why is this show so flawless

''surprising'' facts about the signs
  • aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that's maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can't deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they're actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.
  • taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they're very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn't really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.
  • gemini: gemini isn't THAT two-faced like people think. they're just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that's why their mood can change pretty fast.
  • cancer: they're pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won't notice it.
  • leo: really insecure, but never shows their insecure side bc they still want to shine in the spotlight, without people noticing their flaws, if they even have them because most leo's are flawless af.
  • virgo: they tend to worry a lot, still they don't really care about shit. i know that it sounds weird, but it's true! well, at least for the virgo's i know in real life. they tend to worry a lot about their work and school stuff, but they don't really do anything for it, but they also don't really care. however, they always seem to make everything perfect.
  • libra: they are reallllyyyyyy insecure in their relationships. they're usually a pro at relationships, but they are really insecure about it and they often don't know how to deal with them, or what to do with them.
  • scorpio: they are perfectionists. i don't really know if it's surprising, but they are perfectionists. i mean, they are very ambitious and that isn't a surprising fact, but just like virgo, they want everything to be perfect.
  • sagittarius: they are soft little beaaans. don't hurt them please. they seem really tough and strong, but they're realy sensitive. NEVER SHOWS IT THOUGH. you will never know when they're sad or anything, they always want to stay positive and happy, so they do.
  • capricorn: they seem to be emotionless and insensitive, but that's just because they want to be like that. they don't want all these feelings and emotions. but everyone has them, so they do too, but they try to hide it with sarcasm and sometimes even with anger.
  • aquarius: they have LOTS and LOTS of emotions floating in their head and heart and they just don't know what to do with it, so they just let their emotions destroy them, without saying a word. i don't know if it is a surprising fact, but i think it is.
  • pisces: isn't that innocent than most people think they are. they have a weapon which is called, baby face. they have this innocent little face that makes you think that they're all niceee and sweeeet buT NO. they're really good at backstabbing.

If anyone ever questions Got7 friendship just show them this!❤❤😍😍 The bond between these men is so strong, matter fact they’re more like family. I think when JYP put them together he didn’t just choose random guys to form a group but best friends who were already comfortable with one another. That’s why they go so strong because their real and they show us their good and bad sides, they share their stories of not getting along sometimes. I love that they can be open with their fans or should I say friends because tbh we are all one big happy family(fandom)❤❤❤

*Gifs are from Real Got7 S3* I don’t own gifs.

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“Surprising!” Facts About The Signs

Aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that’s maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can’t deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they’re actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.

Taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they’re very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn’t really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.

Gemini: gemini isn’t THAT two-faced like people think. they’re just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that’s why their mood can change pretty fast.
cancer: they’re pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won’t notice it.

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If You’re Mad About Fantastic Beast’s Whitewashing of Harlem, Why Not Watch Timeless?

So, it’s a brand new time travel show on NBC; still finding it’s feet but I swear every episode has been better than the last and I’m so excited to see where it ends up. 

1. The incredibly gifted Malcolm Barrett plays Rufus. Rufus is a flawless human being. He’s sweet and smart and awkward and scared shitless but keeps trying even though he’s in way over his head. He gets at least one positively epic moment per episode. 

2. Race is brought up in every single episode, because Rufus has his own perspective on historical events and the show bothers to treat that as relevant. His white teammates, Wyatt and Lucy, are made aware of their white privilege while time traveling (for example, in the Lincoln assassination episode, Lucy is constantly reminded that the racial issues she can see in abstract terms are personal to Rufus).

3. Frequent encounters with historical POC, from Colored Regiments to Black Panthers to Shawnee chieftainess Nonhelema (god, I was so sure that episode was going to disappoint me with Scary Indians TM. Then they were like, “Nope, gonna teach you about this amazing Native woman who you never heard of and also portray her grievances with the white invaders as totally legitimate.”) The show constantly reminds us that POC were also doing things throughout history and those things were important. 

4. In modern time, all of the main cast back at base are POC. Two are WOC.

5. POC in the background. When the background is mostly white except for a few Black servants, at some point it will be pointed out that this isn’t because white people are “normal” but because segregation/discrimination was a thing. When the setting was actually diverse, they show that. Like in the Alamo episode; it had many white American and white immigrant defenders, but also some Mexicans and Blacks. Your average portrayal would completely ignore them. On Timeless, they explicitly talk about the free Blacks in Mexico. Even when Crockett or Bowie is talking, the background still has Black and Hispanic actors. 

6. I kept worrying that they’d start out well, but eventually sideline Rufus and focus on just Wyatt and Lucy, especially since they initially bond more with each other while he is very protective of them. But recent episodes have also had them fighting to save him, the whole group bonding more and Rufus consistently getting the most interesting characterization and storylines. 

In conclusion, in addition to being a fun sci-fi adventure it’s sci-fi that remembers to treat POC like a normal part of history. Please support it so it stays on air

How to make a Disney Channel show (aka, Disney is obsessed with using the same set of characters over and over again)

Many people feel the need to have a really smart character. It’s important that the girls look flawless, but the guys should look like as much of a geek as possible.

To make the above character look smarter, you can add a dumb character. Make sure to give them a very confused facial expression as often as possible, and let them ask questions that should be obvious for someone their age.

You’ll always need a guy who’s character relies for about 50 % on their looks. Why else would anyone watch the show?

To match the  hot guys, you’ll need a girl who is so flawless, you begin to feel like they can’t possibly be real.

The audience needs someone to laugh at, right? This is where you add either a character who is incapable of understanding the word “no” or a character who is just considered a “loser” by most people. And try not to give them too much character development.

But to keep the smart person from seeming boring, we need the rebel friends who doesn’t care about grades, and who always get’s their friend in trouble. But don’t worry, you can always fix it up with a sappy apologizing scene at the end.

There has to be some kind of official antagonist. My suggestion, is you go with Matteus Ward, or at least someone who looks like him. Or you can go with a stereotypical blonde girl.

Every show needs grownups. Keep them there for, comic relief, embaressing the kids, being protective, giving deep motivational speeches and cry upon realizing that their kid’s are growing up.

He’s actually the butler

Not a parents. He’s their sensei.

Not a parent. He’s an uncle.

Add a couple of cute kids and animals

Or if everything fails, just throw in a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends that we’re all gonna forget anyway.

Or, you know, do something original instead

Here’s trailers to all the shows I’ve been using. 

Good Luck Charlie

Pair of Kings (not a good version)

Shake it up


A.N.T Farm

Lab Rats 

Austin and Ally 

Dog with a blog 

Liv and Maddie 

Kickin It 

I didn’t do it

Girl meets world

Mighty Med 

  • Sirius: Alright, alright, so hear me out.
  • Sirius: I'm out of prison now and I want to see Harry, right?
  • Remus: Yes.
  • Sirius: Just want to see how the lad has grown up into a man and all of that.
  • Remus: Completely understandable, yes.
  • Sirius: So how about I visit him-
  • Remus: Wait, what about-
  • Sirius: In secret, of course.
  • Remus: Oh, of course then, yes.
  • Sirius: And instead of sending him a letter first to explain to him who I am and what happened and why I'm not a mass murderer,
  • Remus: ...okay....?
  • Sirius: I show up in a dark alleyway as a large black dog and stare at him before mysteriously disappearing into the night.
  • Remus: ...What- no-
  • Sirius: Flawless plan.
  • Remus: Sirius, maybe you should just write the letter-
  • Sirius: And then I'll send him a gift at Hogwarts. An absurdly expensive gift that will probably raise a few red flags.
  • Remus: Sirius no, I really think-
  • Sirius: Nothing about this can possibly go wrong.
  • Remus: Sirius, I dON'T THINK-
Badass || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: can you make a jughead x reader about the reader being a bad girl and even more angsty than jughead ? and he wants to be with her but he things she’s too cool for him ?

A/N: This was a cool prompt! Hope I did it justice!!

Gif by @aestheticsprouse


How can someone have a crush on a person they’ve never talked to for over ten years? That was a question Jughead Jones III asked himself everyday. And of course, being Jughead Jones, nothing was ever simple. His home life, his school life, nothing. So why would this crush on you be any different?

Jughead sighed as he looked at you from down the hallway.

Calling you badass would be an understatement. You were a force to be reckoned with. If people were scared of Cheryl Blossom, you bad the ability to make them wet their pants on sight. You were bad. Sneaking out, drinking, doing drugs, stealing, and arson were just some of your favorite activities. Jughead was sure you had committed murder at one point or another in your life. Yet, he still harbored feelings for you. Maybe it was because of the fact that despite you were bad, you weren’t mean. You didn’t bully anyone. You weren’t malicious, you were just a daredevil. A crazy one at that, but still not malicious.

Because you were known for being absolutely insane, no one decided to mess with you. Not even Cheryl. Maybe Cheryl Blossom was the empress of Riverdale, but you were the shogun. You ran the show. You called the shots. And Cheryl knew it. 

Jughead wanted to be with you so badly, it hurt him. But why would someone like you chose someone like him? You were flawless, intimidating, powerful. What was he?

“Hey, Norman Bates!” a voice called, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts.

He sighed and looked towards the jock known as Reggie Mantle. What he didn’t notice was that you had turned your attention from your friends to him and the tall jock.

“What do you want, Reggie?” Jughead asked, annoyed.

Reggie laughed at the smaller teen’s tone. This was going to be fun. He got close to Jughead, their bodies inches away from each other.

“You smart-mouthing me, Michael Myers? Huh?” he asked.

Jughead looked down. He didn’t want to fight. But Reggie had other plans. Reggie shoved him against the lockers, Jughead’s head hitting them with a bang as he slid down, his bottom hitting the cold floor. A crowd had now gathered, cheering, excited that a fight was going on. Jughead looked up dizzily and saw Reggie begin to make his way over to the beanie-clad teen. Jughead closed his eyes, bracing for impact.

“Hey!” a voice rang out.

The cheering stopped. Jughead opened his eyes and looked up again and saw you standing next to Reggie, the two of them glaring at each other.

“Yes? Can I help you?” The jock asked condescendingly.

You rose your eyebrows at his tone.

“In fact you can. Tell me, why are you bothering him?” you asked, glancing towards Jughead.

Reggie scoffed.

“What’s it to you, Harley Quinn? Why don’t you skip on out of here and let the men do the work?”

The next thing Jughead knew, you had punched Reggie square in the face, his nose letting out a sickening crack. Reggie stumbled back and fell down, blood pouring out of his nose. He let out a pained moan and rolled around on the floor. Everyone including Jughead looked with wide eyes at Reggie and then turned to you. You didn’t even blink, instead you just quickly shook your hand out. You looked up at everyone.

“Anyone else?” you asked.

Everyone quickly dispersed while a couple people rushed over to Reggie, pulling him up and getting away as fast as they could. You turned your attention back to Jughead and held your hand out for him. Jughead hesitantly took it and you pulled him up, looking at him.

“You alright, man?” you asked.

Jughead dumbly nodded.

“Yeah, um, thank you.” he mumbled.

Why couldn’t he speak?

You nodded.

“What’s your name?” you asked.

“J-Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

You smiled and shook his hand.

“Well, Jughead Jones, it’s great to meet you. I’m Y/N L/N. I guess I’ll see you around.” you said as you gave him a smirk.

God, he loved that smirk.

Jughead nodded jerkily and you began to make your way down the hallway. The raven-haired teen sighed as he watched you walk away.

He was so far gone.


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Home - Part 3 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader

Part 1

Part 2



Summary: After Tony drives you home in hopes to build up a friendship, you get to show your skills as Bucky becomes in need of some help.

Warnings: None.

Words: 3 193+

A/N: Ahh so here’s another part!! Thank you everyone that’s been saying so much nice things about this series and wanted more. It means a lot!

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

She walked out of her classroom, holding her geography book tightly in her hand as she was continuously bumped into in the busy hallway. She managed to get to her locker and exchange the geography book for her biochemistry one.

“Hey!” Peter startled her by appearing out of nowhere. She gasped, letting out a sigh as she could have sworn her heart had stopped beating for a second.

She looked to her left and at him. “What are you doing here? I thought you said your English was canceled?” She looked up at the large clock above the entrance, counting it to be almost two and a half hours that Peter would have stayed in school without a reason.

“It was, but I had to do some, eh… Homework - Yes - Homework, which I did in the library.” He was a terrible liar.

“You’re lying.” She stated. “You lick your lips every time after you lie I’ve learned from the dozens of times you’ve told Professor Carmichael that you have a sore throat whenever he asks you to read poems before the class.”

“I don’t do that.” He claimed, his tongue darting out, causing her to chuckle as she began to close her locker and head for the doors out.

“Whatever you say, Peter. Whatever you say-” She silenced herself as she came out and saw a bright orange sports car parked at the bottom of the stairs leading up to their school. Tony was leaning against it, casually ignoring the large crowd of students that had gathered around him to gawk and take pictures.

Both Peter and Y/N looked at each other in panic just when Tony looked up from his phone and noticed the duo.

“There you are!” He called out, the entire crowd turning to look up the stairs to where Y/N and Peter stood like two deer’s caught in the headlights of a car, which wasn’t far from the truth.

Y/N made the first move and slowly began to head down the stairs. Peter followed her carefully, trying to ignore everyone staring. The crowd cleared a small path as Y/N approached, wondering what she had to do with the richest man in New York who just so happened to be Iron Man as well.

“Parker. Aunt May called, she wants you home, pronto.” Tony pointed to Peter before pointing down the street. Peter wasted no time but hurried out of the circle of students to head home. He would have wanted to stay behind, considering how he had waited two and a half hours just so he and Y/N could go home together, but he didn’t want to defy Tony.

“Chop chop, Banner.” Tony clapped his hands together, walking around the car to the driver seat. “In the car we go.”

She felt her cheeks burn red as the car door automatically opened for her and Tony repeated for her to get in. Students still took pictures, some she even recognized from her own classes, which didn’t exactly make her feel any better.

She climbed inside the passenger seat, watching the door descend and close after her. Tony roared with the engine and the crowd moved aside, making way as Tony began to drive.

“How was your day? How are you?” Tony had a quirk to his tone like he knew exactly what he had just done, which she didn’t doubt was true.

“Ehm…” She stared blankly at the road ahead, recalling swinging down New York with Peter, not to mention the situation she was in at that moment. “Interesting.”

“I’ve noticed… You and Parker went on a little adventure this morning. At least that’s what the news channels are claiming.” Tony said nonchalantly and her eyes snapped to him.

“They are?”

Every single one.” He assured, taking a left and leaving the school block. She wanted to ask if he was mad about what had happened, but she was too afraid the answer would be yes.

She cleared her throat. “You said Aunt May wanted Peter home?” She questioned and Tony instantly knew what she was after.

“His parents died a long time ago and he moved in with his aunt and uncle after that. His uncle, Ben, he passed away a few years ago however. Now it’s just Aunt May and him.” Tony explained and Y/N could feel her heart drop. Peter always seemed so happy. She had no idea he had gone through such a rough childhood. She wished she would have known, but what would have changed? Most likely nothing. “She doesn’t know about his whole Spiderling business though, so don’t show up at his place asking for another ride to school, or whatever.”

She wouldn’t. Preferably, she would wait quite a while before she would follow Peter for another “ride”.

“How are you?” Tony asked, his voice a little more tense. It was awkward for him to talk to her, but only because he wasn’t sure how to act or what to say. He hadn’t even known she existed for twenty four hours. He liked her already. She was smart, brilliant actually, and that she was Bruce’s daughter raised in a family that did not support her talents made him feel oddly protective. He couldn’t explain it. His mind had drifted and thought about how it could be because he had no kids of his own, and Y/N and Peter were the only kids around, but he hated to think about it. He felt too vulnerable when he did.

“You already asked me?” She raised a brow, looking over at him as his subtle smirk was gone, looking almost troubled instead.

“You know, I’m just making sure you’re cool. Moving in with earth’s mightiest heroes can be a drastic change.” He slowed down at a red light before stopping.

Making sure I’m cool.” She quoted him, letting out a short breath as she smiled. “Yeah, I’m cool.”

“What? Am I not in on the teen lango?” He questioned and she laughed louder.

“No, no, you’re definitely up to date.” She said sarcastically, looking out he window to her side as they were slowly progressing from Queens to Brooklyn.

Tony became silent, feeling like he should give her some room to breathe. She had a lot to think about, even he could understand that. She was good at adjusting, for her own sake if anything. She was already starting to feel at place with the Avengers and to have Peter as a friend, to sleep almost a hundred floors above the ground and have her own workshop with state of the arc tech.

“Wait…” She suddenly began to think. “Why are you picking me up from school?”

Tony realized he hadn’t explained why he had showed up unannounced after her class was over. “Well, I tried to text you and say I was on my way, but you never replied. I thought you should get a more safe ride home compared to this morning…”

She furrowed her brows and scrambled for her phone in her pocket. As she pressed the home button, she had had a text from an unknown number, which she definitely knew was Tony’s upon reading it.

“I’m sorry. The speakers are broken so I can’t hear when I get any notifications-” Tony suddenly held a phone out in front of her, flawless and something that definitely didn’t exist on the market for anyone to buy. “What?”

“It’s your new phone.” He said and sighed as she didn’t take the phone, dropping it in her lap instead. She quickly snatched it in fear that it would fall. “You have the teams numbers already, access to Friday, a gps system of my own design, screen projection, unlimited data, double lensed camera, a dashing 250 gigabyte of storage and access to the online storage unit that everyone in the Tower has… Need I say more?”

“No you definitely don’t cause I can’t take this.” She refused, holding the phone carefully, afraid she was going to as much as scratch it.

Tony let out an even louder sigh. “When are you going to cut this out? This constant denial of my gifts? In the time we’ve argued about you getting this phone, I’ve earned enough money to make at least ten more.”

She opened her mouth to speak but shut it as she couldn’t think of what to say. It was such an unusual thing for her to received gifts. She had a hard time simply accepting them.

“I don’t know what to say.” She admitted, looking down at her new phone in her left hand and her old one in her right. The difference, both in technology and condition, was almost embarrassing.

“A simple thank you usually does the trick.”

“Thank you.” She blurted out. “Heaven knows I could use 250 gigabytes of storage… But, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s Friday? Except a day of the week?”

“Friday?” Tony called out like she was speaking to someone. “Could you explain to Ms. Banner here what you are?”

Of course, sir.” A female voice came through over the radio, Y/N eyes widening as she stared down at the speakers. “Hello Y/N Banner. My name is Friday. I am an Artificial Intelligence program designed and created by Mr. Stark. I can aid you with a large variety of things, such as delivering messages to members of the Avengers, search for information on the internet and in any unique files that reach your level of classification. Do not hesitate to ask for my help. If your request is beyond my capability, I will do my best to solve your issue with other means.”

Y/N’s lips were parted, eyes still glued to the speakers even after Friday had stoped talking.

“She’s my second AI. The first one was called Jarvis, but he turned into the Vision, so now I have Friday around.”

What?!” Y/N exclaimed, turning in her seat towards Tony as every single thing he said, did or showed made absolutely zero sense or was far beyond what her mind was able to process. “I feel dizzy.”

“You’ve never seen an AI before?” He questioned after her intense reaction.

“Not in person, but I’ve never heard them turning into… Into…” She couldn’t find the right word.

“Humanoid cape dude with a stone in his forehead?” Tony suggested.

She sunk down in her seat, defeated. “Yeah… Exactly.”

“Well, you’ll get used to it, Banner. In the world of superheroes, things are never what you think they are… You though Peter was a normal guy in your school. Turns out he’s Spider Man.”

She had realized by that point, and that was one thing she had yet to adjust to. Her life was going to be a lot more strange with the Avengers than it had been in her little house in Murray Hills with her mom. Strange wasn’t at all a bad thing though. She would take strange over dull and repetitive any day. She had always felt like she was a lively soul trapped in a apathetic life. If she had the option to break out her true self and live an exciting life, she would. If that meant casually discussing how an Artificial Intelligence program managed to turn into what practically is a living thing, so be it.

“Home sweet home.” Tony said after another fifteen minutes in the car, the Stark Tower appearing before them. “I think your dad said he wanted to see you when we got home.”

She had planned on seeing him anyway. “Do you know where he is?”

Tony looked up at her before glancing down to the radio, nudging his head towards it. “Why don’t you ask Friday?” He wanted her to get familiar with how Friday worked, and the best way to learn is to do.

Y/N cleared her throat, looking down at the radio. “Friday? Where is my dad? I mean- Dr. Banner?”

You father is currently in his laboratory, Ms. Banner. Should I tell him that you’re arriving shortly?” Friday proposed, which wasn’t a half bad idea.

“Yeah, do that… Thanks.”

My pleasure, Miss.”

“See?” Tony raised his brows. “She doesn’t bite.”

“Ha ha.” Y/N laughed sarcastically, watching the garage gate open up as they approached. They drove inside, driving to the second floor of the indoors parking lot where she hadn’t been yet. As they reached it, her lips parted again as she took in the sight of a dozens sports cars, all bearing a license plate with Tony’s last name and a number. She wondered if he numbers stood for its place in Tony’s collection, but she didn’t want to ask as she saw some of the high numbers.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” Tony asked as they got out of the car together, heading for the elevator further away. “Because you do know it’s the weekend, right? You haven’t studied away your sense of time?”

“Just because I confessed to liking school doesn’t mean I live and breathe it.” She rolled her eyes, stepping inside the sleek lift. “I’m planning on getting my workshop in order, maybe do a quick drive to Murray Hills and get some of the stuff I didn’t manage to get with me.”

“If you need a ride, please call me and not Parker? Allow your old man to rest easy knowing you’re not dangling a hundred feet up in the air by a thread, literally, a thread.”

She let out a small laugh. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

They came to the floor of her dad’s laboratory as well as her workshop and one of Tony’s, if you ignored the fact that they were all practically his. She began to make her way to her dad but Tony stayed in the elevator.

“I’ll catch you at dinner. I have some work to do.” He promised, the doors barely staying open long enough for him to speak. She didn’t linger in the hall however but continued until she came to her dad’s lab.

“Knock knock.” She said whilst tapping twice on the door. Bruce stood by a screen, looking over at what seemed to blue prints of some kind.

“Hey!” His tired expression turned into a wide smile, quickly stepping away from the screen and taking a few steps closer to her. “How was school?”

“Good! How was your day?” She looked around his lab. “Any new, innovative projects going on?”

“Unfortunately, no. I’ve been working with the Quinjet engine today actually. It’s in need of some upgrading and I took on the task of doing it.” He pointed back to the screen. “I may be a nuclear physicist but I know my way around a jet engine or two.”

“What is the Quinjet really?” She wondered, looking at the blueprints he pointed at which showed the aircraft’s engine alone. Bruce then turned the screen around to face them and moved the current blueprint away to show a new one which showed a whole depiction of the Quinjet.

“Woah…” She gasped when the doors suddenly opened behind her, which it seemed to do an awful a lot. She couldn’t help but silently wonder if people didn’t know how to knock.

Bucky came in, a bit startled by the fact that Bruce wasn’t alone. “I- I’m sorry if I’m interrupting, but Tony is busy and my arm is bugging from the damn improvement he did… Improvement, my ass.” He murmured.

Y/N couldn’t help but stare at the bionic arm, which happened to be hanging limply at the moment, but was incredible nonetheless.

“I’m not sure how the mechanism is built up, James. I’m sorry.” Bruce admitted, dragging his right hand up and down his neck. “I barely even know where to start.”

Y/N looked between her dad and Bucky. She thought back to the ride home with Tony, when she had been told not to decline Tony’s gifts all the time. It had also made her realize that she shouldn’t be afraid to be a bit bolder. She wasn’t going to start cliff jumping or go on a spontaneous trip around the world, but she was tired of being so restrained by her own insecurity. She wasn’t living with her mom anymore and she need to realize that. She was allowed to be herself.

“Would you mind if I took a quick peak?” She asked hesitantly. Bucky looked from Bruce to her, raising a brow. Even Bruce was a bit surprised. If she offered her help, it was because she was confident with in the field she was needed. He just didn’t think she was so skilled that she thought she could handle Bucky’s metal arm.

“You’re into technology and science… Stuff?” He questioned. He hadn’t been able to get an impression of her in the short time that she had been around nor had he gotten to know her. That she was gifted with knowledge and skill like her father shouldn’t have been a surprise to him, yet it was.

Quite.” She put it vaguely.

Bucky thought for a minute before shrugging his shoulders, which only ended up being one shoulder due to the bug that had shut his limb off. “Why not.” He gave in and pulled a chair up to a metal workbench in the middle of the room.

Y/N watched as Bucky used his flesh hand to lift his entire bionic arm onto the table, the limb landing with a loud clink. She gathered some tools, Bruce helping her, and took another chair and put it on the opposite side of the workbench.

She grabbed a screwdriver and flipped his arm around so that the palm was up, struggling slightly with the weight. She undid the screws and removed the panel which they had been keeping in place. She was so efficient that Bucky was a bit taken back. If he had been in her shoes, he would barely understand where to open his arm up. She had been able to get that within a few seconds.

“Can I get a screen?” She looked over at her dad and motioned for one of the holographic screens further off. He brought it to her and she used a wireless reading clip to clamp down on the circuit card exposed in Bucky’s forearm.

“Friday, bring up the programming.” She dared to ask, still not used to the feeling of talking to essentially no one. Without answer, the screen changed from blueprints to computer coding. She looked over it, scrolling down a bit before she abruptly snapped her fingers. “Ah, here we go. Easy.”

She tempered with the long and confusing code, adding a small fraction of it that had been missing. As soon as the new numbers had been put in, the metal plates across Bucky’s arm buzzed and moved as they regained their power. Bucky tried to move his fingers which worked perfectly.

“That was fast.” He said and looked down at Y/N who had already begun to put the loose panel back in place. He was surprised, even though she was Bruce’s daughter, she was incredibly talented. She was smarter than he originally had thought and was deeply impressed.

“I went to a programming seminar two years ago by accident and ended up liking it a lot more than I thought.” She confessed with a smile.

Bucky huffed, barely believing that he was looking at a high school student. “I can tell.”


Political Animals-Part 5

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post

FYI: The words in bold are texts

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I should have known when Cas asked me to meet him for lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant that he was trying to bribe me.  He HATED Thai food.

“So next Friday is a fundraiser to benefit the Met.  It’s black tie.  Mom wants us all to go.  She says everyone who is anyone will be there, including a few wealthy patrons she is hoping will donate to her campaign.  Will you go?”  He looked worried.

I sighed.  “Why does she always send you to do her dirty work, Cas? It’s really not fair to you to be put in the middle of this mess with us.”

He grinned at me. “Mom’s a smart woman.  She knows you won’t say no to your big brother.  So are you in?  You can even bring a date if you want.”

I thought of Sam who I’d secretly seeing behind everyone’s back. “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Mom said she would buy you a dress.  Will you be bringing someone?”  Cas asked uncomfortably.

I rolled my eyes at him. “I can buy my own damn dress, Cas! You’re not fooling me for a second.  That is just Mom’s way of trying to control what I wear.  And I’l be coming alone. I wouldn’t subject anyone to this train wreck.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Y/N.” Cas said with a smirk.

“I can’t wait until this damn election is over!” I told him with an exhausted groan.

He raised an eyebrow at me.  “But what if Mom wins?”

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Racism in Fandom: My Experience with The 100

So with the 100 about to start again (NOT going to watch it though), I thought it would be a good time to talk about how racism in fandom and television and my experience with the 100, as well as why I, along with many others should have realized it was problematic from the beginning, not only when a lesbian was killed (this is also the reason I deleted most of the 100 posts off my blog, even the ones after Lexa’s death).

In February, the majority of the blogs I followed were freaking the fuck out over Clexa. So I thought, why not? I’ll binge watch it. Everyone I followed was going on and on about its great representation. But while watching, I kept having the nagging feeling something was seriously wrong with this show.

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anonymous asked:

Hello.. I want to request a scenario where RFA + Saeran react to MC who hates hickeys and that kind of staff, she really want her skin to be clean. Have a nice day :3

can’t relate
Kinda went a bit silly with this, hope you like it!
~Mod L


♡ Poor bby
♡ He’s so new to all this while he was kissing you he didn’t even realize what he was doing
♡ Turns bright red, thinks he did something wrong
♡ Isn’t even 100% sure how to give an actual hickey?? 
♡ It’s so stressful because he’s not sure how to not give you an actual hickey
♡ After some reassurance he’s good
♡ Totally understands and doesn’t leave a single mark on you


♡ He finds it out the hard way… the next morning…
♡ When he heard you shout his name from the bathroom he ran over because he thought you hurt yourself
♡ Couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing your adorably angry face, pointing at the dark mark on your collarbone
♡ Promptly gets a toothbrush thrown at him
♡ “I’m sorry! I’m sorryyyyy!”
♡ A little disappointed but that doesn’t make being with you any less fun
♡ Has some makeup from going up on stage that he’ll help to use you cover it up
♡ “Zen why do you have this you have literally flawless skin”
♡ He’ll sometimes teases you by saying he’ll leave more, but doesn’t actually ever do it again


♡ Won’t show it but feels incredibly relieved
♡ He found such public displays of rather intimate moments really unprofessional
♡ While he’s into being more dominate he’s established his line between bedroom and rest of the world
♡ He wants everyone to know your his, but in a classy way
♡ Like this necklace 
♡ And these bracelets
♡ Ooooh and these matching earrings
♡ He showers you with so many gifts that already establish your relationship he feels no need to leave a mark on your skin


♡ Shares quite similar opinion with Jumin
♡ She loved being with you but felt it more like something special to just be between you two
♡ She had felt a bit nervous to be with you because she was so new to dating and wasn’t comfortable being very close to you in public
♡ But overcoming that fear lead to a lot of confidence in your relationship
♡ And with that feeling comfortable not shouting to the world your dating but making your moments together all the more remarkable


♡ He had already seen how many beauty products you used to keep your skin clear, so already knew this was important to you
♡ But seeing your skin so flawless he kinda wanted to leave a hickey on you, since it would stand out so much and it could be a proud symbol of your relationship
♡ You quickly shut that thought down before it could happen
♡ “Awwwwh, pleeease?”
♡ One solid no brought out the cutest pout but he stopped asking
♡ He still likes to be a lil freaky with you but makes sure to leave you just as flawless in the morning


♡ All his years growing up and going through ME left the poor boy with a few scars of his own
♡ So when he first met you on of the things he marveled at was how flawless your skin was
♡ It was strange to him as he grew up with Saeyoung having the same marks as him, and then other believers of ME having to go through “Treatment”
♡ He didn’t want to leave any marks on you, and was even worried with your preference you found his scars unattractive
♡ But in contrary to that you both found fascination with each other’s bodies, and you found a new fascination of tracing the scars along his body 
♡ Oh my god that turned him on
♡ He learns to love his skin and yours but still would never think of leaving a mark on you


For the girl who has a cuckquean fetish

You’re busy performing your chores when the doorbell rings. “Answer it” I say.

You nervously walk to the door, aware of your nakedness, ashamed that this mystery stranger will see you in your chastity belt alone.

Opening the door, a woman steps in without saying a word to you. She takes off her coat revealing a tight, short dress hugging her flawless figure. She hands you the coat without even looking at you.

Strolling past you without acknowledging you, she walks straight into the living room where I greet her warmly.

“Slut” I call you you and you hurry into the living room after hanging up her coat.

“this is the little whore i was telling you about, she’s doing very well in her training” I say to her, talking about you as if you weren’t present.

“I promised her a few months ago when I last locked her back up that I’d take her out and fuck her today. *To you: * Tell her slut, why is today special?”

“It’s this whore’s birthday sir”

“That’s right, good girl”

“I know she wouldn’t dare remind me of that fact, or act as if she was entitled to anything, but I know she’s been looking forward to today for a very long time… Haven’t you slave?”
The flawless blonde girl sits on the sofa beside me, crosses her leg and raises her foot.

“Crawl over and suck the heel of her stiletto, show her what a good little cock sucker you can be”

You do so, your face burning red. She giggles derisively and you feel a burning humiliation that takes you right back to high school.

“Yes sir” you say, realising quickly that today isn’t going to be as you’d hoped.

As you suck, me and her begin to make out passionately, I pull her dress over her head revealing the most stunning black lingerie you’ve ever seen.

I ask you if you like her underwear, you nod, still sucking. “I’m glad, this is your birthday present. It’s best if she keeps it, it’d be wasted on you”

“you are to call her goddess, that’s the only name you need to know, since as far as you’re concerned, that’s what she is. That’s how superior to you she is”

Your pussy is soaked with the humiliation, and from seeing how turned on I obviously am by her.

“lay down on the sofa” I tell you, you obey without question. She gets up and sits her perfect ass down on your face. Lifting up slightly, she pulls her panties aside, revealing the most perfect pussy you’ve ever seen. “Stick your tongue out” I say. She sits down on it as she would a cock, your tongue slipping just inside her. You can taste her as she gently grinds her hips against your face

You feel me unlocking your chastity belt and your stomach does summersaults in anticipation.

Your pussy is already leaking before the belt comes off. It’s been so long, you’ve never known a desperation to be fucked, touched, teased, anything like you do now

I undo my trousers, pulling out my cock, and I start rubbing it up and down your pussy, all without plunging it in.

You feel the tip of my dick rub against your clit and move back down, you’re screaming internally “fuck me! Please!!!!” Not daring to speak it out loud

You channel your desperation into pleasuring her, she’s moaning, feeling you frantically licking her clit then tonguing her pussy, passionate French kisses for her beautiful superior hole

Suddenly I stop. She leans forwards grabbing your wrists and pinning them to your sides. Your pussy feels exposed, desperate to be touched, the sensation of freedom now unfamiliar.

I hear you let out an involuntary moan of anguish under her, the reality hitting home.

I move round behind her as she leans forward further

You watch emotionally devastated as the cock you wanted so desperately, the cock you almost had, slips into her pussy inches from your face.

She moans, feeling the pleasure you wanted so desperately, the pleasure you fantasised through months of total frustration.

You can feel how wet she is, the juices flowing out onto your face with each thrust.

“Why have you stopped pleasuring your goddess, slut, suck her clit”

You collect yourself realising how your duty is to obey and please and immediately get to work

Your pussy throbs with need, your arms still pinned, supporting her weight.

“ugh, why would I ever fuck you, slut, when I can fuck her”

“seeing you suffer like this gives me more pleasure then I could ever take from your body”

I climax, filling her with cum and you can’t help but notice how much stronger my orgasm is than with you.

“open your mouth” I say before pulling out. The combined liquid of my cum and her wetness flows out into your mouth.

“swallow it, lick her pussy clean, then make her cum”

At the moment of her climax, I whisper “happy birthday” into your ear and snap the lock shut on your chastity belt.

Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 5]

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Chapter 5 of Too Right To Be Wrong

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4

Series Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

A/N: Contains Text Images. POV switches between 3rd party narrator and Y/N’s POV

Mark woke up the next morning, replaying the question Jinyoung had asked him the night before.

If Jaebum found out, there was no telling what he would do in retaliation, everyone knew he had a problem with his temper. But on the other hand, he couldn’t picture his life without you now. Things couldn’t go back to the way they were. He could never watch you be with another man again.

He knew deep down that if faced with the choice, he would abandon everything he and his group had worked so hard for. He would give up his friendship with JB in a second if it meant being with you, and that scared him.

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Rebel Rebel.

Peter Parker x Rebel!Reader

A/n: I have a weird trend to make fics in this style with only people called Peter.

Warnings: None!

P.s: This was kinda going to be a Multi part story before i realized it would probably be a better drabble.

(Part Two)

Originally posted by thorsodison

You would be the death of Peter. He just knew it.

Every time he saw you walk into class, His heart stopped, And he swore that time slowed down. Yes, You were the complete opposite of him, But would that stop him from having those thoughts? God no.

You were the epitome of cool. Wearing things that the school could ban people for. Short skits or tight jeans, Jackets, Dc.Martens, V-Necks and all. No one would ever call you out on it though. You’d skip school whenever you wanted, And didn’t care if someone spread rumors about you. Maybe you had little friends, But if you wanted them it could happen at the flick of a wrist. You basically ruled the school without having to be any kind of bully. Without having to be utterly flawless. You were far from flawless, But in the best way possible.

Peter had his eyes on you the second he went to his new school. For reasons he really never knew. He didn’t have too many crushes, But his few did not follow the trend of you. They were so ordinary. He wishes he could know why he fell so damn hard for a person he barely ever said 10 words to. 

But you were beyond beautiful to him. More gorgeous than any other person he’d ever met. When you managed to show up for classes you got good grades, Seemed kind and caring, Saved teens who were getting bullied (Which included him before it happened), You were queen of doge-ball (The only type of gym thing you showed up for… That he noticed. Not in a creepy way.), You border lined being a basic teenager.

But there was so much more stuff that was interesting about you.

He honestly believed that you were the most unique person in the whole school. There wasn’t much to compare too, Though. In a school of people who followed the same code. And looked all the same. You never stayed on the track on every other boring person. And that could be told just by your looks. When your personality shined it was more apparent. 

Peter really wanted to speak to you. Even if it was just once. You were a sort of unsolved case. He could tell a lot, But not everything. And he longed to know. Yes it would be nice if he could end up being your friend. And he’d admit he’s thought about it, More than he should have. But someone like you would never consider him, A dorky know it all boy whom was (In his mind) So many points behind you. If you ever did look at him like he looked at you he’d seriously think he was dreaming. 

Peter didn’t notice he was staring into space until you walked up and talked to him.

“Hey, Kid,” You smiled at him. It seems like you were almost looking into his soul with your stunning eyes, “I like your shirt a lot.” It was genuine. He could tell. His blush rose quickly. Remembering he ironically worse a Spider-Man tee that day. He wasn’t quite sure yet if he landed himself in heaven, Cause you were actually talking to him. Complementing him even.

 You winked at him, And just like that you were gone. He looked back around to see your swaying hips go around a corner. Lord he could stare at you for hours. 

Oh you were sooo out of his league. 

Doing A Sexual Dance Collaboration With Their Crush: SEVENTEEN

Anonymous said: doing a sexual dance collaboration with their crush seventeen got7 bts monsta x gfriend blackpink and twice version

I hope you all like this! The other ones will be posted soon. I didn’t add Dino, as he is still underage and a minor. 

S.Coups: He wouldn’t believe the managers as they told him that he was picked to do a dance collaboration with you, eyes wide from confusion and shock. Being the one to dance with you made him happy and giddy, excited to spend more time with you. As he arrived, he would be sweet to you, not wanting you to feel awkward. But, once he saw the choreography, he wouldn’t blame you for being awkward. Even though he was embarrassed about the dance, he would still be sweet and do the moves as best as he could to impress you. 

Originally posted by sassyminghao

Jeonghan: He would be thrilled that he was chosen instead of someone else, feeling proud of himself.  He would be thrilled that he was chosen instead of someone else, feeling proud of himself. You were his crush, someone he actually liked, so he was overjoyed that he was able to spend more time with you. Even though he was happy, he was also nervous, as he didn’t expect to be picked to dance with you. Not wanting to embarrass himself, he wouldn’t be as cocky as he usually was. After meeting you at the studio, he was sassy, yet sweet to you, you two cracking jokes. Once he saw the choreography, he would be nervous, but wouldn’t show it, doing the moves as flawless as he could. 

Originally posted by vernon-yespls

Joshua: When the managers told him that he was chosen to do a dance collaboration with you, he was delighted, bemused of the idea of getting to spend even more time with you. But, once he found out the theme, he would be skittish and edgy, worried. Even so, he would ignore those feelings and meet you at the dance studio the next day, overall kind and complimenting you. Seeing the choreography, he would be silent, wondering why he was in this situation. To make you feel comfortable, he would make jokes, being sweet to you. He would try to do the dance perfectly to impress you, still being nice and even shy at times. But, there would be times where he would jokingly flirt, trying to make the atmosphere more comfortable. 

Originally posted by jihanlife

Jun: He doesn’t really talk much, but once he learned that he was doing a collaboration with you, he would be extremely talkative. Being picked out of millions of others that could easily do the dance made him ecstatic, non-stop talking about how he finally had an excuse to hang out with you more. Smiling, he would immediately tell Minghao about the arrangement, both of them freaking out about being able to dance with you. When he arrived to the studio, he would greet you, ultimately shy at the encounter. But, he would guide you to the practice room, shocked once he finally saw the choreography. Even though he was a good dancer, he would be scared, knowing the situation was bound to be awkward.

Originally posted by minghaon

Hoshi: As the managers told him the collaboration arrangement, he dropped everything he was doing to tell the others, excited to be able to do the dance with you instead of someone else. Even though he was told not to worry by his members, he still worried, as he didn’t want to do something in front of you that would ultimately embarrass him. The next day, he met you at the studio, greeting you happily before going to the practice room. You two watched the choreography, turning nervous and shy as you observed. He knew that this was going to be awkward at times and shy at others, he would try his best to do the moves as perfectly as he could, still enjoying the time you two have.

Originally posted by jeonwuu

Wonwoo: He was shocked, confused as to why he was picked to dance with you, but being overjoyed nonetheless. Of course he was nervous; he was doing a dance collaboration with his crush after all, but he ignored it the best he could, not wanting to make a fool of himself. After he arrived to the dance studio, he greeted you, being shy at first. But, he got comfortable as you two waited to see the choreography, joking with you repeatedly before finally being able to observe the dance. As you both watched the choreography, he would know that this was going to be an awkward experience, but he would still do his best to not mess up the choreography. 

Originally posted by visual-17

Woozi: The managers informed him about the collaboration, exciting and shocking him at the same time, as he didn’t think he would be picked for the collaboration. He was excited for it, not really worrying about the arrangement. But, he would get nervous once he actually arrived, greeting you shyly before having a conversation to pass the time. Finally, you both were guided to the practice room, watching the choreography. As he watched, he would get more nervous, knowing that this was going to be hard for him. But, he ignored it the best he could, quickly trying to memorize the dance, wanting this to be one of the best performances he’s ever done. 

Originally posted by demongrandpa

DK: The members could hear his screams of excitement from across the dorm once he was told of the arrangement by the managers. Being able to spend extra time with you and show you his dance skills at the same time made him really happy, impatiently waiting to go to the studio. When he finally arrived to the studio, he would greet you happily, forgetting his usual shyness. Once you two finally saw the choreography, he would freak out at the moves, shocked. Even though he was even shy and awkward now, he would try to forget that, becoming uncomfortable. He would joke around, acting like a dork to make the time funnier and more relaxing. 

Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

Mingyu: He didn’t expect to be picked to dance with you, giddy and excited to spend more time with you. Even though he was delighted, he would be nervous, wondering if he would embarrass himself or accidentally upset you. The members would reassure him that he was going to be fine, but he would still be wary, scared to do something wrong. But, he would greet you happily, flirting with you to loosen the tense atmosphere. Finally, you two were guided to the dance room, watching the choreography. Watching the moves that you two were going to do, he would instantly become even more worried, knowing that he’s going to be awkward for most of it.

Originally posted by fuckyeahmingyu

The8: Once he found out that he was picked to do the collaboration with you, he would be extremely happy, telling Junhui the arrangement immediately. The realization clicked when he was alone, dancing joyfully; he was going to spend more alone time with you. Saying he was excited to see you was an understatement. After he arrived, he would greet you, joking around with you as you two waited for the chance to watch the choreography. You were guided to the dance room with him, finally getting to see the choreography. Even though he was a wonderful dancer, having to do the moves assigned with you made him scared. But, he would still try to hide it, remembering the dance as quickly as possible as he didn’t want to mess up in any way.

Originally posted by wonnhao

Seungkwan: As he was informed that he was picked to be your dance partner, he would be incredibly happy, yet nervous and confident at the same time, just wanting to see you. He wondered why he was chosen instead of someone else, but he was grateful to spend more time with you. Once you arrived to the studio, he would greet you, trying to not show his actual fear of doing something with you like this. You two were guided to the dance practice room, finally allowed to see what you were assigned to do. Watching the choreography, he would instantly worry, thinking of the worst case scenarios of either embarrassing himself or upsetting you. But, he would try his best to impress you, wanting to not ruin anything accidentally.

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Vernon: Confidence and joy was the only thing he could feel as he was told, the members teasing him, but he would ignore it as he realized that he was going to be able to spend time with you. But, this only made him nervous, his thoughts still trying to process the arrangement. He arrived to the studio, greeting you flirtatiously, causing the atmosphere to loosen. Once you were guided to the practice room with him, he would notice the suggestive moves. Watching the choreography made him more nervous, afraid to upset you or even embarrass himself. Even though the moves got him worried, he ignored it to joke with you. You two were become comfortable, joking and flirting openly as you learned the dance. 

Originally posted by hvcsvtn

I hope you enjoyed this, lovelies! I’ll be done with the requests soon, so prepare your requests! Sorry it’s been taking me so long to post! Have a wonderful day!

~Admin Kat

EXO Reaction when they see their childhood (guy) friend looking good after some years

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really shocked* “Is that… really really you? when did you… what is your secret man?”


“I can’t believe this… I almost didn’t recognize you! And here I was thinking I looked handsome” *Someone wants to change his style now*


*Graphical description* “Damn….. woah”


*Someone’s a bit jealous* “I still love you tho… but how dare you? xD”


“Oh look at you! You are still as cute as you were in high school! Let me pinch those cheeks!” *A sweetheart as always*


“so… do you want to go out and tell me how you did it? Maybe share some other things with me? ;);)”


*Feeling intimidated* “Why can’t I stop staring at his flawless face… who is he and what did he do to my childhood friend….”


“Never on this Earth I thought someone would be manlier than me… you boy… just became my idol”


*Trying to show off a little* “See? I became handsome and strong too!”


*Kyungsoo approves* “I always thought you would become the most handsome one! I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken” 


“Come here… I want to see your face closer. Lay likes this!”


*Really nervous* “Oh hey there… how u doin… remember me? I’m.. Suho… you know…. hi”

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