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New Year, Same Love (Ashton Irwin)

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Ever since the day you met Ashton’s family, you had sort of taken the role of being Lauren and Harry’s older sister. Anything they felt like they couldn’t go to their mother or brother with, they would call you – and no matter what time it was, you would always answer.

When news of the breakup got around to them, they were understandably heartbroken. Lauren had called you the moment she found out, begging you to tell her it wasn’t true. You couldn’t, of course, but you promised her that nothing would change about spending time with her and Harry – and she knew that when you promised her something, you were going to see it through no matter what.

And that was probably what landed you in this mess in the first place.

It was a normal New Year’s Eve. You found yourself unable to stress that fact enough: it was normal.

Anne had insisted that you come over for the party – you’d done so since you and Ashton met nearly four years ago, and you didn’t want to – as she put it – ruin the tradition. She didn’t tell either Lauren or Harry that you were coming – she wanted them to be surprised – and you couldn’t help but laugh as the two tackled you the moment you walked in the door. Anne told you when she invited you that Ashton wouldn’t be there – he wanted to stay in LA and party with their friends – and that was one of the main reasons you agreed.

So why was it, half an hour before midnight, the boys decided to show up?

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Man I have waaay too many smut requests in my inbox for my own good hahaha HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!! ♡ Hope y’all spent it having fun with all your friends, family and loved ones :-)

“I don’t get it, is it really that hard? Can the both of you just be professional about it? Everyone’s doing fine except for you guys,” Hanbin scolded.

“Sorry,” You said in a soft whisper, looking down at the floor while a very quiet Bobby nodded solemnly at Hanbin.

It was hard. Of course it was, when the both of you haven’t been talking for the past week over some petty argument and were suddenly paired up to dance together when the team of choreographers decided to include the female trainees as dance partners for a special stage for one of the year end music festivals. The both of you were not only stiff, barely touched each other despite how intimate the dance was and even clashed on several occasions when the moves weren’t even that hard to begin with considering how you were pretty good at dancing.

“Just…work it out, alright? Don’t screw up the opportunity.”

With that, Hanbin dismissed the rest of the members and their partners, leaving the both of you in the practice room to be swallowed by a deafening silence.

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Chapter 6: Oculus

Word count: 6158

Rating: T

Pairing: Shinsou Hitoshi / Midoriya Izuku

Summary: Hitoshi sees and is seen.

A/N:  Sorry I was a bit behind on this. As an apology, please accept a chapter three times longer than the usual size! Brief warning for a short description of an eye deformity. Also, this chapter kind of makes it clear why the fic has the rating it has - it won’t change in the future, in case there any concerns.

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And just ‘cause I’m on a roll I’m gonna say this, re: Malachite and the episode Chille Tid. Shield your dang eyes kiddies it’s gonna get spoilery.

Yes, Jasper is an unpleasant, abrasive person who explicitly told Peridot to shoot the Crystal Gems (twice), attacked Steven and Garnet, captured Pearl and Amethyst somehow in a way that probably wasn’t gentle and tried to tow the lot of them back to Homeworld for a fate that probably was execution for war crimes (the very gladiatorial nature of the Sky Arena seems indicative that Homeworld justice is not fun for the whole family)


I have serious problems with looking at Jasper’s situation in Chille Tid and saying “yes, this is exactly what she deserves.” She’s an unrepentant villain at this point, but the whole Malachite situation is repeatedly not framed as a good or heroic thing for Lapis to initiate or perpetuate. 

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After Everything

Summary: A post 2x10 “What If” one-shot: What if Cosima didn’t immediately forgive Delphine at the end of 2x09? What if Delphine never got on the plane, but also never returned from “Frankfurt?” What if Delphine, two years later, has a sort-of chance meeting with a clone?

Word Count: Approx. 6,200 words

Rating: Mature

Read it at AO3, FF.net, or under the cut. Hope you enjoy it!

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i think part of what confuses adults and adds to why they feel so Entitled to kids’ cartoons is because cartoons now are being created by a generation that is starting to refuse to condescend to their target audience – kids. they’re producing shows that offer morals AND intrigue – long-running plots framed in sitcom episodes. this has been something i’ve been noticing in cartoons for a while now. i think it started probably when i was a kid; i can cite pretty much all bruce timm-drawn ‘toons as some of the first that i remember beginning larger stories that could be told in smaller segments. prior to that, most cartoons – even the ones like animaniacs, which had adult humor thrown in – were still completely isolated episodes, often with a few different “segments” thrown in. things reminiscent of tex avory’s work.

now cartoons are really embracing the fact that kids grow up, and there’s a period of time between “baby” and “can watch R-rated movies” – a significant period of time, where kids are cognizant of a shitton of stuff but maybe don’t know how to parse it yet, or how to healthily internalize it. and THESE are the morals we’re getting out of these cartoons now – it’s not a hokey “What Did We Learn Today, Kids?” bit at the end. it’s kids getting to see themselves in characters and watch how they navigate through all these things. and just like Adult Shows and Movies, the circumstances are often outrageous but the characters are really human. the creators of shows today are settling less and less for the idea that kids don’t appreciate or DESERVE good writing and good stories. again, in short: they’re not condescending to kids.

and i get that that is interesting and feels really worthwhile for a lot of us, myself included – and in absolute truth that’s supposed to happen. what often determines the profit of a show (and therefor its sustainability) is how wide of a net it can cast for an audience – more viewers, more money. and on TOP of that, a lot of the Taboos that couldn’t be talked about at all in media of any kind let alone anything geared toward children – things like sexuality and gender and mixed families and anything other than good christian white folk. i get how appealing that is, since we’re starting to notice how much we would have LOVED to have content like that available to us when we were young.

but that quasi-nostalgia mixed with appreciation for good writing does not Entitle us to these shows. adults are outside of the primary target audience – while the creators would almost certainly never discourage any kind of viewership, they are ALSO writing and producing for themselves, for what they probably would have loved to have access to as a kid. as a KID. they have recognized a need for this kind of subject matter and this kind of respect for story-telling to youth, and they are endeavoring to supply. we’re near or at the ages of these creators, so we connect on this level to the shows – it speaks to parts of us that are still sore from growing up more isolated than this, more confused, more ashamed, etc. and that’s important and worthy of discussion and soothing, but we can’t let that problem that exists among adults to move into the generation after us. we have to let them have this. we have to respect that. or we’ll just be creating another generation that has another sore spot because of things we kept from them – which we will do, every time we change the target audience of a show and try to force it to be about us. and that is inevitably what happens when things happen like google searches turning up sexual adult images of a children’s show search term, or things like extreme gore, etc etc.

when you get to the bone of it, it’s not even about the morality of the content you choose to produce – it’s that you choose to produce and spread content (and thereby demand for said content) in a ‘fandom’ that is meant for children. kids will seek out what they’re curious about, i’m sure you remember being a kid at least that well. when you want to know something, you find a way to know – even if it’s as simple as asking a question. we should be letting these kids be in charge of when they get to ask for those answers. bombarding them before they feel ready is ultimately an infringement on their autonomy and safety. it’s just as bad as keeping these subjects from them entirely. i know the appeal, i know the ache for things we didn’t get when we needed them, but it has to be about balance. comic books, adult swim – there are cartoons out there meant for us, suitable to this kind of fan-content. but things like steven universe, gravity falls, etc – these are not for us. allowing kids to ask these questions and explore these topics and sometimes even just feel represented at all is only one half of it; we are also responsible, as adults, for making sure their experience of these questions/topics are (pardon the pun) unadulterated.

trust me, your porn, however good, is not more important than that.