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Please, let him be soft. 

I know you made him 
     with gunmetal bones
     and wolf’s teeth.
I know you made him to be
     a warrior
     a soldier
     a hero.

But even gunmetal can warp
and even wolf’s teeth can dull
and I do not want to see him break
the way old and worn and overused things do.

I do not want to see him go up in flames
     the way all heroes end up martyrs.

I know that you will tell me 
that the world needs him.
The world needs his heart
     and his faith
     and his courage
     and his strength
     and his bones and his teeth and his blood and his voice and his–
The world needs anything he will give them.

Damn the world,
     and damn you too.
Damn anyone that ever asked anything of him,
     damn anyone that ever took anything from him,
           damn anyone that ever prayed to his name.
You know that he will give them everything
     until there is nothing left of him
         but the imprint of dust
              where his feet once trod.
You know that he will bear the world like Atlas
    until his shoulders collapse
         and his knees buckle
              and he is crushed by all he used to carry. 

Dear God, 
you have already made an Atlas.
You have already made an Achilles and an Icarus and a Hercules. 
You have already made a sacrificial lamb of your Son.
You have already made so many heroes,
and you can make another again. 
You can have your pick of heroes. 

So please, I beg you–
he is all that I have, 
and you have so many heroes
and the world has so many more. 
Let him be soft, 
and let him be mine.

—  Please, let him be happy ( j.p. )

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(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)

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Okay so I been thinking

Y’know how in season 2 of Young Justice, Raquel gets married, but they never actually show or say who she’s getting married to? Weird, huh? It always bugged me.

But. What if. They didn’t say who she was marrying. 

Because it was another lady.

Season 2 aired on cartoon network and Greg et al were under some restrictions about what kind of relationships they could have on their show. Greg has said multiple times he’d like to have non-straight people/relationships in Young Justice, but was never allowed to because of the rigidity coming down from the network of where the show was airing. So maybe this was a clever way of side-stepping those restrictions.

Think about it…they never say who she’s marrying…they never indicate the gender of the person she’s marrying…

So…just saying. Maybe Raquel has a wife.

Some anti-Tony: Tony was trying to kill Steve and Bucky at the end of civil war

Me, looking at the iron man movies where in iron man 2 Tony literally decimates everything around him in five seconds with a laser: whatever you wanna say sweetie.