why is there a noise in the oven

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Hey it's me again. So I have a request for you to pick me up after the end of the quarter here. Can you just do an one shot where everybody is a big happy family just eating dinner together? Including the parents? If you could I would love you. Well I already do but you get what I mean right?

Haha, hope you enjoy!


“Evan did you make sure the cookies didn’t burn!” Heidi called from the small dining room. Evan, who had just taken the cookies out of the oven, made a confirming noise as he placed them on a cooling rack. Why his mom had insisted to cook a large meal for eight people was beyond Evan’s mind but Heidi liked his friends and she liked Mr. and Mrs. Murphy so out of the blue she decided to do this. 

When the doorbell rang, Heidi quickly headed to the door. “Connor, Zoe, Cynthia, Larry! Welcome, everything is ready were just waiting for Alana and Jared,” Heidi smiled as she let the Murphy’s into her house. Cynthia and Heidi had become great friends, Cynthia even took Heidi to yoga with her sometimes. Larry liked Heidi, she was a kind woman, and the mother of his son’s boyfriend. 

Alana and Jared arrived shortly after, so they all took a seat in Heidi’s small dining room. Heidi really went all out, cooking a turkey, salads, really all the fixings. Usually it would be just Evan and Connor, or Evan, Connor, Jared, Zoe and Alana hanging out at the house so Heidi would just order pizza for the teens. 

Times like this Evan was thankful for his mom, he was glad she became friends with the Murphy’s, and with his friends, he was thankful she liked Connor. He was just thankful for his mom. “Mrs. H this is delicious,” Zoe smiled, Cynthia nodding in agreement.

Conversation came at ease for everyone. No one felt awkward, no one felt unsafe to talk. They were on big happy family thanks to Heidi Hansen, ina  way they were all thankful for this woman. Cynthia and Larry were thankful she brought their family closer together, Zoe was thankful to have another mom in her life, Connor was thankful he had somewhere to go when everything got to be too much for him. Alana was thankful Heidi taught her to be kinder towards people, Jared was thankful he had made friends because of this woman, Evan was thankful she was his mom.

As for Heidi, she was thankful she brought all these people together. “If you like the meal, you should see the dessert,” Heidi giggled. 

Heda problems
  • Clarke: You sent for me Lexa?
  • Lexa: Yes we have a pressing matter that needs to be discussed.
  • Clarke: That would be?
  • Lexa: I need you to find a tailor who can make me some, as Raven calls them, oven gloves, as you are just too hot to handle.
  • Clarke:
  • Lexa: *reaches forward and touches with one finger*
  • Lexa: *makes sizzling noise*
  • Grounder guard: *deep sigh*