why is the post you ask

Harry posted a video of the crew making Magnus’ bed, and you have to ask, why was it messed up in the first place? I’d like to believe that we actually will get a morning after malec scene today and everyone will finally be able to chill the fuck out and this fandom can finally go back to talking how well the writers are handling malec and how healthy this relationship is without spewing rape accusations at alec and treating the writers with so much disrespect. Please can we all just be civil and hope we do actually get this glorious and beautiful morning after scene. Magnus and alec all disheveled in bed together. Let that sink in.

Edit: I didn’t see Harry’s comments before posting this so yeah, nothing was shown but like it’s whatever It’s not like we can go back in time

you know, i do think it’s fun to point out how the delicate moral quandaries of batman and the joker, such as, “why doesn’t batman kill the joker?” or “does batman create his villains?” were translated in lego batman to ask something like, “why does the joker sound like he means “fuck” when he says “fight?””

but at the same time, it’s also not… so… different. lego joker was going to blow up / destroy an entire city to preserve he and batman’s relationship. is that really so much better or less intense than killing for batman’s attention? i know lego joker is cute, and i know it’s a children’s movie. beside the point.

what i’m saying is that if you ship it in the lego batman movie, you can’t really call it gross in other verses. uh, more or less.

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Where were you when shippers were getting harassed for months? I didn't see you speak up about that. Why do you care more about Mackenzie than your fellow fans?

Again? As I have said a thousand times I don’t care anything about the war between the anti and shippers or between other people. I’m not here for that. I’m not going to defend any group.
If you want to know why I defended Mackenzie just read my previous posts. I’m not going to repeat the same things. Good day

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I'm not sure why you're shipping Cynthia and Grimsley...but I'm down with it. Especially if we keep getting cute/funny art.

Glad you’ve liked the stuff so far! I think it all started when I noticed how Cynthia has never aged while Grimsley is over there looking like he is going through a midlife crisis after just two years, and I thought “lmao I can see these two being good friends and sassing each other occasionally”.

((OOC: i was walking back to my flat wearing my Gryffindor scarf when a very enthusiastic Scottish man stopped me and asked for directions.. he later told me that he had been lost on campus for ages feeling too anxious to ask anyone for directions. BUT because he saw me wearing a Gryffindor scarf he felt like he could trust me. I don’t really know why I’m posting this, i just think the fact that something as simple as a scarf made a person feel they could overcome their anxiety and ask for directions says something pretty awesome about this fandom))


Hello darlings!!! If any of you have been following me for a while you would have noticed that I have been extremely inactive for the past few weeks. I’m so sorry to disappoint any of you gorgeous followers, but I have just been so busy with my last year of school and managing all of my assignments, study and stress etc (and it’s only going to get worse throughout the year). For this reason I have decided that I will be going on a writing hiatus in a week or two. I will be uploading part 17 of Privileged either this week or next and then will be going on a month long hiatus. I hope all of you lovelies can understand why I am doing this and I promise I will post much more in the holidays. I will still be on this account to answer asks and post aesthetics but will not be writing :) xxx

I love you all and I really hope you all can understand this decision and will continue to follow/support me as much as you have been doing x

Much love,

A very tired, stressed and overworked blog owner <3 

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why do you repost art? even with permission? you seem like a genuinely nice person... but you repost art (yes, with permission i know but still...), reblog your own reposts over and over again to get more notes, and you have a tag called "my posts" for your reposts, when the drawings were never yours in the first place. sounds like you're just doing all that do get followers tbh.

Hi anon, you know what I dislike? when people, especially in anon, assume things about me like that ^^ that’s something that makes me GNNN inside x))

I’m gonna reply to each points, tbh I don’t see why I should justify myself to you but at least it’s not an aggressive message so ok ^^

- I began to ask permission to repost when I realized that there were so much unauthorized posts on tumblr that a lot of person were reblogging them since there was mostly that. I also love sharing with my friends in general, or make discover new artists <333 

- about the “reblog”, the main reason is stupid tbh, it’s just to fill more my queue ahah ^^’’’ (and bcs some people asked me if I could reblog bcs of time difference but now it’s really more keep my blog active xD)  ah and let’s be clear **big breath** I don’t care about notes unless it’s works of mine, like my music or my drawings or edits, I really care about the feedback in this case (like all artists) so I won’t be ashamed to admit that.
For the arts I post,  I don’t know why I would want to have notes since I feel nothing about it since well I haven’t made them. Tbh, I’m one of the few persons who wish that tumblr could let the possibility to hide notes for some posts…

- About the tag “my posts”, I use this for everything post I do, I didn’t think much about it, just a way to find things easily……..(again why assuming the worst –”’’ I could have choose *hakuna matata* it wouldn’t have changed anything).

- And the last sentence is the one that makes like OTL OTL OTL the most each time……… I take very seriously the repost with permission, I’m very careful about that, I keep a constant contact with artists just in case, I even try to make the artists consider to create a blog here too!!!! And for many they came :D and I could support them directly here <333 also since I ask permission, I am more aware of unauthorized reposts here so I could try to contact users about it or even warn the artists about it. I even made masterlists (but thanks to tumblr staff, links are broken now) for the fandoms so they could be careful too.
Do you really think that I would bother to do this if the only thing I wanted was followers……..?

Tbh anon, I take this ask badly, because I think it’s kinda insulting in a way. 
You don’t know nothing about me or about what I do, so next time instead of sending an ask on anon, ask by DM, let’s talk.
Otherwise, yes I love my friends and the followers I talked with, that’s the only thing that really counts to me here ;))

Well, have a nice day now.

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Do you think Harry nearly killing Draco caused Snape to have a flashback of Sirius nearly killing him which is why he made Harry copy instances of the Marauders' bullying as a punishment? I saw someone make a post about this and I honestly agree.

Oh I’d never thought of that. I think that makes a lot of sense and is definitely possible. It explains why he chose to show Harry the records of the marauders bullying then and not before. Snape believed that Harry was becoming just like them and he wanted to show him what the marauders were like and what they had done in order to try to make Harry ashamed and keep him from becoming even more like them.  

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When you are done with season 4 of race to edge what do you think are the pro and cons of the season and what do you hope for season 5?

Alright! I’ve just finished RTTE S4, and I would looooove to discuss pros and cons. I’ll make a list of some favorite small moments later, but here I will talk about big overarching pros and cons. Heads up to people that, because I’m talking pros and cons, I will get into both celebrations and constructive criticism. I’m not intending to rain on anyone’s parade by giving my comments on what I think could be better; I’m just being honest about the things that aren’t my favorite, and which I think are important to recognize… and I can at the same time recognize the show’s weaknesses and be a celebrating fan of the strengths.

Big Pros of RTTE S4

Book References Galore. I am always a fan of book references in the HTTYD show. This season contained a lot of instances which reminded me of the books. Whether or not that was intentional from the writers, it still gives book lovers a means of identify with elements they find familiar. In this season, we got book-like things including but not limited to:

  • A dragon which can only be birthed in the middle of a volcano.
  • Bat-like dragons.
  • Fishlegs calling Hiccup his best friend.
  • Snotlout feeling threatened by Hiccup’s role as a leader and trying to subvert it and become a great leader himself - be it king, or at least the leader over the other youths. Snotlout pretends to deliberate about killing Hiccup. He gets to be a little more antagonistic than usual when he’s trying so desperately to show that he’s great leader material, hoping so much that he won’t be overshadowed by the others. But in the end, he charges out and risks his life to save Hiccup.
  • An oft-used phrase in the book, “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” came right out of Snotlout’s mouth.

Viggo and Ryker’s Relationship Splintering. I was hoping as early as S2 that the writers were setting up a fracturing between Ryker and Viggo. Ryker, after all, tells Heather that he listens to Viggo because they’re family. However, Viggo’s treatment of Ryker is poor. That’s good material for a set-up and character development… and we got it! We started to see hints of it in S3. 

It explodes in S4.

Ryker and Viggo, and their character developments, were probably my favorite thing about this season.

As early as the first episode, we see Ryker smiling when Viggo’s plans are thwarted. Ryker sticks by Viggo, but with increasingly-seen ill treatment on Viggo’s part, and increasingly irritated responses from Ryker, we at last get a split in Shell Shocked. Ryker has had enough of Viggo, and Viggo doesn’t have enough respect for Ryker for this to end well. Of course we still don’t know all the details about what all was planned and what was staged, but it seems Ryker did go rogue against his brother. It was nice to see this character, who was often overshadowed by Viggo, take charge and have this development.

Not to mention how both of the characters ended in Shell Shocked Part 2? Me likey. That was really cool. These appear to be both real deaths, and they are “fitting” for what the characters were. Ryker was a man of violence and strength; he got pulled underwater in the midst of a battle he waged himself. Viggo sought to gain profits and control dragons through the Dragon Eye; him diving to try to save the Dragon Eye shows his own motivations leading to his end.

It’s also very fitting that the Dragon Eye got destroyed. I was talking about how the Dragon Eye had to become inaccessible to both the dragon riders and the dragon hunters at some point in time. There’s no way for the story to get resolved otherwise. And it happened! I was happy to see the Dragon Eye finally return to the plot, and for us to see why it won’t be in Hiccup’s hands by the time of HTTYD 2.

Hiccstrid. I’m not an active Hiccstrid shipper myself (as you guys probably have heard me say many times, I almost never ship anything, and I prefer to focus on platonic and familial bonds), so I’m listing this one mostly for you guys, haha. XD I know that Hiccstrid shippers are probably going to be happy with what happened in this season! Flirtations, words of devotion, multiple kisses, all that happened. Haha, Snotlout even said “Hiccstrid” on screen! The slow boil toward their relationship has finally come to fruit, and it’s quite relieving to see.

I think what I appreciate the most was Hiccup supporting Astrid in Blindsided. The words of support he gave her were wonderful, thoughtful, deep, considerate. We have often seen throughout the franchise Astrid supporting Hiccup emotionally. This is a key moment in which we see Hiccup demonstrate great love, devotion, and support to Astrid in turn. The words he chose were nicely done. I appreciated that a lot.

Big Cons of RTTE S4

Recurring Plot Devices. I know the creators were excited about some of their planned plot twists, but the truth of the matter is that they tend to reuse the same plot devices repeatedly. 

Especially, one plot device they love is when Hiccup has to ally himself with the enemy. This has been done with:

  • Mildew in “We Are Family Part 2″
  • Alvin the Treacherous in “Cast Out Part 2″
  • Dagur the Deranged in “Enemy of My Enemy” and “Family on the Edge”
  • Krogan, soooooooort of, in “Midnight Scrum”
  • And now Viggo Grimborn in “Shell Shocked Part 2″

It is to note that the multiple redemption arcs - as with Alvin and Dagur - show repetition, too. I will say, though, it was nice for Viggo to not be completely redeemed. He still betrayed Hiccup in the end, and I appreciated that. But as far as the ally-with-the-enemy arc is concerned… that is starting to feel a little worn out, now.

Other recurring plot devices include Dragon’s Edge being attacked by dragon hunters; one of the youths being captured or kidnapped by the enemy; and, of course, a new dragon being first dangerous but then tamed.

Weak Character Motivations. It’s not that motivations are absent. It’s that they’re not neatly connected together or expounded upon to any realistic level. Character motivations move in sudden jerks forward rather than smooth progressions. Lots of the time the character motivations are explained weakly enough that they seem extremely unrealistic toward how a person would actually react in that situation.

Dagur goes from being an enemy with ASPD symptoms… to being a tentative ally with regrets… to being a genuinely good guy who cares deeply for his sister, the other riders, and endangered dragons. They do rudimentarily explain why he goes from one mental state to the next, but it never feels convincing. Part of that is that no one just magically drops an antisocial personality. Another part of it is that we don’t see a good, smooth progression from one phase to the next. The writers put in a little bit of transition material, but never enough.

Another example is Heather and her relationship with Dagur. There was not enough material for her switching from loathing Dagur… to being uncomfortable with his “death”… to being completely comfortable around him and welcome to deep physical touch. While we get the gist of why it happened, the way in which it is presented is very unconvincing and doesn’t at all feel like how people psychologically function. It’s pushing it at best. I’m not a fan of these sorts of things being misconstrued because it can have consequences for how we handle the dangerous and toxic people in our own lives.

We have other inconsistent character motivations on top of that, along with lots of weak plot devices arising out of this, but yeah. Character motivations are not as well progressed as they should be.

Sexism. This is nothing new to the show; it’s been present since Riders of Berk and onward. It’s been bothering me increasingly more with each new season released, likely because it hasn’t gotten better (the only thing that’s gotten better is no longer using “girl” as an insult). Especially for RTTE S3 and S4, I’ve felt distinctly uncomfortable with DreamWorks Dragons’ treatment of gender. It’s just come to a point that they should have fixed their mistakes by now, except they keep perpetuating.

Default gender in the show is undeniably male. The rule of how everything works in this show is “male until proven otherwise.” Seriously though. Essentially every single individual we meet is a man, be it human or dragon. Somehow every single new introduced dragon in the show is called a “he,” despite that being highly statistically unlikely. There are even several cases in which an obvious female has been called “he.” Given as we see no other Eruptodons around, it seems likely the egg had to have been laid by the dragon on the island. Sure, we can finagle around and give decently-conjured explanations for how this dragon could still be male, but by all accounts, it’s weird. We shouldn’t, in Defenders of the Wing Part 1, call THAT dragon a “he.” Even more clearly, Chicken is a chicken - a female member of that species, obviously so by the bird’s physical features. Tuffnut even hallucinates the chicken speaking to him in a female voice. Aaaaand yet both Stoick - and in this latest season, Tuffnut himself - call Chicken “he.” No. The chicken is female. That’s literally as bad as animating a cow with an udder and calling it a “he.” It’s that obviously female. How are we messing this up? Because the default gender of anything is male in this show.

Next, there are some stereotypes and unflattering tropes of women that sneak into the show. In so many movies, television shows, and novels, a woman is often only introduced when she has a romantic relationship with one of the male characters. While there are plenty of male characters who are not in a romantic relationship in media, it is much harder to find a woman who doesn’t at least flirt with a man and have that be a major point of her time on screen. It means that, as humorous as some people might find the Snotlout x Mala (Snala? Snotla? Malout???) dynamics, it’s not the most fun thing to see yet another female character’s role being heavily centered around whether or not she’s in a non-platonic relationship with someone.

Damselstrid happens a little too often for comfort. I know that many Hiccstrid shippers probably enjoy seeing Hiccup and Astrid caring for one another in precarious situations. I do admit that there were some good lines especially in Blindsided. Nevertheless, it is awkward to see the disparity between Astrid saving Hiccup versus Hiccup saving Astrid. This also have been around since forever, but it’s increasingly obvious with S3 and S4.

Astrid will save Hiccup in very short, quick minor moments in combat, such as by blocking enemy fire. But it’s never played up for drama. They’re gone before you know they’ve happened. In the one episode where Hiccup really needed saving because he’s kidnapped, it’s to note that the entire team (Stoick at the forefront) - not Astrid - save him. The other time Hiccup majorly needed saving because he was drowning… he was saved by a dragon. Astrid never gets the big save when Hiccup is most vulnerable.

By contrast, Astrid will constantly be in precarious positions in which she seems more desperate and in greater, longer danger. There have been two episodes dedicated entirely to Astrid being in a helpless situation and Hiccup needing to save her - Buffalord Soldier and Blindsided. Additionally, we can add several more instances of Astrid being in danger, like the very end of Shell Shocked Part 2, or when she’s about to burn up in Out of the Frying Pan. And when she is in these extremely vulnerable situations, we’ll often hear her murmur, “Hiccup.” It’s a suggestion that Hiccup is what is important and Hiccup is what’s going to save her. Even though Astrid is the best warrior of the youths, she is put into far more vulnerable positions than most of the other riders, and Hiccup almost always is the specific individual who gallantly saves her.

I could keep going about how there were also some outdated notions of gender sneaked in the show dialogue, too, but I’ll stop here. Essentially, sexism. It’s definitely in RTTE.

Season 5 Hopes

I don’t have too many thoughts on what I want for season 5 currently. Maybe ask me in a few months. At the moment, all I can think about is that we’re going to have to address that exploding volcano on Dragon’s Edge, and we’re definitely not done with Krogan.

In many ways, the end of S4 is the end of the big plot arc we got starting in S1. Seasons 1 through 4 are a unit, it looks like. It’s the story of Hiccup going against the dragon hunters. That ending has got to be the ending of the plot arc with Ryker and Viggo. So where season 5 turns? It’ll be a little bit of a new direction.

We’ve got some seeds planted with Krogan, I suppose, but really not much to work on. You could almost just completely end the show with S4. We got Hiccstrid together. Viggo, Dagur, and Ryker are no longer threats. The Dragon Eye is no longer around to investigate. It’s just that volcano blast and the fact the creators said there would be more episodes that means this is going to continue.

There’s a weird small part of me that wants Savage to come back. I don’t think they’ll do it, but I suddenly saw potential, and actually relished the small moment of Savage’s return. He had a wonderful return with great motivation. I’m assuming they’re just going to ride him off as inept, and this is the last we see of him. But there’s also a lot of potential for him to try to do something big. But I suspect we won’t see him, that it would detract from other plot stuff they would want to do, and so on and so forth.

So they’re likely going to keep sneaking toward Krogan and stuff with plot development? But how they’re going to do that without interfering with the plotline of HTTYD 2, I am not sure.

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Aaaa yes like what Laf would wear on a regular basis (and even formal if you want) or Alex just basically the squad and even papa George! (I'm the same anon who asked the question about outfits)


Alexander: on a typical day he wears jeans and a t-shirt, quite often one of those free ones you get from like events??? bc he just doesn’t care??? or jeans and a hoodie if its colder out, but ya like,, ,he doesn’t give a shit about how he dresses. he wears his hair up in a Super Messy Bun every damn day (but if he’s wearing a hoodie, his hair is down and his hood is up no matter what)

john: wears joggers or khakis and like running shoes ??? every day. every. day. only owns one sweater (the green one from papa gwash for christmas, chapter 20, 21, or 22 i think) , only wears neutral colours (browns, greens, tans, etc.) so laf calls him Safari Sam, literally NEVER wears his hair down unless he just had sex (bc pony tail against a pillow??? no good) so when he wears it down everyone Knows™ (and laf calls him Sex Hair until john locks himself in his room in defeat). his arms r always cold bc he refuses to wear long sleeves bc that would be admitting that the NYC weather wins

hercules: mY EMO SON, wears black skinny jeans and almost exclusively black shirts/sweaters (sometimes purple or navy too tho), owns the odd plaid flannel button-down but they’re reserved for special occasions (Valentine, my ttfou one shot), emo queen, always has those big headphones around his neck and his shirts are too long and he always ALWAYS has a beanie on, he has a whole beanie collection (the only gift the bois ever get him is beanies but he LOVES IT, he has one in every colour now), laf calls him his Goth Nugget (but in the most affectionate, endearing way that just makes herc laugh)

laf: HOOOO YAH Laf dresses nice every. single. day. it kills him that his friends don’t give a shit about the way they look for the most part (but part of him likes it bc it means he’s always the best dressed), typically wears a nice structured button-down (NOT PLAID THO WHO DO U THINK U ARE) with really super nice jeans and brown oxford shoes. if he feelin fancy sometimes he wears a sweater vest (but mostly bc herc thinks it makes him look nerd-cute). he wears his hair in a bun all hte time bc he thinks it makes him look more put together (but everyone loves when he wears his hair down), and once in awhile he hAs the B E S T winged eyeliner 


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Why do you think mac was out in the earlier episodes (besides Wolf Cola, I agree he wasn't)? Also why is the premiere chronologically last in your opinion? I figured it would also be irrelevant. Not hate, I love what you're doing I'm honestly rly curious!!

okay so! i’m just gonna bullet point this shit bc that seems like the easiest way to handle this

  • the gang turns black- mac talks very frankly and openly about musicals and doesn’t seem at all embarrassed about it (nor does anyone question it), the way i’d imagine things would go if he were still closeted at that point
  • i think he was closeted in water park because of all that drain bullshit– if he had been out at that point i think we would have just gotten an offhand comment about hot lifeguards or something, since his sexuality seems to be very understated now that he’s out.
  • old lady house- this was a tough one because there’s LITERALLY no way to tell based on mac’s actions in the episode. i think he’s out mostly because i think old lady house happened after ptsdee, based on how nice charlie and dennis are to each other in old lady house (seeing how they bonded in ptsdee)
  • wolf cola is pretty self-explanatory
  • making dennis reynolds a murderer literally doesn’t matter in the timeline bc the only thing that happens in the present day is the “murder is chips” conversation at the very end

you’re right that the gang turns black can technically go anywhere, since it’s mostly a dream sequence and therefore irrelevant. but i think mac’s discussion of musicals when they’re actually watching the wiz means mac was out at that point, so it must be someplace after hero or hate crime.

as for why i put it at the end, that came from an interesting theory that @richalperts shared with me last night! wherein at the end of dennis’ double life, things are relatively back to normal (or the gang is pretending they are) and they go back to dee’s apartment for movie night, thus making it so that the entire season loops back on itself.

the evidence for this theory is that the gang turns black was filmed around the same time dennis’ double life was. we STILL haven’t seen aniya wolf yet, either, and we know she’s set to make an appearance sometime this season. in the set photos that were posted of wolf on set, rob and charlie are wearing their clothes from the gang turns black. it might not mean anything, but it could point to a possible link between the two episodes, since we know the gang was wearing the same outfits in the dream that they were wearing the night before in real life.

this is a very long and wordy ask but hopefully it answered your questions!!

He Knows Pt. 2 || Rafinha Imagine

Note: Sorry I took about a thousand years to post this but college is literally driving me crazy. BUT HERE IT IS! I feel it is kind of meh, buuuut I promise pt. 3 will be better! Feedback, thoughts and suggestions are heavily encouraged!

Warnings: Mentions of blood? Neymar being Neymar. A couple of timeskips?

Of course Rafinha found out about your pregnancy, he must have asked the doctor to run the same pregnancy tests on you using the blood he got from you, just like you also requested the doctor, and let him know the results. That would explain why he spoke to the doctor outside of the room.

  The game had ended and you looked as the players greeted the rival team. “You should go talk to him, now.” Shakira said to you and you look at her, breaking from your small state of shock.

  “I should wait-”

  “He already knows, no point in hesitating. Go, go” she ushered you away and you smirk before you are making your way down to the tunnels, Shakira following right behind you.

  You spotted Rafinha walking into the field but an interviewer stopped him, so you looked at him from above as he spoke to him.

  “You had a great performance out there, but we also noticed that your celebration had a meaning and it shook everyone in the stadium. Can you explain in case that we had the wrong idea?” The interviewer asks and Rafa is chuckling, almost nervously with a mix of happiness. You found that extremely adorable.

  “I think everyone got the right idea” he chuckles. “Y/N and I are expecting a baby. We just found out as recently as today. She didn’t know I knew, but now she does in case you wondered why she looked so shocked” he says and looks up at you. “Still is, I think” the camera turns to you and you blush as you laugh and shake your head. Rafa motions you to come down to his side and in a couple of seconds you were by his side. He reaches and kisses your cheek as he holds your hand.

  “Congratulations on the baby news” the interviewer starts, “I guess I can say you have shocked everyone with the news. How are you feeling about everything? The crowd and everyone else is pretty excited” he says and smirks.

  “Honestly, I didn’t expect everyone to find out so soon. I thought I would be the one to deliver the news to Rafa and I was certainly wrong.” You giggle.

  “So, you both found out in different situations?”

  “Well, the doctor sent me the results before the match started, so I was already planning on how to tell Rafa about the news, but then he pulled that stunt and, well, I guess I wasn’t the only one that got the results” you answer, smiling brightly as Rafa chuckled.

  “Interesting way of finding out. Now you don’t have to think of making everything extra special, it already was because everyone found out” the interviewer said and you nod your head with a grin, so does your boyfriend. “Thank you for the interview, Y/N and Rafinha. Congratulations once again.”

  “Thank you” you and Rafa say at the same time before he takes you through the tunnels.

  “You know, you are too sneaky for my own sake” you tease and Rafa chuckles happily.

  “I had to know if it was true. I was being suspicious already” he admits. “Gerard gave me a few hints to watch out for, and” he pauses, “The text message Shakira sent in all caps today didn’t help you” you arch an eye brow and he grins. “I saw your phone light up, I only moved to see who it was and the message was all in caps” he shrugs.

  “That explains a lot” you smirk before stopping before the locker room, making him stop as well. “I know” you start, “this isn’t the best place to ask this…but, are you okay with this? I mean, we never-” he cuts you off.

  “Shh. We will speak later about this, okay?” He kisses your lips with a smile and you feel like there was nothing to worry about.

  As he is about to go into the locker room Lucho comes out and glares at both of you. Lucho has always cared for you in so many levels that you might have started to consider him like a second father. So you try your best to master a smile. Rafinha though, moves into the room quickly, leaving you with Luis. Thank you, Rafael.

  “So, is it true?” Lucho asks and you feel yourself flinching inside.

  “Yep…We both found out today” you explain, your heart beating slightly fast.

  “Hm…” he hums before eyeing you. “You won’t drop from your studies?” He asks, but his tone was stating it wasn’t a question, but a slight order.

  “Of course not. I’m almost done, I won’t just drop when I’m so close” you say and he nods his head, his face neutral, and you certainly didn’t know what to expect.

  “Good…” he pauses before he smiles, “Congratulations” he says, making you grin and he opens his arms, making you go straight to hug him. “You can count with me for anything, okay?” He says and you feel him grin making you nod your head.

  “Thank you, Luis” you start, “You have looked out for me ever since I showed up…”

  “You are a good person, Y/N, its all over you. Everyone likes you and I see you as part of the family, not because you are with Rafael, but because you made yourself a spot in all of us” he says and you grin brightly, nodding your head as in thank you as your cheeks flushed. “I’ll see you at practice. Be safe” he pats your shoulder and walks away.

  You lean against the wall in front of the locker room door as you wait for Rafa. Neymar being the first one to come out, earbuds around his ear before he spots you. “There she is, the one that will make me an uncle” he says as he ruffles your hair making you squirm.

  “Ney” you whine playfully, running a hand through your hair to fix the mess. “You are the worst” you say with a giggle.

  “Congrats, get ready to no sleep, no more quiet house, and having your hands full always” he teases.

  “Shut up.”

  “Comes from the one who has a kid, mark my words” he says, pointing at you. “It was about time he took a bigger step.”

  “Do you think he wants this?”

  “Of course he does. He was waiting for the right girl. I mean, if not, he wouldn’t have…” he trails off and moved his eye brows in that way that you knew he was talking about sex.

  “Please, stop” you groan and both of you chuckle.

  “Hey, I was going to say that he wouldn’t have made it public right away. Geez, that mind of yours…”

    “Sure you were. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to expect from your insinuations” you roll your eyes teasingly.

  “Only the best” he says and he even bats his eyelashes making you giggle and push him away.

  “Congrats on the baby news, Y/N” Leo says as he approaches you, Suarez following behind.

  “Hey” you say with a grin. You were a sucker for Leo, who wasn’t? And seeing him up close was a dream come true as well as him knowing of your existence. “Thanks.”

  “Now Rafa won’t shut up talking about this. At least he made the dad’s team” Saurez says and him and Ney high five.

  “I am like Neymar’s dad already, what are you talking about?” Rafa says as he comes out of the locker room, Marc following behind him.

  “Congratulations, Y/N” he said, placing his hand on your shoulder before he kisses your cheek, winking at you.

  “Thank you, Marc” you reply with a grin before he turns to walk away.

  You got lost in whatever conversation Rafa was having with the trident, but you noticed they were joking around. Rafinha takes a spot on your side, an arm going aroumd your waist, pulling you close and kissing your temple lovingly. They continued to joke, Suarez and Neymar saying some of their experience with their kids while Messi listened and chuckled eventually.

  “Want to go?” Rafa asks and you shrug. “I’ll see you later, guys” he waves off and you do so as well. You two walk out of the stadium and to the spot Rafa’s car was at. He opens the door for you, but you hear him dropping his bag before he spins you around and picks you up. “We are going to be parents!” He says happily and you laugh, arms going around his neck. He chuckles and peppers the side of your face with cute small kisses, earning a giggle from you.

  “I’m happy you are excited” you admit once he settles you down.

  “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?” He cups your face and gives your forehead a kiss.

  “I don’t know, I didn’t know how you felt about kids, and we never talked or mentioned them…” You say and purse your lips, arms going around his waist.

  “You never asked” he teased and you glare at him as he chuckles. “I would lie if I said it was in my short term plan, I wanted kids but didn’t expect it so soon” he admits and your head nods. “Honestly, I’d be more worried about you. I mean, you are almost done and everything, but I’m not sure if you have more plans…” he trails off and you smile.

  You were well aware that you two were still at the parking lot of the Camp Nou where the players parked. “You don’t need to worry about me, I’ll be fine” you assured him. “My plans are still the same. They still include us” you say with a grin. He grinned back, placing his hand on your belly and kissed you happily, making you sigh into the kiss before you noticed a slight flash even when your eyes were closed. “Cameras” you say as you pull away.

  “We should go” he says and you giggle before you get in the car, him following right after and left the parking lot.

    Three months have gone by after Rafinha and you have found out you were pregnant. There were pictures of the two of you everywhere in the social media, and most of the time that you have gone out you get a photo taken by or with someone. You didn’t mind it. Rafa, on the other hand, got worried of you going around alone and people following you.

  “Next time, wait for me to get from training and I’ll take you to the mall” he says from his spot on the bed besides you, his hand on your small bump.

  “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about it” you assure him as you place your hand on his cheek.

  “I guess that I won’t make you stay away from the game tomorrow, right?”

  “When have I missed one of your games?”

  “That day you were at the doctor.”

  “Okay, that one wasn’t my fault” you add with a smirk pointing at him which he tries to bite making you giggle.

  “Fine” you finally get him to agree and you smile, leaning forward to kiss his lips which he returns. His hand slips under your shirt and remains on the bump. “I can’t wait to know, I hope its a boy” he admits before adding, “or a girl, but I already have one to protect and she is stubborn” he says and you glare at him playfully.

  “I do most of the things you ask. Staying home all day isn’t a choice. You know I like walking around, and I like going to the mall” you say and pout.

  “Alright. I won’t try to change your mind…For now” he adds and you roll your eyes before he leans in to kiss your lips again, pulling away and getting comfortable on the bed which you follow right after.

  “I love you” he whispers after he reached to turn off the light on his side.

  “I love you too, Rafa” you run your thumb over his hand and fall asleep in just a few minutes.

    “You look beautiful, baby bumps suit you” Shakira says making you giggle. You haven’t seen her for a while since she has been recording music videos and such, you were glad to see your partner in crime again.

  “Thank you, how are the kids doing?” You ask, stealing a glance at the field since the game started the second half and your boyfriend was on the field. You spot him easily running and tackling the rival team, so you turn back to Shakira as she spoke.

  “They are doing great. Milan loves playing football at the school. I think Geri is encouraging him by showing him moves. Sasha is just getting into it. Soon I’ll have a small team apparently” she says with a laugh.

  “I think we already do, Milan, Benjamin, Thiago, now Davi, we got part of it already” you say with a grin.

  “True. I hope if he is a boy, he can catch up with them. We can have the whole team” she says and you laugh.

  You turn your attention again to the game, spotting Rafa at the other end of the field. Then all of a sudden, he is falling and you see he is hit by Marc making you cringe. “That hurt me” you say. Then you notice it, your boyfriend not moving from the spot and Marc leaning down to check on him before he calls the paramedics. “Oh my God, Rafa” you say as you stand up. They move him out of the field with blood running down his face.

  “I gotta go” you say quickly to Shakira before you start moving down the stairs. You took a few glances to his position, noticing he was being bandaged. Soon enough, in the next glance you take, he is being helped up and leading him around the field to take him to the tunnels you assume. You are quick to move down the stairs that led to them. As you did, you heard the fans scared about your boyfriend, mentions of too much blood were being made and you started to panic.

  Once at the tunnels, you wait on a side, fingers fidgeting nervously in front of you and as soon as you see him walking down, you rush up to him. He didn’t look good, he looked dizzy, half way to being pale. “Rafa” before you can say anything else he speaks, taking your hand.

  “I’m okay, you don’t need to worry about it.”

  “Rafael you were bleeding, that’s not okay and it’s something I should definitely worry about” you say as you support him. You look at one of the staff members, and he knows instantly what you wanted to ask.

  “We will take a better look at it. He lost blood so he is dizzy, but he will be okay” he assures you.

  “Can I..?” You trail off and he nods his head as they reach the First Aid room, you helping your boyfriend along the way as well even if it wasn’t needed since they were supporting him, but you still did, as well as helping him onto the bed.

  You take a seat a few feet away from him, giving space to the doctors to work but you watched their every move. They took out the bandage and one of them winced, “We will get some stitches up there, you seem to have a slightly broken nose, but its nothing too serious since you haven’t mentioned it” one of them says and your eyes widen.

  “How bad is it?” You ask, standing from your current position.

  “Its deep, but-” you move forward to look, Rafa with his eyes closed. As you see the cut, you gasp terrified.

  “Love, they said it will be fine…”

  “Rafael I can see through it, how can you say it will be fine!” Was it obvious you were worried sick?

  “He will be okay in a few weeks, I promise. The stitches should do the work and place these on his nose so it gets back in place” another paramedic says and you frown at the bag he gave you with bandages.

  “He won’t miss the rest of the season, right?”

  “No, maybe a game or two, we will work around it” one of the paramedics assure you before they start getting ready to stitch the cut. You wince at the sight of it and look somewhere else since you aren’t very fond of needles

    “You do realize I’m only injured on my face, right? I can do things. You should be resting” Rafinha says on rhe second day after his injury.

  “They said you need to rest or else they wouldn’t have sent you off for a couple of days” you say as you bring him some of his tea.

  “I can still move, princess” he says and pats at the spot by his side which you take. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

  “We are okay” you say with a grin and lean against him, arms going around you.

  “Good” he says and kisses the back of your head, palms resting on your bump after he paused his FIFA game. “I should be the one taking care of you two, not the way around.”

  “You need rest, I don’t do anything I can’t handle, you know that. Plus, you always take care of us.”

  “When has that ever stopped me?” That was true, so you stay silent. “When is your next appointment? They should tell us the gender now, right?”

  “I guess. Its next Thursday” you say and he mutters something.

  “I can go, it isn’t match day…I think.”

  “And even if it were, you need to rest” you glare up at him.

  “What a caring girlfriend I have” he says with a smile before leaning down to kiss your cheek.

  Days later, Rafinha and Neymar decided to go to the mall to get some things and to hang out and they asked you to tag alone. You two walk towards Neymar who was waiting for the two of you at the entrance of the mall, leaning against a wall with his cap and glasses on. Your boyfriend only had his glasses and a cute beanie on and you decided to do the same on the glasses. They didn’t want to draw too much attention and if you stayed uncovered, people will put two and two together since you have become popular.

  “You three look great” Ney says with a smirk.

  You, not getting the hint, look behind you, making Rafa and Ney chuckle. That’s when it clicks.

  “I hate you” you say with a smirk. Neymar comes over and places a hand on your bump before kissing your cheek.

  “Do you know the gender already? I need to know to buy things.”

  “We will know on Thursday. Trust us, we want to know too” your boyfriend answers making you smile. He sounds so excited. Every time he mentioned something related to the baby he’d grin. “Thiago has been insisting too, been calling for a few days now.”

  “He called to check on you” you correct, “then spends some good minutes asking about the baby and how he is getting familiar with the whole idea” you say to Neymar.

  “How has he been acting? He looked after you a lot before, don’t want to imagine now.”

  “You realize that I’m right here, right?” Rafinha asks his friend.

  “You know him. I walk on my own because he can’t, but he tries” you tease and your boyfriend scoffs.

  “I want to get some new shirts for Davi and some for a party I’ll go later this week” Neymar says as you three walk in the mall.

  “I need more beanies to cover my forehead” Rafa says making you all laugh softly.

  “You still look attractive” you say, giving his hand a small squeeze.

  “From hot to attractive, that was a big downgrade. I’m sorry, irmao” Ney teased and you can’t help but laugh. Rafa, on the other hand, flicked his finger against Neymar’s cheek.

  “Ow. Stop being jealous of my hot face” Here they go again.

  “I’m going to check some maternity shirts while you kids play” and with that you go into the store, but not before you saw them go into the store in front.

  You didn’t imagine yourself buying these kind of clothing at this time, but it was happening and you couldn’t be happier. The store had a little bit of everything, so you see baby clothe in a corner and that’s where you go. You look at the onesies and the cute little shoes. There were two you decided to take, neutral colors, because they were absolutely cute.

  “Those are adorable, I bought them for my kid” you hear a man say and you turn around.

  “Thanks” you say with a smile.

  “Shopping for a gift?”

  “Actually I’m buying for myself, but thanks for indirectly saying I don’t look pregnant” you say with a small giggle.

  “If you didn’t say it I wouldn’t have guessed. Not many expecting mothers have those looks and moods. They usually are moody and walk around in whatever they find” the man says and you smile.

  “Well thank you for the compliment, again” you smile.

  “I can show you the newest clothing we got, consider it a ‘sneak peek’ ” he says, that’s when you notice that he works in the store.

  Your lips open to accept, but someone beats you to it. “Thank you, but we are in a rush right now” Rafael. You turn around quickly and find your boyfriend looking at the other. He had his glasses on, but it was obvious he was glaring at him. “Ready to go, love?”

  “I…” You look at the guy who was frowning before he turned around. “I’ll just buy this…” You say, raising your hand to show the small shoes and clothing set. “Rafa…”

  “Here, I’ll get that” he says, taking the items and going to pay at the cash register.

  “Were you jealous?” You ask as you two walk out of the store.

  “He was eyeing you ever since you got in the store” he says through his clenched teeth.

  “Maybe because he recognized me?”

  “If he did, he would’ve recognized me too and he wouldn’t have been being so extra.”

  “You are totally jealous.” You stop and he let’s out a huff before looking somewhere else. “Hey, you know I don’t want anyone else, Rafa. I mean, have you met yourself?” You say with a laugh and take a step closer.

  “Every day, I can’t stop amazing myself” he jokes, giving in and you push him playfully as you laugh. He pulls you by your hips and kisses you softly, a smile curving his lips as well as yours.

  “Finally noticed that she won’t leave you for a man who doesn’t have a broken nose and a deep cut on his face?”

  “I’m going to kill him” Rafa says with a groan making you laugh after you pulled away.

  “Kill him for me” you joke and Rafa turns around to look at Neymar whose hazel eyes widened.

  “Oops?” He smiles, making it look like he regretted it, but his entire expression, and by knowing Neymar, you knew he wasn’t. That was when your boyfriend went after him making you laugh as you followed them at your own pace.

  It was finally Thursday and Rafa and yourself were evidently anxious and excited to know the gender of the baby. You were lying down on the bed, shirt pulled up to reveal your bump. Rafa was sitting right besides you as the doctor worked around and rubbed the instrument along your belly.

  “So?” Rafinha asks, being anxious already. He hasn’t stopped looking at the screen ever since it started to reveal your growing baby.

  “Congratulations” the doctor pauses with a grin. “It’s a…”

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Hello! I don't know if this was asked before or not but why do a lot of animators post their videos on Vimeo? Is there any specific reason for choosing Vimeo and not Youtube or whatever?

I have my own opinions on this, not sure what the others think but…

Youtube tends to take down videos that have copyrighted content in it and I’ve always prefer to go with the safer option. Plus, Vimeo allows you to replace/update videos without losing stats. 

I do post my animations on Youtube but I’ve always prefer Vimeo, especially since it’s a good community for professionals and you’re more likely to receive friendlier or constructive feedbacks there compared to Youtube.

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it makes me laugh when ppl come here like "do you have steggy recs" "do you have samsteve recs" or god forbid "do you have buckynat recs" when you're literally called the stucky library lmao it reminds me of the post "is jake gyllenhaal gay? why would you as us, a narnia blog, this"

as much as i can understand why they would ask us, a stevebucky blog, for some not-stevebucky, we’re not much help so jokes on them i guess

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just out of curiosity, why did you choose to center your blog around the fells as kids instead of adults?

((Oh! Ahahaha, well, actually for two very simple reasons!

1) A ton of my headcanons for the fellbros once they’re older are pretty angst-y and I wanted to do something more happy and positive for the AU. Thus, I figured it’d be easier and a lot more fun to just focus on them in their early years~!

2) To avoid shipping asks ^^;; (And not just for ships that you might think I’m trying to ignore—honestly speaking, there’s only so many ways I can answer the question “Sans, who do you have a crush on?” or “Papyrus, do you think x is cute?” before it gets stale. That’s ultimately not what this blog is about hahahah)

That said, it’s definitely not like I won’t ever draw them older? I adore the fellbros immensely and I have a ton of ideas, but I’d rather put my energy into creating positive, fluffy stuff for Underfell first and leaving the angst for rougher days :’D

So, essentially, it’s not off the table—it’s just not a priority atm~ ;u;))

Man, fuck, I know I probably complain about this too much, but some nights the pain and pins and needles feeling and general discomfort make sleep impossible. Which is why I have been up all night. And yeah, I tool extra pain meds, but I’d have to take way more than I am comfortable with the idea of taking before I would actually be able to sleep.

(And btw, because someone usually asks, I know that when you “like” my pain posts that it’s meant as support, not that you’re enjoying my pain or anything.)

Back on the topic of this post;

  • Her name is Patience Ziya Nurse-Oluransi
  • She discovers makeup at eight years old when she witnesses her dada doing his makeup and pays extra close attention
    • She also asks a lot of questions about said makeup
    • “Why are you putting brown flour on your face, dada?”
    • “Dada that stuff made your dots go away!”
    • “I’m telling daddy you’re hiding!”
    • Ransom thought it was hilarious and Nursey had to explain that even though, yes, he knows he’s pretty he feels prettier with the makeup on
  • As she gets older she becomes used to seeing Nursey doing his makeup an eventually she starts doing it too
  • By age thirteen she can do a perfect contour and her eyebrows are constantly flawless
  • Nursey is a very proud dada
    • Ransom is just constantly surprised by how pretty his spouse and daughter are
    • With and without makeup

This might get a bit long so here have a cut

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