why is the lighting in their scenes always so terrible

anonymous asked:

may i ask why your request gifs are in always b&w? especially if people are requesting Victoria's dresses - it would make sense to leave the colours be, otherwise what's the point?

i can only speak for myself, but it’s just my style of editing. i personally prefer my gifs that way. if someone wants the gifs colored, the person can obviously request it. secondly it depends on the light in the scenes. if the scene is so dark that the coloring looks terrible, we won’t bother coloring it. dark scenes mostly just work in b&w. and when the dress is black or white, then it doesn’t really matter if the coloring is also b&w, cause it makes no difference. and lastly this blog follows the pastel/pale and b&w trend. we don’t post vibrant colored gifs/edits.