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When I say the simple words, “I don’t want children”, people never take me seriously or they get straight up disgusted with me like I’m some kind of cold, soulless witch. I am constantly fighting for my validation, constantly interrogated, and constantly condescended. Women are not allowed to not want children. I’ve been telling my family and others that I don’t want kids since I was a teen and they have given me these lines that I’ve heard all my life:

1. Never say never
2. You’ll change your mind when you get older
3. I used to say that but then I had kids
4. You’ll miss out on one of life’s greatest miracles
5. Don’t you like children?
6. But you’d be such a great mom!
Etc, etc, etc

OK so here’s where I stand on all of that:

1. When I’m sure of something, I’m sure. Only I know myself and what I want to do with my body and my life.

2. I’m 28 and I STILL don’t have kids, still don’t want ‘em.

3. Your life, your decision.

4. For me, one of “life’s greatest miracles” is some goddamn peace and quiet and a wage I can retire on.

5. I like children just fine, I just don’t want my own.

6. I don’t care what you think.

I can’t tell you how FRUSTRATING it is to not be taken seriously as a person or as a woman because I do not want to breed. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to grasp and why they don’t understand that it’s aggravating when I am bombarded with the above lines. Not only that but I’ve experienced being suddenly less attractive to men because I don’t want their babies…. Like…. What?

Anyway, fuck I just have to rant because the past couple weeks I’ve been dealing with this and I’m about to fucking punch somebody.

5 Stages of grief

5 Stages of Grief
Denial: She’s not leaving the fandom. She can’t be. It’s impossible. Leo will keep her in, I believe in his powers to keep her from leaving us. It won’t happen.
Bargaining: If you don’t leave the fandom I’ll send you an actual duck named TicTac, and if you do leave the spirit of Kronos will haunt you, and if you stay I’ll cut of my arm and some toes too as an offering Depression: I don’t know what I’ll do without her fanart. I might die. I might cry so hard I’ll die. I don’t know what I’ll do.
Acceptance: I guess I can understand why she might want to leave. She can’t keep drawing the same thing forever. I guesssss *sigh* I can accept it.



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Well if someone thinks that working your ass off to afford going to as many concerts of your faves as possible is sad then I hope they don't reblog any fantaken pics or videos bc that's exactly what the fansites' masters are doing

EXACTLY!! Its our own hard earned money that we’re spending anyway, so I don’t understand why someone would judge what we spend our money on.. Some people spend their money on merch, some people spend their money on clothes, some people spend their money on weed.. Who are we to judge what other people spend their money on, when it’s their money. But omfg I didn’t even think of the fansites as an example.. Can you imagine what life without all of those amazing fansites would be like tho?? We owe them so much for giving us all of those amazing photos and keeping us updated.. what angels :’)) <333333

150312  My fan account of SHINee's hand shake event ^^

I attended SHINee’s hand shake event today.

this gonna be a long rant, so if you don’t like it, please skip this post. Since I was really really lucky, I could shake hands with all of boys !!! well let me begin ^^

 Since my son and I arrived at the hall very late, our numbers of numbered tickets were over 2000 for each member ><

 The staff called people who have Minho’s ticket first, so my son and I went to stand in a line. The line moved really quickly !! OMG !!! Since this was my first time to meet Mino this close nd touch him, I was really nervous … I wanted to cry …

① My son’s turn came first. The staff said “ the next person ! ”, so my son entered inside the curtain. According to my son, Mino looked at my son with really big eyes and said " waaaaaaaa ♡ hello ! “ in Japanese.( with a big smile ^^ ). Then he grabbed my son’s hands with his both big hands … and my son said ” thank you “ in Korean, so Mino smiled much bigger and said ” Bye bye ♪ “ with cute expression !!!   

Then my turn. After entering inside the curtain, since I was extremely nervous, I almost forgot to hand my message card to him ><  

When Mino looked at me, he smiled so angelic … OMG his bright eyes were sparkling like the most beautiful star in this universe !!! And his tiny face, really really tall, loooooooooong arms, shiny bright brown hair … OMG He was like a real prince of fairy tail !!! After I felt dizzy from his beauty, Mino grabbed my hands … OMG his hands were really big and so soft … When I said ” I love you just the way you are “ in English, maybe he couldn’t get the meaning … cos he made a bit confused face and said ” oh ^^; “ Then he said ” Thank you “ in Japanese and the staff pushed me, so I began to walk away… but Mino said ” Bye bye ~ ♪" in a loud voice, so I turned back to look at him. Then he leaned his head to the right side a bit and said “ bye bye ~ ♪” again while waving his hands cutely with sparkling puppy eyes !!! Oh and I smelled my hands after shaking hands with Mino… smelled something sweet OMG !!! I’m done ok …

② Taemin was next ^^ I think this was my imagination perhaps, but he recognized me ? When he looked at my face, he was like “ oh I know you ” face … and smiled happily OMG !!! He was tall, really tall and thin. His beautiful pale face was like a doll but so angelic. And his gorgeous hair !!! awww I wanted tp touch his hair !!! so shining … awww When I said “ I love the way you dance and your smile. Please stay just the way you are. ” in English, he made a confused face and said “ Thank you ” in Japanese XD He was a real angel ^^

③ Then Jjong was next. Since I heard that he was not so happy today, I was a bit nervous. And the line moved really quickly. Jjong was standing like a boss … he looked really thin and cool. Cos I didn’t want to bother him, I just said “ Love you ~ ” while shaking his hands. So Jjong suddenly grinned and shook my hands strongly … OMG !!! His hands were really manly …

④ Now Key ^^ Because I wrote my message card in English, he looked at it and nodded. Key was sitting on a chair like a queen… Omg I was about to scream cos his skin looked soooooo beautiful !!! bright like an actress !! He looked up my face and smile tenderly like my mom (!) OMG his eyes with colored contact lenses looked really gorgeous !!! I said “ OMG you’re so beautiful !!! ” in English. then Key smiled at me like the virgin Mary … God bless your beauty !!!

⑤ Finally Onew !!!  Since Onew’s line was the longest, after other members finished, only Onew was working so hard … Now I understand why Onew’s line was the longest …

Before I shook hands with Onew, I was worried about the time. Cos they needed to attend the live broadcasting after the event. So I just said “ Love you ~ ” while shaking his hands. But he didn’t let my hands go … OMG why ? Maybe because he wanted to talk to me more … not only with me, but with all of shawols … That’s why Onew’s line was the longest !!! oh I was so touched and really respect him !!! I became to love him more … He’s the best leader and his sweet smile … OMFG i was about to be pregnant XD 

 I found so many charms of uri shining boys today ^^ Sorry for this really long shit post … how many times I said OMG ahaha … well my conclusion is that SHINee IS THE BEST !!! can’t wait for their comeback !!!

Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor English ^^;  

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This whole Ingrid thing and people being scared to come out makes me laugh. Why do people act like coming out as gay is so damn hard? Just say "I'm Gay" and leave it at that. People are so damn dramatic.

Because being gay is still not accepted by a huge portion of the worlds population.  And no, it’s not a simple “Just say it” situation. People have been thrown out of their house, beaten, raped, and harassed to the point of suicide because they either came out as gay or were outed by someone else.

Another example of why it’s so hard for people to come out is comments like the ones below. And these are tame compared to most comments that are made when someone comes out.

“I’m not buying this for some reason. I guess she is in love with Hannah hart and is bi. But gay? Noo.”
- “Totally agree! This is all to dramatic, she looks like shesbperforming a dramatic reading”

“why do people still make a big deal about this its not the late 90’s any more no one cares. if your gay be gay or what ever stop making a big deal over it.”

“Gross and disgusting. ….unless she is going to be one of those hot gay chicks that only make out with other hot college dorm room chicks. Also, she is a shitty actress.”

“Who cares? Keep all the pussy you can eat for yourself. Really…who cares…..”

“This is just so… so sad. How this world sees something like “coming out and being gay” as a heroic act or something you have to celebrate or “be proud of”. It’s just NOT NORMAL. The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin! It’s NOT funny then. NOT to be confused though, God still loves EVERYONE (including gays). & dont say that is her nature, or that she was born that way, because It’s NOT true. Since the beggining God perfectly created a MAN and a WOMAN. NOT lesbians, gays, trans, etc. God will judge all people’s actions (including mines). And the Bible can assure you that homosexuality will be one of those actions. “

"Why are you sharing you personal life with us? We dont care, enjoy your life.”

“f@g lol”

“Funny what people will do for attention on the internet these days.”

“very, very bad acting.   yep, to be a gay is a most popular trend in our stupid times. why it is so necessary to shout for the whole world  :"i`mgay!!11i`mgay!!!!!”? maube heterosexual people shold start making “coming outs”  screaming  ``i`m hetero! oh, i feel so good,i`m shaking wright now…oscar ceremony tears” )    so false and stupid.“

“2015… people still having a hard time saying they are gay… thats not brave. its pathetic that you took this long to admit it.”

“Being gay today isn’t any different than I am WHITE..   so.. no offense, but WHO THE FUCK CARES..”

“Unsubscribed and told all my female friends to unsubscribe too. I honestly, can’t stand the LGBT Community. judgment Day is around the corner have fun you need Jesus.”

“kill yourself please”

“OMFG………..WOW……….Who cares…………Seriously we dont care if you are gay…….wont change anything about you :)”

“Who gives a fuck at this point ”

“I don’t understand why people make this a big deal these days I mean it really isnt. She acting like she won the Olympics or something. 10 years ago I could expect this reaction but today it’s almost like the standard to claim that ur gay… jeez just the other day I claimed it and I aint even gay lmao”

“Obviously a publicity stunt”

“This is the worst trendy trend ever. What an over actor too. God, this is so incredibly gay. If you just went online or watch movies, you’d think 90% of the human population is gay.”

“So, why is this even news? Why is it important to say? It’s no different to saying "I have two eyes” or “I breath oxygen”. It’s just a part of who you are. It’s not really a big deal. Some people are gay, some aren’t. Nothing to get worked up over.“

"This seems so fake.”

“Wait is she serious ?”

“About as genuine as Pam Anderson’s knockers.”

“FAKE as fuk”

“How to get views and be famous on YouTube: Step One: Make a "coming out” video Step Two: Profit”

“Omg so overdramatic.”

“It’s a joke?”

“Sick of people “coming out’ just to get special attention. I wish the entire world was gay so I could ‘come out” as straight and have everyone thinking i’m special and shit. Yur gay - woo-woo. If it were 1985, yes it would be big news. !995, yes big news. 2015?! Who cares?“

So stop acting like coming out as gay is no big deal and isn’t hard for people to do because it sure as fuck is whether you want to admit it or not.

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Omfg people saying they should be able to repost your art on Instagram lololol what assholes.

“It’s really annoying when you tell people not to repost…” Yeah cause seeing your drawings with crappy editing, gross filters, and captions that says ‘my edit, give credit’ is not at all annoying lmao

I don’t even understand why they have to repost????????? What’s the point????????? “We want to share your drawing…” Tag them on the original post??????? It’s not hard?????? “We want to promote you…” Thanks but no thanks??????? “We love you and your drawings so much…” Then please respect my decision and leave it alone??????????? Also, it’s stealing???????? So why????????????

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another thing that really amuses me about those photos is like their at the petshop. did you see the amount of bags they bought? someone had to help them carry them out. like why the fuck would you take you soon mother in-aw and sistersin-law to a petshop omfg. i'm laughing so hard. it's all so staged it's ridiculous.

oh now understand the face of “happiness” of zayn mom and  sisters , imagine you have to go to a petshop with Perrie, and her mother and having to choose things to buy for hatchi and prada

oh damn this day will never end?

almost free

finally, i’m free

Now can someone explain to me,

 if zerrie is engaged

if zerrie have 2 pets together

if zerrie lives together

why the hell zayn was not on petshop with perrie?