why is there no souda

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”


I thought I had an explanation, but I don’t

screenshot courtesy of @kaminagirl!

  • In the morning
  • Izuru: “Nanami, why didn’t you look at me during?”
  • Souda: *spits out juice*
  • Fuyuhiko: “H-Hey! Watch it!”
  • Izuru: “During our walk today. You seemed preoccupied.”
  • Chiaki: “Sorry, the new gacha started for this new mobile game I’m playing. I’ll promise to make it up to you later.”
  • Fuyuhiko: *looks to Souda* “They’re just having a normal conversation.”
  • Souda: “How I was I supposed to know?”
  • At Gym Class
  • Izuru: *moves in swiftly towards Chiaki* “Nanami, are you wet?”
  • Hiyoko: *disgusted* “Is he for real??”
  • Izuru: “From earlier. It seems the sprinklers went off unexpectedly.”
  • Chiaki: “Hmm… I’m a little damp, but it feels good for a warm day like this.” *laughs*
  • Mahiru: *looks to Hiyoko* “What did you think he was talking about?"
  • Hiyoko: "I didn't know!"
  • Next Day
  • Chiaki: “Izuru-kun, I didn’t realize you were so hard…”
  • Teruteru: *nose starts bleeding* “Oh my…” “Didn’t realize these two were already in that stage~”
  • Chiaki: “....To beat. I really need to step up my game.”
  • Teruteru: “…” *falls dramatically to the floor*
  • Chiaki: *notices Teruteru* “Hanamura-kun, are you alright?”
  • Teruteru: “Will you two stop playing with my emotions?”
  • Izuru and Chiaki: *exchange confused looks* “Hmm?”
Several hours after the Jabberwock Crew (+ Mitarai) leave FF Headquarters
  • Souda: Hey Komaeda, about Naegi...
  • Komaeda: Oh, Naegi? His luck is overwhelming! Clearly his talent is much better than mi-
  • Mitarai: Wait, I thought he was the Ultimate Hope?
  • Komaeda:
  • Komaeda:
  • Everyone minus Mitarai: o shit
  • Mitarai: ...W-why is everyone-
  • Souda: "So Kamukura, do you have any hobbies?"
  • Izuru: "Nanami is my hobby."
  • Fuyuhiko: "A person can't be a hobby."
  • Izuru: "A hobby can be something that brings meaning and purpose to one's life. That's what Nanami does for me." "Though I suppose saying that she is my hobby wouldn't be correct. Being in her company is my hobby."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "...." *didn't expect for him to get so deep all of a sudden*
  • Izuru: *wonders why they went quiet* "Was I not clear?"
  • Souda: *scratches cheek* "I-It's not that. It's just a little surprising to hear how much you care about Nanami."
  • Fuyuhiko: *rubs back of neck* "You hardly talk about her so we assumed that you didn't like her or something."
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *assumes they made him upset* "Ah.."
  • Souda: "B-But we get now that you really like her!"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Yeah, we understand now."
  • Izuru: "I can see why Nanami values you two."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: "Huh?"
  • Izuru: "You have an interesting dynamic and make a unique pair."
  • Souda and Fuyuhiko: *embarrassed*
  • Fuyuhiko: "Geez Kamukura, you can't just say shit like that out of nowhere."
  • Souda: *teases him* "Kuzuryu, what you getting all shy for?"
  • Fuyuhiko: "Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!"
  • Izuru: *wonders if he said something wrong*
  • Chiaki: *walks over to them* "Hey Kamukura-kun, what are you guys talking about?"
  • Izuru: "We were discussing hobbies. I told them that you were my hobby."
  • Chiaki: *laughs nervously* "I don't think I qualify as a hobby."
  • Izuru: "To me, you qualify as many things, Nanami."
  • Chiaki: *blushes slightly* "Oh..." *pulls her hood over her head*
  • Izuru: *wonders why she is hiding* "Is something wrong?"
  • Chiaki: "Nothing!" *runs away*
  • Izuru: *watches her go* "...."

shsl--doge  asked:

"False test.." His most recent test was on Mikan.. Wasn't it..? Please tell me I'm wrong!

I-I don’t know…I don’t know what you are talking about, Kirigiri-san ! I swear ! I didn’t do anything !

I do not know how you were able to deceives Matsuda-san’s test but it was probably with some kind of drug, right? Being the SHSL nurse you should have known what to take to make sure that the test would be like you wanted them to be. And you spent your first days in the hospital room, it would have been easy for you to find some.

Your motive is clear enough, you might have been able to deceive him once but he wanted to keep examine you and with a better material, you wouldn’t have been able to do it again. So you had to eliminate him, and Hagakure is supposed to arrive with the new medical equipment soon.

J-Just because Matsuda-san may have said something like that…I’m the culprit? Y-You’re wrong…I’m sorry but it’s not me…!

Not just because. I had my suspicions about you as soon as I learned that Owari-san was missing too. It wasn’t normal that she had went to search for help when she could have easily carried Matsuda-kun to us. I don’t know how you were able to take her down but you probably used something against her right after you “found” Matsuda-kun. She would have been a pretty easy target then.

No, that’s not true !!

You had probably planned to find Matsuda, and you would have probably kill him later, when he was still in the hospital and we were still busy searching for Owari-san. I get all that…But why Souda-kun?

No ! I didn’t do anything to any of them ! Please you have to believe me !!

Stop lying. You wouldn’t have been able to move Owari-san a lot by yourself and you didn’t have a lot of time. So she is probably still around the place we found you and Matsuda-kun. I remember seeing a big locker. We just have to go back there and we will probably find her there.

That’s not fair ! Saying all this things to me ! How can you say that?! I-If you say that then…!

….Aaah…I lost again~

Kuzuryuu: Hey, Souda, why don’t you use better insults? Like maybe shitwagon, or dickbucket. Or, how about this gem, twatswaddler.

Souda: …Why are you just giving me things to call you?

Kuzuryuu: Because if I’m going to be insulted I want it to be quality goddamn content.


it’s 00:16 AM over here

so technically it’s kazuichi’s birthday

hap birth soda feat. transparent for some reason??