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NCT Dream Reaction: Seeing you sleep in class


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-i think mark’s initial reaction would be “same” because let’s be honest our boy’s gotta rest

-but then his leader instincts would kick in and he’ll touch your forehead to check if you’re sick

-if you’re sick, of course mark would immediately call the attention of your teacher to bring you to the nurse’s office

-if not, he’ll try to wake you up so your teacher won’t scold you

-but he’ll probably find it funny first that you’re drooling on your textbook that he’ll burst out laughing and end up having you two scolded by your teacher


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-it’s more likely that renjun wouldn’t notice you immediately because he’ll be very focused in class

-he’ll probably only notice that you’re sleeping when he got distracted by some of your classmates collectively looking at your direction

-being the sweet boy that he is, he’ll flash them a smile before turning to you to wake you up to save you from embarrassment

-although i think he’d give up right away if you don’t immediately wake up but ONLY IF he’s confident that he can teach you the lesson that you’ve slept through or if there will be no seatworks to be done after the discussion

-but don’t rest easy because this boy will nag you right after class because he’d be worried that you’re not getting enough sleep and just wants you to do your best

-it’s impossible to get mad at him for doing it though because despite all his nagging, he’s always there to help you out


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-jeno would probably be like how can you just fall asleep so easily?

-like renjun, he’d be worried that you’re not getting enough sleep

-he wouldn’t even try to wake you up and will cover you instead out of your teacher’s sight to let you rest 

-unless you guys were given a pop quiz

-expect him to frantically (hit your back) wake you up and it’s most likely that you’d forget to wipe your drool out of your face because of jeno’s panicking 

-just because he covered you out of your teacher’s sight to let you rest doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t tease you for sleeping after class


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-you two probably agreed to copy from each other when you were answering your seatwork

-but you fell asleep right after answering and on top of that, you still havent given your answers to donghyuck and he’d feel so bETRAYED

-jk, i think he wouldn’t be that dramatic because he can actually just get your textbook underneath you but he doesn’t want to wake you up because you look so cute

-and at the same time defenseless while sleeping 

-he’ll be mischievous but cheesy and by cheesy, i mean he will write “kiss me” on a paper and stick it on your back so he’ll be kissing you when you wake up


-”what the heck what’s up with you today?”

“there’s a kiss me sign on your back and im just doing what it says”

*gasp* donghyuck u lil sht


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-jaemin wouldn’t know that you were asleep too because he just kept talking to you about how to solve the equation on the board and the receding hairline of your teacher but mostly how to solve the equation on the board

-he’d just be confused why you aren’t saying anything back to him

-he’d think that he was the one who tired you out and felt guilty that because of him, you’re missing out on the lessons but u were probably just enjoying the breeze or something


-like renjun, he’ll take notes for you 

-but he’ll use this to his advantage to tease you

-”hey nana can i copy ur notes in math i fell asleep :(’’

“yeah but only if you kiss me and treat me to mcdonalds”

“oh come on just say you want mcdonalds”

“hmmm nope. kiss me.”


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-chenle seeing you sleep in class can go in two ways:

-1.) he’d find it so peaceful that you’re sleeping that it makes him sleepy too

-and then he’ll sleep too and deal with the consequences later because “lets live for now”

-and your teacher would probably wonder why chenle isnt being loud and then ur teacher would search for him and see you two sleep

-you’ll probably wake up first before him tbh so it’s u who has to listen to ur teacher babbling about how hard school is when u dont pay attention

-but dont get me wrong on this though. i think chenle is the type of person who easily understands what is taught to him so that’s why he’s so confident in falliing asleep in class

-2.) he’d find you so cute and he’ll take pictures of you while he does his excited laugh

-and of course, it’ll grab the attention of your teacher and be reprimanded 

-overall, dont fall asleep n class with chenle around if you dont like getting scolded by your teacher


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-seeing you sleep would probably make jisung lowkey salty

-i think he’d want to impress you with his brains and would want you to ask him some questions about the lesson

-goddammit this boy just wants to show you that you can depend on him but u fuckin fell asleep

-anyway because he’s lowkey salty,

-he’d kind of ignore you when you wake up

“thanks for not lettog our teacher see me sleep”

“yeah sure”

“alright im gonna do my homework now”


-but i think its’ easy to read how jisung feels so you’d instantly pick up 

“on second thought, can you explain the whole lesson to me?”



got7 reaction | he hugs you so tight you develop bruises

side note: this is such a cute and lowkey sad request bless your soul anon ily and i hope you like this <3

Mark: His initial reaction when you take off your jacket and he sees the small but definitely there bruises littering your arms is one of nothing but pure concern. No one is allowed to ever hurt you- doesn’t matter if it’s emotional or physical, he want’s to protect you from everything. Though when you explain that the bruises are from him, Mark is at a loss for what to say. He never wants to hurt you and knowing that he’s done just that scares him. 

*stunned when you tell him* *just stares at the bruises in disbelief that he could cause them* *you try and tell him he only has to be more careful but now he’s too scared to even touch you* awwwww this made me sad…

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I uh– made this for you. QwQ

I hope you like it, hehheh. TuT;;;

Kiya : OHMYGODS. I just screamed so damn loud- WHY DID I NOT GET THE NOTIFICAtiON SCREw YOU TUMBLR.

AHSJADHKSAJHDALKS IT’S SO GOOD BRUH. I cAN’T EXPRESs HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much though oh gosh I don’t deserve this your art style is so cute and beautiful I’ll love it and cherish this forever ;333 

You’re too kind for doing this. I Love it to pieces, and I shall save this to mah phone. 

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hii i just found ur blog like a few minutes ago and i've been scrolling from top to bottom ever since ahahaa... ur art is super super soft tho i love the colors and the shading style that makes everything look so plushy!!! i love how u draw the stone ocean gals the most esp ermes, the lil gap in her teeth is so cute aaaaahh;;!!! the way you use colors especially inspires me, would it be ok to use some of ur palettes just for fun?? this is kinda out of nowhere but i love ur stuff ok bye!!!!

WHOA!! What a sweet message.. wtf.. hopefully i’m not responding to this too late… You are so sweet, I am so happy you think so T__T i’m not sure why i started drawin  her teeth like that but it just seemed right.. Hermes is rly speciall..all the stone ocean girls are so special..whaha.. Please by all means!! though keep in mind I have no idea what i’m doing evr when i choose palettes so i apologize if they are a mess… Thank you so much for the nice words, i can’t tell you how much it helps to hear them. Have a good day~!


Blair: Wow, you guys might have the best view of the Bay I’ve seen! You’re so lucky, I’ve always dreamed of living right off the water.

Hazel: The view is pretty great. Sucks that the water is way too cold for swimming though. There are so many cute little beaches that would be perfect for picnics and swimming. Adriel’s been trying to convince dad  to get us jetskis for the bay, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Blair: I could quite literally spend my whole day here and be perfectly content. God, I really do just love this town. It’s so great.

Hazel: Well then why don’t we do some exploring tonight? What do you say? There’s a great local bar on the pier that doesn’t ID, Colton’s been there a few times!

Blair: I don’t know, Hazel… My dad would kill me if I went out, let alone got drunk.

Hazel: Oh come on, I’ve got a great plan. Let’s go talk it over in the sun over there. I’m honestly freezing in the shade.

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Um.. so.. can I draw you..? My art style kinda sucks but your character is so cute..!

Awh don’t say that I’m sure your style is awesome. Also You don’t need to ask to draw me! Though I don’t understand why you’d want to lol. It’s trash


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚


*Gives myself anxiety by putting Karamatsu and Ichimatsu together*

But sometimes I just need to mix it up and this is a new one for me.

Anyway, did anyone make these transparent? I swear I feel like someone should have done these already but I just haven’t seen them. Or maybe I have and my memory is trash (actual fact though :Y)


haechan’s winks (?)

Harry Fic Recommendation Post

There are so many great blogs and great fics out there that I think deserve more love, so I thought I would do up a post. I have probably missed so many blogs but I will be doing another post when I hit one thousand followers.

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I’ll put the blog first, then some of their fics I love in particular with brief descriptions.

Some of the fics don’t have titles, so the description is the link.


  • Adore - Harry makes a realization
  • Home - Harry being asked about the picture of you in his wallet
  • Talk to Me - giving Harry the silent treatment after getting sick



  • Shakespeare - amazing series in which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA of your new English class. A perfect blend of romance and angst, does contain smut so be warned.
  • Break M’Own Rules - in which alcohol and pricks make for a messy, angry Harry




  • Running on Empty - fainting into Harry’s arms at the gym is one way to get his attention, right?



  • Ruins -  you, along with hundreds of others, are living in a post-apocalyptic society brought upon earth by nuclear war. The effect of this is long-lasting and only allows you to see the sun one every two years. I love this fic a lot, it deserves so much more love and I really hope there will be a part two.

I’m so sorry if I haven’t included your blog in this post, I probably love your blog and have just forgotten to give you a mention. Keep writing more amazing stuff because I love it all!

My masterlist // my second recommendation post