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Fighting styles

In their line of work, combat is inevitable. Our heroes have made a great many enemies, and they need to fight them off on a worryingly regular basis. They can use a variety of weapons or, in the case of most of them, demonstrate a proficiency in close combat.

Artemis is… useless. He has no training that he gave a damn about, and he has been negatively compared to kittens in terms of strength. He can shoot, but no one has trusted him with a gun. He did once manage to hit someone existing in a completely different time frame, though, so he’s got that.

Holly is incredibly dangerous, armed with advanced weapons and often clad in strong armour. She can use any infantry weapon made by Fairies, from pistols to rocket launchers and even high-frequency magnetic blades. Her typical combat load out nowadays includes four guns: Two Neutrino pistols modified for improved performance and balanced for dual wielding, a pulse rifle capable of putting down intense storms of firepower, and a small hold out pistol strapped to her boot. She also carries an assortment of grenades and other explosives, including munitions for her rifle’s launcher. In CQC, she will bring out her buzz baton and move in for quick, impressive blows. She will dodge enemy attacks and deliver her own with any advantage she can take. Holly will utilise her wing pack to give her an edge in manoeuvrability, allowing her to boost around a room, gain a superior angle, or even throw herself at an opponent. This is also why she likes to use twin pistols, as they give her more freedom to move her arms in flight. An iconic image of Holly that has made the rounds on the Fairy internet shows her delivering a powerful knee to an enraged Demon’s face by way of wing pack boosting. The photo was taken from footage recorded by a LEP officer involved in the incident, and it had perfect framing to show the hit. It has since become known as ‘The Knee of Justice’, and it has been edited into many different memes and photos.

Butler is quite possibly the most dangerous Human alive. His sheer size, reach, and speed make it suicidal to face him in a straight fight, and that is before you get to the arsenal that he inevitably has on his person. Trained by the Blue Diamond bodyguard academy, Butler can operate and maintain every kind of man-portable weapon made by Humans, and if he encounters something his training didn’t cover, he can very quickly learn to use it regardless. His favourite weapon is a modified Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, chosen for a balance of size, firepower, accuracy, and recoil control. The gun is very dear to him, and he carries it even when it loses effectiveness against well-equipped foes. A multitude of other weapons can be found on Butler at any one time, although the loadout changes based on the mission parameters. In unarmed combat, he is extremely efficient, using exactly the right amount of force needed to put down his targets. Given his hulking stature, Butler’s speed is very disconcerting. He does have a hidden flair for the dramatic, however, if the situation demands it. He can make his attacks much more flashy and physically impressive, at the expense of efficiency, which is perfect for intimidation or distraction. Butler has combat experience from all over the planet, fighting every conceivable foe, from mercenaries in the Amazon to terrorists in the Balkans. He is a legend in the protection profession, and a ghost story to more than one isolated tribe. 

Juliet has much the same training as Butler, but she is far more dramatic in her style. This is a tendency that persisted through her Blue Diamond training, and it does lead her to unconventional and unexpected moves, utilising the environment itself as a weapon. She has extensive weapons training and has full knowledge of assault and defence tactics, but she forwent the finalisation of her regime to instead go independent, eventually becoming a high-profile wrestler under the alias ‘Jade Princess’. Her combat proficiency did not wither during her dramatised and fake-fight-filled wrestling career, and eventually she returned to the Fowls to help raise and protect Beckett and Myles. Many of her attacks are modified wrestling moves, designed to down and restrain targets with at least a modicum of style.

Trouble is of a heftier build than Holly, able to use his strength to his advantage. Having gone through the same training as her, he carries a similar range of weapons, preferring heavier equipment to her lightweight Recon weaponry. As the leader of Retrieval One, he utilised an assault rifle equipped with a wide aperture barrel, a configuration known as the ‘Sweeper’, thanks to its ability to clear rooms with only a few shots. Along with that, he has a penchant for carrying as many weapons as he deems necessary, which can be quite a large number. He once headed into the field with no less than five pistols on his person in a series of jury-rigged holsters. In close combat, he will use a buzz baton and standard LEP martial arts techniques, along with a few powerful charges in a style he calls “Crashin’ and Bashin’.”

Root carried a vintage model tri-barrel hand cannon of a blaster, designed for maximum power output with a water cooled assembly. This made it quite a heavy weapon for its size, but Root was able to wield it as if it was a much lighter gun, using its multiple firing modes for maximum effect. It could sequentially fire all three barrels for a high rate of fire or shoot a powerful blast from them all at once. It is common practice amongst veteran officers to use the older model weapons that they were first issued with, as they feel most familiar with them. This draws parallels to Human cops, as some older officers still carry the service revolvers that have long since been superseded by magazine fed varieties. In CQC, Root would fight in much the same way that Trouble does, barging into hostiles and not being afraid to fight dirty. 

The LEP’s single most highly skilled melee fighter may well be the officer known as Waratah Brownik, a tall and strong Elf with a preference for getting up close and personal. Her fighting style shifts as the situation demands, but usually it can be described as a mix between Holly’s agile dodging and quick strikes and Trouble’s powerful slams. Waratah can fight off multiple opponents with ease, redirecting their attacks into each other and tossing them around with throws and kicks. The use of the powered armour augmentation to standard LEP armour only enhances her speed and power. At range, she will use a Neutrino assault rifle, although its stock has seen a few faces in its time.

Foaly is not exactly capable in a fight, being only support staff. He can deploy droids and hack enemy systems, but is otherwise vulnerable. His wife, Caballine, is highly proficient in the Centaur martial art ‘Nine Sticks’, which uses every appendage of a Centaur’s body and a staff to cover every angle in a fight, which makes it well suited to defending against multiple aggressors. 

Mulch avoids combat where possible, as ideally he will be in and out before anyone notices. In the event of discovery in an area with no escape routes, though, he can use his arsenal of native Dwarf abilities, most notably his gigantic mouth. Amusingly, farts play an important role in his survival techniques, disorientating and straight up throwing enemies away.

Number One is the most powerful magic wielder on Earth. He has mastered techniques that take lifetimes to perfect and appears to be incapable of running out of magic, as his core recharges as fast as it can be depleted. He is a bit of a pacifist, due to experiences with other Demons, but he understands the value of self defence. This has led him to research and practice the art of magical combat, which has fallen out of favour as technology advances. Number One is able to fire off bolts of blue magical energy of varying potencies and effects. He can pierce armour, hit entire groups in one shot, cause burns, and stun targets. He is effectively a walking blaster cannon. He can also use magical telekinesis to manipulate objects and move enemies anywhere he wants, and he is able to project protective shield barriers of varying types. They can form a wall to block incoming fire from one direction or create a dome for every angle. Number One possesses enough control to even be able to wrap a shield around himself. One of his most useful abilities is to recharge another magic user’s supply through the use of ancient transferal techniques, keeping them in the fight for longer. He does not carry conventional weapons, having voiced his intentions to be a purely magical combatant. 


Dear “FatPeopleHate”,

These were the first photos I allowed to be taken of me after I had achilles reconstruction surgery in February.  For MONTHS I was afraid to let anyone see me. 

Steroids… being bedridden and in a cast…
Those things cause atrophy and weight gain (I especially get “moon face” on steroids).

For TWO months I hid from the internet. 
It wasn’t until my face started to deflate and I had my cast off and could pretend to walk in photos that I decided it was “safe” to return to my love of fashion blogging.


Because a fat girl in a cast on a knee scooter gets ENOUGH fucking hate in the real world.  Some asshole in public joked to his date that I “probably broke my leg walking to the kitchen”.  They laughed.  It crushed me inside.  It was my first time out of the house in months and I was feeling really raw and social phobic.  I actually cried when I saw the sky… that’s how isolated I felt that day! 

I snapped my tendon on stage.  Performing.  It is a sports injury.  But, all they saw (and all you’d see) is a fat bitch in a cast on a knee scooter to mock.  Because in your minds we don’t deserve dignity and respect.  We’ve somehow turned in our right to compassion and humanity when we gained weight. 

I didn’t need that shit to follow me online when I was my most vulnerable.  So, I hid.  I didn’t want to be an easy target for you.  I didn’t want you to reblog my photos on your ugly-ass Tumblrs next to gifs of decapitation and fat people death threats. 

So, here you go.  Here are photos of fat me… with my knee scooter and double chins!  Here I am in all my fat glory.  Here are my fat legs.  Here is my fat cast (thanks for letting me know on Instagram that I have a “fat cast”). 
Here’s my fat rolls.  My fat face. 

I refuse to be afraid of you anymore.
You aren’t losing “Freedom of speech”.  Nobody owes you the space to hate people and their bodies.  *NOBODY*

You aren’t helping people with your garbage. 
You aren’t good people (even if you convince yourself you are).
You are cruel and you are fixating on people in a way that is clearly psychotic. 

Get help
You have problems! 

I am not your project!

If you decide to reblog this post just so you have the opportunity to lash out at me… and then decide to delete that post so no one can call you out on it (because, clearly you know your behavior is wrong and inappropriate)… I’m adding a screenshot of your bullshit to this post. 

Credence Barebone x Reader ModernAU dating headcanons

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♦ You and Credence got to know each other when you visited your favorite library. A few books fell down from the shelf when you tried to grip the one you wanted and Credence helped you to pick them up, he even got the book for you which was too high to reach for you. Credence seemed to be a nice person and he was pretty too, he acted a bit weird but it was nice of him to help you so you invited him to go and eat something with you. Credence hesitated but then he accepted your offer and it was probably the best decision he ever made.

♦ Credence and you had a fantastic first date in a small little coffee shop which Credence showed you. The coffee shop employees were really happy when Credence brought you with him because he visited this place all the time alone. The employees even kinda shipped you with him.

♦ It didn‘t take long for you to become good friends but it was a disaster until Credence asked you if you want to be his girlfriend. You refused to ask him because you knew how shy he is and you were afraid to scare him away, Credence on the other hand was too scared you would reject him so you always hoped the other would ask first. Good thing that the coffee shop employees encouraged him to ask you out next time when he‘s there with you. A word and a blow, Credence came back with you and confessed his feelings. He didn‘t look at you once while saying why he likes you so much and it was hard to understand what he was saying because he mumbled so much but you knew what he was doing there and you agreed to be his girlfriend.

♦ Credence‘s mother didn‘t allow him to go on the internet but he was super happy when you told him that you changed your relationship status to -taken- on your social medias where everyone could see it, he was proud and happy that you showed everyone that you‘re a couple now.

♦ Credence loves it to take selfies with you and to make photos of you in general, he would print them out and put them at home under his mattress. He would look at them every time his mom gives him a hard time because it reminds him that you‘re there for him and that he will have a good time again as soon as he sees you.

♦ It‘s always fun to hang around with Credence but you could tell when his mother did something to him again because he would flinch if you raise your voice accidentally or if you move too fast towards him. He feels bad for it and he can‘t change it but he‘s glad that you don‘t judge him for it.

♦ Credence is really afraid of his -mother-, but you aren‘t. She knows that you‘re dating and she absolutely hates you and would love to see you split up with Credence but she does nothing significant to cause this situation since she‘s afraid you would call the police and tell them what she does to her foster child‘s. The only reason you didn‘t call the police yet is because Credence don‘t want his -siblings- to be separated and alone again and you respect his wish. Credence‘s mother stopped to hit him as soon as you threatened her with the police but he still abused him emotional.

♦ Credence hasn‘t much money so he steals from other people. He‘s not proud of it but he needs it for either his siblings or to buy you something nice. - Body contact with Credence is different and sometimes hard. He loves holding hands, no matter how he feels and hugs are always nice too but he sometimes doesn‘t want to cuddle because he feels bad about himself, because his mother did something bad again. She likes to destroy his confidence and it‘s hard for you to convince him that he‘s a fantastic person who deserves all the love in the world.

♦ Credence is SO fascinated when you show him the internet ! His mom always told him it‘s evil and full of sin but the things you showed him are super cool and interesting and he loves your Instagram. He was really touched when he saw that you uploaded a selfie with him and how everyone called him handsome. He also loves those -memes-, he doesn‘t understand most of them but they‘re still funny.

♦ He might not look like it but Credence knows fantastic stories and he has good jokes to tell. He‘s also a big fan of creepypasta and urban legends but it‘s kinda hard for him to read those stories since they‘re mainly to find on the internet so you exchange stories and you sometimes print stuff you read on the internet out for him.- Credence loves you so much, he still can‘t believe how much luck he had to meet you so he sometimes mumbles little compliments when he walks next to you.
„You‘re so pretty“ , „You‘re so smart“ , „I don‘t even deserve you“ , „It‘s not possible to be that adorable“ etc.

♦ Credence isn‘t the only person who has problems, you have to deal with a lot of bullshit at home or in your clique too and then Credence is there for you. He listens to your problems and tries to give you tips to solve the problem but sometimes he doesn‘t know what to say because he doesn‘t even know how to soothe himself and then he pulls you into his arms and cuddles with you.

♦ Public transportation services are horrible, Credence hates them so you have to walk everywhere you want to go or you have to sit on the back of Credence‘s bicycle. It‘s not comfortable but better than walking and Credence gets happy when he‘s able to drive you around.

♦ Sleeping with Credence in the same bed is nice as long as Credence is awake. He wraps all his limbs around you in his sleep and won‘t let go of you. It‘s almost impossible to escape his death grip and he won‘t wake up, no matter what you do. Also a bad habit of Credence is to talk in his sleep. He sometimes mumbles things about his mother and siblings and sometimes about you.

Taylor Swift: Officially evil enough to date Loki, or are you a sexist?

The Calvin Harris Twitter rant about Taylor Swift trying to “bury” and “tear down” her ex-boyfriend has brought out the haters en masse, even getting the tag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trending as the Internet gleefully piled on. Everyone is very pleased that Calvin “exposed” Taylor for the manipulative, bitchy, evil snake that she is (insert multiple snake emojis here because that’s how all the cool haters roll). They don’t seem to realize or care that they are being sexist jerks.

“What? This isn’t about a man getting angry because a woman took credit for her own work! Why do you always play the sexist card? Taylor’s a disrespectful, fake Nazi Barbie trying to steal credit.”

No, sorry. You’re still a sexist jerk—and it very much is about a woman getting slammed for taking credit for her own work. Let me explain: Taylor didn’t “secretly” write (aka ghostwrite) the lyrics and melody of “This Is What You Came for.” Before her publicist acknowledged that she was the author, a person other than Calvin Harris already had that songwriting credit.

The world knew that Calvin didn’t craft every word and note of this song on his own—but no one cared until Taylor Swift was involved and they could help Calvin run with the narrative of the poor, wronged ex-boyfriend and the evil, bitchy ex-girlfriend. Calvin’s writer is suddenly his very recent, famous ex and somehow then—and only then—is it a problem for Calvin or anyone else that another person wrote the lyrics and melody. Let me repeat: It was never just his song. Another person had a listed writing credit and publishing rights the entire time.

Funny, Calvin never alerted the world that Nils Sjoberg might be trying to tear him down by writing a hit song with him. In fact, did he ever talk about Nils Sjoberg at all?

Maybe Calvin’s telling the truth and Taylor originally wanted the pseudonym. Maybe he’s not. Either way, I can understand why he didn’t tell interviewers “Guess what? Taylor is Nils. Let’s talk about her for 2.5 hours instead of my album that I worked very hard on.” But don’t most artists occasionally at least mention that they had a co-writer, perhaps even that they enjoyed working with them? Instead, Calvin erased Nils Sjoberg from the media picture, taking full credit for “his” biggest hit in recent memory.

Why was it OK for Nils Sjoberg to write the song? It’s simple: Nils Sjoberg was easily disposed of, but Taylor Swift is not. That a woman has enough artistry and enough power to control her own narrative and decide to take rightful credit for her work infuriates a lot of folks, including apparently Calvin Harris.

Calvin made the artful accusation that Taylor tried “to tear your ex bf down for something to do.” Why was her action about him at all? Taylor took credit for her own work. She’s allowed to do that at any time she decides to do so. She’s not trying to tear him down. She’s just not responsible for building him up.

“But no, she’s a serial dater, a slut, a whore, a dick hopper, a fake feminist, airing her dirty laundry in her songs, playing the victim … all those staged photos! She doesn’t deserve credit for anything because she doesn’t act exactly like we think a woman should act!!!!!” (The Internet throws a temper tantrum.)

There are too many accusations against Taylor for me to even begin to defend them point by point, and trying to justify her actions suggests that they need defending from indefensible personal attacks. The sheer volume of hate suggests that she’s now evil and nasty enough to date Loki himself and not just Tom Hiddleston.

However, I will say this: Feminism helps women to craft their own unique stories—not perfect stories, but stories that are just as valuable as the stories of men. Sexism tries to silence women and stop them from having these stories. It belittles women to the point where they only have worth within the context of what stereotypical men (and those strange, self-hating women who believe that men matter more) want and value. In other words, sexism doesn’t like to give women credit.

No one has to like Taylor Swift as a person or a musician. However, there is a vast difference between dislike and hate.

If you are attacking her because you don’t like the way she lives her sexual/romantic life, you are a sexist. Male serial daters are everywhere, yet somehow shaming men for how many women they date or how quickly they move on has never been part of the conversation.

If you are attacking her because you don’t like how she explores her emotional truth as an artist, you are a sexist. Again, male artists repeatedly mine their relationships with loved ones, friends, and foes for artistic fodder, and people celebrate their work.

If you are attacking her because she stopped letting a man control part of her professional story as a songwriter, you are a sexist. Men have been taking credit from women and discrediting those women who dare to assert their authorship—whether the work is a song or a slide set—since the dawn of time.

If you feel the need to take down Taylor Swift for her actions and you’ve never bothered to take down a man for those same actions, YOU ARE A SEXIST.

“It’s Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Instagram/whatever. I have every right to express my own opinion.”

Of course. But online sexism—online hate—has a trickle-down effect, infecting our daily lives and the lives of those around us. Just like you can pay good deeds forward, you can pay bad ones forward too.  And you will remain a sexist.

anonymous asked:

idgi tho if jennifer was freaking out over the nude photos but then only to pose nude later? what was the point? I know like "oh it wasn't her decision before and it is now" but still

uhhhh but still what? that is literally the point. a woman can pose nude (this isn’t really nude as she doesn’t show her breasts or genitals) for photos in magazines or movies and that doesn’t mean she can’t still be outraged and humiliated when someone takes her private photos and plasters them all over the internet. she did not give consent for her own photos to be stolen, and she did not give those people and people on the internet to look at her private photos.

it’s about consent. you can have sex with someone, but giving that person consent to touch and fuck you does not mean you’re suddenly allowing just anybody to fuck you. fucking you without your permission is rape. stealing, distributing and looking at your nude photos that you didn’t consent to is an assault.

i don’t get why this is hard to understand, honestly.

(edited to take the scare quotes off nude because that doesn’t matter anyway, even if she or any other woman posed full-frontal nude, she did not consent to her other photos being distributed.)

Take Me Out

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AU where Kara never became Supergirl, Lena is an assassin and Kara is a reporter who always seems to know far too much.  

As Lena’s assassination attempts drag on (Kara is seemingly indestructible) and on she gets to know Kara and starts falling for her. No longer wanting to kill her, Lena’s assassination attempts become more contrived and she struggles to maintain her act, knowing that if anyone were to find out the truth it would put both her and Kara in mortal danger.

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