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Ta for the heads up on the replies thing. That's crap. What's the point of having them if you can't reply back to people in a way you know they'll see it. Grr. So, i'm intrigued, what's this relickru thing then? :)

I know. It’s so lame. I’m pretty sure it would be an easy function for Tumblr to add so fuck knows why they don’t. Also why are they not fixing the linking thing to when someone tags you in a post?? HELLSITE. Hang on, UPDATE JUST IN. The wife is telling me that today they seem to have got it working for the first time ever. I’m yet to test it out but maybe give it a bash. 

Hmm Relickru. How does one explain. It’s sort of sprang from @femininenachos blog and all the crack to do with her fic DWBYG. Also me, @femininenachos and @gramjams do a podcast called The Hunner which is all things Clexa crack. Collectively we are a three-headed lesbian mythological creature dubbed WeGramChos. Relickru came from us being dusty old relics in Tumblr years, and lots of other ancients coming out of the woodwork once we gave full disclosure of our decrepitness. However, Relickru is inclusive to one and all, no matter the age. The only criteria is to be completely ruined Clexa Trash and up for a lot of nonsense. We’re having a DWBYG Wrap Party/mini RelicCon in Glasgow on 27th May and amazingly have attendees coming from the south of England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and incredibly, America! Needless to say we three are completely bewildered but very chuffed by all of this. It’s a great little corner of fandom and you should totally join in. Silliness abounds! 

Just like…a quick question…why is it when someone @’s me in this something the notification doesn’t take me to the post like i reasonably expect it should and instead it tries to take me to my own blog to view a post that’s not on there? What the actual fuck why does this keep happening and why isn’t it fixed yet


Until I can properly fangirl over the “Musical Touken Ranbu ~Mihotose no Komoriuta~” (because I haven’t watched the musical yet ><), all the mentions from Sakiyama Tsubasa (Ishikirimaru) about Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu is seriously making me miss them.

(And I’ve chosen to use backstage photos in this post because, not gonna lie, one of the biggest reasons why I miss them so much is because I simply miss this cast being absolute dorks together ♥ xD)

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| F O U R T Y    W E E K S |

This post is scheduled if you reading it it means that little one is coming to this world. Also my bump just looks so small. I don’t know why. Written : 22.04.2017

I can not believe. Fourty weeks. 

This pregnancy went so quickly yet so slow. After the struggle that was getting pregnant I can say that I cherished every single moment. Even the nausea, back pain and my hormones just being crazy. So now I want to shortly thank my loved ones.. almost as if I am getting some kind of award. 

I loved how understanding and loving of the little one was Florence. It’s so insane to think that this little girl could possible have so much love for someone she doesn’t even know yet.

To my husband. Honestly I am not sure how you could possible managed to withstand me. All my crying, laughing. And oh my God. How much you annoyed me at night. I never realised how loud you sleep till I had trouble of sleeping. But still even when one night I send you to sleep on the couch you were sweet and kind to me. Somehow I feel like I love you even more than before.

To everyone who had to deal with me during this pregnancy. I am truly sorry. I hope you understand that when I am not pregnant I am much nicer. And cry less. 

How far along? : 40 weeks

Best moment this week : Cuddling with my whole family. Included little puppy.

Miss anything? : Really random but I was going through my clothes and I saw one of my favourite shirts. And I just really want to wear it. Maybe soon.

Symptoms : Just everything. Things are happening. I can feel it.

What I’m looking forward to : Finally being able to hold little one and then showing her to Florence.

Happy or moody most of the time : Everything. 

We are really excited to finally meet her. And finally it is happening. 

Till the next time, Laurel

Admin things for Raúl Week

I hope everyone enjoyed Chilty day. I will continue to take things for the list til Midnight CST!!! So keep posting away. If I havent gotten you on the masterpost, have no fear work got crazy busy and I havent had a chance to update yet.  

Onto the Admin things:

1. YAY to our first successful day of Raúl Esparza Appreciation Week. You all did a wonderful job. I loved everything that was posted today!!!  I appreciate all of your hard work today. 

2. Tomorrow is Nevada Ramirez day. I cant wait to see what you guys have in store for our favorite trashcan.  

3. Please tag me @yourtropegirl in your work for the masterpost. I seem to get everything I am tagged in but can’t find it when I search the tags I created. Who knows why? Other than Tumblr is dumb. Hopefully that will make things easier. 

4. Contributions should only be the poster’s own work. If you wish to show other’s work for Appreciation Week, reblogs only please. 

I think that is it. Any questions let me know. 

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Other blogs and words

I want to thank you all for the kind words. I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to notice ^^; 
I feel like my humble blog is a minuscule blip in the fandoms I chose to write for. There are so many other blogs that are so much better. It’s these thoughts why I think no one would care or it would matter if this blip faded away. I haven’t come to a decision yet. It’s really hard to watch all your hard work vaporize into cyberspace. It’s also hard to know the words from your heart and hard work is not being seen or recognized. It happens all the time, I know, but it’s still hard. Am I whining or in my feelings? Maybe. Any thoughts or opinions just drop a thing in the ask box. 

Here are some of the other blogs I write with/for

@anime-nias-writings (Headcanons and scenario. KNB-Kuroko No Basuke-Basketball anime)

@ourknbheadcanons (Headcanons and scenario. Also KNB but I am now the sole admin after it was bequeathed to me)

@meet-the-messengers (Mystic Messenger scenario and MTC-Pretty dead blog)

@chocobroscrossing (All things Final Fantasy 15 Headcanons and scenarios but meh.)

I also have RP blogs but they’re not busy. 

@jingujirenpalace (For Ren and Masato RPs)

@empresssofworlds (Multifandom RPs -Pretty dead)

If I do decide to shut this blog down I’ll be around on these blogs.

My personal: @momokitty27 (Random stuff here and a lot of bishies and positivity and food) 

Why is it so easy for me to write about feelings and post them for anyone to read but if someone were to ask me if I want to talk to them privately it’s so difficult to open up. I don’t want anyone to think i’m weird and yet i post my most vulgar emotions for that same person to read. 

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Lynnblacklist’s and your theory combined are very exciting. This would put us back into clue hunting mode ( Flora Segunda or Swan Lake’s Odette and Odile for instance ) . This is brilliant.

Why thank you!

Personally I’ve been clue hunting for MONTHS, but don’t post my theories until I go through literally EVERY episode (so I can put all my ideas into coherent bullet points) so it’s frustrating bc there’s SO MUCH I want to share but can’t yet.

Ie - my “Red is still undercover” theory post.

Hopefully that’ll be done by the end of this season, lol.

But I love that people are getting so into all of this again and now are coming up with their own ideas and theories… If we can help fuel passion for our show, it makes t all with while!!!!

Ignis x Reader Fic: Next to You Part 10

My readers are masochists xDDD I love you guys.
Because you guys have been so patient with me, in one go it is! All 4,390 words of it!

As all good things have to come to an end, the next chapter will be the last. As I’ve said in a previous post, I’m debating whether or not to make a one-shot on post-Altissia followed with the 10 years of darkness.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

“Is (Y/N) awake yet?” Prompto asked while trying to suppress an escaping yawn in failure and stretched his arms up to the morning sky.
“She’s out cold,” Ignis sighed and lightly shook his head. “Like the dead.”
Noct muttered out something incoherent and rubbed his closed right eye.
“Why can she sleep in and I can’t?”
Gladio glanced at the whining prince, crossed his arms and pointed out, “’Cuz you’re not the one who ran around killin’ stuff for five days straight. We should take her with us before she does somethin’ stupid, like raid a Niflheim base by herself,” he suggested.
“A valid point, Gladio,” the adviser agreed.

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Melo by @mokota / @megalovoid

O_O I can’t believe I never posted this. >.< I made this in August 13,2016. This is actually the very first drawing I did of Melo. And BOY was it one of my most detailed pieces I’d done up until recently. I put A LOT of effort into this.

If you’re wondering why he isn’t colored, the creator Mokota mostly had sketches and doodles of him, but hadn’t explored color options for him yet. Mostly just color on his eyes and halo. I think it’s still awesome that way! >v< It put a lot of emphasis and focus on the eyes and halo which I think were two important elements as part of his design.

The reason I made so many versions was because of how sexy he is, I imagined he’d be on the cover of some magazine. =v= So I decided to explore some designs with a combination of his name. Was playing with the idea of neutrals and colors for emphasis. Anyways, I hope you love these. ;v; Many to choose from. There will definitely be more in the future.

Yet Another Reason To Hate Colored Pencils

they Do Not go back in the box

this is a callout post @ colored pencils what is ur beef

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Whatcha post'n today love?😘😘

Hey babe! Today, I have another piece of Becoming Real, where Spencer and Luke go to talk to Diana’s principal about her being bullied. I also have a sweet one-shot where Spencer and the reader’s three-year-old daughter asks Spencer why he fell in love with her mommy. And the third one is going to be angsty, but I haven’t written it yet!

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i want to be as civil and respectful about this as possible, but I'm simply curious. Why do you promote Isam, yet denounce Christianity? They have similar origins, are both abrahamic religions, how is one insufferable and another one admirable? and you worded it in your post as though Rhett must not be religious because he is a "thinker", is that in context of Christianity exclusively or religion in general?

Awesome questions! *pokes your brain in fascination*

I don’t promote Islam, I don’t promote religion in any way actually, but I promote respect for other people’s practices when it comes to religion (as long as it doesn’t harm anyone). Especially maybe Islam, since it suffers the most prejudice. Like mentioned, I was a bitch at times in my youth and it took me a while to learn how to respect things I don’t necessarily understand. Also I think knowledge is important, even if it doesn’t necessarily concern me.

I have seen and experienced some of the worst and absolute stupidest consequences of christian learning/brainwashing so, er, I might be biased and still a little aggressive and illogical about christianity… And you just called me on it, pff. And me saying those things about Rhett is probably me projecting my own personality and experiences. Like I said; I’m pulling conclusions out of my ass

Also!! Many religious people believe in evolution and science, but in this case it was just a part of the puzzle about whether or not Rhett still practices religion