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Protect You (JD x Reader)

Heathers (JD x Reader) I was imagining the film JD, soo yeah! Hope you liked it! Feedback is awesome too.
I stared down at the two faces of my half-attackers. The two jocks, Ram and Kurt. I felt anything but pleasure as the other girls looked at me in envy as they both pressed me up against a locker.
“What do you want?” I questioned, clicking my tongue.
“We want to know why you don’t like us. Or wanna date us.” They stared at me, as if it was the most intelligent in the world; whilst the rest of Westerberg held their breath.
“Because you’re both idiots. You’d need to give me a LOT of stuff for me to date either one of you.” I retorted, very aware of another person watching; the weird trench coat kid who had a really handsome, angular face with sharp cheekbones.
Ram and Kurt took this into consideration, conversing with each other, before they stripped from their jock jackets.
“We think you’re hot. We’ll let you wear our jackets!” Ram slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my spot in the corner, before they both slung their red-and-white jackets over my shoulders.
“You can alternate. Wear one one day and another another day!” Kurt flashed a smirk.
“How about no…..” I brushed them off and tried to walk to class. 10 minutes until free period ends but I just wanted to get away from them.
“Hey!!” Ram ran up to me and once again; cornered me. They both really like that tactic apparently.
“Go on a date with us to a drive in.”
“Ugh-no!” I impatiently stammered.
Kurt came closer to my face, as if to kiss me before weird trench coat kid slammed his fist against a locker, rattling the row of it.
“You heard her! No! Get away, assholes.” His voice was scratchy but protective.
I grinned a bit, looking up.
“What are you gonna do?” Ram & Kurt said in unison.
I don’t really remember much, but I saw a metallic gunmetal flash, which coincidentally was an actual gun.
Kurt and Ram backed off for then.

(Lunch Period)

“Maybe you should go on that date.” My friend Veronica told me, holding a staring contest with the school’s weird red Jell-O; prodding it with her fork as it bounced right back.
“Why?” I gasped, surprised. Veronica hasn’t had too many good run-ins with them either.
“Because I think they want someone to hug. Maybe they’re lonely.”
“Pfff…yeah they want someone to do.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Please just do it. We can get something to talk about, to. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m literally, gonna die.”
“I’ll have that weird kid with the gun follow you.”
“Okay, Miss overreacting.” She sighed and got up, dumping the contents of her tray into the garbage and heading to class, brushing shoulders with Heather McNamara.

The piercing shriek of the bell woke me from my thoughts, and I swallowed my pride and ran up to catch Kurt and Ram.
“I’ll go out with you.” I sighed.
“Ahahah a yeahhhhhh!” They both collided shoulders and ran out.
“Pick you up at 8!” They screamed back at me. I sighed once more.

“Looks like you need some help.” The scratchy voices came from behind me, and I tilted my head upward to stare at the gun kid.
“Will you fight for me?” I questioned, gently touching his fingers.
“I’m JD, (Y/N). I’ll be there at the movies. I’ll protect you.” He smirked to himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my ways…”
I frowned as I dabbed on a bit of clear pink lip gloss, staring down at my purple dress. It’s be lucky if It was in one piece by the end.

I stared out the window and saw a dingy looking faded cobalt car, and inhaled deeply before rushing out.

The moment I set afoot in the car I knew that hell was coming.

I tried to focus on the drive in movie, but I was failing. Ram and Kurt were eyeing not only me but other areas…of me and I was feeling extremely off about it. In any situation I’d run for the hills but I made a promise and I was pretty sure JD was behind me in a different car.
“So do you wanna like..?”
“No!” My automatic response kicked in.
They looked at each other and unzipped.
“You make my balls blue, though!”
“UGH you’ve got a left hand, use it!”
I was pressed up against the car wall now and I felt hot breath on my face as Ram kissed me.

Suddenly, the alternate door opened and JD dragged Kurt and Ram out by the back of their jackets, before slamming them and carrying me out into his car.

I waited for about 5 minutes before trench coat came back, smirking at me.
“You’ll probably have a better time with me.” He laughed, turning the key to the engine.
“You know what I really want?” He looked in my eyes, dead serious, before his expression softened.
“A slushee. Let’s go!”

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zora's domain is so isolated from the rest of the world that very few outsiders come there, making social interactions with other races awkward because zora's just don't understand. they're so used to being so connected with each other that they don't understand why they can't connect with other people. why can't i be this close? why don't you want me touch you? why can't i ask you these personal questions? they are the ultimate "in your space" strangers

Yooo this is awesome! 

Zoras don’t understand why everyone keeps backing away from then when they are literally towering over the tiny Hylians. The giant sharks just want to be your friend, don’t even worry about it


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Underrated/Rookie Groups to Look Out For (with song suggestions)! (Feel free to add)*Updated

100%: Ubeauty / Beat / Want U Back
1punch: Turn Me Back / Nightmare
2000won: I’ve Come to Hate Seoul / GOODBAM
24K: Secret LoveHey You
4K: Bye Bye Bye
4ten (poten): Tornado / Why
A.Cian: Ouch / Just Leave
Alphabat: Tantara / Surprise Party
A6P: Face Off
AKZ: Wa / 청담동그녀
Awesome baby - Why should I
Badkiz: Babomba / Ear Attack
Bambino: Oppa Oppa / Mongsapo Beach
BESTie: Excuse Me / Thank You Very Much
B.I.G: Between Night and Music / Are You Ready?
Bigflo: Delilah / Bad Mama Jama
Bigstar: Run and Run / Be Brave
Blady: Come to Me
Blast: Git It Girl
The Boss: Rilla Go / Who? / Why Goodbye
Boys Republic: Hello / Video Game
BTL: Too G
C-Clown: Justice / Let’s Love
Chocolat: Black Tinkerbell / I like it
CLC: Pepe / Like
Cross Gene: Amazing Bad Lady / Play Wirh Me
Dickpunks: WE YOUNG / Goodbye Girlfriend
Dalshabet: Joker / Big Baby Baby
December: She’s Gone
D.Holic: Chewy
Delight: Hate You! / MEGA YAK
Evol: We are a bit different/Get Up
Excite: Try Again / We Just
EXID: Ah Yeah / I Feel Good
F.Cuz: CHA-GA-WA / Dreaming I
FIESTAR: We Don’t Stop / You’re Pitiful
FIX: She’s My Girl
FlaShe: My Day / Star of Stars
G-Friend: Glass Bead / Me Gustas Tu
GI: ㄱ(Gi-yeuk) / Bullshit
GOT2B: Only You
Halo: Can You Hear Me? / Come on Now
Hello Venus: What Are You Doing Today? / Wiggle Wiggle
HIGH4: Baby Boy / Headache
History: Dreamer / What Am I To You
HOTSHOT: Midnight Sun / Take a Shot
Jace: My Serenade / Goodbye
JJCC: Fire / At First
K-Much: December 24 / Good to Go
Laboum: Sugar Sugar
Ladies’ Code: I’m Fine, Thank You / So Wonderful (I still cry when I listen to I’m Fine, Thank You. May they rest in peace)
LC9: Hold On / Mama Beat
LedApple: Someone met by chance/ Run To You
Legend: Left Out / Shadow
Lip Service: Too Fancy / Yum Yum Yum
Lovelyz: Hi~ / Goodnight Like Yesterday
Lu:Kus So into U / Break Ya
Lunafly: Superhero / Can I Kiss You
M.I.7: We The Best 
M.I.B: Falling Flower / Nod Along
M4M: Sadness
Madtown: New World / YOLO
Mamamoo: Don’t Be Happy / Um Oh Ah Ye
Minx: Why Did You Come to my Home / Love Shake
Melody Day: Love Me
Monsta X: Steal Your Heart / Trespass
MrMr: Do You Feel Me / Out
MYNAME: Too Very So Much / Message
N.Flying: Awesome / Heartbreak
Nine Muses:Hurt Locker / Dolls
NOLZA: Bubi Boom / Candy Boy
NOM: Kidding Me
Notice: Dangerous
NOXX: Going Crazy
N-Sonic: Blackout / Run and Run
N*White: Hello Boy / Paradise
Oh My Girl: Cupid / Hot Summer Nights
Phantom: Burning / I Already Know
Pocket Girls: Bbang Bbang
Purfles: 1, 2, 3
Rainbow: Black Swan / Tell Me Tell Me
Rion Five: 뚝뚝뚝 /  Tears Are Falling
Romeo: Lovesick / Smile
Royal Pirates: Betting Everything / Drawing the Line
Say Yes: Get Out / Feels Good
Seventeen: Adore U / 20
SHU-I: So in Luv / Bomb Bomb Bomb
SPEED: It’s Over / Baby U
Sonamoo: Deeply Love / Just Go
Spica : You don’t love me / Tonight
Stellar: Vibrato / Fool
Step Girl: Step Girl
Supernova: On Days That I Miss You / Goodbye
SUS4: Shake It
Tahiti: Phone Number / Love Sick
Target: Please Love Me
The Ark: Light
TimeZ: Awaken / Hurray For Idols
Topp Dogg: Arario / Peekaboo
Touch: Let’s Walk Together / I
Tren-D: Candy Boy / Jung
Two X: Ring Ma Bell
Underdog: Delete / Zombie Run
UNIQ: Falling in Love / EOEO
WannaB: Attention
Wassup :  Nom nom nom / Shup Up U
Wings: Hair Short / Blossom
Ye-a: Up and Down
ZE:A: Ghost of the Wind / Phoenix
ZPZG: AOAO / Go Crazy

Feel free to add if there’s any I missed. This was really time-consuming and while I tried my best,  I know there’s probably (definitely) quite a few I missed.
I tried not to include groups that were confirmed to have disbanded/that I was aware disbanded but I may have included some so I apologize for that. On the same note, if you want other great music and can handle the fact that the group no longer exists, feel free to contact me. I also did not include solo artists and would be glad to give suggestions on them as well

thoughts on appropriation v appreciation: homeland/diaspora

I saw that thing about the MFA’s “Kimono Wednesdays” with the protesters and the counter protesters and it got me thinking

We like to separate “cultural appropriation” from “cultural appreciation” by way of invitation; if you’re invited by members of a culture to take part, you’re good to go. But we forget that there’s different forms of gatekeepers within a culture, and there’s a lot of disagreements between members of the Homeland vs the Diaspora.

For this discussion:
“Homeland” = population of people whose cultural experience has mainly been within the confines of the country of cultural origin. (e.g. Japanese people who have lived most or all of their lives in Japan)
“Diaspora” = American minorities, whose cultural experience has mainly been with the confines of the USA (e.g. children of Japanese immigrants, Japanese Americans)

The Diaspora’s experience is inherently different than the Homeland’s, and that’s where the split happens. If you’ve lived in the Homeland your whole life it’s not likely that you’ve been “othered” in the same way that members of the Diaspora have. 

The Diaspora’s experience with their culture can often be much more painful–being set apart and ridiculed for how you look, how you dress, what you eat, being surrounded by people that are not like you. And those painful experiences are ESPECIALLY prevalent during childhood and formative years* because children are trash. So a large part of the Diaspora experience is having to suffer for your culture, and having to make a definitive choice MANY TIMES about how to represent yourself, whether to identify as assimilated or with the culture of the Homeland.

(*Note: It’s important to consider that these experiences happen during formative years, because it means the Diaspora’s experience with the symbols becomes a strong identifier. There’s a difference in a minority child being surrounded by racism for many years in their own home as they’re growing up and an adult immigrant or tourist being subject to racism after they’ve already formed their identity in an environment where they are part of the majority.)

If they do identify with the culture of the Homeland, I think it’s pretty common to associate symbols of that culture with the struggle of accepting it and themselves. So when they see someone who is NOT of that culture using those symbols it feels incrediblly unfair that a non-member gets to cherry pick the best parts of that culture without having to go through the whole experience of suffering and struggling for it, having an identity crisis over it. 

The Diaspora has had to earn their cultural identity, whereas the Homeland is born into it, surrounded by it, and has never seen it challenged in the same way that the Diaspora has.

Which is why you’ll often see gatekeepers from the Homeland giving a free pass to non-members using their culture. Because it IS awesome to see stuff from your culture become popular halfway across the world! Having your culture exhibited is an honor! It’s appreciation! You want people to learn more about you. And that’s a real, valid point of view.

So it’s like this:

Diaspora:  “Its unfair for you to take the best parts while the rest of us had no choice but to have the worst parts with it. You didn’t have to struggle for that, you didn’t earn it. You can’t have it just because you want it.”
Homeland: “I’m glad that good parts of my experience are becoming more visible. You can use it if you want to, because I’m happy that you want to!”

[Personal Example: I am Korean American (half Korean on my mom’s side, half white on my dad’s). I grew up in Minnesota. I constantly was surrounded by white people, I was mocked for stuff I ate, my mom’s accent, etc. If I saw a white girl wearing a hanbok, yes I’m probably gonna have an attitude about it. BUT my mom, who moved to the US when she was in her mid 20s, would 100% love that shit, because her experience with her being Korean is largely one of love and appreciation, not mockery and struggle.]

Which brings us to the question of ownership. Who do these cultural symbols “belong” to? Who counts as the “real” gatekeepers? Whose permission do you need? 

Idk guys. Probably both. Maybe trying on the kimono in the MFA counts as appropriation and appreciation.

BUT. Members of the Homeland are often dismissive of the experiences of the Diaspora, and don’t consider them true members of the culture. And because the Diaspora experience is so different, it does become its own, different culture in a way. So you have two vastly different experiences that identify with the same symbols.

Most of the time people use the Homeland as The Master Authority on cultural appreciation vs appropriation. This is because
a) People often give the Origin of Something more weight than its follow-up versions
b) The Homeland is more likely to condone participation for reasons I just discussed

Stop that. Members of the Homeland don’t have the right to speak for the Diaspora and vice versa. Non-members don’t have the right to cherry-pick perspectives that suit their wants.

TLDR: Appreciation vs appropriation is different to members of cultural homeland vs cultural diaspora. Stop ignoring the diaspora.

On Jacksepticeye moving house

Hey @therealjacksepticeye I just wanted to say…

I am really looking forward to you moving. It’s going to be so cool to see a new background, to see how you choose to present your videos in a new way. I’m ridiculously pumped about you moving, just because I can see how excited YOU are about it, and goddamn you have an infectious excitement. It’s kinda getting me excited about what job I’ll have once my PhD finishes (because I could literally end up moving anywhere in the world). And damn man, now I want to visit Brighton. I was born in Southampton and spent a lot of my childhood on the Isle of Wight but I never made it down to Brighton, so I should go sometime. Anyways, rest assured that plenty of people dig the move, and get why you’re doing it. Stay awesome!

Also, good luck shifting the trillion septic-eye Sams you’ve been given over the years!

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“I guess, you know, if I could be as awesome as Magnus and Alec were…”

After the wedding, and before what comes next.

Shadowhunters fic, Simon/Raphael. Follows show canon. At ao3 here.

“How was the wedding?”

Simon jumps, but only slightly. For once, he’d heard the almost silent shuffling of feet all the way down the hallway outside of his bedroom. He’d been practicing, he really had, if only to not let Raphael have the satisfaction of scaring him all the freaking time.

“Oh, you missed out,” Simon laughs. In the mirror, where he’s been checking himself out in his final moments before he has to return Raphael’s suit, he sees Raphael leaning against the door frame, completely calculatedly casual. Simon asked him once if the myth about vampires not being able to enter a place without being invited in was true. Raphael had only rolled his eyes.

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Flashlight - Chapter 1

Summary: Chloe confronts Beca about her secret internship aka what should have happened in PP2.

Pairing: Beca/Chloe

Words: 2979



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Deaged Batgirls

For secretlystephaniebrown​ who inspired it with this post

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Jason wants it on record that he did not sign up for this sh–sugar.
“Mr. Hood?” A small hand tugs on the hem of his leather jacket. “Cass wants ice cream.”
Jason would point out that Cass doesn’t talk and also has no idea what ice cream is, but since he spent the last ten minutes trying to convince them he’s an okay guy and getting seriously beat up by the assassin child, angering said assassin child by arguing with her self-proclaimed best friend seems like a bad idea.
Also, it’s seriously possible that Stephanie’s magical Cass-understanding powers have translated with this stupid spell and she actually does want ice cream.

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Good Vibe Tribe

To the one reading this:

1. You are beautiful. I’m not talking about the way you look.I look past that. I’m talking about your heart, your soul. Nothing is more beautiful than your true self, than love. You are truly love. Your true essence is really pretty :)).

2. You are blessed. Everything that happens to you is meant to shape you. Your experiences made you, you. Enjoy the ride. It’s meant to make you more aware of the infinite treasure that is already within you. Awaken to your true self and see that everything that you were looking for was with all along. It’s about what you have. Happiness is an inside job.The rest does not matter that much once you have found your true self. Because when you find your true self, you find inner peace. And nothing is more valuable than inner peace. Money can’t buy inner peace. So don’t be a victim or a slave to anything. Step into your true power. Connect with your heart and enjoy this gift called life. Follow your passion, bliss, be true to yourself.

3. Everything is divine and everything is awesome. Why? Because everything is nature. You are part of the whole. You have a purpose and place in the world. Everything is a reflection. Everything and everybody is a perfect teacher.Everything and everybody is there to help you wake up, to help you rise. Help you become more aware of your true self. Everything and everybody is valuable and so are you. You are worthy. It’s just that it’s about how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself that determines your place in the world. So focus on the relationship that you have with yourself. It’s the most important thing! Why? Because all that matters is how you feel. Everything starts with how you feel. The world is just a reflection of that. Feel good and the world will adjust to match that feeling (the world is your mirror).

If we want to change the world then we must focus on becoming instruments of love, beacons of light. We must choose love over fear and hatred. We must choose to feel peaceful, happy and grateful. That way we can spread positive vibes all over the world and start a revolution of love.

Who’s with me?

Feel free to spread this message of love so that other people can start to feel good as well.  Let’s create a Good Vibe Tribe ^_^.

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Ok but like I need to know what u think JACK AND BITTYS HONEYMOON WOULD BE LIKE

okay, we talked about this in chat a while back so i’m SHAMELESSLY STEALING THOSE IDEAS and I am sorry about that omg

so anyway with that caveat, zimbits honeymoon is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IN PARIS.

because. okay. there are so many reasons. the obvious one is, HAHA, FRENCH!!! Jack is excited to get to speak French! Even if he knows France French is different than Québécois, it’s still in the same general area. Jack doesn’t get to speak French enough in his daily life living in the U.S., so he’s excited by that possibility. (Also, Bitty thinks French is sexy. Jack is excited to get the chance to show off a little in front of him.)

The second reason is that Paris beautifully combines Jack and Bitty’s two primary desires in a honeymoon. Because, well, Bitty just wants to do something romantic and sweet. Not necessarily anything fancy!!! He’d honestly be happy staying at home in Jack’s apartment and just curling up together without any interruptions for a week.

Jack’s primary desire for his honeymoon is that it is expensive. He wants to do something totally extravagant, because Jack wants to spoil the fuck out of his new husband. He doesn’t think he needs to justify that desire (it seems pretty self-explanatory to Jack. He loves Bitty. He wants Bitty to have the best and nicest things. So he wants to buy Bitty the best and nicest things. Obviously.)

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So this year marks the debut of this:

Cool right? Well, YOI has been nominated for SEVEN AWARDS including:

This constitutes HALF of the available categories (!!!) which is a big deal for these reasons:

  1. Y’all know this show is fucking phenomenal (that’s why we’re still crying over it); now’s our chance to show the rest of the world that and get more people excited.
  2. Several of these categories celebrate the creators’ and producers’ hard work and dedication to this show, and we owe it to them to acknowledge that. How awesome of a thank you would it be if we had YOI sweep the awards? 
  3. YOI has been a huge deal because of its depiction of a healthy and loving LGBT couple while keeping the plot less about the gayness of their relationship and more about their individual passions, struggles, and emotional development (not to mention the fact that it has incredible supporting and main characters, a heartwarming story line, and an extremely positive message). Viktuuri is THE ONLY GAY COUPLE up for an award, which is a shame if I’ve ever seen one. Having YOI sweep its awards would be one way to show that we the fans expect more from our media. I have seen countless numbers of posts about how YOI has raised the bar for anime one million fold, yada yada. Well now’s the time to go out there and show that THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!

Voting opens on January 3, 2017 and ends on January 10. Be prepared; it’s go time. Let’s show the world what the bar truly is for representation and quality in media.

Time Is Running out but We Are Running Free

It starts because of a show about space pirates and mojitos. And everyone loves an off-screen romance between co-stars.

Or: Bellarke co-stars fake dating AU.

For @alrightprincess as a part of Bellarke Spring Fling exhange.

A huge thank you to @tempestaurora for beta-ing!

Also on AO3

no1princessclarkefan: @princesscgriffin OMG is it true ur dating bellamy blake?

(1) new text message from Anya Woods: Do NOT do anything about the rumors. See you on the set.


Clarke Griffin is not a morning person. In fact, most of the mornings, she’s not even a person. More like a zombie incapable of human speech patterns, just groaning and growling.

That’s probably why the first thing she does after another ping sounds is slam her fist on the night table, regretting everything there ever was to regret in her life. Her hangover is the worst and the constant pinging isn’t helping at all.

When she bats her eyelids open and resists the urge to close them again because people like her were not made for the early morning light – she enters the passcode, only to be met with at least fifty tweets and ten text messages, all interested in finding out one thing.

Is she, Clarke Griffin, dating her co-star, Bellamy Blake?

“What the fuck.”

Even her voice is unnaturally loud for this time of day and she flinches automatically, bringing her phone under the covers to scroll through her twitter feed. It seems like Bellamy’s been getting same questions but Clarke has no idea why anyone would even think something so ridiculous.

Sure, Bellamy is pretty awesome, as far as actors go – he’s not an asshole who disrespects the rest of his cast and the crew, she has fun working with him and they do hang out in their trailers between takes, but.

She’s not dating him. No, that’s a whole another world.

So the first thing she does when she realizes the epic proportion of this is call him, swearing under her breath until she hears a groan, presumably Bellamy’s.

“Have you seen your phone?”

She imagines him blinking, messy hair and shit. The regular Bellamy, the same way he is every time they get preposterously drunk in the Dropship after a long day.

“I think I am holding my phone?”

“People think we’re dating, Bellamy!” she shout-whispers, unsure as to why. It’s not like the paparazzi have mics in her apartment.

This startles a snort out of him and she hears something falling on the other side of the line. “Are we? I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d remember, but.”

“Asshole. No, we aren’t. Anya doesn’t want me to do anything about the rumors yet.”

“So don’t. We can be vague about it.”

“Vagueing on twitter?” She rolls her eyes, running a hand through her hair. “How unlike you, Blake.”

A moment of silence and then she hears him sigh, one of those long-suffering sighs he’s probably spent years trying to perfect.

“Wanna carpool to the set? Present a united front?”

“Fuck yes.”

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Just watched "The Cissy" (Warning, positive rant)

And I’ll just say this: I’m sorry I ever doubted you, South Park. I knew you were smarter than everyone was claiming you were.

With that said, I’ve seen a lot of post-episode comments about it, both good and bad (mostly good, though). And I’m not sure if people have thought about this, but…

It looks like this season, each episode is actually gonna hold continuity with previous episodes. Which means that Wendyl MIGHT STILL HAVE A SPOTLIGHT. Stan’s questioning MIGHT STILL BE BROUGHT UP. I dunno about you guys, but I’m excited!!!

The reason why I think Wendyl will be brought up again is because her/his (I’m not entirely sure if she/he was just doing it to piss Cartman off, or if pissing him off was just an excuse to express himself? That’s never been made absolutely clear.) character arc was never really drawn to a close? Like they didn’t follow up on what happened to Wendyl afterwards.

So really, more than anything, I’m excited for the NEXT episode, because there’s a possibility of follow up to all this!

To all the people claiming that no one was actually trans this episode, and therefore the point is moot: This series has been going for a LONG TIME, and up to this point it’s only RECENTLY that any of the characters have given hints of a gender identity contrary to what we believed previous. Princess Kenny was the first, and now Wendyl and possibly Stan. Why do you think it’s taken this long for all this to happen? 

Honestly, I think it’s because today, more than ever, we’re aware of the actual problems facing the trans community. If you were here for “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina”, you know how… oblivious the rest of the world was to these issues. How people thought they knew all about the topic, when really they were speaking from their own discomfort with the subject. Back then, South Park was different. It was different because WE were different. But as transgendered people, we’re getting a lot more representation today, and it’s AWESOME that South Park is one of the first mainstream shows to give that representation. In a way, it’s kind of an apology for “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina.”

It started with Princess Kenny. They introduced a widely accepted boy character presenting as a girl protagonist in the kid’s game of Humans Vs. Elves. Throughout the three-part episode, Cartman seems to be the only one who takes issue with this, and he’s always the asshole anyway. Everyone else is cool with it, and acknowledge Kenny as a girl, and the fact that Kenny “Is a dude” is only ever brought up by Cartman. THEN, in the game The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny is still a girl WITHOUT ANYONE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT, even CARTMAN decides to just roll with it (with the exception of one line near the beginning.) 

Now with this episode, South Park got something out of the way. Something that NEEDED to be addressed before transgendered people could REALLY be seen as people, as human beings, to the collective audience. It addressed what was WRONG with the trans community, what the public needs to understand is NOT OK. They addressed that being trans is NOT A TREND, that there are people out there who give the trans community a bad name, and that these kinds of people are NOT THE PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHO TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE ARE. It’s interesting, because I felt that, in it’s entirety, rather than this episode being about trans people themselves, and addressing them directly, it was an episode made for people who AREN’T. And that’s good! Because most of South Park’s audience are not trans, and they’re the ones who need to hear this message the MOST. WE, as trans people, understand it. We understand what’s not ok with the community, we already know that being mean to trans people is wrong, we already know there are people who soil the community, we already know all this! The people who need to hear this message the most are the ones who probably don’t even know what it MEANS to be transgender. This is HUGE, because when more people are educated about this, the faster we can gain equal rights for all. 

That’s why this episode is so important. It addressed something that mainstream media has failed to address, even when talking about trans topics in a mature manner, like Orange is the New Black. It tackled something that is probably the biggest obstacle for trans education, and tolerance, and understanding. They did it the way only South Park could.

TL;dr: I’m proud of you, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and I would LOVE to see Wendyl and Stan’s dilemma come up again.


Naruto Kunoichis as Disney Princesses.

Sakura is Snow White —-> Loyal to a handsome prince she barely sees (Sasuke) and in charge of handle seven troublesome ninjas (Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Tsunade and her parents)

Ino is Aurora —-> Extremely beautiful, with a lot of friends and falls quickly in love with good-looking men. No wonder she inmediately decided that Sai should fall in love with her.

HInata is Jasmine —-> Has always been told what to do and that her behaviour was not appropiate for a clan heir, but as the man she loves (Naruto) fights against his destiny, why not fighting against it herself?

Kushina is Ariel —-> Hot-blooded and with a head full of dreams, hides an important secret (for Ariel was being a mermaid and in her case is having the kyuubi inside of her). She is not scared of fighting when she thinks she is right.

Temari is Cinderella —-> Responsible and mature. Usually looks like a dirty poor peasant, but if Cinderella just needed a pair of shiny shoes to steal everyones admiration, her secret of awesomness is her fan. Shikamaru thinks so.

TenTen is Belle —> Doesn’t care about looks, what’s trully important for her is what is inside of every person. That’s why she admires and loves Konoha’s Green Beast (Lee) determination and spirit, even if the rest of the world thinks he is ugly.

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=13067166

One Year Stand

Hello guys! So if you’re into indie rock/pop punk this band is for you and it’s effing awesome! Some of you might have already heard them from @thesweetfandomlife who’s also a fan.

One Year Stand (aka OYS) have a channel on YouTube {check here} and they upload original songs, covers and vlogs, so check them out and show ‘em some love!

Below I added Headcase, one of their original songs which is absolutely beautiful *.*

If you’re yet not convinced check out the rest of their songs

Last Laugh

Scattered Clothes, Open Bottles


I See No Reason Why 

Rest Of The World

Wednesday Night

Face Wash

Love Me Like My Songs Do

Question for US based music students.


I get that you may be attached to your families, but here in Europe I pay 310€ per semester, I travel all over the continent, and you can find word class teachers in the smallest of schools.

Furthermore, the opportunities as a professional are immense, only in Germany you can find 84 public opera houses, and 50 symphony orchestras; and then you have the rest of Europe.

And the benefits of being a student are just awesome, I just paid 15€ for front seats in a world class production of La Cenerentola.

There’s a lot of talent coming from the US, but I feel like a lot of it is wasted because students get frustrated if they don’t get into Juilliard or Curtis. Give Europe a try, the languages aren’t even that hard :)

BlackVibe Fic:

Title: Five people who noticed that Cisco had a thing for Laurel Lance
(And one who knew she liked him back)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Cisco x Laurel
Characters: Cisco Ramon, Laurel Lance, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Iris West, Barry Allen, Quentin Lance

Summary: Cisco Ramon develops a thing for Laurel Lance; in the process he puts on a blazer, yells at Oliver Queen, asks Barry for advice about funny canary videos and gets blown up. It’s all totally worth it.

1. Caitlin Snow

Cisco puts on a blazer, and Caitlin knows something’s up.

Cisco Ramon puts on a blazer for two reasons: he has a job interview, or there’s a girl. She’s pretty sure he doesn’t have a job interview in Starling city, so there’s definitely a girl.

Which girl is kind of a mystery, though. Cisco normally broadcasts his attractions like siren wails, to the point where Caitlin can’t avoid knowing who they are. He’s not talking about this one, though – until. Well.

They arrive at Arrow HQ and there’s Laurel Lance in tight black leather and a mask.

“Hi Laurel!” Cisco says, his voice just a note or two higher than normal.

She smiles, all crimson lipstick and dimples as she peels off her mask, “hey, Cisco.”

“How’s the uh – canary cry?” he points at some tech around her neck that has his handywork all over it. Caitlin remembers that trip Cisco and Detective West took over to Starling the month before and Cisco coming back all of a flutter and ah – okay. Okay.

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