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*gets back to own room after 15 minutes of human interaction*
*immediately lies face down on floor and fuckin stays there*

looseleaflettuce  asked:

what bands are True Emo? bc when i think of emo i think of lo-fi but i'm pretty sure that's bc i'm 18 so i wasnt around for the Real Emo Tunes :(

i’mma answer this publicly because i needed the excuse to be entirely self indulgent, k? 

wait. hold on.

*puts on grad school hat*

so my answer/view on what counts as “emo” is really heavily influenced by this book, Nothing Feels Good, its been years now since i’ve read it, but it includes (may be wholly?) a history of the development of emo as a genre, as well as profiles on some really well known bands. what’s super cool about it is that it was very of the moment. it was published in 2003, which is when emo was gaining mainstream notoriety amongst rock circles, but was nowhere near the cultural zeitgeist it became.

so if you ask me, i’d argue, as andy greenwald identifies in Nothing Feels Good that “true emo” bands would include the likes of Rites of Spring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jets to Brazil, Mineral, American Football etc*. There’s a really interesting idea that Dan kept kind of bumping up against but didn’t really articulate–that late 00′s emo and the indie music that was fucking exploding around that same time (so, your Death Cab for Cuties, Minus the Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc) actually have a common ancestor in the early 00s emo that was coming out of places like DC and further Northeast (as far North East as…New Jersey, eh? eh?). But Dan says some bullshit about the indie guys not liking the emo guys, not exactly? Like sometimes indie guy and the emo guy were the same dude.

And that dude was a dude who was into the hardcore scene/punk, but who wanted to sing about his feelings and heartbreak, and mental health issues, things that were seen as more feminine and less aligned with the more masculine, more politically charged punk/hardcore scene.

And so you have bunch of dudes doing this, with differing levels of alignment with the hardcore scene. On one end of the spectrum you’ve got your Thrices, your Alkaline Trios and on the other end you’ve got your Sunny Day Real Estates, or even further, your Dashboard Confessionals where he’s not even using an electric guitar. 

This, btw, is part of why you’ve got both Death Cab for Cutie and AFI on the same list of bands that are “emo” on wikipedia. The whole emo genre was actually super fucking prolific and because the genre qualifications were so vauge (its “emotional” “rock” music. that’s a lot of musical space to play in) a lot of different sounds were able out of early 00s emo. 

Mix emo with hardcore? You get Thrice. 

Mix emo with goth? AFI and Hawthorne Heights

Mix is with metal? You get Coheed and Cambria, I guess??

Mix it with rap? Dear god you get Brokencyde, undo undo. 

And if you mix it with pop? Well shit, you just built a Fall Out Boy. 

So, Dann, you say, I didn’t need any of this. 

I mean that’s fair, but I’m sure you’re also wondering where the fuck My Chem, P!atD and FOB come in. 

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I am legitimately concerned about Hiddles. Straight from Atlanta to SDCC for a 20-minute panel where he talked for two minutes, then he fucked back off to London without doing any pictures or interviews or anything? The only person who even seemed they were acknowledging his existence was Mark Ruffalo. And he seemed so tired/dispirited, not like his usual public appearance at all. (he also looked a little gaunt around the face/neck to me, but that could just be makeup, idk, it looked like he was wearing wrong-colored foundation - but then I’m like, what if the makeup was to hide an unhealthy pallor?!)

IDK. Something is Up. :/

Baking with Hunk

Another installment of my klance YouTuber AU! This (fourth) one-shot features some fluffy baking on Hunk’s channel, with Lance, Keith, and Pidge to help him out. I told you guys a lot of fluff was to be expected, but there’s also a lot of angst. This one sets the stage a bit for one of the next parts… which will be angsty. Lots of the things coming up soon will be angsty so… prepare yourself for those, but for now enjoy the mostly fluffiness! @elsiemcclay I’m pretty sure you’re asleep, but thanks for being such a great beta!

You can find the YT AU series here on my AO3.

Yes, I did look at the actual recipe to write this.

“Hi!” Hunk waved cheerfully at the camera. “Today we’re going to be making Baked Alaska Cupcakes! They’re one of my favorites, but I’ve never actually made them on this channel because they’re a bit more complicated. Luckily, I have help!”

He reached around the counter and dragged a brightly smiling Lance into the camera. “Hunk, pretty much all of your fans know me by now. We made breakfast puffs together last month!”

Hunk rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but do they know your boyfriend Keith?” he faked a gasp as Keith came to stand beside them. “Because he’s here, too!”

“Hunk, don’t look so surprised. You invited us here,” Pidge hopped up on a stool. “Besides, they probably do know who Keith is. Lance talks about him enough, that’s for sure.”

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Current projects

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets,whatever.

tagged by @up-sideand-down, thanks mate! <3 
Oh my fucking Christ I have so many projects right now. Right. Where to start.

  • Visual Novel project: 19th century Parisian Brothel

We’ve got the plot down, and the only concept art I’ve done so far is the main character, doesn’t look like much but here she is. (translations: ‘interior of brothel’; ‘street’; ‘evening lingerie’)

  • Visual Novel project: FFVII ‘Let’s Play’ (working title)

Shh it’s totally secret. Based on @asreoninfusion‘s Let’s Play fic. Will be making a post/tumblr etc once I have enough visuals to promote it, but for now we’ve just got a big ol’ messy Word document full of ideas. Work will properly start on it next year, so art-wise for the moment I’ve just got some heads but I hate them and am probably only going to keep Zack.

  • Let’s Play comic

Based on @asreoninfusion‘s Let’s Play fic again. Also totally secret. Don’t have much for this yet except the sketch of a first page, and it needs work (especially Cloud’s hair D: ).

  • Border of Taboo - Chapter 13

4k words done out of a projected 8-9k words.

“She begins the hour with the usual pounding heart, the hand twisting her bag straps in the elevator, the hyperawareness of the way her clothes hug her body. Stitches line up with her spine and the insides of her thighs, a flimsy armour that he strips away as readily as if he were peeling a fruit.“

  • Fae novel, ‘The Imaginary Prince’ (working title)

20% done. First part needs a rehaul and I really want to finish BoT before sinking properly into it.

“Folk around these parts used to talk about a lost city, he told her. There was a king once, who had two sons. The elder was the heir to the throne, and a great strategist, the sharpest mind in the land. The younger was an artist, never interested in politics or war. He was the most beautiful man in the land, and the king’s favourite. In his honour, the king built a golden city, and a throne for him so that he could live amidst other artists and believers in the pagan faith. This was Ker-Ys. Painters and musicians and philosophers from all over the land flocked to its gates, and soon it gained the reputation of being the most beautiful city in the world….”

I’ve got other shit on the backburner but I’m not thinking about those at the moment as these are the current priority (BoT being on top of the pile in terms of “things I can finished relatively fast if I manage my time properly”).

Tagging @kesskay, @rp-sephiroth, @silverxskies and @gaiajenova!

I always put reblogged stuff into a queue so I don’t flood people’s dashes but at the same time I always feel kind of bad because there’s like this influx of support for a story or piece of art and then I come in what seems like a week later like “oh yeah I like this thing!!!” even though I queued it the day that it was posted and I dunno I always feel kind of weird about it.

I got talking with my dude about how it’s silly that people expect that a romantic partner should share all your interests, and he was like, right, you should be your own person, and I admitted that sometimes I’m jealous of my favorite authors who have partners(husbands) who read their work and are their biggest fans, but I get that that’s not mandatory, and he said, well, right, you wouldn’t really appreciate my criticisms, since my tastes are so different from yours, and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but he perked up when I mentioned how much porn I’d been writing lately, and he was like, you know, I probably would have some reasonably meaningful feedback on that, and honestly I dunno, I write a lot of gay stuff, and stuff I don’t think he’d really be all that into, but, well, long story short I sent him a link to the most recent PWP (Yavin IVsome) and I’m now rereading it with a critical eye and kind of thinking like, hm, maybe I shouldn’t have sent him that, so, uh, anyway. It’s a bit female-gazey, now that I reread it, and maybe I’m too flowery in the descriptions, and gosh. 

… Dude and I have been together for a decade and a half, and the last thing of mine I had him read, he wanted to know why everybody had dumb names. He is Super Not Into fantasy or sci-fi stuff at all, and doesn’t read much at all but when he does, it’s contemporary stuff. He loved Nick Hornby etc. He doesn’t do drama or epic shit or any of the stuff I do.

This is almost as bad as when I told my sister my AO3 handle and linked her to a fic. It’s been like six months, she didn’t read it, I think I’m all good, but the nervousness about it… 

y’all don’t understand, I’m not out to people in RL, I don’t know anyone in person who’s basically ever read my fanfic. Some of y’all talk about, like, your mom reading your shit, and liking it, and giving you advice, and I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

I almost hope he doesn’t read it because then I can stop worrying what he won’t like about it. Ugh I’m the worst at dealing with this.

one thing i’ve observed after being on this site for like almost 6 years is that in the olden days, internet humor had a lot less sarcasm and misinfo as a key element in posting.  occasionally posts like this happened, and a lot of people would unironically correct them due to misunderstanding.  these people experienced flack for not getting the joke to the point where they would sometimes delete their accounts.

nowadays sarcasm and misinfo in internet humor is so much more commonplace that people are EXPECTED to understand the OP’s intentions right off the bat and uhhh i’ve seen some folks with their hearts in the right place get mocked because i hate to break it to you, even if a site’s humor changes, not every real person behind the screen will be able to adapt to that rate.

note: this isn’t really about posts addressing legitimate SJ issues but more like someone getting publicly humiliated for not knowing the context to the latest hip new copypasta