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I don’t know why the normal picture is sideways. It’s not like that in my gallery. Anyway. I got bored so I decided to draw myself. It is by no means perfect but I tried my hardest and I think it looks pretty good. I’m not an artist that’s for sure. I even asked @purrtlepuff some advice on what I could fix.

The point is, if someone says your not a good artist, don’t listen to them, even if that person is yourself. They say you are your own worst enemy. Yes give yourself criticism but don’t tell yourself that your bad. That goes with anything you do. If your passionate about something, do it. Don’t let anyone, anything, or yourself stand in your way.

~Mama Scribb.

Famous Love/ Part 2

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Warnings: None (I think)

Note: Sorry for the waiting, hope you like it :) Part 3 coming sooooon

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(Y/T/N) -Your twitter name

(Y/L/N)- Your last name

Part 1

A week had gone by since you and Jensen spoke at the Comic Con. Of course, he’d started following you in every social media, and commented with a heart-eyed face on a picture you’d posted that week.

Today was the People’s Choice Awards, and you were a runner-up in the “favorite crime drama TV actress” category. This year’s been a highlight to your carrer and you couldn’t be happier. You’d been to your first Comic Con, and now the People’s Choice Awards as a nominee.

Amanda and Martin were the only ones from the Sherlock cast to join you tonight, so Amanda invited you to her house to get ready. The hairdressers and makeup artists would all be there to tend to you, Amanda and Martin before the event.

You were going with a short, dark red dress, black heels and a basic makeup to go with your loose hair. Amanda was going with a long white dress, beige heels, also a basic makeup, and her hair was tied up. Martin wouldn’t be any different from the other men, since he was wearing a black suit.
You’d taken a picture with the both of them in the car on your way to the event, and posted it on Twitter with the caption “Almost there… Am I excited? As if…”

You were almost there when your phone started beeping, and you repressed a smile when you saw that Jensen had answered your post on Twitter.

“@Y/T/N See ya there then…:)”

This time you couldn’t contain a smile as you clutched the phone in your hands.

“Okay… What’s that face (Y/N)?” Martin asked with a playful smile.

“Oh it’s definitely the face of someone in love!” Amanda said playfully, laughing along with Martin and you felt your cheeks flush.

“What? What are you talking about?” You denied looking at the window.

“Really? Then let me take a look at your phone.” Amanda said with a raised eyebrow, and you were going to protest but she took the phone from your hands.

“Hey! Give it back!” You said but she tossed it at Martin so you couldn’t reach it.

“Hmm it seems that you got a Tweet from Jensen Ackles: ‘See ya there then’” Martin quoted and you groaned, giving up.

“Ah so that’s the reason you’re all smiles…” Amanda laughed. “First he gives you his shirt, now you’re all friendly with each other.”

“How did you know it was his shirt?” you asked confused, and she just scoffed.

“Have you ever heard of Internet? Come on (Y/N), everyone’s talking about it…”

They mocked you for a while longer before you started talking about the PCA. It didn’t take long for you to arrive and see tons of fans and paparazzi in front of the main building.

You exited the car hearing your name being yelled by the fans and seeing the cameras turning towards you. Martin and Amanda were behind you, smiling and waving as well. They had to part from you, leaving you completely alone on the red carpet. You posed for the fotos and answered a few questions. The event was almost at its start when you spotted Genevive Cortese - now Padalecki - coming your way. She was Jared’s wife, and had also played Ruby in the series. You really liked her, and she was as beautiful as ever.

“(Y/N) right?” She asked standing next to you, and you couldn’t contain an excited smile.

“And you’re Genevieve.” You answered and she smiled.

“Jensen told me you were a fan of the series.” She said laughing a bit, and you joined her with burning cheeks. “I just wanted to say thay I’m also a huge fan of Sherlock, and…” She paused, laughing quietly with her cheeks equally as red as yours. “I kind of ship you and Benedict.” She said, running a hand through her face in embarrassment, and the both of you laughed.

“Well, I could never in my whole life picture us together. Sorry…” You smiled a little.

“Oh, I know exactly how that is! It’s inevitable though… Gods, Jensen would kill me if he heard me saying that.” She said, and before you could answer or ask why, a paparazzi called you both for a picture. You hugged sideway, posing for the camera, but couldn’t talk afterwards since everyone was already going inside. You said your farewells quickly as you parted ways. Your seat was thankfully next to Amanda and Martin’s, but after a while, your category came, making your heart beat faster with anxiety. You weren’t expecting to win, since you were a runner up agains many incredible actresses and it was your first time, but deep down you’d love to hear your name being called.

Ellen, who was presenting the awards, was about to call whoever would present the category.

“And now, to present the 'favorite crime drama TV actress’ award, this wonderful, talented, and let’s face it…” She cupped her mouth with her hands, pretending to whisper “Pretty hot actor too” she laughed “Please give Jensen Ackles a round of applause!”

The audience started screaming desperately, and you gasped in surprise, making Amanda and Martin look playfully at you. This was way too much coincidence. He came into the stage smiling and waving, with a black blazer and a wine red tie. He hugged Ellen, who handed him the microphone and exited the stage.

“Hello everybody!” He said and the audience went crazy once again. “First, I’d like to say how honored I am for being able to present this award.” He raised the transparent statue and everyone screamed again. “Now, the nominees for this category are…” The screen started showing scenes of each nominee, until a scene of you in Sherlock appeared, in which you had a gun and were introducing yourself to Sherlock and John. You were blowing the barrel of the gun and smiling a clinical smile while saying: 'Well, that’s was a great hello. And by the way, I’m Mabel Adler.’ And everyone screamed, including Amanda and Martin, making you smile.

“And the winner of this award is…” He paused for suspense, and it seemed like your heart was going to be ripped out of your chest. He opened the little envelope in his hands and… “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”


That’s what you felt.

You had fucking won.

Martin and Amanda pushed you to a standing position, and you walked towards the stage a bit disoriented and with a huge smile, seeing everyone screaming your name and Jensen waiting for you with a warm smile and open arms. You reached the stage, walking towards him and melting completely when his arm reached around your waist and his hand cupped the back of your head while he kissed your cheek for a moment longer than necessary.

“Congratulations, beautiful.” He whispered in your ear, and you could swear you’d died and come back to life at that moment.

He handed you the statue, and you took it with shaking hands and a huge smile. He smiled and said a soothing 'relax’ only for you to hear, standing behind you while you turned to the microphone.

“Thank you all so, so much for this! To all the fans who voted on me, everyone who made this possible, and mostly, to the whole Sherlock cast! I’m really happy and nervous, so I really don’t think I can’t say anything more than this!” You said playfully, making everyone laugh and clap their hands for you. Someone from the production indicated where you should go along with Jensen. There were lots of people rushing through the hallways, some even bumping in you. There wasn’t much space on the hallways, and Jensen’s hand was placed lightly on your back as you walked.

“You guys can go this way to get back to your places. Have a great show.” The girl from the poduction said waving and parting ways with you. You and Jensen shared a glance and smiled in unison, hugging each other as spontaneously. His arms wrapped your waist, lifting you off the ground a few inches, and your arms went around his neck. You were extremely happy, and no one better than Jensen Ackles to share the sentiment with you. He lowered you back down, and still tangled in each other’s arms, you started laughing for no apparent reason until someone from the staff bumped on you, which made you wake up from your trance. He parted from you with a slight blush and scratching his head with an embarrassed smile. You didn’t look much different.  
“Congrats, (Y/N)!” He said and you thanked him with a laugh. Could it be possible that he became even more handsome each day?

You strongly believed it was.

You were about to say something else when another girl from the production started motioning towards the exit for you two.

“And our moment’s over.” He said with a 'tsc’ and a tired face. “(Y/N), I do think you owe me a shirt, so it’s only fair that you give me your number so I can send the bill.” He said faking a serious face and you shook your head while laughing.

“You may be getting my number, but I really doubt you’ll ever see that shirt again. It makes for a great pajama top, you know?” You said with a little smile, while he did the same and took his phone from his pocket, handing it to you so you could type down your number.

“I admit it looks way better on you than it does on me.” He said when you handed him his phone back, making you blush and your heart race. “So, I’ll call you any day so we can grab some lunch?

"I’d love that.” You answered smiling, already walking backwards towards the hallway that would take you back to your seat. You saw him flash you one of his trademark smiles, turning to head back to his seat as well and then suddenly looking back again and shouting at you:

“By the way, (Y/N), it’s a date!”

 Part 3


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