why is the video quality so shitty

Colours of Your Heart // Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers

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mikey in the bathroom (with his ukulele)
my shitty voice
mikey in the bathroom (with his ukulele)

here’s a really low quality cover that no one asked for. hopefully getting a youtube video up soon. in the meantime please tolerate the atrocity

thoughts on younger now

Younger Now: why the frogs? thats it. why the frogs, miley? 

Malibu: i said it once i’ll say it again, malibu saved the music industry and thems the facts 

Rainbowland ft Dolly Parton: dolly is adorable and anything she touches is immediately gold 

Week Without You: this is cute jam like chilling with your girls just having fun typa jam 

Miss You So Much: lol do yall remember when we got that shitty low quality ass video of her singing this at some friends wedding, this still goes off tho 

I would die for you: i’ve actually got shivers. This has me shook to my very CORE #iwoulddieforthissong

Thinkin: a BOP a JAM i’m OBSESSED this makes me want to break up with my nonexistent boyfriend 

Bad Mood: catchy as hell, miley humming in the background is more iconic than anything i’ve done in my entire life 

Love someone: “i’m starting to think you have no heart. you have no soul” “it’s time for this queen to go and run another throne” “it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d ever be your wife” SHE REALLY DID THAT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK ON HER EX I THINK HES DEAD 

She’s not him: mileys songs about her ex boyfriend- ur a piece of shit go to hell douchebag. mileys songs about her ex girlfriend- ur a beautiful perfect angel who has never done a single thing wrong in her life ever

Inspired: v nice a genuinely good pure song 


Under the read more, you will be redirected to a count of #37, hq medium textless gifs of ADRIA ARJONA as Dorothy Gale in the NBC show, EMERALD CITY EP 1. Her ethnicity is Guatemalan/Puerto Rican. All of these gifs were made by me, so please do not claim as your own or repost. You may edit as you wish ( crackships / gif icons / static icons / etc ) as long as you credit & link me! Give a little like / reblog if you find these helpful, and most of all enjoy!  (– fyi, the quality of the video i recorded from was very lq, so a lot of these are b/w to help save the headache of coloring! –)

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why is it so funny, Jongup?…


Here is my version of what each Naruto canon ship would represent as a Bollywood couple dancing.

The song is called  GAL MITTHI MITTHI BOL (please check it out now!) and it plays in the end during a wedding scene when all the couples that became endgame dance to celebrate…well, their togetherness. I liked the different way each couple danced and it instantly made me think of the canon pairs from Naruto (minus Chouji-Karui. Sorry ><). Plus the song is hella catchy!

InoSai: I picked them as this pairing because of the way the woman is very free and somewhat “seductive” in the way she dances (trails her hand down her face) like Ino would. Sai I think would be happy to play along ^^;

Naruhina: The height difference :) Also their dance is very playful and goofy, and the way he hugs her is too cute ^^

Shikatema: They’re both quite tall, and they sync to their dance very well. Dorky but romantic. Also they’re the marrying couple and I like to imagine this as Shikamaru and Temari’s wedding that everyone attends in the Gaara novel (why not?) ^^

Sasusaku: Playful with a passionate twist sort of dance. The girl is the main protagonist, and she’s very outgoing, beautiful, smart, and romantic, so I thought she would fit Sakura very well. If you watch the whole music video, you can see that she tries to get her partner to dance, but he resists because he thinks it’s kind of silly (but he does it anyway, just like Sasuke would). This was a tricky choice, but if you consider Sasuke to be slightly OOC here and already redeemed from his darkness, I don’t see why he can’t attend a wedding and have fun with his queen :)

Hope you like! alabasterink november-raindrops duckiesteasmiles smileybasmah-chan bluekarma5 bhavna-madan ravinaaloveena

Sorry for the shitty quality!


big school (deleted scene) | attack of the robogator


Why Aren’t You Married Yet 6/

Scott Moir being a doting boyfriend.
Tessa and Scott being each other’s support system during their Olympic SD practice. (x)(x)

It’s not absolutely necessary for the main character to be a man.

Women have proven that they can be the protagonist in a video game and still have that video game be hugely popular.

I’m not saying that this guy is wrong for preferring a male Dragonborn.
I’m not saying it’s wrong for male gamers to prefer playing male characters.
What I’m saying is;

Don’t shit on a female character, just because she’s a chick and you’d prefer a dude.

In a world where most games feature male playable characters, it’s nice to see a woman play the part and be just as badass. Guys, we aren’t trying to take anything away from you, we aren’t angry at you, we are used to games being led by men-

We just would like to see more of ourselves being part of the action.

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing, to get excited about someone like us being the hero, I think it’s cool. Lara Croft was my hero when I was a little girl. I didn’t know Samus was a girl until my dad told me, and it blew my mind and made me love the game even more.

I could relate more with the hero if I could actually see myself as being her.

So I just wanted to put that out there, and maybe some guy will read this and understand a little bit. Plus I know a lot of guys who dig these chicks anyway, so why wouldn’t the world need more of these badass ladies? 😆 Ps sorry for the shitty ass quality, maybe I’ll remake this post so that it looks better 😩

(One of Those) Crazy Girls - Live on Parahoy! 

You know I must be getting close to finishing my movie when I have time to upload some stuff to youtube. Can’t believe I was in that pit (the close part that was jumping) Ugh crazy night. My mom filmed this for me so don’t judge haha