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You Belong With Me

Anon Request: Can you do a barry allen imagine where y/n is also a meta human working with star labs and she loves barry but he loves iris and she wants to tell him how she feels

Words: 1300ish

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader


“…and this is the Cortex. This is the home base of Team Flash.”

Goosebumps ran over your body and your stomach fluttered as you heard the silvery voice of Barry Allen. A short moment passed, before you were brought out of your daze by Iris’ voice. You couldn’t help but to roll your eyes as the two continued walking into the room. Iris’ eyes began to wander around the room, astonished by the technology and wonder of it all. Jealousy bubbled in your stomach as you watched the way Barry looked at Iris. You longed for the same look of adoration from Barry.

“Barry, this is so magnificent! Why didn’t you tell me that you were The Flash sooner? Next thing I know, you’re going to tell me (Y/N) is a metahuman.”

Barry gave you a quick smirk, as two children would do when they were keeping  a secret. He quickly looked back to Iris before she noticed the exchanged glance.

“You know I didn’t tell you because your dad and I wanted to keep you safe.” He said, as he walked around the desks ignoring Caitlin, Cisco and yourself and continued to explain the equipment to Iris. After Barry finished showing Iris the Cortex, they both engaged in conversation with Caitlin and Cisco.

Jealousy continued to build in your stomach as you saw Caitlin and Cisco laugh at a joke Iris told. Not only was she had she captivated the man of your dreams, she was slowly stealing your friends. Suddenly, you looked over and saw one of your papers begin to float in the air. You quickly slammed the paper on the desk, the loud noise drawing attention to yourself.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” Iris questioned. The rest of the group looked at you knowing what had happened.

“Yeah, I’m fine. There was just a bug on my paper, so I hit it.” You said, rushing out the last part. Iris smiled at you awkwardly and engaged back in her conversation with Barry. Your cheeks flushed red due to your envy. Since no one was looking in your direction, you used your telekinetic powers and moved around papers.

“Why won’t any of them talk to me?”

You continued to play around with your powers, moving tiny objects and not bringing attention to yourself again. Before letting out a soft, exasperated sigh, you noticed a glass of water sitting on the edge of the desk by Iris. No matter how hard you attempted to ignore the urge, it just got stronger.

The envied urge reigned strong before you finally gave into the devil on your shoulder. Focusing in on the glass, you slowly began to shake it. With a quick flip of your hand, the glass fell off the desk and into Iris’ lap.

Iris jumped up and shattered the glass in the progress.

“Oh my god, I’m soaking wet! How in the world did that just happen?” She patted her lap in hopes of drying herself off. You couldn’t help but to softly giggle at the situation but also feel guilty about what you had done. Barry stood up and quickly picked up the glass shards.

“Iris, come on, let me take you home,” Barry said, moving her towards the exit of the Cortex.

“No Barry. That’s okay, I can do it myself,” she said, her voice still laced with confusion as to what had happened. Iris ran out of Star Labs as quickly as possible. After Iris had left, all looks were focused on you.

“(Y/N), what the hell was that,” Barry screamed. You kept your head down, fearing to make eye contact with him.

“She was getting a little too close to you and I did not enjoy it,” you thought. No, you couldn’t say that. Your love towards Barry was your best kept secret, no one knew about it.

“I’m so sorry Barry. I wasn’t aiming for Iris; I was trying to spill the water on Cisco. I still have to find a way to get revenge on Cisco after he pranked me. That was how I was going to do it.”

Barry laughed, remembering your’s and Cisco’s ongoing prank war. “It’s okay (Y/N). I’m sorry that I shouted.” He walked towards you and hugged you. Barry grabbed his jacket and walked towards the door.

“Hey, we’re still best friends right?”

“Yeah, best friends,” you nodded. You felt your heart break as he walked out of Star Labs.

“You like him don’t you?” You were brought out of your heartbroken daze by the sound of Cisco’s voice.


“(Y/N), you like Barry. It’s so obvious.”

A blush started to rise to your cheeks at the thought of your crush not being a secret anymore.

“Is it really,” you asked, dropping your head in shame. Caitlin and Cisco nodded their heads.

“(Y/N), from one woman to another, just tell him how you feel,” Caitlin told you. Your eyes widened at the thought of telling Barry your feelings. You quickly shook your head ‘no’. Contemplating on the thought for a few minutes made it seem like a good idea. A smile spread across your face.

Caitlin pointed her finger at the door, directing you to leave. You quickly grabbed your things at ran out of the door.


You can do this. You can do this. You think to yourself, walking up to your best friend’s door. You were going to say that you liked him, you have for almost a year now. You knock on the door before you can back out. Shit, you aren’t prepared for this.

“Hey!” Barry greets you as he opens the door.

"Hi.” You say, rubbing your arm. “Can I come in?” You ask, motioning to the house.

"Of course.” He smiles and opens the door wide, letting you in.

"I just wanted to apologize for this afternoon at work. That was so unlike me, I have no idea what came over me.” Your voice was low. You played with your fingers, trying to not feel as awkward as you did.

“(Y/N), I don’t know why you’re apologizing. You were just trying to prank Cisco, Iris was just caught in the crossfire.” Both of you laughed but you were awkwardly laughing due to Barry’s naivety to the situation.

“About that Barry, I-I kind of, might have lied. I wasn’t really trying to prank Cisco, and that’s why I’m here. It’s because I have something to tell you. You might want to sit down.” You breathe out, your voice shaky.

Barry sits next to you on the couch and you place your hands in his. “Barry, I-I-I don’t know how to say this but, I l-love you.” Your voice got quieter as you quickly said the last part. He removed your hands from his and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Um…wow, (Y/N), that’s sweet and all, but I, I don’t feel the same. I love Iris and I have for a long time.“

You immediately look down at your hands that are now laced together in your lap before slowly nodding, an embarrassed look spreading across your formerly smiling face.

"Don’t get me wrong, you’re a sweet girl. But I’m not the one for you.”

“Barry, I don’t understand why you’re hung up on Iris. She still loves Eddie, and she’ll always see you as her best friend! Why can’t you see that I understand you Barry? She doesn’t know what it’s like to be a metahuman and she never will. You belong with me Barry,” you spat. Your words were laced with hurt and anger. Barry looked at you with great sympathy. You grabbed your things and began walking towards the front door.

“We can still be friends,” Barry says in a defeated tone. You stop walking and turn around to face him, “No we can’t. Everything’s gonna awkward now.”

”(Y/N), it’s just a small crush, this will all blow over, and we’ll forget about it in, like, two days tops.”

“Barry, I’ve liked you for a year! I wouldn’t necessarily call that a ‘small crush’!”


"Just drop it. Forget this all happened.” You stormed off down the street, leaving you frustrated and Barry without a best friend.

Jeopardy, Part Two, Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: Part two to Jeopardy!

Words: 837

Author’s Note: I don’t know if you guys knew this but writing/reading angst males me feel so horrible so when people requested a sequel…well…I needed to redeem myself. Kinda inspired by this very famous scene from ‘Love Actually’. (Only kinda.)

Warnings: Talk of divorce?

Askbox | Masterlist | Part One

You trusted Lafayette with packing away your wedding dress. He said he knew somebody, and you felt much better knowing it wouldn’t be sitting in your closet collecting dust.

Especially when you filed for divorce. You wouldn’t be able to see that thing in your closet everyday.

You never thought you would even have to see it again. Then your daughter announced her engagement and insisted on having your gown tailored for the ceremony.

You didn’t argue, you simply called up your old friend, someone you hadn’t seen or spoken to in years.

He was a widow and a father. The last time you had spoken was at his wedding. That was when you were lugging around toddlers. When you still thought you were in love.

He told you he was more than happy to track it down, and gave you a time and his address. He now lived in the suburbs, a place he claimed to detest back when you shared a rather expensive, dingy apartment in the city.

He gave you a tour of his place, an empty nest as his son had started college out of state. He showed you the boxes, three off-white packages. Your dress, your veil, your shoes.

“Do you want to try them on?” He asked before he could stop himself. He forgot about the divorce, about what it could bring up in you.

“I doubt they’ll fit anymore. Thank you for keeping them safe.” You brushed it off.

He offered you a drink and you took it, laughing when he told you Jeopardy was on. You sat on his couch, just as you did all those years ago. You didn’t put your legs over his lap. He didn’t answer the questions you knew he knew the answers to.

After the first round, you sighed, staring at the boxes. Finally, you rolled your eyes, standing up and sweeping them into your arms. He showed you to a bathroom and you stood in contemplation for 15 minutes before undressing and struggling to zip the gown up.

You pushed your hair behind you ears and forced your veil onto your hair. You considered going out without your shoes, but your dress dragged uncomfortably behind you without the extra height.

You sat on the toilet seat lid as you shook the box open. Your shoes tumbled to the floor, along with several aged pieces of paper. You scrambled to pick up the first one your hands could reach. It was dated the day of your wedding.

‘My dearest, (Y/N),

I wonder if I told you how I truly feel if it would change anything at all. I doubt it will.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t remove you from my mind. How you would look in your dress, in the arms of another man.

Will he cherish you as much as I do? Will he know every morning with you by his side is a blessing? Will he know to never let you go?

I hope this never finds you, that I never have the opportunity to give it to you. That would mean I have a chance with you, that he has broken your heart. I don’t know if I could bear the idea of someone hurting you.

I love you. More than anything.

With great affection,


You sat in shock on the tile floor of his bathroom. You stretched to reach the other letters, reading off the dates of each one. They stretched back to the day you met, and there were at least fifty.

You stumbled to your feet, slamming the door open and stalking to the living room, nearly tripping over the skirt of your dress.

“It fits!” He said, excitedly at your entrance. He glanced down your body, before noticing the papers in your hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You demanded, moving to mute Wheel of Fortune.

“I forgot they were in there.” Was his excuse.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were in love with me? Why would you hide that from me? I was your best friend! We lived together! I loved you-”

The papers were scattered from your hands as he rushed forward, capturing your lips with his. He pushed your veil away as his hands carded through your hair.

He completely towered over you and you had to force yourself onto your toes to reciprocate the kiss.

“Say it again.” He murmured, breaking the kiss for a single moment before returning to your wanting lips.

“I love you.” It came out in a jumble, but it was enough for him to stop in his tracks.

“I love you, too. I should have told you sooner.”

“No, then we wouldn’t have what we have. Our children. Our marriages. Even if they’re over, I don’t regret it.” You shook your head, realizing how silly you looked in your wedding dress, in your best friends house, with Wheel of Fortune playing in the distance.

“I don’t either. I will never regret loving you.”

Be careful

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Donald Pierce x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary: You are a nurse at Transigen that fall in love with Pierce

Warning: cursing

Opening your eyes you were met with bright light. Moving your body upright Donald kissed your forehead.

˝Mornin’ sleepy head. ˝ He put his arm around you and you snuggled into his chest moving the papers from his hands.

˝Why do you hate sleep? ˝You mumbled into his body and he chuckled.

˝I don’t. ˝

˝You wouldn’t be up in… ˝ You looked at the clock and you almost screamed. ˝5 in the morning! What the hell Don? ˝You moved your head to look at him.

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okay. let us ALL have a chat about Hogwarts sortings, yes?

I am, like, a CRAZY LEVEL Harry Potter fan. I know it’s kind of shitty to say I know more than most people about Harry Potter but I do. It’s my one claim to brilliance, my only skill set– HARRY POTTER TRIVIA AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE– so let me have that. Everything else I concede to being a dumbass. BUT HP I WILL FIGHT YOU ABOUT.

I see a lot of fighting in the 100 fandom, oh yeah it’s one of those posts, about who would be in what house. And I’m just gonna set the record straight AND ALSO DRILL SOME HP KNOWLEDGE INTO SOME HEADS.

First and foremost, before I begin my rant, let us all have a chat about Slytherin, mmk? They are NOT the bad guy house. As many, if not more, witches and wizards throughout history who have been labelled bad came from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Harry Potter takes place in the 90s. It’s a SNAPSHOT IN TIME where an evil overlord happened to be in Slytherin and recruited his friends. Slytherins are not all bad people. You get a biased view because of a war that children were coerced into by their parents. AND did you know that many, MANY Slytherins fought in the Battle of Hogwarts? That they fought for the “good guys”. So shut your god damn mouth with this Slytherin hatred. Saying that Slytherins are evil. You sound stupid. (I mean, so do I. I’m ranting about Hogwarts houses. What has my life COME to?)

Slytherins are clever, ambitious, resourceful and FUCKING LOYAL TO THEIR OWN. They will CUT a bitch for their people. But they’re also extremely private. Like super, SUPER private and so they have a tendency to be aloof or smug af to cover up what is really going on in their heads. Because love is weakness, bro. OH yeah. The 100 talk starts now.


General rule about Gryffindors. They are NOT heroes. Our hero of Harry Potter happened to be a Gryffindor but they are NOT the hero house. Destroy that harmful, annoying crap. As a Gryffindor, a real one, I reject that bullshit Gryffindor talk. REAL GRYFFINDORS are annoying af. Oh yeah. They’re loud, loyal, DARING and have NERVE. That is what JK Rowling says. They have NERVE. Hermione and Harry are the exception not the rule to Gryffindors. The Weasleys, Seamus, Dean: they are the stereotypical Gryffindors. When you talk Gryffindor THAT is what you are talking about. And I’m sorry but they are impulsive little fucks who are extremely self destructive. Always. They just don’t know when to stop. It’s endearing as hell. I’m a Gryffindor. I think our obnoxious nature is cute.

Which brings us to the 100 Gryffindors.

Bellamy Blake. He is Gryffindor AF. Don’t argue. That boy is outrageously loyal to his own AND ONLY HIS OWN. He is strong, has a quick temper that cannot be checked and he is brave. Hell almighty is he brave. He is that obnoxious puppy of a Gryffindor. I mean….he would fit right in with that rowdy bunch. Hell, he already basically adopted all of his little delinquent babies.

Octavia Blake. Girl is Ginny Weasley. Book Ginny. You wanna fight about it? Well don’t. I could write a seven page, properly formatted paper on why Octavia is a Gryffindor. The Ginny Weasley kind. Moving on.

Jasper Jordan. That boy is a Gryffindor. He’s impulsive, he’s self destructive and he’s goofy. Which is also a Gryffindor trait. That’s why they’re so rowdy. They’re just goofs. Think Fred, George, Seamus. The list goes on and on.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand believe it or not that’s it for Gryffindor. I know, it’s almost like NOT EVERYONE IS A GOD DAMN GRYFFINDOR.

Next up.


You remember my Slytherin rant from earlier? Good. Keep that in mind. Because I am tired of Slytherin shaming. I am NOT a Slytherin but I’m sick of hearing JK Rowling defend them. Let’s just get over it and remember that they’re not the bad guys.

Clarke Griffin. Okay. THIS is the controversial one. And this is also a dumb controversy. Clarke Griffin is as Slytherin as Slytherin can be. She is clever, resourceful, DIEHARD LOYAL TO HER PEOPLE and cunning. Clarke is a little manipulative. That’s not a BAD thing. It makes her complex and interesting and an effective leader. People follow her because she has the ability and capacity to lead. She is a Slytherin. In no world, NO fucking world, would Clarke Griffin be able to tolerate a Common Room full of Gryffindors all day long. Sure, she has her token lions who she loves but all of that screaming and yelling and bullshit ALL DAY LONG? She’d snap.

And before you say anything about Bellamy. Bellamy is a grandpa. He’s grumpy, also a Gryffindor angst thing (see: Harry all of book five), but he adores his rowdy children and loves them anyway in a wistful way that is so Gryffindor. Like ah yes I remember youth. That truck scene top of season three is the most Gryffindor reaction ever. ANYWAY.

Nathan Miller. Miller is STEREOTYPICAL Slytherin Quidditch punk. That smirk, that self assuredness, that silent judgement. Miller is the popular Slytherin guy who everybody wants to be and he’s just like wtf I will beat your ass if you don’t step away from my beanie. He’s loyal but not in that reckless Gryffindor way and he’s clever. The Slytherin smirk everybody in HP fandom talks about (see: every Malfoy ever but ESPECIALLY SCORPIUS) happened when he was telling that ghost story. That boy is THE Slytherin fuckboy.

Lexa. Lexa is Slytherin as FUCK. Lexa wrote the book on being Slytherin. Did you know that Slytherins and HUFFLEPUFFS, according to JK, have a lot in common? Mhmm. But Slytherins have buried that warmth way down so that no one can hurt them. They are extremely passionate and loving but only with the people they trust. They keep everything under their cool exterior. Because everyone else is an idiot and could hurt them if they open up. AN IDIOT. Lexa is cunning, loyal and ambitious. That uniting the twelve clan things? please. she’s a Slytherin. End of debate.

Moving forward.


Ravenclaws are nuts. They’re brilliant (not necessarily book smart, okay? they’re brilliant in whatever way they’re brilliant: artists, inventors, poets, etc. Not everyone in Ravenclaw is book smart. Destroy that harmful ideology. Look at Luna. LOOK AT FUCKING LUNA LOVEGOOD). They’re guarded. They’re too smart to be anything but. They’re curious but about life and stuff…which means they’re pushy and often extremely, EXTREMELY bossy. They’re confident and secure in themselves about most things but when they have self doubt it’s crippling. Because they’ve analyzed everything in their head a million times. A million.

Okay. Raven Reyes. Raven Reyes is a Ravenclaw. Sure, she’s brilliant but that’s not why. Raven is confident and sure of herself but she’s also harder on herself than anyone else could be. Why? Because she knows she could do more, that’s she capable of more. And she can’t do anything about it. She’s curious and pushy. Ugh. She’s so bossy. Raven is a Ravenclaw. I think everyone mostly agrees just not for the right reasons.

John Murphy. Murphy is INCREDIBLY smart. Sure, he’s got a lot of Slytherin in him, I could see the argument and this is the one I’m willing to perhaps have my mind changed on, but Murphy feels like a Ravenclaw to me. He’s pushy and guarded and plays at confidence well but nobody needs to hate Murphy because Murphy hates himself. But he’s too smart to die. He just feels too Ravenclaw to me with his self loathing. SURE slytherins can be self loathing but Ravenclaws are the masters. The absolute masters. Too smart for their own good.


Monty Green. I’d like to remind everyone of the Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory. Remember him? Before the Internet made a MOCKERY of Hufflepuff? Before it became the reject house? I’m not sure HOW that happened. JK Rowling always says people should aspire to be Hufflepuffs. Why do we shit on them? Anyway, Cedric. He was brilliant. FUCKING SMART AS HELL. He was picked for the Triwizard Champion of Hogwarts and won every challenge. Every single one. It was only because of Harry that Cedric died. Cedric was fierce with his friendship, brilliant and kind. He never needed to be a jerk because he was comfortable with who he was: faults and all. AND THAT IS MONTY. My baby is going through some stuff right now with his mother but he’s a beacon of light. Not because he’s a precious cinnamon roll (but he is that) but because Monty chooses everyday to wake up and be the good guy. Or at least the guy who does good. THAT is what makes him a Hufflepuff.

And for all of those reasons and more…that is why Lincoln is a Hufflepuff. He believes in peace and truce and a better world. He always bends to love before his own life (moment of silence for Lincoln). His love for OCTAVIA and his people and the promise that tomorrow might be better. The HUFFLEPUFFS ARE THE GOOD GUYS. And not in that oh they’re so sweet way. In that these are fiercely loving individuals who do their best everyday. and I think there is something to take away from that mentality.

Now, I get it, sorting is a personal thing. But….guys hat stalls are NOT super common. Not proper hat stalls. (Google it). People’s houses are typically pretty black and white.

BUT if you hate my sorting (which I obviously would disagree with) I am a reasonable Harry Potter fan. And I will always concede to the thought that the sorting hat will let you choose your house. Because at the END OF THE DAY you get to decide who you are.

(But these little 100 fuckers are awful consistent).

Valkyrie Part 4: Revelation

Y/N: Here is part 4 for you guys! You can find all the other parts of this series here. 

Plot Summary: Y/N gets to know some of Scott’s friends and in the attempt to protect the youngest of them, herself into harm’s way. Stiles still mistrusts her and finally wants answers.

Persons involved: Reader, Scott, Liam, Stiles (+ a cute dog and an unkown threat)

You stayed. Not because you didn’t take Theo’s message seriously, you know perfectly well what he’s capable of, but because you finally have a chance to build up a life here. You have a job, an apartment and you just don’t want to move again. Also, this inexplicable feeling that brought you here in the first place hasn’t left yet. There is something here for you and you wanna find out what that is.

Therefore you don’t falter but stay and go to work every day just like a perfectly normal person. After your first meeting Scott behaves very differently towards you. You get to know a whole other side of him. Kind and nice. That’s what describes him best in your opinion. The way he treats those animals with highest care and the fact that you do the same creates respect between the two of you.

Apart from Scott you get to know some of his friends, at least a bit. The girl who got you this job, Lydia, shows up now and then but never stays long .The other guy, Isaac, sometimes comes over after work and every time he enters he greets you with a wink and a smirk that seems to be a constant part of him. Scott tells you that he is a nurse at the hospital but considers studying medicine at college. And then there’s a third boy, a new one. He looks younger than the rest of them and his blue eyes observed you curiously as you first met. Liam. He actually bothers to introduce himself and talk to you whenever he’s around. You start to like him, he awakes your motherly instincts. However, like the others he tends to pull Scott aside to whisper to him either about someone called Stiles or Allison. You never really get what they’re saying but it evokes your curiosity, although you hide it from them.

One afternoon you and Scott are the only ones present in the clinic and taking care of a poor dog that got hit by a car. You watched interested while Scott performed surgery on his leg. Now he stitches him up and you softly brush his fur.

“Can I ask you something?”, Scott suddenly breaks the silence and makes you look up. His expression is still relaxed and his eyes are focused on the leg.

“Yeah, of course.”

“According to your papers you’ve lived in New York before. Why have you moved here? I mean, Beacon Hills must seem like a small village to you compared to the big city”, he mumbles in a matter of fact tone.

You tense a bit which annoys you. It’s a normal question. No reason to get nervous, no reason to suspect anything.

“I don’t really know”, you admit with a shrug. “I’ve been sick of the noise and the crowd. And then I kinda…felt drawn here.”

In your opinion that’s a pretty general statement. Nevertheless, Scott’s head shoots up and he stares at you puzzled before he gets his expression back under control. He quickly snatches the scissors to cut the string but a weird feeling has already bubbled up inside of you and suddenly you are one hundred percent sure that Scott is hiding something.

“What about you?”, you inquire.

A soft smile brushes his lips. “I’ve lived here since I was born. Well, I was away for college but afterwards I just wanted to return. I guess I’ve always belonged here.”

You feel a pang of jealousy. How much you envy that, how much you’d wish to have a real home and people surrounding you that love you unconditionally. You lower your gaze for a second, scared that Scott could see something in your eyes.

“Great, we are done here”, he fetches you out of your thoughts and back to your task at hand. “Let’s get this little guy back into his kennel.”

He’s about to pick him up as the phone rings in the reception and he has to excuse himself. You do it instead and carry the sleeping dog into a room filled with kennels that are almost all empty. You carefully open one of them and bed him on a soft blanket before you stay there for a moment to pet him lovingly.

“Y/N, I need to make a house visit. It could take a while. Could you finish everything up?”, Scott asks you as he reappears.

Obviously you agree and with finishing up he means feeding the animals and cleaning. You are lost in your work, not letting any other thought enter your mind while you do everything as perfectly as possible to impress your boss. As you are busy with disinfecting the surgery table you hear the bell in the reception and seconds later, before you can even react, Liam comes through the door. A sincere smile spreads on his face as he catches sight of you.

“Hey Y/N! Is Scott here? I’m supposed to pick him up”, he explains while he leans on the table, infecting it all over again but you don’t say anything. It seems weird to you that Liam has to drive Scott.

“Sorry, he’s still out and about but I guess he’ll be back soon. You can wait here with me if you want to.”

He agrees but you already don’t really notice it anymore. The feeling is back. Damnit, why right now? It appears in your stomach, a pressure that grows heavier quickly. You stumble backwards, overwhelmed by the sudden sensation and Liam frowns in concern.

“Y/N, are you alright?”

No. No you aren’t. You are drawn to the next supernatural soul that’s about to die and shockingly enough you realize that it’s him. He’s supposed to die. This young man right in front of you. Your eyes widen as this information sinks in and your heart skips a beat. Only one thought rushes through your mind: You can’t let that happen.

“Liam, you need to go! Go now or you’ll get hurt!”, you exclaim.

Irritation flickers through his eyes. Obviously he thinks that you’ve gone crazy and is insecure what to do now. He awkwardly extends his arms to comfort you, which is just absurd considering the situation, as suddenly the atmosphere in the room changes.

The bright white lights start to flicker and a cold wind brushes over your skin and makes you shiver. You turn around in bewilderment, searching the room for some source but you can’t find anything.

“What the hell is going on?”, Liam asks, directing this question to you. You have no answer.

Out of nowhere a voice appears. A high, lovely and eerie voice that sings words that you are not able to understand. It makes your blood run cold. You whirl around desperately and cover your ears to shut it out but it doesn’t work. The voice is everywhere and it scares you to death. You see the same expression mirrored on Liam.

Liam. You must protect Liam. This attack is directed towards him, not you.

You hold your breath for a second and stare him in the eyes. Then you throw yourself in front of his body right in time. You only catch a glimpse of a pale figure with wide blue eyes and a foggy black coat that hisses as the knife enters your shoulder instead of Liam’s heart. Then you crash to the floor and the air is pressed out of your lungs.

As you wake up, your surroundings have changed drastically. You realize immediately that you’re not in the clinic anymore. The walls here are white and the place seems sterile. The bed on which you’re resting is hard and as you turn to your side, you push out a hiss as your shoulder aches with sudden pain.

The hospital. Now you start to remember. Someone must’ve brought you here after you got stabbed. Liam. Is he safe? You need to know. Need to know if you were able to save him. Otherwise you made a horrible mistake and he had nobody to accompany him into death.

Your heart starts to race at this thought and you heave yourself up into a sitting position, determined to go search for him and ignoring the dizzy feeling. Before you can put your feet on the floor, though, somebody pushes open the door to your small room und rushes in.

It’s Scott. He looks awfully tired with those dark circles under his eyes but as he discovers that you’re awake, a big smile appears on his face and makes those errors seem minor.

“Hey, you’re supposed to stay in bed, Y/N!”, he scolds you but you ignore his words and don’t move.

“How’s Liam? Is he…?”, you ask frightened.

“He’s okay”, Scott assures you as he reaches you and sits down on your bed. Those words finally relax your body. Relief washes over you and you sink back into the cushions with a sigh. “He was waiting outside the whole night but his dad sent him home a few hours ago”, Scott continues. Then he looks at you and his gaze becomes more serious. “You probably saved his life, Y/N. The blade was dipped in mountain ash.”

Mountain ash. So he knows that you’re aware of the supernatural world. You don’t even try to seem surprised or confused, he wouldn’t believe it anyway.

In that moment, as you both stare at each other in silence, the door gets thrown open another time and as you see who’s entering, you immediately push out an unnerved moan. It’s Sheriff Stilinski.

“What the hell are you doing here?”, you ask bluntly. It’s much easier to talk to him like that if he doesn’t wear a uniform but brown trousers and a dark red pullover that suits him pretty well, as you realize annoyed. He stops in the middle of the room and raises his eyebrows, wearing a steely expression.

“I’m here to ask you some questions.”

“I just woke up. I’m pretty sure you’re officially not allowed to do that.”, you retort angrily.

“Well, I’m not here officially but go on like that and I might change my opinion”, he returns darkly.

“Stiles!”, Scott suddenly interrupts him and shoots him a warning look. Stiles. Oh God. Now you get it. He’s the one they constantly talked about.

“Stiles?”, you inquire curiously. “Your name is really Stiles Stilinski?”

This earns you a deathly glare. “Of course not, it’s a nickname!”

While you stared at Scott in silent understanding before, you now stare at Stiles in a whole different manner, almost hostile. Scott runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

“Y/N, we just wanna know what you are”, he explains softly.

You press your lips together stubbornly. “I don’t know what…”

“Oh, don’t you say that!”, Stiles interrupts you roughly. “We know exactly what you said to Liam. You knew that someone would attack. What happened? Did you get cold feet? Or do you believe that you can gain our trust like that?”

Your mouth drops open in utter disbelief while your dislike towards this guy grows with every second. Scott seems very uncomfortable but you’re both ignoring him.

“Yes, I got myself stabbed just to gain your trust”, you reply sarcastically.

“How did you know then?”

“Feminine intuition”, you snap.

“Another one of your great answers”, he growls, squinting his hazel eyes at you. “All of this makes you highly suspicious.”

For the first time you look away from him and at your blanket to lower your pulse. As you feel Scott’s careful touch on your hand, you pull it away quickly.

“Y/N, we’re not your enemies. Maybe we could help each other”, he mumbles. “I bet all of this has something to do with what you are. If you could just tell us…”

“But I can’t, Scott!”, you say desperately. “I honestly can’t. And this has nothing to do with being secretive.”

“Would it change something if I told you that I’m a werewolf?”

You have to shake your head. By now you’ve figured as much and you actually would love to tell him out of all people. It’s just not possible. You’re not allowed to tell anyone, otherwise you could mix up fate and that would be horrific. You look at him apologetically in the hope that he understands.

“Good, let’s skip this for now and come to another question”, Stiles speaks up again and you turn over to him unwillingly. “How do you know Theo Raeken?”

This time you really are taken aback.

“Theo?”, you ask weakly.

A triumphant glimmer appears in his eyes, caused by your insecurity.

“Yes, Theo Raeken. We know that he paid you a visit.”

“Wait, have you been watching me?”

He doesn’t need to answer it, you already know they did. Of course. He seems to be one that likes to work thoroughly. You feel a lump building up in your throat because of the mention of Theo’s name. However, to the outside you stay tough.

“Theo is a part of my past just as he’s a part of yours”, you reply coldly. “And believe me, I have no sympathy for him.”

“Why should we believe that? Maybe you’re working with him”, Stiles challenges you.

And now you have enough. Not only is he indignant but he also implies that you’re evil while you’re lying injured in a hospital bed. This is unbelievable and unfair.

“I fucking saved Liam’s life!”, you exclaim heavily, making Scott flinch. “And you call me a traitor! I didn’t do this because of an evil masterplan but because I didn’t want him to get harmed! If you don’t believe that that’s your problem! Now leave me alone, I’m tired.”

At first Stiles looks like he won’t but after Scott cleared his throat meaningfully, he finally takes his eyes off of you and turns around. As they both walk out of the room, he promises: “I’ll find out what you are, Y/N.”

You fall back onto the matrass with a heavy sigh after he closed the door and you’re alone again. Damnit, what have you gotten yourself into?

–> Part 5

galaxiiie  asked:

A paper note ( rare in these times ) is left on his seat in clearly loopy & perfumed letters that says: 'meet me in Draulir'.

It was an oddity that had been left for him to find, and it’s message was even more alluring. Why would she leave a paper note? His fingers moves back and fourth across the porous surface, trying to unravel the word’s true meaning. 

The faint scent shrouding the note was Siobhan’s, he had no doubt in is mind the message was from her.

To Draulir then, in a clean flight suite. He did not want to assume this was anything other then a professional meeting… although his stomach carried a certain agitation he could not swallow.


‘Siobhan’ was too familiar, ‘pathfinder’ too formal. Reyes approached the woman that occupied his mind every spare moment he encountered, luckily, they were few.

“What now?”  Reyes asked softly as he watched Siobhan carefully, like a predator, or perhaps a prey, measuring their opponent’s gall.

fic - untitled #2 [erwin/levi]

“He talks a lot about you in his letters, you know,” she says. “I may be an old woman now but I’m no fool.”

okay so this was inspiring and i had to write a quick thing. but for real where is erwin’s mom anyway???? i’m going to pretend she’s alive because that’s cute. sfw. spoilers for ch. 55.

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The Journalist and The Asshole

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Summary: Y/N and Luke use to be the best of friends, till they went to High school. Y/N went into the schools paper, while Luke was the star athlete. Things had taken a turn for the worst, they started to pick on one another till they got into a yelling war during class. Vowing to make the others life a living hell. That’s exactly what they did during High School and into College. 

Italic means flashback

Word Count: 3,062k

Part two


“What are the first words that come to mind when I say the name Luke Hemmings?” I asked Rachel, head cheerleader. She kept looking at me, like I was an Alien, maybe I was maybe I wasn’t. “Who are you?” Rachel questioned while looking around the courtyard. “My name is Y/N I’m a journalist for the Universities paper.” Told her giving her a smile, her eyes grew bigger and her stature straightened. I knew should have used a false name.

“You are the one Luke hates so much!” she pointed her manicured nail at me. Sighing nod my head, massage the bridge of my nose. That’s is what I am known as around campus. The girl that Luke Hemmings hates; the girl Luke Hemmings refuses to be in the same room with unless he is making jokes about her.  “Yes.. I am she. But could you please answer the question.”  I addressed, shaking her head while flipping her hair, “No because you just want to make Lukey look bad in the paper. I’ve heard the rumors about you wanting to ruin his reputation.” Huffing she flipped me off, quickly turned around to go back to practice.

Plan two than I thought jogging over to her, “Look this will be the only time for you to say something bad about Luke. We have all heard about the time he flirted with Vanessa right in front of you. Or the time that he blew you off for Rebeca since she would actually would do anal. I’ll put you down as anonymous, just say whatever you want.” Trying to persuade her; rocking back and forth, she finally nodded her head. “Okay..But really please put me down as anonymous.” Crossing my fingers over my heart holding my hand in the air, with a little grin on my face. You’re going down Luke.


“We can’t show him.” “God no, he would kill her. Really try to kill her.” “He’ll find out sooner or later. Better now than later.”  I eavesdropped on the guys in the kitchen, shaking my head as I walked in. Everyone went quiet, if you ever walk into a kitchen, its bad.  “What the fuck are you guys talking about.” I question looking around at them, Ashton, Calum and Michael glanced at me. One of the guys a kid named Nick, was hiding a paper behind his back.

“What’s that?”


“..Give me the fucking paper..” I ordered, almost shaking in his spot, he handed it over. Yanking it out of his hand, laying my eyes on the paper. I wished that I hadn’t taken the paper. Sitting down I start to read the article by Y/N Y/L/N.


                                      By: Y/N Y/L/N

We all know the name Luke Hemmings, when we walk around campus going to class, their is always the mention of Luke. The guy who throws the rad parties that can go on for nights, even days. Guy that can give you cheat codes, to any of the tests and even exams. Guy that gets all the girls, and if you pay him the right money will even help you, teach you how to pick up the ladies.

Such a nice guy. Right?


Do you all really know him though? I went on a little expirament, today walking around campus, even to neighboring schools, asking what are the first words that come to mind when you hear the name ‘Luke Hemmings’. Residents from neighboring schools and are school, said he threw rad parties, the party master, one young man even said he wished to be him, refereeing to him as a “Pussy, party master.” Ladies saying he was good in bed, threw amazing parties, knew how to wow a woman on a date. Others saying he gave good cheat codes.

But we really aren’t focusing on the good of Luke Hemmings.

This article, is all about determining if Luke Hemmings is a nice guy or a asshole. The comments from above, were the only good comments. Know we get to the..nasty comments, the nasty confessions.

Alexander Lipea, a young man who is getting his medical degree in Anatomy, replied very quickly when I asked the question. Saying and I quote, “Luke Hemmings is a assholes, sure he throws good parties but literally all that happens there is sex, sex, and drugs. After midnight is when the real sex orgy happens, my girlfriend at the time got sucked into it.”

Sex Orgy? Most would jump at the chance, but most aren’t all. One girl even admitted to being forced into a threesome by one of Luke’s friends and frat brothers.  

A girl one of many who want to stay anonymous, spoke quickly “ He is an asshole. Just a straight up asshole, he never knows when to stop, he never knows when to be quiet. And will flirt with your friend while you’re standing right there. While the two of you are possibly ‘dating’.”

It continues though for other young woman.

“He fucked my best friend and than came to my apartment an hour later.”

“My friend came crying to me when he skipped out on a date with her, because she wouldn’t get a salad. Saying she needed to lose some pounds.”

It’s just a never ending cycle, for the young woman. Neither for the young men.

Alix Hellstorm, saying “He stole my girlfriend. Her and I had been together for 6 years. One night we go to one of these legendary, parties. We walked in, not even 10 minutes into it. He walks over talking up my girl, whispers something in her ear. I turn my back for three seconds and she is gone. I looked everywhere just to go upstairs to find them fucking in one of the bathrooms.”

Other young men, though stating that.

“He asked me for my homework, to couple it. I was alright with it, when the teacher asked to bring out the homework lay it on the desk. He hadn’t given it back, you know what he did? The asshole, erased my name from the sheet of paper and put down his name. Even going the extra mile to erase my handwriting and put it in his handwriting. Fucking asshole.”

“Luke Fucking Hemmings, fucked my sister. Simply as that, he knew she was off limits and he still fucked her.”

“He got on my case once for stepping on his shoe once, but you would think with being over 6ft, he would walk faster. Nope. I did it again by accident he punched me in the face.”

They’re many many more replies for this simple question. Random people that I hadn’t asked the question to came up to me to give me their thoughts about Luke.

I have one girl that even said this, “Luke and I use to be Best Friends. Since we were in kindergarten. When we went into High School, it all changed. He was the star of the school, I was the nobody that was on the paper. One day we had gotten into a huge fight, and he vowed to make my life a living hell.”

Is this someone that is nice? The only nice comments there were, are about the parties,the sex and cheat codes. Anything else, was just well hate. Maybe outside of Campus he maybe a nice guy. But I highly doubt that.

But it’s up to the majority of you, the one’s that get to have a voice in this. Decided if he really is a dick or not.


“Man..Are yo-?” Ashton began to ask, standing up cutting him off short. Barging out the door, making my way to Y/N apartment that was on campus.

This fucking bitch. She really fucked up this time. She went to far for the whole life ruining. Even put in her own comment.

“I read the article about him. Some peoples comments to it.. just heart breaking.” One girl spoke as I passed her, turning around I flipped her off. Gasping they scurried away. “He really is an asshole.” Is all I heard while I walked to her place. Making it to the gate, take notice to how there was the paper that she had done, taped around the buildings. Taking a more detailed look at it, they all had more comments about me. Some with red markers, and black markers. Gripping the railing of the fence, I slam open the fucking gate. Slamming it shut behind me, I go to the very back buildings to where she lived.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I walk to her little shitty apartment. Raising my fist, I went to bang on the door. Till it flew open, and there stood her. Y/N. Staring up at me with her small round eyes. “What.The.Fuck.Do.You.Want.BITCH.” Putting emphasis on the last part.

“You know why the fuck I am here. That paper.. that asshole move paper, you pulled on me. Really? Nice guy or asshole?” I hollered drawing the attention, of some of the students below us.

“You fucking deserve it! I was sick and tired of hearing, listening to people calling you a nice guy! Lucas you’re nothing not remotely nice! An asshole, jerk, man whore, jackass. That is what you are.” Shouting in to my face, if we were the same height we would be nose to nose. We were both breathing heavy, her face red my face red.

“We agreed to nev-” I started to say till, falling silent. We didn’t really agree to, the terms of making one another life a living hell.

Chuckling a dark almost scary chuckle, came from her, “We didn’t agree to anything you dick.”

By now there was a crowd, beneath us and even some students peeking out of there front doors. Peeking out of the corner of my eye, they were mostly on there phones.

Starting to step back, “Your going to fucking pay bitch. Just you fucking wait.” I spoke softly before stalking off down the stairs.


It’s been four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. Nothing from Luke, or any of his little hitch men. Slowly making my way to class, while trying to finish the last few pages of the book that we were signed to read. I wasn’t paying attention let’s be honest, if a book is good, you really don’t pay attention to your surroundings. Walking past the Main building, my shoes echoing “TARGET, SPOTTED!” Someone shouted from behind me, stopping dead in my tracks. I observe my surrounds, seeing no one. The water balloon came out of nowhere and went flying past me, hitting the marble color ground. Blue was splattered on the white pavement, grumbling a “Fuck,” underneath my breath.

Paint in water balloons use to be something Luke and I use to do, when we were kids. His older brothers use to get in on it, making it even worse for us.

  “Come on Y/N!” Luke shouted, from in front of me. His shaggy blonde hair, resting against his sweaty and red forehead. “My legs aren’t long like yours Lu!” I gasped out trying to catch my breath. We both stopped turning around when we heard Jack and Ben, getting closer. We had no paint balloons, or anything to shield are bodies with.

“Told you we shouldn’t have had them play.” I nagged at Luke, as he took my hand and started to drag me some where. Tripping over a rock, he dragged me into a near by fence. “This is Mr.Luther backyard! You know he hates us!”

Peaking around the corner, he held up a finger to tell me to be quiet. Slapping it away, I went to go say something before I heard Jack and Ben run past. Shouting about where we had gone too.

Turning back around, with a slight smirk on his goofy face. “We out ran them.” He laughed out, his face lighting up and his eyes crinkling up at the sides. Tilting his head back, his hands on his knees. Smiling I look at his shaggy blonde hair, and start to laugh as well. Which turned into the both of us, giving up are hiding spot, and Mr.Luther coming outside. Yelling at us to get off his propriety.

Running back down the sidewalk, we stop after being a few houses down. We started to walk back to Luke place. It was silent but a comfortable silence, taking a quick glance at him I smile happy that he was my friend.

“FOUND THEM! HEY WAIT UP!” Jack shouted from behind us, as one of the balloons hit Luke in the back.

That was the day I realized I loved Luke more than anything. Till he fucked it up

Dropping the book and my bag, I started to sprint. Dodging some of the paint, but most of it was getting me. Searching for a way out, when my eye rests on a gap between the buildings. Running around the corner, ducking when a green paint hit above my head, down the alley between the two main buildings. Finally behind one of the buildings, resting up against the brick building for support. “I..am..never.” I gasped out, trying to catch me breath, “running..again.” A deep Aussie accent said from further down the building. “shit.”

“Yeah shit is right.” Michael I think his name was said, from my left. Jumping up I slam my back against someone chest. “Hey, little pretty one.” Ashton wrapped his arms across my waist.

“Let go of me.” Tried to wiggle out of his embrace, but it was really no use. “Luke! I know you hate me, but come on I hate people touching me.”

“Let her go. I told you guys to scare her not, touch her. Calum come out already, she isn’t going to run.” Luke ordered, from behind Ashton, Calum a tall slightly tan kid well built came from behind the broken fence. To admit he wasn’t bad looking. “He cute, but you know you are way hotter Luke.” Maybe flirting with him will get me out of this, but than again..this was Luke and he did hate me.

“Flirting, will NOT work. Now what I did well, was lame. But that’s only a taste of what is in line for you.”

“I’m so scared Luke. You were always bad with revenge.”

“No I wasn’t! I have gotten better. Just because I can’t write, doesn’t mean I can’t get back at you.”

By now Luke and I were going back on forth, while the other three were just standing there. Confused and uncomfortable, while we were going at each other throats. Calum was the one, that finally spoke up, “Why do you two hate  each other so much!?” He fanned out his arms, slapping them back to his side when Luke turned his attention to him. Observing the two, Luke jaw was set his posture solid and at his full height. Calum was the opposite though, he was slouching, his eyes locked on the ground, face looking almost defeated. Same could be said for the other guys. Rolling my eyes, I did what I thought was necessary.

I punched Luke in the stomach, “You’re an asshole, a complete and utter ass. They are intimidated of you! What friends are intimidated by the people that they turn to for advice! What the honest to god fuck, Luke? You have changed.” I exclaimed, turning around I slowly walk towards Calum and the other two. “I’ll answer your question Calum. Luke and I we were friends, best friends to be exact, till High school. That one comment at the end of that paper, was what I said. All that was true, just we both wanted to make are each others lives a living hell because of a dumb fight we had. Over a girl, seriously really a girl! He was blowing me off, for her, I at the time was going through a rough patch. Needed my best friend, but nope he was off getting laid. So I confronted him about it, let’s just say it ended with us vowing to making one another lives a living hell.” I finished looking at all the guys, before kicking Luke one last time and leaving. Tripping though slightly, since I was covered in red, blue, yellow paint.

Making my way back, combing through my hair trying to get the chunks of balloon out of my hair. Just to give up, hoping I can get most of it out with three showers or less. When I finally got to the courtyard, I gaped at what I saw.

Saw all my notes and even more items from my bag scattered around the courtyard. Paint stained almost every inch of everything. Turning around, casting my gaze around. There were pictures taped to the trees, the benches, anything that you could stick a piece of paper to. Somewhere on the ground even. Crouching down picking up, one of the papers.

Observing the picture of me, in my PJ’s a toothbrush in hand and me wearing my headgear I had in High School. Luke was the one that took the picture, I could remember this like it was yesterday. It was a couple months before are huge fight. He took it to just get on my nerves, angry tears were starting to well-up in my eyes. He promised he would never show anybody. The words at the bottom read ‘Once a nerd always a nerd. Right?’

Standing up, I glance around as people start to get release from classes. A friend would pick up the paper. Pacing it to another friend, soon everyone was pointing at me and laughing, giggling.

Grumbling it up in my hands, I start to walk towards my things. Leaving my notes behind, just grabbing the books. “This is only the beginning!” Luke hollered from behind me, flipping him off while walking away from him. “It’s on Lukey pookey, so fucking on.” 

Watching her retreat to her place, I smirk. “That was kind of a dick move man.”
Ashton confessed from behind me. “I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Since I knew it was a dick move. 

The Letter

Summary: It was a letter that was long forgotten and never supposed to be found. But it was. One shot. In the future.

Author’s Note: I have two stories on the go yet this is what my muse wanted to write. I’m not actually too sure about this but I needed to get it out of my system. Now that it’s done, I’m hoping my focus will shift back to the other things I want to write. Also, the summary sucked. It’s a short story and pretty self explanatory.

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CDRP Circus Open

It was a pretty good gig. Meaning it had been long ago when she started, but now that the initial shine had worn off, it was just another way to avoid the real problem. Ms. Mystique and her ever-recurring disappearing act. Why not? Kept her name out of the paper, kept her moving… See if her family could ever hunt her down now!

The trouble was all those tight-knit Circus folks who thought she ought to be part of the family. She hated families, with their secrets and betrayals. So this was strictly professional.

With her dark makeup, purple and black sequined getup, she hardly looked like a supposedly dead heiress. “What now?” she asked tiredly as someone knocked on the door to the dressing room–well, really it was a dressing wagon– she shared with most of the other female performers.

literally me at a fan sign
  • Me: *walks toward table"
  • Jimin: Oh... Hi
  • Me: Hello
  • Jimin: how are you?
  • Me: *stares at him*
  • Jimin: *giggles*
  • Me: uh uh *grabs paper moves to jin*
  • Jin: Hello
  • Me: hiya
  • Jin: *signing paper* whats your name?
  • Me: my-my-my-ahh name..its...its okay
  • Jin: *starts writing ok on paper*
  • Me: thank.you. *gets paper moves j hope *
  • Me: good
  • Jhope: *smiles*
  • Me: *giggles*
  • Jhope: why do you keep laughing
  • Me: uhhhh..pppffffftttt *laughs* *gabs paper moves*
  • Suga: Hey
  • Me: hey..
  • Suga: *signs paper*
  • Me: *stares deep into his pores*
  • Suga: *coughs*
  • Me: *pulls out tissue* here... *gets paper moves*
  • Namjoon: Hey whats up
  • Me: *loud breath in* *thinks to myself* shit what the fuck are you doing
  • me: im fine.and you
  • Namjoon: good *smiles*
  • Me: blushes *grabs paper goes*
  • V: Hello *smile*
  • Me: *smiles* hey
  • V: *does something rude*
  • Me: oh lawd
  • V: Oh lawd
  • Me: ... thank you *gets paper moves*
  • Jungkook: ah Hi
  • Me: Hi ( really quietly)
  • Jungkook: Pardon
  • Me: *dies of laughter*
  • Jungkook: *looks at V* what the f
  • Me: Fuck my life
  • Me: gets out of fan sign and cries
  • ~Nelly

Pureblood!Calum’s knowledge of the muggle world extends to the things you had shown him and storied you’d told over your years at Hogwarts together and then when the time finally comes to introduce him to your parents at home his eyes are full of wonder the whole time he’s there and you have to tell more times than one about questioning why the pictures in the paper aren’t moving when you’re out in public.

[ its you ]

seventeen writings.

AU: soulmate.

Pairing: reader x hansol.

Genre: fluff.

Words: 709.

A/N: i honestly don’t know this was bad.

– inspired by; you and your soulmate has the same line of numbers tattoed on your wrists from birth.


The numbers that had stained your wrists. Nights sitting in the bathtub, scrubbing on that little piece of flesh, but it never went away. It stayed there, no matter how hard you tried to get it away. First later you friends told me what it was about. Somewhere out there, had the same number as you, on their wrist.

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anonymous asked:

"You know I would do anything for you" Michael?

…. “but don’t you think this is kind of insane?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed in concern. his eyes stared curiously at the crumbled piece of notebook paper in his hand as the two of you stood in the poorly lit kitchen of his apartment.

“i know it is,” you agreed, the adrenaline pumping through your veins. “don’t feel pressured to agree to help me, i get it if you don’t want to, but as i looked at all the things i haven’t checked off, i just… i pictured it being a better experience with you.”

he scanned the list, his lips curving into a smirk. “have sex in the backseat of his car,” he recited. “so that’s why you were so determined!”

“were you complaining?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

he held up a hand in surrender. “not at all but.. who’s ‘he’?” he pondered, an edge of jealousy in his voice.

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itsalwaysfour  asked:

I replied to your other post with this, but here: Sweet Home Alabama,

OKAY, so Oliver and Felicity are childhood sweethearts in the small town of Starling City, Alabama. We see them playing in the park in the rain, etc., and it’s very sweet.

Fast forward 20-some years and Felicity is now a hot shot with her own tech startup and a condo in the West Village, and she’s engaged to mayor Malcolm Merlyn’s son Tommy. She’s going by the name Felicity Lance now, after the Lance plantation back home. Felicity announces she has to go back to Starling City to tell her mother about the engagement in person, but what she doesn’t tell Tommy and Malcolm is that she’s actually still married to Oliver, since Oliver keeps refusing to sign the divorce papers.

When she gets back to SC, she goes immediately to the local bar, Verdant, where of course good old irresponsible Oliver is the bartender. She encounters some of her old friends, including the Lances and John Diggle. They cover for her when some reporter comes in looking for stories of the famous Felicity Lance and where she grew up. (The reporter is, of course, a spy for Malcolm Merlyn.) Felicity realizes that she might have been hurt when she left Oliver for MIT, but she hurt the people who had always been her friends and had her back, too.

She and Oliver fight, and she accuses him of being that same irresponsible kid she left and why won’t he sign the divorce papers so she can move on with her life?? And Oliver, stubborn as ever, refuses to tell her that he started Verdant himself and he’s got restaurants too, all part of his dining/food service/entertainment (?) company called Green Arrow, which he built to prove to himself that he could be worthy of her and win her back. (He definitely went to Boston for her graduation from MIT to tell her he still loved her, and he stood in the back and watched her in her cap and gown, getting her diploma, but she looked so happy with her new friends that he couldn’t possibly interrupt that.)

When Tommy arrives in town, Oliver ends up running into him and I don’t remember exactly what happened in the movie but the truth about who Felicity really is comes out. Tommy says he doesn’t care about that and still wants to marry Felicity, and I’m gonna kind of take some liberties here. Oliver finally decides to put the past behind himself and give up on the dream of getting Felicity back, so he offers to throw them an engagement party at Verdant. It’s at the engagement party the next night where Felicity wonders to Sara how Oliver managed to convince whoever owned Verdant to close down the bar for a night, at which point Thea starts to tell her the truth, that it’s Oliver’s bar. Sara glares at Thea. “Ollie doesn’t want her to know, Thea.” / “But she SHOULD know.” / “I should know what? Okay, now you have to tell me.” And this is when the truth about Oliver and how hard he’s worked to feel like he deserves Felicity comes out. They go outside the bar and fight again, but this time Felicity kisses him. Then she runs back into the bar, and Oliver thinks it’s really over. So he goes back to his place to get the divorce papers because really, he should have signed them years ago.

The thing is, Felicity ran back inside to the party to break things off with Tommy, telling him she hoped they could still be friends but she’s got too much to work through with her past. “You mean Oliver, the guy who owns this place?” / “You know about that?? How did everyone know about that but me??” / “Felicity, I care about you, a lot, but it seems to me that the only people who can’t see what’s going on here are you and him. I know when I’m beat, and I don’t think it was ever really a contest.” So he smiles and tells her he’d like for them to be friends and maybe meet up for dinner whenever she’s back in the city.

Felicity then goes to Sara and Thea to ask where Oliver went, and Thea announces that he went home to get the divorce papers for her. Felicity starts off towards her car when Sara runs to catch up with her and tell her Oliver doesn’t live in their crappy old apartment anymore, although he’s kept it for all these years. At which point Sara gives her the address of that old house that Felicity always used to dream about when they were kids. When she gets there, she discovered Oliver has been fixing it up like they’d always talked about. He’s got a bottle of red wine and the signed divorce papers when she bangs on the door (and then possibly picks the lock when he doesn’t answer. “I should never have taught you how to do that,” he says, when she walks in the kitchen.)

She tears up the divorce papers and announces they don’t count if they’re in shreds. That’s when he notices he’s not wearing her new engagement ring anymore, but her old wedding ring.

The wine is kind of forgotten after that.

They probably renew their vows with all of their friends (and Tommy Meryln) celebrating and they split their time between Alabama and New York, managing their respective businesses.

Teach Me How To Love (part 5) Almost Doesn't Count

Here’s the next part. It would have been more if I wasn’t dealing with so much crap. Anyway the title of this chapter goes out to dayjavoo1 thanks for reading.  And I’m still open to more title suggestions. If this is ur first time reading this please check the tags below for the other parts. Or search TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE FANFIC 


“What are you doing here, Finn?” Mercedes asked avoiding the stare Sam was casting upon her. She could tell that he was upset that she didn’t tell him that she knew the Finn that he spoke of. She really didn’t think Finn would actually just drop by her office like this.

“Oh…I just thought it would be a good idea to surprise you since I tried calling you and couldn’t reach you on your cell. I brought you these flowers that I know you love so much!” Finn added before walking over to her and leaning in to give her a kiss on the lip. Mercedes turned her head just in time to allow his lips to graze her cheek instead before stepping back and looking over at Marley.

“Marley, can you please take these flowers from Finn and put them in some water?”

“Sure thing!” she stated taking the flowers from Finn and walking away. Mercedes really didn’t want her relationship to be on display for her receptionist to see, let alone her patient, who was standing there glaring at Finn.

“Finn, this is not the time or the place!” she stated forcing a stern smile his way. Finn nodded then looked over to where Sam still stood watching the two of them.

“Oh, hey sup man! I didn’t mean to intrude.” He stated extending his hand for Sam to shake. “I just really needed to see my fiancée. You know how that is, right?” he asked chuckling as Sam looked down at his hand and then over at Mercedes again.

“You don’t remember me, Finn?” Sam asked as Finn finally put his hand down. He chuckled again shaking his head.

“Should I remember you?”

“Finn, just go in my office and let me finish with my patient here.” Mercedes said. After all this was still her place of business. Last thing she needed was for an all-out brawl to break out over something that occurred way back in high school.

“Alright babe, don’t keep me waiting too long!” he stated kissing her again on the cheek and going into her office and closing the door. Sam shook his head and turned to leave, stopping when Mercedes ran to him and stopped him.


“Why didn’t you tell me he was your fiancé?” he asked not even looking down at her. She sighed noticing Marley heading their way with the flowers.

“My relationship has nothing to do with my ability to help you.”

“Are you serious right now?” he asked finally looking down at her. “How can I trust you when at night you go home to the one guy that took my girlfriend away from me in high school?”

“I am a professional, Mr. Evans!” she replied lowering her voice as she watched Marley pretend as if she wasn’t listening. “Now if you feel that this is a conflict of interest, I can recommend my colleague on the 3rd floor. I can refer you to Blaine Anderson for this Friday instead.” She stated walking over to where Marley was and pulled out a referral sheet. She could hear Sam sigh behind her before walking over to her and pulling the pen from her hand.

“I am not going through this again with another doctor! I’ll see you on Friday at noon as we discussed.” He stated dropping the pen and then walking out. Mercedes had to catch herself as she watched him strut out of the office as if he was running things. It was definitely turning her on. She turned and noticed it had affected Marley as well.

“Now that I have the time…you and I have some things to discuss about your behavior while working for me, Marley.”

“Yes Mercedes?”

“I am signing you up for some classes that you will take during your lunch. These classes are mandatory for you to continue working for me. You’re the first line of contact my patients have to me and I need to know that you will remain professional at all times. So that means, no flirting with the patients and remembering what your job description includes.” Mercedes added as she wrote down the name of the classes on a sheet of paper then handed them to her. Marley took the papers from her and read it over with a frown on her face.

“Did I do something wrong, Mercedes?” Marley asked as she watched Mercedes walk over to her office door.

“You’re recent behavior with Mr. Evans has been questionable. If it were anyone else I would have fired you but I really like you Marley and want to keep you here.” She replied holding the door and then turned to her once more. “Don’t make me regret that!” she stated before entering her office and closing the door.


“Finn, you shouldn’t have come here! This is my place of business and you know I don’t like people in my personal affairs.” She stated moving away from him as he tried to kiss her again. “And I told you we were over…that’s why you have the ring.” She stated as she tried to move papers around on her desk.

“Speaking of rings, I brought it with me just in case you choose to put it back on after I explain things to you.” Finn said flashing his lopsided grin at her. She rolled her eyes before sitting down in her chair and looking at him.

“What is there to explain? You have a child out there with your ex-girlfriend…I think I pretty much get it!” Mercedes watched as the grin on his face faded, which in turn made hers appear. “I told you that if I heard anymore rumors we were through!”

“Look Mercedes, I didn’t see a reason to tell you about the child because Quinn gave the baby up for adoption!” he stated and prayed that she would believe him. Mercedes felt terrible that she didn’t give him an opportunity to explain himself. She couldn’t help but notice how sincere he was looking as he held that enormously cheesy teddy bear in front of him. Then she heard the voice of Unique in the back of her head and she snapped back to reality. He still never mentioned having a child out there and to her that was another lie.

“Finn, you need to leave!” she stated turning back to her computer and started to type just to avoid looking at him. She could see in her peripherals that he had the dumb baby look he always sported when his charming ways didn’t work on someone.

“Mercedes! It’s the truth! I swear!”

“Yes it’s the truth! But guess what? It’s too late! You waited…what…3 years…you’ve know for almost a decade! And only to tell me that you have a child with your ex, now! You have pictures of you in Mexico with Rachel Berry. All these crazy rumors! You have all these lies and rumors that just keep piling up on me and I’m supposed to run back to you…now?” she looked over at him as he frowned and continued. “I almost fell for your games, Finn Hudson, but almost doesn’t count!” she turned back to her computer and started typing again. “Now get out of my office with that ridiculous looking teddy bear!”

“Fine!” he said before kicking the chair that was near him and then swinging the door open and walking out. Mercedes closed her eyes and sighed remembering she was doing the right thing.

“Are you okay, Mercedes?” Marley asked running in and picking up the chair. Mercedes opened her eyes and smiled at her and shook her head.

“I am now!” she replied smiling. “Close my door please and throw away those flowers for me when you get a chance.” Marley smiled and closed the door before grabbing the flowers to discard them as she was instructed.