why is she so fun to draw???

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Two questions: 1. Why tf are all your OCs so thicc and sexy 2. Could we see more Marina

I like thicc and sexy women, like my wife, and maybe later, it is always fun drawing both girls, @chronnellian said she is updating her ref sheet later so maybe then

miu iruma? don’t know her


Uh….Steven Universe OC??? I don’t have many of these tbh ^^;

Whether it happens in canon or not, I love the concept of Steven getting dragged back to Homeworld to fulfill his role as a Diamond and utterly failing at it! And part of Blue and Yellow’s attempt to get him back into being a Diamond is to give him a new, non defective Pearl who’s so committed to Homeworld’s system that she won’t rebel or allow Steven to start a rebellion. Her problem obviously being that she can’t buck the system or her intended purpose but her purpose is to do what her Diamond wants and to make him happy, but he wants her to be her own person…it’s a headache for both of them.

Design wise, I just wanted to have a Pearl with similar hair to Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena since there’s plenty of parallels I could draw between Pearls and their purpose and Anthy’s role as the Rose Bride. Pink Pearl’s outfit looks a little too Era 1 for her to be a new gem but the idea was that Blue and Yellow (mostly Blue) wanted to cling to the past essence of Pink Diamond, hence why Pinky here has a similar outfit to PD.

I dunno if I’ll do anything with this character but she was fun to create and I like drawing her so we’ll see :)

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

Pink Pearl and Art © @wicked-ghoul

More Undertale doodly doodles! I… I really like Undyne, so I decided to draw her again, this time with her hair down. The more I draw Undertale the more I think I'ma do small headcanons for some of the characters because… well, why not? xD

Speaking of headcanons, let’s start with Undyne here. Given that she’s some sort of fish/reptilian/amphibian?? monster, I’ve decided that she doesn’t actually have boobs in my headcanon. Given that she isn’t mammal, there isn’t really a reason for her to have any since she can’t produce milk, so yeah. I’ll probably tweak her appearance here and there to my liking as well (lighter belly and chest, orange irises, scars, so on).

But yeah, it’s small but it’s a start. I hope you guys like the drawing! She was so much fun to draw. :3

(PS: yes her jacket is based on Mass Effect’s N7. I can’t help myself ;_; )


here she is, the tangerine dream!! 

i think even if jasper and pearl originally fused for battle, once the fight was done tangerine would just want to dance and play for a bit anyway /o\

Magical Heroes

Self indulgent kacchako Card Captor Sakura AU for my birthday today :> They are their bnha age so teens instead of sakura’s 10-ish?? But no quirks! Have a nice Anne day y’all ;)


I am not a Tokyo ghoul fan but I still feel the need to put this in my blog
this attitude is downright disgusting, nasty and 100% unacceptable, honestly I feel so bad for Ishida!

I don’t know the man that well, but I’ve seen him interact with his fans on twitter before in such a fun and respectful way, I’ve also been here when he took the time to draw a tribute art of one of his fans when she was killed in a tragic accident (Christina Grimme)

and regardless of any of this, no author or content creator ever should have to experience such harassment for a valid decision they made in their own story, bad or good, I won’t understand for the life of me why some fans feel so entitled to someone else’s work like this, especially if it’s over something as ridiculous as shipping! being simply disappointed is an entirely different thing!

what’s ironic about all of this, is that 90% of these fans don’t even buy and support his work legally, this harassment started from international fans before the chapter was even released officially in Japan, and this alone is disrespectful enough, I understand a lot of us don’t have the means to support official releases due to different reasons, but the least we can do is not act like entitled pricks over it

I’m addressing this because for one, it’s horrible! and second, I don’t think the snk fandom is above this at all, I’m just glad Isayama doesn’t have any public social media account and I hope it stays that way

things like this makes me almost hate shipping culture because it’s the main source of all of this, people just don’t know when to stop, close their laptops and go take a walk

@mysillycomics i decided to draw bohug and my own childhood companion, her name is nurse dolly and i like to think that she and bohug would be friends

(click for better res)

I’ve fallen in love with one obnoxious pirate and one deadpan mermaid

also au where Sea Hawk is just some obnoxious pirate who burns his ships down so he can be rescued by Mermista

I drew @breloomings‘s prinxiety fusion! Honestly I love this lil dude to death, and he’s one of my favorite designs! I made up the quote for him on my own, but I feel like it’s something he would say.

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I orchestrated a situation where my bully had to listen to 20 people tell her she was garbage to her face while she was unable to say anything back.

warning: long story.

One day in high school I was scrolling through my tumblr dashboard when I see something that looks familiar and do a double take… It was a piece of artwork that I drew. A piece of artwork that I never posted to the internet or even took a picture of. I was thoroughly freaked out.

A friend of mine reblogged the picture from the original poster, which is how it ended up on my dashboard. The original poster and her cronies were all talking sh*t about it. They called it “atrocious” and that it looked like “a kid scribbled it with crayons.” So then I was thoroughly freaked out and really humiliated.

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Love Like You 2018

Hey, look! I can make a rainbow with my SU illustrations! That’s just how much this show inspires me to experiment with color. I very rarely used to work with pink and sparkles in my art. Now they’re present in almost every piece I do!

Not much has really hold my attention as strongly as ‘Steven Universe’ has, and my art in general has visibly improved because of my love for this lovingly-made LGBTQ+ cartoon. Rebecca Sugar coming out a nonbinary woman during this year’s SDCC, and hearing and reading about her talk about her experiences in interviews and podcasts, was a validating thing for me to know about. Especially as nonbinary creative myself. I’m still not over it.

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