why is the clickthrough not working

anonymous asked:

I followed a link to the MarySue site. It locked up my computer and just played ads repeatedly. It was the article about Mad Max comics.

Thanks for letting us know, Anon. This is a known issue with our ad provider, which we’re very sorry is disrupting the site experience for our readers–those autoplay video ads should not be there, and we’re working hard to figure out why they keep appearing.

Until we get this fixed, we need help from our loyal fans wherever we can get it! If you’re having an issue with autoplay ads anywhere on the site, send 1) a screenshot of the page and 2) the clickthrough link for the ad in question to tips AT themarysue.com. (Right click on the ad itself–this is different than the page URL.)

Again, thanks so much for your help–we hope to fix this very soon.

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