why is someone giving him a rocket

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt2

Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1

Can you write a part 2 for Friends? Maybe they having a date outside the school? I’m Youngdo trash

I really loved your Youngdo scenario and I was wondering if you could do a part 2 ~💖

You felt awkward as you sat at the lunch table as Youngdo took a seat beside you “you should eat something” he told you as you shrugged. He pushed his tray over to you “eat” he told you again. You felt him grab your chin and shove food into your mouth “stop it” you say as your mouth was full of food now. He smiled as he rubbed his finger along your bottom lip. He really seemed to be a boyfriend-like towards you. He wasn’t denying it when people were asking it but he didn’t say he was dating you either. You two had gained a rather special relationship, he forced you to socialize with everyone. “When I tell you to eat I mean it” he spoke as he rested his arm behind you. You felt his fingers slightly touch your back making you shiver lightly as you started to eat. He smiled happy as he watched you before he remembered where he was and his smile dropped.


Youngdo smiled as he put the helmet onto your head “make sure you hold on tight” he told you seriously as he got on the bike and you got on behind him. He felt your arms rightly around his body before your face was in his back “I’m not that bad of a driver” he told you as you shook your head keeping it planted into his back.


Soon he pulled up to your house, he wasn’t sure what he was expected. “You live in a rather expensive building” he spoke as you rolled your eyes “my family isn’t as rich as yours but we do make money” you say as he nodded. “The company my dad works for paid for this because my dad was that needed” you say proudly “how about you let me come in then?” he says as a smirk was clear “no-” “Y/N?” you hear as you turned to see your mother “oh you brought a friend. Come come it’s chilly” she told Youngdo he gave you another smirk as he headed towards your home. Your mother touched his arm lightly “you’re a strong male” she said squeezing his arm lightly “mother” you say embarrassed “are you two dating?” she asked. “Yes” “no” two separate answers flew from your lips as your mother made a sound “I see” she told. “Stay for dinner. Your parents won’t mind right?” she asked as he shook his head.


As soon as he walked in his ears filled with the yelling of little boys. “That is Daeso and Yangho” you say as he was soon tackled by the small boys who were able to play with a bigger male.

“So you go to Jeguk then?“ your father asked as you all sat down to eat “yes” Youngdo answered calmly “what does your father do?” he then asked “runs and owns the Zeus Hotel Group” he said as your dad dropped his fork. “You’re interested in my daughter?” he then asked as you and your mother had offended looks on your faces “don’t say it like she’s not pretty” your mother nagged. “She was sweet enough to bring her boyfriend here” you groaned as your head hit the table. Your brothers did the same to copy you as they started laughing. “Is it like this often?” Youngdo asked “this is a family dinner son” you father said as Youngdo looked surprised he had a warm feeling in his stomach at the moment. “Money does magical things doesn’t it” he mumbles. He felt your hand take his under the table giving his a squeeze.

“Can you buy a rocket ship?” Daeso asks as Youngdo gave him a look “you know I’ve never checked” he responds “could you buy a rocket ship and let us ride in it?” Daeso continued as Yangho nodded. “It wouldn’t be safe or possible” you say. “I don’t think Seoul would allow a citizen to buy a rocket no matter how rich” you continue. “Why not?” Yangho whines “because regulations and hazards that could come. Rockets mean fire and fire means burn” you say simply. “Well aren’t you a party pooper” Youngdo mumbles “someone has to be the voice of reason” “or the complete drag” he teases as you pressed onto the pressure point on his hand as he let out a yell. “Just like a married couple” you mother coos as you roll your eyes.


“So how different is it?” Bona asked as Chanyoung and you shared a look “they actually eat together. The tables aren’t huge. She has siblings that actually like her” Youngdo lists as the rich ones were curious on it all “so it’s different from yours?” she asks Chanyoung who nods. “I’m guessing siblings make dinner more fun. How old are they?” He asked as you pulled your phone out. “Daeho is 7 and Yangho is 4” you say as he smiles before the phone was taken from you. “Who’s Gray?” Youngdo asks “my eldest brother. He’s in the military. We text sometimes” you tell as he made a sound. “I called your brother a loser then. He’s not-” you waved his words off.

“What do you eat?” Myungsoo asks “bulgogi, stews, kimchi, hot pots. Many things you would find if you didn’t eat at 5 star restaurants or have a professional chef at your every beck and whim” you tell as he makes a face. “You don’t need to be rude” he told you “you act like I’m some new animal at a zoo” you tell him. “It’s different from what I have” he says “I know that’s why there’s class differences” you finish. “Nothing better than making a meal with your family” Chanyoung spoke as you nodded. “It’s great when you can make a mess and not get yelled at about it” you continue as he nods in agreement throwing you a smile. “Don’t get along too well” Bona threatens. “I don’t care for him that way” you tell them “he’s nice but not my type” you tell. “What is your type?” Youngdo asks as you look at him “I don’t have one” you tell him. “Then how is he not your type?” Myungsoo asks “for one he has a girlfriend and one he loves. Also even without a type I don’t believe he fits though” you tell him. You pick up your books sliding them into your bag as you put it on your shoulders. “I have to go shopping for groceries” you say as you get up. 


After a few days of debating in his head his Youngdo grabbed your arm after your last class before you would run off to the library and took you with him. “What are you doing?” you asked “we’re going on a date” he says as you felt the helmet being placed on your head. “You’re going to tell me about your life and in return I’ll tell you about mine” he says as he pats the helmet letting you get one and once more felt your face buried in his back as he started his bike.


“What is this place?” you asked “its the restaurant inside Zeus. I don’t go to many places to eat so” he spoke as he allowed you to sit down. “Speak” he says"what do you want to know?“ you ask as he shrugs “what’s it like having a family like a real one?” he asked feeling embarrassed “its annoying” you start before a smile came to your face. “But at the same time I couldn’t live without it. I see the rich as lonely people with only money to keep them company. The lower classes don’t get the oversized homes so you really can’t run away from each other. You’re more likely to run into each other at some point” you joke. “You can hate them but they always know how to make you laugh or cheer you up. Or press your buttons. They make it easier to be human” you say “and yet you’re a calculator at school” he told as you roll your eyes. “It’s easier to be fake there than real” you tell. “You. I guess your life is boring if you want to spend time with me” you say as he shakes his head “you make it entertaining. That’s why I want to spend time with you” he told as you nodded.

“You said a date. Your family would never let that happen” you tell him “Tan and Eunsang” he says. “Money never stopped them” he finishes before food was brought out “yeah. But why me?” you asked “I’m not special” you say “no you aren’t” he says as you glare. “If you were expecting something romantic and charming it doesn’t happen with me” he told “but you’re wrong. Everyone is special once they make their step into a different social rank” he says as he took a big bite of noodles. “You’ll be special to the rick because you’re not rich and I’ll be special to your family because I am” he told “I never said I’d date you” you spoke clearly. “I never gave you option not to” he says with a smirk as you sighed deciding not to fight him because at the end of the day. You were his and he was yours even if neither of you could really admit it earlier.

Junkrat's Christmas Spirit

Pharah: Jameson, why are strapping a rocket to your foot?

Junkrat: Well, I’ve been hearing about this mistletoe thing and thought I’d give it a shot.

Pharah: No. Jameson, mistletoe is more of a romantic sign that you’d want to kiss someone.

Junkrat: …..

Pharah: …..

Junkrat: LAME! This is much better!

Pharah: Roadhog? Nothing?

Roadhog: I’ve learned it’s better to let him figure it out on his own.

Pharah: But this-

Roadhog: If I get shot enough, I inhale gas. What about me screams role model?

Junkrat: *Rockets off and explodes in contact with a wall and gets launched into the infarmary*

Junkrat: What up doc?

Mercy: You’re still alive?!!

Because of new new episodes I decided to draw restyles for my humanization, that actually could be a bit closer to canon but witch I never will use, because I’m accustomed to old versions to much :T

but anyway, herewe go:

Sylvia - first I wanted to make her more chubby and also make her face more… mm… woman-like? but then I remembered that she’s actually very good at races(srsly, remember even with all the stops at The Timebomb episode, she won the race! she’s damn fast and enduring!!!) so I keep her first decision(yay, Syl baby, you are perfect!)

Hater - well. I think everyone agrees that Hater big-nerdy-silly child? so, why even he has to be muscle-bound? because he’s skeleton? but skeleton could belong to someone else I mean… in the show Hater didn’t even prove that he’s cool bara man, so… I make him look like Soos I’M LAUGHING SORRY! X’D

Wander - just made him thinner and more dweeby, because, WHY DO I EVEN NEED TO GIVE EVERYONE SUCH A PERFECT BODYS??? WRONG!

also it would be more funny when such a little weak stick overcomes the rocket or something X)

Peepers - I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! he was such a dweeb for allthe show and then BAM! I guess it was just very unexpected joke - good work WOY team! XD

but well, made him even lower but heavy little shit XD


now he and Hater looks so hilarious, guess that’s how it should be - little wimp nanny-Peeps and big child-Hater

I’m out!

the sensates stealing cars
  • Riley: sweetly asks someone to borrow their car and never returns it
  • Kala: smiles at a random person, they (and three others) offer her their cars bc they think she's a goddess (which is true)
  • Capheus: refuses to take a car that belongs to anybody and instead hotwires an abandoned one and returns it later
  • Nomi: hacks into one of those digital lock system thingies and leaves the cars of known homophobes/transphobes unlocked for everyone to take
  • Sun: doesn't fuck around and straight up smashes a car window, gets in and is never seen again
  • Lito: uses his acting skill to convince someone that his wife in hospital is in labour, they give him the car without hestiation (he sends a gift basket later)
  • Will: really doesn't want to, so he instead rents a car and tells everybody he stole it
  • Wolfgang: pulls some poor dude from his car, before he launches a fucking rocket right into that guy's face and leaves