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“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

12. A Night Kiss (from this list)

(a request for @sarahcada, who wanted #12 with Ladynoir! hope you enjoy this! ( ゚ ▽゚)ノ♥)

(it’s a prequel to this fic, btw)

“Mission accomplished!”

As soon as their knuckles bumped, both Ladybug and Chat Noir doubled over, gasping.

“We-we did it,” Ladybug panted, wiping her forehead and staring over the edge of the strut they were standing on. “I think.”

“Y-yeah,” Chat wheezed, collapsing in a pile of long limbs and rough grace. “We did.”

That akuma had been a doozy. And on Bastille Day, of all days. The longer she was a superhero, the more Ladybug wanted holidays and pensions, especially when she ended up needing to explain to her family why she’d been missing from their traditional celebrations.

She was not looking forward to explaining why she hadn’t been at the parade. At all.

It was a pity she couldn’t just stay up here forever, she thought. Up here with Chat, side by side and facing the sky, no one but the two of them and whatever adventure they had in store for them next…

Ladybug thought… she thought that would be nice. To not have to go back.

Above them, the first of the fireworks went off with an ear-shattering bang.

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Meth may not seem so addicting when you first try it. Your probably wondering to yourself why people claim this drug is so “addicting”. Yeah the come down may suck but it aint nothing you cant handle. The next few times you try it your wondering why people say your always “chasing that first high” cause your getting high as fuck, just like the first time you aint chasing shit, this drug aint so bad. STOP. Right there. Do not be fooled by the devil in disguise. Meth is a sneaky little bitch. Pretty soon you will have to use just to get up and do anything. To feel “normal” . No your not gonna die without it. The come downs still arent that bad.But when your not high you feel so lost and confused. Because you dont find happiness in anything, meth,made you loose yourself. You dont no who you are any more and you get so frustrated trying to figure it out. Your embarrassed at the person you have become and how others treat you and look down on you and so now all you wanna do is get high so you dont have to give a fuck. 

Toxic things feel good. Even better than healty things, always better. That’s why we become addicted. That’s why we fall in love so easily.
—  giulswrites

makoto pls

forgive me for using ms paint, based on this text post


Addicted appreciation week: day four x platonic relationship

He puts a hand on my back, and after a long pause, he says,  “Hard things are the right things. Remember that?”
I cry because I don’t fucking know if i’ll ever be the same.
  He scoots closer.  “One step at a time. I know it’s hell. I know you want to give up. I know it fucking hurts. Just one step, one more time, Ryke. We’re doing this together. You and me.”
I thought he didn’t understand this pain, but I know he does. It’s not the kind where he needs to shatter his leg to feel it. I rub my face and then nod a couple times. Okay. Okay.
     “Now,” Lo says, “do your bastard brother a favor and lie the fucking down.”
I give  him a look before dropping back down. “That’s not fucking funny.”
I flip him off but my lips almost curve upward. I almost forget about the discomfort for a second. In the quiet, there are questions in my brother’s eyes. Things like, Will you wake up early tomorrow? Will you follow me, big brother? Will you ever climb again?
                                               Yes. As soon as the lights hits.
                                         Yes. I’ll chase after you, little brother.

                                   Will I ever climb again? I don’t fucking know.

                                                        I’m my own anchor.
                                                   I decide when to rise again.

I always wondered why the headcanon that Ford drank heavily while dealing with Bill in the 80s never really worked for me and I think I figured out why:

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Here I am, convincing Rose of love when she’s spent so much time opening my mind to its true meaning. I will remind her every single day how much resides inside both of us.