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Includes : Daddy kink, dd/lb, pet names, bit of a size kink, and a bj

Ps : Fun fact! I’m writing this in school ;) also super sorry for not writing a lot, I’m doing more roleplay than anything ugh it’s just addicting alSO IM SORRY FOR THIS BEING SO LONG AND SHITTY

🍑   Dan knew he acted childish at some points, but he wasn’t aware that he was a little until a year ago. He loved to color and watch cartoons and definitely loved pacifiers and sucking his thumb. So here he was, living as a little in secret. Why in secret? Well, mostly because of his flatmate, Phil. It wasn’t that he was against it, he just didn’t know how he’d react.

🍑   It was extremely hard to hide it. Whenever he got into littlespace, he would lock himself in his room and pretend to be ‘taking a nap’. Really, he was just watching Disney movies.

🍑   Today they were making a baking video in their new flat, and everyone knows how those turn out. He hadn’t gone into littlespace for a while, a couple of weeks honestly, and was very sleep deprived. When he got like that, he’d make sexual jokes and act hyper. Great.

🍑   Phil stirred the ingredients together, biting his lip hard and his brow furrowed in concentration. Dan found it adorable.

🍑   “Come on, you know you can stir that faster, daddy.” Dan blurted out with a laugh. Phil rolled his eyes and laughed along with him. They always joked around like this, but Phil insisted that they always cut it out of the videos. According to him there were children watching.

🍑   “Only for you, princess.” Phil chuckled. But Dan didn’t laugh like he usually did. Instead, his face turned a deep red and he quickly looked away, falling silent. He found himself quickly slipping just from the pet name. Oh, no. Before any of his worries from his regular mind even registered, he was gone.

🍑    “Dan?” Phil asked, his hand stirring the ingredients stopping. “Did I just take it too far? I’m sorry. I just thought that-”

🍑   Dan cut him off with a shake of his head. “Nuh…” He murmured, not looking at Phil anymore. He was speaking with a sort of lisp now. “Um… m-maybe you could call me princess more?” He asked quietly, his shoulders curling in. Somehow, he just looked smaller.

🍑   Phil slowly put the bowl down. He’d had suspicions about Dan being a little and he’d caught him sucking his thumb once or twice. But now he knew. “I’d love to, baby.” He stepped closer to him. “Do you want to keep filming or do you want to do something else?”

🍑   “Something… else, please.” He mumbled quietly, looking up at Phil through his lashes. At that, Phil stopped the camera. “Uppies?” Dan asked, making grabby hands up at him.

🍑   Phil chuckled softly. “Of course, pumpkin.” He lifted him up, placing him on his hip and walking out of the kitchen. “What something else would you like to do?”

🍑   Dan stuck his thumb in his mouth, letting out a long ‘um’. “Well, I-I was thinking maybe…” He looked away. 

🍑   “Do you want something else to suck on?” Phil asked, taking his thumb from his mouth.

🍑   In response to that, Dan nodded, only blushing harder. “Mhm…” He mumbled.

🍑   Phil smirked, walking to the lounge. “Good boy.” He hummed, sitting down on the couch. He wasn’t hard, though the thought of Dan’s lips around him was definitely getting him there.

🍑   The younger moved down between his legs, undoing his belt and jeans. He sat on his heels, humming softly as he pulled his jeans down to mid-thigh. Dan hooked his fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down before freezing. “Whoa…” He breathed. “So big…”

🍑   Phil chuckled softly, running a hand through Dan’s hair. “Think you can handle it?” He asked teasingly.

🍑   “Of course I can!” Dan scoffed, licking his lips. He started to stroke him, which brought out a low sigh from Phil. As he got harder, Dan licked a stripe up his shaft.

🍑   “Good boy…” Phil breathed, grabbing a fistful of Dan’s curly hair. “So good for daddy…”

🍑   Dan whimpered at that, starting to play with his tip. He listened to Phil’s quiet pants and groans before taking some of him in his mouth. Closing his lips around him, he bobbed his head slowly as he swirled his tongue around his cock. 

🍑   “Fuck…” Phil whispered, pulling Dan down lower by his hair. The younger let out whines, gripping onto his thighs and taking his time. He would go all the way down then come halfway off before going back down again, letting out quiet moans just from sucking him off.

🍑   After a few minutes, Phil let out a groan. “Close, baby…” He warned.

🍑   “Mhm…” Dan hummed around his cock, going faster until he came down his throat. Popping off, he swallowed all of it down, making a face.

🍑   Phil let out a sigh, running his fingers through Dan’s hair. “You’re such a good boy.” He smiled. “My good boy.”


                                                         Welcome Beauty, banish fear,
                                                      You are queen and mistress here.
                                                    Speak your wishes, speak your will,
                                                      Swift obedience meets them still.

@whore4batfam mentioned that Jason would have missed out on Disney movies, and I couldn’t let that pass, so, it is 12:16 AM and here we are.

Damian finally finds him sprawled on one of the many, many couches that decorate Wayne Manor. There’s a book he’s probably read a hundred times in one of his hands, the other occupied with spooning Dick’s stolen cereal into his mouth. 


The spoon stops halfway to his mouth and there’s a guilty smile on his face, betrayed by the mischief in his eyes.

“Don’t tell Dick.”

“Do me a favor and I will not.”

Jason seems to ponder that for a second before shrugging, “Shoot.”

Damian clears his throat, suddenly unsure of how to approach the topic before deciding to simply get straight to the point.

“Todd, certainly you’ve noticed that the rest of endless band of children Father seems to be adopting,” he receives a raised eyebrow and an amused smile for that, “are prone to making…references.”

Jason’s eyebrow arcs higher and Damian is left to question the limits of the human anatomy.

“You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific, shorty.”

Damian thought back, “…Last week, when we were in the cave and Father had just finished outlining the mission. He said ‘Let’s get down to business,’ and Brown and Grayson simultaneously screeched, ‘To defeat the Huns.’ Father had the same look he had on his face when he caught you and Cain trying to see how many of his ties you could hide in odd places before he noticed.”

Jason laughs aloud at that, looking extremely proud of himself, “Yeah, that was a good one.”

Damian raises his eyebrow, though somehow he doubts it has the same effect his older brother’s seems to have.

“Anyways, they’re referencing Disney movies, I think. I asked Tim about it once and he more or less told me that Dick and Steph have a cult like obsession with colorful children’s movies featuring catchy songs, talking animals, and overdramatic villains.”

“You’ve never seen them?” Damian asks, confused. He would have thought Jason would have enjoyed something like that.

“Wasn’t around when they came out,” Jason says, flippantly enough that Damian almost misses it.

Wasn’t aroun-oh.


Suddenly, Damian feels like the largest idiot in the world. How could he not have had the foresight to maybe, ask one of the siblings that had used the references in the first place, why hadn’t he connected the dots-

“Stop thinking so hard, baby bat.”

When had Jason gotten up?

“I, um-”

He’s cut off when Jason tousles his hair, a casual smile on his lips. The young bird is too stunned to protest. Instead, he looks up at his brother and does what he’s always done best. He observes. There are bags under Jason’s eyes, a fading bruise on his shoulder, his hair is wet, and something about him is so, so tired.


“Yeah, Dami?”

“Get some sleep.”

Jason chuckles as he walks towards the stairs, Damian quietly putting his cereal bowl in the sink and picking up his(Jason’s) book to take his place on the couch. Now to wait for Tim.


Tim looks up, certainly not surprised at being accosted within seconds of walking through the front door. The look on Damian’s face is one of determination; he will not stop until his objective is reached. Tim sighs.

“At least let me take off my shoes.”

“So let me get this straight. You asked Jason about Disney movies, only to find out he was…gone when they came out, felt horrible, and now you want to watch them with him, but are hindered by the lack of your ability to Internet?”

Damian wishes Barbara was visiting.

But then Tim breaks into a smile and there’s something incredibly…tender about it. Damian thinks this won’t be too bad after all.


Jason looks up. It’s been a day or so since Damian had inquired about one of their siblings’ many strange habits. He supposes he should have been more subtle about the whole thing, but what else was he supposed to say? ‘Oh yeah, sorry Damian, I didn’t see Mulan because my corpse was being submerged in the Lazarus Pit?’

He had, however, taken his younger brother’s advice in getting some rest. In fact, he had just woken up from a particularly nice nap, and had been planning to go and hunt for Dick’s last cereal box. Thieving aside, he waits for Damian to speak, seeing the boy looking expectant.

All he receives for his patience is a ‘follow me.’

Sighing dramatically and ignoring Damian’s ‘Tt,’ Jason drags himself from the covers and straggles after his brother, curious as to what his intentions may be.

Upon arriving in the same room Damian had found him in the day prior, Jason is, to say the least, confused. Moreover, he finds, he won’t have to go on a cereal-thieving scavenger hunt, as it’s already sitting on the coffee table in one of Alfred’s less precious ceramic bowls.

“Damian? What’s going on?”

Said preteen defender of Gotham and his Honor(Jason may not have been around for Disney, but he and Dick had sure as hell marathoned Avatar at least eight times), was struggling with what looked to Jason like an HDMI cable. Succeeding in connecting it, Damian fiddled with Tim’s laptop for a few seconds before setting it down carefully and practically tackling Jason to the couch.

Surprised, Jason yelped as they tussled on the couch, turning his head to the screen just as a soothing jingle played, accompanied by a graphic of a blue castle and the word, ‘Disney’ written in a circular font.

“…Damian?” He looks over to the smaller body sprawled against him to see him looking away, ears turning red.

“..I wanted you to watch them. I wanted to watch them with you.”

Jason stares for a moment before a soft smile overtook his features. 

“Okay,” he says, and settles down against the armrest, grabbing a handful of cereal and leaning against his baby brother as ‘The Little Mermaid’ appeared on screen.

Dick drops by the Manor to find his cereal on the floor and two of his siblings locked in a fierce argument.

“Mulan was clearly the best, she literally defied all gender stereotypes and learned how to fight as well as Li Shang in like, three days. Also bonus points for talking dragon and grade A catchy songs.”

“Ridiculous, Todd, Aladdin was obviously superior. The poor street thief with a heart of gold and the rebellious, self-aware princess? Not to mention the flying carpet, genie, and quality displays of villainy.”

They’re interrupted by a devastated scream, the two boys at last becoming aware of Dick’s presence.



Dick gazes up at them with a look of incredulous horror, “How could you?!”

Jason blinks. Damian stares.

How could you do this to my cereal, you heathens?!

Two pairs of eyes land on the mess of sugary breakfast food scattered on the carpet.

Shit.” That’s Jason.

“Thank you, Jay, for reali-”

Did we break Alfie’s bowl?!

Damian pales, vaulting neatly over the coffee table to search for the ceramic piece that could spell their doom. Dick is forced to watch as his two brothers scramble about the room, ignoring the remains of their pilfered meal on the floor. 

“Found it!”

Jason triumphantly holds up the bowl, chipped slightly, but still in one piece.

Dick wants to know why it was behind the couch.

Unfortunately, the other two residents of the Living Room of Horrors seem content to set the bowl to the side and resume their places on the couch, resuming where they’d left off in ‘Snow White’, having broken into an argument when Damian voiced his preference of Aladdin.

“I hate you both,” Dick, about to storm out of the room, is interrupted by Cass’ entrance to it. She looks to the screen, currently displaying the seven dwarves, before picking a piece of cereal off the ground and popping it in her mouth. Dick’s horrified expression goes unnoticed as she goes to squish Jason’s cheeks.


He sticks his tongue out and she replies in kind, before moving to Damian’s other side and cuddling him, the youngest of them content to be sandwiched between his brother and sister. 

“Dick, why are you calling me, it’s 4 pm on a Saturday I would like to be not awake right now.”

“Steph, I can never watch ‘Snow White’ again.”

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Why does rendering take so long?

Well, it doesn’t have to, but it depends on the complexity of the thing you’re rendering. When you’re working with 3D, you don’t see light, or shadow, or reflections, or any details like that. You’re working with just colors and shapes. Depending on how many lightsources you have, the computer will have to calculate the directions of shadows, and the distance to the light, how much softer the shadow gets over distance. Also, how the light hits the objects, and how that changes the color of the object, depending on intensity of the light and the distance to the source. For every lightsource.

And then multiply that through every reflective surface. Every shiny thing. Many things are reflective, but not like a mirror where everything is perfectly clear. Most materials give a softer reflection that gets more and more blurry, as distance to the reflected object increases.

And then you have refraction, see-throughness of things like glass or ice and stuff. When the light hits something behind glass, it needs to run all those calculations above, AND then correctly distort that based on the shape and parameters of the glass-object. Say you look at something through a glass vase, that stuff gets all distorted and twisted. BUT that stuff still needs to have proper light, shadow and reflections BEFORE it gets refracted in the glass vase. And then, some glass isn’t even 100% clear, like ice, you can still see through it but things get blurry and muddled, which adds another layer of calculation.

Take something like South Park for example, that’s created with flat shapes in Maya, and I’m willing to bet that rendering doesn’t take THAT long for them to render. Because it’s simple, flat, maybe one lightsource with hard shadows, no reflections, just colors and some shadows. There are relatively few things to calculate. Compared to Finding Nemo which has hundreds of different materials and colors, UNDER WATER with light rippling through the surface above, casting soft moving shadows, etc. etc. I use Finding Nemo as an example, because I happen to know that the underwater-scenes of that movie took between 60-90 HOURS to render PER FRAME. That’s 24 frames per SECOND.

That’s why rendering takes so long :P

The Appeal Of Kyoto Animation

I have seen many people saying how K-On is a cheap anime with no creativity and effort put behind this anime. In this blog I want to try to explain what makes Kyoto Animation so appealing and why this statement is not true.

Kyoto Animation is a popular studio which is known for great animation and their slice of life stories, with their unique character designs and very relaxing atmosphere. The funny thing is that what I just said is something you normally shouldn’t. Let me explain this.

I think we have all seen statements like “The animation from Studio Madhouse is amazing” or “Toei Animation always suck”. The reason why it’s not really fair to say that is because the staff for the most studios are usually changing. You don’t have the same team working on every Madhouse production. You don’t have the same director working on every Toei Animation production. Many animators are freelancer who have their own style and way of drawing. So if you see a scene which is really badly animated, it could be the result of just one or two animators screwing up. So blaming the whole studio is kinda unfair. The same can be said about great animated scenes.

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Harry pulled the Invisibility Cloak from inside his robes, swung it over himself, and sprang to his feet, as Neville moved too.

In one swift, fluid motion, Neville broke free of the Body-Bind Curse upon him; the flaming hat fell off him and he drew from its depths something silver, with a glittering, rubied handle - The slash of the silver blade could not be heard over the roar of the oncoming crowd or the sounds of the clashing giants or of the stampeding centaurs, and yet, it seemed to draw every eye. With a single stroke Neville sliced off the great snake’s head, which spun high into the air, gleaming in the light flooding from the entrance hall, and Voldemort’s mouth was open in a scream of fury that nobody could hear, and the snake’s body thudded to the ground at his feet.

You know when you bring up fandom racism and someone (or several people, usually) responds with some kind of version of ‘your view is invalid because you’re only considering race as a factor for why CoC is unpopular (or white side character is super popular), without comprehending other factors’? 

Not only is that incredibly patronizing, it’s also totally backwards. Because over and over again, I’ll watch movies and TV shows and see a story being told with important characters of color, and then watch as fandom ignores them to embrace white characters, no matter how minor. Over and over. 

That is what I and others notice. And to those people trying to invalidate our observations, I say: We’re not the ones disregarding the story to focus on race – you are

I mean, they’re not consciously thinking about race, which is why the whole discussion is so hard for them, but the result is always that CoC don’t matter as much as white characters. There are always a million non-racial reasons why, but in fan spaces like Tumblr and AO3, it always comes down to whiteness mattering more. 

This is just Sarada’s wishful daydream an illusion

Friendly reminder that if this is a memory then why is Sasuke wearing his genin shirt which he hasn’t wore since his genin days?. Second why does he have the Uchiha crest on his back when he stopped wearing it ever since he left the village? and why is his hairstyle is the same as it was in his old pictures which is unlikely considering everyone changed their hairstyle in a two year timeskip from 699 to the last naruto the movie?. as for the hand it is hard to tell either way if there is a hand or not the angle and the blurred image hides what is or isn’t there so making an argument about a vague point is useless. and one final thing if Sasuke was truly there for Sarada why did he not recognize her and almost stab her when he first saw her, I mean see how she wears the sames colors to what she wears in present day and has a similar hairstyle and the same black hair and the Uchiha crest on her back he has to be an idiot if he at least doesn’t consider before almost stabbing her that she is the same girl he raised his own daughter like WTF he should have no problem recognizing her.

pab-loco  asked:

So any particular standout moments in GotG for you? I'm particularly fond of the scene with Peter finding out Ego's plan and what he did to his mother and everything and then just going off on him. And also the whole thing with Groot bringing Rocket and Yondu literally everything on the ship other than what they want, I was in stitches at that part :D

Here’s my favorite scenes from GotG Vol. 2:

  • Yondu, Rocket and Groot taking the ship, unbelievably badass. Most badass scene in the movie, one of the most badass scenes I’ve ever seen?
  • The whole Peter / Rocket thing with the tape, I don’t remember the last time I have laughed so hard at the movies, the part “Why wouldn’t you ask if colored / transparent is okay if you don’t have it anyway?” (I’ve watched it in Italian so I don’t remember the exact line) I died
  • When Ego says he put the brain into Peter’s mom’s head and his reaction, it was a very strong scene.
  • Pacman. That’s it.
  • All of Gamora / Nebula scenes were amazing in my opinion.
  • The last Peter / Yondu scene

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I got tagged by the cutest @thedancingsim​, thanks, bud!!!

Were you named after anyone?
Nah, my parents heard the name in the city and decided, yes, let’s name our daughter Kenia. My middle name is my grandma’s name, though. Cutest name twin. 

When was the last time you cried?
LMAO today because I thought I failed my midterm and then I gave myself a pep talk and bought a pastry.

Do you have kids?
Yeah, he’s  an 11 years old west highland terrier/poodle mix.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
real talk, probably not. I’m super inconsistent and find it hard to continue conversations so I end up overcompensating by rambling. 

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
no, of course not, why would I? /s

What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Their shoes because I’m always looking at the ground. jk, I guess their hair?? I find it hard to looks people in the eye so I notice hair first. 

What is your eye color?

Scary movie or happy endings?
Scary movie

Favorite smells?
Old books (so dust, I guess l ma o), pastries, artificial peach smell, real peach smell. 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
I went to New York one summer, it was cool. 

Do you have any special talents?
I have the amazing talent of drifting away from people very quickly bc my insecurities and recurring depression. :)

Where were you born?
Mexico City, Mexico. 

What are your hobbies?
Not getting enough sleep, making gifs, crying over Produce 101, studying.

Do you have any pets?
No, I only have a child, but technically he’s a dog. so yes. 

Do you have any siblings?
Yeah. He’s 15 and we’re dorks. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am grown up. I just want to be okay. 

Who is your first best friend?
Uhh this kid named Nicholas that’s super cool. He was the first person I ever felt was truly my friend.

How tall are you?
4′11″ or 149.86cm according to google. 

Funniest moment throughout school?
I hated high school. One time in college, a kid tripped but ended up making a very smooth landing and he turned around hoping no one saw but I saw. 

How many countries have you visited?
Guatemala where I grew up and the US where I currently live?? Does that count?? I can’t visit any other countries or else I can’t come back to the US lm a o #undocumentedstruggles

What was your favorite/worst subject in high school?
Favorite subject was english because I love reading. Worst subject was math because I hate math. 

What is your favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?
Favorite drink is water to match my bland personality. Jk, it’s green tea. Favorite animal is snails. Favorite perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

What sports do you play/have you played?
I’m uncoordinated. I tried track once and broke my glasses and my spirit at the first track meet. rip. 

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
those channels that make tiny food with tiny kitchen supplies. 

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?
One boyfriend and it was awkward. oh high school…

Favorite memory from your childhood?
Taking a bath with the pigs on our farm.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
a mess. 

What phone do you have?
HTC One m7 from 2013 because I don’t like change. 

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Credence Barebone

A new and hard series of fan arts. I tried to draw it in a soft color. Credence is adorable, and so does Ezra Miller. I would rather see him be around with lilies instead of dark.I always fall in love with a boy whose hair is curly and brunette. It explains why i love Sherlock,Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan, Sebastian Stan and  Tom Hiddleston properly. It’s hard because i will finish those gradually. And print it maybe.