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Finding Home

Summary:  After Cas is rejected by his homophobic parents, his roommate Dean invites him to stay for the holidays with him and his family.  He never expected it to turn into this.

“They don’t want me anymore.” 

Dean blinks in surprise, looking up to see his freshman roommate standing in the doorway, antiquated cellphone in his hands.  To his surprise, the kid looks to be on the verge of crying, which is strange – Dean’s joked with his friends about how emotionless Cas appears to be.  Or rather, had appeared to be, up till now. 

“Cas, you alright there, buddy?”  Dean asks, chair screeching as he pulls away from his desk.  He’d been trying to finish his research paper for his physiology class, but whatever Cas’s problem is seems to be more pressing. 

“They don’t want me,” Cas repeats, swallowing wetly.  “My parents.  They say don’t want me to come home for Christmas break, and they don’t want me contacting my siblings anymore.” 

Dean blinks comprehensively.  “What?  Why the hell not?” 

“They, ‘still love me,’” Cas snuffles, rubbing his nose with the sleeve of his ever-present beige trench coat with one arm and making quotey fingers with the other.  “But they ‘don’t approve of my lifestyle.’”  

Oh.  Oh, so that’s what this is about.  

Dean hasn’t known Cas for all that long, and he doesn’t know a whole lot about him:  just that he’s a bio major with plans to become a doctor (Dean himself is going into nursing), he’s cute (though he’d never, ever tell Cas that), not a little weird, and yeah, if the time he’d come home to find him making out with Crowley (the poncy British upperclassman from accounting who Dean already loathes with a passion) he is into guys.

His parents must not have been cool with it. 

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Mingyu daycare!au please~

- you have a little brother who’s about five years old
- every day, your mom drops him off at daycare before she goes to work
- but one day, she’s been asked to come to work earlier so you tell her that you’ll drop your brother off first; your shift at your part-time job doesn’t start for another two hours anyway
- so you walk down the streets holding your little brother’s hand while he enthusiastically tells you how excited he is to see teacher mingyu
- you ask “who’s teacher mingyu?” and your brother tells you that he’s the coolest and funniest teacher ever
- and he tells you that one time he climbed on mingyu’s shoulders and it felt like he could see the world and you just laugh as how innocent that sounded
- you finally get to the daycare and you kneel down to unzip his winter jacket and while you’re telling him to behave, someone says “good morning, (your little brother’s name)!!”
- your brother exclaims “good morning teacher mingyu!!” and at his words, you look up
- and you see this tall, handsome boy standing by the door
- he’s wearing an apron too but it looks so cute how does he do it????
- you just look at your little brother and scream with your eyes “why didn’t you tell me he was GOOD-LOOKING I LOOK LIKE TRASH RIGHT NOW”
- after unzipping your little brother’s coat, you stand up straight and say “good morning” to which mingyu replies “good morning!! you’re (your little brother’s name)’s sibling i’m guessing??”
- you nod “that’s me. i was just here to drop him off so…. i’ll be going now”
- mingyu smiles “it was nice meeting you” and you say “you too” before practically sprinting out the door
- you get back home and the whole time you’re waiting for your shift to start and even during your shift, you just keep thinking about how you looked so bad in front of someone so handsome and you’re like fml
- after work, you check your cellphone to see that your mom sent you a text message saying that she’s going to be doing overtime
- but then it says that teacher mingyu’s already been informed, and your little brother’s just waiting for you to pick him up now
- you’re like NO NOT AGAIN
- you look at the time and you can’t even run home to change because your little brother ended like ten mins ago already
- you just wrap your scarf around your mouth and pull your hood up to hide yourself
- but while you’re walking there, it actually is really cold and you reach into your pockets to take out your mittens only to realize you left them home and you’re like great
- when you finally get to the daycare, you see mingyu zipping up your little brother’s jacket and you just melt at the scene because HOW CUTE
- when your brother sees you, he gives mingyu a hug before running up to you and grabbing your hand
- mingyu walks over to you and you sink deeper into your jacket
- he says “hi again!! is it cold outside??”
- before you could answer or even greet him back, your little brother nods and says “their hands are cold!!”
- mingyu says “oh, in that case….” he then walks over to the coat hanger and reaches into a trench coat and pulls out a pair of mittens
- he walks over to you and says “you can borrow these for today”
- you shake your head and exclaim “no it’s fine!! you’re going to get cold!!”
- mingyu just smiles and says “i’d feel more at ease if you took them, you can return them whenever you can”
- you say “oh…. thank you” and you take the mittens while smiling
- when you exit the daycare, your little brother says “you’re all red” and you just go like SH NO I’M NOT LET’S GO
- the next day, you offer to take your brother to daycare again so that you can give mingyu his mittens back
- and you made sure to dress up nicely LOL
- you get there, and you fail to notice mingyu’s face light up when he sees you
- he walks over to you and says “good morning” and you smile “good morning” while holding out the mittens you borrowed from him
- mingyu takes them and you say “i hope you weren’t too cold yesterday….” and he says “i wasn’t cold at all, don’t worry. i never got your name by the way….?”
- you say “oh! i’m sorry—” and he cuts you off and says “i’m sorry? that’s a funny name”
- you just look at him with a straight face and he laughs at your reaction, saying “that was bad i’m sorry” LOL
- you end up laughing too though, and continue “i’m (name), it’s nice to meet you” and he says “nice to meet you too, (name).”
- while talking to him, you see the other kids pulling on his shirt saying “teacher mingyu!! are they your s/o??”
- you and mingyu shakes your heads “no!! it’s not like that!!”
- that’s when you excuse yourself, leaving to get to your work
- but since that day….. you’ve been the one to bring your little brother to daycare
- you and mingyu have become good friends over time
- you’d sometimes bring him a drink from your work and he’d give you an extra meal he made in class
- but with time, you realize that you’ve fallen for him
- you know you’ll probably never confess so for now…. being friends is good enough for you
- you feel like you’re really obvious though because every day, your little brother asks “do you like teacher mingyu??” but you always say “you’re five, why are you asking me this? LOL”
- but one day, while walking your brother to daycare, he asks you for the hundredth “do you like teacher mingyu??”
- you sigh in exasperation and say “yes i do, (your little brother’s name). i like him a lot. now will you stop asking?”
- his eyes brighten when you say that and he says “really??” and you nod your head and say “really.”
- you finally get to the daycare, and like always, you and mingyu talk for a while
- but the kids pull on his shirt and exclaim “teacher!! we have to get started right away!!”
- you ask “another project?” and mingyu nervously laughs and replies “yeah i guess you can say that….”
- you say “have a good day then, i’ll be back later to pick my brother up” and when you exit the door, you can’t help but think that mingyu looks a bit uneasy today
- you eventually forget about it and go on with your day
- your shift finally comes to an end and you get to the daycare, but weirdly…. there aren’t any kids at the entrance getting ready to leave with a parent
- in fact, everything’s just dead silent….
- you call out “mingyu?? is everything okay??” but when you don’t receive an answer, you walk into the room
- and you gasp when you see the room decorated with streamers and balloons
- but what surprises you most is to see all the little kids holding up a sign that says “(name), i like you!!”
- mingyu then jumps up from behind the huge sign with flowers in his hand and laughs “it was the kids’ idea….. i know it’s really cheesy, but…… will you go out with me, (name)?”
- you laugh and when you nod your head, all the kids cheer excitedly
- especially your little brother
- when he runs up to you, you ask “is that why you kept asking me if i liked him??”
- he grins “he told me to ask!!”
- when mingyu hears that, he runs over to him and covers his mouth and says “NO I DIDN’T”
- you laugh “really, mingyu?” and he just grins sheepishly as he hands you the flowers he got you
- you say “thank you” and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he says “woah, not in front of the children”
- you look down to see the kids either covering their eyes, giggling or gasping
- you say “why not?”
- after you kiss him, you both laugh as the kids all scream in either excitement or disgust
- but really, they’re all just happy to see that the person their favorite teacher likes feels the same way

thank you for your request!! ^^

People Like You (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

“A Jared x reader fic where the reader is new to school and slowly comes popular and knows that liking Jared is suicide but she can’t help herself?”

Request by: @fabdom-girl

Warnings: Explicit language, using the word “slut” as an insult, and people drawing a boy’s non-no parts on Evan’s cast.

She had only been there for 3 months and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was already one of the most popular girls in the school.

No, she wasn’t a snob. However, most of the people she called her “friends” were.

She didn’t realize this until she watched three of them trip a girl in the cafeteria, laugh at her, and walk away while kicking bits of mac and cheese back at the poor girl. (Y/N) hesitantly helped the girl back up and handed her a napkin.

She was being watched by nearly anyone, and everyone who was anyone knew that to get to the top of the social pyramid she had to make a choice. Be popular and rude, or be nice and gradually sink down to the bottom of the chain.

“You don’t get anywhere by being nice.” Her friends, the Heathers, would remind her. But that’s how she was.

Smart, pretty, kind, and talented. That’s what everyone thought of her.

Everyone except for Jared Kleinman. Sure, he thought, she was pretty. But,

“Do you think she put the mac and cheese on the ground back in that girl’s food? Like to make her sick?” Jared asked the only person sitting with him, Evan Hansen.

“No, I think you’re over-thinking this, and she’s actually a nice person.” He responded, playing with his mac and cheese with his plastic spoon.

“Bullshit, Hansen.” Jared hissed, “No way in hell is there a person with so much power, that decides to be that nice.”

“She doesn’t have ‘power’, Jared. We’re literally in high school. This isn’t some kind of weird, student-lead, monarchy.” Evan protested. He thought that (Y/N) was nice.

“The only reason you’re on her side, is because she helped you write an essay last month. What grade did you get on that again?”

“An A-” Evan replied, still holding his head high like he was proud.

“Exactly my point! Why not an A+? Why couldn’t ‘little miss perfect’ get you a perfect 100? Because she maybe didn’t have the time to spend with people like you!” Jared was shouting at this point, and people at nearby tables were starting to notice him.

“What do you mean, ‘people like you’?” Evan asked, defensively. He began to stand up with his tray, slowly.

“God, Evan, you’re so dense.” He laughed to himself. “People that nobody notices.” That had done it. Jared’s offensive and slightly morbid humor had gone right over Evan’s head this time. Evan stood up and walked out of the lunch room.

In the hallway, (Y/N)’s friends were waiting on her to finish up in the bathroom. One of them saw Evan walk out of the lunchroom and approached him, taking notice to his cast.

“Mind if I sign?” She asked, pulling out a green sharpie.

“U-uh sur-e.” He stumbled over his words. She signed her name, and a drew a rather inappropriate picture underneath it. Right as she was walking away, Evan took a look at her “signature”.

He read what she wrote down aloud, “Heather Du- hey! Oh uh- ah okay…” Evan noticed her walking away, laughing with her friends. He felt powerless. Why couldn’t he just stand up for himself? He felt his eyes water and his nose felt tingly.

“Hey- um, Evan?” (Y/N) approached him cautiously. He looked up and she was slightly taken aback by his red eyes.

“Oh- hi.” He replied, looking down again.

“Is everything okay? What did they do?” Without looking up, Evan showed her his cast. Heather’s name and the gross pictures that defaced it.

“Wh- I am so sorry. I have no idea why they have to be such…” she paused to find the right word,” “shit-dicks sometimes.”

Evan laughed, “Why do you even hang out with them?” (Y/N) took Evan’s hand and led him to her locker, while thinking of a way to explain herself.

“I kind of feel like, well like, I have to? Like it’s what everyone expects of me.” She opened her locker with him standing there, “There’s just so much pressure on ‘popular people’ to y’know, find who you belong with. And the Heathers decided that I belong with them. I wish I had a choice.”

“Wow. That’s- deep…” Evan cleared his throat, “I mean, you do have a choice. Unless they’re blackmailing you or something.”

“Listen Evan, I’m going to explain something a little personal to you.” She grabbed white-out from the top shelf, “At my last school, nobody wanted anything to do with me. Everyone was so judgmental, and when I heard from my parents that we were moving, I was ecstatic. A chance to start over, and a chance to actually have friends for once.” She began to apply the white-out where Duke had drawn.

“So that’s why you’re so nice? I- I mean like, you seem nice to everyone.” A girl was touching his arm.

“Yea. Because I know what it feels like to be treated like I’m worthless.” She finished covering up the signature and picture.

“C-can- um, will you- uh, sign my cast?” He managed to say. She laughed and looked through her locker to find a blue sharpie. She signed his cast and closed her locker.

“Ok, back to lunch with you, mister.” She laughed.

“Bye, (Y/N)!” He walked away, happily.

Little did either of them know, Jared was right around the corner listening to her story.

“I’ll admit it, I didn’t really think you were that good a person at first.” He said, walking out of his hiding place.

“How much did you hear?” She asked. She recognized him as Jared Kleinman, the boy who had repeatedly caught her eye in the hallways. He looked, if she were sugar-coating it, a little dorky. But like a cute kind of dorky.

“Enough to know that you used to be a girl-version of Evan.” He laughed.

“You can’t tell anyone what your just heard.” She said, a deathly seriousness in her tone.

“Why not? Because it’ll ruin your reputation with the popular kids? You’re so weird.” He scoffed.

“Why do you care? Evan told me that you have it out for me. I just want to know why.”

“Because you’re a poser. I just don’t believe someone who is so popular could be so nice. You’re planning something. What are you going to do? Blow up the school? Punch the principal’s dog in the face?” He took a step forward with an eye-brow raised. Now he was less than a foot in front of her.

“I’m not a terrorist, you di- jerk.” She hissed. To say she was intimidated was an understatement, but she wasn’t going to let him know that. She leaned forward and propped herself up onto her toes.

“You don’t scare me.” He whispered to her. He was amused by how pathetic she looked, trying to look scary.

“Well good, because you don’t scare me either!” she said, looking at his whole face. She never noticed how he had the charming-but-nerdy kind of look to him.

“Oh okay, sure. Prove it.”

“Is that a threat, or are you making a move?” She asked, she was on the verge of laughing at him, but stood her ground. She may or may not have felt extremely attracted to him in that moment, and he may or may not have reciprocated those feelings.

Without thinking, she grabbed him by his shoulders and brought his lips to hers. He was taken aback, but eventually kissed back with an equal amount of vigor.

Neither of them were holding back, and both knew what they wanted. Their lips moved in nearly perfect sync, but the tension and hatred from their argument was still there. It was that hatred towards each other that was fueling the kiss.

His hands were at the small of her back, and gradually moving south. He had her basically pinned to the wall of lockers behind her. She gasped, and brought her hands up to the back of his head, desperately trying to bring him closer, but at this point, that wasn’t possible.

That’s when the bell rung. The lunch period was over.

They both jerked away as fast as they could, both with the same hostile expressions they had before their… ‘interaction’.

“That was disgusting.” She scoffed.

“You’re disgusting.” He said in reply. He walked away, but turned his head to shoot her a wink. Her body heated up, and she turned back to her locker to grab her books for the next period. Instead of her locker she was met with the scowling face of Heather Duke.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that. Tomorrow, everyone is going to know how much of a slut you are for ‘computer-camp-Jared.’ You’ll be less than a nobody.” She growled. 

Grabbing her books from her locker and closing it, (Y/N) tapped Heather’s nose with a smile.

“Who’s going to believe you over me? Being nice may not make me popular, but it makes people like me more than people like you.” And she walked away, leaving Heather dumbfounded. (Y/N) could still feel Jared’s touch linger on her lips.

Today is a good day.

Mixed feelings about OITNB s5

I finished this afternoon and yeah. 

The last several episodes were really compelling but for most of the season otherwise I didn’t feel like I was on the edge of my seat. Not like I necessarily felt that way about the plot for other seasons, but I did feel so drawn in to all the characters that I hated stopping. I think the main thing with this season was how much more plot-driven it was rather than character-driven like the other seasons. Obviously there were plots in the others but far more of the time was devoted to exploring different character dynamics and their pasts. 

The story here felt all over the place up until the end. Still, there are a lot of dropped plots. Like Sophia going to Max? Coates randomly passing out after going outside? Daya’s baby being adopted? Aleida and Judy on the news? And a lot of the flashbacks didn’t seem that intense either. I thought Freida’s and Janae’s were interesting but the others were all for people we’ve already seen and weren’t that exciting. Like Daya’s and Alex’s and Piper’s especially were just… not anything new. Plus there’s tons of people we haven’t seen any for, so it was a bit frustrating. 

Plot points I enjoyed:

Everything with Taystee and the negotiations. She really stole the season, and the back-and-forth with her and Fig and the governor was really well done and heartbreaking at the end. 

Nicky working through her feelings for Lorna and calling up Vinnie at the end

Piper and Alex being more honest and everything. I’ve always thought they were a trainwreck but honestly they’re the type that you just can’t imagine what they’d ever do without each other. I admit I got super happy at the proposal too. 

Chang’s escape. She’s just awesome. 

The one lady who did the impressions! Easily one of the best scenes. 

Maria’s development and seeing Yadriel and her baby at the end. I might have cried. 

Gloria’s struggling with what choice to make. I really like her character so I was glad she got a more prominent story. 

Humphrey and Piscatella ending up DEAD. Both were very satisfying, although I admit I was very blind-sided by Piscatella’s. 

The hanging library memorial project. I’m not a SoSo fan but it was good to see  her channeling her grief/anger into that, plus I enjoyed her scenes with Janae. 

Not good parts:

The meth-heads, oh my god I want to shoot the screen every time they showed up

Everything with torturing the guards. I admit I enjoyed the talent show scene but pretty much all of the rest was just gross tbh, especially the thing with the hairy chested guy and Leanne. Really not necessary. I get that it’s everyone wanting to get revenge but it was overexposed and didn’t contribute that much to the story or anyone’s character development. And now they’re all out and don’t seem to be doing anything different anyway. 

Similarly making Judy King a slave? It was funny when they were just trying to scare her but it just got stupid. 

Pennsatucky ending up with Coates and the show portraying it as cute. I think it’s fucking sad. She’s excusing what he did because he’s sometimes nice and it’s an awful situation for any woman to be in and I’m pissed that this is what they’re going with. 

Piscatella going all Friday the 13th or whatever. It was such a bizarre horror theme and didn’t really fit. Like yes he’s evil but it seemed like an incredible overreaction. I don’t even remember why he was so mad at Red. She had an ego problem and it just made him totally snap, I guess. It seemed a little bit tropey though, like another oh here all these women are suffering horribly because of a man scene, watch them suffer so you really know just how bad this man is when we all knew already. If that makes sense. 

Mixed feelings parts:

Linda stuck in prison. It was very satisfying to see her having a rough time but she also remains a pretty shitty person (I don’t believe for a second that her conscience has changed her) and just kind of distracted from other characters. Plus the flashbacks were painful because it was very obvious that she was not twenty in that wig. 

Bailey feeling guilty. I think it was overdone to try to make us feel sorry for him. In a way I do because he really did not intend what happened, but I also don’t because he saw all kinds of shit go down in there and never said anything because nothing was happening to him. The scene with Mr. Washington was also… not really satisfying. I would expect him to really go after the prison since he’s high up in the military and instead he’s… not. I know everyone reacts differently but it just seems like he would have done more. 

Skinheads. Honestly a lot of their scenes were good comic relief but I also feel like I shouldn’t enjoy the scenes because they’re, you know, skinheads. But they’re way more interesting than the meth-heads at least. 

Daya turning herself in. Especially since none of the demands happened anyway, and since she isn’t the one who ending up causing the guy to die. She didn’t feel like she had any choice though. I was almost expecting someone else to go for her, like Gloria maybe. Idk. 

Suzanne’s medication struggles. It was a tough story to watch, for sure, and I’m glad it ended okay. Honestly her character just doesn’t appeal that much to be anymore– she never really did that much, but that’s just my opinion. 

Curious to see other people’s thoughts. The cliffhanger is really good, I like the message of everyone standing together and it being people from the different groups. I guess overall I just miss the daily life, character-focus feel from the previous seasons. And there’s no way it’ll be the same after this one since they’re going to be scattered across different prisons. I’m not really sure what their endgame plan is tbh. 

Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*. . .

Anonymous said:Um hi i was the one who requested the short gf making jokes about her height the jokes weren’t meant to be funny but depressing and she was making fun of herself but you did great tho but do you think you can re-do it ya know. I’m really sorry.

Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*…

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A/N ‘cause I’m a fuck up and misread the request. so enjoy this second version!

Next Request Coming: Is you not telling iKon you met your ex but they find out through SNS.


As you were joking, trying to push forward a smile, Suho would notice right away that something was off. However before he had time to ask what was wrong tears had already left your eyes. He would immediately rush to try and comfort you. It would be as if it was him who was sad, he would feel your sadness as his own and he would want to comfort you as soon as possible and wipe away that sadness from you. He would try everything from tell you that your height doesn’t matter to telling you how much he loves everything about you, even your height.

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty


He would become angered. The moment you started making jokes about yourself in such a way he would shut it down. He hated the idea of you hurting yourself like that and then for you end up crying, he would become even more angered. He would make sure to know if someone had said something about your height to you, or if you were just insecure about it. He would make it his mission to always point out how much he loves your height and how he adores it.

Originally posted by sehoney22


He would become very concerned for you. So, being the sweetheart he is, he would try to cheer you up in anyway he can, with cute smiles, aegyo, jokes and reassuring caresses to your cheeks and back, offering hugs and cuddles. He wouldn’t know really what to tell you to make you feel better aside from telling you he loves everything about you, especially your cute size.

Originally posted by kaisanity


He would hate to see you cry about anything, but for you to be crying about something that has to do with your image or yourself in general, he would want to wipe away those insecurities and remind you how amazing you are and how much he loves you for you. It would hurt him even more to see you joking about it. It would come across to him as you covering your sadness with forced happiness, and that would make him wonder if you had done that previously with other things.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


He would feel, like Suho, your pain and sadness like it was his own. He would repeat to you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are. He would also ask you instead of joking about something that affects you so much to talk to him about it. He wants to know when you’re sad, happy, scared, bored, any feeling you’re feeling is important to him, and he wants to know of them.

Originally posted by dailyexodose


He would surprisingly take this very seriously. He would cut you off from making jokes, knowing that you were joking just to cover your pain and he wasn’t having any of that. He would ask questions about why you were so insecure or disliked your height, wanting to know so he can find a way to fix it. He would then counter every reason for your insecurities or dislikes about yourself with reasons to like yourself and the things he likes about you.

Originally posted by baekhyuntella


He would grow sad, but not as intensely as Suho or Lay, but would still be concerned. He would tell you none of those jokes are true, and that you’re beautiful. He would say “You know, everyday I think of how lucky I am to have someone as beautiful as you, and I wonder how I ended up with you.” He would dedicate his time with you to show you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are, making sure that one day you’ll see how beautiful you are.

Originally posted by katherine8595


He would react similarly to Chanyeol. He would want to see you smile, and that would be the only thing on his mind at the moment. Afterwards, possibly the next day, he would think back to the incident and would decide that his mission is to make you realize how beautiful you are and how much he actually adores your height. It makes it easier to hug you and hold you tight, and he would make sure that you know that.

Originally posted by flawlessohsehun


This would be a really serious issue with him. He’s gone through his own battles of health problems and body image issues, so he would talk extensively with you about it. Though he would also be really dumbfounded about how you could possibly dislike some about yourself, because to him you’re gorgeous and the most precious thing ever. He would then go through self loathing because his top priority would be to protect you, but this incident would mean failure to him as you had hurt yourself by hating your height to the point of tears. He would spend that night holding you and repeating into your ear, “I love your height because I can hold you like this, I love your height because then I can protect you from big crowds, or the rain by holding my coat over your head, I love your height because it makes me happy to see you so cute and small…” He would continue until you either shut him up, or fell asleep.

Originally posted by selubaekai


He would become emotional, but would hold it in for your sake, knowing that he needed to be there for you. It would disturb him that you were making jokes when it was something that made you so sad. He would take it as you trying to hide your feelings, and he wouldn’t want that. He would ask why you feel this way, and would tell you that it was something he loves about you, so he hopes that you will grow to love it as much as him.

Originally posted by derphans


“If you weren’t so short then how would I get my enjoyment when I put the cups too high for you to reach?” He would go about this trying to get you to smile by making jokes. He would pull you close into a hug but the jokes would keep coming, him in a desperate need for you to smile again. Though before the night is over, he would look you seriously in the eyes and tell you that you can hate anything about yourself, but eventually he would get you to see what he sees and you’ll be amazed that you were able to hate something about yourself.

Originally posted by princepark-yeol


He would approach this in a serious manner. He would first get you to stop crying, holding you close and rubbing your back. He would go on about how you shouldn’t be putting yourself down, but if you do, make sure you do it in front of him so he can stop you and be there to make you feel better. He would make you promise this. Then he would point out the other things about you that are pretty and beautiful to compensate for your dislike of your height, but you make it clear that he also loved your height. He would keep in mind that you were making jokes about it, and would wonder if you often over up your feelings. With this in mind he would watch you closely from now on to make sure he wasn’t missing anything.

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EXO’s Reaction to seeing you wrapped up into a burrito watching Stranger Things



*Instant laughter the moment he saw you. You were on your side, eyes on the screen and there was a large bottle of soda on the ground. The funny thing was, you had went out and bought the longest, most ridiculous swirly straw you would find, hooked it into the bottle and left the other end in your mouth so you don’t have to reach out your hand to grad a cup.*

“This is what happens when I leave you alone by yourself. But I have to admit, that isn’t a bad idea. A+ for laziness, babe.”

Originally posted by perfectioninthreeletters


*Probably will make a joke about this. He’d get in front of your face, not letting you see the screen with a shit-eating grin on his face.*

“Hey, what’s a burrito like you wrapped up on the couch like this? Hmm????”

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*Swoons at the sight of your cute little self. There had to be at least three layers of blankets that you rolled yourself into. When he asked why aren’t you sweating in that, you’d reply with “I figured, that’s why I have the AC turned on.” He’d laugh and join you.*

“What would I do without you.”

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*When he saw you so focused on the screen and not even realize he walked into the house, he decided to scare you a bit. He’d quietly hand up his hings and move upstairs where he proceeded to take off his pants. Then he carefully walked in front of the TV in his boxers and a T-Shirt, pointing at screen and yelling really loud.*

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*Immediately joins your cute little burrito self and hugs your body as the two of you relax. He’d occasionally feed you the chips you had sprawled out and eventually, fell asleep.*

“This is the most comfortable place to be right now. I am so glad we bought this huge couch.”


*Being sort of a brat that you’re not paying any attention to him. He was going to be petty and pout upstairs in your room but decided to sit at the end of the couch where your feet were, hugged a pillow and pout there instead, watching the show with you in the process.*

“Maybe after this Episode…she’ll give me kisses.”

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*Finds you adorable. When you saw him come in, you struggled to crane your head and when you could successfully look at him, you gave the cutest smile that made your cheeks puff. he couldn’t handle the cuteness and waved at you to stop.*

“Go back to the show, you little cutie, youu. How cute can a human get?”

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*Doesn’t mind since you so this a lot. Which is one of the reasons why he loves you. You have the ability to lay in one spot for a long time. For all he remembers, you stayed in the same position since he left this morning.*

“Alright, I’ll just go hang my coat and we can be lazy together. Be right back~”

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*Finds you adorable but also very annoyed. You full attention is towards the screen and as we all know, Sehun needs his daily attention from his beloved girlfriend, He’d go right up to your face and lean in reeeaaallllll close.*

“Hellooo??? Are you going to get up and love me or stay like this and not give me attention?”

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Title: Have Mercy on Me

Genre: Romance, Friendship, future Smut

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader

part one | part two | part three | part four


It was a ramen shop.

You concluded as you took a seat, shrugging your coat off and hanging it on the back of your chair.

Still angry, you hadn’t even looked at him. However, he didn’t seem like that bothered him much.

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We Have a Spy on the Inside

* Alexander x Reader
* Hamiltime
* 141: I trusted you!

    A/N: So I had this weird little idea and I figured I’d write it.  I actually really like this. So I here’s this angsty thing. Enjoy!

    Word Count: 2,957


    “Y/N!” Your father called from his study. You rushed up the stairs to see what he wanted.

    “Yeah?” You asked as you stuck your head in his study.

    “Come in please.” So you walked in and sat in a chair across from your dad. Archibald Campbell. A general for the British army. The colonies were pulling away but your father, and many more, were trying to keep them in the English empire. You did’t see why they wanted to leave anyway. They had the protection from the King. Otherwise the Spanish or the French would come and wipe them out. And now they were waging war on a global superpower. But it didn’t matter to you. You were on the winning side. “I have something to ask of you.”


    “This is an idea straight from King George, you understand?”

    “Father, what is it?” You pressed.

    “We have information on who the aide-de-camp to George Washington is.” You didn’t miss the way your father practically spat the name of the supposed general of the rebels. “King George devised a plan that we have a young women get close to this man, Alexander Hamilton, and see if they can glean any intel.”

    “And you’d like me to.” You finished for him.

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    Shy (Ch. 3)

    Summary: Lip notices that Mickey is Ian’s sugar daddy, and a big fight erupts.

    Word Count: 2316

    Notes: This is my favorite multichap fic that I’ve wrote so far, ngl

    Chapters: 1 24 5 6 7 8 9

    Of course things had been different ever since the party at the Milkovich house where Mickey and Ian’s relationship was let public. More and more often, Mickey stayed overnight at the Gallagher house. Sometimes Ian would get to go over to Mickey’s though because he, Mickey, and Mandy told the Milkovich father that he and Mandy were dating. It was a cycle that seemed to be working out nicely.

    School was more different for Ian. They were constantly walking around together. Though people whispered about them, they were still scared of Mickey, they still listened to everything he said as well. Now though, people were scared of Ian too— they saw he could fight. For the first time, the scrawny redheaded Southside boy felt superior to some people, but he was still shy as shit.

    Being that the boys were now growing even closer, Mickey was proud to see his boyfriend’s confidence start to raise. Since he loved showering the redhead with gifts, Mickey would always be buying him new things to either so him how much he appreciated him or how proud he was of him.

    Walking into the bedroom, Lip found Ian and Mickey wrapped in each other’s arms, sound asleep. While they boys were taking a nap, Lip noticed the brand new pair of Nike sneakers that were near his and Ian’s dresser. At first he thought they were Mickey’s, but when he looked closer, he saw that they were way too big to fit Mickey’s feet. Out of curiosity, he checked the size and found them to be able to fit Ian.

    Lip raised his eyebrow, but then shrugged it off because if Ian needed new sneakers why not find a way to get them. He then mostly forgot about the whole thing and went downstairs to start his homework.

    * * *

    Mickey and Ian walked down the stairs bickering over something really pointless. “No, Mickey, you fucking told me that you don’t like chicken noodle soup!”

    “I never fucking said that, who doesn’t like chicken noodle soup?” The Milkovich boy spat back. There was an underlying chuckle in his voice though.

    Lip turned his head to look at the two distracting boys. As Ian was flailing his arms in the air, Lip noticed that expensive looking watch that laid on his wrist. “Hey,” he interjected.

    “What, asshole?” Mickey replied absentmindedly.

    “That’s a nice watch, Ian,” Lip said with suspicion. The memory of finding those Nike sneakers came back to him. Two expensive gifts is getting a little greedy, is Ian asking for it?

    Ian looked down on his wrist, and it looked like the annoyance that he had from Mickey had completely diminished. “Yeah, I know,” he turned his head to Mickey real quick. “Thanks,” he replied, but Lip didn’t know who it was aimed for.

    Mickey proudly looked at Ian, his annoyed filtered away as well. “Done being a dumbass?” He asked Ian one last time.

    “You’re the dumbass,” Ian replied but they the left the house, leaving Lip no clue of where they were going.

    Now though, Lip was starting to get a little weirded out. Why does Ian have all this expensive shit? Maybe one thing, here or there, but a fucking designer watch? What’s he need that shit for?

    * * *

    The next morning when they were on their way to school, Ian was freezing. It was a little under fifty degrees out because there was a big rainstorm that made the temperature drop. Fiona had warned Ian that the weather would be like this, but he didn’t listen. He was shivering, and didn’t have a coat, unlike Lip. “Man, why didn’t you wear warmer clothes?”

    “Didn’t think it’d so fucking cold. It was just sixty-eight the other day,” Ian complained.

    Mickey pulled over as he heard his boyfriend’s complaints. As Lip and Ian gave him confused looks he got out of the car, and went to the trunk. After a few moments of shifting things around, he came back and threw a clothing item at the redhead. “Brand new coat,” he said. “It’s yours.” Mickey then started driving again.

    “Mickey—” Ian started but got cut off by Mickey once again.

    “It’s yours,” Mickey said more sternly with a smile. It was cute how Ian always tried to get Mickey to stop buying him stuff— cute because he’d get this soft and thankful eyes.

    Ian leaned over and kissed Mickey’s cheek. “Thanks,” he said appreciatively.

    Lip sat in the back seat with his eyebrows raised. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing these past few days. And what the fuck? How’d Mickey just pull out a brand new coat out of nowhere? “What the fuck?” He spoke so quietly that the two boys in the front seat couldn’t even hear.

    Without a word, they arrived to school. Due to Lip’s very crowded and confused mind, he took longer than his brother and Mickey did to get into the building. He was close enough to be able to catch up, but he didn’t want to at the moment so he walked slow.

    Ian and Mickey entered the school together. As usual, Ian’s shoulders hunched in at the sight of all the other students, but the second Mickey’s hand laid on the small of back, he straightened up.

    Lip watched as Mickey strolled to Ian’s locker with him. He didn’t know why he was watching, but for right now, his eyes were glued. Like every other day, Ian unzipped his book bag and started transferring his belongings. What caught the other Gallagher boys eye was the new array of binders that stood in his locker.

    Annoyance took over Lip’s body. He needs to say something to Ian about this. It’s starting look like Mickey’s paying Ian to be with him; it’s ridiculous Not wanting to cause a scene in school, Lip decides it’d be best to wait until they get home later on.

    * * *

    Later that day, while Ian and Mickey went back home, Lip had to stay after school to help tutor some people. Just like he had the other morning, Lip started to forget about the whole Mickey buying Ian everything issue.

    He was making his way to the L when the thoughts came back though. Once he got to his part of the Southside, he rushed home to go talk to Ian. He wasn’t sure if Mickey would be there or not by he didn’t really care.

    As the eldest Gallagher approached the house, he threw his cigarette on the ground, stomped on it, and then opened the door. Surprisingly, the house was pretty quiet. He put his backpack down and looked around to find Carl on the couch with Liam. “Hey, bud. Where is everyone?”

    Carl didn’t even turn to look at Lip. He was two interested in the porn that was on the television. “Fiona and Debbie are with Veronica. Ian and Mickey are upstairs,” he said plainly.

    Lip rolled his eyes. “You’re like ten. Why the fuck are you watching this?” He scoffed at his little brother and then ran up the stairs.

    As he got closer to the bedroom from the stairs, he heard moaning— of fucking course. When aren’t these guys fucking? Rolling his eyes, he heard Mickey say, “You okay, baby?” For some reason, he stood still and listened.

    “Oh, daddy. Yes, yes, daddy,” Ian replied. “More,” he moaned. Did he just fucking say daddy?

    Ready to see some weird and probably really kinky shit, Lip stormed into the room. “What the fuck, Ian?”

    “What the fuck, Lip?” Ian yelled back as he and Mickey scrambled to get their clothing on.

    “Asshole,” Mickey muttered at the older Gallagher boy.

    Impatiently, Lip waited until they were dressed to go off on his brother. He was tapping his foot rapidly. He did not want his brother to be fucking walked on.  

    Ian looked angry. His freckled cheeks were turning a shade of dark red. “Why the fuck are you in here?”

    Lip scoffed rudely. He stepped forward in an intimidating way. “I get it y’know? I get wanting new and expensive things, especially when we can’t afford them, but it’s getting fucking ridiculous.”

    “What? You wouldn’t accept a fucking gift ever once in awhile?” Ian spat back. His anger was still fuming. He knew Mickey would jump in any moment so he gave him a look that said don’t.

    Now, Lip sarcastically chuckled. “Nah, man, I just said I get it. You though, you look fucking pathetic, Ian,” he shouted.

    The word ‘pathetic’ was what started to shut Ian down. He’d been called that one too many times in the past. Pathetic, loner, loser, freak, worthless.

    “He’s a fucking sugar daddy— practically fucking paying you to be his boy toy. You like looking like some fucking kept boy? A fucking kept boy, Ian,” Lip spat.

    Mickey had smoke coming from his ears. He wanted to punch Lip in the face, but he knew that Ian would be very disapproving of that. Instead, he grabbed Lip by the chest and pushed him back a little. “Shut the fuck up, you fucking asshole.”

    Ian was frozen— completely frozen. His eyes batted up to make eye contact with his brother, and as soon as it did, as single tear dropped down. Mickey didn’t notice it, but when Ian whispered, “But I love him,” he saw it. Ian just admitted to loving Mickey. Before Mickey could do anything, Ian ran out of the room, crying.

    Very angrily, Mickey slammed Lip against the wall. “What the fuck is your problem?” He gritted his teeth as he spoke. “You do fucking realize I’m buying him shit either because he actually fucking needs it, or I caught him gawkin’ at it. I buy his shit to make him feel good, not because I’m fucking keeping him locked up.”

    “It’s looks—”

    “Shut the fuck up, fuckwad. I’m so sorry you’re jealous that he has someone who cares about him being happy. I fucking thrive on that smile that he gets whenever he sees something new. So once again, I’m sorry my sister doesn’t get you all these precious gifts— but unlike you two, me and Ian? This shit with us is fucking real, alright? I really fucking love him, but if he ever wants out, he’s out. He’s not a fucking kept boy.” He loosened his grip on Lip’s shirt. He was about to go find Ian, but he had to add one more thing. “Fuck you, asshole,” he said colder than usual.

    Lip was definitely taken aback by how outward Mickey just was with his feelings. Normally Mickey would only talk like that to Ian, so it was surprising. Now he’s starting to think, maybe I was wrong.

    * * *

    Not caring about running on the dangerous streets of the Southside, Mickey bolted his way to that old abandoned building that he and Ian first hooked up in. He knew that was where he’d find the redhead. His lungs were burning as he ran, and he was starting to feel flushed, but it didn’t matter. Ian. He needed to get to Ian.

    After about five minutes of sprinting, Mickey got to the building. When he walked in, he found Ian sitting on the ground, just staring in front of him. He did have a beer in his hand though, which is from when they left a whole pack up there. He didn’t even make his way up to the top floor, which surprised Mickey.

    There was tear stains on Ian’s face. He looked sad, but sort of empty at the same time. “You think you gotta buy me shit for me to be with you?” He took a sip from his bottle. “Is he right?”

    “It you think he’s right, you’re a real dumbass,” Mickey replied breathlessly. There was a bit of hurt underlying his voice as he spoke. It hurt to think about Ian thinking that though.

    Ian shook his head in disbelief. “Why do you do it then?”

    “Why do I do it?” Mickey scoffed. “I don’t fucking do it to keep you around. I do it because I love how your fucking alien-looking face lights up whenever you say thank you. I do it because it helps Fiona out— there’s less you guys gotta pay for if I get you the stuff you need. I do it because you fucking deserve to have everything handed to you. I do it because I fucking love you,” he said.

    Ian’s head shot up so quickly when he heard the last few words. His heart started pounding in his chest. “What’d you just say?”

    “I love you,” he said confidentially. He definitely helped that Ian had said it earlier when he was arguing with Lip.

    Ian nodded. “I love you too,” he waved him over. Once close enough, Ian pulled him into a hard kiss.

    * * *

    After texting Ian a billion times and apologizing, he finally answered Lip to tell him that they were coming home. By that time everyone was already home, and filled in on what Lip had done.

    He called Veronica to come over with ice packs because he was sure either Ian or Mickey would punch him in the face the second they laid eyes on him— and he was right. Ian walked in with an enraged expression. “Ian—” Lip started.

    “Shut the fuck up for a second,” Ian said and punched him directly in the eye. Mickey was snickering in the background while everyone else winced.

    “Did you have to hit him so hard?” Debbie asked.

    Ian and Lip nodded. “Yeah, he did,” Lip answered for him. “We good now?”

    “Yeah, asshole,” Ian said in a softer voice. “We’re good now.” That’s all he had to say for Lip to feel a wash of relief. Even Mickey was grinning because that was one hell of a way to get over an argument.

    Block B Reaction #12 - The first time their s/o sees snow, they flop down in it face first

    anon asked: block b, b.a.p, and blackpink reaction to their s.o never seeing snow until they visit a snowy state while they’re with them on tour and when they see it they run outside without a coat on and flop down in it face down and start making snow angels xD i can just imagine them saying “JAGI YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG PUT A COAT ON” lmao

    Jiho: “What are you doing?!?” He’d be shocked when you just flopped down into the snow and he’d be instantly worried that you’d get frostbite on your face.

    Originally posted by junhyyo

    Jaehyo: He’d be more confused than anything. Why did you do that…? It was too cold to be flopping around in it like that. What possessed you to do that?

    He’d stand there like *gif* and would question your sanity silently

    Originally posted by jaehyohoe

    Yukwon: He’d laugh hysterically at the cute show you put on for him. you’d finish your angel and roll around in the snow, then reach for him so he’d help you up only to pull him down with you.

    He couldn’t stay mad at you though and just laughed even harder where he landed. You were too damn cute and he loves it

    Originally posted by wroni87

    Minhyuk: He’s a little too concerned for you tbh.

    “Jagi! Don’t do that you’ll get sick!!” -10 minutes later- “Are you still cold? No? Good…” -5 minutes later- “Jagi do you feel sick at all?” -20 minutes later- “Maybe you should take a warm shower and eat some sou-”

    You: “Minhyuk I’m fine!! I’m not cold at all and you already made me eat 3 bowls of soup!!”

    “Yes, but another bowl of soup won’t hurt just in case you have cold germs now.”

    Originally posted by breebatteryafter

    Taeil: “Whoa- Wh-what are you doing?!” He’d laugh from shock and end up helping you stand back up after playfully scolding you for being childish. He’d find it the cutest thing ever though and he’d smile randomly through the rest of the night remembering your spontaneous conversion back to childhood

    *I couldn’t find a gif that matched so here, have cute and happy Taeil!*

    Originally posted by yooneroos

    Jihoon: He’s probably the only member who would flop himself right down beside you.

    “Jagi nooo~ THIS is how you make a snow angel!!” and then you’d probably spend the next 3 hours making snow angels together and seeing who could jump the furthest away from it so you didn’t leave any footprints by it.

    Originally posted by ddonggeun

    Kyung: *pretend that you’re Jihoon*

    He’d want to get you home to prevent a cold but wouldn’t want to leave. He’d make up some cute excuse to spend time with you still.

    This smooth mf

    “Jagi you’re shivering! Come here I’ll keep you warm. We should get you back home and I’ll make you some soup, okay? We can watch some movies and just snuggle for warmth~”

    Originally posted by wocjiho

    A/N: so cute~ sorry this reaction was a bit shorter! I had to rush a bit to get it finished before I had to go to work. ^.^” I hope you liked it anyway!


    Originally posted by americana-plus

    He looked so gorgeous standing there, with light fluffy flakes littered in his chestnut hair that Bucky had to stop for a moment, his skates shink-ing on the ice as he slowed. Tony was wobbly, his hands out for balance not unlike a bird about to take flight. 

    Tony looked up as he started to slowly glide, his hands outsretched, plams up, and beamed. Bucky sucked in a breath because holy wow he wanted to see that expression every where from now on. 

    “Told you I’d be a natural!” Tony called, only a few inches away from his starting point, Bucky skated over, wrapping his arms around Tony’s waist and kissing his neck. 

    “Of course you are, Got to be good at everything Stark, don’t you?” Bucky sassed, running his hand through Tony’s dark locks. The snow melted in his hands and the hair shined in the light sunlight outside. 

    He kissed Tony’s red nose, and grabbed his hand, “Trust me?”

    Tony nodded, his eyes staring steadily at Bucky’s eyes. “Always.”

    Bucky started to move and suddenly Tony was flying. His heart was racing, it felt like he was in the air with the Mark V for the first time, feeling the clouds curl around his fingertips but instead it was the cool air wrapping itself around his cheeckbones. It was ice underneath him and a fluid motion he thought only water could make. 

    It was how Bucky made him feel whenever they kissed, high on adrenaline after a mission, hopelessly, luckily in love. 

    They stopped too soon and Tony pouted but hugged Bucky around his chest anyway, “Wow,” He sighed and Buck chuckled against his throat, warm breath coating him. 

    “If I had known you’d be this cute figure skating I would’ve taken you sooner.”

    “Well why didn’t you?” Tony smirked and Bucky leaned down, a few inches from Tony’s lips. He gulped. 

    “Because then this moment wouldn’t be so special.” He swooped in, kissing Tony on the lips, burning warmth back into the cool flesh, igniting Tony on fire even as the world froze on around them.

    Wherever Bucky was, Tony felt warm. 


    Anon: “First of all you accept mixing DC and Marvel ? If so … Imagine being a member of the Avengers and the youngest of all so all are extremely protective of you , therefore, all fall into despair and enter in ’ ’ guard ’ ’ when the Joker (Jared Leto) is in love with you and flirts every time you guys are on a mission to stop him from blowing up the world , you do please ? Thaks AND i love your imagines <3″


    and also, dirty and hilarious pick-up lines.

    Words: 1081 (Pretty Short)

    Pairing: Jared Leto!Joker X Avenger!Reader

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    Yoon Jisung || Rain Adventures

    Genre: Fluff

    Originally posted by dalamjwi

    You were perched on top of the couch, staring outside of the window as rain was pouring down from the sky. You leaned your chin on your hand, sighing as you looked up to see the clouds covering the sky, and lighting strikes appearing every now and then, making loud booming noises every few minutes.

    You love the rain, you really do. But it’s summer, and you and your boyfriend, Jisung, were planning on going to the beach today. But of course the rain decided to come falling down the sky on a mid-July day.

    “Y/N?” You hear a familiar male voice say from behind you. You turn around, seeing Jisung standing there, raising an eyebrow at you. “What are you doing sitting by the window? The rain might leak through, you know.” You just giggle at what he says before he approached you, sitting down and placing both of your legs on his lap.

    “Ughh, I’m so sad we can’t go to the beach today. I know you’ve been planning our beach date for today for the longest time ever.” You say, starting to feel really sorry for your boyfriend and his plan to go to the beach for a date. Jisung just smiled and pat your head. “Hey, it’s fine. We can do so many other things than going to the beach.”

    You looked up at him, raising an eyebrow before opening your mouth to speak. “Other things? Like what exactly?”

    Jisung grinned devilishly. You looked at your boyfriend with a worried expression, scared and nervous at what crazy idea he could possibly come up with. “It’s raining, and when was the last time you’ve been outside during the rain?” he asks you.

    You sit in thought as you were trying to think of an answer to his sudden and random question. When exactly was the last time you went outside while it was raining? You kept thinking before you finally came up with your answer. “Um, since I was 6 years old, probably? I don’t even know, Jisung, why are you suddenly asking me about how long it’s been since I’ve been out in the rain?”

    Jisung’s grin reappeared back on his face. “You’ll see. Now come on, go put your raincoat on and meet me outside.”

    You widen your eyes at his request. “Wh-what?! Why outside? Jisung, it’s raining, are you stupid?!”

    Jisung chuckled at how cute you were sounding. “If it means I’m your stupid boyfriend, then yes, yes I am stupid.”

    You glared at him, crossing your arms. “You are my stupid boyfriend who does the most stupidest things ever! Why would you want to go outside during the rain, are you cra- Hey!” As you were rambling on to Jisung, you felt him lift you up over your shoulder. “Put me down, stupid!” You yelled. Jisung ignored the slaps that you gave to his back, and grabbed your raincoat from the coat rack before heading outside to the porch.

    He finally set you down. You were still glaring at him and crossing your arms for taking you outside while it’s pouring rain. He smiled at how cute you are when you’re mad and pinched your cheeks. “You’re so adorable, Y/N~ Now put your raincoat on and come with me!” He exclaims before stepping out onto the yard, raising his arms out in glee as the rain poured all over his body.

    You had to admit, you adored how daring your boyfriend is, but you still couldn’t deal with how hard the rain was pouring down. But nonetheless, you still put on your raincoat and carefully stepped down the porch, making sure you don’t slip and fall down the stairs considering it’s wet.

    You made your way towards Jisung, stepping into a huge muddy puddle in the grass. You scrunched your face in disgust, while Jisung laughed at you. “Come on, let’s jump in some mud puddles!” Jisung said excitedly. You stared at him with a ‘are you kidding me’ look on your face. You couldn’t believe how childish your boyfriend was acting, but at the same time, you could believe it. Jisung was currently jumping from mud puddle to mud puddle, laughing like a little kid as he got his rain boots completely dirty and soaked from the mud and the rain. You were laughing and decided to join in because why not. It seemed fun and watching your boyfriend having fun made you smile and want to join in with him.

    You and Jisung held hands as you two hopped from mud puddle to mud puddle. At this rate, you could care less if you got dirty or soaked from the rain. As long as you’re with Jisung and having a great time, nothing mattered to you anymore.

    You and Jisung both laughed as you and him lied down on the wet, muddy grass. You picked a piece of mud on your finger and wiped some on his face. “Hey!” He shouted. You grinned and quickly stood up, trying to run away from him but he immediately caught up to you, capturing you in his arms. He slapped a handful of mud on your face, laughing like a maniac.

    “Gross!” You complained, though you didn’t really care, you just laughed it out. Jisung pointed a finger at you, laughing hysterically at the huge pile of mud that he plastered onto your face. You glare at him. “You’re not getting away with this, Jisung!” You yell before bending down and grabbing a handful of mud and throwing it at Jisung. Jisung flinched, but the mud still hit his side and splattered on his arm.

    Jisung laughed and made fun of your weak throw before sticking his tongue out at you. He ran away, though failed at doing so as he completely fell on the grass from how wet it was. You laughed and jumped on top of him. You and him laughed as you both lied down on the wet grass, the rain pouring down from the sky and landing on the two of you.

    “This was fun.” Jisung sighed out, completely exhausted from the little mud fight you two just had. You giggled and buried your head in his chest. “Definitely. Especially since I totally beat you in the mud fight.” You replied to him.

    He scoffed. “You didn’t beat me.”

    “I totally did.”

    He chuckled and sighed in defeat. “Okay, okay. My own girlfriend beat me in a lame mud fight, whoopdy doo.” You and him laughed before you leaned up to peck him on the lips.

    “Gross, your lips taste like mud.” You say, pretending to make a sour facial expression.

    “My lips do not! And there’s no mud on my lips.” Jisung said.

    “Yeah, exactly.” You say. Jisung glared at you and quickly kissed your lips before pulling away immediately. “Gross, your lips taste like mud!” Jisung teased. You glared at him and slapped his chest. 

    “Sh-shut up!” You yell, your face turning red and you could feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Jisung grinned and pulled you in closer to his chest.

    “I’m kidding! Ahh, you’re so cute when you’re angry.” Jisung teases you, kissing the part of your cheek that doesn’t have mud on it. You pout at him before he kisses your forehead. As you two were snuggling on the wet grass, the rain still pouring down from the sky, you spoke up.

    “So… are we going to stay like this forever or”


    AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for V as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


    Originally posted by skinnybirch

    You stared out the car window, Philip holding your hand tight as he drove. Even though you had said it was silly, he insisted on taking you around town to look at lights.

    Keep reading

    anonymous asked:

    Hello I'm one of your readers from qoutev from the story Love Or Obsession, and I would like to request a Jimin angst/fluff where Jimin gets angry and jealous that your not spending time with him and spending more time hanging out with Jackson from Got7. Love Or Obsession was really great btw❤❤❤❤👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

    Sorry it took so long to answer! Thank you for your request, I really appreciate it ^^ You’re the only request I’ve gotten so far, so I’m sorry this isn’t perfect. I should’ve tried harder, but I hope you enjoy it. (Also, you didn’t tell me whether you and Jimin were in a relationship or not, so I decided to let you be in a relationship already, if that is not what you wanted, you can send in your request again and I’ll just write it over heh.) Anyway, here you go!

    Jealous Jimin

    “Hello?” you said, answering your phone.

    “(Y/n)?” you heard your boyfriend say from the other side.

    “Oppa, why are you calling?” you asked with a frown.

    It wasn’t that you didn’t like Jimin calling you, but you had really not expected it. BTS was very busy with promoting their new album, so you didn’t get to see your boyfriend very often and mostly just texted when he had five minutes off.

    “I’m home. We got to go home early today, but you’re not here. Where are you? I miss you”, Jimin pouted.

    “Oh, I’m just in the city, getting bubble tea with Jackson oppa.”

    You looked over at Jackson who was standing in line, waiting until it was his turn to order your bubble tea. You were already seated somewhere because the boy had insisted on taking care of everything.

    “Jackson? GOT7’s Jackson you mean?” Jimin asked.

    “Yeah. Oppa is ordering right now, so I’ll come when we’re done, okay?”

    “Why don’t you come now?” the boy whined and you sighed because it was so adorable.

    You started pouting yourself. “Because I’m out with Jackson oppa. I can’t just ditch him. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

    “Okay…”, Jimin grumbled slightly.

    You just thought it was plain cute though and hung up with a smile on your face, waiting for Jackson to make it to your table.

    When you got home later that evening, the house was very quiet.

    “Oppa?!” you shouted while taking off your coat and your shoes. “I’m home!”

    “Jagiya!” Jimin whined while rushing from the living room into the hallway. “What took you so long?”

    Jimin came up to you and hugged you tightly while you were still struggling with your shoe. You giggled in his chest as he knew you were having a hard time, but just held you tighter. “I’m sorry. Jackson had a lot to talk about and he’s just so much fun to hang out with, I lost track of time.”

    “But I’m fun as well”, Jimin mumbled while hiding his face in your neck.

    You snickered, but hugged him back. “Unfortunately, you have no jams, so I’m not sure.”

    “Yah!” Jimin looked up and got out of your grip to look at you with knitted eyebrows and an angry pout.

    “Just kidding, oppa”, you smiled and ruffled his hair while passing him. “I’m going to make dinner, so keep yourself busy for half an hour, please.” Jimin could be quite annoying when he was in a clingy mood and you had stuff to do, so you were clearly warning him because it looked like he was having one of those moments.

    Jimin didn’t bother you however and you could make dinner quietly without burning anything (something that had happened a few times before due to a certain boy annoying you). When you were done and called Jimin over he, however, wasn’t lively at all anymore. He just sat there, seeming to be deep in thought and didn’t give any reaction when you put the plate of food in front of him. You realized that he probably had had a rough time at work lately and needed some love, and you felt a bit guilty. You walked behind Jimin and wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a back hug.

    “Tough day at work?” You asked quietly near his ear.

    Jimin snorted. “Day, week, month… it doesn’t seem to end. I just wanted you to be home when I got here to give me a hug.”

    “I’m here now.”

    Jimin didn’t answer that, he just sighed. You hugged him tighter and pressed a kiss on his head. “Eat. We can watch a movie and cuddle when we’re done.”

    It seemed like after that day however, BTS got even busier. Jimin came home later or not at all so you easily became bored as you were just free from University for about a month. You hung out more with Jackson because GOT7 was done promoting their newest album and were enjoying a break themselves. Whenever Jimin called you however, you just happened to be with Jackson and your phone conversations turned shorter and colder. It seemed like he didn’t really want to talk to you and he ignored half of your texts. So, even though he was acting strange, you decided to visit him at work one day. It was something you didn’t do often as you didn’t want to be a burden, but you had brought some bottles of water and energy drinks for everyone, hoping that the other members wouldn’t be so annoyed with your presence if you gave them something in return. You stood outside the dance practice room, hesitant and nervous about entering. You could hear the music playing though, so you waited until the song was done and in the few seconds of silence you quickly sneaked inside, hoping the next song wouldn’t immediately start. The door loudly slammed in its lock behind you, causing you to jump up in surprise and turn around to the sound. When you turned back however, all the boys were looking at you and Jimin quickly turned off the music.

    “(Y/n)? What are you doing here?” he asked confused and annoyed.

    You smiled sheepishly and held up the bag in your hand. “I brought drinks for everyone.”

    It was awkwardly silent for a while, until Namjoon shrugged and walked over. “Need a break anyway”, he mumbled while he took a bottle of water out of the bag. He was all sweaty and smelled horrible, but you still returned a smile when he gave you one. Soon all the guys came over except Jimin. You looked at him while biting your lip nervously, but he just crossed his arms and stared intensely at you.

    “Come on guys, let’s get out of here for a minute”, Yoongi told the younger members, clearly feeling the tension in the air. When the door shut behind them, your heart felt like it would explode any minute.

    You put the bag aside awkwardly and got the last water bottle out so you could go over to Jimin and give it, purely to cross the distance between you two.

    “Why aren’t you with Jackson hyung?”

    You got startled by the question and stood up straight with a frown on your face, completely forgetting the water bottle. “Why am I not with Jackson oppa? Because… I wanted to… see you?” you asked, wondering if that answer would satisfy him. Was he being jealous?

    Jimin huffed and looked away from you, but didn’t say anything.

    “Are you… jealous?”

    “No”, Jimin said harshly. He was jealous.

    You sighed and walked over to him. “Oppa, there’s nothing to be jealous-”

    “I’m not jealous!”

    You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest. “Can we talk like mature people who are in a relationship?”

    Jimin looked at you intensely, clearly trying to hold back a nasty comment.

    “Nothing is going on between Jackson oppa and me.”

    “Then why are you hanging out with him more often than with me?! People might question who your boyfriend actually is, (Y/n)!” he yelled, exploding.

    “Honestly, Jimin oppa, if that was the thing that bothered you then you could’ve talked to me way earlier. Why did you stay silent?”

    “I hoped you would’ve known me good enough to figure out I wouldn’t like it. Why would I talk about it? You’d only find me annoying.”

    It was sad when Jimin became insecure like this and you did feel quite guilty, you just hadn’t thought anything of it because Jackson was fun and BTS and GOT7 were friends, so you thought it’d be fine.

    “You’re more annoying now. Why don’t you trust me?”

    “I do trust you…”

    “You don’t trust Jackson oppa?”

    “No, that’s not it. I do trust him. It’s just… it’s not a great feeling when your girlfriend spends more time with your friend than with you. You always respond with ‘I’m hanging out with Jackson oppa right now’ and that makes me sad because I cannot even afford to spend time with you right now and knowing that someone else is doing my job-”

    You walked up to him, clearly seeing how much it hurt him and quickly pressed a kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel insecure”, you said quietly and gave him another kiss. “I’ll hang out less with Jackson oppa. I love you, Park Jimin. I know you would spend time with me if you could, but I know that right now you’re very busy and I’ll wait until you have time. Just come home and give me a hug every now and then.”

    Jimin smiled softly and stroke through your hair before pulling you close in his embrace and placing a kiss on your head. “Whenever I get to go home, I will cuddle you until you’re fed up with me.”

    You smiled and hid against his chest. “Good luck. Prepare yourself to lose that battle, though.”

    Jimin chuckled. “I love you, (Y/n).”

    Can I? (M)

    Originally posted by kaibility

    » jongin x reader
    » 3.2k
    » ok so how about whipped baby boy!jongin…she takes control back in the end? 
    » warning: smut (sub!jongin, fingering, riding)

    “Can I ask you something?” Jongin says, looking up from where his head is resting on your lap. He brings his hand to your wrist to stop you from continuing from running your fingers through his hair, something he found very distracting. Once he sees you nod, you notice how his cheeks start to blush a little. “What’s my reward for being such a good boy tonight?”

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    Shall We? // Park Jinwoo (JinJin)

    Originally posted by asterocky

    Pairing: Jinwoo x Reader

    Genre: Fluff

    Summary; After a rough day, Jinwoo decides to surprise you. But just what has he got planned?

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    FO4 Companions React to SS Cuddling Up Against Them in Their Sleep

    Just kinda imagining Sole next to them, falling asleep mid-conversation, then cuddling up next to the body heat.

    Danse: He wouldn’t know what to do! He would panic. They shouldn’t. The brotherhood…But Sole stayed there, snuggled against his chest. They made him feel warm. Well…perhaps this knight could use a little rest after all their travels. He would keep them safe as their protector as he stroked the back of their head against him.

    Hancock: Mmm, normally he would see this as in invitation to get more…intimate. But as Sole lay there so innocently, he just chuckled to himself, wrapping his thin arms around them as he pulled them into his lap. They’re gonna know who took care of them when they wake up.

    Deacon: He would poke their tummy just to make sure they were really out and not just trying to put the moves on him. Never knew when a good looking guy like himself could get taken advantage of y’know? Once assured they were out, he grabbed a marker and started drawing over their face.

    MacCready: His insides turn to goo as he tries to fight off this totally dorky smile. He throws an arm over them, then two. Then cuddles his stubbly cheek onto their soft one because they are the best cuddle-buddies ever. They both drift into slumber in each others’ arms.

    Curie: How precious! These innocent displays of affection always brought out the motherly side of her. She would stroke their head with one hand and their back with the other, softly humming a tune to lull them into a deeper sleep.

    Codsworth: Can’t imagine how comfortable his metal body would’ve been against him but he makes sure his master has to have everything for the utmost comfort! Here’s a pillow, here’s a blanket, here’s a lamp, here’s a teddy bear, here’s a cup of warm purified water for when they wake up.

    X6-88: At first doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t push them off either. Then after a few deep breaths from Sole’s slumber, he puts a single arm over their shoulders and looks off to the side.

    Piper: Her mind would go blank at the sudden contact. Blue could be so…cute! Ugh why do they always have to put her in these situations where she feels all silly? But the slow breaths of Sole warmed her chest, so she gently lowered them to the ground with them and coiled her limbs all around theirs.

    Strong: *grumble* why human act like defenseless radstag? Strong protect! He’d go out to kill any animals that might pose a threat then go back and huddle defensively over them.

    Nick Valentine: Like the true old-time gentleman that he was, he took off his coat and draped it over Sole’s shoulders. They never treated him different like a synth. They were the one person that made him feel like he truly was Nick Valentine

    Preston Garvey: He smiles as he looks at Sole’s sleeping face that just crashed on his shoulder. Then he scoops them up bridal style and carries them to bed, gently placing them down. He even pulls up the covers and makes sure they’re all tucked in, like a true prince.

    Cait: She doesn’t know how to deal with all this mushy stuff! Whenever someone used to touch her before it was always to hit her or to sexually abuse her. Contact used to make her uncomfortable, but this…Sole was the one person who made her feel like everything was okay. She places a quick kiss on their forehead before they get a chance to wake up.

    Dogmeat: omg all the cuddles! Love meh! *tail wag* *licks face* doesn’t give a fuck they’re sleeping, it’s loving time.

    anonymous asked:

    Headcanons for okuyasu, polnareff, josuke, and Avdol having an s/o who tends to wander around a lot? Like they'd be talking to someone and whoops their s/o is on the other side of the street/room. Hope this makes sense!

    I hope these are okay!

    ☆ Okuyasu ☆

    • There most likely won’t actually be any trouble with Okuyasu’s s/o wandering away; yeah, he’s not the most attentive, but he’s always gotta be touching them when they’re out together. He’ll notice instantly the moment they pull away from him and start ambling off in some random direction.
    • He’s easily distracted himself, so he tends to wander on his own anyways; half the time he’ll be the one stepping away from his s/o without realizing it, and the other half the time he’s perfectly willing to follow them without question when they start walking off.

    • If they ever do get away from him, he’ll panic; they’re surprisingly quick, so it can be difficult to spot where they’ve gone. He doesn’t hesitate to use his Stand to either cover more ground and find them, or drag them back into his grip so they can go wandering together.

    ☆ Josuke ☆

    • As always, Josuke plays everything off as super cool, but he’s honestly vaguely unnerved by his s/o’s unfortunate wandering habit. Although he tries not to be clingy, he hates not being able to see them, so he’s fairly likely to keep his arm around their shoulder while out in public.
    • He’ll panic hard the moment they’re out of his sight; if they were out as a group, since Crazy Diamond has such a short range, he’s constantly asking Koichi to use Echoes and find his s/o as quickly as possible. But in his panic, he’s fairly likely to overlook them- it can be pretty embarrassing when he has everyone dragging out their Stands, and it turns out his s/o was right behind him.

    • He tries to pay more attention to the things his s/o is interested in while they’re out together, so that he can offer to go look at whatever it is with his s/o and hopefully prevent them from getting lost on their own.

    ☆ Polnareff ☆

    • Polnareff is super antsy about his s/o wandering away; he definitely trusts them, but he doesn’t trust the world around them, and after what happened to his sister he just hates when his s/o is out of his sight and grasp.
    • At first he’ll just try to adjust to it; after all, he wandered a lot as a child, so he understands. He’s also always very aware of the area they’re in, and he knows when his s/o wanders and where they’re going- but in the end, it just unnerves him too much, so he’ll most likely ask them to stay by his side. In return, he’s willing to go with them to wherever they’d been headed, be it a cute store or to look at a cool reflection in a puddle in the street.

    • He’ll relax eventually, especially if his s/o is unable to curb their tendencies; he does realize that he doesn’t have to be suspicious of everything and everyone, and that his s/o is most likely nearby and okay, but it’s just a kneejerk reaction. For a little while, his s/o is just going to have to deal with this, and he’s grateful that they understand.

    ☆ Avdol ☆

    • Avdol’s the least likely to worry; he grew up wandering a bunch, in a very open environment, so he’s perfectly fine when his s/o walks away for whatever reason. He does pay more attention to their surroundings once they’ve walked off, though; he just doesn’t want any fights starting while he’s not next to his s/o.
    • When his s/o starts wandering, he’ll most likely follow them quietly. Clearly something had caught their attention and they were interested, so why stop them? He thinks it’s cute when their face scrunches up as they try to remember where they were going or what they were looking for.
    • When they’re out and about in a busy place, he may ask his s/o to hold onto his hand or his coat, because if they wander off now then it would be difficult to find each other again. He’ll still let them lead him wherever they’d like to go, though.
    Jimin Scenario: Worth It.

    Request: hi bbys!im curious how it will be when you and jimin are a couple for almost an year (nothing more than some makeouts has happened between you two)&youre spending a day together watching a movie but suddenly it appears *cough* hot scene on it.i dont want to a smutty thing cause i know you dont write about this,!i want something fluffy and comedy maybe?what jimin will do?thank you

    Genre: Fluff / Romance.

    You were a bit nervous before your boyfriend arrived, you always got a bit nervous just before seeing him, even after ten months of being his girlfriend you couldn’t help the fluttering in your stomach or the tingling all over your body at the thought of being close to him. You were in love with Jimin, and as comfortable as you felt around him you knew there was a part of you that would always feel like this, even when thinking about him too much. Honestly you didn’t want to lose that.

    You wanted to spend a great time with Jimin which took a bit on preparation since you had decided this time to stay home. You usually went out on dates, did whatever was on your mind reminding to keep it low-key. But today it was only about you two, just take out and movies. You thought about what could that possibly imply and a thrilling shiver went all over your body.

    You still haven’t had sex with Jimin, which for a lot of couples would be waiting too long, but you didn’t feel ready yet and Jimin respected that. Even still that didn’t erase the fact that you did desire him, not only because he was all levels of hot, with those thick thighs, well worked arms, the sinful full lips, his bedroom eyes, Jimin was sexy and awoke in you all kind of things; but also because you felt that he was incapable on doing you any harm, you trusted in his love and that made you desire him even more. 

    But, you still were hesitant about it, you knew it would happen sooner or later, you knew Jimin wanted you too, and although he didn’t pressure you in any way you were also aware he was a man, he would want to have sex with you, and you also wanted to, it was just that…

    -Get it together Y/N-

    Shaking your head you tried to calm down, you wanted to, but you were so damn nervous of it that you preferred to postpone the whole thing and be thirsty of your boyfriend. A thought came to your mind, today you could try something different, maybe being a bit more… playful with him, see how you felt and if you could handle your nerves then why not just doing it? Spontaneously, yeah you were an spontaneous girl.

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