why is the bathroom so far away

Why is the Divination classroom so far away? Really, why does Hogwarts need to be so big? There are twelve subjects taught at the school, apparently all by only one professor each, and two of those subjects are taught outside of the main building. Hogwarts really only needs to be about ten classrooms, plus bathrooms, professor offices, dormitories, kitchen, Great Hall, library, and hospital wing. What is the rest of the castle taken up with?

“Emma,” Regina whines from the passenger seat. Emma looks over to see Regina pouting at her. 

Lesson one from the road trip - she is not immune to Regina’s pout, in fact it melts her resolve every time. 

She looks away in an attempt not to be worn down by the pout, “What Regina?” she asks. Over the course of their admittedly short so far road trip there have been several requests, a bathroom break, a change of music, a drink and so on. 

Lesson two - Regina is very demanding and whiny when bored. 

“Can we stop?” Regina asks. 

“Why?” Emma asks, “You can’t need another bathroom break already." 

"But I’m bored." 

"Then listen to the mixtape or something." 

Lesson three - Regina in a car with nothing to do goes a bit stir crazy. 

 "I don’t want to,” Regina grumbles. 

“Then we’ll play a game." 

"Like what?" 

"I Spy?" 

"Fine,” Regina says as she looks around before grinning, “I spy with my little eye something beginning with CB." 

"CB?” Emma asks confusedly, “Colourful Bug?" 


"Uhm……..cool beetle?" 

Regina wrinkles her nose, "Definitely not.”

“Okay what is it?” Emma asks. Regina flashes her a bright beaming smile, “Cute blonde.” Emma grins back at her as she continues driving. 

Lesson four - Regina’s a pain in the ass but a damn adorable one. 

sarcasmbooksandfeels replied to your post: weirdest feeling:

We really need the full story on this one. Please.

So, Re: Why were you carrying a door down the road in broad daylight?

It’s not that exciting.

I’m moving apartments - not far. My new apartment hasn’t been used in a few years, and so although it’s empty and nice, the bathroom door frame has become warped and I can no longer close the bathroom door.

Long story short, I appraised it and decided it was not worth my time, so I basically just unscrewed the thing from the wall and decided to carry it out and put it away. 

Which isn’t a bad idea, but my garage is ALL THE wAY AROUND THE BUILDING and I live next to a hospital, so while I’m casually walking down the road towards my garage, there’s these cars passing me, staring at (ONE OF THE FEW WHITE PEOPLE IN THIS TINY TOWN) carrying a freaking door like I stole it or something and it’s my trophy now and I’m taking it back with me to construct a nest