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Smooth Gif Tutorial by Hanxbi! (With Photos) 

Hello everyone! 

I finally had some time to make this gif tutorial and let me not waste your time with a boring ass intro so let’s get started! 

What You Need: 

  • Photoshop CC (preferably) 
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop controls (espcially opacity & filters)
  • PSDs
  • Clipconverter (or 4K downloader) 

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Hyeya (3D version)
  • Hyeya (3D version)
  • NO.MERCY Kihyun

Kihyun - Hyeya (3D version)

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^

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so not a lot of people know this cover, since it hasn’t been here for long but i love this so much. it was one of the main reasons why i fell in love with monsta x, cause kihyun had such a beautiful voice in this. this just gets me emotional.

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I was thinking about something and you seem like a chill person so I want your opinion: why do you think BTS is so popular. I love BTS so much but I was just thinking about this, sorry if you don't answer it's okay!

OOOH !! That’s  a great question !!! I actually already talked about this with a friend. So I’ll tell my opinion :^DD

 I won’t say « it’s because they do good music/ write great lyrics » because it’s obvious. I mean if their music wasn’t good they wouldn’t be popular. And I also think that the HYYH era is for something but yknow i won’t talk about this. But I think why anon asked this is because a lot of groups also work hard and do good music but still struggle to have a good fanbase.

 Ok so I think it’s thanks to * tadadadaddada * the bangtan bombs.

 When you listened to their music for the first time, what did  you do just after that ? You watched a bangtan bomb. Everyone did that like its one of the first thing people do. Bangtan bombs are great because its short and you can easily know them, that’s why I think the bangtan bombs are for something, tbh  it’s just genius. Like I said it’s really easy to know the members after watching some BB, you learn their names in maybe 1 day or something and you can know more about them in a few days. With other groups it’s more complicated. You need to search on google, there’s not a lot of interviews or just videos about them soi t takes some time to actually know them. So for some groups you just listen to the album and then you stop searching about them and that’s it. But with the BB it’s really easy, and we all want to know them better and we can do that in 1,2 days. Since we know them quickly, we want to learn more and more and bam welcome in bangtan hell.  They become our friends or our brothers, we become attached to them, we enjoy to see their daily life, like we are a part of it. And more and more groups understood that, I can think about seventeen or ikon who did shows even before they debuted, I was a 17 and ikon fan even before their debut and I’m not the only one. So with their talent, the HYYh era and the bb they did a great combo.

 Plus I think this is why there’s more and more rude « armys ». Because some of us like bts not really for their talent but for them. When someone talks shit about BTS it’s like they insulted a family member. I think that’s also why a lot of « armys » hate some members. Because they dislike their personalities that’s all. And like I said some of them like BTS only for their looks/personalities. So they really don’t care if Jin has an amazing vocal or if Namjoon is just a genius at writing lyrics, they just dislike them. That’s pretty sad but well we can’t do shit about this.

I am someone who really likes keeping track of their tarot readings, so I wanted to take a second to share my super simple Tarot Reading Template! This can be used like a journal for readings you do that you would like to keep track of :) I think keeping your readings in some way or another can be really good for readers who like to reflect back on advice they’ve pulled, review their old intuitions, or who like to watch their improvement/process over time. 

Do you have a tarot journal or template where you track your readings? Why/why don’t you find them useful? Do you prefer digital journals or hand-written ones?

Here is a link to the downloadable/printable PDF in case you might be interested in using this template :) 

[TRANS] 170103 IU replies to fans on fancafe (Part 3)

Fan: I don’t look good when I take selcas with the backcamera. Why is that so???
IU: You haven’t practised enough. 

Fan: My own selca vs Photo taken by others
IU: My own selca 

IU: Photo taken by others  

Fan: Do you have any nickname for Kang Hanna?
IU: Hanna-chan 

Fan: What filter did you use??!!! Super pretty IU
IU: AnalogFilm Paris no. 7! (Note: Download link from app store)

Fan: Your photo isn’t flipped. Is it a mistake? hehe
IU: That wasn’t my doing though?.. 

Fan: I don’t know if you saw the Marshmallow quiz questions this time. Do you think you would be able to answer them correctly?
IU: I didn’t see them, but were they that hard..? 

Fan: What should I eat to become as pretty as unni?(feat Haesoo)
IU: ..☺?? 

IU: ..??☺??  

Fan: I have a class test at 1pm so I’ll be back again.. Give me some luck too (begging for luck) 
IU: Grow up stronger. 

Fan: Why did you end with a question mark? You’re really cute…
IU: I think it was added automatically. 

Fan: I’m really off to work now. You don’t have any schedules today?
IU: I have to go for work now too. 

Fan: Jingjjang, how does Madame Shinco (japanese dessert) taste like? Is it good?
IU: Really sweet. 

Fan: Noona, what’s your favourite photo? This is mine. [inserts ahjummalaughterU]
IU: Who’s that? 

Fan: Jingjjang, how do you take care of your fingernails?
IU: Like this [inserts photo of fingernails] 

Fan: Unni, I’m 20 now ㅠㅠ What should I do now??
IU: Yeah what should you do ㅠㅠ That’s really great, what to do ㅠㅠ 

Fan: Jingjjang, you can’t leave without saying a wordㅠㅡㅠ
IU: A word!! 

Fan: Unni, when you leave say bb
IU: bb 

Fan: Unni, the first digit of my age changed too..ㅋㅋ Please give a tip for twenty year olds!
IU: Drink Chamisul for soju! 

Fan: Say one more thing as if this is an encoreㅜㅜ
IU: Hold on, let me ask my band. 

Fan: I’m composing music recently. Please give me some tips!!!
IU: End off with 2-5-1. 

IU: Ah this power of unity is great. 

IU: Alright I’ll post a selca to end off, since that’s what you guys want. 

IU: I promise to be back in the evening, goodbye!! 

Translated by IUteamstarcandy


Some TS2!Tyler randomness :D I turned him into a witch/werewolf hybrid and spent way too much time downloading cute herbs and plants to decor his garden… only to find out later that the awesome 3t2 deadly wolfsbane conversion I’d downloaded was apparently conflicting with one of my mods and causing him to instantly die as soon as I got in game ò___ò reloaded twice, spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out WHY his stupid werewolf skin wouldn’t show up and why his hair would constantly switch into an EA one… and that’s how I found out, something like 11 years later, that werewolves don’t like CC skins (unless you have a mod) and that for some reason EA thought it’d be a good idea to force their own hairstyles on male werewolves and that you need yet another mod to get rid of that o___O yay me o____O 

Anyway, here’s the final result of my struggles U____U 

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literally everyone on my dash is talking about good & co.. what's all this hype about

i wasn’t too sure why everyone was hooked on this app until i tried it myself. this app has seriously changed my life.

being young is tough because you’re forced to make dozens of major life changing decisions, yet you can’t even decide what you want for dinner that night. 

thankfully, after downloading a free app called good & co, making decisions became a whole lot easier. all you have to do is take some short personality quizzes, and you will learn everything that you need to know about yourself.

with each quiz, i learn something new, and that is why i love good & co.

thanks to good & co., i found a job that i love, and i surround myself with people that make me happiest.

please give good & co. a try. who knows, it could change your life.


     I think you’re made of very, very good stuff.

Watch eyewitness on TV.

Okay guys so if you are one of the people who watches eyewitness on YouTube (like i used too) you should stop doing that and start watching on TV. If you need to catch up on the show then you can go on the USA website and their should be a link where you watch them for free and download the episodes. The reason why you should stop watching it on YouTube is because those views (which is a big number) don’t count as TV views and the show has a good chance of getting canceled if the ratings don’t go up. Every view counts. Eyewitness is on the USA network and you can record it if the time is too early or late for you. The shows airs every Sunday (if you live in the Nevada area it airs at 10 pm i don’t know about other areas). If you do not watch eyewitness i strongly suggest watching it because it has accurate and realistic LGBT representation in the main characters of the show. And it also has a murder mystery plot so the show isn’t all about the fact that the two main characters are gay. If you live out of the states i will try to reblog some things that show you how you can watch the show in a way that helps the ratings. I’m sorry I explained this so badly. If you want more information you can look through the hashtags and there will probably be posts explaining this better.

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Well my entire dashboard is filled with happy people squeeing and celebrating the good news. So far I think I’ve texted all of my sims fangirls/guy friends I can think of (and a few who are not) cause I’m literally so happy. They don’t really seem to get why this is so big….but WHO CARES WE HAVE TODDLERS!!!!

Every time the download goes up 1% my breathing intensifies slightly. I think I might be stuck in here for days…I literally informed my mother that I would be “downstairs ‘locked’ to the computer for at least a day because a huge update came out”. Her response was “isn’t that what you do most days?” . No mom. This is different xD

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About weekly someone buys a pattern in the shop thinking that it’s doll clothes, not a pattern, or sometimes someone buys a pattern and doesn’t realize nothing’s coming in the mail.  Usually no biggie, a couple of messages and the person finds the download or I cancel the order. 

BUT ONCE IN A WHILE…  I had someone buy a pattern 4 days ago and immediately sent me 2 messages asking when the item would ship and how long it would arrive.  So I did the standard “Here’s how you find your downloads on Etsy if you missed it when you bought the item” walkthrough.  Couple of hours later, 3 messages.  Replied again, thinking he must have missed it.  Next day, 5 messages, all send in spurts within a couple of minutes of each other saying pretty much the same thing, but increasingly pissed off and also asking why I’m not responding to his messages.

I figured “well, this is probably someone not that good with computers and is somehow missing the responses when he is sending me new messages” so I responded to one of the messages and had a message sent directly to his email explaining that I have been responding to his messages, and giving him the instructions on how to find his download.

Next day, 4 messages.  This time I think maybe his email is just blocking Etsy completely, so I find his order email and email him from my personal email.

Today, more messages.  So I did the email thing again and FINALLY he responds, not by email, but by Etsy message saying that he’s been getting the messages but doesn’t understand why he would need to download anything and when is his item going to arrive?!

I’m like O.o and write a polite message explaining that he didn’t have to pay for shipping because there is no shipping, and pointing out all the places that “Digital download” is written on the listing.  It’s an international sale, and I get possible language barrier, but his English is good enough to write multiple non-google translated, grammatically correct pissed off messages in the time it takes me to respond to 1, so pretty fluent is a reasonable assumption?

Then he’s like “So I’m not getting the dress in the mail?” (he kept saying ‘item’ in all the messages before) and I’m like “ooooh” and explained I don’t sell clothes, I sell patterns to MAKE clothes and offered to cancel his order.

So stressed -.- 

So… this is what I’ve been doing lately….

Yup, I was on a massive downloading fest for the original LazyTown OST, the Play’s OST and the Icelandic Dubs of the songs.

(Note: Didn’t complete The New Album, Here We Go! and Lífið er Ljúft í Latabæ since I’m not much of a fan for the songs in season 2 and Season 3… i cringe on the dance breaks)

Please don’t ask why I have a Bob The Builder OST in the mix.

Ed Sheeran’s latest singles were good thou.