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Okay so I was wondering if you could do a hc of Johnny at the Doctors?? (Idk, it sounds cute)

I can try omg I haven’t done headcanon requests in forever so like,,,,,,, forgive me ;-; 

-Ok m8 he’s like,,,,,, very nervous

-Because usually he never gets sick and when he does it’s just a cold and Darry can take care of it

-He doesn’t know why he’s so nervous though– he just is??

-But honestly it’s just for a checkup omg

-Darry told him that because he thought Johnny should have one and Johnny just thought the worse of everything

-So like in the waiting room he was kind of just swinging his feet back and forth as a distraction

-And ok but

-So since this would ultimately be Pony’s doctor, it’s a pediatrician (aka kid’s doctor) lmao Pony would get so offended when I said that oops–


-There’s like a bunch of kids there, too

-And honestly a few of them went up to Johnny like “Will you play with us?” and obviously Johnny said yes omg

-He’s amazing with children he didn’t even care that a lot of them were sick lmao

-Darry thought it was pure how happy Johnny got tbh

-Bu t finally the doctor called Johnny’s name and his happiness faded like that :’)

-So when he walked in, he sat down and everything and the doctor was honestly really sweet to him, because they understood that he would’ve been nervous so this helped Johnny feel a bit better

-s o like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in the end like Johnny was perfectly ok, except he had a bit of high blood pressure

-So aha

-Darry had to get him medication for that :’D but other than that– ;-; Johnny’s trip was a-okay

-omg im so fucking sorry these were terrible im so sorry you had to suffer :”””””””””””D

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Gay Questions: 8, 9, and 19 please? Also you are super cute :3

8. opinion on nap dates?

Speaking as someone who only could get nap dates for a while, not great BUT snuggle dates where it’s just you and your date(s) in a bed all cozy next to each other, maybe watching some tv or something together? A++ that’s my SHIT.

9. opinion on brown eyes?

Well, I got em. And I like mine. No lie though, the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen were brown, so vibrant that they were almost red, and deep, so impossibly deep.

19. video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?

I’m a video games gay! If you’re also a video games gay, why not check out @spudmuffinstransgaming? They’re also also video games gays!

Lastly, aw thanks! I’m sure you’re super cute too!

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Can you just force kik to let you make Meowmetchi stickers? I need that in my life. Meowmetchi is just so cute

LOL i actually could use her design for a future sticker set but i dont want kik to own her as a character (thats why i always make new characters for kik stickers)

i can make line stickers of her though!! since they let sticker artists keep ownership of their characters/designs and stuff. and i just might … :3c


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.

Your Faves Are Problematic: Gorillaz

-Feeds Kinder Eggs to cats
-Eats Massive Dick
-Needs Murdoc to tie his shoelaces
-His name is literally Stu Pot… stew pot…
-Dated Rachel Stevens
-Mum Jeans
-Sold the Geep!!!

-Turned green seemingly overnight
-Dressed as a nazi that one time
-Kidnapped Russel
-Kidnapped 2D
-*various Murdoc noises*
-He’s been wearing the same Cuban heels for about 16 years
-Hangs pictures of him cutting an onion up in his house

-Likes eels
-Sleeps in the middle of the road
-Seems to be tired all the time (same tho)
-Probably cares too much
-There’s not really anything wrong with him. I’m finding this one really tricky. He’s so lovely please take care of this boy.

-It says that for the new Humanz album, she pretty much Fed-Ex’d herself to the band again. Why? She didn’t need to do that. I mean, it’s cute because that’s how she initially arrived at the very beginning but like, the poor girl could’ve just got a plane. She finished Moby Dick though so that’s good. I hope she enjoyed it.

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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Dating Jeff Atkins would include...

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  • Going to many of his baseball games
  • Cheering him on in the stands
  • Him getting the biggest grin as soon as he hears your voice
  • Stealing his Letterman’s jacket and wearing it as much as you can before he takes it back
  • Being the only person able to make him blush
  • Gushing about it all the time
  • “You look so cute when you’re blushing”
  • Getting “discounts” from The Crestmont because of Clay
  • In all reality Clay just sneaks you guys free drinks and popcorn
  • His parents loving having you around
  • His mom stereotypically likes to break out the baby pictures
  • Jeff is never embarrassed though
  • “What? I was a cute baby. Look at how chubby my cheeks were”
  • Staying home from the party that night because you weren’t feeling well
  • Clay calling you and you break down
  • His parents decide to let you keep his jacket
  • It was practically yours anyways

Lots of ‘humans are weird’ posts focus on how humans get easily attached to other species— well what if that meant we were the only species who could properly empathise with alien species?

Other aliens understand the benefits of interspecies relations and so do trade and occasionally work with other species and, if two members of different species work together for long enough (like years) they will eventually bond. But they’ll never be on the same level as two members of the same species.

Then the humans come on board and they’re really nice.

They make a real effort to learn everybody’s names and to pronounce them properly. They try their best to include alien crew members in their conversations and social activities and they just generally treat you like they would another human.

Even when you encounter a human who isn’t abnormally friendly towards other species— they insult you, exclude you, sometimes even try to attack you. Normal interspecies friction— any friendly humans in the area who see this happening will immediately try to defend you. They’ll threaten another member of their species with violence and order them to apologise (if it’s a human that they have bonded with in some way it sometimes even works) just to protect you.

The official reason that every ship has at least one human is that they’re the best diplomats in the galaxy— the real reason is that they’re brilliant for morale. Humans bond with members of other species in a way that would take any other species years. What’s more, they make it easier for other interspecies crew members to bond by not letting any of their other species friends use interspecies slurs. They’re the best friends of the galaxy.

What’s even cuter though is that the humans themselves don’t see it that way. When you’re out with your human friend (and you don’t call them that sarcastically like you would any other member of a different species, somehow in treating you like you’re another human this human has caused you to bond with them) and they make some negative comment even vaguely related to your species, they’ll immediately add in a “no offence” just to make sure you haven’t been upset by them behaving the way every other species does.

When some Quargaxillian ambassadors have the population of a small human mining colony turn against them and kill them, the humans on your ship actually mind. While everybody else is just shrugging their shoulders (or however their species signals indifference) and saying “oh well, common hazard of interspecies relations” the humans are talking about what a shame it is and a few even apologise to Quargaxillian crew mates 'on behalf of the human race’.

Humans, like most species, have a history of hating members of their own species who are different than them. Aliens are really surprised when they read about racism, homophobia and other prejudices in Earth history books and are even more surprised when they learn that certain humans still have these beliefs. What really amazes them though is when they realise that this is why humans are so touchy about interspecies prejudice— because in their minds it’s no different from mistreating a member of your own species.

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

Queens of Mewni & Their Cheek Symbol

So, I just thought to make the list of the cheek symbols of the Queens of Mewni for my next analysis (the significance of these cheek symbols). The first column were the image of the queens, second is their cheek symbols, third is symbolism’s meaning I got from the internet, and fourth is what traits I think you needed to get that symbol in the SVTFOE universe (in short, what the symbol signifies). 

SVTFOE Card Suite Symbolism speculation:

Heart - people with this symbol are very lovable and has a distinguishing “charm” that naturally attracts people and come to her side. They prioritize their relationship with others compared to anything else and usually let their heart dictates their action (emotional). They are often found as center of the group

Spade - people with this symbol wields strong and fearsome power, even more powerful than normal and typical queens.

Diamond - people with this symbol have the tendency to take the center of command and shoulder the burden and responsibility by their selves. They dress in jewelry and finery, conducting their selves as befitting of nobility.

Club - people with this symbol have the “common” mindset. They appreciate the values that works for the greater whole of society and hates anything that could destroy the social order they are comfortable and grew up in already.

Color symbolism speculation:

Shades of purple - elegance, nobility, regal

Yellow - bright, lively

Pink - lovely, feminine, 

White - harmony, power, everything (as it is combination of all colors of light. That’s why Moon said you must give everything if you want to “dip down”)

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Between Us And Infinity

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Genre: Angst/fluff || soulmate!au / street performer!tae

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Length: 35.7k

Summary: Place two strangers together and give them seven days to fall in love, and they will be soulmates for the rest of eternity, otherwise, neither of the two will come to love anyone ever again; The Seven Days Countdown has always been an old wives tale to you and nothing more, but all of that changes once you meet Kim Taehyung in the midst of a crowd of thousands. From then on, your life is thrown into a race against time, not only on a mission to beat the clock in falling in love with the renowned heartthrob, but also on a quest to make him fall in love with you.

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Why I Love Lizzy

Continuing with writing something positive about as many kuro characters as possible, this time I chose Lizzy. The last post was Why I Love Ciel, so check that out if you want to.

1) She’s cute AND tough. So many characters, especially female characters, are either one or the other. Lizzy shows that dresses and swords aren’t mutually exclusive.

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2) She’s a ray of sunshine. She’s always trying to help other people and brighten their day, whether it’s something like trying to cheer up Ciel or offering to help Sieglinde become a lady.

3) She’s emotionally strong. She lost her aunt and uncle when Vincent and Rachel died, she lost Madame Red, and for a month after the fire she thought she’d lost Ciel. But even though she’s lost so many people, she stays optimistic and isn’t afraid of letting people be close to her. She keeps on loving even though she might get hurt again.

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4) She can be self-centred and pushy and doesn’t understand when she’s being too overbearing. These flaws are realistic and make her more complex, and they give her character room to grow. And honestly, she’s an angel compared to most of the characters in this series. So pure, too good for this world.

5) She’s brave. She decided to become Ciel’s protector knowing how dangerous his position as the Queen’s Watchdog is. And she kept training, even though she thought he might not like her if she wasn’t cute. She prioritized his life over her feelings when she was 11 years old.

6) Even dripping wet on a zombie cruise ship, she’s beautiful. Plus she’s just adorable in general.

That’s all for this post; thanks for reading! :)