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ALRIGHT, let’s debunk the discussion of whether Yuri and Viktor kissed or just hugged at the end of episode 7 for once and for all with some cold, hard facts. Because that scene was most definitely, without one single doubt, a kiss

Let’s start off with the lips. Do you notice anything particular about the way that the lips are displayed in the gif below?

As you can see, it is very noticable that there is an obvious emphasis on the lips, seeing as how they are drawn so shiny and glossy looking. 
Why is this of importance? Well, that’s because the only times that the lips have been animated like that before in this show, was when something in particular was about to happen to the lips. 

Example 1: Viktor’s thumb rubbing over Yuri’s mouth for the first time

Example 2: Viktor applying chapstick to Yuri’s mouth

See? The only times when the lips were drawn shiny looking, was when something was about to be done with them. And notice how in the first gif, when Viktor leans in, BOTH their lips are shiny and glossy? Hmm I wonder why…. What would they be about to do with both their lips??!! Hmmm…. 

Secondly, the eyes. 

Now, Viktor and Yuri have hugged before many many times. And the only time that Yuri’s eyes have ever widened during their hug, was when Viktor hugged him unexpectedly from behind in episode 5.
However, this time, Yuri was expecting to be hugged. He rushed over to Viktor with his arms wide because he wanted to hug him after his performance went better than expected. If Viktor would only have returned the hug, Yuri would not have been surprised, because it was his own intention to hug him. 
But as you can see, Yuri’s eyes widen thoroughly. Viktor was doing something he did not expect. 
And not only that; VIKTOR’S EYES CLOSE. Viktor was closing his eyes right as he closed the gap between his and Yuri’s face. And when do people usually close their eyes when leaning in? Oh that’s right: when they are about to kiss someone.

Thirdly, the position of their heads in the zoom out. 

Notice how Viktor’s hand is holding the back of Yuri’s head quite firmly? He is obviously pushing his head back in order to be able to press their lips together more firmly. If he wasn’t kissing him, Yuri’s head would firstly be at Viktor’s shoulder, and secondly, the entire side of Viktor’s face could not have been visible if their lips weren’t pressed together, meaning that Viktor could not move his head any closer. 
Have you ever hugged someone with your just your cheeks pressing against each other? Yeah, me neither. 

Now, I understand that the main reason why people think that it’s just a hug, is because when they hit the ice, they are shown to just be hugging, and not kissing. 

And I do understand that this could cause confusion, but please note that they were literally falling down onto rock hard ice. If you were falling down when kissing someone, believe me, you would also break the kiss in order to make sure that your partner wouldn’t hit their head on the hard floor (or in this case ice). Viktor was still holding the back of Yuri’s head as they fell down, meaning that he was making sure that he wouldn’t hit his head. Plus, I also don’t think a kiss would be a very pleasant one when your heads would literally be about to hit something hard and cold. 

Now, after you’ve read all of this, don’t you dare try to tell me that this was just a hug and not a kiss. 

This. Was. A. Fucking. Kiss 

Vikturi is canon. 

SOS Battles for Dummies

Why should I chain SOS battles?

1. Some Pokemon (e.g. Mareanie) are only obtainable this way.
2. Increased shiny rate
3. Increased chance of Hidden Abilities
4. Increased chance of high potential Pokemon (maximum of 4 perfect IVs)

…Basically, this is Gen VII’s version of the DexNav

It should go without saying that Legendary and other one-of-a-kind Pokemon (including those you encounter via Island Scan) are unable to be chained.

What do I need?

The first thing you’ll need is a Pokemon to hunt with! This Pokemon will need to learn:
1. False Swipe: for whittling down the first target, and eventually for capturing the goal
2. A status move: no matter what, there will be turns when the wild Pokemon’s cry for help goes unanswered. You’ll need something to do during these turns that won’t knock out the Pokemon
3. A high-PP damaging move, to knock out any helpers that you don’t want to catch.  Note that Pokemon won’t call for help while frozen, asleep, or paralysed - so avoid moves that may inflict these states.

My favourite ‘mon for this is Absol, which can be caught outside of Tapu Village. It can learn False Swipe via TM (tick!), already knows Swords Dance when captured (tick!), and can also learn Thief via TM (with STAB), so you can possibly pick up some rare items while you’re hunting.

You’ll also need some Adrenaline Orbs, which increase the chances of the wild Pokemon calling for help. However if you’re using False Swipe adequately, this step is optional, because once you get the Pokemon down to 1HP it will call for help on most turns even without the orb.

Cool, now what?

1. Choose your target

2. Use False Swipe until it’s down to 1HP

3. Use your Adrenaline Orb

4. Knock out any Pokemon that are called in to help (optional: use Thief to pick up some swag along the way)

5. If there are any turns where help doesn’t arrive, buy time by using your status move

6. Keep an eye on your PP - if you’re running low, the wild Pokemon probably is too. The last thing you want is for it to Struggle and make itself faint. If you’re concerned about your target’s PP, you can “switch” the chain to another Pokemon of the same species and continue on (no need to use another Adrenaline Orb when switching).

7. Profit!

Anything else?

Yep, GameFreak likes to keep us on our toes. As well as the standard SOS battles, there are also some Pokemon which are exclusive to SOS battles that occur during weather (e.g. Castform and the Goomy line).

Contrary to some rumours that are circulating, you don’t need to have “natural” weather in order to trigger these Pokemon to appear; it works just as well with in-battle weather triggered by moves and abilities. If it seems like it just isn’t happening for you, that’s because the chance of these ‘mons spawning is ridiculously, frustratingly, extremely low.

Absol comes to the forefront again for these battles - it can learn Rain Dance!


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983

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Why is the animation so good on MLWA? I feel blessed to even witness it

Honestly, it isn’t even a matter of production quality. Take the following scene, for example.

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It starts out with same, what is it, 4 frames? cycled about 4 times, but the cartoony nature of it does a great job at expressing the emotion of the scene. They follow it up with what really makes the shot great: watching the thing blow up as Akko’s face contorts. The thing starts growing in a couple of short bursts to get the viewer’s attention, before quickly expanding. Akko’s face, meanwhile, contorts and deforms in a number of expressive and quirky ways.

What makes Trigger awesome is that they make sure as many scenes as possible are expressive. As opposed to the anime standard of having nearly still shots where the people stay in place and just move their mouths, they make their characters move around as they talk, even if this means they half to use less detailed frames.

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When they have people running down a hallway, they make them run down a hallway in a way that is visually interesting. When they are fighting monsters, they fight them in visually interesting ways. Hell, they even make the characters looking into a glass case interesting.

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Trigger just straight up knows how to animate better than anyone else in japan. They often times use less detailed frames in order to make sure everything they put forward is dynamic and fun.

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But they save a ton of their production budget for a few, important scenes, and boy, when they put their all into a scene…

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Boy do they fucking deliver.

so I’m not saying anything, really, but you know how Necrozma has these weird colorful triangles on its face?

I thought “huh, that sure looks familiar”

and you know why?

Shiny Minior.

Shiny Minior also just so happens to have the exact same color scheme as Necrozma. Just an odd coincidence? Maybe. But who’s to say these two Pokemon might not have something interesting to do with each other?

Mate for Newt

All of Newt’s animals refer to him as Mom, or to the younger ones it’s Mommy. He’s the one who takes care of them, who make sure that they are all healed and safe. So of course, his babies want Newt to find a mate. They think that Newt will be happier if he isn’t alone anymore, it’s one of the reasons why Niffler likes to escape so much. Niffler likes shiny things, and he is also trying to find Mom a mate.

As soon as the beasts meet Percival Graves they know that they want him as their Dad. He’s a powerful wizard, he would be able to protect Newt and all of the creatures, like an alpha male is supposed to. They would constantly be escaping the suitcase, and making their way to Percival’s office. Newts Demiguise, Dougal, will just appear, revealing himself to Percival after already being in the office for several hours. And he will usually bring the Occamy chicks with him. Newt will burst into the office to find Director Graves with all of the Occamy chicks on him, some hanging around his neck, others wrapped around his arm, and with Dougal napping on the sofa. The chicks let out happy little shrieks at the sight of Newt, but they refuse to let go of Percival.

Soon Newt just stops looking anywhere other than Percival’s office when one of his creatures go missing. He’s even found the Nundu curled up at Percival’s feet, just resting on his office floor (Newt still hasn’t figured out how the Nundu even got into MACUSA without being noticed).

Newt starts spending a lot of time in Director Graves’ office. The two get to know each other, they become best friends. Percival makes sure that Newt has all of his permits in order, and he helps edit Newt’s manuscript. Newt teaches Percival how to care of all of his animals, Newts takes him down into the suitcase, and most of the animals immediately love him, having heard all about him from Newt and the Occamy’s. Even the Nundu has taken a liking to Percival, and approves of the other man becoming Newt’s mate.

The beasts even manage to get Tina and Queenie to help them push the two men together. It’s only when Percival gets hurt that the two men finally realize their feelings for each other. When the Senior Auror wakes up in the hospital, Newt clutches him in a tight hug, letting out a relieved sob. The two end up confessing their feelings to each other. Revealing that they had been in love with the other for a long time. When they finally kiss they hear several happy roars and shrieks coming from the suitcase. His creatures had successfully found a mate for Newt.

My mothers reaction to episode 3 and 4

“Sarah look!! The opening has more colors”

“We were born to make history”

“Oh! The other two are gonna learn this from him”

“I really love watching that man skate……”

“Don’t be mean to Yukon San”

“Wait yuko is married”

That’s why yuri’s is sexual, cause Victor has the hots for him"

“I believe in you Yuri!!”


“Oh I get it he’s a virgin that’s why he doesn’t know about Eros”

“Why is he beating them”

“Wait Yuri is 23!! I thought he was 16”

“Oh my Victor has hot buns look at them….go back I want to see them again”

“Wait this poor kid thinks pork cutlet bowels are love???”

“Oh! Did you see the blondes little leg kick?”

“Why are their lips so shiny”

“Drinking until dawn, dumbass”

“This child is so precious….oh my heart”

“I’m so excited for the skating”

“Yuri has to win”

“Yurio has the best expressions”

“It’s gonna be a tie isn’t it?”

*in tears after agape* “this….is so wonderful”

“Why is he hard on himself?? I liked it”



“I love the music”


*clapping* “I knew you could do it YURI”

“Do they tie….tell me?”


“Oh my god sarah the cat is watching it”


“Why don’t I get dressed like this”

“The colors I love it…oh yes naked men again”

“Like your body is creating music….oh my god are they sleeping together yet?”


“Oh my goodness why won’t he stop calling him pig, I hope your mother knows what you are saying”

“Wait is yurio gonna be this woman’s lover”


“Pichit? Oh he’s cute!!”

“This woman sounds like aunt Tamara”
(My family is Russian)

“He’s fishing to see if he’s gay”

“Do they kiss yet?”

“Why aren’t they kissing”

“Do they ever kiss?”

“OH! I get it Victor has been in love with him for a long time, he wants Yuri to feel the same way”

“Crap crap crap”

“YURI vs YURI here we go”

“Oh my god yurios jump”

“First and last season for the two yuris….”