why is this even my life


so you never see anyone besides your parent’s? why doesn’t anyone ever visit you guy’s? or your parents take you anywhere?

well every once in awhile i see the other people like me… my parents friends… they come from all over but that doesn’t happen a lot…

so aren’t they your friends?

yeah i guess but i never see them? i have a boyfriend too… he’s my parents best friends son so… he’s been my boyfriend pretty much my whole life… i guess he’s even my fiance?

whoa whoa whoa you’re getting married? do you even want to?

well i mean i don’t want to be alone forever… and it’s always been the plan… he’s pretty nice to me so… it’s ok.

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okay i understand that bts split up after the prolouge but why ? After tae jumped what happened that made them all leave each other

Maybe because life happens, that they had to follow their dreams and that their situations at the time were too different to collide or simply because youth does not last as forever as we wanted it to be because you have to mature to continue on living and get accepted by society? Something similar happened to me with my dearest friends that even today I can die for, life and time took us apart but I’ll still see our memories in those little things we shared, in those words we spoke and the love we had for one another never faded, we didn’t need to keep in touch to know the value of one another but we parted ways until the day a major event happened that non of us could ignore and that made us reunite again. When we did, we found both our old selves in each other and felt like we didn’t age a day. I hope everyone could know the feeling of a true friendship. 

C: Sometimes having a bigger/wider nose makes me feel unattractive. To society, having a smaller, “cuter” nose is deemed as more desirable especially on a woman. Why else would nose contouring be such a big thing? Why else would so many celebrity black women with a large nose get a nose job? Why else would those Snapchat filters that make people “prettier” make your nose smaller? Even on black beauty pages, I scroll through all these beautiful black women and almost ALL of them have a smaller nose. I see so many black girls with bigger noses in real life, but we’re rarely ever represented on these black beauty pages. People often use Rihanna as an example of a beautiful black woman with a larger nose but even her nose isn’t that big. It makes me feel very insecure about my nose, and I’m really considering having cosmetic surgery to reduce the size.

I’m Sorry

I often turn to you guys when I’m feeling down because you’re so good at making me feel better. Which is why I’m writing this.

First of all, post-holiday blues and depression don’t go very well together. I had a great two weeks away, but now being back to my normal life with all my problems has suddenly hit me like a pile of bricks. Things seemed nicer on holiday, so now everything seems even more shit than it did  before.

Secondly, I haven’t contributed to the JSE community as much lately as I used to. I haven’t posted fan-art for ages. I haven’t even watched as many videos. Not because I don’t like Jack or his content anymore, and not because I don’t want to be in the community. I guess my problems have kept me sidetracked.

I feel like a bad community member for missing so many videos, not keeping up with what’s been going on. I almost feel like I’ve betrayed Jack. He’s done so much for me and cheered me up on my down days, and I went and turned my back on him. I didn’t mean to but I still feel terrible. @therealjacksepticeye if you see this, I’m sorry. I still love you and your videos and I promise you I still love this community, and I definitely still want to meet you some day.

And to everyone in the community, I’m sorry to you too. I know I’ve not been talking to you all as much, and I haven’t given you as much art/stories/etc. as I did before.

I just feel so down, and I don’t entirely know why. Some of it is what I’ve said, but I also feel this way because I just do. Depression can be like that sometimes. And I’m sorry for laying it on you guys. Please forgive me for being such a burden and bringing you down. I love all of you <3

tl:dr I feel down because a. depression and b. I feel like a bad member of the JSE community because I haven’t been as active lately. And I’m sorry.

My 2 cents on the whole incest thing since everybody keeps bringing it up in ship wars.

Before I say anything, I would just like to point out that shipping an incestuous relationship in fiction, whether it be Jonerys, Jonsa, Jamie x Cersei or any other, by no means indicates that one condones incest in real life. So ship and let ship people. Also, I’m basing my opinions on everything we know about these characters and the universe they live in, I’m not trying to say what is wrong or right, I’m trying to point out what I believe makes or doesn’t make sense for certain characters based on their personality, upbringing and character development so far.

Having said that, I would just like to explain why some of these ships make sense to me personally and others don’t, even though they are all incestuous.

I keep hearing that incest is normal in this universe and therefore it shouldn’t bother anybody, but I don’t really agree with that statement.

Incest is normal for the Targaryens, it’s how they have been living for thousands of years and people all over Westeros seem to accept it when it comes to them only, even though they probably think it’s weird. When it comes to everybody else, it’s frowned upon.

Jamie and Cersei are a good example of this. Everybody thinks it’s weird that the two are romantically involved. That fact is thrown on Jamie’s face as an insult quite a lot throughout the story, it’s also mentioned to Tywin by many people, again, as an insult. When Ned finds out Jamie is the true father of Cersei’s children and confronts her about it, she feels the need to explain herself in some way and even uses the Targaryens as an example as to why there’s nothing wrong with it.

The Lannisters keep that incestuous relationship a secret primarily because nobody could know that Cersei’s kids were not Robert’s, obviously, but also because it is something seen as shameful and a joke by most.

So, in my opinion, the show has made it pretty clear that, unless you’re a Targaryen, incest is not something that is perceived as ok by most within that universe.

However, given what we know about Cersei and Jamie and the life that they had, I understand how these two characters could form that connection, and it is made pretty clear that they never had sibling like feelings towards each other. Also, Cersei is known to sleep with other members of the family, like cousins and such, so it has clearly never been a problem for her. I still think it’s weird for such feelings to develope between two people who were raised as brother and sister, whether they actually are or not, but when it comes to these two, I can understand how it would happen. It makes sense for those two characters specifically.

When it comes to Jon and Sansa, that’s a different story and here’s why people seeing a romantic connection between them doesn’t make sense to me. It’s totally cool if you do, btw, I’m just saying it doesn’t add up to me personally and based on my understanding of the story.

First of all, I think it’s safe to say that the Starks are pretty much the only normal family in Westeros, incest is not something that they practice and it’s definitely not something they see as normal. They see their siblings as nothing more than siblings. The love that they feel for each other, is that of siblings. Whether incest is right or wrong is not the issue here. What I’m saying is that it is not something considered normal by the Starks.

Jon was raised as a Stark. He shares all of their values and beliefs. He was raised as a brother to Sansa, even though they are not actually brother and sister, they both grew up viewing each other as such, that is all they will ever be to each other. Even if they find out that they are actually only cousins, those feelings are not going to change because of that. Anybody who has a sibling can attest to that. Hell, if you have a very close cousin you can attest to that, since a sibling like love is also what you usually find among close cousins. 

Jon is protective of Sansa, he’s not jealous of her. Of course he loses his shit when Littlefinger starts talking about her in the cave. If a creep like that started talking about my sister in the same way he did, my reaction would be the exact same as Jon’s. Jon would react the same way if he talked like that about any of his siblings. Of course he worries and cares for her, she’s his sister, he worries and cares for all of his siblings.

So Jonsa doesn’t make sense to me (again, my own personal opinion, you are entitled to yours) because I simply don’t see how it would be possible for these two characters to see each other as anything other than brother and sister, even after Jon’s true parentage is revealed, because of how they were raised.

As for Jonerys, the incest part doesn’t bother me because, for one, these two characters had no idea about each other’s existence until recently. When they meet, they are two completely new people to each other. They don’t see a family member, they see a complete stranger.

They have no idea about their blood ties and even if they did, again, they are only just meeting each other for the first time, they are still two strangers. I find it hard that they would immediately feel a family like connection.

They are the same age. It’s not like Dany is 20 years older as tends to be the case with uncles and aunts. If she was much older than him I can see how they could develop a relationship as that of an aunt and a nephew, even a mother and child, regardless of any blood connection, btw. But they’re the same age, so these are just two young people coming together for the first time. And I’ll venture that even if they had grown up together, theirs would still not be an aunt and nephew like relationship, precisely because they are the same age. They would probably have the same relationship that cousins would have. So “aunt” and “nephew” are just empty designations for them, given that they are just now coming together, it’s meaningless.

When they do find out about Jon’s heritage, I don’t think it will affect them in any way, I can honestly see them making jokes about it, but it will bear no actual weight on their relationship other than the fact that it means Jon has a rightful claim to the throne.

It would be different if it was a mother/son or even brother/sister situation that we were talking about, those are much closer blood relations, and like I said, Jon was raised in such a way that it would bother him if he found out. It would bother Dany as well, because even though she is a Targaryen, it doesn’t seem to me like she would view that as ok. I can see something like that affecting them, but aunt and nephew? Not so much.

For all intents and purposes they are two strangers who just met. They have no history, so there’s no reason why the blood tie should hinder them in any way.

I’ll say again, I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m not trying to say what ship is better, I’m not trying to say what is right or wrong, I’m trying to explain what makes sense to me within that universe and based on those characters’ personality traits and how they were raised.


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“I never got to ask you why you’re helping us?” Dean inquired out of nowhere “not that I’m not grateful and all but won’t your brothers be upset because you’re on our side”.

“Of course they will, Micheal especially but, Dean Winchester after coming down to earth and getting to know you I’ve learned to care about you and even if it will anger my brothers I will not allow them to take your life just to settle their family feud”.

“Woah, woah let me get this straight. You care about me huh?” Dean smirked. You cocked an eyebrow as you noticed a devilish expression forming on the man’s face.

“Yes, that is what I said but I suggest you stop thinking about whatever adultery thing that’s floating through that little sinful mind of yours”.


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18 pansy x neville

pansy couldn’t begin to remember how she’d even gotten herself into this mess in the first place. her memories jump from laughing at the bar with daphne and theo straight to lamenting the troubles of her life in the back corner booth with neville longbottom.

neville. longbottom.

where had he even come from? how had they even started talking? and why was he sitting there just patiently listening to her go on and on and why was her drink empty? “gone,” she slurred, pushing the glass away from her. it slid off the edge of the table and crashed onto the floor and she motioned to the shattered mess. “just like my life.” 

neville leaned over and aimed his wand at the glass. “you’re life’s n-” he stopped to hiccup, he wasn’t exactly sober himself. “not gone.” a magically reassembled cup floated back onto the table. 

pansy grabbed what was left of his drink and downed it. “what would you know, longbottom? you’re a war hero, everyone loves you.” 

“which means everyone expects something of me,” he mumbled. 

she eyed him from under her fringe. he’d slumped back in the booth, started staring at the edge of the table. he’d been quiet most of the evening, just listening to her rant about her life, but now he was the one ranting and she supposed listening to him was the polite thing to do.

“everyone’s looking at me, waiting for me to do great things. i’m just going to disappoint them.”

pansy didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything. instead she aimed her wand across the room at a bottle of firewhiskey behind the bar. 

“what are you doing?” neville asked as it flew through the room and into her outstretched hand. 

she reached into her purse and threw a handful of galleons on to the table. “i don’t want to feel like this tomorrow.” she slid out of the booth and adjusted her skirt and he watched as she walked way. “are you coming?” she called over her shoulder and neville scrambled to catch up. 

it was colder outside than he remembered but pansy didn’t seem to notice. “where are we going?” neville asked, a few steps behind her. 

“i’m not sure,” she mused, whirling around to face him, walking backwards. “have any ideas?” 

“what? no i-” neville started, so she shrugged and spun back around. how was she doing that? she had to have been a least a little drunker than him, and she was in heels that put her nearly to his height, and yet she spun around like it was nothing. it was mesmerizing. 

neville stopped in his tracks, a thought striking him. “i’ve got it,” he said, and quickly closed the space between them. he reached for her free hand and clasped his around it. a second later they were on the walking path of the london bridge. 

pansy screamed and buried her face in nevilles chest. neville laughed and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her further way from the traffic rushing by. she only looked up when they’d hit the railing. “what the fuck, longbottom!” she cried, beating a fist onto his chest. “are you trying to kill me?” 

“i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” he laughed, grabbing her by the shoulders. he dipped his eye to get a look at her face. “it’s all right, look.” he turned her towards the thames, instead of the traffic, and felt her body relax. 

pansy grabbed a hold of the railing and looked out over the water, over the city. “its easy to forget how many of them there are when you never leave the wizarding community,” she said, eyes losing focus. 

neville nodded and was quiet for a moment, and then he screamed. it was loud and raw and it lasted for as long as he could mange. pansy’d jumped, and was looking at him in horror. people around them were staring, and walking around them with as much space as the could. “what is the matter with you!” she scolded, swatting at his arm. 

“it’s cathartic. you should try it.” he said, his voice already a little raspy. 

“i would never,” she spat. and neville shrugged and screamed again. 

“stop that!” pansy smacked him on the arm again. but he just cut his eyes towards her, not letting up on the scream. she crossed her arms. huffed and shifted her weight. she bounced her foot and he started a new scream. “fine,” she grumbled, dropping her arms and leaning over the railing. and she screamed too. 

they stopped when they ran out of breath and exchanged looks. pansy gave a small smile first, and neville gave a big grin. “see, told you” he said. 

she nodded, and screamed again. her throat burned but she didn’t care. it felt good, primal, free. she gripped the railing tighter and leaned over, stepping up on the the ledge below her. leaning her torso against the railing she loosened her grip and spread her arms out wide, pushing her scream even farther. 

but then her foot slipped and her voice cut off as she felt her body tipping over the edge and she thought for sure she was going over. but the next thing she knew nevilles arm was wrapped tight around her waist, pulling her back against his chest and away from the ledge. 

“you all right?” he asked, his hoarse voice soft in her ear. her skin prickled and she nodded. she shifted, turning to face him, his arm still around her. 

“thanks,” she breathed, eyes fluttering to his lips. his gaze flited around her face as they stood like that, centimeters apart for what felt like a century. 

“it’s tomorrow,” he said, voice as low, lips inching still closer to hers. 

“i wouldn’t mind feeling like this again tomorrow,” she said, but barely got the last word out before his lips crashed on to hers. 

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Loving text & heartbreaking text from Bakugo????

I’m going to group these ones together~~

& - Loving Text
♀ - Heartbreaking Text

To: (Y/N)
“I found the ring I was gonna use to propose to you today (Y/N). Y’know, that was one of the things in my life I was fucking looking forward to… Seeing you walk down the aisle, I don’t think I could’ve contained myself. It would’ve been great, right? So, why did it have to be you huh? Why did you have to die? How am I supposed to find anyone who even fucking compares to you!?”

[message not sent]

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why is trainspotting your favorite movie?

Ummm I think it’s a combination of the great dialogue, interesting characters, and performances in the film. I love the way it’s shot, there are a lot of beautiful scenes but of course there are a lot of scenes which are very raw, gritty, and maybe even hard to watch sometimes

Also the soundtrack is 11/10, deffo my favourite film soundtrack ever. Lust for Life, Born Slippy, Perfect Day, Atomic…. all these songs literally give me life

Remember the moments.
Jot down every detail.
What delicious torment,
For your first true love feeling to fail.
Broken hearts hurt so much. 
You paint him into a picture, or two, or three, or maybe even four,
You sing for him just for closure, until your throat is dry and sore.
Oh darling, I know what it is; to fill a notebook with absolute art, and to think all of this
Was caused by a broken heart
—  (C.B)

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my parents have both been in AA for thirty years and seeing people fight like hell to beat their addiction and improve their lives has always been a fact of life for me. my parents were very open about what AA is and why they need it. seeing gerard way thrive in sobriety is something that makes me feel really deeply connected to him and even to bandit as someone who has to understand the risks of addiction... idk i just needed to share this sorry for bugging you lol

that’s pretty awesome actually? i’m glad you wanted to share this with me


I have 1500 followers and I never thought I’d reach that many. I don’t even know why people followed me.


list of blogs you should follow because I love them

Blogs I’ve been following since the days of teen wolf

° @halzbarry : We met in a Darrish blog when a mutual bought him in to write with us and I’ve been following since then. He’s an A+ blog and amazing person

° @dark-alice-lilith: The love of my life. We met way back when. She’s quickly become one of my best friends and one day I hope to meet her in person

° @rantsofafangirl : Jaz is like wine, she’s an acquired taste that I’ve grown to love. She speaks her mind and I admire that a lot

° @puppyfacedbrokenboys : We’ve gone through so many fandoms together (even the short lived ones (RBS always ) Mel is super sweet and very nice.

My AOS favorites

° @slamncram : I just met her and even though we don’t talk much she makes me believe that everyone will get a happy ending in life.

° @holdendadcliffe : another I just met and again, we don’t talk as much but I love them

the Flarrow family

° @phynali/ @coldtomyflash : Words cannot express how much I love Phyn

° @crimsondomingo : aunt crimson is like that one friend that makes you feel better with their words. When I’m having a bad day I’ll read some of her work and feel better

° @spockschntgai : Mai….. Just Mai. So much can be blamed on her. Follow her though, she’s amazing and takes gorgeous photos

Other’s that you should follow because they’re amazing :

@asexual-fandom-queen, @fadetoblaqk , @harrydraco @chriswoods @damnstevens @craptaincold @marcomardon @nixie-deangel @ninjaeris13 @airyalmost @afterpartyattheshire @bottomraypalmer @snartbaiting @avengerspeter @itsbrookeks @itsgonnabeacoldwinter-soldier @coldflashwave-baby @coldnofeelings @mockingbird-22 @salt-throne @lady–divine @seiya-starsniper @neveratrest @mrpalmersnart @batmanintamriel @malec4everr @jq-piccadilly @momomoon @mattjostensbutt @mdzvanessa @maziqueensmith @ankahikoibaat @pretzel-log1c @prettypurpleflower @pheuthe @arrowsshootyouforwards @potterphiliac @pixieintorchwood @allenramon @queerdoctorpalmer @nova-arcania @starklinqs @prouvairablehulk @gemenice

the family that I just met this year

@thescarletspeedstress : Amie is a master of the call out post and I wouldn’t want it any other way

@scarletspeedshits: A sweetheart

@likeaspeedingarrow: Nadia is super sweet and nice in the short time that I’ve met her

@counselorbrad-is-key : Ray is a sweetie

@brooklyn1949: I love Medha. A gorgeous human being

If I’m forgetting anyone I’ll probably remember later!! I’m posting this while working so sorry!!!

What if the trouble is with me?
I can’t seem to shake this old mentality.
Not even sure what I believe
What if the trouble is with me?

It can’t be.
I refuse to lose the vision I have of this champion me, I’m planting my feet.
And I’m pointing my finger at my problems
(But not the index or pinky).
I have believed for too long, my conclusions are strong.
My math says ‘one right must afford me one wrong’.
I’m tripping along
and moving through life
wondering why even when I win shit doesn’t feel quite right.
I make the choices, fuck around.
Disappointing people but my conscience doesn’t make a sound.
Excuses coming to me, they are all around,
it’s everything around that’s fucked up
I don’t have nothing to worry about.

What if the trouble is with me?
I can’t seem to shake this old mentality.
Not even sure what I believe
What if the trouble is with me?

well if it is
well if it is
I’ve got a list of potential places to start.
Sickness in the body or the mind begins in the heart, let’s pick it apart.
Start back when I first noticed this grossness that’s starting to show its ugly head…
I’m about a quarter-way to dead if I’m lucky.
If God exists,
it’s clear that He stuck me on a path paved with good intentions,
sprinkled with self-obsession
and a predisposition for girl-chasing and money-spending and weed-smoking and rule-bending. I’m sick of lying and pretending but
to be totally truthful,
I find myself in a society where being an asshole has proven fruitful.

What if the trouble is with me?
I can’t seem to shake this old mentality.
Not even sure what I believe
What if the trouble is with me?

I admit it
I haven’t figured shit out yet
But this song is me trying.
I’d be lying if I said I weren’t totally terrified.
Who will be there if I don’t start to clarify
what I believe in? And why am I here if I don’t even care about people so dear to me?
I hope you’re hearing me
finally clear to me
that I am nearly alone.
I’m feeling a stone in my throat.
I know that I have to let it go
cuz what if the trouble is with me?

What if the trouble is with me?
I can’t seem to shake this old mentality.
Not even sure what I believe
What if the trouble is with me?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of activity - a certain blue hedgehog has completely taken over my life :p

Now you all see why the word HEDGEHOG is in my username lol

I’ll probably be slowing down with Sonic Mania over the next few days tbh and I’m hopefully gonna tackle my inbox on here tomorrow.

Oh, and it’s not just been entirely Sonic - I’ve actually also started some planning work on a little Lapidot fanfic based on a conversation that @luclipse85 and I had a while back (which may even end up being a multi-chapter thing). Watch this space~ ;D

You know it gets kinda pretty fucking incredible frustrating and it actually gives me tons of anxiety to think about the fact that there most likely won’t be any new sherlock episode for the next three or five years and when I think about it too hard I don’t really know what to do with my life anymore… okay, it might sound so stupid and maybe you think “why doesn’t she move one and get a life” but the thing is… I can’t and probably don’t even want to and we’re here, trying to crack s4, but even if we finally reach a satisfying conclusion then what? there is no episode to prove or debunk out theories, not yet

I have a hard time not taking informational posts personally and misreading them. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a while, but I’m really trying my best to work on it.

One thing that often causes me a bit of anger is when I see something saying “xyz is not common in [disorder].” For example: larger headspaces are not common in DID. That is fact, however I read it as “anyone who has a large headspace is fake.” 

Then, of course, I have to go through my whole defense on why it’s different for me. I’ve spent almost my entire life making my headspace, it’s not even that large, it’s almost exactly like an IRL place, etc etc.

But in the end, the post wasn’t even saying that I was fake for having a large inner world? It was just saying that it’s not common. 

I think this thought process got worse because of a doctor I had to deal with recently. All my disorders are professionally diagnosed. I met a new doctor because I needed a new medication to deal with sleep issues and my previous prescribing doctor retired. 

Within the first 10 minutes, after I said I had both DID and schizoaffective, he said they were not commonly diagnosed together. I said I was professionally diagnosed with both, and he replied, “Well, doctors make mistakes.” 

He asked me what my main symptoms were for schizoaffective disorder. When I said “delusions” in my list, he said “it is uncommon for a psychotic person to be aware of their symptoms.” 

Ever since then, I’ve been reading “uncommon symptom” as “if you have this symptom you are fake.” I know that’s truly not the case, but that doesn’t make the gut reaction lessen. 

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Just curious in star crossed myth does partheno ever finish his atonement? Like is he done atoning for his sin in the sequel or is he stuck atoning for his sins for the rest of his life?

He’s stuck atoning his sins for the rest of his life.

If you or anyone is wondering why, here’s the reason (contains heavy spoiler from Partheno’s sequel. Do NOT read if you don’t want to be spoiled)

Keep reading

I just want to say what happened in Charlottesville, a place many of my happiest times have been spent and where people I love more than life live, has been very upsetting to me for many reasons, one being a dear friend of mine was only a couple people over from being hit by the car that Nazi fuck drove into the crowd. I had to step away from the constant stream of news and thinkpieces (good and shitty) on here for a few days, that’s why I took a break. I’m glad I decided to check my messages though and it brought me back because friends help, always. It’s not even about distraction, it’s that the people I love bring me joy, and I love my friends. I don’t have much of a social life due to my health, many of my internet friends are irl friends (and vice versa in an odd way), and “being somewhere” that my friends are overpowers my sadness.

Mr Too Nice Update.

On my last post I discussed my run in w/ Mr Too Nice. Well since then he reached out via text to say he was very happy to see me and finally meet the boyfriend. I told him I felt the same although it was a bit awkward. He then asked why.

Well I didn’t tell you guys that many many years ago even after I decided to longer see him as I was emotionally unavailable we remained friends. I mean I’ve always said when dating you may not find the love of your life but may gain a friend in some instances. Well let’s get back to the gossip. We remained friends and he met a girl One day he wanted me to meet her officially at a gathering in DTLA. Unfortunately I can’t remember why I couldn’t go. So I text him that I appreciated the invite but could no longer go.

Fast forward to the next morning, I saw my phone had a text from him. So I assumed it was him saying no worries or maybe next time. Instead it was a vile text from his girlfriend. Telling me that he had a girlfriend and to stay away. Keep in mind he had invited me to meet this girl. When he saw this text he immediately called me to apologize. I told him it was ok but do to her aggressive text I didn’t want any drama. I’m a drama free girl. And even though we were just friends I didn’t want to continue to talk to him as she obviously had issues. But I wasn’t that harsh with my words with him. In the end it wasn’t him who text me. I wished him all the luck and we didn’t talk since until our little run in the other the day.

So fast forward to our conversation today. When he asked me why I felt awkward, I asked him if wasn’t this the girlfriend who text me all those years ago being so mean to me. He said oh no, not the same. He told me that was a bad time in his life and again apologized for her actions. I told him he need not apologize I was just glad it wasn’t the same girl.

I was courteous and wouldn’t have been any other way since I don’t like drama. But I was very relieved. He said we could be friends jokingly.

Phewwww That was close.

Glad it wasn’t that other chick haha

Has anyone else had a run in with crazy girlfriends of friends?


rant under the cut 

i am such a trashcan jfc even my friends are done with me and don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore and literally said i’m on my own and i honestly don’t blame them?? who would want to be friends with my mentally ill ass that just CAN’T. SHUT. UP. why do i have to sabotage every remaining relationship that i have to the point where everyone hates me, especially me??? i don’t even know how to apologise to them bc they basically told me never to speak to them again and i just want to end myself. Honestly, the past month was the worst for me, depression kicking my butt to the point where i was choosing between a rope, pills and razors bc i just was so done with myself and life and now THIS. I am such an awful friend and maybe they were right when they told me i don’t care about them. Except i do, but i don’t even know how to deal with my problems, i would be too scared to even touch theirs bc i would certainly make it worse. Anyways i started therapy, i hope i will become a person worhty of anyone’s time and affection because the loneliness is killing me