why is there an option of it doesn't do anything

idk how to walk Mary home but I wanna

what makes the signs happy
  • aries: people listening to them and doing what they say
  • taurus: not doing anything the entire day except sleep and eat
  • gemini: being able to talk hours on end about what they like
  • cancer: feeling like someone's first option
  • leo: everyone praising them on something they're proud of
  • virgo: feeling needed and competent
  • libra: having everyone like them
  • scorpio: finding someone that understands them and doesn't think they're insane
  • sagittarius: feeling like they're better than everyone
  • capricorn: being successful/having their hard work pay off
  • aquarius: being able to show off their intellect
  • pisces: making someone else happy

Why do people keep saying that the developers added Gahamfield just for the homophobes and people who hate lesbians? Did you ever think they just wanted a clear and good representation of a bisexual character?

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planning to romance peebee with ur ryder already is pretty gross because what if peebe is asexual and doesn't want ur ryder or what if she isnt a romance option? its actually really offensive and upsetting to asexuals to have u do this.

… I literally have no idea why me hoping Peebee is a romance option is offensive to asexuals when we don’t know anything about these characters or their sexual orientations yet? I’m hoping Peebee is romaciable, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What you said is ridiculous.

Maybe you should chill out and let people get excited about the game instead of trying to police the fandom and tell people what they can and cannot do? If it upsets you that much to see people thinking characters are beautiful or hoping to be able to romance them, you should block character tags or the ME:A tag.

And instead of going on anon to tell someone they are being “gross” by hoping to romance a character, why not have a friendly discussion via PM? Because sending an anon that calls someone names is a pretty horrible thing to do.

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Wait, as far as I remember Mike never gets the option to shoot jessica, his current girlfriend. If I recall, you get the option to shoot Emily or not, I didn't say "hey mike is such a great guy." In fact he's still a prick, but Emily does almost nothing for nobody, she has no redeeming qualities. She doesn't do anything for her "friends" and she's a manipulator. She's like the eptiome of a mean girl. Just saying why people dont like her. Not justification for wanting her dead. But that's why.

I am talking about Ashley, people think Emily is a bad person because she is annoying, they don’t like her because she is right, in the end of the day, she was the one who rescued her friends, she was the one who suggested to go to the radio tower, she was the one who told the rescue team where to look, SHE WAS THE ONE WHO SAVED EVERYBODY, and, just because she is “a bitch” none of the credit goes to her

the signs when they find out a betrayal
  • Aries: act impulsively, get worst if they found out by someone else. Maybe talk to you again but will never forgive.
  • Taurus: there's no chance of forgive. When find out has a nerve attack.
  • Gemini: make a big drama about it, after it, there's no going back
  • Cancer: they're too sensitive so get depressed when find out.
  • Leo: when find out, acts like don't know anything but then they have their revenge
  • Virgo: forget the person in the same instant, you don't have even the opportunity of apologize or justify
  • Libra: they're fair, wants to know why this happened and maybe it can be forgot
  • Scorpio: they want revenge as much as Leo. pretends that doesn't know anything but in fact, plans to pay back in a more efficient and worst way. Do not believe if they say it doesn't matters
  • Sagittarius: they also want to know why this happened. has a talk to you but probably don't forgive you
  • Capricorn: discard you from their life, and will never forgive you.
  • Aquarius: try to understand why and probably forgive you after a while
  • Pisces: only two options. 1. forgives you when find out 2. put a end when find out. Who knows what they would choose?