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Do you still think she's bad after that scene because I gotta say if she's actually bad she's a damn good actress because that was pretty convincing


Marinette and Chat Noir DO NOT put their crushes on pedestals.

Okay, so the majority of the fandom believes that Marinette idolizes Adrien / sees him as a god and Chat Noir sees Ladybug as a goddess and places her on a high pedestal, correct?
This is simply wrong.
Yes, Marinette gushes over Adrien quite often and has called him perfect once or twice but if you really analyze their relationship, is the conclusion that she really does see him as perfect correct?
Marinette is anything but shallow. She did not fall in love with this kid for looks, or money. She fell in love with this kid for his kindness and his insecurities.
Lets take a look at the origins, shall we?
Marinette was absolutely FURIOUS at Adrien for supposedly “putting gum on her seat”. She didn’t care that he was the son of her idol. She held that grudge until the end of the episode. What happens next?
Adrien reveals his insecurities to her and opens up to her. She knows he’s insecure and awkward. She does not place him on a pedestal. She falls in love because she understands that he is a human and he has insecurities but still opened up and showed his kindness to her.
Now one might question: Why does she stutter so much around him?
We are all different. Marinette is insecure, but she does not see Adrien as some untouchable, impossible goal. She does not know how to convey her feelings properly. We see her character development throughout the season when her and Adrien become pretty close and she can hold conversations with him without stuttering or running away. In fact, if anything, it’s Adrien that puts Marinette on a pedestal. Class president, friends with everybody, plays video games like a goddamn boss, and incredibly sweet. This is displayed in the Gamer when he looks are her in awe and says “You’re awesome Marinette, you don’t need me,” and shys away with insecurity, yet another example of how he has displayed his insecurities to Marinette, and she tries to reassure him that he’s also very good. Along with that, there’s also his interactions with Ladybug. She knows he’s lonely. She knows his mom is missing. His life isn’t perfect. Marinette knows he’s isolated and sad.

On to Chat Noir.

Chat Noir is extremely aware that Ladybug is not perfect. He knows she’s clumsy, insecure, brash, and can easily get jealous. These are all characteristics articulated from her in the Origins and sprinkled around in the rest of the season. And guess what? Even after he saw her tumble, doubt herself, and charge at this unknown monster, he still falls in love. That says a lot.
Chat Noir does not need a lot of explaining because it’s somewhat easy to analyze him but the majority of this fandom believes that Marinette placed Adrien on this high pedestal and that just isn’t right. Maybe she’s still insecure about herself not being enough, but there will be a lot more character development throughout the next few seasons. They’ll mature.

Okay so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and watch 13 Reasons Why. Big mistake.

If anyone suffers from depression/suicidal thoughts and are easily triggered, I highly suggest not watching this Netflix series as it triggered my suicidal thoughts that I haven’t had in ages and thought I was finally recovering from.

The series is about a girl who commits suicide who doesn’t have any signs of depression or mental illness at all until the last few episodes as things start to pick up and get worse in her life. She is a normal healthy girl who got bullied into thinking death was the only way out. The series doesn’t mention anything regarding mental illness and the impact it can have on suicide. It is the worst advocate for mental health ive ever seen and im just so disapointed that it got as popular as it did.

The series glorifies the satisfaction of death and how it’s the perfect revenge. It put more focus on the drama happening within the group of bullies after her death than her herself.

As a person who went through a lot of what Hannah did in highschool and wanted to die, I’ve never been so insulted by something in my life. The cute indie music. The cartoony pictures and the way she made her suicide tapes look pretty. Using TAPES because the 90’s are back and that’s vintage and cute so why not.

This is just not something anyone who is suicidal should watch. I’ve been trying to find ways to get my mind off the fucking show and I can’t because I am so goddamn curious to know what would happen if everyone found out I died. How horrible is that? I don’t need this

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Prompt: Lucy drops by the DEO regularly and is SHOOK at how quickly Maggie becomes a part of life there. Where Lucy ends up in their dynamic is your call

So you said you wanted more feels. You got ‘em. Fair warning, Lucy feels ahead. 

Lucy Lane Loves Leather and Pain

    Major Lucy Lane (never Lucille, shut the fuck up, Danvers) was the younger sister to a legend, an internationally renowned journalist, married to a goddamn superhero (and Lucy is very much bitter that she had to figure that one out on her own, as if she was never told because she spent so long with her father, no, she had to figure out that Clark and Kal were the same person). Major Lucy Lane lost her boyfriend to not one, but two goddamn Supers.

    Major Lucy Lane spent a good portion of her life being jealous as hell. What does it take, she’d wonder, to actually be seen for myself.

    It didn’t help that those damn supers were so nice. She tried to hate Kara. Kara Danvers was a giant ball of sunshine who stole her boyfriend without trying to at all, and then to find out she was Supergirl on top of everything, well that was just swell. And she had always gotten on better with Clark than with Lois, even before the Great Family Blow Up.

    Lucy wanted to be seen as something other than the lesser member of her family. After everything went down with Myriad and almost sending Danvers Sr. and not-Hank Henshaw to CADMUS, she figured she and the elder Danvers had a lot in common and could relate. After they got over the whole arrested-you-and-had-you-carted-off-to-an-experimental-black-site-that-later-turned-out-to-be-the-home-to-domestic-terrorism thing. Alex said she was over it. Except for when she wanted to win, in which case, Alex was kind enough to hold it over Lucy’s head.

    Alex held a lot of things over Lucy’s head, and often literally, because Alex Danvers is an asshole and thought short jokes were funny.

    It took time though, for Lucy to really make it past the spiky Agent Danvers persona. Kara was easy, Kara accepted everyone with open arms until you literally proved you had no hope for redemption, and Winn wasn’t far behind. But Alex was cautious, Alex didn’t trust people, and it didn’t matter how many drinks they shared while complaining about super siblings and falling short, Alex held very much of herself at bay.

    DADT was very much a thing during her career in the military. Her father was a general. Lucy’s attraction to both genders was something acknowledged after nights of heavy drinking or contemplative staring into the mirror, it was never something she actively pursued. That would have won her no favors with her father, the only family that hadn’t died or picked up and left, and he was all she had. When she broke from him, she suddenly found herself with friends and a new city, a new confidence she didn’t know what to do with.

    Alex Danvers had always pinged her radar as less than straight, although her interactions with Maxwell Lord were nothing but pure entertainment for Lucy. The disgust on her face when Alex mentioned he once tried to feed her was priceless. Alex Danvers held everyone at bay, but over time, after her teams moved to the city base and they were relegated to once or twice a month bar meets, Lucy found herself wanting more than just friendship from the taller agent. She was beautiful, brilliant, perpetually single, and she understood.

    So Lucy invited her out for drinks.

    Alex invited Vasquez and Kara out for a girls’ night.

    Lucy tried a fancy dinner, but an alien rampaging downtown ruined that one.

    She tried cooking dinner, but that turned into another girls’ night.

    Lucy wasn’t sure if this was Alex Danvers’ attempt to let her down gently, but it was really beginning to piss her off. Danvers wasn’t like Kara, she clearly couldn’t be wooed with food. And there were always drinks involved, so a nice whiskey wasn’t going to get her point across.

    Lucy was beginning to think she needed to flat out ask Alex if she wanted to make out when the cop started showing up. She got the joy of hearing Alex bitch about the cop who tried to steal her crime scene at the airport. Lucy got to hear about the alien bar from everyone who got to spend time there, but she could never seem to make it.

    And the cop. She got to hear about the cop so often.

    Lucy is a jealous person.

    Lucy freely admits that.

    Alex Danvers doesn’t make friends.

    Alex Danvers is finally friends with Lucy, even if the oblivious asshole never opens those goddamn whiskey deep eyes and notices the bisexual waving a pride flag in her goddamn face and asking her out every twenty minutes.

    One could maybe see why Lucy was less than thrilled to hear about Alex having a new friend. A pretty friend. A smart friend. A brave friend.

    Hello, Danvers, all that and a much better uniform is sitting right in front of your goddamn face. Would like to maybe sit on your goddamn face.

    A cop friend who apparently was Alex’s gay awakening and excuse me what the absolute fuck I have been throwing myself at you for the last year.

    For someone so damn smart, Alex Danvers was a goddamn dumbass.

    And Pam was supposed to be on Lucy’s side, okay? Legal and HR are supposed to be tight, they are not supposed to give clearance to a crush’s crush okay they are supposed to make the other woman’s life impossible that what HR and Legal do.

    Lucy always seems to miss meeting the cop when she visits. Which is odd, because no one ever shuts up about her. Winn goes on about how she saved his ass and she’s almost as awesome as his new bff Lena. James, her ex boyfriend who knows her a little too well and just smirks. Sweet, oblivious to her own bisexuality, ray of sunshine Kara Danvers is, of course, gushing about the woman who makes her sister so happy and she’s so helpful even if she eats weird healthy food. Even J’onn likes her, and he’s Alex’s Space Dad, no one is good enough for his favorite child and he’s said as much to Lucy’s face as nicely as possible.

    It’s a Friday night when Lucy finally manages to ditch Major Lane early enough to catch beers in town with her friends. Well, she could have ditched the Major, but Lucy looks damn good in her uniform and she’s fairly confident the cop will notice, even if Agent Oblivious doesn’t.

    She does.

    The cop is hot. Like, wandering the desert for forty years hot.

    But that’s not important.


    What’s important is that Agent Alex Danvers sees Major Lucy Lane enter an alien bar in full uniform and looks her up and down, eyes wide, like she’s never seen Lucy before. Like she’s pairing the uniform with the sweaty body she spars with on Tuesday mornings, the one she pins down with a laugh only to get flipped on her own back because Lucy takes nothing lying down, not even her massive crush on the most oblivious woman on the planet (Kara, of course, is the most oblivious alien).

    “Lookin’ good, Major.”

    Lucy smiles, wide and full of teeth, “I look even better out of uniform and you know it, Agent.”

    Alex isn’t the only one looking Lucy up and down. Not that Lucy’s complaining, because it’s nice to see she can still make a first impression. But the girlfriend (because that’s what she is) is less pleased at the laughing bear hug that Alex gives Lucy. Full body contact that literally lifts Lucy off her feet, smelling of leather and lavender and ozone from that damnable space gun of hers. Lucy takes her chance to wrap her arms around Alex’s neck and let herself fall into it. She likes feeling like she was missed.

    Alex finally sets her down and spins her to face the hot cop, hands strong and warm over the dress blues. “Maggie, this is Major Lucy Lane, the desert’s biggest pain in the ass. Luce, this is Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.”

    The woman’s dark eyes stare her down. But she’s unsure about something. She’s trying to project a confidence she doesn’t feel, and Lucy might have missed it if she didn’t see the same thing in Alex every time Kara or J’onn was in trouble. Jesus, Lane, is that your type? Leather and bravado?

    Not that Lucy blames herself at all.

    They make it look hot.

    Sawyer reaches out a hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

    Lucy shakes it. She’s jealous, not a bitch. “You too. Alex talks about you so much it’s like I know you already.”

    Alex dips around Lucy to reach for her drink and throw it back.

    Maggie smiles, slow and wide, and Lucy knows she’s fucked when she realizes the devil wears leather and sparkling fucking eyes are you for real. “Is that right, Danvers?”

    Alex chokes a little, wiping clumsily at her mouth. “Pfft.”

    Three beers are dropped off by a bartender that the three women barely notice. Lucy plays with the neck of her bottle before taking a swig. It’s just the three of them, and Alex and Maggie are leaning into each other, not even holding hands, and Lucy kind of wants to deck the detective.

    “So, Sawyer, I have to know…”

    Maggie and Alex both pin her down with curious stares. It’s just the three of them, and it’s about to get real awkward, because fuck it, Lucy wants to know. Because she’s Lucy, because she’s petty, because she’s jealous, she waits until they both go to take a sip. Lucy smirks. Go big or go home, Lane.

  “How did you get her attention? Because I’ve been asking her out for a year.”

  Maggie takes a slow, slow swallow, her eyes darting between Alex and Lucy, considering, a small smirk beginning to pull at the edges of her mouth.

  But Alex?

  Alex spits her beer all over an alien looking for a fight.

  He found one.

  And Lucy finds herself incredibly impressed turned on with the way these women got creative with pool sticks.

The Soup Is Mine, Bitch


(A/N: yeah so I may have lied, this wasn’t requested but it’s been sitting in my hardrive for ages and Ive wanted to post it for ages. Here it is!!!! Please enjoy (: )

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“Fuck this – no – fuck everything,” she cussed, as she determinedly shuffled down the cold cobble-stoned road to the small department store, the sweet aromas of mead and gingerbread not reaching her blocked nostrils. All she could feel was the numbing throb in her temples and frostbite nipping at her stuffy nose. Gorgon Street was usually pretty void of people, but because all the goddamned stars above hated her so much, the street was suddenly full to the rim of loud boisterous people. She pulled her shawl more tightly around her thin frame as her nose twitched, which was raw from all her sniffling and nose-blowing.

Y/N was a sniffly, ill-tempered mess who wasn’t in the mood for anything, which is precisely why her favorite back-up chicken noodle soup with minimal spice for scratchy throats concoction had decided to run out. Despite being so frustratingly sick, she was still secretly pleased she had an excuse not to go to her dead-end, boring office job at a small, insignificant department in the Ministry. Who cares? Who the hell cares?

She scampered a little quicker as another dry burst of wind blasted into her face. She hurried through the automated doors, and was greeted by the flickering of bright florescent lighting and a witch with a very forced smile handing out vibrantly colored flyers.

Y/N not-so-politely denied one of said flyers as she advanced into the store, wiping a bit of snot from under her up-turned nose. Once in the aisle, she started perusing the shelves for her exact errand. After scanning the shelves with her sharp eyes so red and swollen from the constant rubbing and nights spent twisted in her bed sheets, she finally spotted it.

Heinz’s Classic Chicken Noodle Soup for the Sick Soul- Wizard’s Buff. Smacking her lips, she reached for the last solitary can.

But again, because the almighty void, Jesus, Zeus, Buddha, everything hated her, another hand reached for the same object of desire. Another hand (one gloved in leather, might she add), had grabbed her soup. Her soup.


“Um, excuse me, but this is mine!”

She looked up at the selfish other, who was about a head taller than her. To her shock, her eyes met with familiar cold grey ones, which were nearly as bloodshot as hers. Both of them jumped back, dropping the can.



“Well, well,” Malfoy sneered, before coughing and sniffling. Y/N attempted to cross her arms, which was hard due to the thickness of two sweaters and a coat. Narrowing her eyes, her jaw jutted out as it always did when she was irritated.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you on parole or something?” she inquired stiffly through her clenched teeth, trying hard not to breathe so heavily from her mouth.

“On the contrary, Y/L/N,” he replied, with the same stiff lip, “I’ve been let off.”

“Let off?”

“Good behavior.”

She huffed, then retorted, “more like a bit of bribery on your hand, am I right?”

“That helped a little,” he smirked.

She shook her head, strands of her messy hair falling out of the impromptu knot she had fabricated on the top of her head. She debated whether he was joking or not. Her gaze fell again to the can of soup which lay on its side between the two of them. His eyes also fell on the upturned can, which was starting to roll away.

Before Y/N could even think of taking action, Malfoy’s quick seeker reflexes snatched it off the reflective ground.

“Well, nice catching up with you!” he smirked, before turning away to leave with his prize.

“Oh no you don’t,” she snarled, turning him around by the shoulder and grabbing the soup as well, “this is mine, I took it first!”

“No you didn’t! My fingers were clearly wrapped around it!”

“That is such a lie! I’m wearing mittens, that’s why I dropped it!”

They started playing a childish tug-of-war for the can, which was getting a bit dented from both of their strong grips.

“Why do you even want it anyway? I’m in actual need of it!”

“I’m sick!” shrieked Y/N.

“So am I!” snapped Malfoy, “sicker than you!”

“How on earth would you even know that? I’ve been sniffling for weeks! I need this soup!”

“Sniffling? Sniffling? I’m coughing up a lung every other minute, how do you think that feels?!”

“My throat is killing me, as it’s drier than the air outside!”

“I constantly feel like I’m on the Knight bus, what with the nausea I’m feeling!”

Y/N exhaled sharply, pulling as hard as her fatigued body would allow. They both almost bumped into the stocked shelves next to them, as people started to stare.

“I’ve been itchy- everywhere!” she challenged.

“I’ve been puking the lunch I ate seven years ago!”

“That’s not even flippin’ possible!”

“Well that’s just how sick I am!” he yelled nastily, tugging the can to his chest.

“Oh for fuck’s- take this!”

She let go of the soup, which resulted in Malfoy flying backwards with all the force he was using to pull, right into the shelf behind them. An elderly woman shrieked on the other side, as Malfoy came crashing down with the entire thing. Then, with all the anger of a raging boar, Y/N proceeded to throw herself on top of Malfoy and attempting to wrench the can from his gloved hands. They rolled around as they both screamed incoherent cusses at the other, tugging for the treasured chicken soup, which was by now almost opening from the top under the all the pressure.


They both stopped struggling and looked up behind them. There stood a very angry middle-aged woman with flyaway grey hair, clutching a table cloth in a small bony fist. Her bright yellow name tag read ‘Sheila, Manager’. Her eyes were dark with fury.

“What in the bloody name of Merlin do you think you two are doing?!” she rasped, gaping.

“I –,"started Y/N, her cheeks flaring with heat not just a result of her fever.

"Actually, I don’t even want to know- Get out, the both of you!” the witch ordered.

The roughed up couple slowly got to their feet. Y/N apologized profusely, as she picked up her thick shawl which had fallen when she had launched herself on top of Malfoy. Malfoy, a slight tinge of pink, merely got up and power-walked to the exit without so much as a glance at the manager or any of the bewildered customers. Y/N raced after him.

“Hey, Malfoy! Malfoy!” Y/N shrieked, as she ran through the thick crowd to catch up with him. Malfoy looked over his shoulder, his hands dug deep in his jacket’s pockets. He was walking rapidly away from the store with his head down. He turned to a bemused Y/L/N.


“I just-,” Y/N stuttered, before she started shuffling her feet and looking down, “I was gonna ask- there’s a grocery store down the other road, over on Fig Boulevard- they have a whole lot of soup selections- wanna try finding a can?”

He peered down at the very disheveled Y/N, whose figure was trembling from both the wether and the fataigue in the cold frigid air. He exhaled sharply.

“I –,” he hesitated, his mind rushing. He had changed in the past couple of years, and this fact had become well known. He had even become a successful healer (who did, yes, occasionally get the man flu), and had donated a large part of his fortune left by his estranged father to numerous charities. Potter had accepted and vouched for him in the papers and in court, and the greater Wizarding World had partially accepted him.

Y/L/N knew this, he remembered. They had even met a couple times before, while he was still under parole, but they never had any conversations. He narrowed his piercing eyes at her.


“Because, well,” she bit her lip, her inner monologue screaming at her not to be a complete idiot, “I did sort of tackle you in there. Over soup. I’m embarrassed enough to offer you my company in the quest to find soup for the both of us.”

He peered at her strangely, weighing his consequences. He didn’t want to talk to the person whom he had bullied and ridiculed throughout their school career, who apparently had a good enough nature to offer looking for soup together. He did not want to spend too much time with the person who had helped save England from a villain who had overpowered and used him. He didn’t really want to be in the presence of the witch who had basically saved him along with her friends.

“It wasn’t too good of a tackle anyway, so there’s no need for you to feel-,” he stumbled on his words, “-embarrassed… I should get going.”

“Okay,” she accepted fairly quickly. A part of her was hoping he would decline anyway.

There was an awkward pause.

“Well, see you around, I guess,” she said quickly.

“Dear God, I hope not,” muttered Malfoy. Y/N heard this, despite the loud bustle of the people around them. She giggled.

“Agreed. Bye.”


They went their separate ways. Y/N scuttled away from the scene, asking herself why she had even thought it would be a good idea to invite Malfoy anywhere. Stupid. Her throbbing head was filled with stupid. It was all because of the illness that had taken hold of her entire body, she told herself. She shook her head as she disappeared into the crowd, again pulling her shawl more tightly around her.

After searching the grocery shop, she still didn’t find her desired soup. The flu was, apparently, going around, and everyone wanted that specific soup. She uttered a string of cusses as she finally gave up, not in the state to go searching, and disapperated from the shop into her mediocre, unusually bright flat. The scent of catnip and coffee was pungent enough even for her blocked nose to smell, as she flopped on her gray couch. It creaked suspiciously as she put her feet up on the dark brown coffee table and sighed.

She had pulled herself out of a comfortable fetal position in her bed this morning, for what? Not soup, but a disgruntled meeting with her school bully. Fantastic.

She shuffled into a more comfortable position, reaching for the stack of books on the floor beside her. She pulled out her worn out copy of Pride and Prejudice. She flipped through the pages of her favorite book lazily, coughing a bit as she thought about her meeting with Malfoy. He had changed a lot in the past years, not just in nature, but in his physical appearance as well. He was scruffier, a bit more alive. His eyes weren’t so piercing anymore, but softer. It was like actual feelings skirted behind his glassy pupils, which were so red. Actual human emotions.

She sighed again as she got up to go the washroom, deciding she was in great need of a warm bath full of wizard bath bombs. Time to treat herself.

A while later, as the sky grew more indigo in color, speckled with a few stars, Y/N had finally gotten out of her stuffy, sickeningly yellow bathroom and was making dinner. Her stomach churned at the idea of ingesting anything that wasn’t liquid, but she forced herself to anyway, like her compassionate mother would have done.

She let the spaghetti boil for a little bit, as she leaned against the counter. She was still wearing her bathrobe, which was now grey from how long she had had it. She could barely afford luxuries like a new bathrobe right now, she needed to save the money for when she inevitably quit her job to seek a more fulfilling career. She didn’t return to seventh year in Hogwarts to spend time in a cramped cubicle with a misogynist for a boss.

She pondered this exciting notion of walking out for a bit as she fed herself a spoonful of chocolate pudding. It technically didn’t count as food because it wasn’t solid. She loved muggle pudding.

She was so lost in deep thought that she hardly noticed the tapping on her small window in the adjoined living room. She looked around as she caught herself sneezing, and saw a handsome grey tawny knocking on her glass pane. It had started to snow.

She pushed herself off the low counter and stepped carefully over her heaps of books and other miscellaneous objects to open the window. The owl hopped in, and shook out the snow in his feathers. He offered his foot to Y/N, to which a medium sized parcel and a small note was attached. She untied it and took the package curiously, after offering the smart creature a place on the perch next to her couch. The owl fluttered over, eating a bit of the food she kept for any messengers she received.

She unfolded the note first, on which thus was scrawled-


In the parcel you will find a little gift. Don’t take it personally, but just as a small token of appreciation for getting us both thrown out of a department store.


She raised an eyebrow, and reached for the parcel. Upon ripping it open, her face lit up at the small can inside. A small can of soup.

Her soup.

She smiled faintly, as she bit her lip. She hurried to her coffee table, grabbed a spare bit of parchment and a muggle pen, and wrote a hurried note of her own. She sniffed idly as she read it over, wiping her nose with the back of her hand. She turned to the waiting owl, who was watching her wisely, and handed her short note to him before opening the window once more and letting the owl drop out and soar into the cold evening.

She turned to the can which sat so dutifully on her counter. Her smile widened. She was going to have a comfort meal tonight. Her favorite kind.

Miles away, a sour Draco Malfoy sat in his dark office lit only by a gas lamp and the light spilling from the hallway of his home. He was filling out patient’s files, sipping a bit of his hot tea and rubbing his scratchy eyes, as well as coughing weakly into his arm. How ironic that he, a healer, was sick, he thought to himself for the 101st time in the past hour.

He dragged his hand through his platinum blonde hair as he leaned back into his seat. He sighed in frustration, and groaned from his headache.

It was then he heard a faint tapping at the window.

He got up, still moaning, and opened the window easily. The owl plopped in and handed him a note, before flying to his perch behind Malfoy’s large office desk.

Malfoy rubbed his eyes some more before he looked down at the note. His apprehensive eyes skitted over the messily scrawled letters, before he grinned. He shook his head with a genuine smile as he threw himself back into his chair and inspected the note one more time. He chuckled at the message, which quickly turned into a bad case of wheezing. Once he settled down again, he threw the note onto the desk and stared at it a while.

He grabbed the bell sitting on the corner of his working surface and rang it. A small elf apparated in front of him.

“Yes, master?”

“Muffy, I want you to do me a small favor,” he sighed.

“Of course, master!”

“Will you tell the grocer to order some more berries and a bit of protein powder when he next sends us the groceries?”

“Yes, master. Right away, master. Anything else, sir?”

“I-,” he considered a minute, before answering, “No, that’s all… actually, no – fetch me my contact list, leave it in my bedroom. I have meeting to arrange with the head of the Events Organizations Department of the Ministry of Magic.”

“Yes, master. Good night, master.”

“Good night.”

The elf disappeared. Malfoy stared at the note again, smiling slightly. Yes, he had a meeting with the head of the department to make. A certain someone was in need for a better job, he knew. Better job somewhere, he thought idly, in management. Or enforcement. Or even… healing. He was going to get her infamous boss to give her full pension and everything he owed her, so she can live comfortably looking for a better job.

He wouldn’t tell her, of course, as she would be most indignant. He would simply nudge her in the right direction, without worrying about trivial things like money. He never appreciated his fortune more than when he had to do service for the poor after the war. Y/L/N didn’t deserve any of that. No one did. Why should he reap the benefits? He hardly believed he deserved it.

His mind made preparations as he rapped his knuckles idly. He glanced once more at the note, before getting up to have a spot of dinner before bed. He was really sleepy.

The note, in the future, would become a prized possession for Master Draco Malfoy. It becomes the first of many more letters to come. It read:


Don’t worry, I won’t take it personally. I’ll only take it as evidence Draco Malfoy might have changed a bit after all. Who knows, you might secretly be a Mr. Darcy.

Also, this doesn’t change I’m still sicker than you.



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(A/N: I hope it was okay!! I wrote this as a dramione fic years ago but it was reaally terribe, so I was looking at it today and spiffed it up a bit, and made it into an imagine! Let me know if you think I should continue it or something, but no promises. We all know how infamously terrible I am at updating series lmao. Love y’all, hope you’re all doing great!)


Hole in One

Reader x Clint Barton

Word Count: 2170ish

Warnings: Cursing (kinda a lot), fluff

Summary: You and Clint get left in the tower alone. When it finally gets to be too much for you, you decide to leave only to have Clint tag-along with you. When you discover that Clint has never played mini golf, you know exactly what to do.

A/N: I really liked this idea because it’s totally fluffy.

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Reader’s POV

There was nothing but an eerie silence throughout the tower. Nothing but silence since basically the entire team left yesterday afternoon, leaving you and Clint alone. If you were being honest, the silence was driving you absolutely insane.

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Okay but Alexander probably plans on wooing the new student Eliza by leaving little letters and poems in her locker everyday, but what he doesn’t know is that Aaron offered to switch lockers with Eliza after he found out she got one right next to the boys bathroom (because Aaron is a goddamn gentleman). So he’s been pretty much leaving them in Burr’s locker.

And Burr is so flattered. He hadn’t even realized Alex had feelings for him! And with every letter and poem, his feelings get deeper and stronger and he finds himself smiling for the entire week.

Except…Alexander’s never really been shy. If he wanted to date Burr, why won’t he just ask? Instead of leaving things in his locker? Is he scared Burr will say no?

Either way, Burr decides enough is enough. He walks up to Alexander after school one day and asks him on a date himself. He expects an enthusiastic ‘yes!’. Maybe a hug, if he’s not pushing it. What he doesn’t expect is for Alexander, and the rest of his friend’s behind him to go completely silent and look at him in shock.

When the awkward silence goes on for too long, Aaron’s brain starts screaming 'ABORT! ABORT!’ So he tries to come up with a silly excuse, maybe pass this off as a prank, and make his escape. What actually comes out is

“I mean…you don’t have to, of course. I guess… I guess just thought because of all the letters and poems you left in my locker that you… Well, that you liked me! Which is great, because I like you too! Unless…you don’t actually like me? Or maybe you just don’t want to date me? Which is fine! I mean… You know what? I think I should go…”

But before he makes his escape, John blurts out “Wait. 'Your’ locker? Alexander’s been leavin notes in your locker?”

And before Alexander can think better of it, he responds with, “I thought it was Eliza’s!”

Which is obviously the wrong thing to say because Aaron lets out a small 'Oh’ before turning around and walking away as fast as he can without actually running away like he so badly wants to.

And Alexander feels really bad because he wouldn’t really mind going out with Burr! But he’s probably ruined any chances of that because he’s unable to keep his goddamn mouth shut.

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For both Steroline and Bamon - Who would: Ask the other to live together, make the other a striptease dance, ask the other to dance without music, choose costumes on halloween, the one who always wins the argumemts, who wakes up crancky in the middle of the night, makes the other one exercise, who would sing for the other, who texts the other one first when they miss them

LMAO these are going to be so hard for me, you have no idea. Okay:

Ask the other to live together?

  • Bamon - Damon. Bonnie would probably be bitching about having to renew her lease and her rent going up and Damon would be like ‘then don’t renew it’. All her stuff’s there anyway since he lives closer to the hospital, and she’s obsessed with his ridiculously expensive bed (that she used to make tons of fun of until it became her new favorite thing). Plus, his modern, fancy bachelor pad feels warmer with all her books and sweaters and fluffy slippers lying around, and as much as he complains, it’s never felt more like home than it does now that there are flares of her all over it. And most importantly, he has the Keurig machine.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan’s been feeling the situation out, not wanting to push because he knows she works at her own pace and there’s nothing that can slow her down or speed her up, she just is. So when she’s looking for a new apartment that’s closer to her job, he notices she’s asking for his opinion a suspicious amount, and it isn’t until she says, ‘Will your desk fit in here, though?’ that he realizes what’s happening. And he can’t help the smile. Because that’s Caroline. She doesn’t say ‘Want to move in together?’, she says ‘Will your desk fit in here?’, and he tells her that he’ll make it fit, and she nods nonchalantly and hides a smile in her coffee mug.

Make the other a striptease dance?

  • Bamon - Damon. Because 1. it’s Damon, 2. he knows it’ll cheer her up, and 3. it’s Damon.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan can get super lost in his cases and it’s a fun challenge to snap him out of it.

Ask the other to dance without music?

  • Bamon - Bonnie. And she still stands on the top his bare feet like a little kid, and she still hums ‘The Notebook Song’ offkey, and she still calls him a mush ball, and he tips her in outrageous dips and falls a little more in love with her every time. 

  • Steroline - Stefan. The apartment they end up getting has the tiniest bedroom known to humankind, but the kitchen’s big and has high ceilings and a bay window overlooking the Charles, and sometimes when they’re cleaning up after dinner, he’ll grab her hand and spin her around and pull her into him for a quiet, swaying moment. He still doesn’t ‘do dancing’, but he does it for her, and it makes her glow.

Choose costumes on Halloween?

  • Bamon - Both. It’s a fight to the death. The topic literally comes up in July and is a lightning rod of heated debate for months. Sabotage, blackmail, and seduction attempts are all fair game. It usually goes down to the wire.

  • Steroline - Caroline. And they’re always stylish and clever because she makes them herself. But sometimes she makes Stefan wear tights because hey, if they cape fits…

The one who always wins the arguments?

  • Bamon - Damon, usually. Not necessarily because he’s right, but because he’s a bottomless pit of frothy counterarguments and can literally debate forever and Bonnie stops caring because Naked and Afraid is on and a lot more interesting. But if it’s something that actually matters, Bonnie. Except she doesn’t argue, she declares and that’s that.

  • Steroline - Half-and-half. Caroline tends to get more carried away and heated in arguments and Stefan stays really patient and level-headed, so on any given day, it’s just a matter of whose stamina wins out.

Who wakes up cranky in the middle of the night?

  • Bamon - Damon. Shivering. To no blankets. And no pillows. Because somehow, a girl who’s almost an entire foot shorter than him takes up twice the bedding.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan always slips out of bed at 2 AM to work when he’s got a big case coming up, and she worries he’s not getting enough sleep.

Who makes the other one exercise?

  • Bamon - Both in different ways. Bonnie makes Damon go to open dance classes with her and he always ends up being the life of the party (he loves Zumba and yells ‘arriba!’ throughout the entire thing), and Damon drags Bonnie to the gym for weights (she complains the whole time and almost kills him when she gets distracted - ‘jesus, bon, you’re supposed to be spotting’ ‘I meaaaan, I spotted the froyo stand’). 

  • Steroline - Same deal. Stefan coaxes her into morning runs through the public garden and even though she never wants to go at first, she loves when they stop at the top of the footbridge to watch the sun spill over the pond. Plus, she gets her revenge when she drags Stefan to her spin class (which he still calls ‘biking’ and still finds really stupid because you’re doing all this work and not getting anywhere). 

Who would sing for the other?

  • Bamon - Bonnie sings freely and horribly. Full-volume Disney anthems are an evening shower staple, regardless of if Damon is in there with her, but he does occasionally manage to veer the sounds she’s making into something way less G-rated. Sometimes he just joins in, though. Their neighbors aren’t happy about either one.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan knows a few songs on the guitar, but mostly he plays meandering, improvised melodies, and every now and then, Caroline will add lyrics. Sometimes it’s her poetry, sometimes she makes it up on the spot, but she has a pretty voice that she’s shy about and the rareness of it makes him love it even more.

Who texts the other one first when they miss them?

  • Bamon - Damon has exactly two modes of missing Bonnie - he gets grumpy as hell and starts complaining about literally everything (’this airport blows’/’”please secure your mask before assisting others” is such a fucked up metaphor for america’/’why is seattle so goddamn cold’/’why is everyone so happy in LA’) or he sends a long, whimsical, Shakespearean sonnet about how the world is ending. 

  • Steroline - Caroline. And Stefan always knows it’s coming because it starts off as a checklist. (’Did you remember to bring your external hard-drive?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Did you drop the dry cleaning off before you left this morning?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Are you sure you packed the tie I picked out?’ ‘actually I swapped it for the one Damon gave me for christmas’ ‘The blue one?’ ‘the one covered in penises’ ‘I miss you.’) 

This legit took me like 45 minutes to answer what are priorities.

Your Savior - 5

I am so sorry that this took so long to get out! I am finally over my stomach virus and was able to get this done today!
Thank you as always for taking the time to read the nonsense that I have created in my head!
I had an absolute blast writing this chapter! It did stretch a little longer than I expected, but I really wanted to portray this part well. I hope I have managed to do that! 

Link to Chapter 4


Mentions of rape, swearing, violence, gore

Chapter 5

“Thomas! Bill! Get your sorry asses over here now!”

You heard the shuffling of feet in the dirt as the two men hastened to obey their given command. “Yes Boss? What can we do for ya?” Tommy answered, stopping a few feet from you and your companion. You chanced a glance up at the two men from your position on the ground. Tommy looked as cool as a cucumber, no trace of worry reflecting on his features. Bill, on the other hand, was shooting nervous glances between you, Tommy, and the man with the bat.

“On your knees. Now.” His voice was cool, but his eyes flashed darkly. His presence commanded authority, and the vibes rolling off of him sent chills down your spine, causing the hairs on the back of your neck to raise up.

“Sir?” Tommy questioned, slowly moving to his knees. “Is there a problem? ‘Cause I sure….”

SPEAK ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!” The man roared at him, bringing forth absolute silence from the entire crowd. He turned and looked down at you and extended a leather-clad hand. “C'mon Doll, there’s no reason for you to be down in the dirt.”

You stared at his hand for moment, before looking up to his face. The fury that had been etched there mere seconds before had been replaced with gentleness and compassion. You gingerly took his hand and slowly rose to your feet, taking a deep composing breath before turning to face your attackers keeping yourself positioned just behind his comforting presence.

“Now boys, we seem to have ourselves one hell of a goddamn dilemma here, and I just cannot have that.” He began pacing in front of the two men, swinging “Luillce” absentmindedly. “For things to keep running as smoothly as they have been around here, I need reso-fucking-lution, and I need it now.” He made his way back to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, causing you to flinch unconsciously. “Now, this little lady here, well she’s had a bad fucking week. While she was out minding her own business, just trying to survive in this fucked up world, two…” he struggled a moment to come up with the right words, “COWARDLY BASTARD-ASS SONS-OF-BITCHES, ATTACKED her, RAPED her, STABBED her, and left her for dead.” Hearing your story broadcast to all of his people, all of those strangers, brought hot shame to your face and tears to your eyes. You hung your head low, refusing to look at the crowd. What must they think of me? To be in this world and not even be able to defend myself against two men. How stupid!

“Well that’s terrible Boss! What can we…” Tommy began.

DID I TELL YOU TO FUCKING SPEAK?!?!” He roared and waited for Tommy to silently shake his head before taking a breath and continuing on, resuming his pacing. “Now that would be problem enough boys, but it just gets worse from there. You see, being goddamn smart, and bad-fucking-ass, not to mention tough as HELL, this little thing here took the knife that she had been stabbed with OUT OF HER OWN FUCKING SIDE to fight back and managed to escape.” You heard several murmurs from the crowd after this, but it didn’t take long for a tense silence to once again take over.

He knelt down in front of Tommy and Bill. “Now, do you want to hear the really interesting part? I’ll bet you’re just dying to hear it.” He was obviously enjoying himself, he was grinning dangerously and even snuck his tongue out from between his pearly white teeth to lick his bottom lip. “The knife that was used to attack her, do you want to guess who it belongs to? Go ahead, take a guess.” Tension hung in the air, hot and heavy. It was a rhetorical question, but still he sat inches from the two men as if actually waiting for an answer. “It belongs to ME.” He said darkly, pulling it from the dirt to show it to the men. “See? It has my girl Lucille on it, and I do believe that you have a knife checked out from the inventory that I don’t happen to see on you right now. Now how in the holy fuck did that happen?”

Tommy had finally started to show some signs of stress, you could see sweat building up on his forehead, and his voice had lost that confident swagger. “Well sir, here’s the thing, a few days ago Bill and I were out scavenging and I, well I lost it, I knew you’d be mad so I didn’t say anything. I’ve been hoping to find or replace it…”

“You…lost it?” He asked incredulously. “That’s what you’re gonna go with? Goddamn, I knew you weren’t smart but holy hell. Alright.” He was rubbing his scruff as he got to his feet, obviously feigning thought. “You know what else I find really interesting about her story? Out of this whole camp, ALL of the men here, she managed to pick YOU two sorry sons-of-bitches out of the crowd. If you ask me that’s pretty fucking interesting. Now why would she do that? Why you two?“ He looked at the two men with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an answer.

“I-I don’t know Boss. Maybe she’s just confused? After something like that I’d imagine the thoughts in your head get a little fuzzy.” You snapped your head up to stare incredulously at Tommy, rage building up inside of you.

“How fucking dare you!” You spat at him, meeting his eyes for the first time without fear. The man in the leather jacket’s presence the only thing keeping you from leaping at him and clawing his eyes out.

“Easy there darlin’, easy!” He chuckled, walking back toward you. “Thomas, I’d be careful if I was you, she looks pretty damn pissed off.” He said over his shoulder to Tommy. “Now sweetheart, he does have a point.” You snapped your head to glare at him as he began pacing and rubbing his face again. What?!?! “How can I take just your word that these two men, MY two men attacked you? I’ve known them for a long time now, and you and I just met. How do I know that you AREN’T just confused, or lying. Maybe Thomas here DID lose his knife and someone else happened to pick it up and THEY attacked you instead of my guys.”

Your chest heaved and your voice shook as you answered him, you were so furious you could barely breath. “It was them. I know it was them. I will NEVER forget what they look like. Why does he have a scratched face, then huh? It’s because I cut him trying to escape! Bill too, on his right forearm!” Does he seriously not believe me? After all of this?

“Well that’s a fair fucking question! Thomas? Bill?” The man replied gleefully, waiting for an answer.

“These are from a bird. A hawk or some shit. We startled it in the woods. It flew up and attacked us.“ Tommy answered smoothly, obviously having thought of this answer before.

“A, bird?” The man asked. “Fuck, well sure.” He rubbed his eyes wearily before looking again to you.

“My pack! If they are as dumb as they look they actually brought it back with them. It’s khaki canvas, and I can list every supply inside of it, including a picture of my and my sister!” Explain your way out of that one asshole!

The man sighed, turning to Simon, who immediately walked away, returning after just a minute or two with a clipboard full of papers. “Well sir, it does say here that last week Bill and Thomas checked in a khaki canvas bag. Supplies include…”

“Don’t bother Simon. Thomas? Bill? Want to explain that?”

“We, we found it.” Stuttered Bill, finally speaking. “It was abandoned out on Old Mill Rd, where we were scouting.”

Goddamn it. I can’t do this anymore. You looked away and stifled back a sob. They can’t get away with this! Your savior saw your reaction and came over to you, gently pulling your chin back to look at his face. “I believe you doll, I do.” He whispered too quietly for anyone to hear.

“Then why are we doing this?” You cried quietly. “If they aren’t going to stand trial or something then just let me leave! I can’t stay here with them!”

“Oh sweetheart, this is the only fucking trial they’ll get. Around here I am the judge, jury, and goddamn executioner. But I can’t just have strangers coming into my camp accusing my people of things. I need THEM to believe you too.” He whispered nodding his head toward the crowd. “Just give me SOMETHING to give to them.”

It makes sense. He has to lead these people. You turned to Tommy and Bill and stared directly into their faces. Tommy had started to smirk, thinking that they were going to get off scott free. He even winked at you cockily. Your veins filled with ice, you closed your eyes but his face was still there. This time above you, panting. No matter how hard you fought…Your head snapped up, and your eyes locked with Tommy’s. This time, you were the one to smirk.

“I bit him.” Tommy’s smile faltered as soon as the words left your lips. “On his right shoulder, around the collarbone. I drew blood, there should be a mark.”

The man sauntered over to Tommy, and pulled the collar of his shirt down, exposing an angry-looking bite wound. He clicked his tongue. “Well Thomas, I just don’t think you’re going to have an excuse for this one. Do you mean to tell me, that two grown, healthy, well-fed, well-trained men were outsmarted and overpowered by this little hellcat here?” He laughed, pointing the barbed-wire-covered end of the bat at you. “Well now, that’s just downright embarrassing! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Tommy began stuttering nervously. “She-she wanted it! She begged us for it! I don’t know what happened to her after we left but..”


Your mouth flew open in shock as he brought “Lucille” down brutally on Tommy’s head, cracking his skull open and spraying blood everywhere. You heard several screams from the crowd around you. “You lying sack of shit!” He raged. “How DARE you! You. Don’t. Deserve. To. Live!” Brutal swings punctuated his every word. He was a man possessed, continuing to beat Tommy’s head well after he was dead, leaving only an unrecognizable bloody pile of brains and skull fragments.

You stared at the pile with a hand over your open mouth. He deserved it, he was a terrible person. If hurt you, he would hurt others. The brutality of what you had just witnessed shook you to your core. In all the ways you had pictured Tommy getting his retribution, you had never pictured…this.

“Goddamn I love the smell of justice in the morning!” The man crowed, swinging a now blood-soaked Lucille, spraying blood in an arc in the dirt. He walked back over to you, a swagger in his step, slightly breathless and asked, “How was that darlin’? Everything you’ve ever dreamed of?” He reached a hand toward your face, which you immediately flinched away from.

"Hey.” He said softly. “Hey!” He said with slightly more urgency this time. You finally looked up, studying his face. It was flushed from the effort of swinging the bat, but behind the exuberant glow in his eyes, confusion and concern was growing. “Aw shit. I fucking scared you. Listen doll, I can’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy the hell out of that. Thomas, well he deserved to die for what he did to you.”

You looked down, overwhelmed by the emotions running through your head. “What I CAN tell you,” he began, reaching again for your face, but stopping just before touching you to allow you to decide to accept it or not. After a few seconds you leaned your face into his ungloved hand, feeling the rough skin of his fingers gently caress your face before lightly tilting your face up to his again. “Is that I would NEVER hurt you, or let anyone else ever hurt you EVER again.” He promised in his low, gravely voice.

Warmth flooded your chest, and a few silent tears ran down your cheek before being wiped away by his thumb. You smiled lightly before glancing at Bill. “What happens to him?” You asked quietly.

"Well, he does still need to be fucking punished.” He started slowly, as he pressed Lucille’s handle into your open palm.

You backed away in shock, staring at the bloody weapon in your hand. “Me?!?!” You looked at Bill, your heart racing. “I-I can’t. I’m not, it should…” you stuttered, heart racing, trying to hand the Lucille back to him.

"You’re not what, doll? Strong? Well we know that that’s not fucking true! You CAN do this! You SHOULD do this!” He leaned in closer to you, whispering in your ear, sending shivers instead of fear down your spine, “you know you want to, even if you aren’t ready to admit it to yourself yet. I’m giving you the opportunity to make. Him. Pay. Embrace the anger, the fear, and use it so you can move on.”

Your grip tightened slightly on the wooden handle, and you looked at Bill, still on his knees in the dirt beside Tommy’s remains. You remembered his hands on your arms, holding you down as you screamed, his breath hot and needy in your ear while Tommy violated you. Your face hardened and you took a step toward him.

"Wait! Wait! Boss, listen!” Bill plead. “I get why ya had to cap Tommy, I do! We don’t rape, that’s one of your biggest rules!” He looked nervously between you and the man behind you. “But, listen! I never raped her! It was all Tommy, I swear!”

“But you would have.” You replied quietly, feeling the tension in the air. “While you were holding me down for him, you BEGGED him to hurry so that you could ‘have a turn’. And if I hadn’t escaped you absolutely would have taken your turn.” Your heart buzzed in your ears and you panted slightly. You turned to look at the man standing behind you, asking for permission to continue. He nodded, silently granting your request.

“Please, wait…” stammered Bill.

You tightened your grip on the wooden handle and cooly stared Bill down. You walked toward him slowly, like a lioness on the hunt. His fear was intoxicating. Once it had been you pleading with him, and now he was entirely at your mercy. You could understand now why your savior had enjoyed killing Tommy. You drank Bill’s fear like sweet nectar, feeling emblazoned with every step you took toward him, lightning crackling through your veins.

“Don’t worry baby.” You cooed at him. “It’ll only hurt if you struggle. But honestly, I kind of hope you do. I like it better that way.” You were able to enjoy one last moment of his fear as you repeated his own words back at him, before you brought “Lucille” down onto his skull with a bone-cracking swing.

************************************************** Aaahhhh! Sweet, sweet justice! I’ve been dying to dole out what Bill and Thomas had coming to them since Chapter 1!

Thank you again for all of the support! I love you all and wouldn’t be confident enough to keep writing without all of your lovely feedback! I’m always open for comments, asks, anything!

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7 sasusaku!!!

7 - fake relationship au



She was there again tonight, like she always was every Tuesday—that pretty pink haired girl who always so easily caught his eye. Sitting at the bar, at very same spot she always took, nursing an all-too-colorful sugary drink; wearing that same sweet smile, and those same too-childish bracelets, her nails always painted in colors and patterns to compliment her choice of dress for the night. 

Sasuke would never admit it to anyone, but she was the only ever real reason he kept coming back to this shitty little bar every week. Every Tuesday, she was there, gracing the small tavern with her presence somewhere between eleven fifty five and twenty minutes past midnight, looking a little tired, but always happy to be here. He never really understood why she kept coming back to this place; the music was mediocre at best, drinks obviously overpriced, the ambiance leaving much to be desired—but she always seemed particularly taken with it all anyway.

She was a curious thing to his mind, a sun-bright girl with warm, crinkling eyes that always made him feel so odd inside, so drawn. But somehow, he’d never been able to muster himself to actually try and talk to her, having convinced himself weeks ago that nothing good could ever come out of it anyway.

(after all, when could someone like him–dark and broody, and much too private–possibly hope to keep up with someone as bright as her? their worlds were too different.)

But, he reasoned to himself, he couldn’t very well keep staring at her like some fucking creep every week now, could he? He wasn’t some kind of stalker. But she was just so—enrapturing. A strange light to his world that he didn’t yet feel ready to give up on.

Even if she was made for others other than the likes of him. 

His phone buzzed, then, breaking him from thought. Blinking, Sasuke glanced down at the device and frowned, taking it in hand. He didn’t usually get texts at this time of night.

I know you’re going to kill me no matter what I say, but you need to get out of that bar right now because that crazy clingy chick you went on a date with three months ago just dropped by the apartment and I’m sosososo sorry but somehow she got me to spill where you are and—

His mind blanked, back stiffening abruptly. His fingers tightened around the small Blackberry phone. Fuck—Why did this have to keep happening to him?  It was one date. One date, which his father had set him up on for a particularly important event, solely in the hopes that it would make their company look good (she was the daughter of one of their most valued investors, after all), and although he’d done his best to make it very clear that he held no romantic interest in her—in the end, the woman grew completely obsessed with him anyway.

His jaw tightened. He needed to get out of here now.

Naruto, you filthy sack of shit, Sasuke thought, gritting his teeth and downing the rest of his drink in one swift move. He stood up as quickly as he could, throwing a couple of bills on the counter, before whirling into the crowds of people hanging around the bar and starting towards the exit. I’m going to cut your fucking dick off in your sleep.

Just as he’d been strides away from reaching the door, though, a flash of red hair caught his eye. Sasuke tensed instantly, a curse nearly spluttering from his mouth. He turned and trudged towards the bar stools again on instinct, mind spinning in the efforts to rationalize a plan. But then there she was, the pretty little pink haired girl that had been haunting his mind for weeks, sitting there in plain sight. His heart pounded as an idea finally came to mind.

Sasuke swallowed; there wasn’t any other choice.

Slipping quickly in the seat beside her own, Sasuke turned towards her and reached out, hand gently grabbing her shoulder; he took care not to let his touch be too invasive. The girl nearly startled out of her seat anyway, mouth opening in protest. 

“I need a favor,” he said, before any word could leave her lips. His heart pounded like crazy. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for a few minutes so I can get rid of someone.”

A blush rose to her cheeks; her mouth parted. For a long, full minute, she did nothing but stare at him, breathless and openly confused.

But just when he heard Karin calling his name with the usual tone of eager adoration, just when he was thinking it was all over—the pretty girl finally leaned in, gripped his chin with one hand, and his shirt with the other, before pressing her mouth to his in a long, warm kiss.



“Sasukeee! There you are! I’ve been—Oh.”

He was nearly too dazed to hear Karin’s words as the pretty girl finally pulled away from him, leaving his eyes half shuttered; her lips had been so soft, so nice, so genuine as they’d pressed up against his. He wanted more, wanted to lean in again—but then she smiled at him, coy and mischievous and stupidly pleased, and it was only then that he seemed to remember the situation at hand.

Refraining the urge to clear his throat, he turned to the red haired girl standing dumbstruck behind them, brows rising in feigned surprise before he narrowed his gaze at her, as if displeased. He tried not to let the obvious traces of hurt in her features affect his resolve.

“Karin,” he acknowledged, frowning all the more. “What are you doing here?”

Her mouth parted in reply, hands fiddling uncertainly with her handbag. She glanced between the two of them a few times, and swallowed.

“I just wanted to—” She stopped then, and her brows furrowed more deeply. Something like a scowl took to her lips. “Okay, who—Sasuke, who the hell is she?”

Sasuke heard the girl beside him snort quietly, muttering something rudeness—something that didn’t go unheard by Karin, seemingly sending her seething. Before she could even open her mouth to say something, Sasuke sent an admonishing glare her way.

“This,” he said, reaching to take his pretend-girlfriend’s hand in his own, “is my girlfriend, Karin.” He made a show of intertwining their fingers, and was thankful that the pretty girl did not try to resist. “I haven’t been returning your calls or your text, because as I’ve tried telling you many times before, I am not interested. I already belong to someone else.”

“But—But the date—”

“—was for an event,” Sasuke interjected, sighing. “My father set me up. I already explained that.”

Karin seemed to falter at this.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, my girlfriend and I would like to be alone for the remaining hours of our date. I’d like it if you could leave us.”

Silent, and seemingly crushed, the red haired woman did nothing but nod, muttering a silent apology as she turned, heading towards the exit. Sasuke almost wanted to run a hand over his face when she finally left the bar, relief washing over him.

“Well that was a bit harsh,” the pretty girl beside him said, then, her hand still very much held in his grasp. 

Freeing her instantly, Sasuke’s gaze snatched to her own, a slight blush taking to his cheeks as she grinned at him, green eyes endlessly amused.

“She’s—sort of been a nightmare to deal with these past few months,” he managed to mutter, brows furrowing deeply. 

The pretty girl only leaned on her hand, staring at him like she was quite intrigued. “Yeah, I kinda got that,” she said, smiling wider.

Gods, why was she so goddamn adorable? he couldn’t help thinking, swallowing tightly.

“And by the way,” she went on, then, pulling back to swirl the cherry around in her all-too-brightly colored drink. “For that favor—I think you owe me a date.”  Still grinning, a blush stained her own cheeks. “Sounds like a fair trade, right?”

Sasuke couldn’t believe his luck tonight.

“How about this Friday?”

“Great! Pick me up here at eight.” She extended her hand. “And my name’s Sakura, by the way.”

Sakura, he thought, eyes flickering to her hair. How fitting.

His lips quirked. “Sasuke,” he said, shaking her hand. “Nice to actually meet you, Sakura.”

Sakura giggled. “Nice to actually meet you, too, Sasuke.”

Maybe he could be thankful for Karin’s intrusions, just this once. 

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3 + 4

3. name three favorite writers

@klickitatseverything she writes is just SO FUCKING beautiful. And she has incredibly vivid characterization, and you can just feel the tension between the characters and the plot, and I just love that.

@osunism her work is just really powerful. That’s always the word that comes to mind. You can really see the love she has for her characters in her stories.

A03′s Milee_Cosgrove is just fic done right. She’s been cranking on this Solas x Trevelyan fic that has been my jam since I heard about the concept. 

4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

AO3′s thespectaclesofthor was actually pretty influential. Their work is so so riveting, but the plot is really understated. They carry their stories on the back of killer characterization and elegant (but not over imposing) plot. She can make a 15k fic where the characters just sit on a bed, and talk, and you just hang on every goddamn word.

@feynites creates these OCs that are just as engaging as the canonical characters they stand beside. And the way she’s able to keep track of these massive storylines, and characters, and crossovers, is inspirational, really. And she’s hands-down written some of my favorite stuff in the fandom.

@stardustlings / A03′s Valryias was probably the most influential in that she was practically single-handedly the person who (on top of generally being the first amazing DA writer that I stumbled upon and introducing me to all my fave fics) inspired me to post my first fic: Letters from Orlais

the sombra au

in which sombra should really stop being so gay and i should stop falling for rarepairs and i’ll probably write a part 2

  • to be honest, it’s reyes’s fault
  • he apparently enjoys running around in the overwatch base
  • trying to find morrison, she expects, and now she has to fish him out of this fucking mess
  • sombra taps the com in her ear, irritated. ‘reyes!’ she hisses. ‘i don’t want to bail you out, and god knows if that fucking loca tracer finds me inside the base-’
  • ‘huh.’
  • she freezes, and abruptly someone plucks the com from her ear.
  • she whirls, and stares at the woman who’s just somehow simultaneously handcuffed her and removed her of any safety precautions
  • she’s really pretty.
  • which really sucks because sombra has excellent game but not when she’s in handcuffs made of light.
  • ‘you really think these will stop me, cariño?’
  • the woman just raises an eyebrow. ‘actually, yes. i know a bit about you.’
  • ‘oh really.’
  • sombra reaches into her cloak, and, twisting slightly, raises her hidden gun and fires.
  • nothing happens.
  • ‘wha-?’
  • ‘i told you.’
  • she has this goddamn infuriating smirk and sombra’s not quite sure if she wants to shoot her or kiss her
  • maybe both.
  • she jumps forward, and crashes into what feels like a brick wall
  • ‘how did you-’
  • she tries to teleport, but to no avail.
  • the woman’s ignoring her, and scrolling through a tablet. that’s really annoying. pay a girl some attention.
  • after a moment, she looks up again. ‘you don’t look thirty. you look twelve.’
  • sombra splutters in indignation. ‘excuse me? okay, maybe i lied about my age- once- but i am not twelve!’
  • the woman looks at her again, sizing her up. ‘eh. you’re right. maybe fourteen, if you’re lucky.’
  • ‘who are you?’ she grinds out, and the woman smiles.
  • ‘satya vaswani. call sign symmetra.’
  • sombra frowns, sifts through blackmail in her head. her gloves aren’t working. this is an absolute bitch. but she’s not the world’s best hacker for nothing.
  • ‘careful,’ symmetra warns, as if sensing her thinking. ‘i do not have many secrets.’
  • sombra shrugs. ‘everyone has some. i just need to find yours.’
  • symmetra steps closer. ‘are you up for a challenge?’
  • sombra pretends that the closeness isn’t affecting her. ‘sure.’
  • she takes another step and her very nice face is an inch away. 
  • i could kiss her, sombra thinks, and whoa that might have been a little crossing a line because she’s probably about to kill her and shit
  • ‘good.’
  • ‘what is?’ sombra’s eyes flutter between her eyes and her lips and her chest, eventually landing on her neck. her neck is safe. that’s a good place.
  • ‘that challenges don’t faze you.’
  • ‘they-’ *gulp* ‘don’t.’
  • ‘well, in that case…’ satya murmurs, and then- wow her lips are really soft.
  • her hands slip to sombra’s waist, and she melts into her. she smells like coconuts and very nice things and it’s been a while since sombra had something so nice and- damn she has abs okay maybe i shouldn’t be feeling her up but wow goddamn i might just have to join overwatch
  • and then she steps back, and sombra follows her unconsciously, leaning forward a little. 
  • satya winks.
  • ‘then you’ll love this.’
  • and then she disappears, and where the flying fuck did my gun go- fucking asshole she took my gun goddammit worth it 10/10 would do again but why am i so gay for pretty girls damn probably a mistake actually but whatever i’ll just-
  • cavalry’s here!’
  • motherfucker.

a-large-pile-of-bears  asked:

Who are you most to least favorite Zeroes and why

akane-sigma-delta no contest

i’m gonna have to say putting akane in front is largely on impulse because i fucking love her so goddamn much, but sigma is pretty close in terms of… i dunno, how good being zero was for his character

akane is extremely interesting in her motives… she was saving her own life, of course, and in some ways can be seen as Poor Innocent Akane Has To Do This Or She’ll Die– and i mean, yeah, unless she wants to sit down and accept death, she does have to do this, she kinda is being forced. but it’s also for revenge. she HATES hongou, kubota, musashidou, nijisaki. she wants them to pay for what they’ve done! she says so in her letter! she’s vengeful, she’s willing to sacrifice lives in order to save her own and punish those who need to be punished, and i fucking love her for that. in doing all of this, she had to sacrifice some things like morals… she ends up being amoral/morally grey, but not in that she does evil things– but rather, she does what she must and doesn’t let morals get in the way of it. this, of course, involved giving up a bit of her humanity… although motivated in part by hatred, it’s still taxing on somebody to do what she’s done, and so she had to detach herself from what she was doing in order to survive those nine years. she’s cunning, she’s machiavellian, she took her fate into her own hands. she did it to save herself, to save the world, to exact revenge… she’s wildly complex (cough) and ztd did her a disservice in attempting to simplify that

sigma is another interesting case. it’s still an important characterization point that he chose to do this– again, he was technically ‘forced’ in that he had to or the world would end, but he still dedicated his life to this nearly immediately. whereas akane spent nine years preparing, sigma spent forty five. he gave up his entire life for this project. he gave up his home and life and traveled to the fucking moon to save the earth he left behind! he’s one man, isolated, trying to save billions of people that are a lifetime away from him! akane’s nonary game almost seems straightforward in comparison– sigma’s is so much more complex due not only to the timeframe but due to the factors involved. he even has to account for things like what if he doesn’t survive forty five years, because fuck, he’s on the moon! he can die at any moment! akane giving up part of her humanity and morals wasn’t as hard for her because of her desire for revenge, but sigma? he has strongass motives when he’s young. he even does things that are pretty objectively hurtful to people such as leaving phi to escape alone just to stay consistent with his morals. but he kind of… has to do some pretty horrible things to fulfill his destiny. not that it makes them right– he treated kyle horribly, for example, and that’s not something i’ll forgive, especially when it’s ignored by the plot so blatantly– but he has some tough decisions to make. you can see the same zero persona take over akane and sigma and twist them in unique ways… they really do have a shared experience that nobody else will ever know

meanwhile. delta. is awful. and horrible. and i Hate Him. total letdown in every way– we never could’ve guessed who brother was before playing the game because he was never hinted to exist. there was no attempt to properly humanize him using the left backstory. there was no attempt to fucking understand his motives at all, none of which made sense, and instead of demonstrating someone’s complex motives like in the case of akane and sigma, the game felt the need to shove it up your ass until you come out of the game muttering “complex…. complex….” and make memes about it because that’s the only fuckin thing you got from that game. FUCK delta. worst zero. not allowed in the club. goodbye

Imagine being in a relationship with Daryl but Carol somehow disapproving

(I’m so sorry Carol 😖Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 ps. I tried my best for this 😊Sorry if it ended up being more of a Carol x Daryl Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After Woodbury had burnt down, you had joined Rick and his group at the prison. There you helped them with whatever they needed as much as you could as well as the care for the kids.

Although, you weren’t very talkative, you grew to like most of the people there and learned how things worked amongst them.

Gradually, you started to get along and especially close to one of them, Daryl. Just like you, he was quiet for the most part and was usually shy.

However, his caring side and subtlety seemed to have win you over. Each time, you were out in the sun, working in the yard, he would pass by to get you water or anything that could keep you well shaded.

He would try to get you to talk and always managed to make the conversation fun with his demeanor. Anytime, he could he would invite you to grab something to eat and just made you feel so welcomed.

He had notice you expressing yourself just as he had when his brother wasn’t around and just knew that he could make you feel comfortable if you knew that other people cared for you.


One evening, he walked pass your cell and noticed you sitting on your bed and reading your book. You seemed so concentrated with your eyebrows scrunched up and your lips between your teeth, that it only made him smile.

He stopped by your door and leaned in to call your name. You quickly pricked up, only to hit your head on the top bunk, making him laugh.

He got in closer and sat next to you trying to rub the pain away.

“Damn, i’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you like that…”

Hearing him laugh, you couldn’t help but chuckle at your little mistake and reassure him that you were alright.

“It’s okay! It’s me! I wasn’t paying attention…”

He patted your head and slowly his hand trailed down to your lower back. He scooted closer and as you noticed, you simply asked him, “So w-what brings you here?”

He looked away from you towards the wall for a moment and in a lower tone, he said, “I just wanted to ask you…If you…If you ever had someone that you liked…”

You thought it was strange of him to ask you so suddenly, considering you had told him about most of you life.

You simply shrugged and nodded. “Yeah…I used to-”

He shook his head, wanting to explain himself better. Although, he was pretty confident earlier, talking about feelings simply made him nervous and fear that you might not want him that way.

“No…that I know…What I meant was…Do you like anyone right now…”

You felt butterflies in your stomach at his question and your heart beating even faster. Stuttering slightly, you nervously answered, “Well…I-I don’t hate anyone…”

He chuckled at your answer and seemed to feel his nervousness slowly go away. He slid his hand to yours and suddenly held it.

“Good to know…So do you think you can like m-”

“Yes! I-I can…I like you!”

He looked back at you with a smile on his face and couldn’t be any happier to know that you felt the same as him.

He ended up spending the night in your cell and eventually everyone else knew about you and him.


They were happy for the both of you and felt as if it was going to happen one day or another. However, despite your happiness, your relationship didn’t seem to sit well with Carol.

She just couldn’t seem to trust you to be involve with Daryl that way. Feeling like he might get hurt so easily, she just didn’t like the idea of him being with you out of all people.

She had only met you on the few occasions you worked together but knowing that you used to be on The Governor’s side and that you worked closely with him made her unable to talk to you too much.

From what she has seen, she felt that you didn’t seem to possess anything to be able to truly care for him and somehow she had a feeling you might end up hurting him.

With that in mind, she never really noticed you and him being happy together and could only focus on finding ways to either break you up or get you to leave.

She would casually add work for you, making you have less time to spend with Daryl. She’d make you go on runs to look for something in particular, just to get you away for the day.


One day, as everyone had gotten sick, she had even tried to make you stay with them as long as she could in hopes that you might actually get sick yourself.

It always went like that with her, and although you and Daryl couldn’t see each other as often as you would’ve wished, you persisted through with everything, not knowing what was happening.

Unfortunately, you truly did get sick and had to be put in quarantine with the others. At this point, you truly feared it might have been the last few instants of your life.

As Daryl had learned of you having to be quarantined, he broke down. He couldn’t believe this was happening to you and just felt like somewhere it was his fault for not being able to protect you from this.

He paid you a visit as soon as he heard the news, and standing behind the glass he banged on it a few times out of anger.

As he stopped, you simply put your hand from the other side and told him, “I’ll be fine…I promise…”

He shook his head and you could see tears in his eyes. It broke your heart but not as much as it did his, to see you being kept here.

“Y-Y/N…Do you know how many people have died since…I-I’m going to lose you…”

You cried as well and simply couldn’t face the possibility of the truth. You tried you best to cheer him up, saying, “No…I’ll get better…”

“It’s my fault…I-I didn’t take care of you enough…I let you get into this…”

He let his head drop and couldn’t face you in the eyes anymore. Guilt was overwhelming him and he just seemed like loosing hope.

He loved you, really loved you, the idea of suddenly losing you was something that was scaring him more than anything that he had felt in his life.

“This is my fault…”

“No it isn’t…it’s mine…I-I accepted to help…and got myself sick…it has nothing to do with you…”

He teared up silently listening to you but slowly something caught his attention. He wiped his tears with the back of his hands and finally looked up at you.

“Y/N…You accepted? You didn’t get into this out of your own?”

You shook your head and explained yourself further.

“Well after Hershel said he didn’t need to many people around as it got too serious…He told me I could go back to do other things…But Carol had asked me to just be prepared to help her…So I did as much as I can…but I did already enjoy doing so…”

He didn’t want to believe what he thought might’ve happen. He didn’t want to see Carol in that light but something told him it was her. Slowly, he started to remember about other “coincidences” where it you weren’t able to see each other and it seemed to him, that in the end you would always mention Carol to him.

Coming back to reality, he then put his hand to yours and said, “I-I’ll come back, alright…I need to do something…”


He walked away from you and made his way to find Carol. He wouldn’t believer she had ever done this on purpose until he had the truth from her.

He looked for her all over and finally found her in the kitchen. He carefully approached her and said her name.

She turned to look at him and he just felt his heart aching even more. He really didn’t want to think she had done it on purpose and had his hopes up that she truly wasn’t at fault.

Without looking her in the eyes, he mumbled, “I gotta talk to you…”

He turned around and she understood what he meant. She followed him and came to a stop the moment, he stood still.

She wondered what was wrong and got closer to him. She stroked his hair to then tuck it and asked him as to why he needed to see her.

“What’s wrong, Daryl?”

He tried to get further away but never really couldn’t. His tears came back to him and in his shaking voice, he asked her, “W-what…are you trying to do to Y/N…”

She was taken aback by his question and took a while before trying to cover herself. She chuckled and ruffling his hair, she finally answered him.

“Nothing…I’m not doing anything to her…Why? What’s wrong?”

He wiped his tears away, rubbing his eyes and took a deep breath.

“I-I’m sorry…but I don’t believe you…just tell me the truth…I won’t get mad…I promise…”

Although, he said those last words, he truly couldn’t know if were going to keep them, if it turns out to be just as he thought.

“Look…I-I just notice that lately…Y/N has always been kept away from me…and each time…each time I ask her…Somehow you always seem to be in the answer…”

She started to get nervous and simply shook her head, saying, “Well…That doesn’t mean anything…Me and Y/N, we simply end up doing the same task and I ask her for little favors…So she ends up staying a little longer…”

He rubbed his chin thinking about what she had just said and felt like there was something off about her tone. He knew his questioning was bothering her and just felt like he knew the truth already.

“So you are keeping her away from me…”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“Then why is she sick?! Why is she in the goddamn quarantine area all of a sudden?!”

He moved away from her in anger and she just couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a few tears in her eyes, she wiped them quickly and tried to explain herself.

“I-I just don’t trust her…She used to work with The Governor…She was part of his group and was pretty close to him…I-I’m just scared…She’ll end up hurting us…Hurting you…”

Although, he understood her gesture, he couldn’t get over the fact that she had been trying to hurt you this whole time.

“So your solution is to kill her!”

She couldn’t deny the truth and simply shook her head not knowing how to answer him.

She tried to get closer to hug and comfort him but he simply backed away from her. He was truly mad and just from her demeanor he knew his suspicions were confirmed.

He couldn’t take it anymore and just walked backing away from her to go see you again. He needed to see your smile, hear your voice and just be anywhere near you to feel better and forget this whole situation.

She tried to hold on to him but he simply took his hand out and said, “She wouldn’t ever hurt me…If you got to know her…You would know that…If anything it’s you that’s hurting me right now…”


He turned away and walked to go see you again. As he got near the glass, he saw you had set up your sleeping bag near it and were now taking a nap. You were peacefully asleep and it made him smile as he looks at you.

Okay, but hear me out.

So we know that Qrow taught Ruby how to use her scythe, right? But like, I can imagine students not making any devotions first day. If they’re told to pick a weapon I can imagine them trying out some stuff first before actually designing one themselves.

But Ruby wanted a scythe. A pretty rare weapon, given that there’s only one decent scythewielder capable of teaching her. So why would they add a scythe to the things they can choose from, when there’s literally only one scythe available? Not to mention that there’s only one scythewielder. Why bother listing a weapon virtually no one uses?

Except for Qrow.

Qrows goddamn scythe. And Ruby needed one to train before she would be absolutely certain about designing Cresent Rose.

I am now convinced that a Tiny Ruby trained with Qrows super deadly and incredibly awesome oversized scythe and nothing you can ever say or do will convince me otherwise.

You, Me, & the Little Things in Between (V, OC) Part 1

“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life”- Pablo Neruda.

Requested by anon.

OC- Min Yuki

They says living is as bad as dying.

But Min Yuki believed it was worse.

There’s really no use in living when you’re disabled; body paralysed from your arms to your legs, unable to do anything more than sit around all day while a bacteria eats up your brain at each passing hour. Yuki was diagnosed with Meningitis two years ago while she was in the middle of her sophomore year in college. It was the biggest plot twist of her life. The turning point that crushed all her dreams and everything and anything she had ever hoped for.

Meningitis was a curable disease as what most doctors would say, and Yuki was relieved upon that discovery. After all, she was at the peak of her youth: top of her class, travelled the world, had the most amazing boyfriend—perfect boyfriend: Kim Seokjin was good-looking, rich, and extremely sweet that more than half the girls population in campus looked at her with envy. Yuki’s life was close to perfect.

But the world decided to play one big comic joke on her when after one year of continuous medication, she never got better. In fact, the disease caused even more negative effects when she lost the control of her body little by little. Paralysis, she discovered, was one of the effects of the disease.

Ashamed—angry and upset—of what has become of her, Yuki withdrew herself from the world she used to know and love. She locked herself in her parents mansion in the outskirts of the city, away from the university… away from life basically, and spent her days sitting in her wheel chair by her bedroom window; either reading her books of watching the days turn into nights or vice verse.

If this was life, it’s worse than death, she thought. Because what’s the point, really? When you’re already half dead?

Knock knock.

Yuki sighed at the sound and asked Adella, her personal nurse, to flip to the next page of her book. It was pathetic how she couldn’t even flip the pages of her own book.

“Yuki? Sweetheart?” Mrs. Min peaked through the door and Yuki groaned inwardly. Because she had lived in this house long enough to know what her mother was going to say next.  

“There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Yuki gave Adella a look and the woman stood up before helping her turn around. Yuki was so used to her mother bringing in “guests”. For the past year, Mrs. Min and her older brother, Yoongi, had been bringing people in to take care of her; posing as assistant nurses or whatever. But Yuki knew the truth.

She knew it’s one of their plans to make her change her mind.  

When the medications stopped working, Yuki decided to give up and stop. To let the disease take its course and just let herself die. She was already paralyzed anyway. And there was no way she could go back to her life before even if she did get better. So she didn’t see the point anymore of keeping up the medications.

But her family continued to convince her otherwise. There was still hope of getting better, they knew. But that was one thing Yuki had ceased to believe in.

Yuki turned with a sigh, expecting another girl or boy with in the usual scrubs nurses always wore. What she didn’t expect was to see a guy with flaming orange hair standing in front of her with the brightest smile she had ever seen.

“Hi!” He greeted and his eyes turned into little crescents; his mouth showing a set of white teeth that was almost blinding. He was wearing a simple blue polo with faded blue jeans and his hair (Orange. Did I mention it was orange?!, Yuki thought incredulously) was slightly disheveled like he just ran through a wind storm.

“My name is Kim Taehyung!” He reached out his arm for a handshake, looking too ecstatic for normal people. “It’s nice to meet you!”

Yuki only stared at his outstretched hand before manoeuvring her wheelchair (she could still move her fingers a bit so she could control her motorized chair with a remote by its armrest by pressing a few buttons); turning around and ignoring him completely.

She rolled her eyes when she heard her mother apologize for her sake and it only made Yuki scoff even more when Taehyung told her that it was okay. She could practically hear the grin in his voice too and she tried not to roll her eyes to the very back of her eye sockets.

Right then, only one thing came to her mind:

Kim Taehyung is a freakin’ weirdo.

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So then who's better in bed, callie or Arizona? How do you picture them being different? And who tops

They, my friend, are on equal sexual footing. That’s why they are so goddamn hot together.

Callie wins in the sensual department, I think, purely cause of those dark eyes and that husky voice thing she does. But Arizona isn’t far behind. Arizona has that sexy, flirty, fun vibe thing going on, but when she really turns it on - which she does without warning - holy hell you better watch out because I’m pretty sure she can melt panties with her words alone.

Also I totally think Arizona is dirtier in bed. Callie is more adventurous, but Arizona can have a dirty mouth. (Which Callie loves.)

They’re both SUPER attentive lovers though. Super. I think they both get a lot of pleasure from pleasing their partner.

Basically, they are both win/win.

Monochrome Rant

This isn’t meant to bash White Rose or Bumbleby or Iceberg or Black Sun shippers but I just needed to get this out of my system. I honestly think monochrome is the only pairing for Weiss and Blake that makes sense from a story perspective.Now I know you could say that that is just me being biased since I ship mono but hear me out.

My first point is the fact that Weiss and Blake have a history with one another before they even meet. Weiss being a Schnee; the family aiding in the oppression of the Faunus, and Blake, a former member of the White Fang; the terrorist group that targets the Schnee corporation. The actions of the White Fang, and Blake to an extent since we don’t know how often she helped in Schnee raids, shaped Weiss’ lonely childhood, her views towards the Faunus, and the abuse that she experienced from her father. In turn, the Schnee Corporation’s poor treatment of the Faunus and the bigoted views of it’s higher ups helped push the White Fang from a peaceful protest group into a violent terrorist organization. This change in the White Fang is what pushed Blake to leave and try to become a Huntress to fight for equality.

Aside from the classic ‘star crossed lovers’ aspect that the two have set up they also have a similar background; being abused by an important male figure in their life. In Weiss’ case it is her father and with Blake it is her relationship with Adam. We don’t really know what kind of abuse Weiss suffered at the hands of her father; physical, or emotional. She keeps it vague when she brings it up at the end of Volume 1 but based off of how she refuses to speak to him, her attempts to please people by telling them what they want to hear, how he controls her money, takes her away from her friends without her consent, and forced her to fight the knight in the ‘White’ trailer, emotional abuse seems the most likely.

Like Weiss, we don’t really know the full extent of the abuse that Blake suffered at Adam’s hands. From what we can gather from the ‘Black’ trailer, her doodles of his sigil in Volume 2, and her talk with Yang in Volume 3, Blake actually cared for Adam, and despite how much of a psychopath he is, he clearly cared for her as well and was hurt by her leaving him and the White Fang. The CRWBY have said that Blake and Adam’s relationship was unhealthy and abusive but we haven’t seen enough of their past interactions to get a good judge of what kind of abuse it was. Based off of how violent Adam was to her during their fight in Volume 3 my gut says physical abuse but some of what Blake says earlier in the volume suggests emotional manipulation. Maybe it was a mixture of both, it is too early to say.But having these two star crossed characters who have faced abuse at the hands of important men in their life find comfort and love in each others arms is such a good way to show how much they have grown and are able to move past their past. Having them end up together is also a good way to have them send a big “Fuck You“ to their abusers. 

This is probably the part where I am gonna lose the WR/BB shippers if they are still reading. I don’t think that Ruby and Weiss/Blake and Yang have enough interactions with one another to warrant them having a chance of being a romantic couple. Weiss and Ruby haven’t had any moments together if my memory is right and haven’t shown any interest in each other. This isn’t helped by the CRWBY stating that they don’t have any plans for Ruby to get a love interest. Blake and Yang are slightly different. They have had 3 ship tease moments; Yang snapping Blake out of her funk, Yang and Blake dancing, and Yang defending Blake from Adam and Blake grieving over Yang’s injury. The reason why I see it as a more platonic thing is because 1) Weiss is the only one to notice something wrong with Blake and lets everyone else know there is something wrong (something Yang attributed to Blake’s usual behaior). 2) Yang used a laser pointer to distract Blake so she can talk to her (pretty goddamn racist). 3) Blake dances with both Yang and Sun soo that isn’t really a great argument for the ship. 4) Blake is the only member of Team RWBY who needed convincing that Yang wouldn’t break someone’s leg out of pure malice and compares her to Adam, her abuser. 5) Reacting strongly to a friend/teammate being attacked and injured is pretty normal. If you ship WR/BB all power to you, I just don’t see it.

This brings me to my next point: Weiss and Blake interact with one another more frequently than they interact with the other characters. (This doesn’t really have any weight but I noticed when trying to decide on the below picture that Blake and Weiss sit together all the time.)

Early on in Volume 1 Weiss and Blake have a little spat after Ruby blows herself up. Not exactly a good example since the two are verbally at each others throat’s and serve as exposition for the Faunus’ plight and the less desirable aspects of the Schnee Company. But it is an actual interaction regardless and does a good job establishing the early aspect of their relationship and the tension between the two that would boil over later on in the season.

The final story arc for Volume 1 revolves around Blake and Weiss. Again, their relationship in Volume 1 isn’t the best example to use for an argument for the ship but it is vital for understanding how it progresses and how the characters grow from this experience. Weiss’ bigoted views toward the Faunus are explained, Blake’s identity as a Faunus is revealed, and the impact each girl has had on each others past is touched on. This leads to Blake doing what she always does when presented with any situation that she finds too uncomfortable; run away.

The next episode is when Weiss and Blake’s friendship truly begins. Blake apologizes for what she said and Weiss is willing to put aside her bigoted views and look past Blake’s past because they are teammates and they need to trust one another. All she asks is that Blake talk to her whenever she has a problem instead of letting it fester inside her and running away. Blake agrees.

Early in Volume 2, Weiss is the first to notice that something is wrong with Blake. She reminds Blake of the promise she made and Blake voices her concerns with her and the rest of team RWBY, It’s a cute scene and shows how much Weiss worries about her and doesn’t want a repeat of what happened before.

This doesn’t really count but damn do Weiss and Blake look good when they fight together.

And here’s the part where I lose the Black Sun and Icerberg shippers.I think the Prom arc that followed was handled poorly and how these two ships took center stage alongside Arkos. The problem I have with these ships is that they feel way too forced and hetero-normative, and completely ignore the interactions the girls have with each other/their partners. Blake and Sun have had some interactions but for the most part it is just seems like a physical attraction with no real substance. IB has the same problem where it feels like it is just a physical attraction with nothing else going for it. BS at least has moments across all three Volumes where as IB is dropped as soon as the Prom Arc is done and feels more like it was something created just for Jaune to be angsty about. If you ship it, more power to ya I just can’t get behind it.

Fast forward to the end of Volume 2. Weiss provides Blake, and just Blake, a Dust augment for her weapon. Again, a cute scene and shows how Weiss cares about Blake and looks out for her well being.

While fighting down the train Weiss agrees to fight the White Fang Lieutenant, despite it being an obviously bad match up, so that Blake can get her rematch with Torchwick.The fight doesn’t end well for Weiss and when Blake see’s what has happened to Weiss she gives up her chance for revenge to make sure that Weiss is safe.

Fast forward to Volume 3.Do I even need to explain this scene? Weiss and Blake go on a date.

After their date is ruined Weiss and Blake fight their way back to Beacon. Blake saves Weiss during a fight and when they split up Weiss tells Blake to stay safe. The two have a mutual trust and care about the others well being, something that they clearly didn’t at the beginning of Volume 1.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, and there is no way of telling what may actually happen in Volume 4, I believe that DashingIceCream has the right of it. Weiss will run away from her father and when she runs into Blake she will be relieved to see her but upset about how she ran away again and didn’t seek out her teammates to talk about her problems. Blake will express her fear that Adam will kill everyone she cares about and didn’t want to put her or her other friends in danger. Again, no way of knowing if that will actually happen but it definitely sounds feasible.

And my final points is that ‘star crossed lovers’ romances usually attract more attention than ‘they are teammates who end up as lovers’. The only kind of romance trope that is usually more popular is the ‘childhood friends turned lovers’ which is being done with Ren and Nora. Given that the CRWBY has this trope perfectly set up and have already explored the ‘teammates turned lovers’ with Pyrrha and Jaune it seems weird that they would do it over again with Ruby/Weiss and Blake/Yang.

If you actually read this super long post then thank you for your time I truly appreciate it. If you disagree with what I have said that is cool with me as well and I hope I didn’t piss off anyone who likes the ships I talked about. I’ve just been needing to vent and cover all the reasons why I think monochrome works so well with the narrative we have been given so far and how it has so much future potential for drama and angst. Thanks for reading!

(Artwork done by ookaminoki and @dashingicecream).