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I’m about to take down all your friends in the Mutant Underground.

Good luck with that.

Trick ‘r Treat

Request- Yes
   “can i request a mix of 26 & 23 with a fem!reader x montgomery, please & thank youuuuu!! xx
*reader and character are watching a scary movie and reader gets scared* “aw, is little Y/N scared?” “no, i’m not. but come here and hold me.”

Pairing(s): Montgomery x Fem!Reader

Warning(s): sMUT

“Come on, princess! Just one scary movie!” “How about we rock, paper, scissor it?” He nodded and stuck his fist out.

“Rock! Paper! Scissors!”

You opened your eyes and noticed you had lost,”Yes! We’re so watching Trick ‘r Treat!” You groaned,”Well would you look at that! Its time for my curfew! Well see you Monty!” 

“But you’re already home? This is your house right?” You grumbled,”Right.” He pulled you into his embrace, giving you a peck on your temple. 

”Come on princess, it’ll be fine! Your big, strong boyfriend is here to protect you from all the monsters!” You rolled your eyes and you slumped back onto the bed,”Lets just get this over with.” He chuckled and gave you a peck on the nose.

“Jesus christ!” 

Montgomery laughed at your reaction,”Aw is little (Y/N) scared?” You scoffed,”No, I’m not. But come here and hold me.” He let out a laugh before opening his arms, welcoming you into his embrace.

“Ok, scaredy cat.”

“I’m not scare-holy shit!”

You jolted awake, breathing heavily. A cold sweat swept over your body, causing you to look around the dark room. You reached for your phone, checking the time.

4:20 a.m.

You sighed,”Princess?” You jumped at the sudden voice,”Monty?” He shifted to face you,”Whats wrong.” “I-I had a nightmare,” you said quietly. 

“Come here.” 

You shifted your body down into his warm embrace. His raspy voice filled your ears with sweet nothings. This didn’t stop you for getting arouse at his deep voice. A pool formed between your legs, causing you to rub your thighs to create some friction. Catching on of your actions and flustered face, he smirked. 

“What’s this? Is my princess horny?”

You bit your lip as his hand slid down your undergarment,”I know how to help you forget about your nightmare.” You let out a small moan as his lips attached to your sweet spot, your nightmare no where in your mind.

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Pairing: Daryl Dixon x @jodiereedus22
Warning: Angst, Lanuage

A/N: For my 200 contest winner! I do not own any of TWD nor am I affiliated with AMC, don’t post my shit anywhere else. 

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“You did what to her?” Daryl seethed as he stared the man down, stepping forward menicingly slow.

“You heard me,” The straggly looking man chuckled, licking his lips pleasantly before wiping his mouth with his fingers, a little too smug for the position he was in,“I took good care of her while she was with us, man. Real good. And in return, she took real good care of me.”

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Breathe D.S

pairing: Daniel Seavey x Reader

warnings: none i do believe.

summary: You cancel on your friends again because you extremely busy but you best friend sends you a surprise.

Side note: This imagine was written for @5sosmusic1d cause she works so hard and deserves a nice fluffy Daniel imagine. P.s go follow her she’s awesome!

You had been overloaded with work fir weeks. No, months. School had taken over your life. You had essay after essay due. Your calendar was so full of deadlines that you had forgotten other dates like your doctors appointments and other important dates. You had been so busy that you hadn’t manage to speak to your friends. You had promised the group chat that you would meet up. They were completely understanding though when you texted to say that you couldn’t go out. One of your closest friends had reassured you of that many times. You felt bad though. Yiu hadn’t seen any of them in awhile and they had just flown out to L.A for you. Not just for you but you were part of the reason. It was a thing you all did. You would all fly out to each other’s home towns to spend time together. You were always traveling. You had been to all their hometowns, Wales, Indiana, New Mexico, Georgia, Portland and a few other places. It was always an adventure. You just couldn’t make time for that adventure at the moment and it was killing you. You were fed up of being so busy all the time!

“Hey honey, you free?” Your best friend Ellie messaged. You felt bad.

“No hun” you replied sighing deeply. Boy did you hate deadlines.

“Ok sweetie, hope all gets easier for you. love you ❤️” She replied causing you to smile. You turn back to your laptop, your mind blank from non-stop working. This began to frustrate you. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard the door to your apartment close. You hit save for the four hundredth time that hour, you put your laptop aside and got up from your seat. You headed towards the passage way noticing a figure walk into the kitchen. You were now on edge. You hadn’t thought to grab a weapon until you had entered the kitchen.

“Dani!” You gasped in relief.

“Y/n, i thought i’d call by. Ellie texted me to say that you were still busy. Oh i had to put this in the fridge sorry” Your boyfriend smiled.

“Yeah you justbscarred me” you returned the smile, only yours was less full of life, he could see that, no matter how hard you tried to deny it, you hated lying to him so had to admit that you were in fact non-stop working.

“I thought we could hang out since we’re always busy” he smiled. Oh how you adored that smile. You sighed sadly.

“Dani i’d love too but i got so much to get done"

“Ellie said you would say that, that’s way i’m making you” He smiled again. “You need a break Y/n. You work too hard”

“Dani” you began. “Wait Ellie texted you?” you asked.

“Yeah, the welsh friend. Oh and Gemma, the one from New Mexico, they’re worried about you Y/n”

“Their too sweet” you whispered. Daniel took your hand in his as he guided you back to the living room. He put your laptop away as you sat on the settee. He then pulled the fluffy blanket off the back of your settee as he pulled you into a cuddle, wrapping the fluffy blanket around you both, holding you close to him. You melted into his touch, cuddling as close to him as possible. He began tracing patterns into your arms as you began to relax. Eventually he began to play with your hair as you lay on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. You tired hard to fight sleep, wanting to listen to his angelic singing a little while longer. But the more he twirled your hair, the harder it was to fight away sleep.

“I love you” He whispered as you fell asleep on his chest. You attempted to reply but you had fallen asleep in your true loves arms, relaxed finally. You were thankful your boyfriend had came to your rescue that day.

What Did You Do To Her

Slight spoilers for 13x4, very slight. That moment of her being flustered and JJ’s question of “what did you do to her” got my muse all fluttering. So a little Garvez moment with a little overprotective JJ thrown in for fun. I really hope you like it guys. Language is a little suggestive, but nothing really bad.

What Did You Do To Her

“What did you do to her?” JJ asks him in the SUV after Garcia sputters out a sort of apology for her innuendo.

He can’t really answer JJ because he’ll give something away. So he just chuckles and shrugs his shoulders like he has no idea.

He knows why Garcia’s a little flustered and it’s the same reason he is. It’s why the nickname ‘cool hand Luke’ makes him smile so genuinely. It’s because he is good with his hands, and no he’s not bragging, he’s just a hands-on kinda guy. And Penny, which he affectionately calls her away from the team, loves by touch.


Funerals were hard and grieving was harder alone. A week after burying their friend and colleague, he’d shown up to her door needing to be near someone. She’d let him into her colorful apartment, which was an extension of her own joyful personality. They’d talked for hours: first about nonsense, avoiding anything real, then they talked about their childhoods, their families, and finally what was really on their minds: the loss.

The sun broke over the horizon and he’d realized that they’d talked all night. He fussed some mostly true excuse about needing to walk Roxy, but she offered to get breakfast with him and he couldn’t refuse.

They shared breakfast on the patio of a mom-and-pop diner while Roxy ate the scrapes he dropped to her. He was going to go home; he really was, but she tugged at his hand silently requesting that he follow her and he did.

She made Roxy a bed of pillows on the floor motioned him towards her bed.

“I don’t want this to be a mistake.” Because he didn’t want to be a mistake. It could be momentary if this what she needed, but he couldn’t be a mistake. He refused to be regret.

“When is a nap ever a mistake, Newbie?” She gave him a wink. “Just lay down and get comfy. I’ll be right back.”

He kicked off his shoes and lost his jacket, removing the decorative pillows before reclining back on the bed. He meant to close his eyes for a just a moment, but woke up hours later, sunlight streaming into the apartment and pressed up against her. She was nestled up to him, head on his chest, leg throw over his as she shifted closer to him murmuring quietly, “Five more minutes.”

“Penny. Hey, Penny, I’m gonna let myself out.” He whispered into her hair. He didn’t want to leave, but he was going to do something stupid if he stayed.

“You don’t want to stay?” She looked up at him, her eyes soft as she blinked sleep away.

He swallowed and brushed a wayward lock of hair away from her face, “I’m not sure what you want from me here.”

“Just you. Isn’t it obvious?” She leaned up and brushed her lips over his.

He pinned her under him in a quick motion, deepening their kiss and running his hands up under her shirt. She laughed against his mouth and he broke off their kiss, bumping his nose against hers, “Something funny, Chica?”

“You are.” She squirmed under him. “I was planning on taking advance of you earlier, but you fell asleep on me. That usually doesn’t happen until after I show off my skills.”

“You’ve got skills do you?” He teased, before kissing the side of her neck. “Gonna knock me out with these skills of yours?” He muttered into her skin. She smelled so amazing and her skin was so incredibly soft.

“Oh, you have no idea. Rub me the way, Luke, and you may never recover.”


“We need to go left at the next light.” JJ interrupts his memory and he focuses back on the road. “Penny for your thoughts, you looked a mile away there for a minute.”

“I’m good, JJ, just wanna get this done and get home to my girls.”

“You mean your girl? Or did you get Roxy a sister?”

“That’s what I said, home to my girl.” He hopes she buys the lie but knows that he’s not that lucky. Garcia’s gonna kill him.

“Mhmm.” JJ checks her phone nonchalantly as they turn the corner, but offers a quiet warning. “If you hurt her…”

“I know, no will ever find my body.” He sighs heavily, cutting off the protective sister speech.

“Oh they’ll find your body, but I’ll still get away with it.”


I think it turned out kinda fun. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Love to my Loves!!


So I woke up this morning, completely confused because I apparently created a ship in my sleep.

Jack Kline / Claire Novak

And I have no idea howI feel about it. Like, a bit confused and squicky because they are basically adopted siblings, being Winchester foundlings.

But then I think how fucking cute it would be and they are kind of like a mini Destiel. Jack is a literal mirror of Castiel. I’ve long said Claire is a young Dean: angry at the world; happy to use her pretty face to get what she wants; uses humour to hide her pain; pretends like she doesn’t care when really she feels things all too deeply.

But the really important question is, what can we call it?

Jaire? Klovak? Nine? Vessilim? Foundlings?

Chicks? Mini-stiel?

general update i finally got around to updating my mains s/o to @malfique @embodilie @checkeredscarfs @punkofrockballs @lunefated @successorbled @bledfed & @koibitsu for joining kuma’s shit list



remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.

What I say: haha I hate Bill/Bev

What I mean: IT (2017) erased Beverly’s childhood feelings for Ben that were present in the novel and made his feelings for her non-mutual in order to have Bill/Bev as the straight, non negotiable romance of the film. They did this because people are more willing to accept Jaeden as a serious love interest than Jeremy. They heavily promoted Bilverly scenes in TV spots and trailers whereas Ben was only shown as the nerdy kid, to the point where I was concerned that his feelings for Bev had been cut. Even though they weren’t, they were portrayed as pathetic or funny in most scenes since the film made it clear that Bill/Bev was going to happen and Ben was sad for thinking otherwise. And even though Bev and Ben get married as adults, now it’s going to be that she developed feelings for him when he lost weight which is really harmful and gross, plus the emotional weight behind them finally finding happiness together after all that time is lost. Bill/Bev was given backstory, development, a proper kiss because why not? They LOOK just like the pairing you’d expect, the most conventionally attractive guy got the girl. Of course I think Bilverly is cute but I can’t detach the fatphobia that motivated their storyline from their relationship and I just wish that there had been a more balanced love triangle because Benverly is an important couple to me and the fact that they erased it in this film is really upsetting to people who relate to Ben (me)