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25 Days Of Buckymas - #4 - Snowball Fight

25 Days Of Buckymas - It’s a rule that whoever arrives last to the snowball fight gets bombarded and you tried to tell Bucky this. You tried.

This one is a christmas present for now-you-don-t a person who has had a massive influence on my writing and is honestly just an amazing person

It had somehow become a rule within your group of friends, that being the Avengers, that the last one to come to a snowball fight was the one to be pelted the harshest. On a particularly snowy day, you and Bucky had both gone out to get coffee in order to warm yourselves up. Of course that’s what you told everyone else at the Avenger’s tower, in reality you just wanted to spend some alone time without anyone interrupting you.

You’re not sure why, but superheroes seem to have a really bad habit of getting in your personal space. It was mostly Steve coming to seek Bucky, but he always did it at the most inopportune times, like when you and Bucky are making out for example.

Despite the frosty weather you were having a pretty damn good day. The snow was as beautiful as ever, settling down on the ground like a thick blanket but of course you weren’t stupid enough to go lay in it seen as you knew it would bring you more cold than warmth. That didn’t stop you from pausing your trip to the coffee shop to make a snow angel with Bucky, who was a little resigned to do it at first but your puppy dog eyes always defeated his resolve. He was on the ground for like two seconds and then he was back up, demanding to go get the coffee and even going as far to whine that he was colder and it was your job to save him by providing warm, delicious, caffeine.

As expected the coffee shop was pretty busy that day but the two of you didn’t mind standing in line together. It gave you an opportunity to hold hands a little longer, the skinship providing enough warmth to get you through the wait.

Eventually you got your hot chocolate, he got his coffee, and you were even able to find a seat. You and Bucky remained there for an hour or so, just talking about your plans for Christmas. It was going to be the first Christmas you two spent together, as well as with the rest of the Avengers. Because despite any sort of arguments that may occur in your super group, at the end of the day you’d all become one big family. You were all each other had.

Of course you and Bucky couldn’t go one minute without doing something cheesy, a habit that Tony was always quick to point out and then fake gag after explaining how gross it was. You’d gotten some of the cream off of your hot chocolate on the top of your nose and as soon as Bucky noticed it he was leaning across the table to peck your nose to wipe it off, then moving down to peck you on the lips. A giggle escaped your lips as you couldn’t help but feel overwhelming love to the secret cheeseball across from you, but then all of a sudden your phone which was situated on the table made a dinging sound. The both of you looked down at it and Bucky widened his eyes a little, “is that Tony?” He asked, knowing how much the man liked to point out Bucky’s cheesy habits.

You picked up the phone and unlocked it to see who had messaged you, “no it’s Natasha.” He visibly relaxed at that reveal and then took another sip of his drink whilst you read through the message.

From: Natasha

Hey, just to let you know Sam started a snowball fight and now we’ve all gotten involved. I think Tony’s determined to get the two of you and you know the rule, whoever’s last in gets bombarded. This is your only warning.

This time it was you whose eyes widened. You knew very well about this particular rule because you’d been the victim last time there was a snow storm two weeks ago, you still had bruises on your body. Albeit the night after the snowball fight had been pretty great as Bucky soothed your woes and then made sure to kiss every part of your body that hurt, as well as every part of your body that didn’t.

“What does the message say?” He asked casually, an unknowing victim to the carnage that would hit him soon.

You could have sacrificed yourself and saved Bucky, but you knew he wouldn’t be mad at you after you soothed his injuries once the battle was over. Plus you were his girlfriend, he’d said before that he would die for you and this was just his chance to prove it by understanding why you’d withhold the information Natasha had shared. In response to his question you told him that it was nothing and that you wanted to go home and warm up there as it was getting too busy.

Bucky looked around, noticing that there were actually more tables available then when you’d first sat down, but he decided not to question you. He’d taken note of your nervous behaviour and he didn’t want to force you to talk about it in public seen as you seemed to want to leave public.

Together you stood up, put back on your gloves, scarves and coats, and left the coffee shop hand in hand. Though when you got closer to the Avengers tower you did release his hand and begin to walk a little quicker than him, keeping the conversation topic on something light and amusing in hopes that he wouldn’t suspect anything mysterious behind your actions.

When you reached the front of the tower you suddenly set off in a sprint, “Bucky’s the last one!” You yelled out and seconds later you felt snowballs flying past your head as you retreated behind a fort Natasha and Clint had built together.

“Betrayer!” You heard Bucky yell but you were staying behind the fort, not wanting to see what mayhem you had brought your boyfriend’s way.

Eventually the snowball attack actually became a snowball fight, Bucky had created a fort of his own and was attacking everyone that had dared to attack him first. Tony and Pepper soon became the victim after the group learnt that he was using a glove he’d made specifically for a snowball fight.

After throwing a snowball towards Wanda you felt a pair of hands wrap around your waist and pull you behind one of the snow forts, it didn’t take much for you to figure out who it was. He pushed you down onto your back and then he got on top of you, and when you opened your eyes you saw the most fearsome image. Bucky’s stall stature dominated you, his metal hand raised up to the grey sky and in it was a huge snowball, on his face was a very serious expression that showed you no mercy whatsoever. “Do you concede?” He asked in a frightful voice, the octave a low rumble much like thunder.

“Never!” You yelled out, already putting up one arm to cover your face but he was quick to grab it with his free hand and pin it to your side.

Bucky suddenly leaned closer to you, his hot breath beginning a welcomed warmth to your cold and already red cheeks. “Are you sure about that?” He whispered into your ear, the tone making a warmth spread over your entire body.

“God!” A familiar voice suddenly cried, “will you guys get a room already!?” As expected from Tony, he followed this statement with a gagging noise and then he began to throw snowballs towards the two of you. Thankfully Bucky’s large stature mostly protected you and once Tony had thrown the six snowballs he’d created for ammunition, your boyfriend took this chance to jump back onto his feet and throw the giant one he’d been holding, knocking the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist onto his arse.

The fight went on for quite a while, the group of superheroes having a lot more stamina and strength than the normal human being. The fight only ended when you’d all conceded, Tony was the only one who wanted to continue fighting and that’s because his pride had suffered the most so he was hoping to regain it but the past snowball fight proved he really had no chance. Especially with Steve and Bucky who ended up being experts at snowball fights, especially when they worked together. You were quite lucky because by being Bucky’s girlfriend they let you off quite a few times, even after you threw snowballs at them.

Bucky joined you outside the door, a huge smile on his face that was quite infectious as you found yourself smiling just as happily despite the constant shivering your body was doing. He looked like a big child and that image would always bring you happiness because there’s something very special about seeing Bucky experiencing true merriment.

“Are you cold?” He asked, noticing your shivers and beginning to rub his hands up and down your arms which did very little but you appreciated the sentiment.

You nodded your head, “yeah but I’ll warm up when we get inside, I heard Clint saying he was going to make some eggnog.”

Despite what you said Bucky was already beginning to shed his coat, draping it over your shoulders and then placing his arm around you. Tony had obviously witnessed this as a gagging sound could be heard from nearby but before the genius could make another rude comment about how lovey dovey you and Bucky were as a couple, Bucky had made a snowball and thrown it in his direction. The only sound that came from Tony after that was a groan of pain which you and Bucky chose to ignore as you walked back into the Avenger’s tower, ready to enjoy some more Christmas time together and with your adopted family.

Inktober #25: TIRED

It’s been haunting me to make a more worthy version of this overnight doodle ever since… well, about exactly a year, but there was a reason why I have been holding it off until the anniversary (which is coincidentally my birthday, gone only a few days past, but this was the first time I actually got near a scanner). 

This is my metaphorical warm cup of coffee for everyone who has to work in retail hell at this time of the year. It is also, and more importantly, a present for someone who gifted me with her stories and general awesomeness for a whole year. 

My birthday is always a time of reflection for me similarly to how most people vow resolutions before New Years’s Eve. 2016 has been a terrible year for the world, the worst year for many people I know, and while not the worst year for me, definitely the most regretful. 

Perpetuum mobile:
everything that you don’t lift
infinitely sinks

A poem sits as close to my heart as it is short. Sometimes I think life feels like a river, into which the things that matter to me fall like rocks; I have only so many hands to keep them close and my worst fear, that never really leaves my mind, is that by the time I get to them it will be too late and they will drift out of my hands, irredeemably lost. 

There is nothing to be had in this venture than eventual, unavoidable failure, but I have to keep trying, because what else is there if I don’t? Only despair.

I wish so much that I could say something hopeful as we wait for 2017 to come, but I don’t know if there is anything else I can tell other than this, the only thing I have vowed myself this year. Keep passing the mug. Keep reaching out, even if it hurts, even if you fucked up badly, because that is the only way to go. Everything but despair.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

Prompt 8: ‘GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIBRARY SPOT YOU BITCH’ college!au - @pretentiosity

Dean shook off the snow from his hair and shoulders as he entered the university library.

This morning had been a nightmare. He’d overslept and then gone into the kitchen to find all the coffee gone from the pot. He’d grumbled his entire way to the closest coffee shop.

Dean hated the whole premise of a coffee shop. Why couldn’t he just get a normal cup of coffee without all the floofly extras? Plus, the prices were always too high. Over three dollars for something that barely passed as coffee? No thank you. He just wanted a caffeine fix, not to take out a mortgage on a house he didn’t even own yet.

Despite his dislike for coffee shops, Dean did have to admit that the caffeine boost did help his walk through the snow. The contrast of the warmth in his hands and the cold on his face helped to wake him up.

Finals were coming up before winter break and Dean had taken to spending as much time in the library as possible. He was becoming such a present figure in the building that the library staff would greet him by name when they saw him. They even let him bring food and drink into the library even though it was against the rules.

Dean was always grateful for the staff looking the other way when they saw him snacking because it meant he didn’t have to leave what had now become known as his spot.

It was the best place to sit in the library. It was far enough away from the door that the cold breeze didn’t catch him when people passed in and out through out the day. It also had the best view of the campus when it snowed. Dean liked to look at it to calm himself when his brain became too overloaded with information. 

He made his way through the maze of bookshelves, ready to take up his position at said spot. Bag slung over his shoulder, he was ready to spend another day cramming for his exams.

But when he walked past the final bookshelf he saw another person already occupying his intended spot.

Anger and annoyance filled him. Everyone knew that it was an unspoken law never to sit in that spot.

Get out of my library spot you bitch!

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see your name on it.” Castiel - as his clearly labeled folder stated – smirked.

Crap. Dean hadn’t realized he’d said that out loud.

“Come on dude. I overslept.” Dean near-whined.

Castiel didn’t look fazed. He didn’t even look up from the textbook he was taking notes from.

“What’s the saying? Oh yes. You snooze, you lose.”

“Dude, don’t be a dick.” Dean pouted.

Castiel finally looked up but only gave Dean a defiant squint in response.

“Fine.” Dean huffed. He didn’t completely give up though. Instead, he dropped his bag on the table next to Castiel.

“What are you doing?” Castiel whispered loudly. Dean’s bag had made a bang when it landed on the surface of the table resulting in people had turned to glare at the source of the noise.

Dean ignored the stares and plopped himself down on a seat. “Working.”


Two hours later – after working next to each other in complete silence – Castiel got up to leave.

Dean sighed to himself before speaking up.

“Does this mean I finally get my spot back?”

“Yes it does. You’re welcome.” Castiel answered, mockingly.

Dean rolled his eyes in response.

Then a small grin spread across his face.

“I’ll see you later?” He asked.

Castiel smiled back. “Yeah.”

“Good. Bye babe. Love you -” Dean said as Castiel began to walk away.

However, before he could get too far, Dean stood quickly and grabbed his arm, pulling Castiel close to his body.

“-but if you ever make me buy floofy coffee, and take my library spot again, I’ll remove all sex privileges for a week.”

Castiel’s eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t.”

Dean held Castiel’s stare for a few seconds before relenting. “Okay, I wouldn’t; but no bee documentaries! I know you’ve got like five in the planner but they’ll mysteriously vanish if this happens again.”

“Okay, fine.” Castiel murmured.

“Good.” Dean replied cheerily.

“But, you do secretly love hazelnut frappes. Just admit it.”

“Okay, fine.” Dean murmured.

“Good.” Castiel replied cheerily.


After Cas had finally left – allowing Dean to move back to his spot, and promising homemade hazelnut frappes when he got home later – Dean’s phone vibrated with a message.

From: Cas <3:

           tbf you shouldn’t have told me what a good spot it was ;p though I have to disagree with one aspect. the snowy campus wasn’t the best view to be seen in the library. the best view was the one sat next to me the entire time xx

Dean rolled his eyes and blushed lightly. His boyfriend was such a dork.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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To my Kuroko @inkanspider​, here is my white day gift to you. I tried my best to make a trans Kuroko like you asked but since I have minimum experience with writing trans character I was not sure if you’d like it, but please accept my gift ^^

title: sugar and spice, everything nice

summary: Seijuurou fell in love with the local librarian and decided to only admire her from afar. But when her twin brother replaced her after Seijuurou’s return from Italy to get his MBA, he was determined to find out just who on earth Kuroko Tetsuya really was.

word count: 2506

Seijuurou had been visiting the local library for years now.

He always felt comforted by the sheer permanence the place held, how it never changed no matter how many years had gone by. Seijuurou was in high school when he first came to this library-slash-lounge-slash-coffee shop that was owned by a hardworking salaryman who refused to tell anyone what his real job was. But Kasamatsu Yukio was not why Seijuurou adore this place…

It was her, with her expressionless face and blank eyes that seemed to wander off to places Seijuurou couldn’t even see, Kuroko Tsuyuri was the most beautiful person Seijuurou had ever seen.

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Brain asked Heart “Why does she always drink hot tea and coffee, like extremely hot?” and Heart smiled at Brain with the only answer it got “Because i’m too cold so she needs something to warm me up.”
—  Little Dragonfly XXVII
I’m Non-Binary

Anon: could you write one where the reader comes out to dan as agender or non binary? thank you!
Anon: hi ^_^ could you do an imagine where the reader is non-binary ? thanks !

Sorry this is terrible :/ I’ve written this with a migraine  (I’ve also lost my glasses and too lazy to put my contacts in so sorry for any mistakes) plus I’m just terrible at writing haha.
Thanks for requesting xxoo

Being non-binary could make the world a hard place to be sometimes. Why? Thanks to the millions of judgment people you have to deal with in your life.

It was unfair the way you were treated, how it was more difficult for you to get a job, go to your local stores or even make friends. That’s where Dan came in. Dan was your closest friend who was always there for you.

Today had been one of the worst. You had gone to your favourite cafe to get your morning coffee when one of the baristas had asked “what are you?”
You had been questioned as to why your resume gave no indication of gender.
You’d argued with certain family members about all sorts.
And of course, the odd person that had recognised you from another day who then just had to share their rude and offensive comments.

You had to go home, it was all getting too much for you. Why were you treated like this? You are human, just the same as everyone else. You shiver when your cold, cry when your hurt and bleed when you cut, so why the hell are you treated like this?

You finally get home, instantly heading to your sofa and collapsing. You’d tried so hard not to let the tears escape but they won the fight.

*knock knock*

“arghhhh” you groan at the sound of someone at the front door. Before you’ve even lifted from the sofa the front door opens

“You home?” the voice call’s out. You instantly know it’s Dan

“no” you reply sarcastically, deciding not to move from your lazy position.

Dan’s heavy foot steps get closer and eventually enter the room. He instantly plops onto the sofa beside you and assumes the browsing position.

“so what did you do today- Oh my god, whats wrong?” Dan cuts himself off and sits up straight, quickly reaching for one of your hands. This confused you, you weren’t crying anymore so how does he know?

“I’m find Dan”

“Bull shit, your eyes are bloodshot and i can see the dried up tears. What happened?” oh…

You’d never really spoken to Dan about any of this. And more surprising yet, Dan had never questioned. He never said “he” or “she” when taking about you, he never questioned why some days you seemed feminine and not others, Dan was such an amazing friend. But what if he doesn’t get it? If you tell him, will he stop being your friend?

“Dan… Can I tell you something?” You asked as you looked down at your hand that he held in his own.

“anything, you know that”

“Well, I was feeling down because of the way some people treat me… I’m treated different to everyone else because I’m uh… I’m non-binary”

You were to scared to look up and see his expression… oh god, why hasn’t he said something?
Suddenly you are lifted from your stop as Dan pulls you onto his lap and wraps his arms around you tightly.

“Thank-you for telling me y/n… You don’t understand how proud of you I am. And I’m so sorry you have to deal with so many assholes, your such a beautiful and intelligent person and you don’t deserve to be treated that way.”

Both his words and actions bring tears to your eyes once again as you enjoy the warm and comforting embrace.

“I love you, and I will always be here for you y/n, so please talk to me if you ever need to. I hate that you were worried about talking to me about this”

Snowbaz morning headcanons

-Simon starts running really early in the mornings, and gets really into it

- Penny joins him a lot of days

-When she started running with him, Simon stupidly thought that she wouldn’t be that good/fast because shes kinda chubby, but she totally kicked his ass and he was struggling to keep up

-Baz absolutely REFUSES to go with

- “I already have superhuman fitness Snow, why would I want to get up early to exercise.” “C’mon Baz! I think it would improve your mood.” “Excuse me, Snow, my mood is excellent, thank you very much”

-Baz secretly likes that they are gone in the mornings because he gets the bathroom to himself and he spends A LOT of time making sure his hair looks good

-Simon makes breakfast when he gets back, and makes a big meal for himself, and packs something up for Baz because Baz always forgets to eat and Simon worries

-Baz makes really good coffee and has gotten Simon hooked on it so when Baz makes it he puts some in a thermos for Simon

-Baz has to leave first for class but always makes sure to kiss Simon goodbye or leave him a cute little note for when Simon gets out of the shower

It’s a Terrible Life - Part 2

Word Count: 2995

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Stuff

A/N: Feedback always appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Come on Y/N get your shit together. You ran your hands over your face and through your hair, sitting down at your desk and chugging some coffee. Dean was right, you probably should have gone home, but some part of you was fascinated by all this. You decided to pry into Paul Dunbar’s personnel file and scanned through it, seeing a retirement party was planned for two weeks. “Why would he kill himself two weeks before he was supposed to retire?” You mumbled to yourself and jumped when your phone rang, bringing you back to reality. “This is Y/N.”

“Hey it’s me.” Dean’s voice was like music through the other end of the phone and you smiled despite yourself. “Can you send Ian up to my office? There’s a few errors on a form he filled out I just wanna see if he can correct them for me.”

“Yeah, sure.” You tried to make your voice sound less shaky but you weren’t sure he was buying it.

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He sees you with your new boyfriend (Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall)

Sitting in a small coffee shop, you smile over at your boyfriend, laughing softly at something he says. It was more of a pity laugh really. He couldn’t make you laugh like Harry always could, but you told yourself you couldn’t sit around being single anymore. The shop is a lot more crowded than it usually, but you can’t quite figure out why. Your date declares his going to the bathroom and walks away, a small sigh escaping your lips when he’s gone, your fake smile dropping as you look down at your cup, mindlessly stirring it around. “Don’t tell me you a seriously with him now” you hear an all too familiar voice let out, and look up to see none other than your ex-boyfriend, Harry, sliding into the booth across from you. “C'mon babe, we both know you can do better than that” he says, the signature, cheeky grin on his perfect face. You try, but fail, to stop the smile creeping onto your lips. “He’s nice” you say softly, feeling the need to defend your boyfriend, trying to ignore the feeling of Harry right there. A two year relationship that ended 3 months ago due to both of you getting just a little too tired of waiting fir the other to try, yet you’re talking like you used to everyday. “He’s nice? Really? That’s the best you can do?” He chuckles, tilting his head a bit and raising an eyebrow at you. “He walks like he’s half drunk, and he looks like you just picked him up off the side of the road” he says, and you hush him quickly, glancing over your shoulder to make sure he’s not coming back. “And his moustache is creepy.” Harry adds, and you turn back to look at him, covering his mouth with both your hands. “Are you done?” You laugh, raising an eyebrow at him, before he nods, and darts his tongue out to lick the palm of your hand. “I happen to know a guy who is maustache-less, walks like a normal person, and has some form of a dress scene, if your interested” he says, and you sigh a bit. “Harry…” you start, before he shakes his head. “I know what you’re going to say. But it’ll be different. We can both try at we can be happy.” He says, his joking demeanor now long forgotten. “I’m better for you than that guy will ever be.”

You and your boyfriend were shopping, and you had a few different dresses to try on. One of your friends was getting married, and you wanted to find a perfect dress for the ceremony. Nothing too flashy of course, since you didn’t want to take the attention from the bride in her lucky day, but something that still looked nice. You were trying on the forth dress, and had just finished struggling with the zipper. You pull the curtain back, and look over to where you’re boyfriend was sitting, scorched on the chair, looking through his phone and not even paying attention to you. You sigh, closing your eyes for a second and trying to stay calm, be for reopening them and clear your throat, hoping to get his attention. He still doesn’t look, and you walk over to him, kicking his foot lightly with yours. “What?” He asks, looking up at you, clearly irritated by you interrupting him. “Do you like this one?” You ask shortly and he looks down to your feet, before trailing his eyes back up. “Yeah, It’s alright” he says, before turning back to his phone. He had given the exact same response to every dress. “Which one do you like best?” You ask, your hand finding your hip as you glare at him. “I don’t care babe. Whichever” he says, not looking up still. “I liked the third one. It was classy, and fit you real well” You hear a Bradford accent say, sounding just as annoyed as you felt. You look over to see Zayn, leant forward in his chair, elbows resting on his knees, as he looks at you. You hadn’t even noticed him here before now, but he’s been sitting there the entire time, getting more annoyed with your boyfriend by the second. “Who the fuck are you?” Your boyfriend says, making you scoff. Of course, now he cares. “Someone who obviously cares about her a lot more than you do” Zayn replies, making your eyes dart back to him, shaking your head slightly to tell him not to. “(Y/n)” your boyfriend whines, like a little kid, but you just move your eyes to glare at him, be for w he stands up and leaves, muttering something about waiting in the car. Well that is kind of embarrassing. “You can’t be serious” Zayn let’s out, looking at you, displeased with your choice in boyfriend. You sigh and just turn around, going back to your changing room ans pulling the curtain shut. After ages of struggling with the zipper, Zayn walks inti your changing room with out so much as a knock. “You always sucked with zippers” he mumbles as some sort of justification, before turning you so your back is to him. “You realise he’s a douche right?” He asks, pulling down the zip, your breath hitching every time his fingers graze over your back. You nod softly, not being able to lie to him. “Call me when you get home. We’ll sort it out” he says, before taking the dresses from your changing room, and taking them out to put them away. When you go to pay for the dress Zayn had said, the lady at the counter informs you that it is already paid for.

You were in the grocery store with your boyfriend, you sitting in the trolley while he pushes you around, giggling and grabbing different things from the shelves, dropping them into the trolley, which was filled with different sweets, and a few of the items you actually needed. You had only been with him for a few weeks, but he was one of your best friends, both if you just decided to give a relationship a go, and see where it went. You weren’t even sure if you liked him that way, but you were having fun, and it kept your mind of Niall. You look up and see a mischievous smirk on your friend, Lucus’ face, before you feel the sudden jolt of him hitting into someone else’s trolley, making your gasp, and cling to the sides. “Shit, sorry man” Lucus says, but you don’t by it for a second, knowing he had run into this person on purpose. You widen your eyes at him, mouthing a ‘what the hell’, preparing yourself for the speech about how you both should behave like adults, that you had already gotten twice this shopping trip, when your stopped by the Irish voice that you know so well. “It’s good, don’t wor… Lucus! How’s it going?” The voice rings out, and you can picture the smile without having to turn and look. You see the blonde hair appear in front of you, engulfing Lucus in a hug, before he turns to see who is sitting in the trolley, not having recognised you from behind due to the beanie you had stuffed on your head. “Prin… (y/n), I didn’t see you there” He says, giving you a smile, which you return with a wave, not trusting yourself to open your mouth to say without blubbering out something about missing him. His eyes dart down for a second to your hands, before his smiles drops. You look down to see what he had seen, and your eyes fall onto the box of condoms you had clutched in your hands, that Lucus had jokingly thrown in. When you look back up, you see Nialls eyebrows are furrowed and he’s looking between Lucus and you. “Are you two…” he starts to ask, but Lucus jumps in before he can finish talking. “No. Eww no. Just friends” he says, much to your surprise. He knows how much you missed Niall, and still love him, and he also happens to know Nialls side if the story too. Niall seems to relax, before he looks back at you. “Who are they…” he starts again, and you quickly shake your head, dropping the box. “Nobody. It was a joke” You say, and you see him calm once more. “Good” You catch him say under his breath, before leaning his arms on the side of the trolley. “Oh, shit. You know what, I forgot to grab the dog food for (y/n)’s dog! I’ll have to go grab it” your best friend says, before walking off, giving you a dramatic wink. Niall watches him walk away, and laughs, shaking his head. “You’ve got a dog?” “No” You reply, before he starts laughing harder.

You and your friends had hid the club’s for the night, and to say that you had a few too many drinks was an understatement. You and your best friend were stumbling around the club, until you make your way to the dance floor, dancing with each other, unaware of all the sleazy eyes in you. Your heels are too high for this level of intoxication, your ankle giving way, leading to you falling to the floor, before bursting out laughing. Your best friend is laughing husband hard, and is stumbling around too much to actually help you up. In the flashing lights. A tall figure appears above you, and you smile as he crouched down next to you. “Liam!” You smile, cupping his cheek, and kicking your feet a little bit in excitement. “Hey darling. What are you doing laying on the floor?” He asks with a chuckle, obviously amused by your drunken state. Your eyebrows furrow a bit, looking around and only seeing people feet, before bursting out laughing again. “I’m on the floor!” Yiu laugh, looking back up at him to see him laughing too. His big hand comes up to lay ontop if your hand that is cupping his cheek, and you watch as he closes his eyes for a second, mumbling something I don’t quite catch. He then takes your hand away, linking your fingers through his before pulling you up, so that you’re sitting up. “Lets get you home.” He says, before picking you up, setting you back on your feet, and quickly wrapping his arm around your waist to keep you stabilised, since you were a little bit wobbly. You smile, resting your head on his shoulder as he walks you back through the crowd. “You know what Liam?” You slur, placing one of your hands on his chest. “You are the best boyfriend I ever had” You say, and you feel his big frame sigh next to you. “You’re the one the broke it off” he reminds you quietly. “I’m a dumb dumb.” You say, shaking your head. “I love you still” You add, and he stops for a second before regaining his composure. “You’re drunk. And you’ve got a boyfriend
” Liam says quietly, not sounding happy anymore, holding you closer to his big frame. “I’m going to break up with him. He’s no fun” you tell him. Liam smiles softly, looking back down at you again, and you look up at him and smile, kissing his cheek. “Well, you call me when that happens, okay?” He says, looking down into your eyes. You nod your head quickly, before your eyes drift back to the booth where your boyfriend was sitting. “I have to go back to Mr. Boring pants. I love you Li” you say before he watches you walk away, yet again. “Love you too”

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I figured I’d put together a little masterpost of my completed multichapter Haikyuu fics just for tumblr :> here we go!

Cardboard Castles : daisuga, 18080 words.

Daichi is a supervisor at a small coffee shop nestled deep in the city. His new favorite regular is a captivating florist that works just around the corner, and the chemistry between them is immediate and incredible. But why does he always look so tired and worn out…?

A coffee and flower shop AU where Suga is homeless and Daichi has no idea.

Patchwork Armor : asanoya, 50006 words.

Sometimes, the people hurting the most are the ones we least expect.

A story about overcoming child abuse with love, support, and inner strength.

Crisis Converted : bokuaka, 60091 words.

Akaashi Keiji is just a normal cop with a penchant for getting himself into trouble, when quite suddenly he finds himself with a big promotion and a brand new partner.

But his habit of finding trouble hasn’t gone away – if anything, it’s only gotten worse.

Xiumin - The Upside

A/N: My first scenario with bartista!Xiumin, please enjoy.

word count: 2,435

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To be honest, this job wasn’t worth moving half way across the country for. You thought it would be your dream job, everything you wanted. It ended up not being anything like it.

Maybe it was just that you had to start at the bottom and work your way up. Or it really just was a shitty job and you can’t afford to move back after only a month of working at the place.

There was a single upside to making this big move though.

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Who said that spending time with yourself is boring and shameful? Why do people look weird at the ones, who are sitting in a cafe or going shopping by themselves? Are we really so depended on others?

I think being with yourself and zoning out of other people’s company for a while is a good thing. Sometimes. I’m not saying that it’s not fun to meet and chit chat with your friends with a cup of coffee in your hands. But does it always have to be this way? It has gone to the point where going out with yourself is ‘not cool’ and sometimes can be scary. What will other people think of me? I need to have someone by my side as I order something just to look like I’m not alone. I need someone to take selfies with me so it doesn’t look like I have no friends. Don’t take everything so personally. People literally won’t even care if you are going somewhere by yourself or if you have someone by your side. They are busy caring about themselves, not you. The fear of being judged doesn’t exsist. It’s all in your head and you made it yourself.

Get up in the morning and spend some time with yourself. It is healthy for you. Go to your nearest cafe, take a little trip to the beach or spend some money on cute clothes. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just grab a good old book or a magazine, make yourself a cup of coffee and read. Reading is not for you? Then make a dance party. Volume up your favourite songs and spend some time being crazy in front of the mirror. Dance like no one is watching, it can be your little secret. Just leave your phone for a second and forget about social media. Do whatever you want to make yourself happy and feel free.

But sure, after all of that, don’t forget to text your girlfriends and see how they are doing. Shhh, just don’t tell them about that crazy little party you just had. Make sure to enjoy spending time with yourself as much as you enjoy spending time in other people’s company. At the end of the day, you are all you have in this world, so try to have a good relationship with yourself.