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SHINee at the carnival?

wow i haven’t been to a carnival in YEARS, here you go anon!  💕


  • *is covered in powdered sugar* 
  • shinee: “wtf is all that” 
  • “………………” *swipes at mouth* “…cocaine” 


  • holding two puffs of pink cotton candy in his hands staring longingly at them 
  • he misses his pink hair!!!!!!!!!!
  • riding the viking is a must 
  • riding spinning teacups with taemin the manic speed demon was a MISTAKE (especially after the funnel cake and hot dogs he scarfed down) 
  • finds his way to the nearest garbage can asap 


  • “candy apples are unnecessarily difficult to eat” 
  • his face is smeared with red candy streaks 
  • takes one look at the ferris wheel and is like HELL no that thing is a breeze away from falling apart 
  • members manhandle him on while he tries to struggle in a dignified way but each of them are holding down a limb each and jesus HE’LL JUST WALK 
  • someone gave him this flamingo balloon hat  


  • losing all his money on those rigged basketball games
  • every time a member coaxes him away the caller says “nice try dude maybe next time” and he slams down another 5,000₩ and the cycle begins again (jonghyun: “c’mon minho a goldfish isn’t worth it” / IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GOLDFISH IT’S ABOUT MY PRIDE AS A MAN”) 
  • key buys him a goldfish after 
  • he named it shiny 


  • “where’s the dunk tank? don’t these things usually have a dunk tank?” 
  • laughing way too gleefully while playing the watergun games 
  • makes sound effects with his mouth 
  • top shelf prize top shelf prize 
  • picks a huge stuffed banana
  • gives it to minho
  • “there, there hyung” 

The Hottest Angel In the Garrison Video Appreciation ♥-♥


“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

my level of extra: going on a cinematic adventure for a recipe video


Queen Sugar Week: Day 5 | Most Heartbreaking Moment ►Darla thanks Vi and Hollywood.

“Love couldn’t even reach me.”


Addicted appreciation week: day four x platonic relationship

He puts a hand on my back, and after a long pause, he says,  “Hard things are the right things. Remember that?”
I cry because I don’t fucking know if i’ll ever be the same.
  He scoots closer.  “One step at a time. I know it’s hell. I know you want to give up. I know it fucking hurts. Just one step, one more time, Ryke. We’re doing this together. You and me.”
I thought he didn’t understand this pain, but I know he does. It’s not the kind where he needs to shatter his leg to feel it. I rub my face and then nod a couple times. Okay. Okay.
     “Now,” Lo says, “do your bastard brother a favor and lie the fucking down.”
I give  him a look before dropping back down. “That’s not fucking funny.”
I flip him off but my lips almost curve upward. I almost forget about the discomfort for a second. In the quiet, there are questions in my brother’s eyes. Things like, Will you wake up early tomorrow? Will you follow me, big brother? Will you ever climb again?
                                               Yes. As soon as the lights hits.
                                         Yes. I’ll chase after you, little brother.

                                   Will I ever climb again? I don’t fucking know.

                                                        I’m my own anchor.
                                                   I decide when to rise again.