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Jon & Sansa parallels 15/∞ : Three Daggers

When the Imp sent off her guards, the queen had Ser Lancel hire sellswords for her. Lancel found her the kettleblack, which delighted your little lord husband, since the lads were in his pay through his man Bronn.“ He chuckled. "But it was me who told Oswell to get his son to King’s Landing when I learned that Bronn was looking for swords. Three hidden daggers, Alayne, now perfectly placed.” - Sansa, A Storm Of Swords

Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knive. Only the cold…” - Jon, A Dance With Dragons


I thought I was gonna die.
Not while I’m around.

‘yes or no’ (jon snow)

Prompt: You were a Greyjoy bastard picked up by the Starks, after the family destroyed yours. You were Theon’s half-sister, but he didn’t pay you much mind anymore. The Starks treated you with respect, but you never felt at home. You were never as close to the Stark children as Theon was, you were never close to the maids you worked with seeing as they thought they were better than you. The only person you got along with was Jon Snow. And maybe that was why you found yourself falling for him more and more every day.

Pairing: Jon Snow x Greyjoy!Reader

Warnings: language, depression, anger

A/N: y’all my heart hurt writing this bc can you imagine Jon’s beautiful brown eyes looking at you, knowing that he broke your heart all because he’s too honest???? like wow thank u jon i accept this heartbreak (!!!!!!!GIFS NOT MINE!!!!!!!!)

“Fucking royals,” you shake your head and wrap your fur coat around you tighter, holding it as close as you can.

You never had an issue with the Starks, but you hated Robert Baratheon. You hated his wife and his son and the rest of the damn Lannisters too. They were rude and angry and Robert was always drunk. He was meaner that way, and no one would ever dare tell him that except Eddard Stark… and you. You were dumb enough to tell him, so he backhanded you halfway across the hall. You grit your teeth and before you could do something that would behead you, Jon Snow grabbed your arm and pulled you out to the stables with him.

“You should’ve let me at him, Jon.” you glare at the back of your good friend’s head and he turns to look at you, brows raised.

“Right, and then what?” He scoffs and makes his way next to you.

“At best, he kills me. I’ll take it,” you lean forward and hold your hands closer to the fire, desperate for some warmth. “It’s better than some damn king having his way with me because I angered him.”

“We wouldn’t let him do anything of the sort. You know that,” he sighs and looks up at you, but you do what you can to avoid his gaze.

“I appreciate that, Jon. But I was being serious. I don’t mind dying,” you turn to look at him, a small smile on your face. “I welcome it at this point.”

“What?” Jon frowns, looking at you with more concern than before. “You surely can’t mean that. What would happen to the Starks, to me?”

“You’ll all be fine, silly,” you nudge him with your shoulder, trying your best not to think too much of his little comment.

“No. No we won’t, Y/N. My siblings all love you, from Rickon all the way to Robb! We’d all be devastated if anything happened to you,” he lifts himself up and walks away from you in an angry daze.

You get up and groan, annoyed that you’d made Jon mad. “Jon! Wait up!” You run after him, managing to grab ahold of him before he walked inside the castle. “Jon Snow, listen to me!” You turned him around to look at you, pulling him away from the doors and over to the side of the building.

“Just let me go, Y/N,” Jon wouldn’t even look at you, he looks so torn… so torn up over the fact that he’d lose you. So for a moment, you let yourself wonder. You let your walls down and you cup his face.

“Jon please listen to me,” you whisper and he looks down at you, eyes hardened. “I’m sorry for saying that, I am. It was never my intention to hurt you or to even think of hurting your family, I swear to all the gods.”

“I know, Y/N. I-I’m sorry,” he looks down, face still resting against your hand. “I just can’t bare the thought of you not being with us. You’re my family.”

“Thank you for saying that, Jon,” you smile, hope blossoming in your heart as Jon slowly looks up at you. “I have one question for you, please be honest.”

“What is it?” He grabs your hand in his and looks at you, concern covering his beautiful face once again.

“Don’t worry yourself,” you chuckle, face burning as you ready yourself to pose the next question. “Jon, I-I love you. I’m in love with you. I’ve lived at winterfell almost all my life and the only friend, the only companion I’ve had is you. My own half-brother was willing to sell me to some slave traders and even then, it was you who came to stop him. Thank you. I just, I just really need to know: do you love me, too?”

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“Wha-what’s going on, Y/N? What do you mean?” He removes his hand from your grasp and slowly takes a step back as the fear settles into your heart.

“I’m asking if you’re in love with me, Jon,” you fight back tears and swallow the lump in your throat.

“Y/N, I just–”

“Yes or no, Jon?” You ask louder, taking a step back and covering yourself in your fur once again.

“Y/N… no,” he whispers, looking up at you just as the tears fall down and you cover your mouth to keep the sobs from falling.

You nod, pulling yourself together for a moment and giving Jon a farewell smile before turning around and walking out of Winterfell, not turning around despite the many calls and pleas falling from his lips. Heartbreak is deafening, even if you’re the only one who can hear it.

Simon and Baz: first attempts.

LIttle drabble I wrote slightly drunk and sleepy.  Kinda smutty.

 I hope it´s not too lame. 


It was just about time. They had been toghether for a while now and they both were okay with this.

Simon loved kissing Baz. His lips were cold. And when they kissed, Baz would go soft.

Not today. 

- I’m nervous.- He was breathing hard. His eyes were glimmering. 

-Its okay. I’m… I love you- Baz’s face went soft, and he stopped chaffing his bottom lip.

-I love you.- He said, and kissed simon again. 

Simon started cheking his list. Things he was going to do to Baz.

First he was going to kiss his neck, his ears. He was going to make him stop worrying. He was always worrying about everything. He wanted him to concentrate on this.

Simon was just starting to unbutton baz’ light blue(extra expensive) shirt when he felt the other boy’s hands stopping him.

Their lips made a cliking sound.

-What is it now?- he whispered, trying to look into his eyes.

But Baz was looking down, blushing subtly. With a trembling lip.


-I just don´t think this is a very good idea.- simon felt a pang of pain in his chest. Maybe Baz didn’t want this as much as he did. Maybe Baz did not want him.

-Oh.-he sounded more hurt than intended.

Baz noticed and suddely looked up into his eyes and cupped his cheeks.

-Listen,  I’ve waited for this for what it feels like my entire life, okay. Simon you are like the sun.

-But you don’t want to fuck the sun, do you?- that made baz laugh.

-What I’m trying to say is that I really don’t know  if it is going to be enough or not.

-We can just learn together, okay? I’m clueless too, baz. We`re the same.

-Just let me turn the light off.

-But i want to see you.

-You see me everyday.

-Not the same thing, BASILTON. 

-I’m turning it off no matter what you say, SNOW. 

-I am going to need some sight, though.

-Crowley, Snow do you listen to yourself when you talk.

-I want to kiss you. Let me kiss you.

Baz swallowed. *lights out* he chanted, his voice merely a whisper. Simon could only see his outline. The blinds were half closed. there was some light entering the room.  The air changed. 

The bed made a crack as Baz sat on Simon’s lap. A leg first, then the other. Simon was kissing him gently, firmly, holding the back of his head, tangling ten fingers in his hair. Baz pressed their hips together. He had one hand in simons thigh.

Simon moved fast. Suddenly baz was shirtless and laying back on the bed. Simon pressed his body heavily against his. He could feel his heartbeat, his hips, the muscles on his thighs.

Baz reached for the hem of simon’s shirt, made his way into simons back and pulled it trough his head, feeling every soft curve, every bone.

Simon looked somewhat unsetling. Like a lost dog, hungry. He had something wild in his eyes before kissing him again.

Baz loved simons skin. It was soft and rough. Moles everywhere. He kep kissing them. One above the right eye, another below the left ear. Another brown one between the clavicles. He bit him there and simon let out a hiss.

They were going too fast.

Simon reached down and unbucled baz’s pants.  He was kissing baz’s neck, and then licked his ear. Baz felt that on the tips of every finger.

And then simon’s hand was inside his boxers, and he let out a surprised gasp. Even Tried unsuccessfully to kind of cover himself. 

-Shhh, it’s all right. Let me touch you.- simon whispered, his voice a little deeper somehow.

Baz unlaced his payama botoms and reached inside his boxers too. Simon sighed in his ear. Baz thought he was going to die. 


 Baz moved suddenly on top of the chosen one, moving his hand inside the other boy’s pants. And then he started kissing his way down simons chest, bellybutton…


-Don’t look.

Simon covered his face with his arms, ears red. 

He said he was like the sun. 

hello yes i made this for my bf but i got really extra with it so here you go have some dirty boys

Wallpaper Version That No One Will Use

When you realize that there’s only 1 episode left of Game of Thrones:

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why rhaegar and elia’s marriage annulment (in the show) makes no sense

disclaimer: this post is primarily about the show (since the books haven’t discussed the possibility of a marriage annulment between elia and rhaegar), though i’ll be using examples from both the book as well as the show in this post

im p sure everyone in the fandom now knows that rhaegar targaryen had his marriage to elia martell annulled, them married lyanna stark, making jon snow a legitimate child, not a bastard, named aegon targaryen (more on that dumbass name choice later)

however, it’s painfully obvious that d&d did this so that 1) jon wouldn’t be a bastard and 2) he’d have a legitimate claim to the iron throne to cause ~~~drama~~~ in the eighth season, both with jon and daenerys’ newfound relationship as well as politics in the north and westeros in general

rhaegar, elia, and lyanna are all interesting characters because all the information we have on them is biased to the pov characters as well as other characters in the got universe that are talking to them. robert baratheon saw rhaegar as a kidnapping rapist, barristan selmy told daenerys he was soft, gentle, and kind, viserys told daenerys that he was a brutal murderer who liked to kill people. as for lyanna, robert saw her as beautiful and perfect, a wonderful lady, whist ned saw her as much more, calling her wild with “wolf’s blood”. arya is often compared to her, both in looks as well as personality, and we all know what arya is like as a character. 

moving on to rhaegar and elia-they weren’t in love, their marriage a political one, much like most other westerosi marriages, though they’re described as having a “complex” relationship, and being “very fond of one-another”. they had their two children, aegon and rhaenys, both of whom were named after two of the three targaryen conquerors (this will be important later)

i think something we can all agree on is that rhaegar, as a character, was obsessed with prophecy. he was a talented fighter, but he also loved reading and music, as well as prophecies; he believed that his baby boy, aegon targaryen, was the Prince That Was Promised, and you’ll notice he’s named after aegon the conqueror, his sister rhaenys being named after one of aegon’s sister wives. rhaegar believed that he needed to have three children, one for each head of the dragon. however, elia, who had a lot of health issues even before giving birth to her two children, was advised that if she tried to have a third, she died. 

my theory on lyanna and rhaegar’s relationship is that, maybe they did end up falling in love. according to the show, they were married and loved one-another. however, i believe one of rhaegar’s main motives when impregnating lyanna was to have a third child, the third head of the dragon. this is why i think viserys would’ve been a more appropriate name for jon snow, as viserys is the male version of the name visenya, and visenya targaryen was the only conqueror that didn’t have one of rhaegar’s children named after her.

with that being said, it makes absolutely no sense to rhaegar’s character, nor his motives, to annul his marriage to elia; he was trying to fulfill a prophecy, to have three children for each head of the dragon, so why would he annul his marriage and delegitimize two of his three children??? there’s no logical explanation. rhaegar was an asshole and who’s actions unintentionally led to the deaths of his wife and two children, but he wouldn’t have delegitimized aegon nor rhaenys just so that his child with lyanna wouldn’t be a bastard. it makes no sense, and it’s just more d&d bullshit to make jon the heir to the iron throne.



basically the scenario is  that Len accidentally got really good OWL scores in arithmancy and transfiguration and was pretty much forced by the teachers to take the NEWTs for them and he’s in 7th year and does not want to study.

 The profs know about his and lisa’s precarious home situation and want him to do well in school.

Lisa and team Flash are 3rd years and the professors asked Lisa to encourage her big brother who is very bright, he just needs to care more.

so obviously Lisa enlists the help of all her friends. Barry is easy to convince because he has a boy crush on the tall and handsome “Captain Cold”. Iris will tease him nonstop about this. Caitlin is probably the only one that is really making the effort to force Len to study instead of bothering him.

 Cisco tags along because he likes Lisa and also her brother is kinda cool no i don’t have a crush what are you talking about. and len always has a candy stash.

Mick is not sympathetic.

House headcanons:

Snakies: Lisa, Len

Ravenclaw: Caitlin, Cisco

Gryffin: Barry, Iris

Huffle: Mick

this is so self indulgent, i’m gonna draw more of this shit

Barry literally gave up his job, a job that he loves so much, for Caitlin so that he could protect her from Julian turning her in. I’m so emotional. Also, Grant and Danielle’s chemistry through that whole episode was amazing. The writers need to stop ignoring it and have them interact more.

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charming swan mills family road trip fic where everyone tries to fit in one van to reach a vacation spot

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Zelena frowns from where she sits squished between two car seats, “Why couldn’t we go in two vans?” 

“This is more cost effective,” Snow tells her. 

“Easy for you to say,” Zelena replies, “You get a front seat!”

“I’m married to the driver,” Snow grins as she looks to her husband. 

Emma frowns worriedly as she moves into the back of the car where Henry and Violet are already seated, “Dad, are you sure you don’t want me to drive?” 

“I’ll be fine, your mother got me this sat-map.”

“Sat-Nav,” Emma corrects, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, where’s Regina?” he asks. 

“Trying to work out where to sit,” Regina grouches as she stands and looks at the already crammed car. 

Emma beams at her, “It’s alright, you get the best seat in the house.” 


Emma nods as she reaches for Regina’s hand and pulls her into the van. Regina huffs slightly until Emma moves her to sit on her lap. Regina smiles as she rests her head on Emma’s shoulder and tugs the seatbelt over them both, “I guess this seat will do…”