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I'm OBSESSED with your writing. How about a thing where Bughead goes to where Polly is and they go to break into her car and Jug is all like "dang it's locked" and Betty's all "I've got this" as she pulls out a crowbar (or whatever it was lol) and proceeds to break into the car the way she broke into Grundys and jugs really impressed

Yeessss, I love this prompt thank you so much!

Jughead was sneaky, he could pretty much get away with anything. It helped that he was basically invisible to everyone around him, but that was beside the point.

It was something he prided himself in, his air of mystery and overall shadowy personality.


He sure looked like an idiot standing next to the only girl he ever cared about impressing, not having a clue what to do next.

They had made it this far, sneaking into pollys insane asylum, gathering information about her, and now they were at the one place that held the peak to their clues.

Jason blossoms car.

They had to get past the creepy, satanic blossoms to get here, and now he was just standing there staring at the locked car door.

“Damnit, I didn’t think this far ahead, I was distracted with everything going on, we should have got the key before we got all the way over here I really… what are you doing?”

Jughead stopped mid sentence to stare at the bouncy blonde ponytail that was now on the ground digging in her book bag.

Suddenly she popped up holding up some kind of wrench, as if it was a trophy.

“a ha, got it.”

“As much as I applaud you girls, and your ability to keep an entire toolbox in your purse, I don’t see what this has to do with…”

Suddenly Betty was digging into the lock of the car and he heard a satisfying “pop”

She turned to him with a smug smile.

He just stared at her slack jawed and wide eyed.


That was hot.

He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of his very own mcgyver.

What kind of girl could bake you the best blueberry pie in riverdale ( he was their when they awarded her with the ribbon at the town fair, totally deserved) in thirty minutes flat and also break into a dead teenage boys Cadillac with a wrench?

His girl that’s who.

Well she wasn’t his girl per say, but she was kind of his girl. other than that trev loser, she didn’t seem to be hanging out with any other guys and she spent almost all of her time with him, that had to mean something right?

She wiggled a little under his intense gaze.

“I fix cars with my dad, you never know when that’s gonna come in handy.”

“Was there anything this girl couldn’t do?”

He hadn’t realized he said it out loud until she blushed bright pink, shaking her head and opening the car door.

“I’m pretty terrible at keeping my family together.”

As she went to duck her head into the car, Jughead grabbed her wrist.

“That’s not you’re fault, none of this is. just like my mom leaving wasn’t mine. Families suck, That’s why it’s great to have one you picked out all on your own.”

He smiled shyly at the ground

Betty placed a hand on his cheek

“You’re my family too Jughead.” She said smiling Her famous heartbreaking smile.

He took a minute to stare into his eyes, and lean his cheek against her palm, before he bent down grabbed the flashlight from her backpack

“Shall we miss Cooper?”

She laughed sweeping her hand out

“After you mr. jones”

Extreme Tourism

A continuation of the Swapped Luggage AU?

“And how is your current date going, Law?”

Swatting at the latest mosquito to try making a meal out of him, Trafalgar D. Water Law, stumbles through the rainforest, wondering why he’d even bothered booking a fortnight off work for this madness.

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About TOP and the sasaeng fan issue

Okay, I bet all of you have seen TOP posting about Chinese fans who rang at his door in the middle of the night so that he got really scared and  wants to call the police from now on if something like that happens ever again. I think I speak for every VIP when I say that being a sasaeng fan like this is a terrible thing.

The thing is that TOP lives in a part of Seoul that is for famous and/or rich people. Why? Because it’s a specific residential area with security guards everywhere. There’s only one entrance and the guards are checking every vehicle and every person who wants to enter this area. They only let people in if they live there, want to visit family members/ friends or have any other good reason. Otherwise you won’t be able to enter. None of these reasons were the case for these Chinese sasaeng fans which means that they weren’t allowed to enter this residential area. In other words: they entered this area illegally, only to invade someone’s privacy.

What is bothering me the most now is that Chinese VIPs get ridiculously mad at TOP. They’re insulting him or even telling him to go die. And all this because they think that he hates China only because he specifically said “Chinese fans, please don’t ring my doorbell at night”. He must have heard that they’re Chinese and is now simply addressing them more or less directly on instagram which makes CVIPs think that he hates entire China. 

It just breaks my heart to read all these comments, when all TOP wants is some privacy. He’s most likely reading all this hate and I’m pretty sure that at some point he’ll have to apologize publicly. When the fans should be on his side, saying that stalking him like that in the middle of the night is definitely not okay, they now have to defend him. For sure he doesn’t hate China as he’s doing a lot of stuff especially this year in that country. He just told these particular Chinese fans not to do that again because he was scared to death. And now completely different CVIPS are bringing up old stories again like that one time when he was drunk and threw a cigarette butt onto the ground in China. They’re searching for reasons why he should never come to China again when all he wants is some privacy in his own home. Doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American, French or whatever - no one should go that far for to see their favourite idol.

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Imagine: Jack finds out that Bitty didn't know who Bad Bob Zimmermann was and gathers that he doesn't know about his legacy and stuff either and then his internal monologue for a while just goes "!!! *mentally hugs himself* !! ! ! THIS IS GREAT NEWS !! ! !!! *fond feels for bitty*" imagine

What if somebody had made a comment about Bad Bob in the locker room, before Bitty found out in canon?

Bitty, just like in the comic, has no clue and asks who they are talking about. They all immediately react like before, staring at him like they can’t believe what he just said, however Jack is there, so nobody really knows what to say.

Awkward all around.

When Bitty leaves, Jack catches up to him and asks him if he honestly doesn’t know who Bad Bob is. When Bitty says he doesn’t, Jack asks him if he ever heard of him before. Bitty once again is like, “um… not really, sorry, are you famous or something?”

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