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@leonygunawan said: HI ITS ME AGAIN!!! i have a lot of ideas so i apologize if you constantly see my user pops up. tonight i present you my idea of a jeff atkins y/n have a job at a daycare in the toddlers section and one day jeff surprised y/n at work and he ended up playing with a lot of the kids, he would carry them above his head since he’s buff as fck (can i cuss?) and the little girls would ask him to be their bf lol okay yeah. this is a very long ask so i will bid you a doo au revoir and gracias 💖💖💖💖

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Having a summer job at a private Daycare is both a blessing and a curse. For one the paycheck every two weeks along with the children’s laughter really brightens your day, but on the other hand, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and dealing with tantrum throwing toddlers is really nerve grating.

But in the end, you wouldn’t have any other job.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m gonna go ahead and take my lunch break. You good to keep an eye on the babies for me, too?” Your co-worker asks. You glance up at Makenzie, energy already dwindling for the day while she still looks bright-eyed, but smile and nod nonetheless. “Thanks! I’ll bring you back something sweet.”

Fortunately for you, the wall separating the infants from the toddlers is about chest high and you can easily see into both rooms at the same time. The toddlers are currently down for their naps, but the two infants that the Daycare takes care of are set to wake up any moment now.

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My Hero // Jeff Atkins // requested

Request : Jeff gets in a fight with Bryce and he hurt his hand pretty bad . Then I came out of cheer leading practice and see him in the hallway trying to bandage his hand , I go over there and kisses it when I finished helping bandage his hand . Then he kisses me and admits his feeling towards me . The rest is up to you , maybe you can put like why they got in a fight 

Requests are closed. xx

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Cheer leading practice was exhausting, I pulled my bag over my shoulder and decided against changing out of my outfit.

“See you tomorrow, Sheri?” I asked, passing her by the lockers.

“Yeah. Great job today, by the way. First time flyers are usually paranoid.” The girl laughed lightly.

I smiled sheepishly before waving and leaving the locker room. I stopped in the middle of the hallway, searching for my phone when I heard a grunt. Furrowing my eye brows I turned down a hallway and saw Jeff leaning against the lockers with a pained expression on his face. I’ve known him for a long time, he’s actually one of the only nice jocks in the school. He’s straight up with people, a personality trait that I’ve always been jealous of.

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In case anyone is wondering why I haven’t been very creative recently, after surviving a series of part-time temp and seasonal @home jobs, last week I started a full-time job in an office with a desk and people around me. Next week, I will begin my normal hours of 12:30 to 9 p.m. and could possibly be dead by the following weekend. Good thing I signed up for that insurance. Oh, and I’m an Event Specialist. Or something. I make sure people remember to get somewhere. At least I don’t have to sell anything. That’s someone else’s job. 

Here I am at my new job. 

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I am currently looking for work in my field. All of my friends are employed. I am not hearing from employers. I explained my problem to a church leader--not a pastor--who calls himself a prophet. He said that he saw my friends "passing me by". He prayed for me at the service, but I cannot help but feel haunted by his words as this seems to be what is happening. I am applying for jobs and taking extra classes, but I feel hopeless. Is God not hearing me? Was the prophet right? Thanks.

I’m not sure why someone would say something so discouraging. But I really feel like you’re allowing your circumstances to cloud your relationship with God. When we’re feeling vulnerable and insecure are the times we’re the most susceptible to negative influences.
My question is, so what if your friends are moving at another pace? Is it even realistic to assume you’d all move at the same pace? No. It’s life, not high school. And in the real world, we all have our own journeys. I feel like you’re looking for something that’s going to explain to you why things are tough. And I’m here to tell you that life is tough. And you can’t doubt God every time you don’t get what you want. God isn’t a genie.
I’d suggest you take some time and spend it with God. Not your pastor, and not comparing yourself to your friends. Pray, so bible study, and allow God to move in your heart. Because God hears you. The issue is, are you listening to God, or are you allowing the voices of negativity to take you off the path God has for you?


“My agent~” purred Meira. This woman, Tora apparently called her boyfriend like this, those gossipmonger troopers talked about it in the common room. Meira did what she did thousand times already, seducing a man was so easy as taking a breath, and now this man was already in love with the woman she impersonated so all she had to do was getting close and initiate things between them and wait for the perfect opportunity… Little she knew this won’t be as simple as usual… 

No, Tora never called Kallus ‘my agent’ xD Only the boys made this up. And this is why Meira hates to impersonate people during her assassin jobs, it is always a risky business… 

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I love my little girl. More than anything in the world. We've been married 2 years. And I try my best to be a good daddy. But sometimes I need an adult. Not in the way she acts, I love her as she is. But right now we're in financial trouble and we both need to work. I no I should provide and take care of my baby girl, but we can't make it while in school and a part time job. And she refuses to work. Am I awful for trying to convince her to contribute...

Why tf does she refuse to work? Does she not realize that you guys are a team? You’re not awful, or anything, she should be working.

Story Time

So a couple summers ago, I was out working with my boss. We finished a job and I looked up and asked “we calling it quits early?” He looked at me confused and asked why. I said, “Sky’s looking really dark, it’s probably gonna rain.” His confusion deepened as he told me the sky was blue and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I was confused, he was confused, the discussion ended and we hopped in the truck both thoroughly confused.

On our way to the next client, my eye started itching so I reached up to rub it and jammed my finger into my sunglasses. I took the sunglasses off and rubbed my eyes, and when I opened them I saw that the sky was clear as shit. I told my boss, oh I guess the sky looked dark because I had my sunglasses on.

His reply? “I want you teaching my kids someday.”

FURTHERMORE, i understand but don’t understand why vilde and sana have this beef. Yes, vilde has ambitions of being bus boss BUT she definitely pushed major responsibility towards sana (RE: gettting the 300,000 kroner to buy the bus and actually securing the bus, also getting rid of the toilet paper that she had for no reason). She even said that sana was a boss at figuring these things out. All of the jobs sana was given were pretty big jobs for a russ buss; figuring out how to get 300,000 dollars? thats a big deal and vilde basically just put those onto sana. so if vilde wants to put those responsibilities onto sana, then she shouldn’t be surprised that sana wants to be the bus boss i mean honestly. just because vilde was the one who originally wanted to have a russ buss, doesn’t mean that she should have responsibility when she is not apt to take over major responsibilities of it.

Fandot Creativity - drones/kitchen
  • Arthur: “I can’t reach it. Why did mum put it up there?”
  • Teddy: “What do you need?”
  • A: “The tabasco. I need it for my new surprising rice recipe but mum has moved it up there for some reason. I’ll go get a chair.”
  • T: “Oh you don’t need to. Joe and I got these great drones from our last job. So we can give them a better ad!”
  • A: “Oh wow! Brilliant! So you never need to climb on a stair again?”
  • T: “Not for any of the light things. I tried lifting my TV but it didn’t move it.”
  • A: “thats too bad. But tabasco isn’t heavy”
  • T: “Right. Good thing I brought the drone!”

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tell us more about your fursona 👀

k so like i want to get art commissioned but im always nervous about making things and coming up with Original Ideas. esp for myself. hahahahaha why did I type this……… anyway………

tol maned wolf, orange and brown standard gradient, I considered lavender hair cause I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I sure missed that train and now I have a Professional Career Job™, and idk what else to include

a friend likes to call me a folf (fox wolf)

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Tanaka for the character ask thing please! ♡.♡

My pleasure, anon! Enjoy!

First Impression: “He’s so loud, and obnoxious… I’m adopting him.”
Impression Now: “Why. Why? Tanaka, no…. Shit.”
Favorite Moment: Probably whenever he interacts with Nishinoya, or his sister. It’s too funny!
Idea for a Story: Tanaka is the guard dog for the mysterious Karasuno gang. He takes pride in his job… except for when he runs errands. However, on one of these runs, he happens to run into someone who makes things seem a little less bleak. It’s a sweethearted baker, with an awkward smile, a mohawk, and a heart ready to love any girl he sees.

Unpopular Opinion: I don’t think I have one, to be honest??

Favorite Relationship: TanaNoya
Favorite Headcanon: When Tanaka was little, and there was a thunderstorm, he used to run into his sister’s room and cuddle her for comfort. As they got older, he still ran into her room, and she promised to never tell a soul of it.

listen the guy at work is so cute??? and he draws and we talk about our tablets and digital art programs & shit..and im just an intern, and i have no real purpose except to sort receipts and transcribe boring shit, but the Boy!!! this boy, the Graphics Boy, was supposed to do actual artwork for the show but couldn’ bc of time constraints, so my producers were Pondering and The Boy was like “katie can draw!!! katie can do it!!!!” and i wasn’t there but it came out that that’s why i got the job of actually having my actual artwork of recreated cave drawings in an upcoming EPISODE of TV and im the first intern that’s ever gonna have their actual work featured on the show and it’s bc THE BOY put in a word for me bc we are basically married tbh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok so I really love your art and you seem like an awesome person and omg just generally good job you fantastic person 👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️

This message literally gave me the confidence to do my eyeliner perfectly on the first try I shit you not I read this on mobile when I was doing my makeup and like looked at the mirror and conquered my own reflection… thank you anon, because I am gonna look SO intimidating at work tonight. May your crops be bountiful and your skin clear bby xoxo

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Stupid fangirls are so gullible. You think Jensen is actually a nice guy lol. He's being paid. Smiling, saying hi and thank you is his job not being nice. He doesn't give a crap about any of you. He probably laughs at you while he cashes his big checks from cons where he charges you all ridiculous prices just to be near him. He cares so much about his fans rme.

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why do ppl think robots taking everyones job a bad thing fuck capitalism i dont wanna work a day in my life let the robots do it money no longer exists bc we get all this free shit from robots