why is this show so flawless

  • Sirius: Alright, alright, so hear me out.
  • Sirius: I'm out of prison now and I want to see Harry, right?
  • Remus: Yes.
  • Sirius: Just want to see how the lad has grown up into a man and all of that.
  • Remus: Completely understandable, yes.
  • Sirius: So how about I visit him-
  • Remus: Wait, what about-
  • Sirius: In secret, of course.
  • Remus: Oh, of course then, yes.
  • Sirius: And instead of sending him a letter first to explain to him who I am and what happened and why I'm not a mass murderer,
  • Remus: ...okay....?
  • Sirius: I show up in a dark alleyway as a large black dog and stare at him before mysteriously disappearing into the night.
  • Remus: ...What- no-
  • Sirius: Flawless plan.
  • Remus: Sirius, maybe you should just write the letter-
  • Sirius: And then I'll send him a gift at Hogwarts. An absurdly expensive gift that will probably raise a few red flags.
  • Remus: Sirius no, I really think-
  • Sirius: Nothing about this can possibly go wrong.
  • Remus: Sirius, I dON'T THINK-
How to make a Disney Channel show (aka, Disney is obsessed with using the same set of characters over and over again)

Many people feel the need to have a really smart character. It’s important that the girls look flawless, but the guys should look like as much of a geek as possible.

To make the above character look smarter, you can add a dumb character. Make sure to give them a very confused facial expression as often as possible, and let them ask questions that should be obvious for someone their age.

You’ll always need a guy who’s character relies for about 50 % on their looks. Why else would anyone watch the show?

To match the  hot guys, you’ll need a girl who is so flawless, you begin to feel like they can’t possibly be real.

The audience needs someone to laugh at, right? This is where you add either a character who is incapable of understanding the word “no” or a character who is just considered a “loser” by most people. And try not to give them too much character development.

But to keep the smart person from seeming boring, we need the rebel friends who doesn’t care about grades, and who always get’s their friend in trouble. But don’t worry, you can always fix it up with a sappy apologizing scene at the end.

There has to be some kind of official antagonist. My suggestion, is you go with Matteus Ward, or at least someone who looks like him. Or you can go with a stereotypical blonde girl.

Every show needs grownups. Keep them there for, comic relief, embaressing the kids, being protective, giving deep motivational speeches and cry upon realizing that their kid’s are growing up.

He’s actually the butler

Not a parents. He’s their sensei.

Not a parent. He’s an uncle.

Add a couple of cute kids and animals

Or if everything fails, just throw in a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends that we’re all gonna forget anyway.

Or, you know, do something original instead

Here’s trailers to all the shows I’ve been using. 

Good Luck Charlie

Pair of Kings (not a good version)

Shake it up


A.N.T Farm

Lab Rats 

Austin and Ally 

Dog with a blog 

Liv and Maddie 

Kickin It 

I didn’t do it

Girl meets world

Mighty Med 

You know what amazing show gets kind of ignored?

Dollhouse. Dollhouse is so damn good and so many actors do such amazing work on it but nobody seems to ever talk about it.

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Dichen Lachman gives a ton of flawless performances (I say a ton because she basically plays several parts)

As does Enver Gjokaj.

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Amy Acker, who is amazing in everything I’ve ever seen her in, has what is perhaps my favorite role of hers here. 

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Fran Kranz became one of my favorite male actors with this show and Cabin In the Woods. He plays a “sociopath in a sweater vest” and oh does he ever do it well. 

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Olivia Williams plays the head of the LA Dollhouse, and is she EVER a force to be reckoned with.

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You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about Eliza Dushku, the lead. Now I LOVE Eliza Dushku. I’m more than a little bit obsessed with Faith Lehane. But she is not the high point of this show. If only because the other actors are SO DAMN GOOD. 

Things you should know before getting into this show:

It starts slowly. FOX wanted them to make the first several episodes pilots, so you go over the same things over and over. By the time you get to episode 6 things really start moving.

For the second season, they knew they were going to be cancelled, so they shoved several seasons of material into one. The result is a wild, wild ride. 

I’d put a trigger warning for rape on the whole show.

Post From Emily Rabinovich (Crunchyroll FB Comment)

Hi guys, please listen? I’d like to shut down this ignorance right now, because I cannot stand seeing it any longer. Rather than be buried under the malicious stigma of YOI being for the fujoshi, by the fujoshi, I’d just like to point out something very CRITICAL about the anime series, and if you’d be willing to listen, I’d like to educate the masses here on why this show thrived.

YOI started from nothing. No Light Novel. No Manga to go off of. And yet it became one of the most highly discussed, popular animes of the year? Impressive, but why? Because of fan service? No. Typical Yaoi-tropes? No.
Did it have flawless animation? Not always, no. That’s understandable. But here’s what made the show unique: it’s earnest depiction of the heart. So easily have those in the anime industry, as well as it’s consumers, labeled and shoved a homosexual relationship into the “Boy’s love,” genre. YOI was bold, and it refused to do that. It cast away the stereotypes, the stigma surrounding that category by abandoning it altogether, because love is love. It should never have needed caution tape surrounding it in the first place.

By not making the relationship between Viktor and Yuri purely physical and simply focusing on the raw emotion between these two men, this anime had truly made history. It was unabashedly courageous during these daunting times. To me, and those who watched it, it was refreshing and wonderful to see no queer-baiting, no mixed signals, and no teasing to appease the fans. This love was real, joyfully canon, and not inhibited by social conventions. It was simply the story of two athletes, two /people/, who fall in love, doing something that they love. And it’s without any drama surrounding their gender, and without any titillating or dancing around.

Yuri and Viktor were just two human beings, like you and me, who have dreams and ambitions, strengths and weaknesses; and they acknowledge their flaws whilst working together to fix them. On equal footing this couple–this beautiful, fearless pair– continuously met each-other half-way, shamelessly walking hand in hand to face their world one step at a time. And that’s just how it should be.

It took a long time to get to this point, and I hope that other studios will follow suit. God knows we need this kind of positive representation amidst all the ignorance floating around. Mitsurō Kubo and Studio MAPPA worked HARD to give the LGBT community, and all their allies, this gift of love, to depict a world in which it was accepted without hesitance, all whilst staying true to the ESSENCE and BEAUTY of figure skating. They depicted mental health accurately, not failing to skip out on the pressures of the sport and the anxiety that comes with it. Yuri was “Best boy” because he, for once, was an anime character with REALISTIC qualities. He had anxiety, he had self esteem issues and struggled with his weight, and he worked hard to overcome those barriers with time and effort, which only made him all the more endearing.

This show elicited a fire in all of us to actually engage in the sport and seek more knowledge of it. They even grasped the attention of world renowned figure skaters. I think that, in itself, is revolutionary. And that commands respect.

You may not agree with the categories. I think Mob Psycho deserved best animation. And hell, you may not like some of the fans. That’s fine. In every fandom exists people who make us all nauseous. But please, don’t debase the anime where so much work and heart has been put into it by its creators.

– I can’t agree with this more. More people need to have this mentality.

I can’t believe so many Sherlock’s “fans” are bashing the show because their ship didn’t become canon

I swear to god fandoms can be the most awesome or the most stupid thing EVER.

Come on, why don’t we ignore years of amazing writing, awesome characters, outstanding acting, incredible plots and damn, even A+ editing just because something that wasn’t going to happen didn’t, infact, happen?

TFP isn’t flawless, but it’s a good episode and deserves so much better that a bunch of childish crybabies.

P.S. Moriarty entry on “I want to break free” was EPIC :P

Monsta X React to their (S/O) Debuting with a Sexy Concept

Kihyun: At first, he wouldn’t believe that you were the same person. How can that person be my jagi? He’d be taken aback but definitely wouldn’t object to seeing this new side of you. In fact, after your debut stage he’d rush up to you babbling on about how proud he was of you, but you’d be able to see a light pink appear on his cheeks as he spoke. “You looked perfect up there!”

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Jooheon: He would be all for the sexy concept. He already knew that you were adorable, but to see your sexy side? That’s something that he wouldn’t want to miss. After your debut show he would be excited for you, but wouldn’t miss out on the chance to tease you about the way you were acting on stage. “Jagiyaaa why don’t you act that way when we are alone~?” he’d say then hug you. “You looked so flawless~.” He’d purr in your ear.

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I.M.: The sexy concept wouldn’t be the concept that he thought you were going to debut with, so it would catch him off guard. After watching your show and being mesmerized by the way you moved he would be at a loss for words. “You owned that stage… jagi… you were so amazing.” He’d say shocked. “This is a new side of you, but I love it.”

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Wonho: Through your entire debut stage he would watch with a big grin on his face. He’d love seeing a completely new side to you that he had never before seen. Obviously, he would of course be surprised by the sexy concept. Due to how adorable you are, he never would’ve seen that concept coming. Once the show was over he’d excitedly run up to you and give you a hug. “I’m proud of you! I couldn’t take my eyes off of you~”

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Hyungwon: At first, he wouldn’t quite know what to expect for your sexy concept. He would think you were too cute to be sexy, but once he saw your debut stage he would know that he was completely wrong, and he wouldn’t complain at all. When your stage was over he would walk up to you, surprise written on his face. “You looked- so different from how you usually do…but it was so great!” He’d say, proud of your hard work. “You are perfect jagi.”

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Minhyuk: He’d eagerly watch your debut stage from backstage, making sure that EVERYONE knew that you were his jagiya. Once he realized that your concept was a sexy one he would be sure to pay really CLOSE attention to you, never letting his eyes leave you. After your stage was over he would lift you in a big hug and spin you around. “How did I get so lucky?! You are gorgeous~!”

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Shownu: Considering he found you cute, the sexy concept would make him feel like it was very out of character for you to act that way. After watching your debut stage however, he would love to see more of that side of you. After you went backstage he would walk up to you grinning, “You looked great up there. Why don’t you do sexy stuff more often?” He’d say in awe, causing you to giggle.

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(Yep and Minhyuk randomly interrupts your moment, that’s accurate.)


Trying to get back in the swing of things with requests. Hope you liked it!

~BangtanBunnie <3

Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: Paintball
  • You have a blue feathery serpent running a blog to thank for this one.
  • So paintball is happening. Why? I don't know but it's going to be funny.
  • Alucard: charges out carelessly and yet somehow never gets hit? Well almost never. Good shot Walter~
  • Integra: doesn't do much shooting herself. But her attack plans are flawless. Too bad Alucard doesn't believe in plans...
  • Seras: gets nailed in the chest a lot. Thanks Wild Geese. So mature.
  • Walter: he's hiding, waiting for the right moment. When he does show himself HE WRECKS EVERYONE'S SHIT.
  • Pip: wins the whole the thing. Bless that mercenary experience.
That's why his hair is so big. It's full of secrets.
  • Yoon: Ouryuu Zeno... How do I even begin to explain Ouryuu Zeno?
  • Shin-ah: Zeno is flawless.
  • Kija: He has a gold medallion that belonged to King Hiryuu himself.
  • Jae-ha: I hear his hair's insured for 10,000 rin.
  • Yona: He's done juggling shows in Kai Empire.
  • Heuk-chi: One time, he met Lord Tae-jun in a poor village.
  • Tae-jun: And I told him he was amazing.
  • Hak: One time, I punched him in the face. It was awesome.
love notes to the signs
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> you are so precious and made of stars. your mother told me i was the only one who was nice to you in school and i could never figure out why such a star would be so forcefully dimmed.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> on the bus ride home after you broke my best friends heart, the light from the sunset shone on your face and hit it and you looked flawless. at that moment i wanted to cry for her more than before. i wish you could figure out your own heart in a way that would help you fix hers.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> you took me on my first ever date and we went out for a show in the cities. the light of the city on the drive home would never seem as bright to me after you left.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> you told me you would always be there for me and called my house every day at 4:05 p.m to talk about my day. i miss those talks and want to tell you everything I once forgot to say.<p/><b>Leo:</b> you're made of magic and space and you deserve to know all of this and more. i love the cadence of your voice when you sing my songs and the way you somehow know exactly what I need.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> we fell asleep in your bed and it was one of the first times i'd ever truly felt at home. all i wanted to do was protect you from yourself, all i ever wanted to do was protect you.<p/><b>Libra:</b> your hands were always soft and i compared you to royalty more times than i could count. i damaged your heart but you still love me more than i could ever imagine and i wish you'd believe me when i tell you i love you too.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> you wish that you could be perfect, but to me, you really truly are. i just want to kiss your forehead and keep you safe and make sure the world treats you well.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> i fell in love with you over the course of a year. i can still hear your laughter echoing in my ears and i wish i could get you out of my head.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> you covered up everything so elegantly and then broke the wall in the hallway of the ymca when i told you you seemed collected. you were always beautiful in an odd sort of way and i wished i could've known your heart better than i knew your words.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> all i want to do is hold your hand and somehow i can't gather up the strength to ask you or just do it. i just want you to love me but I know that you don't, so for now i think I'll just do my best not to smile every time you look my way.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> i want to hold on to you and take away all of your sadness, so you can be the strong person you set yourself up to be. you let yourself be weak to me once. maybe you just wanted to be heard.<p/></p><p/></p>

considering that the vast majority of people with NPD have it because of growing up in an abusive environment, mocking and belittling them for needing more praise and reassurance than the average person is ironically one of the most unempathetic things a person could do.  If NT’s have so much empathy, how can you not see where a person who grew up being constantly made to not feel good enough and shamed for less-than-perfect performance might need extra positive attention without it being because of their ~evil arrogant manipulative nature~?  How can you not see that most of us react so dramatically to criticism because it’s like pouring salt in an open wound?  That we’re so seemingly obsessed with our own successes and positive qualities because we’ve been taught that achieving flawless excellence is the only way we’ll ever be worth anything?  Here’s a tip: when someone seems to be overcompensating and attention seeking, why not show some compassion  and consider what factors in their life cause them to act that way? 


How long are you going to be in your cage? What’s stopping you from being the people you are, instead of copies of who you used to be? Of what they tell you you have to be? Why don’t you break free? Why don’t you show yourselves? Because when you do, when you finally do, I promise… you’re not going to want to go back. Because you’re going to be beautiful. You’re going to be flawless. You’re going to be the future.

Maya Hart deserves better.

You know why many people often dislike the main character of a show/movie? It’s because the writers tend to pay too much attention to them, present them as perfect and flawless heroes who never do anything wrong, and even if they do they will fix it miraculously in the near future. The only feelings that matter are their own and all the other characters are pushed aside so the main character can be glorified. Everyone else is there to serve a purpose on the protagonists arc. And naturally, people get mad because they like other characters as well, and end up hating the lead. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem with GMW since Riley Matthews is a sweetheart who loves everybody and I adore her. In addition to that we’ve already had Maya/Lucas/Farkle centric episodes already and hopefully will get some for Zay in the future. However in Texas 3 Maya is treated like trash, like she’s not as important as Riley and her feelings aren’t of the same value. Riley gets praised for doing the selfless thing and stepping back so that Maya can have a chance with Lucas, while everyone ignores how Maya has been doing exactly that for two years instead of two days and for completely selfless reasons, while Riley’s motives and attitude remain questionable. She is constantly made fun of for her home life, something that hurts her more than anything as she’s said a million times, everyone shows her they prefer her “perfect” best friend over her, making her feel insecure and simply not enough, her teacher and father figure belittles her intelligence by discouraging her from trying to extend her vocabulary while at the same time he tells her that she’s smart and capable. Her own best friend makes fun of her for her family situation and lashes out on her while Maya says it’s fine and accepts everything. The guy who claims to have loved her all his life and is a really good friend of hers doesn’t care about her feelings as much as Riley’s and the guy she likes went on a date with her while still liking her best friend, but he has not expressed his feelings for her. So all in all, I love Riley. I always will, but I will never think of her as perfect. And I’m sorry but right now if I had to pick between her and Maya, I’d choose Maya. Cause somebody needs to put her first.



Like… it’s made by E!… and yet they had such amazing character and plot developments that I wish my favorite show had…


Well… JASPENOR LIVES!! Why are we not talking about this scene? it was even better than the hand holding!I have never seen Eleanor look at him like that!

Everything was so perfect, the Queen being a badass…. I love the Queen so much.


Dancing Shoes.

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Request:  Could you do an imagine where the reader is Hispanic and she kind gets jealous of Wendy but she teaches one of the lost boys to dance cumbia and that night they dance and pan gets jealous too Requested by anon.

All you could hear was her high pitched giggle, her awed little gasps and her constant utterances of “oh Peter everything here is just so wonderful.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at how aggravating Wendy was. 

She had been in Neverland for around two weeks already and yet everything still seemed to amaze her and awe her, she also couldn’t seem to stop grating on your nerves. Everything about her was inconceivably annoying; her perfect, posh, British accent, her annoyingly flawless pale skin and the fact that Pan seemed to spend every single second with her.

“Careful, your annoyance is showing.” Giving Felix an unhappy glance, you huffed.

“Why is she still here?” You saw him chuckle at your annoyance. Felix was well acquainted with your abhorrence for Wendy, after all the two of you talked of it often. 

Surprisingly, you and Felix had become quite close friends. You guessed that it was because you were a similar age, a lot of the Lost boys were younger; having been taken by the Shadow when they were young and afraid of everything. Easy targets.

You know why. She’s a believer.” Even his eternally bored tone had taken on some aggravation as another shrill giggle sounded behind you. “She’ll be gone as soon as Pan gets bored of his game.” 

Unconvinced, you turned and looked to the two in question. Cringing at the warm smile adorning Pan’s features you turned quickly back to Felix. “I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.” 

His nose scrunched up in annoyance as he nodded, silently agreeing with your statement. 

You watched idly as Felix twirled his club upon the ground, clearly bored. Everyone was bored. Even if most of what Pan did was in some way malicious or was for his own dark amusement, it still kept everyone entertained. Without him around, Neverland wasn’t quite the same, especially with him pretending to be all sweet and loving for Wendy. 

Looking around the clearing you frowned at how empty it was. Obviously the Lost boys hadn’t left Neverland, Peter wouldn’t allow it, but they had ventured further afield in what you guessed to be boredom.

Trying to forget about Peter entirely for the first time since your arrival in Neverland you stood up and held a hand out to Felix. He looked at you and quirked an eyebrow in question.

“Let’s dance.” Now his eyebrows creased together in confusion. 


Huffing at his lack of response you explained “it’s the one thing I actually miss about home.” His eyes flickered to the two behind you before a suspicious smirk graced his features. 

“Alright.” He took your hand and heaved himself up from the floor. 

“Leave that behind.” You ordered, gesturing to his club. You were surprised when he fulfilled your request without argument.

Leading him to a more open area of the clearing, which was easier than usual considering the lack of Lost boys, you kept a hold of his hand. When you were confident that you had enough space you turned back to him, expecting to find an apprehensive Felix, but instead seeing a mischievous glint in his eye. He looked a little like Peter, or at least like Peter used to. It was intriguing. Smirking right back you got to work at teaching him some decent dancing. 

“Okay, first we’ll start with a turn.” He nodded as you raised his arm up above your heads. You almost chuckled at how stiff he was. “Now hold it there while I turn.” You proceeded to spin on the spot, keeping your neck long and the turns graceful. When you finally stopped spinning you could see the surprise clearly on his face. 

“Wow.” Smiling widely at his awe your eyes shifted to the side. Your smile almost doubled at the sight that met your eyes; Peter Pan, ignoring Wendy entirely, watching you and Felix darkly. 

Tearing your eyes from the wonderful sight, you looked back to Felix. “Give me your other hand.” He complied willingly, and you proceeded to show him some more moves. It was difficult, especially considering that Felix kept getting his arms tangled causing you both stumble. 

Eventually, one of these stumbles led to you practically falling on Felix who consequentially steadied you by placing his hands on your waist. You had a feeling that he was playing the same game that you were. 

You both looked over to Pan just in time to see him disappear with Wendy. You smirked as you realized that Pan was right, playing games could be fun. Looking back to Felix you noticed that he held the same look of triumph as you. Deciding to ruin his good mood, you kept trying to teach him. 

After another few minutes you decided to get a little more complicated. “I’m going to spin and then, after two turns, I’ll come out of it and you catch my hands like this.” You instructed, demonstrating. 

He nodded, eyes locked on your hands, concentrating. 

The spin worked fine, he didn’t make any mistakes but the problems came after. Felix grabbed your forearm instead of your hand while his leg jerked out unexpectedly, causing you to go tumbling to the ground. 

But instead of tumbling to the ground, as you were expecting, you tumbled straight into someone’s chest. Instantly recognizing the dark green clothes you looked up, eyes sparkling with apprehension. 

He wasn’t happy, you could see that clear as day, but his gaze wasn’t directed to you. He was looking over your shoulder at Felix, whilst his hands held you close to him, possessively almost. 

“Where’s Wendy?” You heard yourself asking, you couldn’t stop yourself. His eyes finally shifted towards yours, glinting with their usual mischief, before he answered. 

“Oh I got a little bored of Wendy. But you looked as though you were having fun.” 

Giving him a smirk, you laughed and replied with words that you knew would rile him up even further. “I just love spending time with Felix, he’s just wonderful.” You put emphasis on what you guessed to be Wendy’s favorite word. 

You felt his fingertips dig into your waist slightly as you said the words, but his amusement flashed in his eyes. He liked how well you could play.

“Felix, go find the Lost boys. We’ve got games to play.” 


I was thinking about the reason why I spend so much time debating, analyzing, making posts about Steven Universe - because it really hits me when I look at the sheer amount of content I’ve put out for this show. Sure, it’s a special interest, but it’s by far the first series I think that I’ve really analyzed and disassembled with nearly this much interest. I can’t guarantee all of my thoughts are flawless or right, but I don’t really need to. I can still be proud of my work, if for nothing else than the enthusiasm and energy put into it.

And I think a lot of that is that I really love the characters. All of them. Crewniverse has really rolled out a bunch of really interesting, colorful, vibrant people, in a situation where canon does not penalize for picking a favorite. You don’t see people have unsatisfying arcs that end in their sudden death to make a moral point- people stick around, and even the very rare few that don’t, like Rose, have an enduring presence and influence on the plot outside of being an Object Of Others’ Grief. 

What we see is people. Kind people, unkind people, but presented not with judgment nearly so much as it is with an eye for lasting consequences. A character in an episode who lashes out in a destructive manner is not taken by the hand and immediately condemned by the narrative but you will see that the character that was hurt in that interaction remembers it. Lapis breaks Peridot’s recorder, and Peridot makes the pieces into art to process the feelings- “It doesn’t serve a purpose, it just makes me feel bad.”

If a character is hurt, that hurt sticks around, and it often takes them time to work through it. Sometimes this happens relatively quietly, in the background. And I definitely understand why people can sometimes find that unsatisfying, especially because at times there isn’t much in the way of an apology.

SU is an engaging universe and a very interesting, colorful, outright fun world, but I think that the greatest charm of it is the characters- it’s a setting where they have, to as far of an extreme as possible, eschewed the faceless extra. Random residents of Beach City seen in the background repeat, random Gems from Blue Diamond’s court who we’ve barely even seen repeat from appearance to appearance. The corrupted Gems and the Ruby Squad both are incredible deconstructions of the archetypal “faceless” minion. 

Many, many settings veritably teem with unknown magical monsters seemingly without history, origins, or settlement despite their large numbers and often obvious intelligence- so SU makes the Corrupted Gems an offset of war casualties, disorganized because they were scattered and hurt by the blast that corrupted them, aggressive because they’re scared, trapped, trying to cling onto whatever makes sense and this giving rise to obsessive or repetitive behavior. 

The Rubies are practically a beautiful deconstruction of the archetype represented by the classic Star Wars Stormtrooper- they’re born to be soldiers, they’re aggressive, they’re loud, they all look the same and they all have the same name. The “team lineups” in Hit The Diamond even highlight this, the Rubies all introducing themselves in contrast to the diverse and colorful protagonist team.

But that image is not only introduced after we’ve spent a lot of time with a single Ruby as a main character, we see it further reinforced that Crystal Ruby, Garnet’s Ruby, is hardly special for being a unique individual. The whole Ruby squad is super distinct and endearing- different mannerisms and tones and divergences in appearance. Even if Navy and Eyeball had the exact same design we could tell them apart from their body language alone.

And this is the interesting thing they do in playing with the similarities between Gems of a type. Deedee Magno-Hall voices all the Pearls but Champagne and Crystal Pearl sound very much like different people, they act like different people; they are different people. They might be physical doubles but how they dress and carry themselves contrasts them wildly. 

TatMas: A Class Act

Okay. So we all know how incredible Tatiana Maslany is in OB, duh. But there is something marvelous about her that that reaches far beyond her acting abilities. Watching the way she has handled herself and her work throughout the years has taught me so much about humility, good work ethic and thankfulness.

 Here are a few (out of many) examples of how she has taught me to be a better person: 

  •  Even though she works 15+ hours some days, she still takes acting classes in the evening. Never resting on her laurels, she tirelessly hones her craft while continuing to deliver flawless performances. 
  •  Anytime the Emmy’s are brought up, Tat never gets upset about the snub, but instead shows genuine gratitude that others would consider her to be in the same circle as the other nominees. 
  •  Whenever someone compliments her in an interview, Tat gives all the credit to her supporting cast and how they respond to her on set.
  •  In Season 1 of OB she busted her knuckles while trying to break open a suitcase. Instead of cutting the take, she shook off the pain and continued her scene without complaining. Oh, and did I mention that in Season 3 SHE WAS ACTUALLY WATERBOARDED IN REAL LIFE. 

 While in uncharted acting waters, Tat continues to give all the praise back to the creators/writers of the show, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, her supporting cast, hair and makeup and the tech crew. She raves about her clone-double Katherine Alexandre and honestly, if it wasn’t for Tat giving Katherine constant public praise, we would have no idea how great Katherine is or that she is in every episode of the show. 

 Tatiana could easily take all the credit for herself and soak in all the accolades given to her on a daily basis, but she somehow keeps a humble heart and gracious attitude while constantly pushing personal boundaries in her craft.

 Although Tatiana deserves all the praise and fame in the world, Tat strays from showboating, pushing the spotlight off of herself and onto the characters she has developed. This is what a real actor does. Focusing on the art, not just the reactions to the art.

 I know we all love to see Tat on OB every Saturday night killing it, but  I’m honestly just so extremely thankful for her as a human being. 

Marks to Bare
  • Sherlock: *knocking on the bathroom door* Molly? Are you okay? We need to get a move on otherwise we won't make it in time.
  • Molly: I'm fine Sherlock, just go to the beach show yourself. Just lie and say that I was sick for something.
  • Sherlock: Molly you know that Mr Lowe will find it suspicious.
  • *silence*
  • Sherlock: I'm coming in.
  • *Sherlock walks in to find Molly on the floor, still not changed*
  • Sherlock: What's wrong?
  • Molly: I-I just... I won't feel comfortable there. There will will be beautiful women in skimpy bikinis...with flawless body's.
  • Sherlock: So?
  • Molly: So I will stand out!
  • Sherlock: Isn't that a good thing?
  • Molly: *mumbles* Not in my case.
  • Sherlock: Molly, please just tell me why you won't get changed.
  • Molly: Because I've got stretch marks! I've got them on my hips, bum, thighs and boobs. I'll be standing there in this swimming costume and people will laugh at me.
  • *Sherlock sits next to Molly*
  • Sherlock: Molly, look at me. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Your stretch marks will accompany my needle marks, see?
  • Molly: Okay, just-just never leave me by myself.
  • Sherlock: I promise.
The characters aren’t…perfect, and that’s what makes them so great

Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe Promo

(said before the show even premiered)

“If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs”

-Greg Universe

I don’t even know why we continue to have arguments about characters having problems. This has literally been a goddamn running theme on the show since before day 1. It isn’t about being flawless, its about having flaws and growing and overcoming them.

Its not even a  fucking subtle theme, its in your goddamn face from the first 11 minutes.