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Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is feeling on edge after the latest monster of the week attempts to kill Derek. He confronts Derek about his feelings.

“Stiles, I care about you too,” Derek breathes out, wringing his hands together.

Through force of habit, Stiles chews his thumbnail again in an attempt to calm his anxiety. Although, he doesn’t know what’s gotten his heart sky-rocketing more; the fact that Derek is confessing his feelings or the fact that everything in Beacon Hills is trying so hard to beat down Derek like he hasn’t already had a lifetime of anguish enough to hollow him out.

“I need you to survive, Derek,” Stiles admits, head hung low, “I can’t lose. Without you, I just– ”  

“Which is why I’m not letting you go,” Derek finishes, a small smile tugging around the corner of his lips, like he can’t believe those words came out of his own mouth. Stiles picks his head up, sees the way Derek is looking at him, all earnest and loving. It’s enough for Stiles to pick himself up and walk over to him to bury his face in Derek’s neck, his nose brushing under stubble and finding warmth. 

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Do you have any advice for a high schooler preparing to get into the animation/storyboard industry?

Great question! I’ll start with some basic technical advice: Draw every day. Draw from life. Do figure drawing. If you can’t do figure drawing in person there are figure drawing websites you can choose from. For storyboarding you should watch a lot of movies. Not just Pixar and Disney films, although those are worth studying. Be sure to watch classic films and foreign films and weird cult films and everything in between. A good place to start is AFI’s Top 100 Movies list. There’s also 1001 Movies you Must See Before You Die. The list is online but if you can it’s worth buying a copy of the book. It’s great to have a written explanation as to why certain films are on the list and their importance in film history.

A favorite exercise of mine is doing film thumbnails. Whenever the camera cuts, pause the movie and draw the composition. I recommend doing this very small so you don’t spend too much time on the details. Focus on the composition. This helps you really think about what the director was thinking and why they chose to stage the camera the way they did.

Most importantly: storyboard! You don’t have to be a professional or an art student to storyboard, just do it! The more you storyboard the better you’ll get! You can choose to write your own story, or to storyboard from a script or a fairytale or whatever, JUST DO IT.

Now I’m going to get more into things I wish I had known when I was younger. Your path into animation may not be a straight line from art school to industry job. It probably won’t be. That’s ok. I know people who work in animation who never even went to art school. I know people who got their first job in animation well into their 30s. I know people who work in animation who don’t have a huge online following. There’s no “correct” way to get into the animation industry, other than talent and hard work.

Some people might try to convince you not to go into animation. During my first year out of school, I moved to Los Angeles without a job offer so I could pursue storyboarding as a career. There were people in my life guilt tripping me for leaving my hometown, trying to convince me to find a job closer to home. I had a lot of people tell me I didn’t understand how competitive storyboarding is, asking if I was sure storyboarding was the right choice. Here’s the thing: No one gets to choose your career goals for you. It didn’t matter how many people tried to convince me otherwise, I still became a storyboard artist.  

Hope this helps!

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if ya dont mind me askin, but how do you make your character designs so original? like, i have a lot of trouble for doing the character's clothes and looks

Try starting out with thumbnails, or small drawings of the designs with a big brush to get the general shape. You can also look at multiple references of other characters/items to give you some inspiration.  I usually start with body type first, then face, then clothes. Modern human clothes without a theme are hard to make unique. That’s why I never make my settings normal, they are strange so all the characters can also be strange.

Strange = Unique, In my case of course, not everyone likes strange things.  When I design clothing I think “How can this be exaggerated, or weird, or different?”  Exaggeration is key to unique designs, make something super small or super big, just keep things balanced.  Sometimes I make a character, and it’s nearly perfect the first try. Most of the time I make a character and I have to re-design it 50 other times to get it right. So, don’t give up it’s all about experimenting and practicing~!

AntiSepticEye Theory.

So what if Jacks new mixer for his mic is actually just Anti’s voice? His real voice. Ok so please hear me out, so there has been a few theories of Anti possible being a demon or a virus. So I’ve come to the conclusion that what if Anti is both which results in him being a (Demonic-Virus).

Anti has the qualities of both demon and a virus “Possession, Black eyes, Glitches, Sickness to host, and Blood running from eyes”. So could Anti just being using the mixer has a cover up?

I did some research and found that Evil Spirits or demons like Anti can change there voice in any electric device like Tv’s, phones and mic’s. I think Anti is doing this by corrupting the sound particles that are in Jack voice and mixing it in with the mic’s electricity when it passes it through the mic. Which then provides Anti’s spiritual (voice) a way to snake its way out. And I’m sure Anti knows this because every time Jack uses the (Mixture) in videos he smiles like an Anti type of smile but then quickly covers it up and I’ve noticed Jack only uses the (Mix) in creepy ways every time.

In this video (Is this Allowed?/staying alive w/Mark,Bob and Wade) At 10:55 a clear darker voice is heard that Jack makes saying “I don’t want to die” and then Jack cry’s out in pain, it’s definitely not Jacks happy joking voice it’s scary, dark and inhuman. Could this be Anti?

It’s doesn’t stop there at 12:59 Jack them gets close to the mic and dark jumbled words can be heard loud and clear, it sounds very demonic almost like chanting. Then at 15:22 which was kinda weird though because right when the dark noise breaks through again it seems to cut out and Jacks happy voice quickly replaces it, was this a glitch?

Then at 12:52 Jack then says “I’m a demon on wheels” I could just be looking to much into this one but this video is literally 3 videos after the (Kill Jacksepticeye vid) Plus Jacks neck was covered in the thumbnail, so was this Jack making the joke or Anti?

Anti did say “Reborn” in Zaglo text before so could this be Anti’s first step towards that goal? Changing his voice from Jacks to his own personal voice,
Giving us a small taste of what the real him is like? If Anti is striving for a physical body of his own soon then why not show us his corrupted demonic voice first?

Ok I hope this makes some sense and isn’t to confusing. 😅💚

Guys Night Out ~ pt. 3

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles x Stuart

Rating: Mature 18+

Word Count: 3431

Synopsis: All kinds of awkwardness after Stiles shows up at your door, now you have to deal with the repercussions. 

A/N: Okay, I was up to 5k+ words in this so I had to cut it down a little and move the rest of it to part 4. So, sorry no smut in this one, just lots and lots of drama. Definitely in the next one though. Thanks for all the feed back on this series y’all! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it =)

Part 1  Part 2

Well…shit. This just got incredibly awkward.

“Stuart? Why are you here? At three in the morning? Half naked?” Stiles glares at his brother.

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i’ve been watching apartment tours on youtube for fun (mostly in foreign countries… small korean and japanese apartments fascinate me) and I encountered this one person who a) has tons of fake plants everywhere and the thumbnail was so beautiful but then they’re FAKE and b) apparently has a personal designer who designed her whole apartment for her and I didn’t know enough about her channel to understand the context of why she had a personal designer at all and I don’t like it


Ya know for me my sketchbooks have never been about impressing anyone with my drawing skills because frankly I am not that impressive of a draftsmen. That isn’t false modesty, although I could see how it could be read that way, but what I intended with that statement is to say that my sketchbooks are more about exploration and discovery than nailing a nice drawing. Which is why I almost never show them to anyone.

As an animator I am interested more in specific idiosyncratic behaviors and gestures that may happen. Not necessarily the perfect graphic representation of them… At least not yet. My sketchbooks are books full of crummy thumbnails exploring ideas and capturing things I find interesting. I am a refiner by nature, so it takes me time to refine an idea of image down to something more beautiful and succinct.

This small gathering of images is about that idea… So if you are like me and don’t make very beautiful sketchbooks take heart! Not all artists are created with the exact same skills.

Hearts (part three) - Courtney/Adore and Adore/Bianca - Starshine

An: This part is longer than the others! Woot woot.

Prompt from Anon – AU where everyone is born with a very unique tattoo on their ankle. Every time you fall in love with someone, their tattoo appears somewhere else on your body. Some people have their bodies completely covered in tattoos because they fall in love easily while others only have their own tattoo (or have defaced tattoos of ex-lovers who broke their hearts).


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Beca and chloe are both out (bi and/or gay) but not together. And one day chloe comes into becas room with a 'i've been thinking very hard' face and then asks beca why they aren't dating. "We basically are if you think about it". Just like it was the most normal thing in the world.

There was never really an unspoken thing between them. 

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Art in the Jupiter Ascending Universe

When you have millenia you can make masterpieces artists on Earth or Zalyntyre could never even dream of. You could make a house carved over thousands of years by the dripping of water onto rock, you could breed plant from nothing, into a towering creature, that rivals the mythical Yggdrasil. You could be contracted to make an Alcazar, and shape a whole planet.

Of course, not all artists will work on so large a scale. Instead, like some do on Tersie planets, they go small, and carve art minutely. Why carve on rice when you can carve on molecules? Why paint thumbnails when you could paint eyelashes? Some make bodies their works of art, splices designed to be nothing but beautiful, to look like merpeople, high elves, centaurs, to have vines that weave through their skin, to look like the gods of Tersie planets. Some work on the entitled themselves, carving landscapes into their nails, and repairing any flaws and breaks with drops of RegeneX.

Some might prefer to do something almost simpler. Taking shining smooth and damn near magical tech, and instead making them match an aesthetic. Some Entitled might like Rococo, others might like futurism, or styles which are to them modern. Others may like Cyberpunk, Steampunk, wooden casings or plastic or metal, leather embossing, glass in curlicues. They have the art of all of their planets available to them, and then all the art of their own history. They have options.

Some do art as Tersies might. Pottery and painting, murals done across whole moons or planets, or portraits done on single canvases. But why settle for a Mona Lisa, when one has millennia? Details can be added with ever small brushes, grime falling on the canvas can be removed by one who knows the colours they were supposed to be. One can add new details, born of knowing the subject better as time passes.

And mural planets… Visible from space with forests and geology and oceans all shaped  to make something beautiful. Algae added to lakes to create a perfect painting, a planet used in the most extravagant way, not to house humans waiting to be harvested into RegeneX, but simply for beauty. No one could live on such planets, they would ruin the art, but one might settle their clipper into orbit to adore the planet, or an increasing outpost might be set up.

Really, when you think about it, the options for art when you live millennia are damn near endless, and also quite awe inspiring.

Guys. Guys.

If you’re working on a comic and you have to draw your pages based on small thumbnail sketches that already look good and you can’t quit match them - scan enlarge and trace. I have wasted so much time. This is such a simple solution. What the hell why didn’t I think of this sooner?


lemme help u help urself to a small variety of queer peeps of color in YA