why is someone giving him a rocket

Junkrat's Christmas Spirit

Pharah: Jameson, why are strapping a rocket to your foot?

Junkrat: Well, I’ve been hearing about this mistletoe thing and thought I’d give it a shot.

Pharah: No. Jameson, mistletoe is more of a romantic sign that you’d want to kiss someone.

Junkrat: …..

Pharah: …..

Junkrat: LAME! This is much better!

Pharah: Roadhog? Nothing?

Roadhog: I’ve learned it’s better to let him figure it out on his own.

Pharah: But this-

Roadhog: If I get shot enough, I inhale gas. What about me screams role model?

Junkrat: *Rockets off and explodes in contact with a wall and gets launched into the infarmary*

Junkrat: What up doc?

Mercy: You’re still alive?!!

poisoncraft asked: “Hey…” His voice is soft, and he’s using his kindest smile. “’M gonna make sure ya get yer pokemon back, and that yer treated well, kay? ’M sorry it’s taken so long fer me ta notice what’s going on- but this is /not/ how we do things round here.”

@bitx-me: Why is Spi–

–No. Not him–Someone else. Another Rocket, though–And that can’t be good?

“M-My pokemon back?”

Obyx doesn’t want to give herself false hope.

“…Jared w-wouldn’t let them…”

“Good thing I’m his superior, then! Ain’t nothing he can do ta stop me from getting yer pokemon back. And me and another guy’re working on getting ya outta Rocket, too- safely. Ya don’t deserve ta be stuck here.”