why is there no consensus on how to spell their name

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Shipping sebaciel is wrong u should delete ur page

Greetings! As Lord Phantomhive is quite busy today dealing with people who actually know how to spell, I, Sebastian Michaelis, will have the pleasure of attending to your polite statement.

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Firstly, I would highly encourage you learnt to read properly. See, the ask box is actually named: ‘Ask us anything’, and what you sent to us was a statement, an order even, but not a question. Think about that the next time.

Well, to start off, I will talk about the era my young master and I live in, called the Victorian era because of the queen that is currently ruling over England, Queen Victoria. Lord Phantomhive is known to have been born in 1875, and is of 13 years of age, which means the current year is 1888. Yes, there are minor inconsistencies for the sake of the plot such as phones, chainsaws and semiautomatic weapons, but the architecture, the clothes and general behaviour correspond to the Victorian era.

Now, Mr. or Miss. 'I’m so brave that I won’t say my name’, allow me to present the following situation: you are watching a movie set in an era where being homosexual was punishable by death. This movie talks about two men who engage in a secret relationship despite both knowing they could be hanged.

You, as the respectful, open-minded person that you undoubtedly are, go on the Internet and post the following: 'OMG, this movie was so homophobic I literally vomited. It showed gay people having to hide their sexuality! Being homosexual isn’t something you should hide, and it’s what this movie is trying to show, that gay people should hide or they are going to be killed!’ Is it reasonable to do so? Clearly that wasn’t the message the director was trying to get across. As you can see, the setting plays a very important part in this.

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So, even though the arguments you provided were pretty solid and you clearly humiliated us with your logic, facts and wide variety of ideas, please allow a humble butler to give his opinion on the subject.

If you check the age of consent in England (where my young master and I live) at the time (1888), you can perfectly see that it is 13 years old. What a coincidence! Lord Phantomhive is 13 years old! Oh, so I guess that if my young master wanted to engage in a consensual relationship with an older man, he would be able to, without it being considered as pedophiliac, right? And furthermore, it also means that you should stick your nose in other matters more important than a harmless ship between two fictional characters, wouldn’t you agree with me? Being informed is a beautiful thing indeed, you should try it sometime.

Friendly reminder that this is the Internet, and people who ship my young master and I are in no way doing harm to anyone at all. If you manage to find one real life case where there has been a pedofiliac relationship caused by someone shipping Lord Phantomhive with me, then I promise you I will close this blog. Not hypothetical cases, you have to bring me cold, hard proof that someone has been hurt physically or psychologically because of the Sebaciel ship.

Why not just let everyone do as they please as long as they’re not harming anyone? Is your life really that boring that you feel the need to censor every little thing that you dislike? If you do not like the fact that my master and I fuck nearly every night except when Grell decides to rudely drop by or Bard sets the kitchen on fire, then please switch to another blog or just come with actual arguments.

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Well, my darling anon, this has been quite pleasant. Feel free to drop by again, that would be just lovely! Just one more thing, in the future, when you decide to confront the Phantomhive butler, just remember we at the manor are experts at roasting, and I may be a lowly butler, but you, my dear, just got served.

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Title: Consequences

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader x Ed Nygma

Summary: Ed told you there would be consequences. He didn’t mention exactly what they were though. (Shout out to @ruffles-the-fluffalo for requesting this glorious idea)

Warnings: I have a thing with calling Ed ‘Sir’ and ‘Mr. Nygma’ so sue me. I also really love when he talks dirty apparently. And Zsasz calling Reader ‘kitten’. All kinks ahoy, matey. There’s biting, blood (mentioned), hair pulling, slapping, anal sex, blowjobs. Everything is consensual though. Mostly. There’s literally no fluff in this at all. Just really rough fucking.

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     When you agreed to work for Oswald Cobblepot you had no idea that also meant you would be working for Ed Nygma. And with Victor Zsasz. You’d heard so many stories of those three men. So many terrifying, awful stories. If you’re being perfectly honest with yourself- and anyone really- that’s why you accepted the offer so quickly. That part of a person’s brain that tells them “danger, run” never really developed in you. Sure, you would run. But it would always be towards the danger rather than away. The three most powerful and horrible men in Gotham would be your bosses and coworker. How exciting is that?

     Apparently the appropriate answer is ‘not at all’ if the glares from your best friend are any indication. You wake up, she glares. Go to work, she glares. Retell a riddle Mr. Nygma made you figure out, she glares. Show her the way Zsasz brushed against you in the hallway, she glares. The only time she isn’t completely disgusted by your job is when you talk about the mayor. She quickly becomes attentive and responsive. It would be adorable if it wasn’t so annoying. Sometimes you wonder if you should hint to Oswald he’s garnered a lot of female attention. A lot of positive female attention. Even if he doesn’t want to pursue any of them romantically he can always find a way to work the predicament to his advantage.

     You think about it all day at work, tapping your pencil against your desk while your mind wanders to how exactly you would approach the subject. Mayor Cobblepot is a very… temperamental man. You don’t want to lose your job for suggesting something he takes the wrong way.

     A loud thud pulls you from your thoughts. Ed is standing in front of your desk, arms crossed, tired expression on his face. He gestures to the files he lovingly and gently threw down in front of you, saying, “Have all of this reviewed by the end of the day.”

     “What? There’s no way!” And there really isn’t. The stack of papers are thicker than your thighs.

     “This isn’t an option. Oswald needs it by tomorrow.” Ed starts to walk away, tossing one last comment over his shoulder with what seems like practiced ease. “If you’re unable to perform the task satisfactorily there will be consequences.”

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‘First Impressions’

By Indiana

Characters: Edward Nygma

Synopsis: You hope to never be in the same room with him again. Arkhamverse (pre-Arkham Knight)


He’s late, but you’d been told to expect that.

Not by him.  He’d said to be punctual, to show up at exactly the time specified but if you had to be early he would magnanimously overlook it. Why you decided to continue on after that email, you don’t know.  You’d asked around, asked if he was for real, and the consensus had been yes.  Don’t be late, and don’t bring up that he was late.  He was setting the stage, someone had said.  To show you that you were barely worth any of the time he could coerce from his schedule.  Sometimes he was truly busy, sometimes he was just making a point.  But you didn’t ask.  You would understand when you got there.

You were skeptical, obviously.  Who did this guy think he was?  If he wasn’t rumoured to pay so well you wouldn’t have bothered.  You may not have been a supervillain, but you still had self-respect.  No nerd with an over-inflated ego was going to walk all over you.

Though the bizarre thing, you’d been told, was that he really was as good as he said he was.


You didn’t expect him to be so big.

Contrary to popular belief, most civilians never met nor saw a supervillain.  The city boasted a population of over six million; there were a lot of supervillains there, but still not enough to go around.  You’d seen him in the paper, and on the news, and just as it was said the camera added ten pounds it also seemed to remove a handful of inches.  But that wasn’t even it, when you saw him; no, that wasn’t just it.

To be in the henchman business, a guy has to be big.  The height in this room averages about six feet, him included.  And he isn’t physically biggest.  But there’s something else that makes him feel like he is; maybe it’s how he keeps his chin raised, or that he seems to be looking down his nose even at the guys taller than he is.  Or maybe it’s the fact that he really does have self-respect - like he’s better than everyone else in the room, and he knows it, and he knows everyone else knows it, but moreso that it’s an unshakeable belief he has.  He’s better, and he knows it, and it’s just plain fact, like the fact he has arms or legs or a birthday.  It’s… humbling, almost.  Like being in the same room as the President.

He’s wearing a green suit, of course, and before you’d arrived here you’d wondered to yourself: who does that?  Well, you have your answer.  He does that, and he does it so well.  It suddenly occurs to you you’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.  It takes so much self-assurance to put on something like that in the morning, to walk up to a tailor and tell them in all seriousness 'I want a green suit’, and to actually wear it with your head held high, and you realise you’re starting to get it.  

He’s crazy.  That’s a fact.  But he doesn’t seem to know he’s crazy.  Nobody would hold their head up like that, would dress like that, would act like that if they had any idea.  Or maybe he does know, and he just doesn’t care, and why should he care when he affords so much power and respect and prestige just as he is?  You’re here, reporting to him, after all, instead of the other way around.  If he is indeed crazy, he seems to make it work for him in ways you don’t think you’ll ever understand.

When he addresses you, it’s as a group; his eyes are sharp and they pause nowhere.  There’s something… off about them.  You get the impression his pupils should be too small or his lids open too wide, but neither those nor any similar things are true.  Someone interrupts and is silenced with a glance. You aren’t sure there’s really a man behind it, not anymore; his behaviour is so deliberate, so precise, it almost seems rehearsed.  He’s been putting on this show so long he forgot about the curtain call.

It takes conscious thought to keep up with what he’s saying; it’s almost as though he doesn’t want you to understand.  He says without saying that he doesn’t want you there, he doesn’t need you there, but he’s allowing it because that’s how it has to be. The supervillain needs the hired guns to hold him over until he can find something better.  But even now he tells you there is nothing better, you’re not good enough but you’ll have to be good enough, and if the precise shapes of his mouth weren’t digging into your gut you would have just left.  You don’t have to take this.  You know you don’t have to take this.  But he’s convincing you you do even as he spells out exactly how and why he hates you.

And that’s power. That’s something you will never have, never even touch.  He has some intrinsic quality that you don’t, and the person next to you doesn’t, and nobody in this room or across the street or down the block has.  Something that makes men follow when they don’t want to. Something that makes men believe they owe their lives to a man who has painstakingly spent his own life orchestrating his own endless failure.

When he is finished he leaves a silence for questions, but no one dares question him now.  His plan is self-professed perfection, his reasoning without intrinsic flaw, his assertions beyond the criticism of lesser men. You could question him. But he knows your name, and your address, knows everywhere you’ve been this week whether physical or virtual, and such behaviour would be pointless.  He knew from the moment he entered you into his email address bar that you would come here, and you would listen, and you would leave under his employ, because he already knew you from the beginning.  Of course you would doubt him, at first; everyone doubts these people. But he knew that, once he got you in a room with him and you saw what he was, it was over.  You can’t turn back once you’ve met a man like that.  He lures you with a promise and sells you with his sinister song.  You have to wonder if he’d even needed to utter a single word.  You have the feeling if he’d just come in and looked at you, you would have followed without ever opening your mouth.

He dismisses you merely by exiting the room.  It takes all of you a moment to realise that.  To realise you are worth neither a greeting nor a farewell to this man, and you’re going to work for him anyway.  As you leave you try to convince yourself you had a choice.  You never really did, even now as you question whether what you saw was real, and if you’re going to treat it as though it was.  But you know he has your entire self, bought and paid for, without any exchange having taken place other than that of his words and your silence. You owe him for the privilege of his five minutes of attention.  It’s a debt you will never pay off.  

The next weekend someone you know from a similar employer contacts you.  Says they’ve been asking around, asking if he’s for real.  There is no hesitation when you tell them they should expect him to be late.


Goddess of Life, Queen of Death

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, a harvest and agricultural goddess who presides over grain and the earth’s fertility, and over the sacred law of life and death.  Persephone’s father is Zeus, god of the sky, who presides over the sky, storms, and rain.  This puts Persephone in position as a goddess of vegetation, Spring, and the fertility of vegetation.  She is a personification of vegetation itself and by her other name, Kore, a representation of youth and maidenhood, and newly awakening sexuality.  She is also the goddess of the underworld, presiding over the dead and death via her husband, Hades.

The biggest story surrounding Persephone is her descent into the underworld.  In this myth she was seized by Hades [some inaccurate translations say raped], this is a commonly misunderstood myth that paints the relationship between Hades and Persephone as non-consensual.  This is not the case.  The myth is part of her vegetative representations, plant life is seized by death six months a year, descending into the earth to the underworld.  One misunderstood portion is the word “seized” and its context, it was not uncommon for women to run off with a man they loved, but since they were considered property of their families they were considered taken/seized by the man rather than active participants, it was considered kidnapping despite their wishes.  The myth goes as follows:

Persephone was seized by Hades and taken to the underworld, she could not escape the underworld and was told there that if she ate anything of the underworld she would have to stay there.  Gods don’t have to eat, they’re gods.  Her mother wanted her to return and refused to let the earth create life until she was returned.  So Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds so she would stay with her husband six months a year.  Zeus, who also presides over the natural changes of seasons, decided that she would indeed stay with Hades in the underworld six months every year.  During this time no vegetation grows, and Persephone presides over death as she does life the rest of the year.  This myth demonstrates how Persephone is the personification of Spring and vegetation, and is an explanation of why vegetation dies down after the harvest each year.

With her flowery, girly associations with spring and renewal of life, flowers, and youth, Persephone is regarded as one of the most powerful goddesses.  Her descent into the underworld is marked by a sudden dying of life, a chill in the air and a desperate hopelessness as the sky grows dark.  Then when she returns to the world there is a sudden pop of life, and flowers, and warmth.  Persephone as an agricultural goddess is one of the most important things to life, as agriculture sustains us and makes modern civilization possible.

The Eleusinian Mysteries which predated the normal Olympian Pantheon surround Persephone and her mother Demeter, these mysteries promised to their participants an easy transition to the afterlife and an understanding of it.  It was believed to go through Persephone’s myth, through three parts of the ritual:  “Descent” “Search” and “Ascent”, wherein they used hallucinogens to see into the afterlife and return from it, as Persephone does.  The participants were said to no longer fear death after the ritual.  As an agricultural goddess her early cults were agrarian and have little record, but the mysteries during the Athenian month of Anthesterion were dedicated to Persephone alone.

In Orphic mythos she was said to have by Zeus given birth to Dionysus, Iacchus, Zagreus, and Melinoe, all gods related to madness, including nightmares, and are all associated with Dionysus.  This makes sense give the Eleusinian mysteries and her function as a goddess of vegetation, as Dionysus’s attributes - wine, wildness, and hallucinogens - are similarly associated with vegetation, albeit more wild.  The plants Dionysus’s followers used to reach states of madness and ecstasy could not have existed without Persephone, and it seems the myth tellers knew that Nature gave birth to madness in their telling of her story.

Persephone is unique because she is a teenage girl, which are often not included in historical stories or mythos, and in that she represents both Life and Death, in that she, Life, recedes into the land of the dead for six months a year.  Her popularity with modern pagans and witches is not surprising, as she has always been a very popular deity with followers of the pantheon.

Persephone is often portrayed as a young woman holding a sheaf of grain and a torch, representing her agricultural associations, or in the underworld with a pomegranate, both being symbols of Persephone.  Growth and change are huge aspects of her, as are the natural cycles of life and death.

Appropriate offerings to Persephone might be things that fall within her associations - agricultural products, remembrances of death, pomegranate-related things - wine would be appropriate, wreaths of flowers, grains, honey, and other agricultural products.

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“Odin’s beard.” Thor stared open-mouthed as Alexia worked the different elements together seamlessly.

“You sound somewhat surprised,” Loki commented, coming up beside his adoptive brother to watch her.

“I never thought…”

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Auradon Improvement Initiative Explained! (Part 2): “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Beep Boop”: Magitech in Auradon

From a writer’s standpoint, Auradon’s Magic Ban is incredibly lazy and stupid.

Majority of the states of Auradon have heavily relied on magic, both for the incredible circumstances that led to their nobility taking power, and as an important everyday part of their lives, a means for improving and sustaining their standard of living.

Banning such a powerful tool is the stuff of dictatorships or abusive totalitarian states, akin to China’s completely shutting down the Internet to try and quell the unrest happening within its citizens.

It also feels dangerously hypocritical, as royals like Aladdin only managed to rise up to power with Genie’s magic, and to suddenly ban that and prevent anyone from ever benefiting from the thing that permanently changed his (and all of Agarbah’s) lives for the better for the sake of “fairness” is awful.

It is in essence the “I’ve got mine, now fuck off!” philosophy I hate so much.

This would be a good move if Auradon was meant to be portrayed and understood as the incredible sunny, smiling dystopia it is, but unfortunately, the canon and the intention of the writers is to portray it as someplace you’d actually want to live in, than a cautionary tale about the abuse of power and deifying your government officials, and why the people need to be checks on their leaders than blind followers.

“But it’s dangerous!” you might say, and they were right to ban it because it caused incredible amounts of suffering alongside the benefits.

But so do cars.

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Peculiar (Newt x Reader) part 8.

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A/N: short and sweet! <3
WARNINGS: mentions of blood

PREMISE:  An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.
peculiar masterpost.

“Go go Gryffindor! Go go Gryffindor!”

The red lodge threw their hands up, roaring applause and approval once their team scored. Both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff raised their flags in cheer – Slytherin was losing, and everyone seemed to approve but the house itself. Leroy threw his fist up in triumph, a grin spreading on his face as Eveline’s excited voice rang out in the Quidditch Pitch.

“Ten point’s to Gryffindor! Fantastic throw, Miss Day!” She cheered.

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honestly I don’t know why I was freaking out all I know is I sat on this for like a week after it was finished and only showed 3 people… I’m too proud of this… i love my clone sons too much and I don’t want to release them into the dark dangerous internet but now I’M DOING IT! be free and be safE

short(ish) descriptions from the deviantart post of all of them under the cut!

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Isn't it weird that Hiddleswift's stunts are being called out just like Zigi and Chiam? How is that a coincidence? The press don't usually undermine celebs because they want access to them, right? Why are they risking pissing off Taylor? Why are they going so hard against all these fauxmances when they used to play along? There's something more going on but I can't put it all together? What do you think Sasha?

I agree with you that this is a relatively new trend–at least among this particular group of celebs. And it’s even more curious considering they’re all repping pretty much the same stunt circle. Like Zigi and Hendall and Chiam, the callout was immediate. 

A few gems:

OK, there’s a consensus of opinion that it’s a stunt and not a very smart one. So what the eff is going on?? Team Taylor is a notorious control freak collective. How did they allow this to happen? And on the heels of two of her besties getting called out for going back to the fauxmance well one too many times? 

And while Taylor may have missed this, she pays people not to miss these media trends. So Chiam should have been on somebody’s radar, too.  

And yet, she went there in a very awkwardly staged fashion. Just like her pals. The story is developing. So I can only guess any of these reasons may apply:

  • Any publicity is good publicity. None of these stunts queens, including Tay Tay, cares what you say. Just publish the pix/tweets/Insta posts/snapchats/quotes from mysterious “insiders” and spell her name right. Her legion of fans remain largely enraptured and love the drama anyway. Just like 1D’s fandom. 
  • Media gamble. The media is calling out younger stars because it may be “safer” than calling out A list stars who’ve been around a long time. They may think a majority of the players won’t still be relevant in a few years, so they can shore up their journalistic integrity by calling out these stunts. Meanwhile, longtime A listers like Jennifer Aniston have fauxmanced (John Mayer, Vince Vaughn) and staged photos (her recent beach pix seem to be both staged and photoshopped) and most of the media continues to play along.
  • Hetero exit strategy. Could be a narrative is being put in place with the goal of slowly walking out of the closet in mind. So badly staged fauxmances take place, the media is instructed to call them out, and a conversation begins about why. Of course, the possibility of being queer is one of the whys. So fans are introduced to all these things now as they will play a part in a later coming out narrative. This could also apply to 1D.
  • Distraction Tactics. In the 1D fandom, we have many examples of one member’s shenanigans being used to distract from another member’s shenanigans. The most explosive example being timing the Elounor break-up to be followed shortly thereafter with Zayn leaving 1D. There is a rumor that Tay Tay was very concerned about Kim Kardashian’s GQ article, where she airs out Taylor’s shady stunty ways. Hiddleswift could be a temporary headline stealing distraction from bad press. And that definitely fits Taylor’s above mentioned shady stunty ways. LOL
  • Promoooo. This could also be a PR relationship meant to generate publicity for a future thing, like the possibility of Hiddleston as James Bond and Taylor as a Bond girl. *throws up in mouth*
  • Bearding. It could also be bearding, possibly mutual. If Hiddleston is still campaigning for Bond (rumor has it he’s campaigning HARD bts) then he may wanna raise his profile and market himself as a ladies man while crushing gay rumors. Who knows, he may dump Taylor for a hot hot actress in a couple of weeks? One who also has things to promote. Trade in girl next door Taylor for vixen Margot Robbie or something like that. That’s hot. I wouldn’t believe it, but that’s hot. LOL  And we all know about Taylor’s gay rumors and the gay rumors within her squad at this point. 

So really, I’m casually observing and waiting to see what’s next. I dunno exactly what’s motivating Taylor. But I’m sure Hiddleswift is a stunt.

The Light in the Dark

TITLE: The Light in the Dark

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Two

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months, the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him. 

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki woke and rubbed his eyes, he was unsure how long he had been resting, or how that had even occurred. He had not been in anyway tired when you went to sleep next to him, you under the blanket, and him leaning against the headboard on top of it. But somehow, when you had drifted off next to him, leaning in close, yet not physically touching him, he too had fallen into a slumber. Looking to the side to where you were still sleeping, his brow furrowed. In some unexplainable way, he was adamant to watch you do in the future; you had contorted in your sleep; so that one of your arms was forced behind your back, the other curled around his thigh, and your knees clearly crossed in some peculiar manner under the blankets. He rotated his head so to stretch his neck, groaning to himself at how stiff it was from the way in which he had slept. When he looked around, he realised there was no clock in the room, and for a moment he thought to curse it, but of course, with the occupier not having any sight, such things would be wasted. At the end of the bed, he huffed out a breath in amusement. A guilty looking Beauty was lying across the end of the bed, even though she was supposed to be on the floor. Since you had yet to move, the dog did not budge, but his waking, she did not deem a worry, as though she knew he would not scold her.

“Get down, I have to wake her,” He commented to the dog, though why he bothered, he, himself was not sure, it would not comprehend what he was saying, however, on hearing down, the canine complied, and gently slinked herself off the bed and onto the floor, keeping an eye on him as she went. “You are too smart for your own good.” He shook his head at her ingenuity.

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Edna Braithwaite and Tom Branson

There’s something I want to talk about. It’s not a very nice subject.

Trigger warning for discussion of rape (mostly rape by ‘victim unable to consent’) and spoiler warning for Season Four of Downton Abbey.




There are two rapes in Season Four. If you watch the show, you already know without a doubt what one of them is.

Anna is accosted in a downstairs room when everyone else is upstairs at a party. When she rebuffs the man, he gets violent, throws her on the floor, rips her clothes. She comes out of it not only with bruises but with a nasty wound from her head hitting a table, and that’s only the physical damage. She’s horribly traumatised, she feels dirty and unworthy of her husband, and she can’t tell him what happened because she’s afraid he’ll take revenge and be sent to jail. This last results in her sitting across from her rapist and being forced to make pleasant conversation when his employer comes back to Downton for a visit. The story arc gets a lot of attention, and it should; it’s dreadful and horrible.

But something that really bothers me about this: that it is the only one that gets attention.

Tom Branson is raped that night, too.

There’s a woman on the staff who’s set her cap at him, in probably the most mercenary and unpleasant way possible, even before now. She’s preyed on his insecurities about not really belonging to either world, saying things like, “Are you ashamed of us?”, of being originally working class. And she’s made herself helpful to Tom throughout the party, commiserating with him in ways that seem sympathetic and understanding but which are actually encouraging him to feel alienated from his in-laws and their world. She has also, very importantly, deliberately plied him with alcohol.

Now, by the end of the night Tom is very drunk. Edna slips into his room (without being invited; this is not remotely a previously-arranged dalliance). We don’t see the details of exactly how she ends up in bed with him, but he’s definitely surprised to see her, and all their past interactions have Edna as the aggressor.

The next day, it’s made clear he feels guilty and ashamed. But when Edna finally gets him aside to talk about it (or rather, to play the wronged, love-sick woman and try to coerce him into marrying her), it is explicitly spelled out that he was too inebriated to be able to consent.

To start with, he doesn’t remember exactly what happened. Edna has to confirm for him that yes, they had sex. But then there’s this bit of dialogue, which absolutely tore my heart out:

Edna: If you were good enough for Sybil Crawley, then I’m good enough for you.

Tom: *intensely angry and upset* Don’t speak her name!

Edna: You were free enough with it last night.

He was so drunk, he thought she was his dead wife. That’s not consent. That would be rape by fraud if Edna had done it on purpose. But even though she didn’t try to convince him she was Sybil, she deliberately got him drunk, she deliberately preyed on his insecurities to get him more drunk, and she deliberately took advantage of the fact that he was too plastered to say no or, clearly, to really know what was going on.

It’s rape.


I wouldn’t expect Tom to call it rape. I wouldn’t expect Mrs. Hughes, the only other person who finds out, to realize that’s what it is. I wouldn’t expect Edna to care even if she did know. But it is rape, and we know. We don’t live in the nineteen-twenties; we should be calling it what it is. Even the setting is a tenuous excuse for not making it clear that the show considers Edna to have committed rape, but there is none at all for not treating it as what it is in out-of-character forums.

So why, in the descriptions of the episodes on Wikipedia, are they fine with using the word rape to describe what happened to Anna, but what happened to Tom was an ill-advised ‘dalliance’? Why do recaps of the episode clearly acknowledge that Tom was incredibly drunk when Edna slept with him – and then continue on with the summary as if he suffered bad luck, not rape? Why have people put a lot of effort into considering the possibility that Mary’s seduction by Pamuk in Season One was actually rape (Pamuk was a sexual predator who might indeed have raped her if she hadn’t responded to his seduction, but that’s probably not what happened), but don’t seem to have ever acknowledged that Tom’s sexual encounter with Edna was absolutely rape? Why is it that Edna is cast by Sybil/Tom shippers as a harpy, a schemer, devious, but she’s never called what she is – a rapist? I could write an entire essay on how the common practice of writing Edna into Modern!fic as Tom’s needy or cheating ex is a problem – it reinforces the idea that Edna was a choice he made, a bad idea but a consensual relationship. It wasn’t. It was rape.

And I am really angry, because if anything similar had happened to Mary, there wouldn’t be this silence. When she was reluctant to have sex with someone but then changed her mind, the fandom was full of people calling it rape. If it had been Edith who’d been in that situation, there wouldn’t be this smoothing over of what actually happened. If Rose had had a man plying her with alcohol and then taking her home when she was so drunk she didn’t know what was happening, there would be a huge reaction and a new least favourite character for everyone. And if the show played it off as a ‘mistake’ on her part, there would be a furious outcry.

Tom didn’t get that. Not from the writers, not from the fans. Not that I’ve seen.

Men can be raped too.

Rape is not always violent.

I don’t which one of those misconceptions is standing in the way of people realizing what happened, but it needs to stop. It needs to stop right now.

Edna Braithwaite is a rapist. Tom Branson is a rape victim. What happened to him was horrible and criminal and no less than what happened to Anna. He was treated as if he was responsible for it because the show is set in the nineteen-twenties, not because that is true.

And if you are saying, “Yeah, but…” you need to stop, go back, and realize that that’s rape apology. We’ve been conditioned to say, “Yeah, but…” – that doesn’t mean it’s an acceptable response. I want parts of the Downton Abbey fandom to see this and tell me that I’m not the only one who noticed, not the only one who’s angry. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but I’m hoping. Restore my faith in humanity.

Head Down Low (Ten)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd.

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

Phil’s fingers are about an inch away from touching Dan’s nose, and Dan stares at them intently. They’re curled just a little, and he’s obviously been cutting his fingernails as he’s been practising on the piano more. In the dim light, Dan can see just how pale Phil’s skin is as it almost glows a little in the darkness.

He sighs and looks up, beyond Phil’s fingers. He sees the black haired boy sleeping soundly, mouth hanging open a little and face squashed by a pillow. He’s half on his side and half on his front, feet wrapped around a pillow that’s somehow migrated to the bottom of Phil’s bed in the night. After an evening of giggling interrupted by the occasional silence when Phil said something that made Dan uncomfortable, Phil fell asleep pretty quickly, despite how much he claimed that he could never ever sleep.

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Teen Wolf Thoughts

So I’m not a meta writer, these are just some points that I found myself thinking about:

My TW fascination has always been about Stiles. He’s sarcastic, a bit of an asshole, yet he cares so deeply, and of course a human amidst the supernatural world. However, after watching the show, I did start to believe that maybe Stiles wasn’t all he was thought to be.

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You’re Going to Want to Remember This (15/15)

Summary: (Season 3b canon divergence). Emma and Henry thought they could escape the curse taking everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, but one year later they wake up in the loft with no memories after saying goodbye at the town line.
A/N: And we’re done! This chapter ended up being a mammoth, almost double the length of most chapters.Even though it’s over I may write a oneshot or two from Killian’s PoV, or an epilogue, you never know. Thank you so much for the great response to this, I’m so happy you guys enjoyed it :)
Rating: M
Wordcount: ~5,900
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 Present day

Emma decided being on the receiving end of the whole running away from anything emotional thing was really fucking annoying. Hook spent the two weeks since her baby shower avoiding her – well not exactly avoiding her physically (though he’d been doing a bit of that too) but any moment they were in the same room together he was all business, and Emma was fucking sick of it.

They were researching in the diner, well Emma called it researching but it was really just a ploy to get to spend some time with him since she missed him – and what Neal always said about missing something popped into her head unbidden. And if she was being honest with herself, she hadn’t even noticed when it took up residence, but there was a warm feeling that spread from her chest to her toes every time she was near him (a feeling that was getting harder and harder for her to refuse to name).

Emma had a hot chocolate in her hands and was practicing the magic Regina’d been teaching her, since she figured it was probably for the best that she got a handle on the magic coursing through her veins, especially with a witch on the loose. Hook was sitting in the booth across from her reading from some ancient tome or another and practically ignoring her altogether. She smirked and twisted her hand, stealing his hook and sending it to hang on the coat rack. A move like that two weeks ago would’ve been met with an innuendo she’s sure. But now his response was, if anything, a little bit surly.  

Before she could ask him what was the matter, Belle came bursting into the diner. “I know why the witch wants your baby,” she said bluntly.

Emma glanced at Hook briefly before fixing her gaze onto Belle. “Why?” she asked, cradling her hand around her stomach protectively.

“The product of the most pure True Love is the only ingredient strong enough to cast a spell that’s never been done before.” Emma couldn’t pretend she didn’t notice Belle’s gaze flick between the two of them on the words ‘True Love’ – she couldn’t pretend a lot of things anymore. “Zelena plans on casting a spell that will transport her back in time.”

“Why would the witch want to do that?” Killian asked, and Emma reveled in hearing his voice again because it’d been something far too distant lately.

“To make sure Regina didn’t get the life Zelena wanted,” Emma turned to Killian as she had an epiphany “to make it so she was never even born.”

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