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I married my best friend - Part 1

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Table of contents : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff.

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Summary: It all began with a lie. You ended up marrying your best friend, Jongdae. Will this be for the best ? Or the worst ? 

You faced your husband to be, alias your best friend Jongdae. Both of you concluded a deal which started with your lie. But how did it really begin ?

You met your ex some days ago. He left you miserably two months ago. But visibly, he forgot well about you since you met him with his new girlfriend. Well, his mistress. When he asked you how you were doing, you couldn’t help but responded that you got married, which surprised your ex and your rival. « To who ? » he asked, and then, the first person you thought was Jongdae. Immediately after that embarrassing moment, you felt guilty because Jongdae had nothing to do with your poor heartbroken story.

When you called him right after that, saying you needed to see him right now, he didn’t oppose but was curious about why you needed to see him so much. After explaining this big lie he laughed.  You were at his apartment. He couldn’t stop laughing, so hard that you pouted, vexed by his attitude toward you as you we worried. You sighed and said desperately : « It’s not funny Jongdae ! ».

Jongdae stopped laughing and looked back at you with a mischievous smile. « Ah waeeee ! Why you said that ? » « I don’t know ! » you responded. « I…I wanted to make him regret what he’s done to me ! » « By saying you’re married, and to ME ? Do you really think he’ll believe you ? » « I don’t know, but … »

Your conversation was interrupted by the notification of your phone. It was your other best friend, Jin Hee. « OMG ! Is that true that you married Jongdae ?! ». You screamed in despair, dropping your phone on the table. « What ? » he asked. You showed your phone to him, hiding your eyes. « Has this piece of shit just spread that damn lie ? » You felt more and more guilty. « It seems so… Oh my god, Jongdae I’m so sorry ! » . You didn’t answer to Jin Hee.

You let a heavy silence as you both think hard about how you were going to escape from that well build trap that you made yourself. « Okay, we have no choice » he said suddenly. « Eh ? ». He looked right at your eyes. « We’re getting married ». You choked yourself with your saliva. « What ?! But Jongdae are you crazy ?! What about you ? I mean, we are BEST FRIENDS, we can’t be HUSBAND & WIFE ». « Did you see it written somewhere ? » « No but… » « Enough. I guess it can’t be helped, and…I have to say that I always wanted to get revenge on this little bullshit when he cheated on you. And it’s not like we didn’t know each other. What would you have done if you had said a random name ? » « I… » « See ? »

And that’s how you decided to get married. You tried to see it positively. Living with Jongdae was not a problem. You were getting along really well, and your families loved you both. Hence, you decided to establish rules:

- No unnecessary skinships when we are alone.
- No random guests without telling each other -because you wanted to lie well-
No sexual contact
Texting each other if we have told something to a common acquaintance.
Not falling in love with each other.

That’s what you suggested and Jongdae didn’t have any objections. Your family was surprised but happy about your wedding with Jongdae. You lied about your pretended romance with him, saying that you were in love with him for a long time ago and so he said to his family. The hardest thing passed. But, all of your common friends were shocked. You wondered if they believed you.

« Whaaaaat ? You are getting married ?! You two ? » cried Chanyeol
« Er…Yeah » you said.
« You little…I can’t believe that you are saying it to us after all of these loyal years ! » growled Baekhyun.
« Sorry guys ! I know that you are shocked but - Jongdae held your hand with a perfect smile-…We are truly in love - you shivered- and we didn’t want to hide anymore »
« Well played ! I was fucking shocked when Min Son - your ex- told me that » said Jin Hee. « How could you not tell me Y/N ? »
« I’m sorry…I…I »
« I told her not to say anything » said Jongdae.

You owned him one. He was so good at lying but you were too nervous to act well, but you had too. That’s what Jongdae reminded you on pressing your hand in his.

« Yeah…Actually I felt so bad not telling you guys…We were afraid that you would be…upset » you finished.
« Upset ? Us ? For God’s sake ! You thought that we would opposed to this ? I mean, you are our friends, if you love each other then that’s wonderful… » added Sehun, the youngest of the crew.
« Eeh, you lied to us so you have to pay for that » said Minseok playfully. « You have to invite us to your wedding ceremony »
« As if we wouldn’t » answered Jongdae with his mischievous laughed.

Relieved that all of your friends believed you, all that you needed to do was the form, and that damn ceremony. You had no choices, and you couldn’t say no to your families. Especially your mother. You were a single child, so it was her dream to see your wedding, so your father wanted.

The next months, you were busy with the preps. Head in the clouds, you were the most nervous. Actually, Jongdae was so relaxed. You wondered how he was doing so well while you couldn’t help but thinking that you were getting married to your best friend and someone that you really never saw as a man. Not that Jongdae was ugly, but it was so natural for you to be best friends. You received a lot of mails, and letters from your colleagues, friends…and the one that you waited the most : your ex. Jongdae posted all the wedding invitations so you were the one dealing with the answers.

« What did he say ? » asked Jongdae. You were in the living room, you at the table with your computer, and the received letters, him on the floor, with his own computer. « He’ll go » you answered as you turned the screen at him. Jongdae looked closer and smiled. « Eeh…So he has some balls ». You hit him. « Cut it out » you said. « Hey, it’s not me who said that you’re married to your bestfriend ! ». You looked at the sky, sighing deeply. You apologised a lot to Jongdae, because you really felt bad about involving him. Not once he showed you any signs of annoyance or anger. That’s what you liked about Jongdae. He was so easy-going but such a cruel man when he was angry. Mostly, he was honest and harsh when he was angry. He could have said so much horrible things to you, but he didn’t.

You fixed the ceremony for the next month, in May. You had to buy your wedding dress, and the rings. Chen suggested to buy it himself, which you were against because you wanted to pay half of the price. But he insisted. Three weeks before the wedding, you went with your mother to do shopping. Your dad and her wanted to offer you your dress. You tried to show some happiness, but in your head, you were so sorry, and guilty. All of your family member seemed so happy about your marriage, but if they knew that it was all lie, you didn’t want to imagine the rest.

You tried so many pretty dresses, and none of them really pleased you. Actually, you couldn’t accept the fact you’re getting married in few times. Finally, you found it. It was a simple dress. You hated princess-like dresses with so much layer that it would be impossible to walk with. There were some lacework in your back, and in your front. Your mother liked it too. As the tradition wants it, Jongdae had not the right to see the dress before the d-day.

Finally, you were getting married. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You could have been the prettiest bride of the day, you could have been the happiest, but you were not. You wanted to cry. What have you done ? You heard someone knocking at the door of the waiting room. « Come in » you said. Jongdae stepped in the room. He was absolutely handsome in is black suit. He even had white gloves and a white tie. Flowers in the pocket of his jacket, he couldn’t be more handsome. « Hey…How do you feel ? » he asked while he approached you. You turned back to face him and he stopped right away, like speechless. « Wow…You’re gorgeous » he said seriously. « Thanks… » You sighed once again. « I…I really want to cancel everything…Jongdae I’m…I feel like wanting to die ! » He suddenly cupped your face and looked straight at your eyes. « Y/N…Listen to me…I know that we are doing something awful…We are lying to everybody, but we have no choice…And we’ll go through this…together. You’re my best friend, I won’t let you okay ? » You nodded slowly, sniffing. « No crying ! You’re gonna ruin your makeup ! » You laughed a little. It was the first time after all of the stress that you bottled up since the preparations.

Your friends came to see you before the ceremony. They all squealed when they saw you. Some of them cried, others just laughed like « I can’t believe that you’re getting married before me ». You played once again. « Did you see Jongdae ? » « Yeah…He was… » « Fucking handsome » finished Jin Hee. You nodded and you girls all laughed. « We have to go…Fighting ! You’re beautiful » « Thank you girls ».

You felt like those ten minutes were like an eternity. You began to have sweaty hands, and every inch of your body couldn’t help but shake. « It’s okay…It’s okay… » you repeated to yourself. « Y/N ? » asked your father. « Yes dad ? ». Your father looked so solemn when he came to take you to the alley. You could see his emotion in his eyes. After all, he was going to entrust his only daughter to the man he thought you loved. « You are the prettiest bride I ever saw…More than your mother » he added. « Dad ! » « I’m joking, but…You know that you will always be my little princess ? » « I know ». Then, he proposed his arm to you, and you gently took it. Having your father near you helped you a little.

« And now, applaud for the bride : Y/N ! »

The doors opened and finally, you saw the sea of people waiting for you. At the other side, he saw Jongdae, waiting for you. For a second, you believed that you were the luckiest girl in the world. You fooled yourself. When you walked with your father to him, he offered you the sweetest smile that a man could have done for you. You smiled back at him as you both turned at the MC of your wedding. Junmyeon. You chose him because he was like the mother of your crew.

« I’m really honoured to be here, celebrating an important day for my two friends: Y/N and Jongdae. We were all surprised when they said to us that they were getting married. But now that I can see them, I am confident on the fact that they will be a lovely family. »

All the audience listened to him, and you both two. You whispered to your best friend. « How are you ? » « Nervous as hell » he answered, looking straight before him. You smiled a little « Same. »

« …And now, I shall ask the groom to make his vows ».

Jongdae cleared his throat and took the mic and his vows.

« I, Kim Jongdae, make the solemn promise to love you everyday, being here for you as well in the happiness and in the illness. I also promise to be the best husband that you can ask for, and being devoted to you for the rest of my life » he said with no hesitation.

Your heart skipped a beat and now it was your turn. Your hand was shaking, but Jongdae tightened it when he passed you the mic.

« I, Y/N, make the solemn promise to love you everyday, being here for you as well in the happiness and in the illness. I also promise to be the best wife that you can ask for, and being devoted to you for the rest of my life ».

Your voice had shaken when you read your vows. Junmyeon continued. « You can exchange the rings. »

Jongdae put your ring at your finger first, looking at you. You made the same. « Now, before closing this ceremony. If there be any among you who may imagine some impediments as to why they should not be married, Let them now speak out, or forever hold their tongue. »

You both anxiously looked at the audience. You finally spotted your ex. He seemed pale and silent. You felt a bit of satisfaction as no one talked.

« Now, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride »

Suddenly you looked at Jongdae in shock. You forgot about that kiss. You never kissed Jongdae before, neither he did to you. You could see in is eyes « Believe in me ». He cupped your face and slowly approach his face to yours. You closed your eyes nervously. You felt a gentle touch on your lips. He was kissing you the sweetest way he could. You never imagine to kiss your best friend one day, but you were pleasantly surprised. You liked it. And something told you that him too.

Evolution of a Cockles Shipper:
  1. I’d never ship real people. It’s just silly, inane and disrespectful.
  2. I don’t ship real people, but Cockles are kinda cute. Dumbest ship name ever though.
  3. I don’t ship real people, but WHAT is with those two? SERIOUSLY.
  4. *watches every JIB panel. Twice. Maybe 3 times*
  5. I ship Cockles but not seriously. Just for fun.
  6. *jots down notes for possible Cockles RPF*
  7. Okay, I guess I ship them. But totes on the down-low.
  8. *follows every Cockles blog/group/twitter account*
  9. OMG I really ship them. Assholes.
  10.  *casually drops Cockles references into conversations to flush out other shippers*
  11.  I ship them HARD. Their portmanteau is PERF.
  12.  *Amends blog to reflect that it is now 95% Cockles posts*
  14.  Repeat previous step minimum once every 24 hours. Laugh at anyone at steps 2 or 3.