and cruel in a way Lucius Malfoy can never be, because he values blood and power and style and had to acquire all of those solely on his own merits (or demerit, as it were)

Actually, what it really points to is a lack of identity. It’s no wonder he’s willing to destroy his own soul: Tom Marvolo Riddle doesn’t have anywhere to exist. His self-certainty and style are class markers he has no right to: his actual origins are unacceptable to him, disgustingly human, horribly grounded in the powerlessness of childhood poverty. 

Okay but AU where Harry is an actor and Louis a painter and Harry fell in love with Louis’ paintings before he ever even met him. He loved the art before loving the man. They get married, of course they do. If love comes knocking at your door, you’d be a fool to let it go right? Their story looked a lot like fate after all.

Except that a few years later, Louis learns he’s going blind. It’s pretty unfortunate for a painter. If he was so inclined, Louis would say his life flashed before his eyes when the doctor broke the news. He wonders what will be left of him if he can’t paint anymore. And more importantly– Harry.

Who loves the artist in him as much as the man. Maybe more.

He wonders what will be left of him for Harry to love once Louis succumbs to the darkness? He thinks about the burden he’ll sure be for him in a few months.

No. No– He can’t. He won’t.

One day, Harry comes home from filming to an empty home. Louis has disappeared with all his stuff except for his works, along with one unfinished painting of them in front of their house and a sweet message attached to it.

Harry searches everywhere for him, until he finally finds him months later in some small city with a lot of retired people who take care of each other and of  him.                        

Bonus points if the last thing Louis sees is the painting that harry tried to finish.
Bingo Bonus if they end up taking pottery together so Harry can try to see the world as Louis does now.