why is she so darn cute

I’m a slut for single parent AUs so please imagine:

Yuuri’s daughter is The Cutest Three Year Old Ever and people are literally constantly telling Yuuri this. Yuuri legit thinks it’s because his daughter is So Darn Cute (And really, she is) and doesn’t even notice people squinting feverishly at his hands looking for a wedding ring. He doesn’t know why so many people offer to help him with his groceries, but he thinks it might be because they feel bad for him.

He coaches kid classes at an ice skating rink. His daughter has known how to skate practically since she could walk. They like to go to free skates on the weekends because it gets them out of the house and in among people and Phichit has actually put up a white board in Yuuri’s house that says “It has been ____ days since my last adult interaction” and updates it daily just to shame Yuuri into talking to people who have actually graduated grade school.

It’s one of these weekends that, for some reason only God himself is privy to, Viktor Nikiforov is skating at this rink.

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, stock still against the boards, clutching his daughter’s hand. 

“Ow, Papa,” she says mildly. She takes after Mari, somehow. A lot of people think she’s Mari’s daughter when they see them together. The world could be coming down around her ears and she would just look around and say this is no fun. 

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says again when Viktor Nikiforov starts skating towards them

“Your daughter is so cute!” says Viktor Nikiforov as he approaches, waving and smiling. Yuuri is dying. Every atom of Yuuri’s being is screaming. “Does she know how to skate?”

“No,” Yuuri says. “No she does not.”

“Can I give her a lesson?”

“Yes,” Yuuri says. “Yes, she would love that.” 

And that is how my father left me to be kidnapped by Viktor Nikiforov at age three, Hana Katsuki’s future blog post on this subject will read. But it’s all good because Viktor didn’t want to kidnap me, he just wanted to marry my dad. Which he did, two years later. Don’t ask me about the ceremony because all I remember is falling asleep on a pile of coats at the reception.

Capital F (Tom Holland x FemReader) Fluff

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(A/n): lmao so I got all these requests at 11:30 pm yesterday, my time. So that is my one and only excuse for not getting them up the day of.

Request:  49. ‘There is only one bed.’ 61. ‘I think we’re lost.’ 98. ‘Forever.’ with Tom Holland if it’s not too much trouble?

49. There is only one bed.

61. I think we’re lost.

98. Forever.

Warnings: So like I’m sure there is swearing in here somewhere.








“I think we’re lost”

Tom let out an unmistakable groan of dissatisfaction as (Y/n) mused him with her comments.

Wandering through a dense boreal forest could get anyone mixed up. Tom was, in particular, really susceptible to confusion; whether he cared enough to admit it or not. (Y/n) wasn’t totally innocent either, she was dumb enough to follow him.

“So like, the designated shooting tarmac should be near by. We couldn’t have gone that far.” she mused again, squaring her surroundings. “If it wasn’t so boring, we wouldn’t have gone at all..”

“I know that! I know where we are,” Tom sputtered and did a full three sixty rotation “have a little faith.”

(Y/n)’s gaze slipped to her shoes, an acorn touching the head of her sneaker. She bent forward and swiped it into her hand, chucking it at the brunette brit.

It hit him in the ear.

“What the bloody was that for?” he laughed.

“It was for I don’t know if you are listening to yourself, but you sound nuts, Tom.” (Y/n) snickered.

Tom threw the acorn right back and it hit the tree directly behind the girl. Tom laughed again.

“I saw that tree six minutes ago, he told me his name was Oxford.” he breathed.

(Y/n) turned to view the tree but was instead drew attention to a shiny trailer hiding in the background “Bullshit.” she sighed.

“No, that’s really what he told me.” Tom insisted.

“Not that,” the (h/c) haired girl chuckled “That’s Seb’s trailer. You didn’t get us lost after all.”

She began to hike up to the large filming setup.

“I didn’t lose us, I’m British! I know things!” Tom called, chasing after (Y/n).

❆  ❆  ❆

“So you didn’t sneak off to have sex?” Anthony asked.

“Not this time.” Tom joked, and winked back at him.

(Y/n) slapped both of their arms, and snatched Tom’s wrist.

“I hate you. We have a scene to shoot, you twit.” she demanded, gearing away from Anthony.

“For how long will you hate me this time?” Tom drawled, his accent wrapping around his words soundly. He began to snicker at her abstract cuteness.


“Oo, no longer than last time.” he confirmed, throwing his head back as he let himself be pulled along the grass. He was able to see Anthony again.

He mouthed “get some” to Tom.

(Y/n) retaliated with a yell of “Close your mouth, you flightless bastard.”

❆  ❆  ❆

“I’m..” (Y/n) sighed and rolled her neck, pawing at Tom’s hand “…really tired.”

“I second that.” Tommy huffed, lacing together their different sized hands.

It was only midday and the pair of bestfriend’s have already filmed thirty nine different scenes. Now, they didn’t have to film for another two and a half hours.

“Let’s nap in my trailer, love?” Tom suggested. The girl shrugged in return, followed by a quaint nod of her head.

As they led themselves to Tom’s personal trailer, it became apparent to (Y/n) that it was built for one person.

“Tommy,” she began when they stepped into the confinement of smaller living space “there is only one bed…” and she let her voice wander off.

“Yeah, and?”

Tom untied their hands and instead pulled his arms around (Y/n) shoulders. He pushed them both forward, waddling to the bed.

“You hate me anyway, remember? So don’t make it awkward.” he mused.

The girl let loose a brisk laugh “I don’t hate you.” she confirmed.

“Even better.”

Tom spun them both and tumbled to the bed’s cushion surface.

“I could probably sleep on the couch, Tommy.” (Y/n) mused.

“Now that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day- and I talked with Robert.” Tom scoffed. He placed his chin upon (Y/n)’s head and tightened his arms around her shoulders.

“What if I mayb–”

“That’s not gunna’ work.” Tom mumbled.

“Why not?”

“You’re so warm, and I like it too much.”


(A/N): wowowow I did it. This is cute as shit, gosh darn. I impress myself.

Ooooh boy

But the angst/turning point of the Chloebug/Chat Nath AU comes when Chloe finds out Nathanael has a crush on her.

She’s at an event as Ladybug and he’s there as a civilian, and they end up talking, and he says he’s disappointed the girl he likes didn’t join her father at the thing. Chloe’s like “?? this walking tomato likes somebody??” so she asks him who it is and he says it’s Chloe Bourgeois.

Chloe makes a horrified squawking noise but her curiosity gets the better of her. “Isn’t that Chloe girl really mean to you, though?” And Nathanael goes on about thinking there must be good in her because no one can be that awful all the time, and the dramatic tantrums are kind of cute, and she has her moments.

Chloe goes home and detransforms and Tikki’s like “Wow your classmate Nathanael likes you! *knows diddly darn well that he’s Chat Noir* Isn’t that great??” And Chloe SNAPS.

“What’s so great about it?! He doesn’t like me, he likes some fictional version of me. I’m not nice. I’m not good. Why should that stupid tomato head or Chat Noir bother with someone like me? There’s nothing remotely likable about me!” And she won’t listen to Tikki, even when she points out that of course there’s good in her because she’s Ladybug and she’s made so much progress, etc..

Nathanael notices Chloe isn’t herself the next day at school. Tries to talk to her, gets snapped at. So he visits her as Chat Noir that evening and she unloads all of her doubt and self-loathing on him. He reassures her that acknowledging there’s a problem is the first step in making things right. Encourages her to take baby steps towards being the person she wants to be.

Before he leaves, Chloe calls out to him and asks him what he likes about her, and he says “everything.” (Bonus option: She finally kisses him, he falls backwards off her balcony, she runs to make sure he isn’t dead and sees him leaping from building to building, crowing with joy. “Moron,” she mutters.)

The next day, Chloe approaches Nathanael and quietly apologizes for treating him like garbage the entire semester.

Entire Class/School: *staring*
Nathanael: Apology accepted. :D
Chloe: *mortified, wants to yell at him, is supposed to be nice, runs away*
Nathanael: She’s so cute.
Plagg: You’re alright, kid.

How to Hook Up Witches

ySo remember in my blurb that I said that if the reader was a witch, they would have a familiar and said little thing would try to hook em up? WELL I DECIDED TO MAKE A FIC OUT OF IT!!! Witch!Reader x Wanda Maximoff!!!!

MCU!Wanda or Comic!Wanda, don’t matter. Most likely Comic!Wanda tho haha. Hope y’all enjoy! I kinda based this off of a puzzle game I play haha.

Warnings: Little familiar being cute and mischievous? Cute shit. Hijinks. Swears. Kinda nudity. It also sucks.

Your name: submit What is this?

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To Flee the Wolf

Prompt: Fairy tale
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters: Higurashi Kagome, Kouga, Sesshoumaru
Setting: Modern AU
1,000 Words

Kagome had been looking forward to tonight – Sango always threw the best parties and she had been going on and on about this one for ages. 

Besides, who didn’t love a costume party? Especially a fairy tale themed one!

Right now at this very moment, however, looking up at wolfishly grinning Kouga, she could hardly believe that only an hour ago she’d been brimming with enthusiasm and twirling in front of the mirror, admiring her costume.

No matter how darn cute she looked, Kagome was rapidly regretting her decision of ever leaving her house tonight.

“Little Red Riding Hood?” Kouga all but purred, toying with the ribbon of her red cape. “How appropriate, Kagome. I’m so glad we match.”

“I swear that was completely by accident,” she told him, her own smile fixed.

Because really, the last thing she needed was giving Kouga any more ideas.

Of all the costumes in the world, why had he picked the wolf?

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105 Days Of BroTPs, day 11: Marinette and Nathaniel

Arts and crafts

  • These two sweethearts are both arty, right? Nath’s always drawing like all the time and Mari’s always designing stuff and ahhhhhh imagine them working on projects together?? It would be really cute
  • Also since Nath’s (probably) moved on from Mari now she can be his winggirl and find him someone new to like, it would be great omg
  • Yeah we already know Nath thinks she’s pretty cool, and Mari seems to think he’s a fairly nice guy, so it would just be awesome and make sense if these two made friends - especially since Nath doesn’t… really… seem to have… any… friends…
  • And omg Mari is so confident and always stands up for what’s right. So she will stand up for and protect the tomato who’s too shy to do it himself. She will support his artwork and his comics and will MAKE him famous darn it
  • Also next year she will actually remember his birthday and make sure it goes a lot better for him this time round
  • They both seem very sleepy often (Mari because she’s busy being Ladybug all the time, and Nath because… idk… he’s an emo night owl) so they can take naps in the library together between classes

Just found this on twitter.

Darn Eijun, why are you so cute…! (T^T)

[The person who posted this participated in an official fan event of Shonen Magazine back in August and there she won this incredibly adorable illlustration drawn by Terajima-sensei himself. I’m so jealous…!! (*´Д`)]

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So i just saw your kiba with a baby girl scenario which killed me. its so damn cute. May i ask for the same thing for neji please?

All the boys with babies. Love dem bbies

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  • Man, he’s such a by-the-book dad. Neji definitely did all research on babies and how to take care of them since the second that they told him that he was going to be a father. Like her bottles are always hitting three hours, her naps are always perfectly timed, her development is by far one of the fastest in the whole village. His baby has a very strict schedule, and don’t even try to suggest anything that is not the absolute best option for his little one. He wants his little girl to be absolutely perfect, and so he will do everything in his power to make sure that she makes it through infancy as peachy as possible.
  • He knew what he was doing, just because he did all of that research, but reading it and doing it are two very different things, so it definitely takes a little bit for him to become completely adjusted to life with a newborn. And he might get a bit uneasy if she doesn’t take her whole bottle or sleeps less than she should, or something relatively minor that doesn’t follow whatever research he’s done. Part of him thinks that every baby should follow whatever the book says, so it’s definitely an adjustment for him to have to deal with the whole, ‘baby does her own thing, and as long as she’s growing and developing, she’s perfect just the way she is’ thing. He does get better with it as she gets older though.
  • When he first held her, he was very overwhelmed with so many thoughts. That was his baby, his daughter, and he’s just wants her to have everything and he is certainly willing to do whatever it takes to give it to her.
  • But in all seriousness, if he had a little girl, he’d be the most protective dad in the entire world. Like, almost no one is allowed to touch his little girl; him and his wife and that’s about it. Don’t touch his little one, don’t breathe on her, don’t even look at her. That is how protective he is of her. Bless her little heart when she’s old enough to date…
  • He definitely try to work a little more with the man clan after his daughter was born; mainly he just refuses that his daughter have the same curse seal as he does, and have that same fate. It would literally break his heart to have to see her have that same seal branded on her, because that means she’s just a tool to the main branch and not her own person, and that’s not something he could really face. It’s something that he doesn’t like to think about at all.  
  • I see him being one of those “no paci” type parents. Not quite sure why, but he just gives me that vibe.
  • The time she first giggled, he thought that it was so gosh darn cute, that he literally turned red and held his hand over his mouth to hide his own laugh. There is nothing else that is cuter in the world than his baby girl’s giggle.
  • Loves reading her books for some odd reason, and half the time they aren’t even children’s books. He will straight out read her adult books or like explanation a battle plan or an atlas to her while she’s doing tummy time. On top of that, he’ll read it all like she’s comprehending every word, and it’s just a cute sight to see.
  • He’s super good at styling her hair and makes sure that it’s taken super good care off. She was born with a lot of it, and it’s super smooth and shiny; usually has a barrett in it or something. Best Baby Hair award def goes to Baby Hyuga.
  • Neji’s daughter gives people the most ridiculous glares; it’s kind of funny. She acts like she’s a lot older than she actually is half the time, and it’s the same intensity of a glare that Neji can give so, it’s certainly a sight to see. You’ll never feel more judged in your life than when you’re in the same room as Neji and his daughter.
  • Funny story about Neji and his daughter’s Byakugan. All through infancy, Neji’s daughter had a little plush rabbit that she literally carried everywhere; Hinata gave it to her as a gift when she was born, and she’s literally had it ever since. She has never parted with it once, because like I said, Neji’s a “no paci” type of father, so she needed some type of comfort item. Anyway, when she was ten months old, she started to walk, so that little bunny started getting dragged everywhere and got super dirty. Now Neji knew that it was going to be near impossible to get the bunny away from her, but it was getting to a point, where he HAD to wash it,  so one day he tried to take it while she wasn’t looking- didn’t work, at all. So he just straight out tried to explain this to his ten month old and told her he was going to take the bunny for like two hours, so that it could go through the wash, so that it’d be clean for her. He then took the bunny from her, and holy Hell she threw the biggest fit he had ever seen; Neji did not know that his daughter could cry that loud; you’d think that she was dying. Still he just threw the bunny in the wash, and just kinda let her have her fit, because she’s normally a really good kid, and in her defense he did just take her most precious thing. But then he returns he finds her just glaring at him as he enters the room, Byakugan activated, and he’s just like “you’re fucking kidding me…” It’s the first and only time he curses in front of his daughter, just because he knows that his wife is going to be livid, because he just activated his baby’s Byakugan, because apparently taking her bunny was traumatic enough to do so. He doesn’t even know what to do, so he just picks his child and and takes her to the washer and they just sit there and watch as the bunny goes through the cycle, and not even for a second does she deactivate that Byakugan; she’s as stubborn as he is. He didn’t even bother to put it in the dryer, just got someone to wind chakra dry that thing and gave it back to his little one, and it was then that she deactivated it. Gave him a little glare, hugged him- while still glaring- and then went off again to do her baby things. Not one of Neji’s favorite moments as a father tbh…
    • “I’m home! How are you guys? Did you and B/N have fun today, Neji?”
    • “Y/N, I accidently activated her Byakugan…”
    • “…”
    • “…”

Happy birthday @intjchangeable aka collab partner aka senpai! Sorry I haven’t been able to work on it recently (this was part of the reason hahaha) you’re a fabulous writer and I’m so lucky to work with you and be your friend! (Even when we just type memes for half an hour)

Title: Guys’ Night In 
Summary: Adrien Agreste has just gotten out of his modeling contract, and he needs a chill night with his best friend Nino. Unfortunately, things seem to spiral when Nino gets involved. (AU-ish/UA: no miraculouses, Adrien never went to public school)

“I feel like it’s been months since I’ve seen you man!”

“It has been months, I was in New York. Nino, are you drunk?”

Nino snorted. “No. Well, I’ve had some beer but I’m not drunk yet.”


“Chill man, you just got out of your dad’s modeling contract. Why don’t we celebrate? You can come over and play games, I’ll order a pizza and we could invite other people.”

“That sounds nice. Order some dessert too, since I have a feeling you didn’t get anything yet. And I’m fine, lets just keep it the quiet for today. I’m tired.”

“Yeah, yeah. See you in a bit buddy!”

Adrien ran a hand through his hair, knocking on the door to Nino’s new apartment. He had missed the housewarming party because of a shoot, and still really regretted it. The modeling contract had almost forced him into a relationship with a girl he had no interest in, it had taken away the prospect of friendship, and hadn’t done anything to bridge the gap between himself and his father. Getting out of the contract was one of the best decisions he had ever made, and although his father may never forgive him, he had enough money to live a modest life until he stabilized everything. His father being Gabriel Agreste basically guaranteed his success.

Besides, he didn’t think he’d ever forgive his father for abandoning him either.

With that depressing thought, Nino opened the door. “Oh, he’s here! It’s so good to see you man.” He pulled Adrien into a most definitely welcome hug, which Adrien reciprocated easily.

“Right back at you. Did you order the food already?”

“Yep! Pizza’s already here. Half pepperoni and half vegetable.” Adrien pretty much salivated at the thought. He hadn’t eaten like a guy his age in months.

“Awesome! What’s for dessert?”

“…shoot. I forgot.”

Adrien sighed. “Nino.”

“I’m sorry! Come inside before you start scolding me, father.”

“You suck, man.”

“So do you.”

Adrien laughed as he walked inside, taking in the feel of a modern Parisian apartment. It looked to be two bedroom with a modest living room and well-equipped kitchen. Nino’s DJing job probably paid pretty well if he could afford it. He was surprised when a girl with deep brown hair and red highlights came from the bedroom, fixing her glasses. She was wearing capris and what looked to be Nino’s shirt from the International Conservatory of Music.

“Oh yeah! Adrien, meet Alya Césaire, my girlfriend.”

She grinned brightly. “So this is the guy who you’re always talking about,” she mused. She extended a hand. “Alya Césaire, investigative journalist. Nice to meet you, Mr. Adrien Agreste.”

He shook it. “Nice to meet you too. Nino mentioned he had a girlfriend but I had no idea he managed to snag someone who’s mentally stable.”

Alya laughed at that, and Nino whined. “Rude.”

“He’s right, babe. No way you’d be able to afford this without me,” she teased him. Nino pouted as he wrapped his hand around her waist. Adrien laughed again, liking her very much already.

“I’m gonna order dessert then,” Nino said. “since you two seem to want to make fun of me together.”

“Order from Tom and Sabine’s!” Alya exclaimed.

“Of course, who do you think I am? Maybe we’ll get a discount.”

“Tom and Sabine’s?” Adrien questioned.

“Only the best boulangerie-pâttiserie in Paris!” Alya declared. “You’ll love it.”

Nino seemingly had dialed and started calling the bakery. “Hello? Tom! Yeah, it’s Nino. Hey could we get the order from last time? We have a guest with us and he’ll eat anything sweet.” Adrien glared at Nino, who stuck his tongue out in response. “Also, do my boy here a favor and send your cutest delivery girl.” Adrien blanched. “Thank you so much! I’ll pay when she gets here.” Nino hung up, and left Adrien’s jaw hanging.

Dude!” the ex-model exclaimed. Alya laughed.

“I have a feeling I know who’s coming,” she noted, winking at Adrien. “Don’t worry, pretty boy. She’s a sweetheart.”

Adrien looked helplessly at Nino, who whistled a bright tune before sitting on the couch and picking up a slice of pizza. Alya followed, and Adrien sat in the armchair. They began talking about New York and Madrid, where Alya traveled recently, while they ate. Nino brought out beers for everyone, while Alya told him not to drink too much.

The doorbell rang, and Alya’s grin seemed to widen. “Adrien, be a doll and get the door for me?” Adrien’s eyes widened. Nino nodded expectantly, a sinister glint in his eyes. Adrien glared at the both of them before standing up and walking to the door. He opened it quickly to see who exactly was this “sweetheart” Alya and Nino seemed to know.

He felt a slight flush creep into his cheeks when he saw her. A petite girl with raven hair tied into pigtails and bright blue eyes stood, wearing a beautiful pink skirt and white off-shoulder top. She was pretty darn cute. She also blushed slightly when she saw him.

“A-Ah, hi? I have a delivery for Nino and Alya.” she stammered out. “My dad said he requested the ‘cutest delivery girl’ or something, but I was the only one still there so they kind of sent me. I-I don’t really know why, but I guess Nino was probably drunk when he called. I’m so sorry I think I’m rambling.”

“Oh, uh, no.” Adrien responded in kind, cursing himself. “He’s just…weird. You know. You know him and Alya?” He rubbed his neck sheepishly. “A-And anyway, I think the order was definitely right.”

“Huh?” she asked, startled.

“I mean, I’d be surprised if there was any girl cuter than you working there,” he said, channeling some of his inner model confidence. It didn’t help much. His cheeks reddened right after.

Oh!” she gasped. He felt his heart throb. “T-Thank you!” She fiddled with a ponytail before extending her hand. “I-I’m Marinette, and my parents own the bakery.”

“Adrien,” he replied, shaking her hand gently. It was soft, yet she seemed to have callouses along her fingertips. He was shocked to realize they were similar to his father’s.

“Adrien…you’re Adrien Agreste?” she repeated, almost hushed.


“O-Oh wow!” she exclaimed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m actually a huge fan of your modeling work, and your father’s designs. I’m kind of an amateur designer myself, and I even just applied for an internship with him just recently. I actually designed the clothes I’m wearing right now…and oh my god I’m totally rambling again I am so sorry.” She blushed again, looking down and holding her arm shyly.

“You did?” he asked, shocked. “You’re really talented! They’re so impressive and professional.”

Her eyes brightened. He felt his heart squeeze, and blood rushed to his face. “Thank you,” she breathed, gazing up at him. “That means a lot.” He didn’t know how to respond to her without kissing her small pink lips right then. Luckily for his sanity, Alya cut in.

Mari!” she squealed. “It’s been weeks! Finally finished your portfolio?”

“Alya! I did! Oh, the dessert.” Marinette laughed, handing the box carefully to Adrien, who wanted nothing more than to bow and kiss her designer-calloused, slender hand. Alya pounced on Marinette, almost toppling the two of them over. Nino joined them, grabbing the box from Adrien’s grasp as he greeted the petite designer.

Nino leaned in and whispered to Alya, who smirked back at him. Then Nino grinned at Adrien. “Aren’t you glad I requested her?” he whispered to the blonde. Adrien couldn’t respond, though the ever-present redness in his cheeks probably answered the question for him.

I really hope you like this ^_^


The 10 fave tag

lI was tagged by @dallyingdivergent (I didn’t expect this tysm!!)

RULES : Tag 1 favorite from 10 fandoms and tag 10 people.

1. PERCY JACKSON - Annabeth CHASE (boiii she was best girl before anybody else was I relate to her so darn much and I think that’s why I’ve always liked her)

2. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - SARIA (she’s so cute and nice, she may not do much I still love her and I love Saria’s song—which I still can’t play on my ocarina cuz it’s too fast T-T—)

3. DEEMO - DEEMO (choosing the title character cuz man he’s so sweet and—he may not say much— but he’s best bro confirmed and I felt so sad and happy to know what he did for Alice)

4. FRUITS BASKET - MOMIJI SOHMA (this boiiii *sobs* he is the best best boy he is so optimistic and joyful even after all the sh^t he’s gone through and I JUST UUGGHHH)

5. STAR WARS - YODA (come on, I don’t need no explanation for this)

6. THE HUNGER GAMES - RUE (smol precious whistling tree climbing baby)

7. STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL - MARCO DIAZ (best karate princess)

8. DANGANRONPA - KYOKO KIRIGIRI (I love her confidence and intelligence, she’s VERY pretty and even though she was cold at first—because something happened in her past— she still opened up to her friends at the end)

9. ATTACK ON TITAN - (ALL OF THEM UUUGH) SASHA BRAUS (best potato girl what else can I say)

10. STEVEN UNIVERSE - LAPIS LAZULI (love the skirt. love her design as a whole. Love her. I relate to her somehow? So I guess that’s why I love her so much)

Ok! Time to tag! @daengansuffer @chica-patata1 @saraa190601 @danivaru22 @dragonikku @rosejiannahasnolife @freezethunder @weeb-mexican @rexpeach @sleepy–chiakii (you guys can totally ignore this, don’t mind me haha;;;;)

Thanks so much again @dallyingdivergent!!!

Time out...

In the English language version of ML, they say per episode “The Pharaoh,” that Marinette and co. are in 10th grade and in high school.  So does this mean that they’re all older in the English version than in the French dub?  

I believe they say she’s in college (can’t put the accent mark cuz of computer) but that’s France’s version of middle school.  This makes everyone about 12-14 years old.  However, American 10th graders usually fun about 15-16 years old.  That’s a bit of an age difference.

Also… Tikki?  Why must you be soo darn cute?


So I actually saw this live at 5 AM my time. It was worth it, I didn’t know what to expect after seeing this episode

This episode was one the realist ones I ever saw in the series. Not only it sends a positive message at the end, but this scene…

Is it a crime how happy I got when they got in a fight!!

This fight needed to happen! The reason I was happy it happened it was because Serena snapped Ash back into reality. I was glad she would not tolerate Ash’s bullshit, especially she offered to help him, and he lashes on her. Serena knocks him out with snowballs! So Serena, you go girl!!

My friend @earceus translated this little bit from what Serena said to Ash.

“she basically just said that the Satoshi she knew was always genki/positive and said never to give up”

I am glad Ash thanked Serena later the episode The emotion from this scene was raw 1000%  I gained more respect for amourshipping after seeing this.

Then for the positive message, I love how they go back to Ash’s original roots of why he wanted to become a trainer in the first place. He obviously wanted be a master because he loves Pokemon period.

  Little Ash is so darn cute. It looks like from his childhood he didn’t have much friends. He found in friends in Pokemon, he felt so comfortable pouring out his feelings to the Pokemon. 7 years kept playing in my head when I saw little Ash!

“ Once I was seven years old my mama told me,
Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely
Once I was seven years old “
Lukas Graham

Also I loved how Ash and Greninja rekindled their relationship. Especially at the end when they showed a flashback of Froakie being caught. I loved they replayed that scene. The only downside I was disappointed how quickly their resolved the synchronization problem. But it seem like love was the answer.

Then finally Team Rocket. They are a bunch of weirdos in this episode. I found it funny they didn’t sense Pikachu’s thunderbolt was the same.

They actually didn’t bother capturing Pikachu. But once he was reunited with Ash, they were begging for Pikachu to blast them off!!!

THEY WERE FREAKING HAPPY!! do not ask me why??

Overall, this episode was amazing. This episode would be my top faves for sure. Almost of the last few episodes been spectacular, I haven’t enjoyed a saga in a while. This episode had a lot of great moments! 

lili-cakes  asked:

Your blog is positively amazing! ^×^ you're so pretty as well! /sorry I'm nervous to say this/ But imagine, baby Hiro, falling asleep in tadashi's arms... Just thought this was cute!

Hiro looked up at you through innocent eyes before his gaze rested on Tadashi, a shine of tiredness running through the toddlers eyes. “Babe,” Tadashi hummed and looked up at you, not paying attention to the TV any longer, “Can you hold him while I pick up the house? He really destroyed and wore himself out today.” You noticed a small smile creep upon your lovers cheeks as he held his arms out for his little brother. Hiro fussed, his alertness picking up while you transferred his body over. A small cry of displeasure, for he preferred falling asleep in your arms tore through his mouth before you kissed his forehead, “I’ll be right back, you stay with ‘Dashi, okay?” He nodded, a warm smile being shot at Tadashi, “Just let me pick up the toys and get the dish washer ready…”

“You’re okay,” Tadashi whispered, readjusting a small bit as Hiro curled up in his muscular arms, his calloused fingers now running up and down his baby brother’s spine. Hiro squirmed to get comfy in his brothers arms, curling up and pushing his left thumb into his mouth for more protection. “I could set him in the crib and we could both clean u-”

“He has trouble sleeping in the crib, you know that.” You said, your voice picking up as you pleaded, your hands grasping a few toys from the ground.  “So please, just hold him until he falls asleep.”

“(Name).” Tadashi chuckled slightly and gazed up at you as you walked around the living room, hands carrying more than enough toys.

“Then, I’ll come pick him up and put him to bed.” You uttered.

“(Name).” You looked at the eldest Hamada with raised brows, as if to say, ‘what?’. Tadashi cleared his throat, his tone deep and slow as he told you, “Hiro’s already asleep.”


“He’s sleeping, I can feel the drool on my shoulder.” He tried not to drastically move and looked down at his baby brother, whose breathing was steady and peaceful.

“Awe.” You squealed softly, “That’s so cute… hold on, hold on!” You set the toys in the blue tub which served as the toy box before you reached back and grasped your phone, “I told Honey I would send her pictures of you and Hiro.”

“Why?” Tadashi smiled for the picture regardless.

“She thinks Hiro’s the cutest darn thing.”

“No one thinks he’s as cute as you do.” He teased playfully and laid back comfortably and carefully on the couch. You caught his dark eyes, those that were dancing with delight and love as he bit his bottom lip, almost beckoning you to come join him in serenity. He watched your movement eagerly as you sat your phone down, admiring the moment of love and quiet before crawling in next to Tadashi. “Thought you were going to clean…”

“Eh, there’s always tomorrow…” You whispered and kissed his bicep slowly, resting your head on his arm. “I see why he fell asleep so fast,” You giggled and looked at him with childish eyes, “You’re like a pillow. An attractive pillow.”

EXO Reaction To Seeing Their GF Do Gwiyomi Song On TV

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Could I request them seeing their Idol girlfriend doing the gwiyomi song on TV? 

Xiumin: God damn it, why is she so cute? Aish…someone’s gonna need to help me one of these days when it comes to her.

Luhan: Oh gosh, I really don’t know what to do with myself watching this…she’s so cute… *kind of blushes as he watches the program.*

Kris: Seeing this is my style. But I am so not ever doing it.

Suho: *gif because he’s a loveable dork*

Lay: *when the others tease him over his cute girlfriend.* yeah, she is pretty darn cute.

Baekhyun: *more like what does he do because this little puppy doesn’t know what to do while he’s watching it with all the cuteness*

Chen: *the second you see him again after the show aired* Come here baby with all of your cuteness *like he has none himself, peesh*

Chanyeol: *while watching* oh look at my pretty princess

DO: aya why is she likes this??

Tao: *transfixed*

Kai: *just watches with this painfully adorable expression*

Sehun: please, I can do it cuter than that. Just watch.

honestly i’m still reeling about the theroadtopurgatory blog because it was so damn cute but my favorite things are definitely as follows:

-nicole is canonically too gay to function 

-nicole knows about the “do chicks dig scars” moment which means that Waverly told her about it, probably all embarrassed-like

-she occasionally just. talks like a cowboy ex. “a darn fine way to get your girlfriend all riled up” this sweet, sweet gay 


-Is officially an At&T user. I don’t know why I love this but i do

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top 5 beyonce songs


Ok, ok, this is a hard one because of course there are way more than 5 amazing songs. It’s so hard to choose. There are some I consider my faves due to personal meaning, due to visuals, or just straight up performance value. But if I have to narrow her discography down, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, here’s the 5 I will choose: 

1. If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know (Live at the Grammy’s)

Years before Lemonade we had this performance. There’s sex appeal, confidence, and a touch of aggression. And of course powerful vocals. Why would anyone hurt Beyonce? The universe is full of hard questions.

Originally posted by presidentknowles

I love the medley as well, which is honestly the reason I list this performance over many other songs or even the original recording. Beyonce can cross genres and pull it off every time. This is the performance I’d show anyone who says “Beyonce can’t sing.” Um, don’t hurt yourself. 

Originally posted by beyonce4world

2. Flawless (Remix)

This was the moment we knew: homegirl was grown. Sure, we had Partition and Rockets and Drunk in Love before it, but Beyonce put it to rest with this one. She discussed being a boss, haters, and even referenced her own tabloid scandal. 

Originally posted by illegalaustralien

I love it all. The take no prisoners lyrics. The Elevator reference. The live performance in Paris. The “god damn god damn god DAMN.” 

Originally posted by junglezarry

Also, GIRL POWER. Beyonce told Nicki to go off and she DID THAT. Queen of Rap for sure. 

Originally posted by kellyharmony

3. Freakum Dress


Originally posted by thequeenbey


4. Countdown

Originally posted by echotuesday

Not only are the vocals on this song insane, it’s also just a super fun, catchy number. I still don’t get why this wasn’t a huge single. Who doesn’t love this song? #JusticeforCountdown

Originally posted by amandakstoneall

Also she was just so darn cute in this video. Look at her! She’s having so much fun. 

And finally…

5. Crazy in Love

Originally posted by theratchetroad

It’s just iconic. Classic. The vocals. The “uh oh” dance. The video. The cameo by the future hubby. The wardrobe. The wind machine. The Queen™ was here since day 1. 

Originally posted by mtvstyle

And now you know my top 5 Beyonce songs at the moment . There are so many fantastic songs, I wish I could make a Top 50 post instead. Anyway. Thanks for asking!

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“Hey remember that time we practiced kissing? That was so dumb, right? Right..?” Adrienette

Marinette winced. He just had to bring it up, didn’t he? The one time she had actually kissed Adrien Agreste and it had been rehearsal for the stupid play. Her fantasy first kiss - under the Eiffel Tower with the lights and music and warm scarves and snow - had been completely shattered.

“Y-yeah,” Marinette managed. “T-totally dumb.”

He swallowed. Alone in the classroom, after school, physics tutoring session. This wasn’t supposed to be awkward, and now it totally was. Marinette wanted to melt.

“S-so, I was, u-um, thinking…” Adrien closed the physics book, using a pencil to mark their place. Marinette looked up and to the side, her eyes widening as blue met piercing green. Why was he staring at her?


“I-if, you, ah, wanted to, um, maybe… practice some more?”

Marinette felt the blood drain from her face and rise to color Adrien’s cheeks. He couldn’t meet her eyes anymore and glanced away, mouth pulling into a thin line as if to stop himself from talking anymore. Marinette either felt her heart stop beating completely or speed up so fast she couldn’t feel it.

“Practice some more?”

Adrien grimaced. “Yeah… my father needs me to kiss another model for a shoot and, I dunno, I thought that since you were so good at it before, you’d be willing to, y’know…” He gestured. “Help.”

Marinette swallowed. He thought she was a good kisser! Yeah…” Stop now, Marinette. “That’s f-fine…” You’re only going to get hurt. “I’ll help.” Darn it!

He looked back at her, red all the way to the tips of his ears. Why is he so cute? “G-great! Th-thanks. Um, is right now okay?”

Marinette felt herself nod. Adrien slowly scooted closer and leaned in close, his breath warm against her face. His eyes were half-lidded, seductive-model-like, and Marinette was painfully reminded that he was only doing this because he had a photoshoot and not because he actually liked her. Marinette closed her eyes and let go.

When Marinette finally ran from the room, red from her hairline to where her neck disappeared beneath the collar of her blazer, Adrien slumped against the back of the bench, face in his hands. It was uncomfortably hot in the classroom.

“Why’d you lie?” Plagg asked from his messenger bag, nibbling on camembert. “You don’t have a kissing photoshoot.”

Adrien whimpered. “Because she’d probably say no if I just asked to kiss her randomly… she doesn’t like me anyway and –!”

Plagg just shook his head. “Moron.”

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