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Malec and Clace in the books, literally
  • Relationship between Clary and jace: *passionate kisses, hugs, confessing love at least 689 times, constantly kissing each others God damn faces, holding hands, cuddling, ready to sacrifice themselves for each other *
  • Magnus and alec: wow Magnus, how did u learn so many languages im impressed
I want to own every single
Inch of your body ,
Your mind
Your heart
And your soul
I dont want
Just to be part
of your life
I want to own every
single second of it
I want to fill your
every breath with
me me and me
Because may be after
that you will understand
how it feel to love someone
like me
—  mirrorworld12(via heartbeats&pain)

Aesthetic Inspo Series: @hogwarts-tower

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  
 ―    Mahatma Gandhi

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3 and 5

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice

Butterbeer. Although I can’t be the only one disappointed with the official butterbeer right ??? Why is it cream soda I don’t understand 

In the books they always talk about it warming them up from the inside so please tell me I wasn’t the only one expecting some kind of butterscotch hot chocolate? 

5: Favorite shop?

Florean Fortescue’s

a. Florean helps Harry with his history homework what a cutie

b. I love ice cream

Anyone ever think about why some TV shows (or movies, books, etc) inspire you to be active in the fandom, and others don’t? I don’t know about other people, but I typically have one TV show at time that I’m truly obsessed over, and want to discuss with others, and read/write fanfic for. My other TV shows I just watch. I enjoy them, but most of the time when an episode finishes, I don’t really think about it again till it airs the next week. 

Are there factors which make a show a fandom show for you?


This is a reason, I think, as to why he doesn’t have anything booked but is not saying why, or said he’s taking 2017 “off”. As of now we’ve only see his name in lists like this (and sometimes not) but we have no idea how involved Loki is in Avengers IW.

If he were to say-“I’m shooting Avengers for the next few months” it would be a spoiler for Ragnarok and would tell us that Loki is central to the plot perhaps.

Just a theory (and a hunch) but if Marvel doesn’t want him to talk about IW, then I can see him coming up with an excuse like “I want to fix up my kitchen” 😄

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wait why do we know the iasip book is canon thanks to season 12? was it mentioned? because if so i missed it lol

not explicitly no! it was confirmed canon in a VERY roundabout way

okay so like…. in old lady house, the letter from bonnie to charlie has a photo of a cat on it very prominently. in the book, we learn that mac taught charlie that his name is spelled “cat,” and charlie repeatedly uses the word “cat” to refer to himself in all of his chapters throughout the book.

therefore, i think it’s fairly safe to say that bonnie put the cat on her letter so charlie would know she was talking to/about him! and therefore that means the book and everything in it is canon, which actually gives us a LOT to think about when it comes to the characters

02/07/17 Datalounge post (Thank you who ever you are.)

👏🏻👏🏻 Some reasonable thoughts on the casting, too much at stake to put the show at risk…for hiding a sexual preference.. READ ON:

➡️ I ’m going to open myself up to all kinds of abuse here since we can only have one viewpoint but here goes:

Starz is unlikely to have cast a gay actor in the role of Jamie unless that actor was entirely in the closet and no one in the industry, and possibly even personally, knew of his orientation. Other roles have had gay actors, of course, but this role could not. Here’s why: the fan base is just too committed to the books, too old, too straight, too female, too conservative, highly romantic and highly invested in imagining themselves as Claire and Jamie as their dream lover. The show only brought out more of these types of fans. The book fans already had an opinion of who Jamie was and he wasn’t gay. Fans of these kinds of books consider it their job to weigh in on which actor is right to cast for their ‘book boyfriend’. The backlash when the actor comes out or is outed would be bad for the studio, bad for the show, bad for the actor (actually not really his fault), bad for the author, bad for the casting agents, bad for the bottom line because it bursts the romantic bubble of the straight storyline. Sam could still be gay. I’m not saying he isn’t, but it wasn’t a good studio decision to cast him if he is. He was an almost unknown actor before this and picking a straight actor would have fit their image better. It’s not like the show was casting any big name actors and needed the perfect big name to play Jamie and their big name happened to also be a famous closeted gay actor. They were all unknowns. Starz isn’t likely to have cast a lead actor, Jamie or Claire, for this show simply because they are gay. Yep, that’s totally un-pc but if you think studios don’t still practice this kind of discrimination for financial reasons, you’re living under a rock. It’s business.


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So about last week's episode when they were setting the bombs up around Eros: did the problem with the damaged countdown on the bomb actually happen in the book, and that's why Miller had to stay, or am I just forgetting that it happened? (It's been a couple years since I've read it, so I'm a bit foggy.) What I remember in the book is Miller pretty much deciding to stay at Eros because he was hardcore pining suicide ideation and not because of anything reasonable. Am I remembering wrong?

Bombs were certainly involved, but not in a take your pet nuke for a walk way. More of a ‘holy shit, this is happening, we’re fucked,’ ‘wait, I’m still on Eros, you’re not fucked,’ type of way. Either way, Miller belonged on Eros. The TV show took away the fact that going to Eros was always an act of death on his part. By the time Miller reaches Eros, in the book anyway, he’s just…done. Maybe if things had gone differently with Holden and the Roci crew, there could have been an alternative outcome, but it didn’t go well, because nothing goes well for Miller, does it? And he’s tired. The type of tired that etches itself into your bones, too deep for alcohol to reach. So he makes a decision. A decision I think he made the moment he set foot off Ceres. It just comes to a head on Eros. And with the help of Julie Mao, he saves the world because of it.

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i h8 gerard way why can he dance??? he shouldnt be like.... good at dancing u kno like hes a white boy who loves comic books why can he like legit throw his ass in a circle what the FCCK

I’m laughing why is this one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten

tho tbh there are some projekt rev gifs that will easily prove u wrong… he can’t dance… he just jumps around and shakes his entire body like a weirdo

First Sentence Writing Prompt: 04

An anon asked me to do all the prompts on this list. So here we go! 

04. Why is it suddenly purple?

Titel: The Little Things

“Why is it suddenly purple?”

Bernie looked up from her book as Serena walked into their bedroom, phone tucked under her ear as she began to take off her jewellery. Just by the tone of Serena’s voice, she knew it was the other woman’s daughter on the other end of the phone.

“And why were you dying it grey in the first place?”

Bernie continued to watch her girlfriend was an amused smile. They hadn’t really seen much of each other in a few days, their schedules on AAU meant they only passed each other as they started and ended their shifts. This marked the first night neither of them had to work for almost a week. As she watched Serena begin to unfasten the buttons on her shirt, Bernie’s body reminded her of what she’d been craving all week. As much as she had come to love Ellie, she wished she’d let her mother off the phone.

Despite what her body wanted, Bernie couldn’t deny that she loved to watch Serena when she was preoccupied. She liked to observe all the small things that people tended to miss during everyday life. The way she titled her head when she was trying not to laugh, the way she fiddled with her necklace when she needed a caffeine fix or the way she rubbed at the back of her neck when she was tired - just as she was doing now. She loved to watch her take off her makeup, revealing her glorious soft skin and her rosy cheeks. Serena hated it but Bernie loved seeing her freckles. She was mesmerised when she ran a brush through her hair and it never failed to spark a longing to run her hands through her hair.

“I’ll take you into town to get a haircut first thing in the morning,” Serena smiled. “I promise. Alright darling, good night.” She put her phone down and turned to look at Bernie with a smile.

The thing that Bernie loved the most about her girlfriend was how her face lit up when they saw each other. She’d never had anyone look at her the way Serena did every single day.

“Hello,” Serena said as she made her way toward the bed.

“Hello,” Bernie said as she put down her book and opened for her arms for Serena to snuggle into her.

Berena fluff! 

If anyone has any other prompts then feel free to ask. I’m still accepting even though I’m working my way through this giant list! I’ve got quite a few waiting to be done but I’ll get to them eventually :) 

What is your book’s backbone, and why is it important?


what do u mean by backbone? if you’ve thought of a better term that is. :D

(Backbone is a term I’m defining on the spot. There is probably another term out there that writers have been using long before I was born, and I’m just having trouble finding it. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.)

What I consider to be the backbone of your story is comprised of all the essential things that you build your story upon. The most important, is this:

Know what your story is about. This sounds like a simple concept, but if you’re struggling to come up with a blurb/synopsis for your story, it’s probably because you don’t actually know the answer to this question. 

This is such a complex topic that I have another post about it, linked to here. I suggest reading that post first.

Other essential parts of a book’s backbone include…

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How do I know what house am I in? ;A; Sorry if this triggered you. I'm reading the first book rn

I… don’t know why this would trigger me?

The website Pottermore has official tests that can determine your house, but plenty of people can figure it out on their own.