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Hello, wrasslin’ fans.

So it’s almost been a month since I joined Tumblr (joined Tumblr? Began tumbling?), and I’ve been swarmed with people that like my reblog content and I feel so stupid because I’m not original tbh (tear) so I feel the need to service all 75 of you and all of ye future peoples with originality

So if ye didn’t know, and you most likely didn’t, I love to write and I stan the WWE (practically wrasslin’ and reality TV let’s be honest) so why not combine my passions?

If this little post gets 100 notes I’ll start writing stuff you guys ask for, anything from wrestler x wrestler, wrestler x reader, wrestler x you, anything, smuts or not.

So ye, if I don’t get 100+ notes then I don’t, if I do then I’ll be writing 2-3 times a week. So reblog & like, my friends!

I’d also like to tell ye that I’m thankful for all of you, now to list my peoples that I appreciate and my fans because I am trash for you :)

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GOT7 as Tumblr BLOGGERS {Requested}

“Can you do Got7 as Tumblr Bloggers”

Here you go anon! :)

JB: Made a Tumblr 7 years ago. Never even posted anything. Forgot the password. Not interested in making another.

Mark: Reblogs the inspirational quotes and posts pics with his family. Only follows people he personally knows. Ready to delete his Tumblr in a heartbeat if a fan ever finds it.

Jackson: In 42 different fandoms. Manages 42 different blogs. Lost touch with reality years ago. Tries to pay for items in the grocery store with notes.

Junior: Reblogs everything that already has over a 100,000 notes. Wonders why nobody wants to follow him back. Doesn’t understand the word “Originality”.

Youngjae: Blogs puppies and flowers. Told everyone he was a celebrity when he got 6 notes on a post.

BamBam: Has a fashion blog where he takes pictures of clothing from weird angles. Captions them with word that don’t even make sense.

Yugyeom: Posts and reblogs sexy dance covers all day. Tags them under Chris Brown. Check his message every 20 minutes to see if Chris ever noticed. Chris never does.

why you should date the signs (girls)

note: not 100% accurate maybe but im just making it based off gals I know of these signs

aries: will be there through your hardest times. she’s funny, cool, calm, and collected. she’s a great listener too

taurus: won’t mind a movie night or an entire day of listening to music. loves to talk about your day and remembers the little things about you

gem: will get off their ass and explore with her lover. she’s adventurous. she loves taking pictures and making memories

cancer: she’s good at cuddling and making you feel loved, can cook a good meal if you ask her too. she’s also very sympathetic
little kisses will be given

leo: daring. loves a great fuckin time she will run to the ends of earth with you and she’s so free spirited. what a pretty baby she is

virgo- sweet, she’s a good dancer. loves surprises, laid back and super goofy. can take a joke and even crack some.

libra- so affectionate, is really simple. she wouldn’t mind lounging around and ordering Chinese takeout as long as she’s with you. she’s so cute

scorpio- ah, she enjoys the littlest things. she will do small cute gestures for you and she loves to kiss and play wrestle lol she’s really silly. you’ll never be bored she loves to talk

sagittarius- she doesn’t give a shit she’s so laid back my gosh, I don’t even need to say anything more just get yourself a Sagittarius lol

capricorn- one of the funniest I know, take her to carnivals and stuff she’ll fuckin love those. she’ll sit on your lap and listen to you about your day she’s just flat out awesome. she likes to try new things

aqua- down for late night adventures. will make you laugh, and feel all giddy. she’s sensuous when she wants to be and will buy you gifts

pisces- she’s a wild ride. she’s hilarious. emotional, but for a good cause. you’ll know she cares

My EXO bias story
  • (I got 100 notes on my NCT one so why not lmao)
  • Me: *Watches Overdose*
  • Me: Wow that dude with the man bun pony tail thing got me shook
  • *Luhan becomes bias*
  • Me: Wow I love Luhan so much, how could my bias change?
  • Kris: *raps*
  • Me: Well shit
  • *Kris replaces Luhan as my bias, Luhan becomes bias wrecker*
  • Tao: *does Wushu*
  • Me: Well shit (again)
  • *Tao becomes another bias wrecker*
  • *All of them leave exo* : ,(
  • Me: WHAT
  • Me: ????????????????
  • Me: How do all my biases leave?????
  • Me: *Is an emotional wreck (I still am tbh)*
  • Kyungsoo: *Kicks down my door*
  • Xiumin: *Comes down the chimney*
  • Me: ??
  • Kyungsoo: Don't be sad, I can be your bias.
  • Xiumin: No I can!
  • *Have an intense fight to be my bias*
  • *Kyungsoo shoves Xiumin back up the chimney*
  • Bias: Kyungsoo
  • Bias wrecker: Xiumin
  • (NCT version: https://inakpoptrashbin.tumblr.com/post/156743023293/my-bias-story-in-nct )