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One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Totto Land Arc] : Yonkō Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin vs “Soul King” Brook


Welp. I need new underwear. What a chapter. Never would I have guessed Charlotte’s full power would be revealed so soon in the game, and against Brook no less!! Don’t get me wrong Brook is a great Strawhat but I think we can all agree he fell off the radar post-time skip. His swordsmanship was unique but paled in comparison to Zoro’s and the whole diva bit felt kinda forced. BUT DAMN, ODA IS NOT MESSING AROUND THIS ARC. Complete counter to a Yonkō I mean talk about blindsiding the entire fandom. This arc just keeps getting better and better. I’m still hoping Caesar Clown is the trigger to the next big war between Kaidō & Big Mom with the W.G. & Germa 66 backing either side. Soul King! 


Some People Just Don't Understand
  • Friend: Why are you smiling so big?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Friend: Holy shit, why are you crying?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Me: *screams in horror*
  • Friend: What? What's wrong?
  • Me: This damn book.
  • Me: *turns the page*
  • Me: *laughs hysterically*
  • Friend: GOD FUCKING--

I love that post with the plus size dance studio ladies called pretty big movement and most of the comments are so lovely but there are a couple like “BUT IF THEY DANCE ALL THE TIME WOULDN’T THEY BE SKINNY/BE BURNING CALORIES??!?!?!”

why is this so important, 







people are allowed to be different sizes, why is this still so shocking. I’ve been doing cardio and much healthier eating for 6 months and I have lost minimal weight but I’m a damn lot fitter and healthier. some people are thin, some people are fat, can we all just be cool with this now?

Paladin Danse would’ve had such a good character arc but instead it was completely and utterrly wasted by his idle redundant comments and likes/dislikes that remain exactly the same even after Blind Betrayal. It makes me so angry. Like why go through the effort of writing that big plot twist for his character and then not do a blessed thing with it? You wouldn’t lay the foundation for a house and then not build the damn house. So why give him all that character development and not have it go anywhere??? I don’t understand it.

Learn Russian|Russian Slang

Today I decided to start kind of masterposts for people who learn Russian. I will post some information and vocabulary. So, I hope, it will be helpful for Russian language learners. Let’s start!

Slang is important part of language, I feel this, when someone write “tysm” or “bc”, and I have to think what this person means 😂 I want to introduce you Russian slang so you can understand what native speakers mean

•Actually, big part of Russian slang is English words written Russian letters. For example: lol - лол, omg - омг, damn - дэмн, really - рили, why - вай, wtf - втф

What - что ➡ чо, че
Why - почему ➡ поч
OK - ладно ➡ лан
Shortly speaking - короче ➡ короч, крч
Thank you - спасибо ➡ спс
You’re welcome/please - пожалуйста ➡ пжлст

*angry* - аргх
*surprising* - жесть, ничоси
*happy* - ура, щастье, щастлив

•Kinds of laugh :)

•Ways of dealing to friends:
Dudes - чуваки
Guys - ребята, ребзя

•Some people use “he/she” or their names when talk about themselves. Don’t ask me why, idk 😂 •Also, girls can use male endings when talk about themselves. Again, don’t ask

Wish you productive day!

underbree replied to your post “Ohhhh kayyyy…”

I don’t get why so many times blogs still talk about Taylor on such a regular basis it’s so annoying and I had to unfollow some people over it, they became Taylor gossip blogs more than Tom blogs

See the thing for me is… Taylor has her criticisms in and of themselves, completely separated from Tom and their summer fling. So Taylor being spoken about might fall just under that category. 

BUT, and that’s a big ol ghetto booty but, some blogs–like you said–are more focused on dragging her IN RELATION to Tom. Meaning they only really give two shits about her because of him. 

Now I don’t follow too many tom blogs. I spared myself some fuckery when I deleted alwayslistentojay and only refollowed a handful on this one (rather my main one) so I don’t see too much of the excessive Taylor talk. That only comes my way if someone I do follow reblogs it for whatever reason, or if I go a-stalkin’ on some blogs looking for Hiddles gifs and run into some posts and shit. 

But this is a problem that happened over the summer too, remember? I think I made a post on hellandfandoms about it once or twice. About ppl piggybacking on WOC legit criticisms of Taylor and her brand of “feminism” just so they could shit on their fave’s new GF. So they pretended they had the same concerns we did, but really they just didn’t like her b/c they really didn’t want any woman to be with Tom. So now that they’re over they’re still not done with it. B/c now they don’t have any reason to trash her on their own. (Most of the WOC I follow who spoke up about Taylor have long moved on both from the fandom and from this entire thing.) So w/o those voices to hold onto, they’re just left with their own dislike. Which is why they’ll revel in any and all gossip about the girl. 

Like I’ve literally seen blogs (blogs that were like me about the whole Hiddleswift fuckery) beg their anons to stop talking about them only for the anons to come back with even MORE shit. And, yo, deadass it’s EXHAUSTING. Like *sings* aren’t you tired?


Pages 141-145 of No Red Sweaters (I’ve forgotten why I’m mentioning the page numbers but damned if I’m going to stop now).

I had a brief fantasy of finishing NRS completely while the internet was down and posting it in increments for a while, but then our connection popped up again so I thought I might as well get these five posted.  More to come soon?  maybe?  Again, as I try to mention with every update, I don’t have any update schedule and don’t know when I’ll post again!

That said, we’re getting very very close to the end.  Like, really close.  Only one more big plot point to wrap up before I get into the final sequence.

Read more here!

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Unanswered question:

Why is SM suing Luhan and Kris when their not in the company anymore?

Why did SM kick Jessica out of the Girls Generation?

Why is TS calling B.A.P liars? 

Why hasn’t Big Bang had a comeback?

Why did Russell Wilson throw the ball when he could have given it to Lynch?

Krypton, Rao and the physics of their planetary system

I just want to take a moment to talk about fictional solar systems, because why not.

So Rao (the star) is generally said to be either a red dwarf (early comics) or a red giant (a later retcon), and tbh the difference between those two stars is pretty damn big

A red giant is a star of intermediate mass (somewhere between 0.5 and 8 times the mass of our Sun) that is in a late stage of its stellar evolution. They are very large (a radius tens to hundreds of times larger than the sun) and they used to be stars kind of like our own Sun, before they expanded. They are incredibly bright, but not in the way we think of it when looking at the Sun, part of their brightness isn’t actually visible to our human eyes. Still, pretty bright. They also have a pretty short lifespan (astronomically speaking, so a few billion years at most; the bigger the star, the shorter the lifespan, is a general rule) before their core collapses and the star ejects its outer layers, destroys any of its remaining planets, and turns into a little white dwarf star.

A red dwarf is a small (somewhere between 0.01 and 0.50 times the mass of our Sun) and pretty damn faint. They also live an incredibly long time, theoretically up to trillions of years.

If Rao was a red giant (as they’ve said more recently): 

  • Theoretically Krypton would have received a lot more sunlight than Earth ever has, though at a different peak wavelength (though I’m not sure how much that would matter in comparison to how the planet’s atmosphere scattered and filtered that light before it hit the surface (planetary atmospheres aren’t my speciality). Depending on it’s composition, it’s possible that Rao’s light would look remarkably similar to the Sun’s with a blue sky and everything or the sky could be orange with a red sun, idk). 
  • If life began on a planet back when the star first formed, it would have likely been eaten up by the expanding red giant at the beginning of the red giant stage of its evolution (like the Earth will when the Sun eventually turns into a giant). So, we have to start the biological clock at the point the star becomes a red giant. 
  • It’s generally thought that a planet orbiting a red giant would be inhabitable, but some research suggests that a planet could exist in the “habitable zone” for a few billion years at most if it’s in juuuust the right position. Considering it took Earth 4.5 billion years to produce us, I’m not sure if a few billion would be enough to create a species as advanced as the Kryptonians. BUT, it is possible.

If Rao is a red dwarf: 

  • Krypton would be tidally locked with Rao, meaning that the same side of the planet would always face the star (kind of like our moon), leaving half the planet in perpetual day and the other in eternal night (which is honestly kind of cool). 
  • And that means that the atmosphere of the planet could be very uneven, and possibly freezing the air on the far side of the planet. 
  • They also produce a lot of sunspots and sun flares, which would drastically decrease and increase the star’s energy output, respectively, for months at a time possibly.
  • Also, red dwarfs emit almost entirely in the infrared spectrum, with little visible light and almost no UV light. so Kryptonians would have to evolve an entirely different method of seeing than us (meaning they’d probably have eyes sensitive to infrared radiation, making their vision more like a thermographic camera). Again, kind of cool.

I don’t really have anything conclusive to say, just that fictional planets and stars are very interesting to me.

(but take all this with a grain of salt, because my speciality was in cluster and galaxy dynamics, not in exoplanets and stellar evolution. anyone else please contribute bc I want to know all about it.)

I just want the best for my family, my future and myself. The only reason why I want to make big is so that I can repay my parents for all they have done for me. I want to make them proud. I want to give them the world. And I will achieve that goal one day, one way or another and I’ll be able to look back at this post and say to myself “damn I told you so.”

Man’s Best Friend

I’ve stopped using any other companion in Fallout 4 but Dogmeat.


Because he’s the only one who doesn’t constantly make some dumbshit comment when I’m picking up scrap during a mission.

“So, you’re into antiques …”

“What’re you taking THAT for?”

“Okay, I’m sure you’ll find some kind of use for that …”

“Just don’t expect ME to carry it.”






You know what? Why don’t you take your mouthy ass back to the fucking Red Rocket and constantly hammer the same spot on the wall for sixteen hours like you seem to enjoy doing so much, and me and the goddamned dog will save the Commonwealth.

Buncha ungrateful sons of bitches …

Why does Sharon/Bucky automatically equal being a gross ship? I keep seeing posts like “I hate that bitch!!! She kicked poor wittle baby Bucky in the face. I hope he and Steve kill her after it happens!!!! Bucky would never be with her!” People are actively hoping she dies for daring to protect herself, civilians, or even Bucky from himself. However, people are jumping on the T’Challa/Bucky train like “Yaaaasssssssss, kick him T’Challa. Punch him harder!! Scratch him with your big ol’ claws!! It’s just foreplay. MEOW!” I’m not here for the infantilization of Bucky, the fetishization of T’Challa, or the tearing down of Sharon. Y’all are gross and need Jesus in your life.

The Big Bang Theory

Why do I love Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler? Because they’re both GENIUSES AND SO SOCIALLY AWKWARD. It’s hilarious to watch! Their dancing makes me squeal lmao! I like that they aren’t a typical couple, they make up their own rules.  Why am I posting this now? Because of the damn cliffhanger we were left with! I mean, he was about to propose! WHAT?! That’s huge! But they broke up instead..ugh. ( I mean, personally I’m surprised Amy stuck around for so long…being in a relationship with Sheldon is not easy(understatement, lol) I’m just glad this show has another 3 guaranteed seasons AT LEAST.  So, since idk what to do until the next season premiere’s, here’s some lovely “Shamy.”

“Sheldon, there’s something else I’ve been wanting to say, but before I do, I just, I want you to know you don’t have to say it back. I know you’re not ready and I don’t want you to say it just because social convention dictates-” 

“I love you, too”

“You said it”