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Never Grow Up - 8


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: aaaaaaaaand, this is the final part! thank you to everyone who showed interest, read this and left me any sort of feedback! i appreciate you all so much! .xx


Years passed by and Nick had officially left home and moved in with a couple of his friends out into the city. You and Sebastian now had an empty nest. Ella was happily married for 3 years already and still living out on the west coast. Occasionally, she would come out to visit with Adam and sometimes without him due to work.

It was Christmastime and both kids were going to come over for the week. They helped both you and Sebastian cook, clean, and run errands. Sebastian was as happy as ever to have both of his kids home, but having Ella home topped off the cake.

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“One more minute!”. Harold whispered excitedly to George. George nodded. “Synchronizing watch for winter break countdown”.

“Hey! Quiet in front!”. Mr. Krupps voice shouted at them and the two boys hushed.

Yes, they were in detention today, as if that would change, but today was the start of winter break. As soon as the second bell went off they were out of there.

Mr. Krupp glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. “Alright. I’m letting you go early. I have places to be”.

The two grinned at him before rushing out of their seats and running out of the school. Krupp watched them go, the tiniest fraction of a fond smirk on his face. “Those two idiots”. He mumbled to himself.


“What do you want to do first? We could go decorate the treehouse? Or grab all the Christmas movies we can find? Or make hot cocoa? Or-”.

George interrupted him. “Lets decorate the treehouse, that takes the longest and then we can wait for the snow to start falling while we watch Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa”.

Harold grinned at him. “That’s why your the idea man”.

They made it to the treehouse, grabbing the Christmas decorations from Harolds garage first.

They strung lights up, placed some candy canes and small reindeer placed around the bottom of the tree, made to look like an army of a Christmas time war. They were in beanbag chairs, wearing pajamas,as they had gotten their parents permission to sleep in the tree house that night, and were sipping hot cocoa from some mugs.

George had been dozing off to the background noise of ‘A Charlie Brown christmas’ when Harold shook him awake.

“George. Wake up it’s snowing!”. Harold whispered happily to him.

They hurried to the window and watch as snowflakes began to flutter to the ground.

“Woah”. George breathed out. It was breathtaking.

He turned to Harold.“snowball fight?”.

Harold smiled. “Snowball fight”.

Harry’s brows knitted together in concentration as he continued to tick things off of his ‘Christmas clean-up’ list, flipping the red pen in between his fingers as he counted all the things that had yet to be put away. Sure, putting up the Christmas decorations was fun, but it just wouldn’t be right to be celebrating the New Years with a Christmas tree in the background! 

“Why can’t we leave them up till the end of the week?” You whined, unhooking the bauble from its place and dropping it into its designated box. (Harry had labelled all the cardboard boxes to ensure organization.) 

“Procrastination is going to take over, tha’s why. And don’ drop the baubles, Y/N, you might risk smash-” Harry didn’t get a chance to finish his little scold before he heard a clatter and turned to see one of the baubles shattered into tiny little pieces on the ground. He let out a small sigh and shook his head, crossing something out on his papers. “Never mind. Nia-” 

“Yeah, I got it, I got it.” Niall grumbled, bending down and sweeping the pieces of glass into his little dustpan. “I could be enjoying breakfast right now, but yer boyfriend has t’ pack everythin’ up immediately after Christmas.” 

“Sorry, Niall.” You laughed lightly, glancing over at Harry. He had always been a bit of a grouch when things weren’t organized, but at the end of the day, you had to be grateful. If you were in charge of the Christmas clean-up, the decorations would never disappear. 

“What’s next on your list? I’ve folded the stockings and put them away in their boxes.” Liam walked into the living room, dusting his hands off before looking at Harry expectantly. 

“Did yeh organize the stockings alphabetically?” 

“….I’ll be back.” Liam cleared his throat, walking back to re-organize the stockings. 

“Harry, don’t be such a grump.” You rolled your eyes, continuing to tend to the smaller decorations. (Harry didn’t want you to break anything else so he put Louis in charge of the tree.)

“I’m not being a grump. I jus’ want this house to be appropriately decorated when we have our New Years party.” Harry pursed his lips, licking his finger before flipping to the next page on his clipboard. 

“Hey, look what I found!” You grinned, padding over to Harry and standing in front of him before raising a scrubby little tuft of mistletoe above his head. Harry glanced up before looking down at you, unimpressed. 

“Why would you want t’ kiss someone under a parasitic plant? I don’ see the appeal, and I can think of a million things that are more romantic than kissing someone underneath-” 

“Just kiss me, you silly goose.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Under The Mistletoe

Requested by Anonymous: Barry and Y/N are decorating Barry’s apartment, he puts the mistletoe up and waits for the reader so he can kiss her.

Requested by Anonymous: “Is that a mistletoe?” + “Bartholomew Allen, are you waiting for me to pass under it so you can kiss me?” + “Huh.. N-No! Of course not. Okay, maybe…Yes”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1100

A/N: Similar requests, so I put them together! Another one from the Christmas special, I hope you guys enjoy it :) 


You can send me requests in here, I’m open for them. Thank you so much x

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Roommate Agreement (Part 14)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: I don’t know how to feel about this part. 😅

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 529

Previous Part: Part Thirteen

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Home, To You~ Seth Rollins Imagine

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Seth Rollins x Reader

Christmas Imagine 

“ I miss you” you said through your boyfriend on the other line, sighing leaning back into your bed you two shared. You were living with him, cuddling up to Kevin in bed as you talked to Seth. 

“ I miss you too beautiful” he could hear the sadness in your voice. It breaks his heart to leave you when he goes on tours around the world. Wrestling was a big part of is life until you came along. You have became his number one in his life next to his family. 

“ It’s almost Christmas..” Kevin crawled into your lap curling into a ball, you scratch him behind his ears, a small lit up on your lips as the cute puppy. 

“ I know sweetheart, I’m working.. I don’t know if I will be able to make it this year for christmas..” that broke your heart. You wanted nothing more than to spend Christmas with Seth. It wasn’t your first Christmas together, it is just nice if Seth was going to be here.

You haven’t seen him in so long.

“ Sethie..” you were trying hard not to cry. He could hear how heartbroken you were. Someone called him on the other side of the line, “Baby, I’m sorry. I will make it up to you when I get home. I love you.” 

“ I love you too” 

“ I got to go sweetheart, don’t cry. I will be home soon..” He says before hanging up. You took the phone away from your ear as you looked at it. What did he mean by that? 

You looked at Kevin, “ Do you know what he means by soon? Am I missing something?” the dog picked up his head,looking at you sideways as if saying he had no idea what you just said.

“ Right” you chuckled turning to the side, Kevin walked over you where your head laid as he curled into a ball. You gave him a pet on the head before drifting off to sleep. 

It was Christmas week, you were still shopping what to get for Seth He was a little complicated. He told you many things that he hinted on wanting this year but you were all over the placed going shop to shop. 

“ Sometimes I dislike you Seth..” you mumbled buying one of things he wants for Christmas exiting the shop heading to the food court to get yourself something to eat.

Your phone dinged, letting you know you had a message. Stopping in your tracks, you fished out your phone looking at the screen. A smile made its’ way to your lips seeing Seth had send you a photo of him at Crossfit but a silly one with his tongue out. His hair was in a bun, he had no shirt on. Typical Seth for you. 

You snapped a photo of yourself wearing one of Seth’s hoodies sending it to him. You got a reply quicker than you thought, he said you looked better in is clothes than he does. 

Putting your phone away, hearing your stomach roaring for some food.

“ Alright, Alright… I’m feeding you.. sheesh” mumbling as you stood in line. 

It was the morning of Christmas, you got out of bed. Having your Christmas tree in the living room, TV turned on for something to play in the background as you made yourself some tea in the morning.

Wearing a christmas sweater and leggings humming Hallelujah as you waited for the hot water to boil. While waiting you opened your fridge getting some eggs before hearing Kevin rushing over standing next to you.

“ Why good morning cutie” bending down petting him, he stuck out his tongue out before rushing to his bowl.

“ Oh let me get you some water” getting his bowl pouring him some cold water placing it down before returning to your tea. 

The front door was jingling, peeking out you saw a figure outside standing there. Kevin even became alert, started to bark rushing to the door. You picked up the closes object to you which was a spatula walking slowly to the door.

It opened, you were shocked to see who was standing there. Kevin barked at Seth happily wagging his tail running around him. Seth laughed, bending down petting Kevin before his eyes set on you.

“ Where you really going to use a spatula on me?” He asked. It was really him. He was home.

“ Seth!” you screamed,dropping the spatula tackling him to the floor. He laughed, you leaned down kissing him before Kevin ruined it by licking Seth’s face.

“ Merry Christmas beautiful”

“ Merry Christmas handsome”


Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairing: Jensen x Singer!Reader

Words: 1.3k +

Warnings: RPF. Implied smut & just pure fluff, y’all. 

Disclaimer: No h8 towards Danneel. 

A/N: The idea of writing this came up to me when I went to pick up my mother at the airport. I saw this very sweet couple reuniting after what it seemed a long time. It was such a cute and adorable scene. This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad challenge. Hope y’all like. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Love y’all. This is not beta’d so sorry if it has some typo’s.

Prompt Song: All I Want for Christmas

Summary: You’ve been dating Jensen for two years. After wrapping off Supernatural for the year, Jensen flies to LA to spend Christmas with you.  


Today wasn’t going to be boring or lonely. You were going to see him after weeks of really wanting and waiting to do so. He’s an actor and you’re a singer, he lives in Vancouver while you reside in Los Angeles. Having a long-distance relationship with Jensen Ackles wasn’t easy but damn was it worth it. Your friend Geneveive and her boyfriend Jared set up a blind date for you and Jensen. At first you were a bit skeptical about the situation, blind dates weren’t usually your thing and it turned out wasn’t Jensen’s either.

Both of you had a blast that night and decided to go out for a second one. Aside from his good looks, what drew you in were his charm and how humble he is for a well-known actor. Shortly after the second date, you and Jensen would see each other every time he had a break from filming and it stayed that way.

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16 Days of Drabbles (6)

Request: Would it be possible for you to write a drabble where the reader tries to teach Loki about Christmas? Thanks!

It all began when a tree appeared in the middle of the living room. Loki thought it curious, but left it alone when nobody mentioned it.

Next, it was the lights being strung this way and that. He was beginning to get a little confused, but still, nobody said anything so he went along.

Finally, when the incessant music wouldn’t stop, he decided to voice his confusion.

“Why?” He deadpanned, eyes narrowed as he pinned you to the ground with his stare alone.

“Uh, why what?” You blinked, frozen mid-twirl while “All I Want for Christmas Is You” faded into the background.

“The music, the lights, the tree,” he stated, tapping wondrously on his bottom lip.

“Do you not celebrate Christmas?” You asked dumbly. Almost immediately, you groaned, face palming.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized, “That was stupid. Obviously you don’t celebrate Christmas.”

“Christmas,” Loki repeated, head cocked to the side as he let the word run smoothly from his lips. “What does Christmas entail?”

You smiled. Apparently, it was an infectious one, considering how Loki seemed to mirror your expression.

“Well, there’s lots of things, like Christmas trees and eggnog and presents and mistletoe.”

For a moment, Loki digested that bit of new information. He was thoroughly intrigued by your little holiday.

“Explain it to me,” he asked (demanded).

You chuckled softly.

“Where do you want me to start?”

Loki considered the question swiftly, choosing a random answer. “Mistletoe?”

Your grin grew.

“Oh, this will be fun.”

Ashton was distracted by the Christmas trees. He tried desperately to focus on his date, but truth be told he couldn’t even remember her name. There was too much going on in the background. His mind reeled with what was going to happen at the tournament. Ashton had promised his sister that he would win for her, but now he was having doubts. The other wizard’s were better than him, he was just mediocre. He didn’t even want to be in the tournament, but Calum had wanted him to and he just couldn’t let Calum down. So that’s why he was there with some girl, when he was just distracted by the Christmas trees. Or maybe it wasn’t the trees. Maybe it was just you.

You were off dancing with another student, someone Ashton didn’t even know. It looked like you were having a wonderful time—much more wonderful than Ashton was having. He wanted to come to the Yule Ball with you, but he had heard you already accepted an invitation. This surprised him, as he had thought you two made a pact back in year two that you would be going to the ball together. Pacts get broken all the time, but Ashton never thought a pact with you would get broken. You were the most honest student at Hogwarts he knew. Perhaps that was what he loved about you.

Ashton knew that it was unlikely for you to be anything more than friends, especially after the Triwizard Tournament. You were adamant on the fact that you didn’t want him to put his name in the goblet. “It’s too dangerous, Ash,” you had whispered to him. “If you get hurt—please, just don’t put your name in there.” Your words didn’t affect him much, for he had already made up his mind. He was regretting it now. Because there you were smiling at a boy whom he didn’t know. It should have been him holding your hand. It should have been, but it wasn’t.

Somebody is speaking, he thinks it’s the girl he brought as his date but he can’t be sure. They’re saying something important, something very important, but his mind is elsewhere. Ashton’s eyes are locked on you and your date. He suddenly feels ill, as if someone had spiked his drink with Dizziness Draught. The room wouldn’t stop spinning, or perhaps that was just him and his date dancing. He didn’t know. All he knew was that you were smiling at this strange boy who wasn’t him when it should have been. Ashton had ruined everything with you, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was going to go through the tournament without knowing if you would be there waiting for him. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. What if something goes horribly wrong, and something does happen to Ashton, would you still be there to hold his hand?

“Ashton?” His date is staring at him with a worried expression settled onto her face. “You’ve gone very pale. Are you alright?”

He tried to shake his head, but that made things worse. Gripping onto his date’s shoulder, he tries his hardest not to fall down. His breathing becomes labored, and he feels the sudden urge to throw up. Someone lets out a scream, saying that a student has fallen, and he doesn’t realize it as first but it’s him. He is the one on the floor, his date is the one letting out shrieks. He wants to tell her to calm down, he just fell, it’s not that big of a deal. But then his head starts to ache. Ashton guesses he had fallen and hit his head in the process.

Professor McGonagall rushed over to him within seconds. Everyone was surrounding him, calling his name, trying to get better looks at what had happened. He sees Calum kneeling beside him, and then he sees you right next to Calum. Your date is nowhere to be found, and Ashton has to stop the smirk appearing on his face. “It’s going to be okay, Ashton,” Professor McGonagall says. In the chaos of everything, he hears her mumble that he has been poisoned. You hear it too. Clutching his hand, you start to mumble incoherent words, or maybe Ashton is losing consciousness. Before he shuts his eyes, he feels you press a kiss to his hand and whisper a plea for him to be okay. Ashton thinks he hears you start to say something else, but he blacks out before you can get the sentence out.

When he wakes up, he doesn’t recognize where he is. He was surrounded by beds and beams of light streaming in—he was in the hospital wing. Ashton tried to move around, but a hand placed on his chest stopped him. “Rest now, love, you need it.”

He moves his head slightly to see you smiling at him. “What happened?”

“How much do you remember?” You ask, your hand never leaving his chest.

“The ball. Feeling ill. You and Calum by my side. Everything else is very fuzzy.” Ashton puts his hand on top of yours and squeezes it. “How long have I been out?”

Playing with the end of your tie, you bite on your lip. “A-awhile.”


“Okay,” you sigh, “you’ve been unconscious for a long time. A few months. You’re in St. Mungo’s.”

Ashton shot up out of bed in a panic. He’s been out of for a few months? This was his worst nightmare. “What month is it? What day?”


“What day is it, (Y/N)?”

“26th of February.”

He missed the second task. Ashton actually missed the second task in the tournament. This seriously was his worst nightmare. “Fuck, shit, dammit! Did nobody try to wake me up?!” He’s shouting now, which attracts the attention of nurses who walk quickly into the room. They force him to lay back down in your bed, and suggest that maybe you should leave. You agree with them and start to walk out of the room; however Ashton grabs your hand before you can walk away. “No, please stay.”

Ashton asks you to explain what happened to him, and at first you’re hesitant, but then you’re telling him everything. “They’re not exactly sure what happened to be honest, but they think you were either poisoned with a potion or charmed with something. I’m sorry, Ash. You can’t participate in anymore tasks for Triwizard.”

He nods sadly. He didn’t want to stop the tournament, but there was nothing else he could do. Maybe this was a good thing, maybe this was a way of saying he really wasn’t cut out of the tasks he was about to endure. Ashton believe everything happened for a reason, and this surely was a reason given to him. “Will you stay with him until I get released?”

You smile at him and lean down to give him a kiss on his forehead. “Of course, Ashton. Always.”

And maybe no one had to know that Ashton was secretly really grateful someone tried to almost kill him. It only meant that he got to finally spend time with you, and that was a much bigger award than winning the Triwizard Tournament.

for @0kbutmichaelclifford and @jigglypufftribe‘s Hogwarts!5sos blurb night!

Merry Christmas Indeed

A/N: I’m on mobile so I’ll have to go back in and add the italicized words later.

Request: I totally am in love with how you write! Since it’s the holidays, could you write an au with Peter in storybrooke; someone always has to watch him, since he’s a threat. Y/n’s family drew the short stick, and pan has to spend Christmas with them? ❤

Rating: K+

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan


“I’m not taking him.”

“Well neither am I!”

“I say let’s let ‘em starve to death.”

“Leroy, that’s rude.”

Currently, several of the more “important” families in Storybrooke were debating (maybe “debating” was too nice of a word?) which unlucky family would be housing none other than Peter Pan for the holidays.

Your family was on the board, thus, you got to attend the meetings. Of course, you were less than pleased about being included in this topic of discussion.

Pan had to be watched at every moment of everyday. Special cuffs had been fashioned - ones that he couldn’t break with blood magic - to keep his powers at bay. Still, he was no less sadistic or rude.

The subject of the discussion was residing in one of the small cells at the police station until further notice. He would have stayed there had it not been for some idiot with a heart who decided it would be “inhumane to let him spend the holidays alone”.

“I have an idea, ” Mary Margaret spoke up, clearly getting frustrated with all of the arguing, “Let’s just draw sticks.”

Nobody seemed to dislike this arrangement, as everyone nodded slowly in agreement.

Little Popsicle sticks were passed out after being randomly broken, and everyone took their draw.

Your father selected a stick carefully, and you prayed that your family would not be graced with the presence of Peter Pan over the holidays.

Apparently, the universe decided to have a good laugh at you, as your family had drawn the shortest stick.

Around you, the other townsfolk sighed, clearly relieved, while you scowled at the ground.

Several days later, Pan sat lazily on the couch in your living room, watching you closely watching as you checked social media on your laptop.

“What?” you hissed, catching him staring.

Raising his eyebrows at you, Pan chuckled. “Nothing, love.”

This was what it was like for days on end as the holidays quickly approached. He would annoy you by simply breathing, you would get angry, and he would laugh at you. And what did your parents do about it? They’d simply tell you to “deal with it” because “it would be over soon”. Yeah. Right.

One day as you arrived home from school, you heard two voices speaking. One was high-pitched and juvenile - it was definitely your four year old sister, [name]. But the other? Masculine and British.

Your eyes widened as you dropped your backpack, quickly rushing to the scene of the (potential) crime. If Pan even harmed a hair on her little head…

But as the two came into view, you saw that it was not your little sister’s head that was being harmed - it was Pan’s.

There sat your little sister on Pan’s broad shoulders, sticking bows and stickers into his dark, tousled hair.

You made no noise, your heart filling with an odd warm feeling at the sight of the immortal convict actually being soft with your little sister.

“Which one now, Petah?” the little girl asked, pointing to a jumble of stickers, bows, and the like on the floor.

“Which one do you like the most?” Peter asked, his voice surprisingly kind.

“The pink sparkly one!” she replied, clapping her hands with glee.

“Then the pink sparkly one it is.” Pan said, chuckling lightly as he bent down to select the bow for your sister.

Clearing your throat, you stepped out from hiding, your arms crossed and an amused smirk on your face. “Didn’t know Peter Pan could be so…soft.”

After letting your sister place the bow in his hair, he picked her up off his shoulders and set her down. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me, love.”

“Oh?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow.

He merely smirked in response.

Two weeks from Christmas, you were helping your family set up the Christmas tree.

Boxes of lights, ornaments, and garland lay around the house, as Christmas music blared in the background while the fireplace blazed with flames.

Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Pan looking quite uncomfortable as he fidgeted nervously on the couch, averting his gaze from the rest of you as you all gleefully hung the ornaments and lights.

“Hey, Pan, ” you called, tossing him a strand of garland which he caught with ease, “Why don’t you come help us?”

Turning his green eyes to your Y/E/C ones, he grinned at you. “Sure thing, love.”

Soon, Christmas Day rolled around, and your family (plus Pan) was huddled around the tree, hot cocoa in hand as you began to unwrap your presents.

Surprising you all, Pan had bought you and your little sister presents. You hadn’t even known he’d left the house to go buy them. How he’d snuck past your watchful eye was beyond you.

He gingerly handed you each of your presents, averting his eyes as he did so.

You let your sister unwrap her present first, watching as a huge grin spread across her face as she unwrapped a box of several pink bows, ranging from plain, to sparkly, to polka dotted.

She threw her little arms around Peter’s neck, taking him by complete surprise. After recovering from the initial shock, he hugged her back.

“I love them, Petah!” she cried gleefully.

Pan laughed softly, a small smile playing on his lips. “I’m glad. I’ll help you put them in your hair later.”

Pulling back, your sister gave him a toothy grin. “Will you wear one with me?”

“Of course.”

Your parents shared amused looks back and forth as they watched the scene unfold. Clearly, they hadn’t expected Pan to be so…kind and…likable either.

Turning to you as your little sister sat back down, Pan nodded to you as if to say, “Now you open yours.”

Raising an eyebrow, you lifted the lid to the little Christmas box.

Inside was a wooden instrument consisting of several tubes. It was a pan flute, you realized.

“Oh, very funny.” you said, pulling the instrument out.

“I could teach you. It’s quite fun, you know.” Pan said, a boyish smirk on his lips.

“Well…if you say so.”

After Christmas dinner, you pulled Pan outside on to the little porch outside your house. It was completely dark out, except for the lamppost that illuminated the snow that was coming down at a steady speed.

“What you did for my sister was really sweet.” you said, smiling up at him.

“I suppose she’s grown on me.” he said, quirking an eyebrow.

“I guess I misjudged you, Pan. I’m sorry.” you said, biting your bottom lip.

“It’s not the first time that’s happened, love. Don’t worry about it.” he replied, his tone softer.

There was an awkward silence, and an overwhelming urge to…kiss the green-eyed boy in front of you.

It was if your body acted completely on its own. One minute you were thanking Pan, the next you were kissing him.

Pulling back, your face flushed, you stammered, “Um…Merry Christmas!” You ran back inside, somewhat embarrassed by your impulsive actions as you slammed the door behind you.

Pan chuckled to himself lightly, shaking his head at your antics, which he found quite adorable, if he was being honest.

“Merry Christmas indeed.”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this! It was super fun for me to write…so…yeah!

My favorite part of this panel is Shiro looking kind of annoyed and confused in the background like, “What the fuck is this holiday? And why is there a tree in my living room?”

Uncanny X-Men #119, March 1979

When I was a kid, I was ashamed of celebrating Eid. I would literally save my Eid gifts until Christmas so my friends thought I celebrated Christmas too (Eid was in the Fall at that time.) And when my friends would come over and ask why my Christmas tree and decorations weren’t up, I would lie and say we haven’t gotten to it yet. I was reflecting on this cause now, with social media like Snapchat and Twitter, everyone is aware it is Eid, and that Muslims around the world are celebrating, and it’s awesome and we embrace it! I’m more proud of my identity than I ever was growing up. And with this kind of awareness online, I hope everyone is proud to be who they are no matter what background. People complain about social media all the time, but I see it for the good, and I really appreciate how we’ve grown in acceptance as a society. We still have a long way to go, but I can personally say we’ve definitely come a long, long way. Happy Days!!

Christmas with Father!Namjoon

So I just realized that I made a mistake, so I knew that one of the members already had a father!BTS on Christmas post and I was gonna do their AU without it and just do Christmas but I for some reason remembered it as Namjoon already having a post but it was actually hobi so now there are two Christmas posts for father!hobi but onto the AU, it is now time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal with legs for dAYs, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Namjoon post, he has two kids, a son and a daughter (the daughter’s the oldest)
  • He spoils them s o fucking much and he loves them with all of his lil heart and they just ad o r e him
  • Seeing them interact is the cutest thing ever bc they’re both so smol bc they’re just lil bbys they’re still lil but he’s s o not lil at all and he has to bend down just to make eye contact but it’s adoraBLE
  • They look s o much like him like they both have his smile with the lil bby dimples (just imagine that for a second)
  • Bby girl always has her hair in pigtails bc it’s one of the quickest hairstyles joon can do like some days he may braid her hair for her but that can take a while and she’s still a bby so patience is not her strong suit
  • But then one day bby boy decides he wants them too bc bby girl always has them so now they’re both walking around with bby pigtails except bby boy’s are much shorter bc his hair isn’t that long yet (he doesn’t wanna grow it out that much he doesn’t like his hair in his face) 
  • Their Christmas tradition to put on their biggest comfiest sweaters, get some hot cocoa or tea and watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve
  • Bby girl gets to choose the first movie then bby boy chooses the second, unless they both want the same movie then you and Namjoon choose the second
  • The bbys a l w ay s have to be under this giant ass blanket that can fit all of you underneath and they always have to be cuddled
  • You have to have at least one arm/hand around/on them and so does joon and they get whiny and pouty if they don’t get their cuddles bc it’s part of the tradITION
  • They get their pajamas on and everyone’s all cozy and warm and they’re drinking their hot cocoa with joon’s help bc they’re still bbys and he doesn’t want them drinking something so hot by themselves yet so you help bby boy and he helps bby girl
  • Joon lets her warm her hands up on the mug but he doesn’t let her hold it until it’s cooled down a bit bc he doesn’t want to risk her burning her hands bc knowing her and her curiosity she’ll try to poke the hot cocoa to see what it feels like
  • They’re just loving every single second of attention though like bby boy is closing his eyes at one point bc you’re toying with his hair and running your fingers through it and he basically turns into a giant puppy and just leans into it and sighs all happy and shit bc he’s getting s o much attention
  • They ha v e to watch all the classic movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, some shit with snoopy and charlie brown, Frosty the Snowman like all the good shit
  • They dance around to all of the music and sing along as loud as they can and it’s so fucking cute bc their lil voices are breaking here and there from trying to hit too high of a note
  • They have a huge tree and bbys both get to put the star on top (joon picks them up and helps them out a bit) and they also get to decorate it a bit like the entire bottom half of the tree is all the bbys’ work
  • Joon also lets them make a few ornaments he gets Jin and his daughter to come over in the beginning of December and they all make their own ornaments that the bbys get to paint and puts stickers on or do whatever they want to them draw, paint, whatever
  • Also Jin takes home one ornament from bby girl and one from bby boy and hangs them on his tree and joon keeps one of the ornaments Jin’s daughter made and puts it on his tree bc Namjin are still best buddies even after they have kids and are married
  • Also side note but Kim Daily Christmas edition
  • The whole Kim family in scarves and coats and boots with gloves and hats looking all cute and shit with the snow in the background
  • The bbys don’t realize it’s Christmas until after breakfast when joon is all confused and is like why aren’t you two freaking out?? It’s Christmas
  • That ever so innocent question sparks complete and total chaos bc now they’re both screaming and racing for the tree with their pajamas still on and their hair still messy from sleeping
  • They both help each other open their presents, especially bby boy, he gets a lot of help from his older sister bc she’s just looking out for him and she knows that sometimes presents can be difficult to unwrap
  • Also this is a bit random but head canon that joon isn’t the best at wrapping so they can tell when he wrapped the presents and they get so giggly bc they can see a peek of whatever’s inside and he just gets this sheepish smile bc heY at least he tried
  • “When you two get older and have to wrap presents for other people, don’t come to me for wrapping lessons okay?”
  • “But I thought you were a wrapper daddy?”
  • “No bby I’m a rapper”
  • “What does that evEn MEaN” 
  • They get a lot of lil presents like random toys and candies and clothes and all of that good stuff but they each get one big present that’s like the main event bc it’s something that’s just for them and it’s something they wanted for a long long time
  • He gets bby girl this really cu t e lil bby doll that she’s been wanting forever like literally every time she goes into a store, she manages to find it and carry it around until you or joon has her put it back
  • She’s been really into bby dolls ever since she saw bby Min and Jin’s daughter playing with theirs and “taking care” of them and she got hold bby Min’s bby for a bit and she loved it so the past few months she’s been asking for one
  • This one is pretty simple but it comes with a bottle and you can buy all of these accessories like clothes and strollers and all of these neat lil things (which were some of her lil presents) 
  • He splits bby boy’s big present into two presents, he gets him a huge stack of books bc he’s starting to read but he also gets him these Pokemon plushies bc he’s been wanting them ever since he saw one at the Jeon’s house
  • He gets him a lil Charmander, a Bulbasaur, a Pikachu and a Squirtle so it’s just the first four but he’ll add onto the collection as time goes on
  • He gets both of them those lil dinosaur costumes that are literally the funniest things ever bc all you see is this dinosaur running around
  • The bbys both put them on and Namjoon literally turns red from laughing so hard and there are tears and he’s out of breath bc they start running around and their arms are wiggling all around and it’s easily the funniest sight he’s ever seen 
  • They team up and make Namjoon this huge painting and it’s all finger paint and you can see the lil spot in the corner from where bby boy had spilled some of his PB&J sandwich before they started painting
  • But they “sign” it and they draw a big house with the Kim family (including lil bby Rapmon bc oh my goD that dog is cute as fuck it makes me wanna scream that’s how adorable the lil bub is) and it’s just really cute
  • Christmas with Namjoon is really sweet and cuddly and it’s filled with so much laughter and squeals and everyone’s just happy
Private Festivities

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

“Indeed. The rain is simply atrocious.”

“But the fire is so delightful…”


“And since we’ve no place to go…”

England made a face, having only just belatedly caught on to the little song being sung in his direction. “That’s really darling and all, but you know that I–…”

Whatever else he had planned to say died quickly in his throat as he looked up from making his morning tea, the other nation leaning in the doorway with an outfit in hand that made him immediately flush an embarrassed red.

“Why do you have that?”

“Have what?” America asked innocently despite the broad grin on his face, a sexy Santa outfit held up for display.

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anonymous asked:

Hey :) I recently found your Tumblr and I'm totally in love with your headcanons! If you're still taking requests could you do a KBTBB one(Mainly Eisuke, Soryu and Ota) about their first Christmas with their child? Pleaseee? Ty in advance

Sure thing! That sounds incredibly cute <3 
I’m going to finish all of the christmas/winter ones first, so I’m sorry if anyone is still waiting on another headcanon! 
This is going to take place when the kids are 5-6 years old! 
Anyways, here you go :3

Eisuke: The view from Eisuke’s private jet was absolutely stunning on Christmas day. Snow was sprinkled everywhere, and it looked even better from above. Takumi could barely contain his excitement, but you were curious about where you were going. 
The plane landed about two hours later in another beautiful town, filled with Christmas cheer. Even before you left the plane, you saw it. The Christmas tree. It seemed as if the tree stretched higher than the mountains. 
Takumi’s eyes brightened as he started to point and smile at the tree. 
“Mommy! Look!” he said, jumping up and down. 
Eisuke scooped Takumi up in his arms and kissed his cheek. 
“Should we go look at it now?” Eisuke asked his son. 
Takumi nodded vigorously and squirmed in his arms. 
“Let’s hurry!” Takumi cried out, pulling you and Eisuke towards the door. 
The Christmas tree was certainly much more incredible up close. The lights were elegantly placed with bright colors, as well as unique ornaments everywhere. 
“This is so big!” Takumi said, running around the tree. 
Eisuke chuckled and shook his head. 
“It’s the biggest Christmas tree in the world, that’s why.” he said. 
Takumi stopped in his tracks as his jaw dropped. He stared up at the tree in awe, before coming up to Eisuke and hugging him tightly. 
“Thank you, Dad! This is the best Christmas ever!” he said.
Eisuke scooped up Takumi again and held your hand, with the twinkling lights in the background. 

Soryu: You pulled the jacket closer to your body, hoping that you could stay a bit more warmer. Azumi woke up soon after you and Soryu did, with a giant smile on her cute face. 
“It’s Christmas!” she yelled, making a run for the tree. 
She carefully picked out the gifts that were for her and ripped them open with anticipation. Her face got even brighter when she saw what she wanted for the past year, in front of her eyes. She turned to you and Soryu with joy and hugged you two. 
“Thank you Mommy! Thank you Daddy!” she said, jumping up and down with glee. 
After everything was unwrapped and breakfast was served, Azumi looked a bit hesitant. Soryu looked over at his daughter and placed his large hand on hers. 
“Is everything okay?” he asked sweetly. 
Azumi looked around and sighed. She looked up at her father with hesitant eyes. 
“Can we go… sledding?” she whispered. 
Soryu’s eyes widened and looked over at you. You smiled at the thought of Soryu riding a plastic sled along with Azumi. 
“Sure thing. Why don’t you get ready and we can go after breakfast?” he asked, caressing her cheek. 
Azumi jumped up from her seat and kissed her father’s cheek before running off to get changed. You walked over to Soryu with a smile and kissed his other cheek. 
“You’re the best dad ever.” you said, taking a sip of your coffee. 

Baba: The white snow covered the busy streets of Tokyo on Christmas morning. Nao just woke up and ran out from his room with a bright smile into the living room. 
“Mom! Dad!” she cried out, running towards her parents huddling near the fireplace. 
You smiled at your daughter and kissed her forehead lovingly as Baba pet her hair. The gorgeous ornaments were twinkling under the lights from the Christmas tree, while the fire warmed you up. There were boxes upon boxes of gifts under the neatly decorated tree, all addressed to Nao. 
“Can I?” Nao asked, pointing at the boxes. 
Baba smiled warmly and nodded. 
“Of course, my princess." 
Nao grinned widely and dashed towards the presents, unwrapping them with caution. Soon after all the presents were opened, Nao excused herself and ran back to her room. She soon returned with a couple of Christmas books in her hands. 
"What’s this?” you asked, smiling. 
Nao blushed a little bit and looked down at her feet.
“I wanted you and Daddy to read this to me. Because it’s Christmas!” Nao whispered, fidgeting with the books. 
Baba took the books out of her hands and picked up his daughter in his arms. They settled down on the sofa as Baba started to read the first book. Baba used very different voices for the characters, resulting in a couple giggles from Nao. 
“You’re silly, Daddy!” Nao said, giggling to herself. 
Baba kissed her and smiled, “Only for you, princess.”

Ota: ”Is it ready yet, Mommy?!” Wataru called out from the living room. 
“Not yet, hold on a little bit more, sweetie!” you yelled back. 
You and Ota decided to make a gingerbread house that morning, so you were getting everything ready. 
After all the cookies were cooled and ready to assemble, you brought everything out to the living room. Ota ran over the basics before the three of you started to assemble and decorate the huge gingerbread house. Wataru had Ota’s focus and artistic talent, so he was pretty good at decorating. 
“Like this, Daddy?” he asked, showing Ota his edible flower bed. 
“Yeah, there you go!” Ota replied, ruffling his son’s hair. 
Wataru beamed and immediately got back to work on decorating the house. After the house was finished, Wataru waited for Ota’s approval. Ota smiled widely and ruffled Wataru’s curly hair with a soft touch. 
“This is great! You did an awesome job!” Ota said, enthusiastically. 
Wataru smiled and jumped up and down in excitement. 
“Since you did so good, you deserve a reward. I’ll let you get the first piece of the house to eat.” Ota said. 

Mamoru: Even though Mamoru wanted to stay home and do nothing by the fireplace, he went out with Ayumi. 
“Daddy! It’s not like that!” she yelled at her father.
Mamoru grunted and stopped making the giant snowball. 
“Then how should I do it, sweetheart?” he asked, peering into his daughter’s face. 
Ayumi pouted and started to give him instructions on making the perfect giant snowball. Mamoru sighed and got back to work, as he tried to create the best snowman he could make.
Once the snowman was created, Ayumi jumped down from the ledge she was sitting on and ran over to her father. 
“Is Mr. Bun ready?!” she asked. 
Mamoru gave her a chuckle and a hair ruffle. 
“Is that what you’re going to name him?” he asked. 
Ayumi nodded violently and started to call for you from inside the house. 
“Mommy! Let’s go decorate Mr. Bun!” she said. 
You came out with a scarf, hat, a carrot, and a couple of buttons. You and Ayumi started to decorate Mr. Bun with all of the essential things a snowman must have, while Mamoru looked on with love. 
“You two are kids alright.” he murmured, joining in on decorating Mr. Bun.

I hope you guys enjoyed! <3 
Fluffy christmas headcanons make me so happy. :3 

Wrapping Presents *3 days to Christmas*


 “Did you buy this for your mom? ”You asked fondling with the tiny box in your fingers sliding them over the soft content. “Uhm yeah sure.” Luke stuttered, not even looking at you, finishing writing on the gift to Michael. “You want me to wrap it up?” You asked already taking the paper in your hands. “Yea but be careful.” He warned, making you giggle. “Of course I will.” You reassured, packing the little box in paper. “When did you buy it?” you asked, wrapping a pink letter around the box. “That day you were out with Cal.” He mumbled eyes now focused on a white little box. “What is this?” He asked, lifting the box towards your gaze. “Uh.” You stuttered, but still laughing. “That’s my uhm present for my grandma.” You lied as well, taking it out of his hands, fearing he would open it.” I think I should wrap it up later.” You muttered, fudging with the box. “You wanna help me with Ashton’s?” He asked, making you laugh. “I didn’t thought you would do it yourself.” You smirked placing paper down onto the floor. “Why in the world did he wish to get a massive plant?” Luke muttered lifting the plant and placing it on the middle of the paper you had prepared on the floor. “I don’t know he’s getting weirder and weirder.” You laughed taping the paper to the plant. “Next time he’s properly wishing to get a tree or something.” Luke joked, placing the ribbon on the paper.


 The sound of “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.” Was playing in the background, a bowl of peppernuts were placed on the dinner table, and Christmas paper, stickers, and ribbons were placed their as well. Two piles of gifts were laying on the end of the table, on the right side the ones who weren’t wrapped in the others on the left side who were. Sitting on Calum’s lap, he had his arm around middle while the other was on your thigh drawing circle patterns. You both had agreed to wrap up present but basically it was you doing the work. After wrapping up your gift for Ashton you took the next gift in the pile, but stopped in your tracks. “An envelope?” You muttered, mostly to yourself, curiosity taking over your mind, making you turn the envelope to look on the other side. “To Y/N from Cal ♡” you read out loud, and you turn your gaze towards him. “You made me a drawing?” You joked, making Calum shift uncomfortable, his mouth dry. “I –uhm basically- It’s a secret.” He finally let out. “Yeah of course.” You smiled, laying it on the table. “You want me to wrap it in?” You laughed, playing with Calum’s t-shirt. “No that’s not necessary.” He chuckled, loosing up, glad that you didn’t ask any further questions. “I’m tired in my hands.” You yawn learning back against your boyfriend’s broad chest his tattoo showing a bit from the shirt. “Wan’t me to do the rest?” He asked, making you sit up. “No god no.” You breathed already beginning on the next one.


 “Michael you sure you don’t want me to-“ “No!” Michael interrupted Ashton, making the curly haired boy raise his hands of in defend, making Michael laugh. “I want it to be 100% personal. She is always creative towards me. I just wanna do the same for her.” Michael said mumbling the last part. “Mate come on, I know you wanna be Romeo, but let’s both admit this, you absolutely stink at wrapping up presents. “ Ashton stated, making Michael roll his yes. “Fine.” He huffed, giving Ashton the transparent foil, letting him do the work with him. After tape in the hair, foil scattered everywhere on the floor, Michael and Ashton finally managed to pack in your basket with stuff. “I can’t believe we did it.” Michael smiled in relief, learning back in his chair. “Where should we hide it?” Ashton asked. “Hide what?” You asked in the hallway making both boys’ eyes lit up with panic. “Shit.” Michael cursed making Ashton take the basket away from the table and place it behind your fridge. Arriving into the kitchen, both boys were quiet, there full attention on you. “Okay what’s going on?” you asked, raising one eyebrow, feeling how tense the atmosphere was. “Oh nothing.” Michael replayed casually smiling when you went over to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek, after you placed yourself onto his lap. “Why is there foil all over our table?” You asked, making Ash and Michael stiff in their chairs.


The tongue slipped through his mouth, eyes concentrated and his eyebrow furrowed, he tried his best to wrap up, Luke’s massive penguin. “Need some help babe?” You chuckled, having it easy wrapping up Michael’s soon bottle of hair repair. “No I’ve got this.” He said confidently, taking the adhesive tape, placing it on one side of the paper, and rolled it around the whole penguin in paper, making it secured. “Done!” he said in relief and threw the tape on the table, leaning back in his chair. “That is the ugliest paper wrapping I’ve ever seen in my life.” You laughed, taking a piece of tape, securing the paper on you bottle so it wouldn’t loose up. “What about yours?” He asked sassy, but stopped in track when he saw your perfect now wrapped up paper gift. “How the hell did you managed to get it that pretty.” He asked in disbelief, taking the red ribbon, folding it out for you to use. “I think it’s in the genes.” You joked, taking it away from him, wrapping it around the paper. He let out a huff, but continued to eye your work. Securing the ribbon by making a double knot, you took the scissor and made a beautiful wave out of it. Ashton took the Christmas stickers you had bought and placed it on next to the ribbon, writing down “To Calum.” “If he ever asks who made it, we’ll just say it’s me.” He joked.

Mistletoe - Steve x Reader

Mistletoe – (Steve x Reader)

Words - 1267

Warnings - Kissing, Love

A/N - This is my first Reader Insert, So sorry if it’s terrible! I hope you enjoy it!

(Y/N) was excited. No, she was beyond excited. It was December, meaning that the Christmas Festivities of the Stark Tower had commenced. At the Tower, the second December 1st reared its head, it was full on Christmas food, songs, activities, decorations…

And what better, then decorating the grand tree?

It had started a year ago, when Tony had bought home, probably the biggest tree, which was known to New York. JARVIS had to call you from downstairs, to tell you that ‘Mr Stark may be in need of some assistance.’ In the end, it took the entirety of the Avengers team, plus Coulson, to get it into the main living area, and was ‘expertly’ placed. Well, you could all still get to the kitchen, so that was alright.

That year, you had gone out, and bought the prettiest, and most festive tree decorations you could find. When you got back, the wreaths and garlands had already been decorated, probably by Wanda or Natasha, but the tree still stood bare, almost lonely.

That’s when you began working. Sure, it had taken the entirety of your night, some very loud music, and a lot of Coffee, but when you were done the next morning, the tree glimmered, and the other Avengers were impressed, Steve especially. That was the first Christmas you spend with the Avengers, and he had fallen completely in love with your festive spirit.

Correction – he had fallen in love with you since he first said ‘Hello’ to you.

Here you were, one year later. About to begin decorating the tree once more. However, this time, you were slightly more prepared. With more lights, decorations, and JARVIS loaded with ‘Two Hundred Christmas Songs You Should Know.’

(Y/N) rubbed her hands together, prepared to begin the trickiest part of this – the lights. She would have got Tony to do this earlier, but he had run off with Pepper, probably to do something important. Or sexual. Importantly Sexual…?

What (Y/N) failed to notice, was a certain Patriotic Captain, lingering at the doorway. Steve had just come back from a meeting with Fury, and was dropping into The Tower, just to pick up his sketchbook. He had seen a Christmas Tree in the Café he loved so much, and now he wanted the image to be in his book for life.

Then, he had seen you. Wearing your Christmas pyjamas, hair tucked behind your ears, and completely not bothering about how you currently looked. Steve was secretly admiring you. You were beautiful without even trying, and he was entranced by you.

“Hey, Captain!”

He was snapped out of his daydream, when you walked up to him, waving your hand in front of his face. The Super Solider shook his head quickly, before looking at you, a small smile on his face.

“Oh! Good evening (Y/N).”

You raised an eyebrow at his polite tone, before giggling a little, your laugh making Goosebumps appear on his skin. Whilst you walked over to the first of many boxes, he felt obliged to follow you, seeing what you were doing with such a large amount of storage. To begin with, he thought the worst.

“You’re not going anywhere…are you (Y/N)?” He asked, his voice shaking a little. You paused in your actions, taking note of the boxes around you, before laughing a bit more this time, shaking your head as you did so.

“No! God no, I was just going to start decorating the tree!” You said, supressing your laughs a little. The Solider laughed it off, feeling quite stupid for considering that. Instead, he paused for a moment, hearing you undo the lid of the box, just containing the longest string of lights, maybe known to man.

“Do you…think I could help you?” He asked, a little nervous. Steve knew decorating the tree was your thing, a (Y/N) thing, and he defiantly would never want to suspend you from completing the task on your own.

Instead, you smiled back at him. “Yeah, that would be nice! And kinda fun!” You added. He nodded, before placing his forgotten sketchbook down, helping you with the other side of the lights.

“JARVIS? Christmas songs please!” You shout out, awaiting the response of the AI.

“Of course, Miss (L/N.)

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas…”

“Oh my god! I love this song!” You shout out, jumping down from the step ladder you were previously standing on. It had taken you and Steve ten…fifteen…twenty minutes to get the lights on, as well as you being tangled in them at one point. You had both carried on, decorating the tree with bulbuls, chocolates, tinsel, anything in the boxes, was going on the tree.

Steve watched as you jumped down, beginning to spin around as you went to grab another ornament for the tree. This time, you picked up a silver ball, with snowflakes printed on the side of it. For a moment, he came down from his ladder, coming to converse with you.

By this time, you were humming along to the song, staying in tune with the song. Steve found this adorable, and began to look around for the next ornament.

He builds up some courage, turning to you, a small smile on his face.

“So, why do you like decorating the tree so much?” He asked, looking up to you. There was a pause, filled with the Christmas music in the background. You sighed, before standing back up from where you were looking at the decorations.

“Before I left my old house, I used to decorate the tree every year…And, it was always a really fun time…” You trail off, beginning to walk into the hallway. Steve follows, now concerned of you.

“It just reminds me of home, you know? The same way you making Christmas cookies reminds you of your mother…” Steve nods, remembering what he does to try and remember his Christmas and how he makes it special.

What neither of you had noticed, was you had both stopped underneath the doorway. And who else, but Sneaky Stark, had placed mistletoe above the doorway, knowing at some point, you would both be lingering under it.

You were first to tilt your head up, seeing it. Steve looked up too, both of you noticing the Mistletoe. Your eyes averted to his quickly, seeing his blush slightly, shifting his weight slightly. You seemed to take the hint, or so you thought.

“No, it’s okay, we don’t have to kiss…” Your voice became quieter, and quieter, as his hands gently rested on your waist.”  “No…it’s me you won’t want to kiss. Don’t worry-“ he is cut of abruptly, when your press your lips to his, feeling the warmth and softness. They linger for a moment, feeling Steve’s lips pressing back slightly, before pulling away.

“Sorry…” you mumble, ready to walk away, and just hide for the rest of the day, when you feel a hand take your wrist. (Y/N) looks back up, seeing the Solider, a small smile on his face. He pulled you back to his chest, using the free hand to gently take your chin, and press your lips back to his.

This continued for a while, as the kiss deepened, Steve’s hands trailing under your shirt. Your grip fell to his neck, pulling him down. Eventually you pulled away, your forehead resting on Steve’s.

“You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.” Steve murmurs, pressing his lips to your nose. “I love you, so much.”

“Merry Christmas, Steve.”

“Merry Christmas, (Y/N.)”

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Two Little Ducks Part 12

Selena POV;

“Mama I help!” Annabelle grinned cheekily as she tangled her fingers into a ball of cookie dough. She was covered from head to toe in all sorts of gooey substances and most everything she touched ended up in her mouth but she was having the time of her life which is why this would most definitely be one of my favorite Christmas traditions in years to come. Christmas music was playing softly in the background; the tree in the foyer lit up the entire room, and even though it wasn’t snowing the Christmas atmosphere was all around.

“Santa is going to love these cookies babe.” I smiled at her, decorating my own set of cookies to bring to my mom’s house for her annual Christmas Eve party. Every year she hosted a huge dinner and gift exchange, inviting all our family and friends. I was especially excited for this one because an ugly sweater theme had been attached.

“Ells look at me,” Justin cooed, videoing her on his phone while using his free arm to hold Ashton snug against him. We were definitely blessed with the sweetest of babies. At just a little over 3 weeks old he rarely fussed and was perfectly content observing things.

Justin continued to video, aiming the camera at me playfully.

“Hi beautiful,” he babbled.

“What are doing dork?” I laughed, “video your children.” He rolled his eyes with gentle teasing, pointing the camera back on the kids. It was nearly 4 by the time we finished up all the cookies and Justin took Annabelle for a bath while I cleaned the kitchen, Ashton in his little swing so that I could keep an eye on him. When Justin came back down the stairs, freshly shaven and fully dressed along with Annabelle I took it as my cue to go shower.

“Babe are you almost ready?” Justin asked as he passed by our bedroom on his way to the nursery with Ashton.

“Yeah, give me 5 minutes. Is the baby bag packed?”

“Yeah it’s downstairs. I just gotta change the little stinker.”

“What about Pickles? Has she been out?”

“I’ll take her out before we leave,” he promised, “Stop stressing princess. We’ve got plenty of time okay?” I nodded before connecting our lips with a sigh.

“Love you,” he muttered under his breath.

“I love you too.”


“What did you ask Santa for Christmas this year?” I made conversation with Gracie as she curled up on my lap. Justin was sitting across the room with his grandma and mom who were gushing over Ashton and Annabelle was playing with the other little ones.  

“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret,” Gracie mumbled, her thumb in her mouth. It was a bad habit my mom and Brian were desperately trying to get her to break but I secretly loved that she still sucked her thumb. She was growing up so fast, I loved that she was still little.

“I won’t tell anyone.” With kids of my own I didn’t get to spend as much time with my baby sister as I wished so I cherished the moments I did have with the 6 year old.

“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky Promise.” I linked pinky’s with her.

“I asked for mommy and daddy to have a baby.” My eyes widened at her confession. Even though my mom and Brian always wanted kids together, there definitely wouldn’t be any more after Gracie.

“You want to replace me?” I joked. She shook her head.

“No you’re silly Lena.” She giggled, “But you’re too old to play with.”

“I’m too old?” I gasped in mock offence, “I’m not too old. I’m the coolest sister on the planet.” I played with her hair, braiding a few strands before letting them slip through my fingers.

“But you’re not a baby,” she countered deliberately.

“You can always come to my house and play with Ashton. He’s a baby. But you want to know a secret? Babies are kinda boring. You can’t really play with them much.”

“I guess,” she shrugged, “that’s why I also asked for a Furby.”

“A Furby?”

“Mhmm,” she nodded, “A purple one with blue stripes! What did you ask for Lena?”

“I didn’t ask for anything.”

“Nothing at all?”

“I’ve got everything I need.” I glanced at Justin for a quick second before focusing back on Gracie but she caught me.

“You’re kinda like Cinderella,” she pointed out.

“How so?” I chuckled.

“Cause Bieber is the prince so that makes you Cinderella.”

“I guess it does,” I agreed with her, pressing a kiss against her temple as she played with the bells that lined the bottom of my sweater. We sat and talked for a few more minutes before dinner was ready, everyone gathering in the kitchen and joining hands for a prayer. The rest of the evening was spent eating, talking, and laughing; time passing too quickly.

“We should probably get home,” I whispered in Justin’s ear as the clock struck 9. We still had our own Christmas traditions to fulfill before the kids were off to bed. After lots of hugs and kisses we headed out. I was hoping that Annabelle wouldn’t fall asleep on the car ride home. To our luck she was on a sugar high and had not yet crashed.

“Everyone gets to open one present tonight,” Justin announced as we walked through our front door.

“Really?” Annabelle squealed.

“Yeah, go sit by the tree!” We’d started this tradition 3 Christmas’s ago when we first celebrated with Annabelle but this was the first year I think she understood so it was a lot more fun. It was also Ashton’s first Christmas which made it all the more special. I sat next to Ells with Ashton in my arms, Justin picking out 4 specially labeled and wrapped presents from under the tree and setting them in front of us.

“Open yours first princess,” I urged Ells. Eagerly she ripped off the snowman wrapping paper, finding a little red cotton shirt which had her name embroidered on it along with a pair of white and green striped pajama pants.

“Do you like them?” Justin asked her. She bobbed her head with a smile.

“Help,” she requested, holding it out. While I helped her change into her pajamas, Justin opened Ashton’s present for him, changing him into his matching pajamas as well. It was a bit stereotypical but they both looked utterly adorable. After they were changed Justin ran upstairs to grab ‘The Night Before Christmas’ while I made Justin, Annabelle, and I a cup of hot cocoa; her’s more like chocolate milk in a sippy cup. She really didn’t need any more sugar but it was Christmas Eve so I let it slip. It was a tradition after all.

Justin came back down with the book and we all snuggled up on the couch, listening while he read out loud. Ells was half asleep when he reached the last page but there was just one last thing to do before we carried her up to bed.

“Let’s put out your cookies for Santa,” I whispered, holding her on my hip. Together we put the ones she decorated on a separate plate, grabbing a glass of milk, and then setting it all on a table near the Christmas tree.

“Alright bed time for you little duck.” Justin took her from me, switching kids, carrying her to her room while I fed Ashton. He would be up in a few hours to feed again so Justin and I were in bed not soon after.

“Can I give you one of your presents early?” Justin whispered, pulling me closer.

“But it’s not Christmas yet.”

“It will be in 5 minutes,” he pointed to the clock, “come with me.” I grabbed his hand, allowing him to lead me through the house until we reached his favorite room. He shut the door behind us, sitting me down on the piano bench. I rested my head on his shoulder as he let his fingers dance across the keys.

“I wrote this a few nights ago,” he mumbled, humming under his breath until he hit the right key and began to sing. This wasn’t an uncommon thing for Justin to do but it always made me cry like a baby, no matter what the song was about.

“Why do you always do this to me?” I blubbered causing Justin to chuckle and pull me closer.

“So you liked it then?”

“It was perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Merry Christmas love.” And a Merry Christmas it was.

*Note; I literally make Two Little Ducks up as I go so I have no particular end in sight but I’m kinda thinking I might make this “short” story into something a bit longer… if that’s okay with you guys? 

navylukes  asked:

blurb about putting up a tree with luke pl ease

You would practically have to drag Luke out of bed the Saturday that you designated for decorating for Christmas.  It was 9am and you were blasting holiday music through the house, making Luke grown as he pulls the pillow over his head, trying to sleep.  After about 10 minutes of Luke being fed up with the songs that filled the house, he willed himself out of bed.  He pulled on his soft black sweater that smelled like you and didn’t bother styling his flat hair that sat down on his forehead.  And he would try to be annoyed because of the music, but as soon as he say you dancing around the kitchen and singing while you made some hot chocolate, his heart immediately filled with fondness.  So after finishing some cocoa, you told Luke that it was time for him to go drag the huge box with the artificial tree out of the attic, to which he would pout and go nonetheless.  So you two would start building the tree once Luke heaved it out of the mess of decorations and into the living room.  And once the lights were strung all around the tree and you were satisfied with how all the branches looked, you began opening the boxes of ornaments and all the memories that came with them.  Every time one of you would open a small box, you would aw and show the other what memory you stumbled across now.  From your one year anniversary to your first trip to Australia, each ornament came with a story that was to be shared between you two, which is probably why this whole process took all day.  So as the sun began to set, you were down to putting the star on the tree, something Luke would always do.  And every year he would grab the same chair to stand on and reach the top of the tree, which always resulted in comments from you about how he should be able to reach the top with that chair since he’s a fucking giant.  And you would plop down on the couch once it all was done, boxes scattered all over the floor and Christmas music still playing in the background.