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Someting Outrageous

If you’re drinking something, stop. If you’re eating, stop. I wouldn’t want you to choke or spit or anything.

So I was at Mass earlier this afternoon with my family. Right as Mass should have started, our priest walks out from the sacristy and up to the pulpit. I’m curious, of course, but no worried. Sometimes priests make announcements before Mass, no biggie.

Man, I was so, so incredibly wrong.

There’s been a lot of drama in our city lately so I wasn’t that shocked when he started off by telling us that he had received a nasty letter in the mail Friday. Then he started to read it.

Nothing could have prepared me for what came out of his mouth.

The anon who had written the letter went on and on about how they and others were not happy with the way things were going at our parish. Mostly it concerned the person in charge of the music and such. They wanted change and they were willing to do awful things to get it.

In the letter, they threatened that until things changed, they would stop their donations to the parish, diocese and school (my parish is connected to a Catholic school).

However, they then said that they would take the Holy Eucharist and keep it in their pockets, leave it in missals, or just lying in the pew. When I heard this, I almost fainted, even though I was seated.

After our priest finished reading the letter, he told us that scotch-taped to the paper were 3 hosts. Now, there is no way to know whether or not they were consecrated, but they most likely were.

Father asked us to please check the missals and pews around us to see if their were any hosts.

I was trembling, shaking with anger. There is no excuse, NONE, that justifies what these people are doing. To disrespect the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, is unforgiveable.

To stick Jesus in their pockets?!? To have our Lord jiggling around in their pants, simply because they’re angry at something that isn’t THAT important?

To leave Him in the pews or in a missal, as if He wasn’t the King and Savior of the world. The Eucahrist is what makes us Catholic. It’s the reason people convert. It’s what our lives should be centered on.

I am outraged. I’m channeling all my outrage into prayer and fasting until this is resolved. I ask you to say a prayer or two for this. I hate asking for prayer intentions, but this isn’t about me. This is about Jesus. My heart breaks at the thought of Him being mistreated.

Ok ok ok wait.
Did Regina just say that it’s Emma’s heart they’re trying to protect, while Emma is bleary eyed, pale, and literally shaking with anger? Because finally, FINALLY somebody is taking care of her, damn. Snow is worried about Emma’s trust and anger, in the middle of Henry’s disappearance, while Regina is ALWAYS worried about Henry AND Emma.

And ok, she also said that’s it’s Emma’s heart they’re trying to protect, not Regina’s, and that’s just so. Feels inducing. I am on the floor thinking how far Regina will go to keep Emma safe, and I’m not talking about sucking the darkness out of a child, I’m talking about putting her own heart on the line, making it darker ad risking her life to protect Emma, and I just. I can’t, these babies will kill me.

EXO Chanyeol Unfollows Tao On Instagram, Fans Bash Chanyeol & Tao

After Tao released his Solo Teaser,

Numerous fans went to his instagram to Bash him about “Isn’t he supposed to be taking a rest”, and “He’s betraying them and his promise to them”.

Soon after, Chanyeol unfollowed Tao on instagram, and a lot of people went to his instagram to say “He didn’t have to unfollow him”, “Aren’t they brothers”, that he’s “Betraying tao”.

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