why is this all white ish idk


Urie w h a t …..

Some people used to say that Saiko’s mask resembled a spider face or something and in the latest chapter, her multiple appendages reminded me of a spider…..

Was Mutsuki’s mask similarity to Kaneki’s resembling that he’d be captured and tortured to the point that his hair went white?……

and Shirazu’s just seemed to resemble his signature shark teeth idk…..

what even is this post o(-( I just never saw anyone pointing it out and I’ve been thinking about it all week lmao

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Out of all the ghost characters which one is a brunette that can be easy and cheap to cosplay??? (Im asking for like halloween and idk who to dress up as)

difficult-ish in terms of outfits:

Adres from “Coup d'État”, Frances Elsner from “ROTARY DIAL”, the two characters from “Crazy Town”

neutral, might be hard to get Certain Things though:

Henry Elsner from ”BLACK & WHITE” , the dude from “Apotropaism”, the character from “F☺☺LISH“

hashtag HELLA easy my dude:

the dude from “Big Clappy” (why tho), the girl from “Two of a Kind” (outfit might be a lil hard but w/ some adjustments to the original clothing I’m sure you can pull it off lmao), girl from “Carnes” and “The Chattering of Teeth and Common Lack of Sanity” (you can see the colored version of her in “The Chattering of Teeth and Common Lack of Sanity [Revisere]”), the character in “The Problematic Crow’s Reality”, and the Korozashisakae character from “Korozashisakae’s Mysterious Package“

hope this helped;; also have fun and good luck with the cosplay for Halloween !!!!

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Straying Chocohoe: So my wife (very good friend) is friends with my crush/also friend (we're all friends so idk why I said the first part) anywho, she told him that he should prob ask me out because we've been casually flirting and shit (&I admit, I always talk bout him in group chat). Assuming he does, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? WHAT DO PEOPLE EVEN DO IN RELATIONSHIPS? The only relationship I had was in freshman year & my father made us break up (still low key think it was because he was white)

Me when it comes to dating and all that ish:

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I’ve never really been in the dating pool to know how to properly do anything when it comes to relationships. It just always seems that I’m friends with a person and then… boom feels are confessed and then we’re just a thing? Idk

I mean outside of the physical intimacy thing, I don’t really know if there’s anything really different from a friendship to a romantic relationship, especially if you already know the person. I wouldn’t overthink it too much and if it happens with your crush then just go with the flow~

Also, funny story: my older brother made this comment to me regarding a now-ex (who was white)

“Everyone likes playing around in the snow every once in awhile… but you just gotta know when to come inside.”

I was washing dishes when this happened and literally couldn’t parse that he even said that to me like wtffff

And my mom overheard and chewed him out and he got all defensive

This was over 10 years ago though, and my brother has changed so much since then… but his way of protecting his baby sister was to be completely overprotective to a fault. He was a police officer, so he had seen a bunch of hate crimes and the nastiness that can come from society who ultimately wasn’t down for interracial couples and wanted to spare me the pain by… telling me to only date other black people because that’s safest? With a messed up phrase that got him yelled at? Lol

… anyway, I currently am dating another white guy who I’ll most likely marry so it’s safe to say idgaf about what this racist ass society thinks about my choices in life partnership

listen, I know some people talk shit about Jamie McKelvie’s art for Young Avengers volume 2 for various reasons, but at least he was able to draw David Alleyne looking like a twenty-something-ish age guy in the comic. 

So many times in comics all the white/light characters will look pretty good and then the black teenager suddenly looks like he’s like 50 years old because they are too heavily shadowed/shaded/lined and it just looks bad. 

How many times did Eli Bradley look like he was twice the age of his teammates in the previous volume? How many times did David look old as hell in his previous runs of comics?? like idk why so many comic artists/colorists can’t seem to make younger characters who are darker skinned actually look their age??? idk its a huuuuge pet peeve of mine literally every time idk