why is this so fricking precious

trucktiger  asked:

so u rly love yuuri?? thanks pal ive just got to the part of my dash that is just you reblogging yuuri for MILES like holy frick thats some dedication (im not complaining)

i don’t know why i’m laughing so hard at this x’DDD yes pal i really REALLY love yuuri and besides is it even possible to not love that precious cinnamon roll ;w; he’s such a sweethearttt~

i’m honestly so there for Celaena and Rowan to do the frick frack in Queen of Shadows but i’m also so there for Celaena to reunite with Chaol and have intense i-missed-you-sex but i’m also so there for Celaena to be like why did i ever leave you Dorian you’re so precious and you’ve grown so much lets be together forever not to mention i’d also be so there for Celaena to cross paths with Manon and… well you get the picture