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Hc that Eddie is actually really freaky

this got really long sorry

- richie always thought his boyfriend was super vanilla because he would shy away when he tried to kiss him in public and he’d go red whenever richie would say something dirty to him

- then eddie would slowly start doing more adventurous things when they were together, like pushing richie onto the bed and pinning his hands down, biting his neck so hard it leaves marks, touching his thigh in public and texting him dirty things in class

- richie would be so confused but at the same time incredibly intrigued as to why eddie was getting more frisky

- one day richie and eddie would be making out and eddie would start whispering all this dirty shit into richie’s ear about wanting to make him beg and moan his name and richie would just be frozen and so enthralled with this ‘new’ eddie

- turns out eddie likes tying richie up, and richie found that out on their one year anniversary

- eddie also likes sneaking off at parties or at sleepovers and teasing richie throughout the night to the point of richie pushing him against a wall and just going wild because he can’t contain himself anymore

- y’all know richie’s canon hair pulling kink right? eddie revels in it

- he tugs that boys hair so hard richie is a complete mess by the time he has to go home from eddie’s house, wandering down the street with an aching scalp and covered in hickies and scratches

- eddie slyly looks at richie through his lashes with this pouty face when they’re with the others and richie just starts fidgeting in his seat

- “you okay rich?”

- “not now, bill”

- ben innocently gave the losers lollipops once and the second eddie started sucking it he looked at richie and richie slapped it out of his hand so fast

- eddie knows exactly how to get what he wants with richie, he just looks at him with big puppy eyes, bites his lip, and mumbles a soft ‘please?’ and richie just loses his mind

- “you drive me fucking crazy, kaspbrak”

- “good”

- at a sleepover at richie’s house, he and eddie had his bedroom and were occupied for most of the night, and the next morning richie comes downstairs shirtless, his hair a complete mess, and bev smirks seeing the scratches down his back and the bites on his neck

- “you look you got mauled”

- “pretty much”

- as richie was having a cup of coffee with bev and mike and stan, eddie would come downstairs in richie’s shirt, his boxers and a sleepy look on his face and everyone in the room thought it was the cutest thing ever

- then they noticed the slight limp in eddie’s step and everyone but richie went red

- eddie would come up to richie and snuggle into his warm chest, wrapping his arms around his waist, and occasionally kiss his neck when richie was chatting to the others

- then eddie would whisper something in richie’s ear and he’d growl and just casually pick him up before walking back up the stairs with him

- the others left pretty fucking quickly let me tell you

Where did all the women go?

Sif isn’t in Thor: Ragnarok

So in a franchise that isn’t exactly known for having much in the way of female characters we’ve lost Jane Foster, we’ve lost Darcy, Frigga got fridged for “manpain” ™ and now we’ve lost Sif too! 

And in return for losing basically every single female character in the franchise ever, we have Valkyrie. 

Not that I’m not looking forward to Tessa Thompson, I am, but I had been hoping to see just a tad more estrogen on screen. 

Women don’t really have cooties, @marvelentertainment I promise. We also make up 53% of the film going public, so maybe you could put a few more of us in your movies? Huh? Please? 

And maybe give us names because as prime as roles such as  Asgardian Woman #2 and Sakaarian Girlfriend #1 are, I’m getting sick of your sexist shit. 

Why don’t you hire some female scriptwriters, that might do wonders for your sexism problem, or is Marvel Entertainment as big of a sausage fest as your movies are? 


Cadi: So are you spending the night, babe?

Aries chuckles: More like spending the morning, it’s already almost  3 am. But yeah, I’ll stay.

Cadi reaches up, gives him a long, passionate kiss. I look away again, telling myself that I’d never been comfortable with public displays of affection. I really didn’t understand why Cadi had to make out with her boyfriend instead of taking me up to my room. It was late and I was tired.

I look up at them, and see that  Aries’ eyes are open.

 He’s kissing Cadi, but his eyes are open and staring directly at me. I can’t break eye contact with him either. His strange glowing eyes are like a magnet I can’t break free of.

Cadi gives a small satisfied sigh and the sounds helps me to look away. I peek back at them again and this time, his eyes are closed and he’s kissing her with the same passion she’s kissing him.

 It was as if I’d imagined him staring. But I knew I hadn’t.

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Idk I think she'll probably end up doing some interviews closer to the album

i doubt it. what more is there she can say that she hasnt said in the last decade+ or that wont be said in these 72 paged magazines that are coming out with personal poems,etc. that’s like everything you need to know about her and where she’s at right there. like i said, everything seems like it’s only for fans at this point. interviews are public. she’s done saying shit because when ever she opens her mouth anything she says or doesnt say can be put in bad light so what’s the point anymore. why not just let her music talk and give the people who have supported her for the longest time all of the pieces of herself that others dont deserve?

Like, the entire culture of public education always smelled heavily to me like it was this massive coercive…thing.

I used to be able to do multiplication and long division in my head, quickly. 

I literally repeatedly got in trouble with teachers for doing math in my head. To the point where they drilled that ability out of me.

I’d get scolded for reading ahead, for actually enjoying the books we were meant to read.

I got scolded for knowing multiplication before I was supposed to.

I was literally gag-ordered by a teacher because the lesson he was teaching was wrong, from a historical standpoint, (literally wrong, not like “this is my opinion wrong”) and I was told to “never speak up in class again.”

I got a suspension for explaining to a student, outside of class, the hows and whys of the effects of Hiroshima’s blast. 

I know people, brilliant people, who are now completely ruined by the shit they had to abide in public education. People who were left entirely unprepared for any semblance of a real life thanks to specter of public education literally eating away their formative years under a crushing weight of busywork disguised as academia. I look at the years I wasted there and cringe.

It’s no joke that 6 weeks of Thursday afternoons with my Uncle proved more useful to my professional life than 4 years of Highschool. Nor is it a jest that I learned all my basics (math and writing and reading) through my family, because the school could not keep up, and where it could not keep up, it instead sought to suffocate.

You can’t tell me that we are blowing as much money as we are on education (more per capita than most), with kids in school for 8 hours a day, and then we have to saddle them with 6-8 hours of homework a day on top of that, and we’re still not managing to make grade. 

At some point it stops being the fault of the kids and starts being the fault of the educators and the parents. At some point the way we are teaching, and what we are teaching, is no longer pertinent to the real world, and in some cases, apparently designed to do harm to the ability of an individual to excel, for the sake of fulfilling a time-table. 

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You really give real trans people a bad name. Like you went 0-100 full blown lesbian to demanding masculine pronouns in less than a year and you wonder why people think gender identity is a fad of the times? Get it together girl.

people don’t always come out of the womb knowing exactly who they are. especially in a society catered to cisgender heterosexuality.
It takes time.

I’ve also demanded nothing. I’ve answered questions to the best of my ability and shared my life w strangers online for the prospect of someone’s benefit. While I do enjoy making people laugh, I’m naturally reserved when it comes to personal matters and I don’t actually enjoy sharing details about my private life most of the time. Which is why this all may seem out of the blue for you but it’s been a process that I’ve been carefully going through for more than a few months. But when I realized that watching me find myself this publicly could potentially help a lot of people through just plain and simple representation, I chose to include my followers on this road to self discovery. I would have given anything when I younger to be able to see someone I looked up to go through finding themselves. Had I had that, I might have figured out myself earlier. That’s why this is even public to begin with.

Now, I’m curious as to why you feel so upset by my truth. I’d encourage you to look within and re-evaluate why someone else’s identity might make you feel so personally attacked. Remember that we are not bound by our labels they are merely there for community and self awareness. I want you to remind yourself that, so you can live freely in whatever label you choose to hang on to. We all deserve to find peace.

I just realized why I feel more comfortable watching the McElroys than most other internet/youtube people: They strive to be good people instead of just being “harmless”.

While the boys usually refrain from being political in their content, they don’t refrain from being political in real life. We’re living in a time where politics is changing everyone’s lives in a major way, and while it’s fine to not have a public opinion on certain issues, I do like that the McElroys are unambiguous about which side they’re on.

Also, they call shit out when they need to. Griffin even directly addressed the Nick Robinson situation in their first Awful Squad without him. It always bothers me that so many internet celebrities can’t seem to call out their colleagues on shitty behavior.

I’m not saying we’re only allowed to like “unproblematic” things, and I usually avoid putting people on a pedestal, but I do wish more people I admire would act like the McElroys.

  • Yurio: *overhears a heated argument coming from Victor and Yuuri's room*
  • Yurio: *slams open the door* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HE-
  • Victor: *arms folded* Yuuri is trying to tell me that I'M the most beautiful man alive
  • Yuuri: that's because you ARE. I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF?
  • Victor: YES! I HAVE! That's why I can say with certainty you are THE MOST gorgeous person to EVER walk the face of the planet
  • Yuuri: Victor Katsuki-Nikiforov. ARE YOU SERIOUSare you forgetting who's made the cover of GQ on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS
  • Victor: oH that was just publicity for the ISU and you know it! Look at yourself. Right now. You're just RADIATING and don't even get me STARTED ON YOUR EROS
  • Yuuri: I was just mimicking YOU OH MY GOD. YURIO. TELL HIM HE'S MORE BEAUTIFUL
  • Victor: NO. Yurio tellHIM that HE'S more beautiful
BTS Reaction | Public Sex

Request; bts reaction to you wanting to try having sex in public or they want to try it, whatever you want!

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would often find himself getting stressed in the studio while he was working on his music, having you there with him worked as the perfect benefit. He knew you had always wanted to try something adventurous.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and give me a little help?”

“W-what?” “Right here? Right now? Someone could come in!”

“You’ve always wanted to try something outside of the bedroom, why not here?”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin wouldn’t be quite sure where would be the perfect place to do it. He didn’t want anyone catching the two of you but the thought of someone catching the two of you was even more arousing.

“Just wait until after my performance, I have an Idea”

“Tell me?”

“Let’s just say, the elevator may have a breakdown today”

Min Yoongi

He’d sit in silence for a few moments, thinking over what you had asked. Truthfully he didn’t really want to leave the hotel room but the idea of having sex with you in public was arousing him.

“We don’t have to leave this room for it to be ‘public’ right?”

“How is it public if we do it in here?”

“I’m sure if I fucked you against that window it’d be pretty public…”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be one of the first to bring it up, unable to control himself after watching you dance along in the studio with them. He loved watching the way you danced, the way your hips moved.

“After they go home, why don’t we stay back?”

“Why would we stay back?”

“I want you to give me a private dance”

Park Jimin

Joining Jimin on tour was always fun, apart from the long flights and lack of physical affection. The two of you would always be handsy on flights, but Jimin would be the first to suggest you both go to the restroom.

“You’ve always thought sex in public was hot, right Y/N?”


“Then why don’t we join the mile high club”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be the one to plan it out the moment you mentioned it. The idea had crossed his mind before but he’d never asked about it, but now he could let his mind run wild.

“Why don’t I rent a car and we can go on a drive?”

“Sex in the car is still a little boring though, and awkward”

“Who said I’d be fucking you in the car? I’d rather have you on the hood”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook wouldn’t put much thought into where he wanted to do it, settling for somewhere simple where the two of you were alone often together but would still be a thrill for the both of you.

“Why don’t we do it here?”

“In your dressing room? What if someone comes in?”

“That’s the part that makes it more arousing”

Dear connorallen94,

I think everyone does to some degree or another.

Career success and artistic skill are only poorly correlated. What do I mean by this? I mean that you have to get a certain level of skill in order to get published/ put in a gallery/ get musical gigs, but after you get to a certain level of competency, greater or less skill doesn’t seem to have any relationship to how commercially successful you are. Other factors begin to take over in exposing your work to buyers, and moreover, the more rarified your skill becomes, the fewer the punters are who can appreciate it. You can turn a beautiful turn of the phrase while juggling 47 themes and delicately drawing an allegory for the pain of man’s condition? Great. Most people won’t notice. And while that additional skill will get you noticed among peers who are also writing beautiful novels with 47 themes and delicately drawn allegories, it is a bad predictor for commercial success. If you use that skill to delicately render specific lizards, for instance, you still run the risk of only appealing to lizard people. But mostly it’s just excess — the average person doesn’t care if Coldplay’s Chris Martin can play Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in D on his guitar. (I don’t know if he can. But I hope so.)

This is because in the commercial art world, most consumers are not also artists. Other factors are nearly always more important to the non-artist consumer: a strong story, a topical subject matter, a celebrity name, a catchy tune, a wicked hook, a pretty cover, the creator’s funniness on Twitter, the creator’s ability to speak in public, the creator’s actual and literal hotness because wow, relatability of the themes, a movie tie-in, an omnipresent advertising campaign, availability of the work in places that rhyme with BallMart. 

It’s why you can be an international bestseller without being the best in your field. It’s why you can be an international bestseller without being remotely the best in your field.

Whenever I say this online, people like to shout “what kind of a self-drag!” I suppose because as an international bestseller, I am supposed to think I am 100% fantastic and have definitely earned my title at the top of the heap by some objective measure of wonderfulness. Also because people are weird and possibly don’t understand how self-awareness, confidence, and humility really ought to play well together if you want to be a happy professional artist. It’s crucial to understand just how big of a role you play in your own success. This is so that you can focus on only the things you can control (you can’t make your subject more topical, you can’t suddenly become a famous rock star with a memoir, you can’t guarantee you have a beautiful, eye-catching cover; you can only work on writing faster, writing more accessibly, writing well), so that you don’t take it too hard when all of your career dreams fail to come true overnight. But it’s also to keep you from being a self-aggrandizing asshole about success. You’ve sold millions of books? Great. Remember, Stiefvater, that your skill is only poorly correlated to that number. You wrote a competent-or-better book at a good time for that genre/ subject/ cover/ something, and it took off. Good job, that was nice. Get back to work.

I don’t generally mind this push-pull, actually. Imposter syndrome whispers that I might be a fraud, a just-okay writer wrapped in accolades I don’t deserve. But mostly I think that’s all right: let the voices whisper. The opposite of the imposter syndrome would be letting myself believe that I am entirely to credit for my success, and that’s just as false. The truth is a middle ground, and this truth is also why imposter syndrome doesn’t get in the way of my work. 

Because the truth is this: I’m a writer who works hard, puts down a quarter million words of fiction each year, shows up for work even when life throws health or family or world crises at me, and doesn’t make excuses. Those things aren’t subjective. Those things I can control.

So get to work.



BTS skinship in public vs in private

my second post in my BTS reactions/preferences series whoopidy whoopidy whoop. are they reactions or preferences? ahhh idek anymore gah

also PLEASE message me any requests you have whether they be dirty reactions or fluffy imagines, I WANNA HEAR THEM ALL :P

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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On Keeping a Notebook

“Keepers of private notebooks are a different breed altogether, lonely and resistant rearrangers of things, anxious malcontents, children afflicted apparently at birth with some presentiment of loss…But our notebooks give us away, for however dutifully we record what we see around us, the common denominator of all we see is always, transparently, shamelessly, the implacable ‘I.’  We are not talking here about the kind of notebook that is patently for public consumption, a structural conceit for binding together a series of graceful pensées; we are talking about something private, about bits of the mind’s string too short to use, an indiscriminate and erratic assemblage with meaning only for its maker.”

by Joan Didion
(1966), in Slouching Towards Bethlehem, 1969, London: Andre Deutch.

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PDA || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: a view of Bucky and his struggle with PDA.

Warnings: fluffy fluff !!

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: thank you to whoever requested this and y’all i uploaded this in front of people yikes yikes

Bucky had never been big on public display’s of affection, preferring to keep himself to himself. Not only that, but he never got a chance to see why people around him seemed to constantly rub their PDA in his face as he jogged in central park or grabbed a coffee from his coffee shop down the street. 

That was, until he met you. 

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Why We Need to Appreciate Padmé Amidala

In spirit of #SWisagirlthingtoo making its way around Twitter, I thought now would be the perfect time to make a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. Star Wars up until recently has not given much attention to its heroines, perhaps with the exception of the iconic Princess and General Leia Organa. It is incredibly sad that it has taken this long for the franchise to realise that characters such as Leia, Padmé and Rey (as well as the many animated heroines we have met such as Ahsoka and Hera) have been and will forever continue to be definitive factors in the way many girls have and will grow up.

When it comes to Star Wars, I loved Leia and I love Rey, but they are both not the heroine I connected with. I connected with former Queen and then Senator Padmé Amidala from the highly criticised (although increasingly less so) prequels and then again in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Any Padmé fan knows that loving her as a character most often means you’ll often be told that in the end she did ‘nothing but cry over Anakin’ or is in no way comparable to her daughter, you’ll find it frustrating that no reference is made to her at all following Episode III and you’ll know that she has little to no presence in merchandising even when you are more than willing to throw coins down Disney’s way for her.

But Padmé deserves to overcome all of the above. Padmé constantly has to battle against both what people expected her to be (arguably a Leia clone) and the often restrictive and limiting definitions of what makes a “strong female character”, especially in pop culture. Regardless, here is why Padmé is such an underappreciated and amazing character.

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Sunny Disposition

Summary: Dean has a hard time believing that the reader is a hunter because of her sunny disposition.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

A/N: This is for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge. My prompt is Optimistic.

“What would you like to order, handsome?”

“Two slices of your finest pie, sweetheart. One apple and one cherry.” Dean requests with a lick of his lips, handing over his menu to the voluptuous waitress.

“Between you and me…I won’t tell if you make the pieces a little bigger than usual.”

“It will be our little secret.” She promises with a wink, before slinking away with a swivel in her hips.

“I don’t want pie.” Sam interrupts, making Dean unwillingly tear his eyes away from the waitress’s plump ass.

“It’s for Garth. The last time we worked together, he tried stealing a bite of my pie and I nearly shot him. The dork is getting his own this time.” Dean declares with a huff, his grumpiness getting worse by the second.

“I see.” Sam awkwardly shifts in his seat and it makes Dean squint his eyes suspiciously.

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This post is important, and long. Please take the time to read it all. … This amazing little squirt is Elliot, and today is his birthday. I get asked from time to time, why I always am so vocal and passionate about equal rights and protection of the LGBTQ community; through comments, direct messages, emails, and even in-person at book signings and events, many want to know why I fight so hard so often on so public a platform for such a (I cannot believe it is Still) polarizing topic. Human Decency, is one answer, kindness, the realization that we are All made of the same stuff, that love is love is love. There are a million reasons, but I want to tell you one more of them…Elliot. … My beautiful and amazing friends @krast12 and her wife @weebrie12 asked me to help them start a family about two years ago, and after recovering from the shock of that honor, I said yes. I did the tests, donated, and waited. One year ago today, Elliot was born. He is part Viking, part Mayan, part Tohono O’Odham Native American, part Scottish and part Irish. He is half Me, and half Sabrina. He is the luckiest boy on earth to have not one perfect mother, but two. I watch every day as they raise him into a gentle, graceful, compassionate, and infinitely hilarious little human and it makes me feel full. @krast12 and @weebrie12 are perfect parents and Elliot is beyond loved. He, they, are one of the many reasons I fight so hard for equal rights and treatment of our entire LGBTQ community. Love is love is love my friends, and it’s a beautiful thing that, if allowed to flourish, makes more beautiful things. Fight for this. I will. For all of you out there who feel like your voice is silenced, for Krysti and Sabrina. For Elliot. Happy Birthday Elliot. We love you so much.

BTS REACTION : you are being bratty

request : Bts reacting to their baby girl(dlg) being a brat. Hehe

(short reaction)


“Are you seriously being bratty right now ? You’re going to regret this later” *winks*


*listens to you being bratty and teasing him, but doesn’t respond. He ignores your bratty attitude for a couple minutes before getting up and violently grabbing your wrist*

”You don’t know what you just got yourself into”


*You whisper dirty things into his ear, teasing him because you know he can’t do anything since the other members are around*

“Why are you like this ?” he asks, trying to hide the obvious growing bulge in his shorts.


*gives you a death stare*

“In my room, right now”


“Babe, if one more word comes out of your mouth, I’m-”

*you interrupt him with another bratty comment*

“Get on your knees, NOW”


*teases back by acting like what you were saying didn’t affect him in any way*

“You’re so cute babe” he adds with a wide innocent smile before grabbing your thigh and slowly stroking it


*you were in public, with a ton of people around you, you whisper something dirty into his ear*

“What did you just say ?? You are going to regret everything when we’ll get back home” he responds in an annoyed tone. He was clearly turned on but couldn’t do anything about it.