why is this show allowed to exist

someone: haha why are you so obsessed with *insert show/book series/film/etc)

me, internally: because throwing myself into something allows me to briefly forget the constant depression misery and sadness i suffer through every day and when i marathon things my self hatred sometimes starts to disappear because i forget that i’m a real person who exists in the real world. my obsessions help me to cope when i feel like i’m about to explode or cry or scream or all of those at once and once i get into something i barely think of anything else for weeks which is a very unhealthy coping tactic but hey it helps so

me: haha idk :))

Torn Apart (a langst minific)

hey guys, here’s a new minific! here’s the prompt for it and i love this idea so much you have no idea. hope you enjoy!

The mind meld devices were a fickle thing.

Despite their constant use during training, they weren’t exactly safe. The devices had not been created with humans in mind, as Earth was unknown to Altea when they were initially made. Their purpose had only been for Alteans and their allies, so of course Allura and Coran were very careful with it. The effects the devices could have on humans were unpredictable; they could accidentally fry their brains if set to the wrong frequency or shutdown sections if the wrong button was pushed. They were necessary however, without them the bond between the Paladins would never become strong enough for Voltron. Thus causing this tug and pull relationship between the Alteans and the machines, never knowing how far was too far.

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Hybrid!Jiyong [ Cat ]

Originally posted by jiyongs

▪ Annoying little shit
▪ Always curls his tail around your arm
▪ Ears generally laid back
▪ Gets shy about his ears, and tail
▪ Moody
▪ So moody
▪ Tad dumb
▪ Gets excited over the smallest things
▪ “Look how pretty” - him
▪ “Ji, that’s the same bird that comes around every morning.” - you
▪ He didn’t hear a word you said tbh
▪ He has his random ‘violent’ moments
▪ He’ll be sitting there
▪ Both of you doing nothing
▪ And, he’ll randomly comment;
▪ ‘I have a severe urge to start a fire.’
▪ ‘…Please don’t.’
▪ Jealous
▪ “I’ll be back later.’ - you
▪ ‘Where are you going?’
▪ ‘Out, with friends–’ - you
▪ He stays quiet for a few seconds
▪ ‘Guy friends?’
▪ ‘Yes, father. I have friends who happen to be male.’
▪ Nods and just settles on the couch
▪ Overthinks the whole time you’re gone
▪ Probably sniffles a bit to himself
▪ But, easily distracts himself at some point
▪ Takes care of your hungover ass
▪ Doesn’t talk to you, though
▪ Still bitter over you ‘going out with other guys’ instead of ‘spending time with your favorite person.’
▪ Can’t help but wonder if you don’t like him because of the cat pieces
▪ One day decides to hide his ears with a beanie
▪ Tail curled up to hide, as well
▪ Though, it doesn’t take long before it becomes uncomfortable
▪ One day, you notice he looks like he’s in pain
▪ ‘Ji?’
▪ ‘Hm?’
▪ ‘You okay?’
▪ He hesitates for a good three minutes
▪ Eventually just uncurls his tail
▪ Not without a whimper
▪ The kinked up appendage swaying behind him
▪ ‘Why’d you have it curled so long?’
▪ ‘And, you know your ears bother you if you have them tucked back too long.’
▪ You say, taking his hat off, and beginning to pay attention to his tail
▪ ‘I- didn’t think you liked them.’
▪ You are a bit dumbfounded
▪ ‘What? Why? If I didn’t like them, you wouldn’t be in my house-’
▪ ‘No n o, I mean…’
▪ He becomes awkward as shit
▪ ‘Are you hungry? Let’s go out for dinner.’
▪ Avoids the topic at all costs
▪ He’s a wild person
▪ He doesn’t need to be tied down
▪ He needs to just let it go and live freely
▪ Over time, he gets to the point of dealing with his ‘non existent’ feelings
▪ Until you show up with another man
▪ ‘Ji! This is Kyungil, I wanted you two to finally meet.’
▪ And, he snapped
▪ Hell no
▪ No one was allowed to hold your hand
▪ Or kiss you
▪ Or even breathe that close to you
▪ No one, but him
▪ He made this clear
▪ One night
▪ After you two had, had your weekly movie night
▪ And ended up in bed together
▪ You panicked
▪ He shut you up with a kiss
▪ ‘Stop yelling. It’s too early for that, shit.’
▪ You just kind of stare at him
▪ ‘I’m only saying this once. I love you, y/n, and, I’m not taking no for an answer.’
▪ With that, he curled his tail around your thigh
▪ And, cuddled back up to get some more sleep
▪ A month of contemplation
▪ Explanations
▪ Hell hole of feelings
▪ Literally a shit month
▪ You both finally settled down in this relationship-thing
▪ As he called it
▪ You didn’t exactly have a title
▪ But, if someone touched you
▪ He’d probably claw them to pieces

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▪ Forehead kisses
▪ Temple kisses
▪ Hand in your back pocket
▪ Arm on your waist
▪ Tail curled around your limb
▪ Matching hair colors
▪ Clothes
▪ Tattoos
▪ Would literally buy you the world
▪ You are pampered
▪ His Queen
▪ Ironically, calls you his Kitten
▪ Insists that you pick out a collar for him
▪ ‘Why?’
▪ ‘So everyone knows to return me to you.’
▪ ‘Gag me-’
▪ You say, rolling your eyes
▪ You don’t miss the smirk, and eyebrow wiggle he offers
▪ Vanilla
▪ So vanilla
▪ Well unless he’s in a pissy mood

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▪ You mean the world to him
▪ Your the only one allowed to touch his ears, and tail
▪ Is very gentle with you
▪ Does everything to make you smile
▪ Lets you do basically whatever you want
▪ ‘Hey, Ji- can I paint your nails?’
▪ He’ll gladly stretch his hands out to you
▪ ‘Can I dye your hair?’
▪ Moves to drop his head on your lap
▪ He’s your canvas
▪ Have at it
▪ He really does care for you
▪ Very deeply
▪ If you’re unhappy
▪ He’s unhappy
▪ He’s gotta do anything to make you happy
▪ God help them if anyone upsets you
▪ They might go missing
▪ Likes to - attempt - cook for you
▪ Always sets up little dates
▪ Keeping things spontaneous
▪ Fun
▪ If you have kids, he’d gladly watch them if you went out
▪ Oddly responsible for being basically a mental child

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▪ Once again: m o o d y
▪ He’s a cat
▪ What did you expect
▪ Has a small drop of anger issues
▪ Jealousy
▪ Gets a bit cocky
▪ Like he’s God’s gift to the world
▪ He gets insecure
▪ Sometimes to the point you might fight
▪ Might nit-pick over tiny things
▪ Whines when you go hang out with others
▪ Needs a fair amount of attention
▪ Still has his panics about his ears and tail
▪ Might get annoying - depending on who you are and how you deal -
▪ You aren’t allowed to have a pet
▪ ‘But whhhhhhy?’
▪ ‘Am I not enough- I mean, I am a cat.’
▪ Likes to tear things up
▪ Like will literally sit and tear paper or something
▪ Just because he can

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▪ He likes doing little things
▪ Painting on you
▪ Biting on you
▪ Just touching you
▪ Licks you a l o t
▪ Your neck is his canvas
▪ Hips, too
▪ Likes doodling on your arms
▪ Loves when you wear his clothes
▪ Likes to sing to you
▪ But
▪ He also thoroughly enjoys being on the other end of things
▪ When you cook for him
▪ Play games with him
▪ He really loves when you read to him
▪ Or just tell him stories
▪ Likes hearing your voice in general
▪ Forts
▪ He likes anything that is fun
▪ Adventurous
▪ But
▪ Would basically enjoy the Earth catching fire if he was with you.

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In the end, Jiyong is your prince. He loves you, respects you, and wants to make sure you have the happiest life you can- whatever you want, need, want to go, want to do; he’s going to make it happen.

Requests are OPEN.

We’re all stories in the end...

What will follow is a very long explanation of why I think BBC Sherlock has become fan fiction in every sense of the word, applying a technique called estrangement effect to achieve as well as envision this. It has been happening since S3 - but came into full force in S4 and especially TFP.

Let me state at first: Sherlock Holmes is dead. He died after jumping off Bart’s. That’s the one thing Mofftisson did that no other adaption has dared to do. Not even ACD did describe Holmes dying. But Mofftisson showed us: Sherlock jumped and hit the pavement. We saw it, and it was never explained how he survived. Because he didn’t. What we watch in TEH is altered footage, like in the beginning of TST. Alienated ficitional reality.

But still Sherlock came back. How is this possible? Because Sherlock Holmes never lived, and so could never die; because Sherlock Holmes as a fictional character has long ago crossed the line between ficiton and reality. He exists in both worlds, the ficitonal and ours. Schödinger’s Sherlock, so to speak.

Mofftiss (and Steve Thompson) have adapted Holmes for the 21st century - with all its consequences. They are the first who allow Holmes to die - as it should have been, in Watson’s arms. This is truly new - like it or not.

But why could he survive? Because of the fans. Fans brought Holmes back in 1903 - and they brought him back in S3 (or even MHR). Whereas S1 and S2 might still be somehow canon compliant if modernised, with S3/MHR the show left the realm of ACD and became something else. It became our story. We are the narrators. Therefore, we appear, for example, as Anderson or the Empty Hearse Club, before we, in TAB, leave this concrete narrator position behind to ascend onto yet another narrative level.

Many commented (and lamented) the change from S2 to S3. The show became a romcom! The cases didn’t matter anymore! All those new characters! All true - because the BBC adaption had detached itself from ACD and started to become its own work of art, it’s very own pastiche. That might be self-referential; and perhaps wasn’t even always well made (TFP!) - but I think we should stop applying real life structures and standards to this work of art - because it simply doesn’t work. (And, as every writer, Mofftiss have the right to fuck their own story up).

The audience and fandom struggle with a lot of twists after S2 because making the distinction between canon compliant fictional verisimilitude and the realm of associative fan fic is especially hard to mark with a figure like Holmes - who seems real and yet never was. On the other hand, he is the perfect character to undergo such a narrative transformation.

If this interests you, please continue under the cut.

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Astro as things kids in my law class have said

MJ- “Is this desk too tall or am I too short?”

Jinjin- “Why am I even in this class. I didn’t sign up for it BUT HERE I AM ANYWAY.”


Moonbin- “Am I allowed to throw chairs at people?”

Rocky- “My entire existence is a lie.”

Sanha- *Shows up in inflatable trex costume* “I have arrived”

hey guys. something really ironic has happened at my school. 

Our SAGA group (like a gsa) made a video for the day of silence. It’s set up like an interview, and we talk about being lgbt+ in a school setting, along with explaining (roughly) why the day of silence exists. We put a lot of work into planning & filming this video.

and now we’re not allowed to show it. 

The school board has been giving reasons for not allowing it, there was a specific example that could target a teacher. so we edited that part out. they still didn’t allow it. They said that we don’t have permission (faces etc), but the video making is covered by a form signed earlier in the year. there was the argument of “other clubs don’t do this” but they do. I’ve seen numerous videos from clubs that were to get the message of their club out. There are numerous other reasons they gave that our club sponsor wouldn’t go into, but she (our sponsor) says that she doesn’t see them as valid. 

i think it’s ridiculous that we’re being silenced on this day.

we’re not giving up on getting this video out, and you can watch it here 

The criticism that bugs me the most towards Zack Snyder’s Superman is that he doesn’t smile or that he spends too much time being sad. Recently in another post I talked a bit about how I interpreted this version of Superman to be a metaphor for depression so I’ll expand a bit of my thoughts on it here - but not by focusing solely on depression but rather on what it means to be human.

To get to the point, I think it’s disgusting when people make the complaint that Superman shouldn’t be sad and that he spends too much time doubting himself since he’s capable of so much more, because in a way the reactions by these critics mirror the way humanity shuns Superman in the DCEU for not being able to do everything expected of him, the way humanity in the real world disapproves of and/or alienates those struggling with depression or any mental illness in general, and the way the media attacks Zack Snyder as a person for simply making films that are different from their own tastes. It’s natural and justified for Superman to be in emotional distress, and in my opinion it would be insultingly unrealistic for him not to be.

It’s like telling someone struggling with trauma and depression “why can’t you just be happy?” or “just get over it! smile!” despite them going through or having gone through hell, despite them living in a world that prefers ignorance towards issues that need to be addressed, and despite them constantly being attacked by those who make them feel as if they’re a failure or a burden to the people around them.

Humanity in the DCEU views Superman as a devil and a god, as an enemy and a savior, and he knows that every decision he makes, even merely existing, will anger a lot of people. Humanity in real life idealizes Superman as a perfect hero who always finds the optimal solution to every problem, who smiles all the time, who isn’t allowed to show vulnerability or weakness. Zack Snyder utilizes these expectations to reveal that not even Superman is perfect, and in doing so he sheds light on the beauty of vulnerability and why it’s okay to surrender yourself to your emotions when it all becomes too overwhelming. That’s how you humanize a character like Superman.

“You look at Superman, and you wonder, what can he possibly have to worry about? What could possibly ever hurt him? But just because his skin is invulnerable, that doesn’t mean his heart is. And that’s how you hurt Superman. You break his heart.”

DC stories are mainly about finding the humanity within god-like beings. Wonder Woman, for example, beautifully portrays optimism and joy in a superhero film that explores the character’s humanity in its own grounded and special way, and many people are calling the film a breath of fresh air yet many are unable to do so without attacking the “dark and brooding” character of Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice’s Superman, because that character reminds them too much of the issues they’d prefer to stay silent on.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Confronting a Dog In Public - For Employees

So, you’re a waiter working at a restaurant, where health codes dictate that non-service animals are strictly prohibited. You see someone walk in with a dog, some sort of medium-sized mixbreed. That dog is in a perfect heel, wearing a head collar, and ignoring the people around him, but you don’t see a vest. What do you do?

You’re a cashier working at your local grocery store, and pets shouldn’t be there because getting dog hair on the merchandise would be gross. Somebody walks in with their tiny chihuahua in a carrier bag. The chihuahua is sitting inside, calm, but aware. You can just barely make out some sort of vest. The owner seems perfectly healthy though and the dog is not on the leash. When she grabs a cart, she puts the small dog inside it. Should this be addressed?

You’re highly allergic to dogs and you work at a home improvement store, with lots of loud noises and open space. You see a big, hairy golden retriever walk in through the entrance and instantly feel like you want to sneeze just thinking about it. The dog is wearing a vest that says “emotional support dog,” but he pulls at his owner any which way, wags his tail when people come near, and the owner encourages people to pet him. The dog doesn’t respond to his name, and is sniffing the floor and the merchandise. Is this okay?

When You See A Well-Behaved Dog Walk Into Your Store:

-Assume the dog is a legitimate Service Dog, and treat the handler kindly.
-Approach the handler calmly and ask “Is that a Service Dog, and if so, what task does it perform?”
-Ignore the dog
-Talk to the handler like they are a normal person, maybe compliment them on their dog’s behavior.


-Approach the handler with an offensive attitude, angrily comment, “We don’t allow dogs in here!”
-Reach down to pet the dog, while talking only to the dog, and ignoring the handler.
-Demand to see any sort of documentation, doctor’s note, or identification.
-Ask them for proof of the dog’s tasks, by requesting that the dog perform a task in front of you.
-Deny the owner access, on account that you “don’t believe the dog is legitimate”
-Follow the handler around, waiting for the dog to make a mistake. 
-Tell the handler that their dog can’t be a service dog because of the dog’s breed or size, or argue that the only Service Dogs that exist are guide dogs.

When You See An Ill-Mannered Dog Walk Into Your Store:

-Approach the handler and ask if the dog is a Service animal and what task he is trained to perform.
-Ask the handler politely to remove their animal, since it is acting poorly (ways of acting poorly include, going to the bathroom inside, lunging at onlookers, vocalizing unnecessarily, being generally unkempt and unclean, showing signs of aggression)
-Inform the handler that they are welcome in the store, without their dog. 
-Calmly express to them why their dog is being denied.


-Allow a dog that performs “emotional support” or an “emotional support animal” into your store. These animals do not have any legal rights to public places.
-Assume that every dog that enters your store is going to act like the bad ones.
-Accept any form of certification as “proof” they the animal is a service dog. 
-Deny the handler access into the store, after they have removed their dog. 
-Approach them angrily or with ill-intent. 

When A Service Dog Enters Your Store But Somebody There Has Severe Allergies:

-accommodate both disabilities by separating the two people as much as possible. 
-ensure the dog is legitimate by asking if it is a service dog and what tasks it is trained to perform.
-remember that  legitimate service dog will be well groomed in order to minimize the risk of anybody around them having an allergic reaction.
-take note as to whether or not the breed of dog is anti-allergenic, like a poodle-mix.
-stay calm and inform the service dog handler of the possible allergic problems; most service dog handlers will do what they can to minimize the problem.


-freak out and deny the Service Dog access
-force the person with allergies to be in close proximity of the person with the dog
-deny access to either party 
-allow an unkempt dog into your store 
-tuck the Service Dog handler away or force them to participate in whatever way that would make their trip more difficult or impossible 

**In relation to US law, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.


GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”


TFP - EURUS Holms is not real!

There is a woman pretending to be Sherlock’s sister, but how can he forget a sibling?

We don’t know, if there is a real sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, the explanation in TFP is not satisfying. If Mycroft was able to re-write Sherlock’s memories, what else did he manipulate? This would also imply, that he has more power over Sherlock, as we want to imagine.

Sherlock knows her as a blond women, that came to his flat a few weeks ago, pretending to be ‘Faith Smith’ and when he ‘picked up’ John at his therapist (without recognizing that it was the same person) – as EURUS she looks again different, acts different.

Is EURUS real and a missing Holms sibling or maybe one of Moriarty’s or Mycroft’s agents or even sent from Sherrinford, the real secret sibling?

We have seen her in 3 disguises before (Faith Smith, ‘E’xx the woman in the Bus, John’s new therapist) so we don’t know, how she really looks like.

As John points out in therapy, that she barely news Sherlock, she explains ‘Oh no, we met before, we spent a whole night together, it was lovely, we had chips…!

John’s jealous look – let me instantly think about Moriarty’s plan to ‘burn out Sherlock’s heart!

During her introduction to John, EURUS locks the door to the garden to ensure, that he can’t escape, but what is her motive to hurt or kill John?

Culverton gave me Faith original note, a mutual friend put us in touch…”

(Who was this mutual friend – was it MORIARTY???) Consulting criminal - it is his style to use others to separate John and Sherlock, like he used Irene Adler before.

At the same time, we get a proper connection to Moriarty, when Sherlock finds the ‘big one’, the real message that links to Moriarty, hidden on Faith original note!

What do we expect Sherlock to do, when he realizes, that Moriarty is behind it? – He knows that John is in danger and that he needs to protect John.

John is the only person, that knows the name ‘EURUS’ and about her disguises. Sherlock is still finding out about it, when he finds the hidden note.

We know, that she has a real gun – no tranquilizer – and that she really shoots at John.

If we look at the position she is holding the gun, I assume that she hits John somewhere in the shoulder or chest, so he might be heavily injured. (Please not one of his beautiful eyes…!!!)

We hear the shot and see the move of the firing pin, see gun smoke, so the creators want to make sure that we believe that it was a real shot!

I’m convinced that Sherlock found John badly injured, after he got shot. John needs to tell Sherlock before he is fainting, that it was Sherlock’s sister ‘EURUS’ who shot him and about her disguise, because John is the only person, that knows her name at the end of TLD.

John getting shot and survives is cannon in ‘The adventure of the three Garridebs’ Sherlock is panicking and takes care of him ‘It was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask.“ This is what John writes in ‘The Strand’ after he got shot in the leg in the original ACD story.

I don’t think that the writers will miss the opportunity to show us Sherlock suffering about John’s life!!!

Sherlock needs to find a way to save John, therefore he uses his mind palace, to find the answer. (I already did a post about that, TFP – is Mind Palace, Sherlock’s coming out’.)

TFP is completely mind palace. Sherlock uses EURUS as his mirror, putting him to all the tests, He needs to find out more about himself and to confront himself with all necessary questions. Look at her, she is the female Sherlock!

She has the same brown curled hair, blue eyes and is playing violin.

Villains are always introduced from there backside in Sherlock, like EURUS in her cell.

So just start to think about EURUS as a tool Sherlock needs to discover his own being in his mind palace, she represents his cold, calculating, reflected and violent side.

Just listen to the taped EURUS information’s: Why am I here? No one ever tells me. Am I being punished?’

There is no such thing as bad. Good and bad are fairy tales (? It always comes back to this when Moriarty is involved!) we have evolved, we touch emotional significance of which it is nothing more than a survival strategy of the pack animal. We have the condition to invest stability and utility (‘utility was used by Mycroft in HLV to describe Sherlock). Good isn’t really good, evil isn’t really wrong, blossoms aren’t really pretty - you are a prisoner of your own meat!’ - ‘Why aren’t you?’

– ‘I’m too clever’ that is definitely Sherlock speaking of himself – pure mind!

Remember: ‘Sentiment is a chemical defect, found on the losing side’ – Sherlock to Irene.

This is Sherlock’s moral code, how he had always seen the world, that he is too clever to be a prisoner of his own meat (heart). 100% brain without a heart, he is too clever to allow that emotions cloud his judgement- it is pure self-control and his protection.

We can see him struggle with himself about this many times, e.g. at the fire place in the THoB ‘I need to distract myself from feelings.. it is the fly in the ointment. the crack in the lens.’ In the green house scene in TAB, he repeats that, etc. 

Now he has his doubts, if this is the right strategy for live and for a good reason: He is in love with John and does not know how to express emotions, because he has never allowed himself to live through them before. So he needs to understand, needs to learn quickly.

So how can Sherlock who repressed his feelings his entire life learn to open up to John to let him see his warm heart behind his cold mask???

I am trying to help you. Helping someone is the best way you can help yourself.’  - EURUS in the taped information.

Sherlock solves cases - helping others is his strategy to help himself not to use drugs to cope with his isolation. But he hardly can accept to be surrounded by people, because he does not understand their feelings and is always insecure when they mention his lack of emotions. So he separated himself from his family, does not allow himself to have friends and is arrogant to all people around him to keep the distance, but this was going to change since John is in his life, he changed him, made it possible to open up a little bit.

Mycroft is the only family member that has regular contact with him. But Sherlock does not like his attention and surveillance, feels always in competition with his older brother. Mycroft pretended to worry about him constantly, but is cold, not a really loving brother figure. He monitors his mental state and Sherlock is somehow aware of that. He taught him this moral code once to protect Sherlock, but also protect his political career. Therefore he is reassuring, that Sherlock is observed, all the time.

But why? What is his motive? Maybe that Mycroft was remarkable, but if EURUS = Sherlock, he is incandescent, an era defining genius beyond Newton (?!?), clinically unique, was able to manipulate people since (S)he was 5 and is an adult now, so has now reached perfection in this. 

Is Mycroft jealous or afraid? Is this the reason he needs to control his younger brother?

John is different, he is the only person that accepts Sherlock for who he is, who knows him for real, who completely cares. This is why Sherlock deeply cares about him -  why he fell in love with him. John is selfless, does not judge, helps Sherlock to understand others around him and gives friendly advice when he was rude to someone without knowing. He saves him whenever necessary in every possible way, does not need to compete with him, kills a bad guy to protect him and is offering to die for Sherlock to protect him. John became Sherlock’s world, his new home – This for me represents pure love… (Without any sexual intention for now, only the longing, the fantasizing …)

So here we are again. Sherlock is at the fork of his path, he needs to find out, whom to follow in future, Mycroft (brain, calculating machine) or John (heart).

Stepping closer to the glass, EURUS tells him, that after REDBEARD (s)he could no longer feel the difference between laughing and crying. – So what happened, that was so life changing? – It must have been a real trauma, that changes a little kid like that…

Sherlock askes EURUS ‘Tell me what I don’t know.’ -Touch the glass’

You are not used to being unsure… look at you, the man who sees trough everything is exactly the man that doesn’t notice, when there is nothing to see trough.’

There is no glass, there are no 2 different people… it is just Sherlock, he is in his mind prison, unable to escape. As the hands of Sherlock and EURUS touch, you can see, that he realizes that he is not confronted with his sister - he is confronted with himself.

EURUS is another part of his subconscious mind that knows everything, the hard drive is big enough to remember it all. It hits him and he is afraid because his subconscious mind is violent and attacks him, knocks him out – ‘Stop me killing him’.

EURUS = little girl on the plain = SHERLOCK

(Did some other posts on TFP before if you are interested, e.g. the little girl on the plain…)

Some things support this theory, e.g. there is no photo showing little EURUS in his mind palest after he is informed that she existed, no sign of her in Mycroft’s family movie…) She is not real!!! (Everything else is transport…)

When Sherlock got knocked down by EURUS, in parallel the complete prison is under alert (so clearly mind palace) – and the devil, the virus in the data (Moriarty) resurface, but most of the time as an image. Sherlock was always afraid of Moriarty, that’s why he did not allow himself to have feelings for John. When dream John realizes the voice, he is knocked out, too in parallel.

Better Together (SPN Speculation)

This took longer than I anticipated. I’m still not sure if I’ve covered everything I wanted to cover and I had to add some stuff since 12.21, but I’m posting it so it gets posted before the finale. It is a massive info dump, and I’m sorry for all the technical stuff, I promise it gets explained in there. I couldn’t figure out how to truncate it without outlining it like a novel. I wish I had time for that, but I barely have time to outline my specs atm. I lso don’t want to say that everything I say here is absolutely definitive, it’s just based on what I’ve observed and the patterns I’ve noticed. There are a lot of other factors that feed into this one that are also worth exploring but I don’t really know how to include them without over complicating everything, so this is the main set that I’m personally focusing on.

I dunno if anyone remembers this, but back when I metad about 12.12, I said I wished I could have done it in video form because the information better lent itself to a visual medium. Yeah, this is another one of those times. Someday I may modify this into a script and do that, but the season finale is basically today, so here goes.

Some of you may have seen a post go around where @k-vichan, @drsilverfish and @angelswatchingover​ discuss what Alicia is and the questions surrounding her current state. (I can’t get it to route to one of their blogs, but check them out)

@k-vichan​ mentioned something that this series has reminded me of since S5, and had themes which have prevailed through the show for a long time.(S7 on, especially.) I went back to watch it after I saw the post, to confirm with myself what I remembered. It had been a long time since I saw the movie, and I wanted to be sure before I wrote about it.

Of all the other works that exist, no other that I know of more closely seems to resemble the themes and message of Supernatural more than the 1995 film Ghost in the Shell.

I have no idea if this is on purpose or if they just both came across the same progression on their own (inspired by the Hegel dialectic) but they both share some common philosophies that have shaped my view of SPN since I’ve watched it, and especially this season. Even without having seen the movie in a long time, these thought processes and progressions seemed to prevail. If there is some real influence between them, what would it mean?

The below place contains spoilers for the ending of Ghost in the Shell, They’re further down though. I’ll mark them. Sadly, they’re kind of important for my speculation, but you can skip them if you want.

But first, let’s talk about (a vastly simplified version of) Hegel (in relation to narrative mostly), theming and message.

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Alternate Theory for Chicago Typewriter Ending: The Past is the Present

OMG OMG OMG…. I just had this crazy theory about the ending of Chicago Typewriter… 

What if… the ending was actually the present? What if Shin Yool was the one who was time traveling this whole time? What if… because he dreamt of the future, he was able to change their fates? And this allowed his image to appear in the picture because he was successfully reborn to meet Se Ju and Seol! Thus, confirming his existence in the future… And the reason why Hwi Young didn’t show Soo Hyun the ending of ‘Chicago Typewriter’ was because he didn’t finish writing it yet since they haven’t achieved their goal.

Ugh… I highly doubt this is true, but sometimes these kind of endings are so tricky because they are open-ended with no absolute closure. The scene in which Shin Yool reunited with Hwi Young and Soo Hyun was very similar to the scene in which Soo Hyun tried to steal ‘Chicago Typewriter’ to read… but instead of Shin Yool interrupting the fight to help out Soo Hyun… this time he looked at them with hope and confidence because he knew they will be reborn in a liberated Korea. Shin Yool even quoted, “I’ve been dreaming,” after Hwi Young told him how he napped in broad daylight. Most importantly, the picture that Shin Yool looked at didn’t have his image… but later on his image appeared in the picture in the last scene. I think it appeared because, this time, he changed his fate of being killed by Soo Hyun (and sealing himself in the typewriter) to the three of them successfully living their past lives to be reborn in the future. 

And the reason why I think Shin Yool couldn’t remember his death was because, presently, he had not experienced his death… therefore he could only remember up to where he left off before falling asleep/time-traveling. (Of course…. he could also have not remembered his death because he died a sad death by Soo Hyun while also having regrets). 

So perhaps, the ending of Chicago Typewriter wasn’t the “ending”… but only the beginning for the main characters’ past lives to eventually be reborn in the future?

I don’t know… I think I’m just making up stuff cause I really wanted to see Shin Yool be reborn… poor sunshine suffered so much after learning of his betrayal and his death. I think I’m just overthinking this lol… 

Here’s my overall review of Chicago Typewriter that’s more sensible lol… 

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amor fati

Jungkook has heard it all: the assumptions, the accusations, the suppositions that blindly underine his whole being.

“You can’t do a single thing right.”

His inner world is quiet, an ivory realm that simmers with brimming thoughts that can’t be spilled, his mind shackled to his mouth that binds both into a restraint. The world before him dims into a lackluster orbit of weakened spirits, where the firmament of an azure hue slowly wanes into that of a worn down denim blue. 

Since when did all his convictions, all his bravery and ambition become so dull -  buried beneath the deep vicissitudes of his ingrained melancholia? How did his confidence warp into inward hatred, his honesty twisted into guarded deceit of I’m okays?

“You take everything for granted. Why can’t you be more grateful?”

His expressions become as blank as an untainted canvas when confrontations proceed. He feels as though his mind stops working, the engine jerking to a whole stop when he needed the cogs to turn the most. How, in desperation, he’s clawing at anything he can spit to make them go away, but apologies won’t cut it. They want more, more, more; explanations, sincerity, a face full of melodramatic contortions that convey the human emotions. No more of the same excuses. 

Apologies are forced; empty laced with fear as they tell him how to feel, how to react, what to say and do. It was as though every single little thing he did was a crime; they would blow things out of proportions, and it caused him a great deal of trepidation as he went along the day as his normal self - not exactly; unable to be normal, when he was so caught up in being so cautious and careful in every move he made, and it made him sick, because all the things he did weren’t sincere anymore. He just did them for survival.

“You don’t even mean it when you apologize. I’m always the one to ask for it when you don’t take responsibility for what you did wrong.”

But what did Jungkook do wrong?

“This is basic human decency - common sense. If you can’t even say a single ‘thank you’, how are you supposed to survive in the real world?”

But Jungkook does say ‘thank you’. He’s expressed his gratitude countless and countless of times but it’s not enough - never enough. 

“You never speak. How are we supposed to know what you’re thinking?”

Nobody listens to him.

“Why are you so selfish? Why do you always think about yourself?”

They’ve got it all wrong - 

“You’re so useless - ”

“ - always so passive - ”

“Don’t play the victim - ”

“Say sorry.”


“You don’t even mean it.”

Jungkook’s heard it all.

So he rarely speaks, never shows, doesn’t allow himself to feel, because whatever he does on his own free will is always seen as an unwatchable crime. It was as though his existence dripped acid droplets of iniquity, his worthlessness a true aspect of his character that’s been issued countless of times, and that he was a spineless puppet, seemingly vacant and controlled like a marionette with his limbs attached to invisible strings of the silhouettes that guilt-trips him into becoming a vessel of sheer depravity. Because that was what he was, right? 

A puppet. A worthless puppet. Quietness was an atrocity. Compassion was a transgression. Gratitude was sought for and expected. But then - 

“I like being with you.” Jimin said, his soft smile as bright as little dainty diamonds, his eyes shaping into that of an eclipsed moon that conveyed the absolute wonders of his beauty, “It’s comfortable. It’s hard to tell what you’re thinking about though. You’re a mystery.” His voice was soothing. Different from the others that were harsh and gritty. 

His voice reminded Jungkook of a forest’s hymn, specked with gold, a mid afternoon kissed by the summer sun and its gilded rays. It reminds him of the simplicity of beauty, like little etches of petite charms engraved on the trunks of trees; like noticing the glittering spots of scintillas integrated within a clique of granite rocks; like sleeping in on a Saturday morning with the warm sun beaming through the windows. He always felt warm being near him and listening to his genuine words and sweet voice. It gave him a little bit of faith in the cracked globules of his heart - of what remains, at least.

One day, Jimin breaks the wall of vocable boundaries and extends a hand towards him amidst the evening, as they sat on the prickly grass by the river and watched as the sun beautifully set, its luminous, glowing hues blending into pomegranate pink and tangerine orange, “Can I ask you something?”

Jungkook eyes at his hand momentarily with a glint of hesitancy. “What?” He tentatively reaches for the offered hand when Jimin beckons him to take it. The grip of their intertwined hands was soft and gentle, but enough to radiate a placid heat between their palms.

“Do you,” Jimin hums a bit as he delicately runs a thumb over his knuckles, “like being here?” 

Jungkook doesn’t understand. He always likes being with Jimin. He feels safe with him.

“It’s just that - your eyes,” Jimin tightens his grip just ever so slightly, his smile dostoevskian, and Jungkook didn’t like that. He wanted to see him smile with absolute mirth, dimples showing and nose scrunching, “your eyes says a lot when your mouth doesn’t. And I was just wondering, because you know I’m always here for you, don’t you?”


Do you like being here?

Do you like being alive?

It was the same question; just different answers. 

And if it were any other time, Jungkook would have answered -  lied with an ‘of course’, but as he stares at Jimin and his starry eyes and the tender smile only reserved for him, the realization of being in love with him hits him like a epiphany, a strange mellowness flooding his whole being.

“Remember this, Jungkook,” Jimin had once said to him, “It’s not your fault that the lives of those people who hurt you are in constant decline. It’s never your fault for any of their misfortunes. You’re not a pawn for them to take their anger out on you. You’re more than just what they make you feel. You’re more than their words.”

Perhaps it happened from the very beginning when they first met. Perhaps it was only just now that he’s finally aware of the fact that Jimin has always seen him as an actual person. He never looked at him with judgment or with hostility. Rather, he saw him. He saw right through him, saw through his chicanery and destruction, saw through his quietude only to witness the muddles of his mind and heart slivered in fragments of wintry albatrosses. He was the first person to understand his silence and his solemnity and never questioned the bruises that were scattered across his arms and ribs, like the blooming of wilting flowers still in their budding phase. 

And Jimin knows. And he’s still here when he could have left, but he didn’t. He stayed. (Even when Jungkook caused him inevitable frustration from the difficulties of his guarded nature, he still stayed.)

Since when had he felt this calm around a person without the anxiousness to perform well at everything to avoid being affronted at the tiniest things in scale? Without the possibility of things being blown out of proportion like they always are?

There was no denial, just a quiet moment of acceptance and understanding.

Jungkook looked down at their hands.

“I didn’t.” He confesses, but a gentle smile works its way on his face, the stretch of his face muscles aching from the unfamiliarity of a true, earnest smile made from his own volition, “but now I do.”

Maybe there was no kiss -  no banal declaration of love to signify their feelings but they knew; with their soft smiles and knowing looks and warm, prolonged eye contact; their interwoven hands that settled between them comfortably as they basked in the hushed reticence. Words weren’t expected to be spoken, no compulsory apologies - Jungkook felt a flood of pure freedom and an indescribable happiness. He wasn’t tied down to the puppeteers that bestowed a sense of shame upon him -  instead, he felt like a person for once and felt as though he was treated as one too.

And maybe it’ll take him time - a long time, even - to stop shaking at little mistakes, at automatically apologizing profoundly at the slightest shortcomings, and flinching every time someone moves to give him a mere hug. He’ll never be permanently okay, but who was always okay in their lives? Jungkook would learn, through regression and progression, to unlearn all the toxic things done onto him, because it was possible. Healing was possible - difficult, but attainable.

And as he looks at Jimin who looked at him with so much warmth, so much love, he felt hope probe at his heart and there, he learned that perhaps he wasn’t broken like he thought he was all this time, but was merely incomplete. 

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why didn't you participate in the trans day of visibility?

because tumblr hates everything that i am, so why even bother. 

i’m being passive-aggressively insulted because i’m white and a trans guy, both of which are things that i can’t help. tumblr also hates white trans guys who are skinny, because being skinny = hating people who are fat. i’m a fat trans guy and i have problems posting selfies on normal days, so why would i want to post my selfies for a day of trans visibility when people on tumblr don’t even want us here? i find myself incapable of being proud of who i am when transgender people are literally turning on me and my trans brothers just for being ourselves. 

not to mention that most of the userbase on this website is AFAB to begin with, trans or not. but you know, that’s apparently our fault, too.

if this was the “trans women of colour visibility day” then i could see why they would be pissed at all of us trans white boys, but it’s not. this was for ALL trans people, and yet we get fucking shit on every time we try to be ourselves and show our faces. why? because we’re trans men, and everyone thinks it’s acceptable to shit all over us because we’re men. also we’re white, so that means we’re fucking awful to start out with. and god forbid that some trans men be skinny, because some people’s bodies have high metabolisms and some people have eating disorders. but since trans men are white and skinny, they’re just the worst people ever.

it’s like we’re not even allowed to exist without other trans people hating us.

you wanna complain about the dreaded cis scum people hating us and forcing us out of things, but here you are doing it to trans people. but it’s okay, since we’re basically just stupid white males anyway :)

this event is something i’m never going to be interested in participating in.

god fucking forbid us for trying to be visible on a day of visibility for us.

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NESSIAN PLEASE 65: why did someone just tell me they ship us because I ship nessian and ur an amazing writer :)

You are far, far too sweet. I am LOVING how many Nessian requests I’m getting, drabbling for them is so much fun. Apologies if this is a bit messy, I’ve squeezed it out whilst on Placement so it’s unedited. Hope you enjoy, it was a riot to write!

To request further prompts for any ACOMAF pairing/character, find them here. Always Open.

Nessian - Modern! AU, TV Stars AU - Prompt 65

Comic Con was not Nesta’s natural habitat. Swarms of sweaty, overexcited people bustling about everywhere, always enthusing and exclaiming and squeeing. As someone who considered it a sign of weakness to express anything other than cold disdain, she could not even begin to comprehend this species. The ‘fandom’ as Lucien, their PR manager, had called it.

She supposed she ought to be grateful that she was part of such a cult phenomenon. ‘A Game of Courts’ had been a gamble, her very first project as an actress and it involved full frontal nudity, endless travelling, and a five-year minimum contract. Rhysand, the visionary behind the show, was a remarkably persuasive man though. A foolish dreamer if ever Nesta had met one, but in his case, chasing his dreams had paid off. And now people wouldn’t stop telling her how much they loved her.

“You’re such a bitch,” A girl dressed up as Nesta’s character screamed during the meet and greet. “I love it!”

“Oh my Queen, High Lady of the Illyrians, Warrior from the Cauldron!” A man wearing a sculpted chest piece to give him fake abs had trouble breathing as he shook her hand. “You’re welcome to destroy my self-worth any day.”

She did her very best to smile politely and thank everyone for their support. Most of the rambled gushing people spilled over her was sort of coherent. References to the shows she would nod at respectfully, and every salivating comment about her tits could be filed away for ego-stroking purposes whenever she saw online derision about the fact that of all the Archeron sisters, she had the smallest bosom.

One thing came up time and time again, however, that sounded like complete nonsense to her. Though it pained her to show her ignorance, at the end of the meet at greet, she turned to Cassian.

The male beside her was loving the attention, as she knew he would. Women swooned before his bare chest, some even daring to ask to touch it. However, all apologized and shied away when they spotted Nesta’s icy glare. She would not tolerate them inflating that arsehole’s ego any further, thank you very much.

“Would you like a little sit down, Cassian?” Nesta asked with a sugary sweet simper and a smile. “It must be awfully tiring, holding up the weight of that enormous head.”

“It is damn hard work,” Cas said, stretching out like a cat fresh from sunning himself. “Good thing I’ve got such incredible upper body strength to support it.”

Rolling her eyes, Nesta lowered her voice. “Though I consider you a meatheaded jock and a moron,” always open with an insult, that was her policy when dealing with egomaniacs, “you probably spend enough time googling yourself to know the answer. Why did someone just tell me they ‘ship’ us?”

Cassian blinked back at her. “I don’t recall boats ever being relevant. Not with winnowing existing. And given how we both have wings, I just don’t see why everyone keeps referring to ships.” She shut up the second she realized he’d broken into a deliciously smug smile. She pushed up onto her tip toes and placed a delicate hand upon his shoulder. “I swear to god Cassian, if something patronizing comes out of those over-defined lips of yours, I will end you.”

“My dearest Nesta,” Cassian said, his voice soft and low and far, far too dangerous. “Allow me to show you what that question means. You see all those fans queuing over there, watching us?” He nodded to the hoards of awaiting fanboys and girls. “See how they’re quiet now? Well, listen to what happens when I do this.”

With one hand he caressed the curve of her cheek, and with another he drew her closer by the small of her back. She would later adamantly deny the way her heart raced and her cheeks flushed as she gazed back at him, though fifteen different camera phones caught the incident and would later upload it to be immortalized upon youtube. Denial could do little to erase how she leaned closer when he bowed his head to kiss her.

The hall around them devolved to chaos. Shrieks of ‘Oh-My-Gawd!’ And stranger still, ‘The ship has sailed!’ erupted from the gathered crowd, and iphones flashed in a display as impressive as Starfall itself.

“All hail the High Lady of The Illyrians!” Someone bellowed above the mayhem.

“Commander Cas has got the mooooves!” Another whooped, punching the air.

“That, my dear,” Cas whispered, breaking from the kiss to look back at her, his touch upon her cheek remarkably gentle, “is what it means when the fans say they ship us.”

Related to a recent reblog on representation + characters

Sorry, the Send button on your askbox doesn’t appear for me no matter what browser I use, so I’m sorry I have to submit my ‘ask’ like this. I hope you don’t mind… First of all I want to say I really enjoy browsing this blog and I like your stance on things; you don’t shove your opinions down people’s throats, and I’m glad you’re not afraid of stating your opinions either. I feel like more people should look at this blog. You don’t blindly follow news with no evidence or sources and you don’t parrot the same stuff everyone else does and it’s refreshing. 

Just so I’m clear I’m only speaking for myself and not for all of LGBT+/women who may have differing opinions on the matter. I find on this website people like to act like they can speak for their ENTIRE community, so…

But in relation to this post…from an LGBT+, female perspective, a show having gay or female characters alone WILL NOT make me watch it. It’s cool when I see LGBT+ characters in the media; representation isn’t a bad thing. When I watch a film or read a book, I care for the plot and the depth of characters, and overall enjoyment. Even if the entire cast was LGBT+, if they’re boring cardboard cut-outs I won’t care for it. If my straight friends didn’t want to watch a show with LGBT+ people in it because the plot didn’t interest them, I would be fine with that.

When people force representation down the throats of directors/authors etc. who are majorities, I feel it’s wrong to do that. You can’t tell someone what to do with their creative expression. If I see a show with a well-written ‘heteronormative’ romance, do I complain? Do I complain about books with lots of male characters? No, because heterosexual people exist and so do men- and that’s totally okay.

People can do what they want with their characters. It’s not always going to be about me and my life experiences, after all. One of my old friends always complained about heterosexual romance, and I don’t see why it’s a problem. It’s not like writers aren’t allowed to make straight characters!

I’m wondering though, Tam, on how you feel on the matter?


If I had to choose I’d rather have little to no representation with good characterization and plot then representation with bad characters/plot. Because storytellers who focus on representation alone while completely disregarding the other two will eventually steer to the point of tokenism and badly written characters that only reinforce negative stereotypes. Since they got nothing else going for them - other than the fact they’re placed into the story for the sake of trying to appease certain audiences - they’ll try to stick as many cliches to make up for that since they can’t even bother to halfass that character. I don’t think anyone on here wants that.

It’s patronizing for someone to come to me and say “you might like this *movie* it has *this amount* of black and female characters” and then I ask them what it’s about and if it’s any good – and they can’t formulate a response based on that. Then they proceed to lecture me on w/e internalized prejudice they think I have if I don’t express any interest in it, as if I’m supposed to blindly like something because it’s “right up my alley”. 

I especially hate the people who make others feel bad for not liking a show/movie that happens to have representation but the storytelling is garbage; asking for both is asking for too much apparently.  

Ok, here are all of my Gumball Headcanons from my RP blog
  • He doesn’t like to be pet or just in general be treated like a housecat. He thinks it’s embarrassing for a twelve year boy to be “cute”, he’d much rather be “cool”. 
  • Gumball purrs occasionally. Usually at the most awkward times possible. 
  • He’s smarter than people give him credit for. He even managed to outsmart Bobert at one point. (The Bet.) He just needs to be properly motivated. Problem is, it’s really hard to motivate Gumball.
  • He has a giant stash of makeup hidden in his bedroom. (I’m basing this on “The Limit” where he buys a bunch of lipstick due to it being discounted.) 
  • Both Gumball and Darwin can see ghosts, having each been one for a brief period of time in “Halloween”. 
  • Ever since the events of “The Signal” he gets nervous whenever the TV malfunctions, but he has no idea why. 
  • He has a bit of a fear of being forgotten due to the sheer amount of times people have tried to get rid of or replace him. That’s why he’s always trying to put himself in the spotlight. It’s something he could probably relate with to Rob if the two ever actually talked and became friends. 
  • Gumball is technically immortal from the time the show starts until the time the show ends. (He doesn’t age, things happen to him like his head being blown up but this still doesn’t kill him…) he can still get hurt, but it heals itself really quickly. Once the show ends he and his classmates will be allowed to actually grow up, if they don’t just fade out of existence entirely due to their being no show. 
  • He has a sneaking suspicion that the world is not what it seems, but he’s in such deep denial over it that he pushes away all the evidence. He just doesn’t want to believe that it’s true.

Sorry there are so many! I tried to send you my text post with all of these on it, but I couldn’t for some reason. 


i thought abuse didn’t get much more obvious than a victim standing with his arms out in a sign of “i mean no harm”, hospital band on his wrist, and he’s suddenly shoved to the ground and then he’s the ones apologizing (p.s. he was hospitalized because she’d almost killed him) — but the reaction this scene got in the fandom downright astounds me, specifically because people just don’t see this relationship as abusive.

what makes this especially troubling for me — not that abuse and abuse apologism isn’t always troubling and awful — but there’s this whole other level to it: the fact that this character is a male abuse victim. he can take care of himself. she’s just a girl, what can she do to him? men aren’t victims. he probably deserved it. this is empowering and feminist, because she’s a girl and he’s a guy and #weaponized femininity, she can beat up any dumb boy with her winged eyeliner. this mindset (men aren’t victims) is the exact reason it’s so hard for male victims of any kind of domestic or sexual violence to come forward and talk about their experiences. women are the socially acceptable victim, and even most women aren’t believed when they try to come forward.

this character, mike, is canonically neurodivergent: it says that he’s ADHD and he’s written with ADHD traits, and after he’s hospitalized (when she almost killed him) he develops an addiction — a mental illness — to painkillers. the fact that he’s neurodivergent and an abuse victim isn’t a coincidence. it’s the same reason so many fans call him “crazy” and “stupid” and “boring” and make fun of his neurodivergent traits and say “lol mike whose fault it this” and “see what happens when you do drugs, mike?” during his addiction storyline. neurodivergent people (including men) are very commonly victims of domestic violence because abuse is almost always linked to a power imbalance: abusive people see their victims as weak and therefore easier to control. in an abuser’s eyes, neurodivergent people are weak and easy to manipulate. this is why women are the more socially acceptable victim in a patriarchal society: according to this system, women = weak and men = strong. the only victims who are allowed to exist are women who appear to be weak — not that they actually are weak or that there’s anything wrong with them or their reaction or with a victim showing weakness, or that women in this bracket have an easy time coming forward, but abuse against a neurodivergent man is basically unheard of; it’s just not something that’s recognized.

continuing to use mike as an example: his neurodivergence, coupled with the fact he’s a guy and therefore not allowed to be seen as a victim, were all that was needed for this fandom to split into three distinct groups: the ones that hated him and thought he was pathetic, boring, and whiney; the ones that shipped him with his abuser and romanticized the abuse; and the few that saw this as abuse and mike as a victim.

someone once reblogged one of my gifsets of mike and added “nobody liked you, mike. you were boring and had to be literally injected with personality.” this injection being a reference to mike’s drug addiction that almost kills him (his abuser and when she almost kills him are why he develops this addiction, she makes fun of him for “going crazy” aka being high sometimes, and when he goes through detoxification, he wakes up at one point and she’s touching him — he tries to move away from her and says “don’t touch me,” and she shushes him and keeps touching him. great example of the power imbalance and how she believes she has complete control over him). to the person who said this, mike has no other personality besides his season 3 drug addiction, which isn’t even though of as a mental illness but instead a character flaw. there are no traits of ADHD, no reactions to abuse. the fact that this character always forgives people who hurt him? how, when he finally told someone about his drug addiction, he cried and apologized for letting that happen to himself? not relevant. pathetic. boring. whiney. his fault. more and more often, i see people calling abuse victim characters “boring” and “whiney” when the characters react with fear, cry a lot, are in pain, etc. people who say this, like the abusers, see the victim as weak, their pain easily swept aside or mocked.

as for people who ship abusive relationships: i get it. people can ship whatever they want, or whatever. i’m not trying to ~start a ship war~ like i was accused of the last time i made a post talking about mike being a victim. the problem here is that when you ship an abusive relationship, other people see your posts and thoughts. through your pretty edits and fluff fics, they see you saying very clearly: “what happened to you was romantic. what happened to you was okay. what happened to you was how people are supposed to be treated.” when real life abuse victims watch a show and see a character like mike, they relate, and then they see a bunch of people talking about how much he deserved it or how sad the shippers are for the characters ~not getting along~ or how pathetic he is for being in pain. the fact that people can prioritize how cute or sexy they think a fictional relationship is over the mental health of real life victims says everything you need to know about what kind of person they are.

how we see fictional characters sets the precedent for how we treat real life people in the same circumstances. and, if you publicize in any way how you see the character, real life people in the same or similar circumstances will see what you’re saying. the sooner we see characters like mike as a victim, the sooner we can improve the way real life victims (including male and/or neurodivergent victims) are treated.

victims of abuse reading this, please feel free to add on commentary (as long as nobody adds on any garbage like “men can’t be abused”)

What is Xena: Warrior Princess about? Why is it such a strong and substantial show? Why shouldn’t the reboot happen?

In this piece of writing I want to talk about something that isn’t really talked about very intricately with Xena: Warrior Princess and why I feel it’s problematic and why I want to try to rectify it. I will explain what the show is ultimately about and why it’s such a strong and substantial show because of it better than any media outlet or website can or has. You see, the synopsis anywhere you look online for the show, such as Wikipedia or IMDB only really give the basic main plotline, which is Xena’s journey with redeeming herself from her past misdeeds. This is extremely annoying for me because it puts Gabrielle on the back-burner as more of a recurring character rather than a second lead character. It only mentions Gabrielle as Xena’s ‘sidekick’ or ‘tag along’ and this is infuriating! The show is just as much about Gabrielle as it is about Xena, even if the title of the show addresses only Xena. What isn’t talked about by these information media outlet websites are the other sides to the show. There is more than one main plotline in Xena: Warrior Princess and the show is much stronger and more substantial because of it. I am so unbelievably passionate about making people know and understand this so they would have more of a reason to watch it.

These are these main plotlines to Xena: Warrior Princess:

1. Xena’s journey and struggle with redemption (reconciling her past Self with her present Self and balancing her Dark side with her Light side… ect).

2. Gabrielle’s journey and struggle with evolving into a Warrior (the violence, bloodlust, vengeance, betrayal, lies, killings… ect)

3. Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship going from friendship to romance/friends-to-lovers (all the love, forgiveness, trust, faith, compassion, intimacy, care for one another… ect)

The 3rd main plotline only grows when the first 2 main plotlines have been taken care of and aided by each other. They both have their own separate storylines to which make the show absolutely groundbreaking, because not only do they do what they do for themselves, but they also do it for each other even more so than themselves. At the end of the day what the show really comes down to is the theme of LOVE. It’s all about the love ultimately as Lucy and Renee have said countless times and I absolutely agree with them.

Gabrielle chooses to become and remain a Warrior despite Xena being uncomfortable with it just to live and travel with her. So she could be by Xena’s side always helping and aiding her along in her quest for redemption and doing good and being a defender of the innocent.

Xena chooses to become and remain a do-gooder and a defender of the innocent only because Gabrielle is by her side. We know she would have given it up easily and went back to her old ways without Gabrielle beside her. Their own individual journey’s lasted so much longer because they had each other to think about and put first before themselves. That’s what ultimately grew their relationship and turned it from friends to lovers. What really made their relationship grow was the ability and the insistence to cater to each other’s needs, despite how much they struggled to do so throughout the show. Now why is this important and why is this such groundbreaking TV in the 90′s and even more so today? Well, they’re talking about that reboot aren’t they which most of the Xenties that are loyal to the original show don’t agree with, and I can understand why. Here is what it comes down to for the Xenites and why they are absolutely right in saying this reboot is ridiculous and shouldn’t go ahead.

Unless the reboot can offer these 3 main plotlines in some way, then that open lesbian relationship they’re talking about exploring between Xena and Gabrielle to the fullest extent they can in this day and age of TV, will be meaningless and more like queer-baiting, which was something Xena: Warrior Princess wasn’t. If anything, it was the entire opposite to queer-baiting. Now what is required for being able to offer the new generation audience, for this reboot to work and stand the test of time like the original has, is the unbelievable chemistry Lucy and Renee had in portraying the friendship and love between Xena and Gabrielle on screen. This is not possible without the other 2 main plotlines to the show. It’s the very fundamental existence to Xena: Warrior Princess and why it’s so strong and substantial. Why the original show went leaps and bounds over it’s predecessor Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in success and recognition. If the reboot cannot do this and the producers, writers and actors only make it about Xena and Gabrielle’s lesbian relationship, it will fail because it’s going to offend so many people. Especially those in the LGBTQ community. This will also mean the original show will develop such a bad reputation among the new generation audience and I cannot allow this. 

The original show means too much to me and all the Xenites to be tarnished all because a greedy and power-hungry company wants to cash in again on it by making a reboot without consulting with the original producers, writers and actors. Without the involvement of Lucy and Renee especially. I will not accept it and I will rebel and resist against it with all the power, strength and determination in my heart, mind and soul. Just like Xena AND Gabrielle have taught me since I was a very young child. To stand up for everything I believe in and never back down on it because the other side is stronger and more powerful and capable of destroying the reputation of something so incredible. It’s up to us, Xenites, to stop this reboot from happening and teaching people about the original show. 

I’m sorry this was so long. I had to express myself or I would of exploded. Thanks for taking the time to read it. We can and will do this together, Xenites, because we all know how much stronger and substantial something is when more than one Warrior comes together to fight for ‘The Greater Good’ not just for themselves, but more so for each other. I’m done. Battle on Xenites!

Is @markiplier just like a motel for evil things. Like how much stuff is going on in there? 

I don’t even know. Is there like people we don’t even know about yet? 

Are there new comers? People who’ve been hiding? 

Is Mark not even there anymore is it all just evil people at this point? 

Are there nice beings inhabiting Mark? Are they all evil I think that very unlikely.

Does Mark allowed them to be here? Do they just show up? Can they just leave willy-nilly? 

Why are there so many? Is Mark okay does he make the bad things or did they already exist?