why is the quality in this part so shitty ):

this was actually supposed to be part of a series w babs and cass but. hey.

have a batgirl

anonymous asked:

please get better microphones, where do I have to drop money for that, jesus christ!

so, WOW,

while I hope your intent wasn’t to be shitty, this came off very passive aggressive and kind of insulting. a lot of time and emotional labor goes into this project on my part and oftentimes i wonder why i even do this— messages like this don’t help.

If you have the almost hundred dollars to drop for us to get new microphones, you can DM us or come off anon.
Better yet, you can throw some money at our bandcamp site, if the quality bothers you that badly.

Lord knows between me having to spend almost a hundred fifty dollars on my prescriptions just today on top of going through A DIVORCE, I don’t have the time, energy, or money to buy new ones. And honestly, I can barely get my computer to run audicity to record myself because it’s from 2011.

So. I am sorry if our audio quality isn’t up to your standards but we are doing the best with the tech we can currently afford.

Maybe next time before you send an anon, consider that.



(One of Those) Crazy Girls - Live on Parahoy! 

You know I must be getting close to finishing my movie when I have time to upload some stuff to youtube. Can’t believe I was in that pit (the close part that was jumping) Ugh crazy night. My mom filmed this for me so don’t judge haha 

You better run, better run, better run, yeah i´m coming after you, when you´re sleeping at night, yeah there´s nothing you can do, there´s no place you can hide cause i´m coming after you,

I wish there was another way out for you~

Dunno why, but this part of the song stayed in my head for so long, so i made a gif out of it. xD But the quality is shitty… fuck max 1 MB.

Watch on stulot.tumblr.com

48 min non-stop of Aaron and Robert. Jan, part 1.

Please let me know if the links aren’t working.
(Not sure why the quality is so shitty, it doesn’t look this bad on YT, unfortunately I can’t upload these there because they’re taken down right away)

Here are the other parts I’ve made;


Dec part 1


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I’d be happy if you’d wanna reblog in case more people wanna see their storyline in just a few clips instead of many :)